you are a real sweetheart

what your got7 bias says about you
  • Mark: you're a real sweetheart! you appreciate the little things, you really enjoy ice cream dates, you love wearing oversized sweaters
  • Youngjae: you love when there's 100% chance of sunshine all day, you're truly an angel, you would love to have a picnic for a date and go star gazing later that night
  • Bambam: you're really wild but also super nice, you enjoy being around people that make you laugh and you love making others laugh too! you love back hugs
  • Junior: you see the real beauty in people, love having deep conversations with others, you love watching the rain and having a comfy movie night
  • Yugyeom: you're super sweet! you love having long cuddle sessions, when you're favorite song is playing you can't help but get up and dance like no one is watching
  • Jackson: you can be really hyper sometimes, you enjoy caring for others and going on adventures! sometimes you'll really like going out in the world and being super productive but you also like just sitting back and relaxing
  • Jaebum: ur thirsty
Imagine Lee Raising You, And Your Real Mother, Barbara, Trying To Take You Back


“Oh, sweetheart, what have you gotten yourself into?”  

Lee swooped down and picked the girl off the floor, setting her on the counter in front of her. The child was crying. Her knee was bleeding and broken glass was on the floor.

“Were you playing with the snow globes again?”

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  • is the most embarrassingly affectionate person you’ve ever met 
  • literally throws hearts and winks at you from across the street when you two are meeting up for a date
  • his goal in life is literally to make you a flustered mess 
  • even if that means he has to do something big like serenade you in public or something small like grab your hand under the table at a restaurant 
  • has a plethora of nicknames for you 
  • it can go from something like ‘sweetheart’ to ‘squishy fluffy creampuff’ real fast with this one 
  • “Seungcheol stop calling me ‘squishy fluffy creampuff” “Alright……ultra squishy fluffy creampuff.”
  • lip sings to bigbang songs and makes you join in even if you tell him you don’t want to 
  • likes resting his chin on to top of your head especially when he has his arms wrapped around you from behind too 
  • is mischievous so his hands are gonna wander up your shirt every now and then 
  • if you squirm or make a sound it’s only going to egg him on because he thinks your reactions are v v cute 
  • also enjoys cuddling with you much more if you’re wearing one of his hoodies 
  • he’s a whisperer as in…..he whispers things into your ear all the time…….could be sweet nothings……could be……..more than that…..
  • has a habit of holding your face with his hands and kissing the top of your eyelids especially when you two are saying goodbye like it just makes him feel like he’s giving you a seal of protection because you are the most precious thing to him and he is always anxious when you have to leave by yourself
  • oh did i mention that he’s super duper protective 
  • always has his hand around your waist in public, always makes sure you’re walking on the inside of the road, literally would lay his jacket down in a puddle so you could walk over it ok he just wants you to be s a f e 
  • gets a little angry when someone pushes into you accidentally on the street and you have to be like seungcheol, it’s ok, they didn’t mean it and he just gets all grumpy like “wELL they could have said SORRY” 
  • he’s a big bi g flirt so even after you two start dating he’ll slide up to you with some cheesy pick up lines or just randomly be like “hey, i like you a lot” and you’ll be like well i damn hope so seungcheol we are in a relationship afterall
  • sometimes his flirting means that he gets friendly with others very quickly and if you get jealous well…..he’ll apologize and devote all his attention to you but….not before teasing the living heCK out of you 
  • “are you jealous? is it because you admit im handsome and other people like me? you think im handsome enough to be jealous of? hmmmmm?” 
  • when he’s jealous though, seungcheol can sometimes take it as a competition and starts purposely getting comfy with others to see you ticked off
  • when you don’t get ticked off he gets pouty and just starts to butter you up with lots of aegyo and affection because please no you cannot ignore him any longer….
  • his background on his phone is a photo of you and him together that he made vernon take when you all went to busan together 
  • seungcheol keeps changing your phone background to the same photo even if you say you want to make it something else 
  • “matching phone backgrounds are the new couple item.”
  • he got you couple shirts once but then hoshi asked him if he thought they were really a good idea so seungcheol re-thought giving them to you and now they’re in his closet and he keeps thinking of when would be a good time to bring them up with you……
  • he likes animals a lot and so he’s always taking you to pet shops on your dates and being like “well what if we adopted that dog? or that cat? or oh- what about a bunny?”
