you are a lizard

What’s that, more Asha? You bet! Julian carrying a sleeping Asha, probably in 2370. Even at her smallest, she is too big for him to really carry. When your Cardassian child is a sleepy little lizard though, you gotta carry them.

At first, Garak didn’t look too happy in the top-right doodle. It’s based early on when he really doesn’t think much of Bashir’s decision to adopt Asha. But I don’t know how you can look at this adorable lizard child who is too big for a human to carry and not smile.

Last doodle is Asha the noodle doing her bipedal run. Probably along the promenade. Much to the dismay of Odo.


ikeamonkey1995  asked:

Enchanting Ghost is written from the perspective of Sufjan's pet lizard. "Did you cut your hands on me? Are my edges sharp? Am I a pest to feed?"



He has a 99.99% chance of stealing yo girl

I think a big part of the reason I love cryptids is that they’re literally the only subgenre of conspiracy theories where you can be reasonably assured it isn’t secretly about hating Jews. Like, when people talk about aliens or lizard people or sinister banking cabals, at least 80% of the time when you look up the foundational literature it’s a bunch of Antisemitic rot and “lizard people” is just a codephrase for “Jews”, but there are very few neo-Fascist whackjobs out there claiming that Bigfoot is Jewish.