you are a stranger with shared memories

Cities are smells: Acre is the smell of iodine and spices. Haifa is the smell of pine and wrinkled sheets. Moscow is the smell of vodka on ice. Cairo is the smell of mango and ginger. Beirut is the smell of the sun, sea, smoke, and lemons. Paris is the smell of fresh bread, cheese, and derivations of enchantment. Damascus is the smell of jasmine and dried fruit. Tunis is the smell of night musk and salt. Rabat is the smell of henna, incense, and honey. A city that cannot be known by its smell is unreliable. Exiles have a shared smell: the smell of longing for something else; a smell that remembers another smell. A panting, nostalgic smell that guides you, like a worn tourist map, to the smell of the original place. A smell is a memory and a setting sun. Sunset, here, is beauty rebuking the stranger.

But to love the sunset is not, as they say, one of the attributes of exile.

Memory, your personal museum, takes you into the realms of what is lost. A sesame field, a plot of lettuce, mint, a round sun that falls into the sea. What is lost grows in you and in the sunset, which grants what is distant the attributes of paradise and purges it of any defect. Whatever is lost is worshipped.

—  Mahmoud Darwish, In the Presence of Absence, trans. Sinan Antoon

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hi viria i have a problem im dealing with right now ;; in my fandom genderswaps/bends are growing ever more popular and more and more big art/fic creators are accepting and supporting them. as someone trans i've been trying to educate people on how harmful it is, but as more & more 'big' or 'popular' accounts publicly enjoy them, its harder & harder to have an audience that will listen. i used to enjoy genderswaps myself but now ive come to see how truly harmful they are. i want to keep (1/6)

trying to educate ppl but soon it will be near impossible to convey my message as almost a whole of my fandom will just come to accept them and love them so much they wont listen ;; do you have any words to say from your perspective as an artist or from any other standpoint? even just a small word would mean so much, this trend is growing more and more rapidly and stronger every time a fic or piece of art supporting it is produced ;; (2/6) 

i come to you asking such a thing because there are fewer and fewer people that share the same belief as me that it is bad. the argument defending it seems very convincing to many. some trans/qenderqueer/nonbinary people find it enjoyable and comforting but those that are on the opposite spectrum - ppl like me who feel dysphoric and invalidated by it - are in the end told to deal with it and let ppl write/draw what they want and just avoid it since its a comfort to some. another argument (3/6)

is of artistic liscense: you should be able to make whatever you want and this is strengthened by the fact doing so comforts some trans/gq people. but i feel forgotten. do the people that are hurt by it not matter? i feel ashamed now when i try to put out my msg. but i just want to feel a little more normal within my fandomspace. i want to feel like i exist. yet hardly anyone will listen. it’s not longer something i and my friends can avoid and never really was, because it is harmful and (4/6) 

we have a right to speak out against harmful things, yes? i am finding it harder and harder to believe it. i really just yearn to feel normal as the people that are consoled by genderswapping feel normal. i feel i should mention i do remember when you made genderswap art and were educated and apologized, i have gone through the same process myself. i hope i am not bringing up bad memories and apologize if i happen to ;; please, if you could give just a few words yourself it (5/6)   


Hello! I’m sorry, I think my askbox managed to eat the last part of your message, so it’s not entirely full! But I feel like I get enough information from these parts nonetheless. 

First of all, please, please, try to not let any strangers on the internet make you feel abnormal. I feel like it must be very hard to be put in such a space, but as much as you can, please focus on the people who DO share your opinion on this. As much as it might not look like it, I am sure many people (even out of those who still do genderswaps) mean no harm, don’t yet know how hurtful it is for some other people and WILL listen to you!

I remember when people educated me over this, there were so many who thought that…how to put it. That I think very very bad of transgender people, while I, at that point, didn’t really know much about this issue. When it doesn’t happen to you, it’s not always the thing that crosses your mind. I feel like people who explain why and how this is wrong to artists, especially with their point of view, do help to fuel a thought in someone’s mind, offer them to think about it if they didn’t have the option before.

I try to be hopeful for people, I want to think that even if genderswaps are popular, there are still many empathic people who will listen to you, and who will understand how you feel.

For many it comes to a choice: whether they enjoy genderswaps enough to still draw it when they know how much it upsets some people. It was very fun to draw, but I don’t want to be the cause of someone’s distress by doing it. So… I want to think many people might share my choice. 

I’d say…if you choose to explain your point of view to people who still do genderswaps, try to not make bashing someone the first thing you write them. It might cause anger and defense, and it might not lead anywhere. Back then I was “educated” in a way that made me cry my eyes out, but it’s not something everyone will be willing to go through. For me, it wasn’t people who yelled at me what a piece of crap I was, but people who really explained what they felt that made me think on this topic more. Keep in mind that there still might be people who don’t yet know your point of view. What they see - is the pictures on the internet, people do them, so they assume it’s okay. You don’t usually think “Hm, what can possibly be wrong with this picture?” about drawings you see on the internet. 

As for your safe place, I think you have already done that, block all the genderswap tags to try to avoid on your dashboard. Even if there are people who stop doing them, there will most likely still be people who just started, simply because there are so so many. You don’t want to stress out because of something the stranger did from the other side of the globe.

I’m sorry if this is zero help, I know there is no way to change everyone’s opinion or to inform everyone, but please, don’t lose yourself with this. You are you and you are important, what you feel is absolutely legit and valid, remember it!

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The Labyrinth Chapter 34

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 3.8k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

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Bucky X Reader X Pietro

Summary: Bucky calls you after being gone for two weeks on a mission to break up with you. Devastated from the abrupt break up, you sit alone in the kitchen of the Avengers’ tower when an unexpected speedster comes to mend your broken heart.

A/N: I was thinking if I should make this into a mini-series? Should I? (your replies are more than appreciated. 

Words: 1,222

Warning: Fluff!! Heart break. Crying.


You look at your phone to see nothing. No messages, no missed calls. Well what were you expecting? That he’ll call you after your break up? That was never going to happen. The next time you see him around the hall ways of avenger’s tower, you’d be back to how the two of you were at the very beginning. Strangers.  But now was very different. You’re strangers who shared memories of a past relationship.