  • he’s very open and bright about your future together because he really does see spending the rest of his life with you a very real option 
  • even though he’s the leader of seventeen and the oldest, he’s still a kid at heart so places like the carnival, amusement parks, beaches, etc that kind of stuff is the kind of stuff he wants to do on dates with you 
  • but of course he also has a very gentlemen-y side in which he takes you out to restaurants and then out to shop and is basically the perfect boyfriend who holds all your things and let’s you buy whatever it is you want
  • as a thank you all he wants is your undivided attention for the remaining part of the night. if you catch my drift. 
  • if you wake him up in the morning with kisses and breakfast in bed then according to seungcheol: you’re doing it right !
  • he really enjoys home cooking so even if you’re not good at it like he will eat anything you give him. anything. mostly because he’d be like “it’s made with your love~” and you’d be like “stop being cringe worthy and eat the soup.”
  • as much as he likes to eat, he likes to make sure you’re eating too 
  • likes it when you order seconds because good. you’re growing. you need the food. (aka dad seungcheol comes out) 
  • would go into a bouncy castle with you 100% 
  • but because he’s the leader of seventeen there is a lot of stress and responsibility on his shoulders 
  • sometimes he can let it out with harsh words or a cold shoulder, but not because he means it, but because he reacts too fast on his feelings and if you’re still there through the thick and thin and you give him strength through your comfort than he will cherish you even more
  • sometimes all he needs is a “you can do it!” text at three in the morning from you to keep him going full speed ahead 
  • actually he tries not to text you late because you should be sleeping but sometimes he’ll get tired and so dino will actually steal his phone and text you like ‘seungcheol is low on energy, please send a cheering up selife!’ and when you do dino shows seungcheol the picture and seungcheol doesn’t even scold him for taking the phone he’s too caught up in your cute selfie
  • he called you his moon and stars and literally all the members cringed minus dino who was like “true love is so beautiful hyung”
  • when you’re upset, seungcheol reacts in two ways: either he becomes your shoulder to cry on and he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better OR he gets super pissed at whatever/whoever hurt you and you have to assure him it’s fine - he doesn’t have to get mad 
  • but he’s still fuming of course, the thing he hates most in the world is seeing you on the verge of tears and he’d literally rip apart anything that threatened you 
  • when making out with you seungcheol is intense and quick and his kisses leave you breathless
  • he prefers having your hands in his hair because he likes it when you pull on it a little 
  • is a bottom lip biter so he does that a lot to tease you and you have to keep being like “seungcheol we do not have time keeP GOI ng “ but he’s a big tease like LOOK AT HIM 
  • presses his forehead to yours inbetween heavy breathing and tells you you look so perfect and heavenly in this moment and his voice just gets deeper as he gets more romantic and you hate it but you love it bu T you HATE it 
  • sometimes when you won’t listen to what he’s saying he’ll kiss your most sensitive spot and it’ll make your knees tremble and you’ll be like sEungcheol that isNT FAIr and he’d just give you the puppy dog eyes like it isn’t fair to ignore me either~~~
  • secretly keeps asking hoshi to help him choreography a couple dance he can teach you 
  • hoshi: “literally. chill.” seungcheol: “i can’t chill. i love them.” 
  • he loves it when you come to support seventeen. he knows it can be dangerous for you to come publicly like this, but just seeing you in the crowd makes him put in that extra work because gotta look good for the bae 
  • runs up to you afterwords and forgets that he’s sWEATy as he pulls you into a hug and you’re like seungcheol pUT me Do w n and he’s like i can’t i love you too much!!!!!
  • saying ‘i love you’ is easy, it rolls out of his mouth like just another thing but it’s never just…….fake, it’s always real because seungcheol loves you with all his heart and he doesn’t just show it by saying it 
  • “if im the dad of 17 then all the members are your kids, right?” 
  • even though he’s usually very open about being cheesy with you, he actually doesn’t tell you that you’re a big part of his muse when he’s trying to do better even if it’s get better at dancing or singing or rapping, like he has never told you but one of the thoughts in his head is “ive got to get better for them!” 
  • chases you around the dorm while threatening to tickle you to death 
  • literally got on his knees and bowed to you when you brought over mouthwash and toothpaste for everyone 
  • kisses your hand out of habit every now and then and you get blushy because c’mon……that’s…..gros- great it’s freaking great 
  • seungcheol/s.coups is literally the boyfriend that would protect you and stand up for you whenever and wherever but also embarrass you in front of the whole world just because he loves you so mUCH  

