you are a real sherlockian

Just some love to all of you…

I just want to thank my followers! 58 now! It is much for me :)

At the beginning of @sherlocked-for-a-lifetime. I was like “ no one will following me. Nothing will happen.” (And I’m still like that in some moments. No self-confidence-.-)

But: Now everything is pretty okay :) And I met some lovely people here, like the adorable @cheekbonesofbenny ! 💕

and @fandom-b13a @kalina-lupus-ionescu @jimmoriartyisking and @thatsherlockianfangirl who cheered me up at some bad moments 😊 thank you for that!

and I even found some of my awesome insta people here 😍 @morphoportis and @jojenreet 💕

And much love to lovely @giulygambotto and @alpaca-milkshake (my amazing brother) who likes and reblogs my stuff literally everyday ♥️

Thank you Guys! I follow all my followers too and I love what you’re doing:) ♥️

Sherlock fandom,

Please sit down for a little funny lesson. Let’s check Amanda’s Twitter. Oh. She had a funny tweet conversation with Simon Pegg. That’s funny.

‘But…But no! She blamed the fandom because fan were doing this sort of jokes about her husband but her, she can do it bout benedict? What a bitch.’

….mmmh. Let me formulate it again then, without getting angry huh? Amanda Abbington laughed with a friend about another friend. Wow, crazy isn’t it?

Let me tell you the truth : Santa still doesn’t exist and you, as a fan, are not friend with Martin, Benedict, Mark, Andrew, Amanda or others.

Now, dear Sherlock fandom, you are starting to piss me off ( ah yes, because it’s this sort of fans who slowly give us the bad reputation as a fandom.). Grow up, come back in the real world. Some of you are becoming extremistic and I am starting to feel pity.

Did you miss me?

I honestly can’t be the only one who yelled “YES I MISSED YOU!” At the telly when Jim said “did you miss me?” I swear I was almost in tears with excitement.

Yes, you're a REAL Sherlockian.

I just want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s commented on our “You're  A Real Sherlockian” rant, sent messages, sent emails, and everything. The reaction has been overwhelming and I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to get back to everyone! Thank you for sharing your own stories and trials, for your words of encouragement, and likewise, your stories of being accepted. Being the oldest fandom out there, really, it was the Sherlockians in the Victoria era who started this crazy business(!), we are bound to have politics. But for every bad egg, and there are a few, there’s a hundred pairs of open arms. There are so many lovely Sherlockians out there. Seriously. During the BSI Weekend I can’t tell you how many people came up to us and just said, “Thank you.” Most of them love us and are SO excited. We’re the next generation, the ones that will take over, who knows, many of us and you may be the next BSI. The fact is, there will always be haters, and while that does not excuse anyone from bullying my friend, us, or ANY of you, it does put it a little in perspective.

We need to keep talking about this and proving ourselves to earn their respect. As so many of you have said, to beat them at their own game. So keep writing! Keep commentating! Keep exploring the stories in all their mediums. Join societies or start your own! Submit essays to our book and The Baker Street Journal (who are our sponsors, so you KNOW they love the new stuff!). In short, don’t let the curmudgeons win!