The two of you were inseparable since the day he asked you to be his girl two years ago. The moment you met him you knew you’d fall for him badly. You just didn’t expect him to fall for you. But that was it. You just fell for each other and it stayed like that. Your relationship with him was very shallow to begin with. It was only until you noticed him acting different that you knew he had fallen out of love. You knew for the past five months and you just wished you had done the same. He finally had enough of trying to fall back in love with you. It was hopeless. He just didn’t feel the same way anymore.

You just sit in the kitchen looking at your phone, waiting for something. He was supposed to be back from his latest mission two weeks ago. You were worried sick until last night when he called you to end things. It wasn’t what you were expecting his call would be. You thought he’d just check in on you, tell you that he was fine and that he was on his way back, that the mission took longer than expected, but no. He called you tell you that he doesn’t feel the same way anymore. It was then you realized that you’re feelings for him was deeper than you thought.

You tried calling him back but he wasn’t answering any of your calls. You weren’t about to give up on him just yet, until you saw he changed his relationship status to “in a relationship with Natasha Romanoff”. You didn’t realize that they were happening under your nose this whole time. You knew that there was still tension between them from their past relationship but you didn’t expect them getting back together all of a sudden. It hurts. You didn’t really mind that he was dating Natasha. You just wanted a break up that wasn’t dumping you on the phone and finding out he’s back with his ex on social media. You knew everything anyway, you just wanted him to tell you. But you knew that he was never the type to explain himself. Sergeant Barnes would have given an explanation, but that Bucky was long gone. Your Bucky, was the Winter Soldier Bucky and you loved him nevertheless. But now it’s over.

You hear footsteps coming from behind you and you instantly turn your head to see if it was him. It wasn’t, obviously. He wasn’t coming back, well not in your arms that is. You hurriedly wiped the tears from your eyes and weakly smiled at the silver haired speedster who just walked in.

“(Y/n)? It’s 2 in the morning, what are you doing up?” He asked as he wiped the sleep off of his eyes.

“I-I should be asking you the same thing?” you joked as he sat in front of you.        

“I was just going to get a snack. I usually wake up in the middle of the night to have snack. Fast metabolism means you’re hungry almost every time.” He said as he sped to get a bowl of cereal. “How about you, printessa?”

“I was just… I couldn’t sleep. It’s just that… nevermind.” You say as you look at your phone again. There was a moment of silence between you and the speedster. You look up at him to see him with his eyebrows furrowed.

“You’re not trying to read my mind like Wanda are you?” you both laugh at you comment.

“There’s that smile I’ve been wanting to see.” He said as he sat down next to you.

“What do you mean?” You look up at him raising an eyebrow.

“Nothing. It’s just that you were not being yourself for the past few days. I have a feeling it’s Barnes, no?” He stated.

“Well you caught me?” You raised your hands up as a form of your surrender. Pietro laughs at your action and you bring your hands down to your waist. He stops for a moment and just looks at you.

“What?” you ask him and snaps out of his thoughts.

“Nothing.” He answers with a faint tint of red on his face

“No really, Piet, what is it?” You ask raising an eyebrow.

“I just thought he was stupid for leaving you, printessa. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve met.” He says and blushes a bit.

“Ha! I bet you say that to all the girls, Piet!” You laugh as you walk towards to living room.

“No, I mean it.” He speeds past you and pulls you to the couch. You land on his lap with his face a little too close to yours.

“So I’m guessing you don’t do this to all the other girls too, huh?” You say as you look into his eyes.

“Only when she’s you.” He tucks your hair behind your ear and lets his hand stay on your cheek. He looks from your eyes down to your lips. You do the same and all you could hear was your synchronized breathing. You inch your face closer to his and he closes the gap between your lips. You snake your arms around his neck as he pulls your waist to get you closer to him. As things were getting heated you hear someone purposely cough loudly. You pull away from the speedster and see Bucky standing by the elevator with his duffel bag in hand. His eyes look darker than usual.

“Nice to see you move on that quickly.” Bucky says sarcastically. You stand up as he walks towards you.

“Bucky, I…. It was…” You start to stutter. Your eyes start to water again

“I think she should ask you the same thing? “ Pietro says as he steps in between you and Bucky.

“Stay out of this Speedy. This is none of your business” He says as he shoves Pietro to the floor. He quickly gets back on his feet and lands a punch on Bucky’s face.

“She is my business you jerk!” Pietro says as he dodges a punch from Bucky’s metal arm. You just stand there watching them. You try to catch your breath as more tears fall from your eyes, blurring your vision.

“And what exactly makes you think that?” Bucky says as he throws punches at Pietro which he avoids easily.

“You breaking things off with her.” Pietro says and Bucky suddenly stops.

“I-it was a mistake. I didn’t mean to…” Bucky stutters.

“ Mistake? How was that a mistake when you’re back with Natasha?!” You say as you feel your heart shattering to a million pieces again. Pietro rushes to you and wraps his arms around you as you burry your face in his chest.

“(y/n), I’m sorry…” Bucky says as he tries to approach you.

“Pietro, let’s go.” And he speeds you into your room.

Baekhyun Birthday Project: EXO’rDIUM in North America!

Hi guys! As many of you are aware, Exo will be coming to North American at the end of April! I am lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend, and I was thinking since it’s so close to Baekhyun’s birthday (May 6th) and many of us cannot attend his party, why don’t we make the tour special? I think it would be cool if we could sing happy birthday to him during the concert! As international fans we are not always given the opportunity to participate with events such as birthdays, so this could be a good chance for us to create a special moment with Baekhyun while celebrating the happy occasion of his birthday! Some information below:

  • We will start singing during the last ment only during Baekhyun’s speaking part. Let’s be respectful to all of Exo and not cut them off while they’re talking! We will start to sing right before he talks.
  • The last ment takes place after “Lucky One.” That is when we will begin to sing!
  • Because of the short notice and lack of funds, it is not possible for me to make banners for us to hold up, but it would be nice if we could all raise our lightsticks or turn on our phone flashlights to create a silver ocean for our Baekhyun!
  • We will be singing the English version of the “Happy Birthday” song (This may be obvious but! just want to clarify lol)
  • This project is aimed to take place at the Newark concert, April 25th. This is simply because that is the only concert I will be attending, and it’s not really possible to create a project for shows I’m not attending. BUT, if it’s a success, I encourage those who are attending the LA or Mexico City shows to carry on the project!
  • Please spread the word! On Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram - wherever you find home in the fandom. The key to this taking off is communication. Also, my friends and I plan on spreading word in the line the day of the concert, feel free to do so as well!

