you are a perfect asshole

Reasons why

Because you speak in lyrics from my favorite songs.

Because you are the perfect combination of sarcastic asshole and cuddly sweetness.

Because you’re not afraid of anything, but what’s inside of your mind.

Because I’m not afraid of you.

Because from the get-go I felt an unnatural sense of comfort and security in your presence.

Because you can make me laugh for hours.

Because I would rather sit with you in quiet, than listen to another person say a single word.

Because you have scars too.

Because I don’t lose myself with you.

Because we build each other up, and this is new for me.

Because when you kiss me- it’s like no one has ever kissed my lips before.

Because just thinking about your touch is making my heart skip beats.

Because I can tell you what I’ve been through, all of the battles I’ve encountered, and you listen.. And you relate.. My god it’s like destiny .

Because when you hold me in your arms, I melt into you, and we lay there as one.

Because you feel like home.

Because you love your family.

Because you let me be myself and call me out when I’m not.

Because I can literally tell you anything, and you don’t get angry at me for doing so.

Because your eyes are so big and beautiful, I still can’t believe they’re looking at me.

Because I don’t know what this is, but I know that wherever we end up, I know that I could never regret, or forget, the ways that you make my heart sing.

To the anon who sent me that message about feeling discouraged about how cruel people can be on tumblr: I know it sucks. It baffles me that on a platform that was meant for sharing things you love, there are people who are apparently incapable of respecting the opinions of others. There are a lot of things I don’t like, shows I avoid or groups I don’t listen to, but I know that for everything I don’t like there’s someone out there that does. Passionately, even and I have no place in ruining that happiness for them. 

It is possible to disagree with someone without eviscerating them. We live in a world where many of us are shamed for liking certain things and we feel that we cannot share them with others without ridicule. Don’t be that person. Don’t be petty. Be respectful, positive, and constructive. Tumblr is already a bad enough minefield as it is.

one time at school there was a note left on the bathroom mirror that said “you’re perfect as is” and someone had changed it to say “you’re a perfect asshole” so i spent about 10 minutes changing it back bc tbh if ur source of entertainment is making insecure adolescence feel even worse about their appearance then u need to sit back and re-evaluate

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Sweet baby jaysus, can they not with their perfection?!?!?!?! They are so damn stunning together, OMG! Get married and make babies already you gorgeous assholes. And by assholes I mean perfect and beautiful human beings. I can't with them anymore!!!!


When your ex still has your USB with all your music in it and tries to claim it when he didn’t like your music to begin with 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Arthur struggles an itty bit with flirting

Arthur: I must play it cool and act like everything is completely normal.

Feli: *displays reaction that a savvier nation might construe as FUCKING JEALOUSY I CANT BELIEVE IT CAME OUT IT LIKE THIS*

Arthur: be quiet stop fussing

Arthur: *throws lemon pulp in crush’s eyes*

Arthur: *blows up project*

Arthur: *gets put in detention*


Arthur: yes perfect. I have embarrassed no one today. Everything is as it should be.

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Ignore the assholes. You're perfect.

Thanks bro! I think this proves my point tho like people are fricken rude.

Humanstuck I guess


Your name is Eridan Ampora, and you are fucking sick of it, you’re sick of your douchebag brother constantly teasing you for your lack of friends (the fucking hypocrite!) And you are even more sick of your asshole dad always pressuring you into ‘becomin the perfect heir’ to his stupid rustic Italian bar & grill chain, so you ran away and now your stuck in the rain, your glasses cracked and your pants muddied so you just sit in the park, waiting for something, anything to happen

((Sorry I always do starters in 3rd person POV))

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lets please talk about the fact how fucking retarded you actually are. to write in naya's tag about some fucking bullshit piece of article that sean wants to make piece with naya. when he was the 1 wh dumped her crazy desperate ass in the first place. omg. how fucking retarded you are. you are a perfect example or a retarded delusional crazy naya stan. brava fucking asshole. GOD I WANNA KICK YOUR STUPID ASS SO BAD!!! do you dream of horsey fucking you? tell me! please he honest asshole hahahaha

A. It’s ‘peace’ so I mean, anything else you say after that is irrelevant as fuck. B. I don’t use the R word so you’re lucky you’re on anon, but I also have a stat counter to track down your IP address and block you from sending shit ever again. C. No sorry…I don’t dream of horses fucking me. I’m pretty sure there’s some peer counseling hot lines you might wanna look into. If you have to send this on anon you clearly have some issues to be worked out, sweetie so wishing you all the best of luck with that. If you wanted to kick my else so bad, you’d take off the shades and not hide behind a gray face. I also can’t help but wonder why you’re in her tag if you hate her so much, but that’s a different problem of yours for another day :)

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So man, sorry if you've been asked this before but how do I become the coolest version of me? It sounds lame but I've got problems man, and I think you could help me out.

Don’t what your problems are, so it’s hard to be specific here. But the cooler you are with yourself, the cooler you’ll be to other people, and the cooler you’ll be in general.

See, if you can accept that humans are flawed, man, and that you’re human, then you’ll be okay with bein’ flawed. Doesn’t mean acceptin’ being an asshole–or acceptin’ other people bein’ assholes to you–but it means knowin’ perfection is a myth perpetuated by con men (and con women) who either want your obedience, your money, or both.

Check out these classes from the Dojo of Coolness, man. Maybe they’ll deal with the specifics you didn’t give.

Assholes 101
The Importance of Saying No–or How To Say “Fuck Off”
Advanced Winning and Losing
Leeches–and How To Avoid ‘Em
Nervous Smiling
Trying Too Hard–and Why It’ll Get You R/Ejected
Being Cool vs. Being a Moron
A Lesson in Zen
Playing Emotional Dead
Breaking Bad Habits, or the Law of Human Gravity
Collisions: When Piles of Crap Smash into Each Other at 200 MPH
The More You Sleep, the More You Earn; or a Lack of Ambition
Broken Players 102
It’s Not How You Look; It’s How You Act
Finding Friends