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The Guest House

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Description: Yoongi the hostel owner slowly develops a rapport with a girl and her friends that keep visiting.  Maybe a bit of a flirtatious one.  Maybe even a little crush.  One night he gets protective on a date gone bad and it leads to smut.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 7.1k

A/N: So, basically, this is based off an experience I had last week. Not the smut part (ughhhhh), but the whole hostel owner coming to save the day when this dude just wouldn’t get the hint and leave. I relayed the experience to @ellieljade , because I needed her to die with me, and we both decided it should be used for smut fuel. Like grown adults. 

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  • me: hey immigrants aren't literally evil this is a very basic lukewarm statement thats also true
  • nazi sympathizer: I hate immigrants, also I just realized youre antifa so you must be unemployed and live with your parents
  • me: ... are you actually suggesting people would be pro fascism if they worked and lived alone?
  • me: are you saying the only good people, the people against fascism, are unemployed and live with their families?
  • me: do you realize what you just said lmao?
  • nazi sympathizer: i see nothing wrong with fascism, doesn't hurt me.
  • me: and we're the bad guys over here not literally preaching genocide in your book, wow ok.
  • me: this just in yall, the only way to be against fascism, and literal genocide, is to be unemployed and live with your parents, which is apparently a bad thing now.

Lately I find myself imagine the bellarke first kiss multiple times.. - like at this point almost anything seems realistic to me :3 and honestly I become less patient with every episode >< xd - 
My last Imagined scene was this:
everything goes well (I mean diplomatic,no blood) with Roan. Bellamy and Kane are safe. but! Bellamy grief turns into the anger level and he wants to challenge Echo to a one-on-one combat to revenge Octavia (noone knows she is alive as she did not get to the camp yet) so he starts to storm out from the room where Clarke tried to discuss things with him.
 She wants to stop him (because she just got him back..) but as her words don’t seem to reach him, she throws herself to the door blocking it and his way.
Bellamy is furious and grunts “Get out of my way, Clarke”
 “ NO… its not worth the risk. “ she says firmly, but Bellamy still tries to go out, then Clarke’s hands clench onto his chest - now there is but a step between them-
and with her eyes she says: i dont want to lose you. i was worried about you every time you left my side. cant do it anymore… please dont go.
- or does she says it at loud too? ..
There is silence then, just their heavy breathing fills the void
and suddenly Bellamy’s expression changes ,
something in the air between them changes…..

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do you have any resume tips just for getting a basic retail job?

these days, most retail jobs have an online application so you don’t have to worry about resume format or anything. as for what to put on your application, if you’re still young you can put school information, GPA, volunteer work, odd jobs on there to beef it up. (pro tip: if you’ve ever used photoshop in your life say you’re a “freelance graphic designer”) if you’re a newbie you’ll probably have a better time getting hired if a place is actively looking for people rather than them just saying “we’ll always take applications”. also, your youth can be an asset for retail stores that are trying to target the younger/teen/young adult crowds so like, hot topic or something like that lmfao. capitalism is hell but if you can try to pick a place where you actually like what they make, it can be a lot more of a pleasant experience, plus, what you lack in experience you can make up in (some) enthusiasm for the brand etc

I painted my favourite men with a Wacom Cintiq Pro that I bought yesterday. In my personal opinion, Cintiq is the best choice for inking(I was TREMENDOUSLY IMPRESSED). As you know I am shit at inking but Cintiq Pro enables me to draw an accurate lineart. I think I will be able to draw more comics with much less time spent on inking which I hated with passion before I tried Cintiq. This amazing pen display definitely worth 1300 USD if you draw a lot of comics. However, for painting, I still prefer using my good old Wacom Intuos 4 and EIZO ColorEdge 27 just because of its high definition, big display.


I promised Hulk that I would write a song for Envy if they won Apex. They did, so here is my commemoration!

Roster change, back with Mickie
Got a Thai, made some changes
Went the D. Va, now they’re back on McCree
Just a swap to ensure they survive

Too many pros, they can’t take the heat
You trade your Talespin for glory
Don’t lose your shit and when Hulk drops the beat
You will find that in role swaps you thrive

It’s the aim of the Taimou, it’s the memes shining bright
Sprayin’ fools with their nanoboosted visor
And the hot shot Chipshajen sleeps his prey in the fight
And they’re tracking them all with the aim of the Taimou

Faced with Blue, dealt with Kongdoo
Self-Destruct and Earth Shatter
Rogue stacked the odds ‘til we bid them adieu
For Tviq couldn’t keep them alive

It’s the aim of the Taimou, it’s the memes shining bright
Sprayin’ fools with their nanoboosted visor
And the hot shot Chipshajen sleeps his prey in the fight
And they’re tracking them all with the aim of the Taimou

Cocco’s down, Harry’s up top
Held point A on Gibraltar
Kissed the trophy for the wins didn’t stop
To defend, back in Seoul, they arrive

It’s the aim of the Taimou, it’s the memes shining bright
Sprayin’ fools with their nanoboosted visor
And the hot shot Chipshajen sleeps his prey in the fight
And they’re tracking them all with the aim of the Taimou
The aim of the Taimou
The aim of the Taimou
The aim of the Taimou
The aim of the Taimou

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Could I get some cuddling headcanons for Dwyer (and maybe for Shura too)? I-I really love your headcanons...


  • He’s very pro cuddling and enjoys laying with you all the time
  • Dwyer is pretty picky about who he cuddles with, though, and most people he really does not want to  
  • He is liable to turn “cuddling” into “laying beside each other” if it gets too hot though
  • Falls asleep easily when cuddling with you


  • He is only anti cuddling if you’re including him in it, honestly
  • Being touch starved he adores cuddling it’s just getting past all his thoughts, worries, and self worth
  • Can’t ever decide if he prefers to be the big spoon (he gets to hold you, gently, protect you, is able to bask in the trust of that thought) or the little spoon (he gets to be held, protected, surround himself with you)
  • It takes him a while to fall asleep but he never really feels as calm as he does when he’s cuddling with you

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Reactions to attempts to start a pun war?

Puck: Is that a challenge? ~throws down oven mitt~ I accept! 

Ash: …Was that a joke or…?

Rowan: Cute. Now let me show you how a pro does it. 

Sage: You’re about a hundred years too young to be starting any kind of war with me. Let it go before I embarrass you…and myself.

Glitch: Please don’t. I get enough of this mess from Goodfellow.

Tertius: I’m more of a rap battle kind of guy…

What an odd creature. Where is it leading you? Will you follow it?

nixie got me clip studio pro yesterday so i decided to test it out and i’ve been using firealpaca for so long i forgot what it’s like to have more than just the pen tool and my shitty bitmap brushes

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you're last post does make sense but the only pro to it is that it brings awareness? what do you think?

It brings awareness like a white person going to Africa and taking photos with starving children brings awareness…like there are much better ways to promote awareness of an issue without using it as a photo opportunity ?! Donate money to vetted organizations that support your cause, donate money to victims, share posts that promote visibility etc but like showboating your protest attendance doesn’t help anyone but yourself