I hope that we can spread word of this project and create a special memory for Baekhyun! As we all know, he adores Aeris and even his birthday is an excuse for him to spend time with them, why not make it so he can celebrate his birthday with ALL of his fans? Even if you are not attending the concert, please reblog & share this so we can spread word!

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! As I said above, I will be attending the April 25th concert in Newark and I will be available at the venue that whole day, don’t be a stranger :)


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GENRE: Demon!Au

Why do I need to posses her?”

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Imagine that every time you wanted to get an apple from someone you had to go through the entire physical story–a shared memory of going to pick an apple from a tree. Imagine that you couldn’t sign or say “apple,” or gesture “want.” Painful enough, but what if you had no shared history on which the mime the actions? How would you communicate this need to a stranger? This is what generalizable signs make possible. This is the power of language. I can talk to people I don’t know. To then refuse the Other because of fear, how utterly ridiculous.
—  Ars Cogitanda, Footnote to Silence

The concept of breakups is so exhausting and confusing to me. Like there’s this person who used to give you butterflies all the time and you have these unfading and vivid memories of intimacy and love with them, and now you don’t even talk anymore. You started as strangers, became lovers, and now you’re back to strangers again. And someone you shared the deepest parts of your heart with is now somebody that you used to know. Why is it that people come into your life in the first place is they just end up fading out one day and taking a piece of your heart with them.

I wanted to tell you so many things.
How my days had been without you and how my little sister and I got in an argument with our parents. I wanted to tell you that I discovered some new great music, and that I wanted you to take a listen. I wanted you to tell you that I saw a young couple all tangled up in each others arms at the park, and how it reminded me of us. But the truth is; you don’t care anymore. And the seasons has changed, and it’s colder now, and so is the air between us. And I could tell you so many things that would’ve made you smile once, but now, it’d make you look at me in an uncomfortable kind of way. In a way I don’t like to be looked at. But I honestly hope you’re better off now. Better on your own. I wanna call you sometimes. Just talk. Talk like we used to. But it does not work like that anymore. I know that. We were in love back then. Now we’re just strangers with the same memories from that magical summer. I hope you know that I miss you sometimes during the day. Especially when I want to share something with you, and I remember you’re not there. Or, you’re there, you just don’t care. And that’s what I’ve been telling myself.
That sometimes.. Love runs out. Sometimes, you can keep people in your heart, but you’d be damned if you kept them in your life. And that’s tragic, but that’s how it needs to be.
—  F.F. // Thoughts after you left #3

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Hey! friendship hcs for Kuroo, Akaashi and Asahi, please? :)

AN: I LOVE FRIENDSHIP HEAD CANONS you guys don’t understand. Can I make this college au ok thanks slightly nsfw!!!!! just kuroo tbh lol


  1. The type of friend to follow you home and hang out at your place without an invite. Casually kicks off his shoes, says wassup to your roommate, eats all of your shit, and plops on the futon.
  2. Would make you his wingman/woman by default, or the other way around. Loves knowing that his friend got laid because of him.
  3. Is very… open. Would ask you weird shit like, “Hey, does this look like an ingrown hair to you?” or “This is what my penis normally looks like, right?” and “What do you masturbate to? I bet it’s those drama audios, huh?”
  4. If you forgot something at home, Kuroo’s got you. A scarf because you didn’t think it was too cold out, a gym shirt, even lunch, Kuroo would run back to his apartment to get it for you (or he accidentally slept through his 8am, so he was already home).
  5. Is really good at giving advice. He’s pretty seasoned and experienced with life to be honest, and even if he hasn’t experienced your problem first hand, he always carefully plays it out in his head as if he did and would give you the best advice he could. He gives it to you without sugar coating it, either, because he wants to make sure you’re being careful and that you won’t get hurt in the end.
  6. Is a mom; he makes you soup when you’re dying at home in bed. He’s learned to switch from packaged and canned soups to actually making his own (he’s had a lot of practice).
  7. Makes fart noises when you bend over.


  1. An amazing listener. If you text him about having a terrible day, in an instant, he would ask if you want to meet up or call him so you could vent to him. He’s not the type to just listen quietly, either; he would try to respond and give you advice or make you feel better.
  2. Always remembers significant events. He remembers the day you first met, your birthday, your anniversary with your significant other, that time you drank too much at the club and made out with a stranger, you name it. He marks it on his calendar and tells you the day every year.
  3. Is the type of person to buy something small and give it to you because it made him think of you. He would probably tie it back to a memory you both shared together.
  4. Would scold you when you’re sick because you didn’t wear a hat like he told you.
  5. Would also scold you when you forgot to finish that worksheet for homework (but would still give you his to copy, anyways)
  6. Comes over to your apartment just so he can scold you about how messy it is, but then proceeds to clean it himself and then offers to bake cookies afterwards.
  7. He normally buys healthy foods for groceries, so when he comes over, he eats all of your junkfood on his cheat days.
  8. Always makes sure that you set time aside so you can go watch his games. He tries to not make it a big deal, but it’s very important to him that you’re there to watch him because he gets nervous sometimes and you’re able to calm him down easily.


  1. Also an amazing listener! If you’re having a bad day, he would be more likely than Akaashi to ask you to meet with him in person instead of talking about it over the phone.
  2. Is always very concerned about you. On cold days he asks if you have gloves, on your sick days he asks if you need medicine, on days that you’re mad he asks if you want any food. Even if you say no, he knows you’re lying, so he brings everything anyways.
  3. Always comes to you for advice. He’s just a shy guy trying to get through college, so when he’s having trouble with someone he finds cute, he comes to you for help and is very desperate about it, it’s very cute.
  4. Because you guys hang out all the time, he gets a little anxious when you’re not around. If you miss class because you’re sick, he’ll sit through lecture texting you because he misses you so much. Even when he’s at his own apartment, he’ll still be texting you often.
  5. He cherishes your birthday more than you do. He is very persistent about you spending the day with all of your friends, so he makes it a big deal. He’ll reserve a party at a restaurant, order your cake, and even gifts you something very special from the heart. He likes to hand make his gifts, so it’ll probably contain lots of pictures, ticket stubs/receipts, and other quirky things.
  6. Forces you to go grocery shopping with him because you don’t eat your vegetables.
  7. Only trusts you to cut his hair because you know how he likes to style his fringe.

