you are a qt omg


“Thank you for stopping me from shooting him.”

“You did that on your own.”

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I was that same anon yes. 😉 Sometimes once you actually talk to someone it sort of dissolves the crush so um ... hehe 😉. bugghul is a qt and so is kissthefur omg 💓💗💓 you've got good taste girl (I'm pretending you don't stan Ryan.)


who said I liked bug???

not me, no, not me 

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Hello :) Would you do a reaction where BTS is in "the mood" and going for some sexy time but then the gf tells them she can't because she's on her period? In another Note, I like your blog and check it out everyday. I'm really impressed with your work and you're one of my fav Blogs. Also I think I read somewhere in a reaction that you're German, I'm german too

Hallo qt c: ajhdfksdlf thank you omg this is so sweet ! and yeah I got asked if I was german at least five times xD 

Jin : “oh ! do you have cramps ? are you in pain ?” turns into a doctor immediatly in case you don’t feel well his desire long forgotten

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Yoongi : “just say it if you don’t wanna !”

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Hoseok : “even with your period there are other things we can do” wants his sexy time

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Namjoon : “you know that’s not a problem for me” 

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Jimin : “Fine ! I’ll just go find someone else then !”

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Taehyung : “we should vote for these to be banned !” 

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Jungkook : “you said the same thing last month ! Do you have these every month ?”

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