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L, Mello, and Near’s Laughs

Request from Anon!

L: L has a fluctuating laugh. It’s normally is low pitched and short, and is more of a chuckle than anything else, but occasionally it’ll be long, high pitched, and comically loud. However, that’ll take extreme effort and most likely over an hour of normal laughing to achieve that. With his usual laugh, it makes him sound slightly sexy and adorable at the same time, and with the other it resembles a wailing donkey.

Mello: Mello’s laugh is a bit douchey. It’s like a triumphant, snarky, sarcastic, aggressive snicker that can gradually increase in volume. Mello’s laugh and appearance gives off a bad vibe. He looks like a badass, laughs like a douchebag, and once you get to know him, is a real sweetheart.

Near: Near has this absolutely adorable high pitched giggle. He normally laughs for a minute and a half, his giggle slowly raising in pitch as he does. He always has a somewhat high pitched laugh, and rarely, you can get him into hysterical laughter. When this happens, Near often snorts. He’s somewhat self-conscious of it.

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thank you for sending me the lovely galaxy message. if I were to put it into more real terms thank you guys for being sweethearts in this community and spreading love <3 i’ve talked to a majority of you guys and you are all so supportive and wonderful god I love you guys so much :’) thank you for existing <3

The Signs in High School
  • Aries: the jock that's chillin with no makeup on
  • Taurus: the person that saves your fucking life before class cuz they let you copy their hw
  • Gemini: the girl who is known for partying all the time
  • Cancer: the emo kid who has great taste in music
  • Virgo: the stoner who aces all their fucking tests and lends you their notes, u the real MVP
  • Libra: the sweetheart that's friends with everyone and always shows up to class 5 minutes late with starbucks
  • Scorpio: the kid in the back of class u thought was a vampire but nah, turns out they just enjoy drinking blood
  • Sagittarius: the one kid that's always either smoking cigs in the student parking lot or drinking and dgaf
  • Capricorn: top of their class and secretly wants to kill everyone cause they're fucking idiots
  • Aquarius: the hipster that doesn't even know they're hipster, they just doin their own thing fam
  • Pisces: the one the teacher always calls on in class to see if they're paying attention. surprise, they weren't

You guys @inukag-4ever called me a “real adult” meanwhile I feel like I’m running a long con lmao

Actually you’re a real sweetheart for commenting on a meme I did while bored and don’t worry fandom knows no age. Fandom is for everyone 😘

Deception Part Two

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Part One

Four months had passed since that night, and you’d kept yourself busy, drowning yourself in your work at the pet rescue centre.
Today you were working and were in the office when the front door opened.
You heard Maria welcome the customer and you carried on with your paperwork.
“I’m here to see a bitch.” The females voice sent shivers up your spine, making you freeze in place.

“Im sorry,i don’t understand.” You heard Maria say.

“Oh she’s here, sweetheart. You know her, mouthy bitch, real chatty. Goes by (y/n).”

Your head shot up and you looked into the entrance to see none other than Gemma Teller, hands on her hips, sunglasses on her head, pouting her lips.
Your hands trembled as you stepped out of the office, her eyes turning to you and a smirk spreading across her face.

“What are you doing here Gem?” You asked flatly, crossing your arms over your chest protectively.