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Hi there, I was talking with a friend we remember a cartoon from our childhood and I think, "what if a villain with a rare quirk split izuku in two personalities?" Just imagine, the brave, strategist and a little reckless izuku and the afraid, nervous and insecure quirkless izuku. For 12 hours the guys have to deal with this versions of his friend and in the process they learn how izuku was before, they lear he was quirkless! And their respect for him go tenfold after this incident.

Okay, but this is an awesome headcanon (which I let lay around for way too long, I’m so sorry, star.)

Being split up into his two different personalities would mean we get those two Izukus:

The Izuku at the beginning of the manga – shy, insecure, “weak” and quirkless.

And the Izuku we have now – All Might’s successor, physically and mentally a lot stronger, still a bit shy, but able to stand up for himself and others, and with a powerful quirk.

That would not only be a shock for Class 1-A. That would also be a big shock for Izuku.

Let’s take this a step further and say that the two different personalities don’t have the same memories. Quirkless-Izuku only has the memories from before he met All Might, while OfA-Izuku has all the memories, both from before and after his meeting with All Might.

It’s Chiyo who realizes this first, since she checks up on the two boys after they have been split up. Probably they should have thought of this sooner. The signs were there – the way quirkless-Izuku stares wide-eyed at All Might, expression full of wonder and disbelieve, as if he can’t wrap his head around the fact that this thin, sickly man is the real All Might. It also shows in the way the insecure boy jolts and freezes when Toshinori lays a hand on his shoulder, searching for contact in his worry.

Finally, when Chiyo catches the boy looking around the infirmary eagerly, as if he is trying to soak up every impression, she says gently, “You can’t remember any of this, can you?”

Izuku (because Izuku is the only name he remembers fondly, while his counterpart is alright with being called Deku) jolts. Green eyes, big and wide, flicker over to Chiyo and he nods slightly, shoulders drawn up in defense.

Deku and Toshinori, who had been wrapped up in a conversation – what had happened? How did the boys feel now? – trailed off at that, turning around.

Deku didn’t look very surprised, Chiyo noted.

Toshinori, on the other hand, blinked in consternation. “My boy, you… can’t remember?”

Izuku jolts again, shrinking further into himself as his idol looks at him directly. Shaking his head slightly, he mumbles, “I c-can’t even remember… you, to be honest.”

Something in Toshinori’s expression falls at that, and Chiyo sighs. But before she can say anything, Deku had already reached out and laid one hand on the retired hero’s shoulder. “But I remember you, Toshinori-san.”

Toshinori relaxes, a slight smile flickering over his face as he lays one hand over Deku’s. Then, the seriousness of the situation comes back to his mind, and he frowns. “But how is that possible? You two are one and the same person.”

“I guess…” Deku frowned, before he turned around, towards himself. “Say, what is the last thing you remember?”

Being confronted with himself, someone who is so different, yet more familiar than those strangers he can’t remember, seems to relax Izuku a bit as he thinks. “Uh, I remember waking up, and you were there… or do you mean before that?”


Izuku frowns, tugging at his bottom lip as he thinks. “The last thing was… yeah! I was walking home from school, and decided to take a shortcut – and then this sludge-person attacked me!”

He shudders and pales, memories resurfacing, but then he straightens himself (and Toshinori and Chiyo share a smile at that, because even though those boys are different, deep down, they are the same courageous hero.)

Izuku meets Deku’s gaze head on. “Is that what you meant?”

“Yes,” Deku taps his chin in thought as he leans back. “You don’t remember how we got out of that encounter?”

“No… everything is dark after that. Did… did I fall unconscious? Or…” now it’s Izuku who brightens. “No, that’s not it, is it? It’s just that my memories end after that!”

“Yeah, I think that’s the reason.”

“What does that mean?” Toshinori looks from one boy to the other. “Can Izuku just not remember or is there something more to that?”

“I think it’s more that Izuku here stopped existing after that,” Chiyo offers – only to snort when Izuku squeaks in shock. “Oh, don’t be silly, boy, I didn’t mean that you died. You’re future self is right here, after all.”

“O-Oh,” Izuku blushes, smiling hesitantly. “Sorry.”

“No need.”

“I – ah, I mean, you – can’t remember what happened after that because that is the moment you started to change,” Deku summarized, nodding slowly. “Because that’s when I met All Might.”

Izuku wants to ask something, say something, but the words die in his throat as he sees All Might and his other half share a smile at that. Not the wobbly, insecure smile he is used to see in the mirror, but a genuine, happy one. And the hero – his idol – is smiling much the same, warmly and softly.

Suddenly, Izuku is a bit sad that he can’t remember the man. That he can’t remember how they met, or what they have been through together.

On the other hand, though…

“So… you… are my future?” Izuku leans a bit forward, gaze traveling over his counterpart. Deku lets him, patiently, smiling a bit flustered as his other personality takes in his broader shoulders, the scars on his hand and the light in his eyes.

Finally, Izuku smiles crookedly. “I, uh… like my future, I think.”

He startles a bit when All Might starts laughing at that, a deep, rumbling sound, and even Recovery Girl-san smiles at him. Then he smiles back slightly.

This people, whom he can’t remember… they seem so nice.

“Well, I guess there is nothing physically wrong with them,” Recovery Girl’s voice shakes Izuku from his thoughts. The elderly woman pats his knee – the only part she can really reach – and starts putting away her supplies. “I guess it’s time to go get the kids now.”

Before Izuku can ask who she means, All Might already answers, “I guess there is no need for that. I bet they are listening at the door already.”

“What?!” Recovery Girl whirls around at that, “Those silly little… Oh, I should have known. Toshinori, go get the door.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” All Might salutes at her, ruffles Deku’s hair – and startles Izuku again as he does the same to him.

Izuku is still patting his hair down, mind racing – All Might just ruffled his hair, oh my god – when the hero opens the door and steps outside.

Immediately, loud voices can be heard, making Izuku jump again.


“Is Midoriya alright?!”

