you are a gr8 human being

also, about Summoner. we already know Rufioh was, at the very least, a cheater and a liar. And we can tell from the humans, and from the Condesce, that pre and post scratch selves really aren’t too different from each other. 

So honestly my headcanon Summoner cheated on Mindfang all the time and was unapologetic and a huge asshole, due to Alternia being rougher on him then Beforus was and making an even worse breed of person. 

Like, damn, Rufioh lied and cheated on Damara with no apparent regret and he was raised in a Utopian society, and you think the same person raised in a worse place would be better

Don’t get me wrong, Sumfang is gr8 and I would pay good money for a redemptive Mindfang arc with happy-ish ending with the knight in wooden armor. But they were probably both terrible people. 

But I just don’t think the Summoner would’ve been a very good person. 

Also, how interesting would it be for the revolutionary Summoner who was trying to rebel against the unfair oppression of low bloods to be a Bad Person? And further more, for Mindfang, someone who’s used to being Mean and Bad, to suddenly be stuck with this nook wiff because ~fate~ like damn. Can you say comeuppance? 

But if anyone can give me proof/reason for Summi being a Good Person I would love to hear it thank you. 


but it’s been a long time since Dan and Phil (particularly Dan, aka ‘no homo Howell’) have felt this comfortable being close to eachother on camera so consistently. they’re able to laugh, be within close proximity without any harsh snapping, touch, even– god forbid– joke about ‘phan.’  and this shouldn’t be a big deal, because they’re just being how friends are in real life. but we all remember–and try not to– the pull-away of 2012. 

 so as the phandom let’s PLEASE all do our part to make sure they’re able to stay comfortable. they’re human beings and deserve respect. you can ship them, but make sure it stays off their radar.


-rec them phanfics??? I’ve heard of people doing this and please don’t.
-message/tweet them about phan
-talk about it on their live shows
-ask them about their sexualities (you can probably ask questions about sexuality in general by dan always gives advice on stuff but seriously, dan’s been asked so many times if he’s gay there’s a YouTube collage of it and it’s the saddest thing I’ve seen. and you can tell he’s uncomfortable. do not do this to him ffs.) Maybe just try queer youtubers for queer questions.

-make them sign phanart. Just get them to sign a normal picture, it’s not going to make your experience any less great; you’re still meeting dan and phil.

-id ask for the phan related comments 2 be kept at a minimum but i dont wanna kill all their traffic lmao. just…dont be gross or weird. don’t be inappropriate. think “would I want a stranger to stranger to say this to me? would i want to be treated like this?”

-scream about it at conventions. pls. they just wanna chill.

 -Force them to indulge in your ship thereby forcing them out of their comfort zone, basically.


we’ve had a really gr8 year with #japhan and “our son dil” and let’s please try and keep them comfortable and happy. they literally deserve it. I know there’s nothing we can do with about the 12 ½ year old half of our phandom, but we can do something about ourselves.

2015 has been great for the phandom. Let’s not go back to 2012.