She raised an eyebrow at you and stared you down, reading your expression.

“We need to talk sweetheart.” Was all she said as she turned and walked out the door.

Maria looked at you with a confused look on your face and you rolled your eyes, brushing her off and sighed as you walked out the door.
Gemma stood leant against the wall, smoke in her mouth as she looked out into the street, watching the cars drive past.
You went and stood next to her, grabbing your own cigarettes out of your pocket and lighting one up.

“I thought you quit.” Gemma said, her head still facing into the street.

“Yeah well,” you said as you blew out a cloud. “Things change.”

Gemma sniggered bitterly next to you and you looked at her. Her face had changed since you’d last seen her. She looked tired, stressed.
She caught you looking and raised her glasses, her eyes pinning you down.
“What are you doing here Gem?” You asked again, leaning against the wall and enjoying the feel of the cool bricks on your back.
“You need to come home.” Gemma said, watching your face.
You rolled your eyes and lifted the cigarette to your lips, taking a long drag.

“I have a home, Gemma.” Your voice was tired and you silently cursed yourself for how weak you sounded.

“Look baby, shit with the club is bad. He needs you. Your his old lady.”

“No, Gemma. I was his old lady. He made that choice.” You told her,‘staring back at her now.

She paused and looked at you, her cold eyes pierced through you and you felt a chill run over you.
“If I had a dollar for every time Clay fucked some other pussy I’d be a rich woman, sweetheart.” She told you, her voice low.

You were used to the deep talks from Gemma. You applauded her, she definitely had a way of getting into people’s heads, twisting their thoughts and controlling their actions.

But you were sick of being a puppet.
“Well I guess that’s the difference between you and me, Gem. I’m not a doormat, and I sure as hell ain’t gotta live my life like some side bitch." 

You words surprised both of you and Gemma shifted, her body straightening as she moved infront of you.
She placed her hand on the wall next to your head, her gaze burning through you.

"Go and see him. I ain’t asking, sweetheart.” She snarled, moving a hand to her hip.
You snickered and pushed away from her, refusing to look back at her as you entered the rescue centre.

That night you sat in your bath tub, soaking your skin with a glass of whisky in your hand.
Gemma’s words replayed through your head.
You missed Tig. God, you missed him. But he had hurt you, and you weren’t sure if you were ready to forgive him, or if you ever could.
Nights were the hardest. You’d always been independent and you never used to mind sleeping alone. But lately you felt empty at night, the cold space in the bed next to you making its existence known.
You missed his arms wrapped around you, his moustache tickling at your neck. You would lay awake every night, dreaming of him, and you’d only sleep when you fell drowning into the memory of his blue eyes sparkling.
You sighed and stood, the bath water dripping off you. Grabbing a towel and draping it loosely around you, you walked out of the bathroom and headed for bed.

Gemma leant against the door of the TM office, hands on her hips as she watched your car pull in to your old spot.
You killed the engine and stepped out into the bright sun, the familiar scent hitting you instantly.
You saw Gemma watching you from the office and raised your middle finger to her, making both of you smirk.
You walked towards the clubhouse and saw Chibs sitting outside, his back towards you.
He turned as he heard your footsteps and his jaw dropped slightly.
“(Y/n)! It is bloody good to see you, lass!”
A genuine smile spread on your face as Chibs embraces you.
“Hey Chibby!”
He pulled back and looked at you, studying your face as his own turned serious.
“He needs you, lass.” His tone was serious and you sighed, breaking his gaze and looking at down at your shoes.
“He’s in his dorm.” Chibs squeezed your shoulder gently and you nodded.