“Yes, how is Deku?!”

“Can we go see him?!”

“What did Deku fucking do this time?”

“Calm down, everyone, please…”

There are so many voices, and only one is surprisingly familiar.

“I-Is Kacchan out there?!” Izuku blurts out, feeling himself go pale.

Deku, who had been smiling fondly at the door, blinks and turns towards him. His expression is full of understanding as he explains, “Don’t worry. Kacchan is… ah. Not as terrifying as he used to be?”

“He seems plenty terrifying to me,” Izuku mumbles, not even having to strain his ears to hear his childhood friend swear.

“There are others out there, too,” Deku says, gently. “Friends.”

The word catches Izuku’s interest, and he straightens a bit again, hooked. “Friends…?”

“Good friends,” Deku nods, reassuringly.

Izuku smiles a bit, before he remembers something important. “I… won’t remember them. Because I never met them?”

Somehow, that hurts. It’s unfair, Izuku thinks bitterly, that he seemingly has found friends – finally – but they will be strangers to him, now that he meets them.

“Not yet,” Deku agrees as he pushes himself to his feet, “But you will get to know them.”

The hero – because that’s what he is, Izuku thinks, awed – offers him a hand to help him stand up. He is grinning down at him as he continues, “Don’t worry. I promise you will like them. I do, too, after all.”

At that, Izuku can’t help but laugh. Accepting the offered hand, he stands, grinning at his counterpart (who is taller than him, when did that happen?) “Well. If you say that, it has to be true, right?”

“Exactly,” Deku chuckles, squeezing their interlinked fingers ever so slightly. “So, let’s go?”  

Izuku takes in the sight and the new knowledge. Here he is – or here Deku is – so strong and experienced. He – they – have friends, have All Might as their mentor. They have become what they always wanted to be.

They are a hero.

And Izuku smiles back, not letting go as he answers. “Yes. Let’s.”

And together, they step outside to meet whatever awaits them.


‘You’ve already lost me’ -PART 2


Word count : 1 6 6 2

Part one can be found on my blog

The regret would come to Newt in quiet moments, such as when he was going to sleep or reading in the library. It would seep to the foreground of his mind and demand to be reexamined again. But he was tired of thinking about it, no amount of analysis was going to turn back the clock.

Every morning you found him curled up asleep beside your door, dark circles running under his eyes. You’d never seen Newt in such a bad state and frankly it was scaring you. Although every time you went to confront him in class, you saw him with Leta and turned the other way. You told yourself if he was really sorry he would’ve forgotten about her.

You tried to throw him out of your head but somehow he kept coming back. It is a cruelty of life that a heart can keep on beating even after it has been broken in two

A month went by and Newt finally gave up. He had to, he couldn’t continue living on such little sleep. His heartache had rung him out until he was dry inside, no more tears would come. The last conversation haunted him, taunted him, replaying like an echo.

After his presence eventually disappeared from your door, you found yourself returning to the hufflepuff common room where you and Newt used to lie. You found the room to be cold and lonely, missing his muscular arms. Although yellow orchids, representing your house colours filled the room, their scent had turned to nothing since you last saw him. You wrapped your arms around yourself, imaging where he as at this very moment. Probably with Leta in the slytherin common room, snuggling together like the two of you used too.

Staring at your reflection in the mirror, you were beyond shocked. You look okay, normal even. Inside, the ache for him gnaws at the very heart that still beats endlessly for him. Pulling your lips into a smile, you let out a frightened sob when you realise that anyone could easily mistake this lacklustre grin for real happiness. It amazed you to think; ‘how can I look so ordinarily normal when I have crumbled inside?’

They say the pain dulls with time, and that things will get better. But how can things be better when the reason the pain isn’t as bad anymore, is because you’ve forgotten? Over time, the memory of his presence escaped your mind, no longer seeing his face in strangers, and the things both of you once shared no longer brought tears to your eyes. If getting past the pain means forgetting him, then this is the way it had to be.

If you saw Leta and him in the corridor you simply ignored them, acting like their presence didn’t even exist. You saw the downhearted glances he gave you across the hall but alas you held your head high. He wasn’t part of your life anymore.

As the years past the word ‘Newt’ rarely came up in your life, it was only when you overheard some of your house members discussing his expulsion for endangering the life of a pupil. You didn’t pry into the issue, not wanting to dig up old feelings, you simply accepted he was leaving the school and felt nothing of the matter.

However that evening, through the misty glass window you saw a figure beside the entrance of Hogwarts, his gaze directly towards your room. Dressed in a vibrant blue coat and a battered suit case in his hand, he gave one more glance back towards the school. Hunched over the baggage he could be anybody, and in a way you guess he is. Taking a deep breath the shadow walked further away, not just from the school grounds but from your life all together.

Year 1923 - England

Newt was just but a distant memory to you now, a figure of the past. You found over the years, that he sent occasional letters of his journeys, describing incredible recollections of his travels. However you failed to reply at a single one of them, struggling to come up with a suitable response. You still stuck with the belief that it was best not to reignite old flames, as you’d only get yourself burnt. So you continued on with your life, letting Newt become an echoed name.

After studying at Hogwarts you moved to London where you managed to achieve an 'unspeakable job’ in Minstry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries.(A/N this is an actual wizarding job)

You had grown to love city life, the way London never slept. Streets of up-market stores, smooth black and glass exteriors, fancy names in fancier lettering. The kind of places with perfumed atmospheres made all the more inviting by music and well groomed subservient staff. On the sidewalk spaced out women with wild tangles of hair and more than one person with a cart of aluminum cans. As much as you loved the city life, something was always missing.

Or someone…

Although life here was good you found your work to be stressful and the city to be too busy sometimes. Some days you wish you could just escape, see the world, start an adventure.

You managed the stressful days however by ending them with a trip to your new found sanctuary, 'Premier Amour’ a peaceful quaint coffee shop hidden among the alleyways. You found yourself coming often to the cafe for quiet reading time, it’s location for from the public eye making it exceedingly calm.

Today you found yourself sipping your tea engrossed in a novel, page by page falling deeper into the story plot. The staff had come to know who you were and often gave you a drink on the house, although that never stopped you paying from gratitude. Allowing your mind to sink further and further into the book, it wasn’t until the little sliver bell of the shop ringed, that you managed to raise your gaze.

