you are a monitor

smartphones now: record your voice and make funny videos! take a picture of your face, neutral, looking ahead. for a cool art app! voice recognition! facial recognition! fingerprint key! were definitely not logging this info into a database that will monitor your every move. while you’re at it give us your social security number for a cool app or something

Partner Part 12: Can you imagine?


Definition: not imaginable or comprehensible.

You and your new found purpose were moving silently through the twisting corridors of the Ego building. Despite never being here before, you seemed to know the way perfectly. You could walk it in your sleep.

You clutched onto Damien’s cane so tightly your knuckles turned white. Celine’s cards where in the other hand. You didn’t know how but these where the tools you would use to set it all right. You’d be the one to undo Mark’s mess.

You passed by a room but stopped the moment you heard a heart monitor, you walked back towards the room and your eyes fell on Abe. He looked so vulnerable. Previously you had only seen that vulnerability properly once. When he had found you again. The rest of the time it was hidden in his.

Solemnly you approached the unconscious Detective. Your grip on the cane lessening. Looking down on the man who had saved you, you felt a lump in your throat. You tried to swallow it down but to no avail. After what you were going to do… he wouldn’t want to be near you. You would become the type of person he hunted down. A murderer.

You gently placed a kiss on his forehead before whispering “I’m so sorry Abe…”

You walked out of the room, not knowing that at that moment the Detective’s eyes had begun to open.

The darkness seemed to suit you. It was mysterious and unknown. It had once been light. It had once been clean. You were about to get your hands dirty. But with someone else’s blood this time. Trembling you approached the room that the whispering voice said Mark was being kept. This was it. No more nightmares. No more suffering. Damien and Celine would be free. Wilford would have his friends again. Abe wouldn’t be alone. He’d have them.

You now understood why Celine had wanted to use you. You where expendable. You didn’t matter, you were a face with no name. That’s why you had to kill Mark.

The door creaked slowly as you pushed it open.

“I know why you’re here Y/N.”
Your eyes fell on Mark, who was standing by a window. You swallowed dryly before approached him. “I don’t blame you. I hurt everyone you held dear.” You still said nothing. “It was me who took your best friend away… I took a man’s mind and broke it because my wife loved him… I took Abe away from you not once but twice.”

He looked pathetic. Dark’s revenge had been carried out… but no in the way he wanted. “Mark… I have to do this. Wilford needs his friends again. You didn’t have to listen to his screams and wails for Damien and Celine. You didn’t have to watch him delve into madness. You didn’t have to hear say that it was all a joke.” You placed the tarot cards down. You had no idea how to use them… but you had pulled the Death Card out. And threw it at Mark who caught in reverse. “I don’t much about tarot cards Mark but I know what that one means. Consider that one my last gift to you.”

Footsteps where approaching the room. You had to act quickly. You felt power rise inside you as twirled the cane in your hands. You raised it to strike Mark down until someone grabbed your wrist. You turned to see Wilford. “No Y/N. Not by your hand.”

Your resolve shattered like the mirror as you stared at Wilford’s exhausted face. He looked like the Colonel again. His eyes were weary but still held their twinkle. You dropped the cane which hit the floor with a loud thud. All the strength that Damien and Celine had given you faded away. Wilford pulled you him, and looked at Mark with an expressionless face.

“Say it.”

Mark smiled before speaking “Do it, do it, kill me now.” Wil pulled out his gun from his dressing gown pocket. “If you say so” he pulled the trigger and you closed your eyes, not wanting to see another death by that gun.

The others heard the gunshot and rushed to room only to find Mark’s dead body and Wilford holding onto you as you clutched Damien’s cane.

They had found you. Wil spoke softly into your ear as you cried into his chest “It’s not a joke Y/N.”

Nobody else spoke.

Nobody could speak the words that described what the pair of you were going through.

You were going through the unimaginable


Welp I’m still here. Time for another game of “Spot The Reference” if you spot it, well done you get a cookie.

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Okay so here’s how The Miskatonic will be packaged.

The game will start in a 1280x720 window, which you can stretch out to whatever resolution you want, OR you can press a key to go into Fullscreen mode.

Sort’a like how games should work but for some reason Tyrano doesn’t.

But! Now that this hurdle has finally, finally, FINALLY been overcome, we’re in a position where people with smaller monitors can play The Miskatonic.

If you’re thinking of getting into Visual Novels, don’t use Tyranobuilder. Unless you also wanna fuck with the engine like Dead_G did.