Emotions flowed through you as you walked down the hallway. Your hands shook and you breathed heavily.
You stopped before his door, havin flashbacks to the last time you were here.
Your trembling hand reached for the door and you hesitated before opening it.
The image of Tig lying naked on the bed with a croweater on top of him flashed through your mind and you dropped your hand, turning around.
You walked back down the hallway and had almost reached the end when you heard the a door open.
“(Y/n)?” His voice was soft, and quiet, uncertain.
You froze in step, unable to look at him.
“(Y/n).” He spoke again softly, his voice sounded broken and you felt your heart ripping into pieces.
You turned slowly, still not allowing yourself to look him in the eye.
“Baby.” His voice burnt through you, quiet and broken.
You lifted your head and finally met his eyes.
He looked tired and his eyes were dull, and filled with pain.
“Hey Tiggy.” Your voice came out shaky and you breathed deeply, trying to calm the emotions flowing through your body.
His eyes filled with tears and he stepped towards you, arms open.
You fell into them, drowning yourself in the scent you thought you’d lost forever.
His arms wrapped around you tightly and you felt tears roll down your cheeks.
You clung to him desperately, only now realising entirely how much you’d missed him.
You pulled your head back and looked up into his glassy blue eyes.
He smiled at you sadly, uncertainty on his face.
“I’m here, baby. I’m not going anywhere.” You whispered.
“I’m so sorry, (y/n). I’m so, so-”
You pressed your finger to his lips, hushing him.
“It’s okay, Tig. I love you. I forgive you.” You whispered, leaning your head closer.
The moment your lips touched fire ran through your body, igniting every flame you thought had burned out months ago.
You’d forgotten how it felt to be happy, how it felt to be loved, to be home.
But now you remembered. And you would never let yourself forget again.

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Fic prompt: stonathan home alone and there is a powercut. (Btw your writing is beautiful.)

( Thank you so much!! You’re a real sweetheart! )

Jonathan had originally disliked Steve’s house, it was big and empty and not to mention chillingly impersonal. It often felt like Steve had been abandoned by his parents, although he often assured they were just on business very often.

Of course, that didn’t stop Jonathan from worrying about him. He tried his best to make his room a little more homey, in whatever way he could. It was hard work, but the place was feeling less and less cold whenever he came over.

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Imagine you the reader meets Chibs in the hospital (After the car explosion)

Reader’s POV
Six days ago I had gotten into car accident. It wasn’t anything major but the injuries I had were keeping me in here for at least another week. I was starting to get bored staying in this damn bed though. I called one of the nurses into my room. It was my favorite nurse, Jenny. She was a bit older then me and a real sweetheart.
“Hey Jenny, do you think I could get out of this bed maybe walk around a bit?” I asked her while smiling sweetly.
“Sure thing hon! Hold on one second and I’ll help you up.” She said. She went and got me a bathrobe to cover up the back part of my hospital gown. She helped me up and I groaned slightly in pain. Afterwards she helped me put the robe on and we went into the hall.
After a minute of walking I asked Jenny if I could explore by myself and she agreed. I started to walk around aimlessly and found myself going past this open door. I wasn’t paying attention to it until a voice floated into my ears.
“Jesus Juicey I’m fine! You don’t have to watch over me like a fucking watch dog.” The scottish accent made me look over to the man behind it. The man behind the voice was laying in the hospital bed with his head wrapped up. The man was a older but still very handsome. He had a scar on his cheek but that only seemed to make him even more handsome. He was glaring at someone else in the room that you hadn’t looked at yet but as if sensing your eyes on him, he looked over. I blushed hard as our eyes met and he smirked slightly.
“What ya in for lass?” He asked me and I let out a little laugh. He smiled big at the laugh I gave.
“Car accident. What about you?” I turned my body towards the room and smiled at him.  
“You could call it a car accident.” He shrugs. I look at him confused but before I can ask him a question, he is already speaking again. “What’s your name love?” I blushed at the love part.
“Y/N” I told him.
“Beautiful name for a beautiful women. I’m Filip but you can call me Chibs.” He said to me.
“Interesting nickname.” I smiled at him and he smiled back.
“Aye that it is.” He said. “Would you mind keeping me company lass? This one refuses to leave unless I have someone with me.” He nodded his head to the other man in the room. For the first time since looking into the room I finally noticed the other man. He was younger with a faux hawk and tattoos on the side of his head. He also had an amused smirk and a mischievous look in his eyes. I looked back to chibs and shrugged.
“Sure, why not?” I said.
“Great! Come sit by me lass and you.” He looked at Juice. “Get the fuck away from me.” The other man laughed.
“Oh you know you love me Chibby.” He said playfully.
“I’d love to give you a swift kick in the arse.” Chibs replied with a smile. I made the way into the room as Juice began to leave. I sat in the chair and Juice turned towards us.
“I’ll be back in about an hour brother. Don’t forget to use protection!” He laughed as Chibs threw a pillow at him.
“Get out of here you rat bastard!” Chibs yelled. Juice threw the pillow on the bed and disappeared while still laughing. Chibs grumbled something about reminding himself to kill Juice later as he picked up his pillow. I giggled at the whole scene and he looked over at me as I did.
“I take it you guys are close?” I asked him.
“Aye, I consider him family.” He nodded and smiled. That started off the beginning of our hour long talk where we discussed random things. Every topic from his Sons of Anarchy brothers and my own family to our favorite things. We had a lot in common surprisingly Eventually Juice came back in and I pouted slightly in disappointment.
“Well at least you two are decent.” Juice smirked.
“Oh shut it.” Chibs glared playfully at Juice and Juice just laughed.
“I should probably get going.” I said while standing up. Chibs looked at me.
“Not until you promise to come see me again tomorrow lass.” He said. I smiled and nodded.
“I promise. See you then.” I made my way towards the door. “Bye Juice!” I said as I passed him. He smiled.
“Bye Y/N” Juice said as I left. I made my way back to my room with the biggest smile on my face.