Raising your head you observed a tall man make his way through the door. His stride carried a certain character to it, the bounce in his step lighting up the room. His auburn hair messily arranged, freckles scattering his face and a vibrant, long, blue coat. You knew that shade of blue anywhere.


As he glanced round the cafe for an area to sit, his gaze directly met yours, an overwhelming expression washing over his face. He nervously hovered unsure whether he had any right or not to approach you. Unable to move he waited to see what your reaction would be to his arrival, that was even in you remembered who he was…..

You tilted your head back down to your book, pretending to engrossed so he’d leave you alone. As much as she tried to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from her throat in the form of a silent scream. The beads of water started falling down one after another, slowly dampening the pages of the novel. Hurt emerged over Newt’s face as he started to approach your table.

“Y/N..” Newt began, a solemn look on his face.

“Nope. I’m not doing this”, you simply stated making your way towards the door.

Following you outside Newt begged for just a minute of your attention but alas you continued forward.

“Y/N please I’ve only finally found you. Why are you acting like you’ve completely forgotten me?”

“I didn’t forget you Newt, simply just the pain you caused. However what I didn’t forget is what it taught me, which is not to get involved with the likes of you”.

“Please I just want to talk? Why did you never reply to my letters, I only intended to make things up but I received no reply?” Newt’s tone dripped of desperation. Had he been searching for you?

“I’m not wasting my time on someone who never cared” your voice cracked slightly in the middle.

“Y/N, I loved you. How could you forget that?” Newt kept his eyes steady, although his voice strained.

You stayed rooted to the spot, your features buckling just slightly before you spoke, the only betrayal of your grief. “You say that like it means anything. What is love to you? There was a time I gladly took torture for you, to protect you, remember? Yet you gave me up as soon as she came along. That wasn’t love, or at least not a version of it I can respect. You broke me, then attacked the pieces-”

“Y/N you know damn well I waited every night outside your room for a month. Do you think that didn’t hurt me? You think it was easy to stand there and watch you act as though my presence didn’t exists? That you didn’t even say goodbye when I left?” Newt cut you off, his glassy eyes mirroring your pain. His features immobile, the whole situation looking as though it where draining the life out of him.

“I know you hurt and I’m sorry, truly; yet there has to be a part of you that knows I hurt also. I loved you Y/N… I still do”.

Newt’s words fall out of his mouth, feelings which he had felt for so long. Out of everyone he’d every met, he struggled to engage in a real genuine connection with them. With you it had come so naturally, as though you were made for one another. You understood Newt’s passions for creatures, not even questioning them once, taking pride of his quirkiness and loved what had made him different.

“Do you really mean it Newt…” your voice came out as a hushed whispered, its vulnerability fully exposed, “that you really love me?”.

“I never stopped loving you…..I just stopped showing it…..”


So sorry this is bad but I promised this tonight and it’s currently 2:00am here and I’m exhausted. I’ve a really cute request coming up though about newt and the reader dancing in pjs. Feel free to like reblog and send in requests xxx

Hello everyone! Before I start I wanted to thank you for your time to read this all, I know it’s a lot to take in. Weather you are kin yourself, have no idea what it is, or even if you dislike it, the fact that you are willing to make an attempt to understand is a gift indeed!

Kin has had a bad name, and it’s poorly explained I’ve seen too many times. It also isn’t the most liked group of individuals. In fact, a lot of blogs refuse to even interact with them. I used to hate kin with a passion, until I sat down and tried to understand it and learned for myself it wasn’t at all something negative! So sit back and prepare for a class on Kin!

The whole idea of Kin is tied to the belief of the multi-universe theory and reincarnation. The term ‘kin’ comes from the Celtic world meaning 'remember’ because kin are people who remember their past lives!
The multiverse theory is the idea that our universe is not the only one, but one that is parallel to an infinite number of universes. These universes can be vastly different, but also could be our with the slightest difference down to just how a tree grew 2 inches more left, crazy to think about how many there are right? This being said, this means there can be universes that mermaids exist, or that hogwarts was a real place! This sounds extremely far fetched I know since this can include universes based on all FAKE AND FICTION. Consider this if you may then; all of these universes seep into another in several ways, and we don’t always understand them. The fourth wall, the page in the book, even an idea of a story or character are like a tunnel we see with our universe on one end and the other universe on the other end.

“Well that’s not true, this _____ was created by this person!” Yes that is true, all credit should go to the creators of these works. But these ideas have to come from somewhere right? The creators of these things can be the tunnels, being the one which we are able to perceive this universe in our universe, like watching a television or reading a book. Every universe that will ever exist have already existed, such as the example of being APH America kin, before Himaruya was even writing about Hetalia, the universe already existed, he was just able to see it before others! And through that universe it was seen in our universe through his mind, and from his mind to his hand and then his pencil. See what I mean? Cracks in our universe to let us see other universes aren’t always going to be cracks.

We also incorporate the idea of reincarnation, that we are reborn. We had a past life, perhaps as a squirrel or as an angel. If energy can not be created 9th destroyed, then it must travel. Travel from one life to the next, and sometimes from one universe to another. We call it past life to make it easier to explain, but universes aren’t tied to one timeline, you could have lived that past life long ago, or perhaps haven’t yet, time is a messy thing, but space is even more so!☆
So…we understand the background a little, what exactly does being kin mean? How do you know your kin? These are frequently asked questions with answers I have! It is not a choice who you are kin with, just like choosing who you are isn’t a choice or your sexuality isn’t a choice. “I really like this character so I’m gonna be that character lol” is NOT real kin. Naturally you’ll like yourself obviously have an attraction to that character but you do not chose. How you discover you are kin is by receiving memories of your past life being that person, animal, etc. You also get feelings or emotions that feel out of place and not yours, initiated by something that reminded you subconsciously of your past experiences.

The troubles of being kin is being smart and taking in the consideration of “is this a real memory or is it just my imagination”. kin people who seem to have endless 'memories’ might just be someone who has lots of head canons, which is why it’s always important not to let you'r emotions control your mind and analyze yourself and the possible memory! If you didn’t question being kin and not crazy then you really need to analyze yourself, since you need to keep your logic.