Another intense shift..

it was like it was addiction day. 
Two codes involving IVDU. Active users. They had medical issues, but on the side, they were also actively using. One scratched their lower limbs till they bled after meth and became really agitated and threatening. Wanting to cut themselves. I wondered if they had formication. Both with sad histories, filled with PTSD stories, abuse, living in lower socioeconomic at risk groups and scenarios. Addiction as a form of escape.

For some reason we had all these eating disorder patients in too, addicted to being thin. They come in and out for various reasons, occasionally because their weight has dropped and it’s in for TPN and monitoring for refeeding syndrome. Or you get the ones with PEJ feeding tubes, that’s right… their eating disorder eventually lead to colectomies and permanent tube feeding through their abdomen. They would pull out these tubes or get them infected, so they would have to come in for TPN or get starved a few days while awaiting elective surgery while on TPN. Then quietly sabotage their TPN, like the cannula’s would come out of place.. Addiction as a form of control, or body image I guess.

I suppose they’ve achieved a flat stomach, but now there’s a stoma and or all these tubes. 

The sad part is in a way, is that.. I didn’t need to be asked if i was okay (the nurses and security guards kept asking me and each other this) after the codes and I didn’t need a debrief. I had seen this so many times. Less on the wards, but too many times in ED. I find I need these times less when everyone involved acted professionally and the situation was defused and de-escalated as best as we could for us and the patient. I’m more scarred when we haven’t done all that we could or someone on staff acted inappropriately and i wonder whether I should file a report. 

Afterwards, I get left with an feeling of overwhelming pity for the patients. 
Sorry for the nurses looking after them, that are out of all staff in a hospital, at the greatest risk of physical and verbal abuse. 

I learned early on during my psychiatry rotation that we are but the band-aid on a titanic. It’s already too late if they’re requiring hospitalization like this. It is part of the solution, but preventative care and a diverse variety of social services for lower socioeconomic groups is even more integral to change. But so much of this is lost on the general public and the politicians trying to prioritize their votes over all else. It’s a very cynical world view I possess now. I wonder how I got so very old, so very quickly. It’s not like, stuff like this happens every day, but how it did it become so frequent as to become normalized to a degree? Meanwhile, i feel like so much of the general populace is so sheltered from this. 

[disclaimer: details have been altered in order to sound generic and cases unidentifiable. if the cases sound familiar - it is purely coincidence. kinda like the idea - ‘commonest things are commonest’. as sad as that sounds.]

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Just finished green and yellow!!!!! It's so cute I screamed into my pillow! Do you have an idea on when it'll be released ?

Honestly I do monitor the popularity of green no yellow’s latest chapter. If I think the plot is good enough I’ll update a chapter

alright kids today we’re gonna do an experiment. i’m going to show you how easy it is to fake screenshots.

this is my initial test message.

i open ms paint and plop my test message and a message from another person in there.

all i have to do is select their icon and name and paste it over my icon and my name.

and presto! we have our perfectly faked screenie.

so before you take screenshots to heart, please take a minute to think. “is there a possibility this may be faked? do multiple people have evidence and screenshots against the same person? is the person giving these screenshots reliable? does the person in said screenshot ACTUALLY act or type that way?” 

also, you can figure out if a screenshot is faked by deep frying it, surprisingly enough. if it’s a real screenshot, the artifacts will be around the text, and if it’s faked, the aritfacts will be a box, like the box-selection you do when you edit a screenshot


the above name tag is edited. the below is not. you can tell because of the boxy artifacting.

i hope this helped! please be sure to check all resources and see if multiple people have different screenshots to make sure they’re legit.


Technology abuse
(or the Tenth Doctor beating up on computer monitors and other assorted tech)


Lapis redesign because I dislike her canon one. Specifically because of the fact she doesn’t really have any shapes that really DEFINE her, like Garnet = Squares, Amethyst = Circles, Peridot = Triangles ect, I associated her with a water drop shape cause…. y’know w a t e r.

Also got rid of the horrid neon blue colors and gave her speckles of yellow, like the ACTUAL LAPIS LAZULI GEM HAS. Why didn’t she have any sort of yellow incorporated into her design in the first place.


Edit: pls click for full size ;^; Reposting because Tumblr hates me. 

Inej Ghafa, the Wraith, from the Six of Crows duology. I hope I did her justice! 

Done in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos Pro, approx. 30hrs of work. 

I’ll probably do Kaz and Nina next, but it might take awhile. I have a lot of personal projects I want to get done this year, and I don’t do fanart basically ever. edit: I went and did both of them in less than a week lmao

Kaz Nina


AU where Bitty and Jack are singers and their managers set them up to make a song and music video together.


The corner pics are paparazzi shots probably.