~Depending on the response to this, this one might get a second part to it~

Exo Reacting to being caught in the rain with their S/O.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

A/N: Thank you for requesting this, it was so much fun to do, actually. ç_ç

Xiumin - Xiumin wouldn’t expect the weather to change so drastically in a matter of seconds, but when it does, it’s not like he’d be prepared, but he’d surely have the situation in his hands. He wouldn’t hesitate to take off his jacket and throw it over you so you don’t get wet and would take you by the hand to find somewhere you can hide. Luckily for you, he’d know lots of coffee shops in the area so you’d quickly enter one and there he’d order a cup of coffee to warm you up. He’d be a real sweetheart and would laugh at what just happened, making it into a nice memory.

Luhan - He’d be prepared for every situation, so it is only normal for him to have an umbrella when it starts drizzling. He’d quickly open it and protect you from the rain, making your bodies press against each other. It’d greatly affect him, though, and he’d eventually want to either hug you or kiss you, so at one point he’s probably stop walking in the middle of the street, look you in the eyes and with all seriousness say something that would partly make you laugh and partly wake up the butterflies in your stomach.

“It’s in every drama… I drop the umbrella and we kiss.”

Kris - It is good that you had previously remembered to bring an umbrella when you decided to go out for a nice dinner. It really wasn’t Kris’ style to dress up nicely and go to a fancy restaurant, but he thought it’d be nice to do it once in a while. But when you left the restaurant and started walking back home, it’d suddenly start raining and you’d open up your umbrella to cover both of you. However, after a while he’d notice you are dirtying your brand new shoes so he’d offer to carry you on his back and make use of his height and strength. He’d probably tease you by whining because of your weight, but wouldn’t let you climb down nevertheless. It’d be such an unusual, yet very sweet moment with him.

Suho - No matter how much he loves those overly cliched romantic scenes with the couple kissing in the rain, Suho would forget about those when the downpour breaks out and the two of you are in the middle of a street, completely unprepared for such weather. He’d take off his jacket and let you use it as a cover until you find a shelter. When you enter a small cafe down the street where you can wait for the rain to stop, he’d ask the bartender if he could get a towel and when he gets it he’d proceed to dry your clothes and hair and try to keep you warm so you don’t get sick. Only when he’s assured you’re alright would he be able to make a laugh and giggle at your we-got-caught-in-a-rain jokes.