Kin is not a coping mechanism. Kin is not a coping mechanism. KIN IS NOT A COPING MECHANISM. people who claim that it is are not understanding kin correctly. Saying it’s a coping mechanism is claiming that none of it is real to you at all, and you damage the community name. While yes kin can help you as a person grow, but that is just a side effect, not it’s purpose. Kin doesn’t have any set purpose, but for each person to just remember the past.

Whats worse then calling kin a coping mechanism?
The worst thing ever to say kin is, is a gender. You can not sexually identify as a person, or “I sexuality identify as a wolf” wolf is NOT a gender. AMERICA is not a gender. Kin is a PAST LIFE. Those who claim it to be a gender are the worst of our kind. “I sexually identify as an apatchi attack helicopter” is why we are hated is because people make us hated for this reason.

As I said before, kin memories are used to help someonr as a person grow, which brings me to my closing explanation, what do kin do? The challenge that kin face is getting over the fact that they aren’t who they once was. It’s a struggle for many to accept they aren’t that anymore. What does this boil down to? ~Believing in yourself~ that the you, here and now, are better then you were before. You remember your past life but you also have to learn from it. You made mistakes and you learned things in that life that can be continued in this one, such as values and things you devolved in the past life that now are yours with a whole new life to start! Isn’t that amazing? A new life just for you to start, so don’t ever waste it obsessing over your last one okay?

Another big problem is people forcing their kin identity onto others. It’s like getting into a strangers face and yelling “I’M TRANSGENDER” because the stranger doesn’t need to know, the stranger doesn’t care. Strangers on Tumblr too, you can post about it, but actively trying to force others to accept you isn’t going to work, and only damage your chances. Plus, your memories are really personal, fun to share but they are still special and sacred, keep them special.

In summary, kin is misunderstood and disliked for good reason, but represent the community in a way you want us to be viewed. Let people ask you about your kin, not go to them and tell. Learn to leave the past in the past, and above all else, enjoy this life as your only and last.♡

(Please reblog so others can learn and be aware? Even if you’re not kin it would be so appreciated!)

Girls Like Dollies chapter 3 (trixya) - lale

I’m so totally blown away by the response to Wingwomen! Thank you so much for all of your support. Here’s the next chapter of Girls Like Dollies – this one’ll be a bit longer, and will continue to update every weekend. If anyone’s curious, the title comes from the soundtrack to the incredible game ‘Life Is Strange’, which if you can play you definitely should and if you can’t you should definitely watch a playthrough on youtube! Anyway, enjoy!

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@o0katiekins0o requested Sherlock bringing Molly for support when he goes to speak at Ted2017. First of all I’m a fogey and had to look up what that was. But ANYWAY, here it is! 

“You’ll be fine,” Molly was calm as could be, just as he knew she would. Sherlock didn’t know why he was suddenly so nervous. He was never nervous when it came to public speaking. He’d been invited to this ‘TED conference’, inviting him to share his story. Perhaps that was why he was feeling so dodgy. This time, he wouldn’t be talking about a mystery regarding some stranger. It would be the retelling of his childhood, the loss of a beloved friend, the suppressing of memories, and the discovery of a sister, not to mention his addiction and recovery from drugs.

Gently, Molly smoothed down his collar, brushing down the shoulders of his jacket. “Do you have your notes in your pocket, just in case you forget?”

“I won’t forget,” he murmured. Still, his hand delved into his pocket, finding the index cards, just in case.

Onstage, the speaker was rambling on about Sherlock’s successes, managing to get some of the facts jumbled. He rolled his eyes.

“Hey, look at me,” Molly squeezed his arms gently. “You’ll be fine.”

“What good will any of this do?” he asked. “Why am I even here? Who will take comfort from this?”

“Because your journey is an amazing one,” she replied. “You’ve endured a childhood trauma, Sherlock, that in itself, is relatable. You overcame a drug addiction, lots of people know what that’s like, or are related to someone who had to get help. It’s showing that even great minds like yours aren’t perfect.”


“If you don’t want to, you can still back out of it, it’s never too late,” she reminded him, hearing the doubt in his voice.

For a moment, he wanted to. But then he thought of Eurus. He thought of how she’d endured her years of exile, how she would never be the same because nobody stopped to try and help her, and when they did, it was not what she needed. Now the world’s most brilliant mind was most-probably lost, due to mishandling, misunderstanding, and refusal to listen. If there were someone out there like Eurus…perhaps they might have a better chance at a proper life, if they could learn from his family’s mistakes.

The announcer was winding down, which was Sherlock’s cue to head onstage. Molly was still looking at him questioningly. He bent, kissing her gently, and handed her the cards from his pocket.

“See you in a bit.”

Smiling her particularly proud smile just for him, she nodded, her free hand moving to rest against her belly, where their baby gave a short kick. Sherlock bent for just a moment, addressing the baby: “Mind you keep still and listen to your mother. I shall be quite upset if you kick her in the bladder and force her to miss this.” He gave a gentle pat to her stomach, and he felt the baby kick in response, earning smiles from both Molly and Sherlock.

“Live mic now, folks,” the stage tech murmured beside them, and both fell silent.

Molly gave him just once more nod of encouragement before he turned to the stage.

Stepping out of the wings, he buttoned his suit coat, crossing the stage, adjusting the microphone wire that was attached to his collar.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for inviting me to speak.” Folding his hands behind his back, he looked back to the wings where Molly stood, fingertips under her chin, nodding for him to go on, bouncing a little that told him she was nervous for him. He faced the crowd again. “Today, I should like to tell you the story of my sister…”

#171 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “Can I request more "bad boy” Van? Leaving it more open and free to whatever you want to write about"

Note: You may have noticed this at the top of the request list for a while. That is because I couldn’t work out how to fill the prompt without making Van an absolute fuck, like, in a proper way. I’m in the business of sunshine, people. So… Idk. This is probably more lighthearted and fun than you wanted, Anon, but I hope you’ll like it anyway! 

The house was already trashed. Last time you checked the time it was only a quarter past midnight. It was a full moon though, so maybe people were infected with a little lunacy. Or, in the case of the group of guys sitting on the floor in the hallway, a lot of lunacy.

There were five of them all up. There was Adam, who you worked with at the club on weekends. It was his party, and next to him was his housemate. His name was somewhere in the depths of your memory, but booze and time had laid a heavy mist over it. The other three guys were strangers.