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Lay - “That was some… heavy…. downpour.” Lay would manage to utter between heavy pants and would look at you, expecting a reply of some sort. But when you don’t reply and only twist your clothes in an attempt to somewhat dry them, he’d simply put his hands on his hips and try to calm himself down after all the running. Then, he’d realise what you’re doing and chuckle at your desperate attempts to do so. He’d reach out to remove a wet strand of hair from your face, smiling gently when he feels your cheeks cold against his hand. Lay would probably notice you becoming shy as you two stand in one place, so to break the awkwardness he’d move his hand to mess your hair a bit, stroking it and laughing at how silly both of you look.

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Baekhyun - As both of you would be already wet by the time Baekhyun realised he had brought an umbrella in his bag, he’d try to make you laugh and forget about what happened. While you stand protected underneath a tree, he’d stand on the unsheltered pavement and open up his umbrella only to use it as an equipment for his act. He’d then start dancing happily and singing to one of the songs from his musical, constantly making you laugh with weird faces and movements he makes. After that, you’d need to take him to your flat and warm him up with lots of blankets because, after all, you can’t have your favourite beagle catching a cold, can you?

Chen - Now, Chen would turn the who situation into a fun time. He wouldn’t initially tell you when he feels raindrops on his skin but would wait for you to notice it yourself and when you do and try to run to a cafe or a shop, he’s stop you by pulling you into a tight hug. He’d make you stand under the rain for a while but let you break it off when you want to. He’d then proceed to splash water from the puddles on you and shake his head so the water from his hair hits you and would just simply make you forget about the weather. You’d probably get scolded by Suho or his manager for being too reckless, but you wouldn’t mind because it’d be worth it.

Chanyeol - When it starts raining and you start running as a natural reflex, Chanyeol would just stop and stand on one place dumbfounded. It’d take some time for him to realise both of you are outside in the middle of a heavy downpour, but when you come back for him, he does and a panicked expression would take over his face. He’d start jumping in one place, not knowing what to do, various inarticulate sounds leaving his mouth. He’d be really cute, but you’d need to take him by the hand and make him run to the nearest shelter with you so you don’t get even more wet than you already are.

D.O - The two of you would be strolling down the park D.O knows isn’t as visited as other parks in Seoul when it starts raining. You’d both be caught off guard with no umbrellas and would instantly start running, him holding your hand, in order to find a shelter. After some time he’d stop, though, making you do so, too. When you question him why he’s not running and try to scold him, he’d turn to you with a faint smile on his face and say something you wouldn’t be able to register as he’d lean in for a gentle kiss the exact same moment. You shouldn’t be surprised as he’s an actor, after all.

Tao - Tao would probably forget that he is with you when it starts raining and run by himself to the nearest cafe he finds. You’d yell and scream in the distance for him to wait for you but he wouldn’t hear you as the only thing on his mind right then would be one of the three: make-up, hair or clothes. When you catch up with him before he gets to the shelter, you’d pull him by the arm and prevent him from entering the cafe and he’d try to be angry at first, but when you burst out laughing at how both of you are soaking wet, he’d forget about being annoyed and laugh along. Tao would secretly wish the two of you had more moments like these.

Kai - Who would have thought there would be rain in the middle of July? But it is raining and both of you are caught unprepared while walking back home. Kai would panic at first as there are no trees nor shelters where you could hide, your only option being running all the way to your block of flats. He’d swiftly grab your hand and sprint down the street like there is no tomorrow, not caring if you mud your (already wet) clothes. When you arrive there, he’d burst out in laughter, still having a hard time to believe you two just got soaked in rain.

Sehun - At first he’d try to scold you for not listening to him when he told you to bring an umbrella with you, but then he’d realise that you’re just standing in the rain arguing, so he’d quickly run to the nearest shelter he finds. He’d be faster than you when running so he’d shout and tell you to run faster, only to annoy you even more. When you’re safe from the rain, he wouldn’t be as grumpy and would actually smile and chuckle at what just happened, teasing you how you’re drenched (despite him being the same) and messing with your wet hair.

“Just look at you, so funny!”

- Admin Lene