“You guys want some chips?” you asked, holding out a bag of corn chips.

One of the strangers took the entire bag from your hands and started to eat from it; not even a thank you. He had a leather jacket on, and messy brown hair.

“Share,” the guy next to him said.

“Y/N, that’s Van and Larry. This one’s Bondy,” Adam introduced.

Larry and Bondy looked up from the ground and waved, saying hi. Van did not.

“Can I have my chips back?” you asked him, swaying on the spot and leaning on the wall to stabilise yourself. Van looked up.

“You said we could have them,”

“Said I’d share,”

“So, sit, eat,” he replied with a shrug.

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I failed TWICE to catch the same kazoo that Billie Joe threw precisely at me and here’s why it’s ok and it doesn’t really matter.
I’m trying to make this my last Green Day themed post for a bit because I know I’ve drained everyone’s testicles this weekend and I’m gonna try to give my very-own-serious-insight about the whole concert thing. Let’s see how this one goes.
I lined up both days from 9am, because despite this being my 3rd and 4th Green Day concert, I’ve never managed to be anywhere near close to barrier.
Being on barrier for a show is always great.
Being on barrier for your favorite band is amazing.
But being on barrier when the showman is Billie Joe is a whole new thing.
I was close to the point where I could see a band-aid peak from his right buttcheek when his shirt lifted.
I was so close that I could see the delicacy he used to lay down Blue on stage.
I was so close that I was wet with his sweat (yeah, ew but whatever) and I could see clearly the little stars tattooed on his wrists, the same little stars that I have too.
I don’t want to be a sap, but that man is HAPPY to be where he is, and he makes the effort to give people attention. He locks eyes with people who need it, and he knows who needs it. I decided, against my own hygienic standards, to wear the same outfit for both nights, because really you can’t beat 2005 BJ. And for a matter of luck and state strategy, I ended up pretty much in the same spot both nights.
I had this idea of the flags, for many reasons. First of all WHY NOT, and secondly because I knew how Billie Joe is big on LGBT rights. I went and bought us two flags, wore mine as a cape, and as a result, he grabbed it from Jase’s hands during Still Breathing and made the effort of giving it back to us.
Now, I’m not hype about how our flag is now covered in Billie’s sweat, I was too at some point, I’m just stoked about the reaction from the crowd, the general cheer that he received when he wrapped himself in it. I’m just glad that we made a few people happy.
The Kazoo is a whole different thing though.
During the first night’s King for a day, he locked eyes with me while singing “Princess by dawn in a leather thong” and I mean, ok Billie, I’m ok with you thinking that I’m a princess in a leather thong, really. Then something greater happened. After the song finished he turned towards me again and aimed at me. He threw me his kazoo. Whelp, I missed, and when he realized he half mouthed a “sorry”.
That made it. His half apology.
But then last night, for the second night’s King for a day, he saw me again, pointed at me and locked eyes. And guess what? He aimed again precisely at me when throwing his kazoo, staring at me. And let me tell you, when he’s staring at you, you KNOW he’s staring at you and not at your neighbor or to someone behind. And guess fucking what? The kazoo got snatched by the girl next to me. He saw it happening, lowered his shoulders and frowned.
That, again, made it.
During the day I told my liners what happened the night before because I had photos coming through my feed, and I stated that whatever happened, I was happy. I had my *moment* with Billie, I managed to score Mike’s pick. I could not possibly ask for more, for that second night.
And then the kazoo happens again, and again Billie makes sure I know he’s sorry that I didn’t get it.
I was bummed, of course, also for Louden Swain’s kazoo reasons.
But you know what? On a second thought, I don’t care if I don’t have my kazoo. I have the memory of Billie Joe TRYING TWICE to throw it in my direction, aiming precisely at me, possibly remembering that I missed out on it the previous night,possibly due to the same outfit, and that’s honestly so much more valuable than a fucking plastic kazoo.
So here I am trying to decide which one is my favorite memory, if the flag or the kazoo.
But then I remember that a really close friend had the same kazoo experience in Australia last week, it got thrown precisely at her and got snatched even there,and I mean, what are the odds? In two oceans both of 6 thousands people, we both got the same chance and frankly that’s where I decide that my favorite memory is perhaps this coincidence.
The amazing thing about lining up for almost 12h with strangers is the sudden realization that they are not strangers at all. They are there for the same exact reason that you are, they share your same love and passion for that particular band, and possibly for even more things. (See the conversation about cosplay held up in front of a beer last night!). Make friends with your fellow liners, they will be close to you during the night, look out for them, exchange gums and lollies, make sure they get to barrier as much as you do, give them advice. Listen to their stories of 67 previous Green Day concerts, to their interactions with other fans, be their friends. Make sure that the tinier ones are well protected and that the first timers enjoy themselves as much as you do.
That’s what you’ll go home with. New friendships. New memories. New emotions. New bruises. New holyshitdidthathappen moments.
I’m not here to tell you how good Green Day are on stage, and how much energy they put into the show and how talented artists they are. We all know that!
Billie is not only a rockstar and a great artist, Billie is honestly a pocket size miracle in the form of a ball of energy.
I have more love and respect for him, his Blue baby and a certain other car Baby and a certain Misha person that I have for some people I actually know in real life.
It’s these kind of nights and days and even only split second moments that fill your heart SO MUCH that make life worth living.
Do the nerd thing, friend. Go line up early. Buy the tickets. Be a fan. Scream at the top of your lungs. Wipe your tears fearlessly after your favorite song ends. Don’t be afraid of showing how much you CARE about your thing. Laugh. Live. Love what you love. These are the things that will keep you fucking alive and #StillBreathing and you’re not alone in this madness.
I’m with you. First line. Passing through the #DoorCsquad
#RevRadTour #RevRad #GreenDay
(Credit to Intsta @ frunztunz for the video)

Somehow, in 2.3 seconds we managed to go from being something to being nothing.

However, the truth is that we aren’t nothing.

We are just two strangers who now share forgotten memories.

—  Sarn Corbin

it hurts passing by you, pretending like nothing ever happened between us. after everything there’s still things I wish I could of done to prevent our mishap. the memories we shared will always be remembered , but I’m willing to look beyond that.