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Margaret Cho: Trolls Who Call Me ‘Fat And Ugly’ Are Admitting Defeat

Margaret Cho has a simple philosophy for dealing with degrading comments about herself: If you’re debating a woman and you stoop to calling her “fat” or “ugly,” you’ve already lost the argument.

The comedian explains how to turn misogynist attacks into a “more palatable and pleasurable” experience.

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looks like Victor Nikiforov learned how to leave Tumblr anons

i like seeing you laugh

please tell me i’m not the only person in the world still thinking about passe på meg. i think of it as their little private i love you scene.

Isak and Even are two teenage boys. they don’t often sit down to discuss the intricacies of their relationship, they don’t verbalise every feeling. they don’t verbalise it, but we are shown it. when they hang out in mekke øl and hjernen er alene, their conversation is sometimes inaudible because the focus is not on what they’re saying but instead on how they make each other feel. they make each other laugh. they make each other laugh a lot. they make each other shine. maybe their jokes are hilarious, or maybe their jokes are terribly unfunny, it doesn’t matter, because dating someone who makes you laugh doesn’t mean you need to date a comedian, it means dating someone with whom you vibe so well that their mere presence relaxes you, being with them makes you laugh. we see that a lot with Isak and Even. good vibes and good laughs. how being around each other is effortless because they can just be.

so when Isak touches Even’s lower lip and says i like seeing you laugh, it’s a casual remark, but it’s also this this intimate, honest confession, because that’s how they make each other feel, they make each other laugh. and he likes it. he doesn’t have a word for it yet, but he knows the feeling’s good. they’re good. you don’t always need to say i love you. sometimes making them laugh is better. when the night is dark and heavy, sometimes laughter is the only way out.

so that’s the i love you of a boy who is young and learning and figuring things out.

i was there to meet you, on the other hand. it should be this dramatic moment, a plot twist, a huge revelation, a guarded secret that Even has kept inside all this time, finally ready to let it unravel. and yet it’s anything but. it’s a nonchalant statement, it’s a how was school we’re running out of toilet paper it’s pretty windy today by the way i was there to meet you. Even’s kept it a secret for so long because it’s not a secret. he says it like he’s stating the obvious, because to him it is the most obvious thing, nothing has ever been more clear to him. the possibility of him having been there for any other reason is nonexistent, and it’s ridiculous that anyone would think otherwise, especially Isak. but i saw you on the first day of school is different. it’s more quiet, half a whisper. Even becomes gentle and pensive, like he remembers something, remembers that first day of school. because this is the part that is not obvious to him. this part where he is lying in bed with the boy he saw on the very first day of school, wearing his clothes, wearing his smell, wearing his kindness and his patience and his understanding. this the part that is maybe a dream.

and my favourite part? it’s Isak’s little ‘oh’. that’s literally all he says. he doesn’t ask Even to elaborate, doesn’t ask any questions, where exactly did you see me, what was i doing, what did you think, what, when, why why why. just oh. and then he smiles. because he believes it. he accepts it. two weeks ago he was ready to believe that everything was a lie because what would someone like Even ever see in a boy like him. now he knows better. he believes it, he accepts it, and he relishes it. and then they smile at each other, because that’s how they make each other feel. they make each other laugh and smile. and it’s good. whatever this is, it’s good. it’s good, yeah.

  • Aries Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which you are a leader and you're in charge of other people (ex. manager/CEO)
  • Taurus Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which you complete work in tranquil environments and your artistic talent is released (ex. visual painter/writer)
  • Gemini Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which constant communication is necessary as well as frequent interactions with the general public (ex. journalist/radio host)
  • Cancer Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which you are a nurturer and an instructor for young children (ex. nurse/elementary school teacher)
  • Leo Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which you are in the spotlight and performing in front of an audience (ex. comedian/actor)
  • Virgo Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which you incorporate critical thinking skills (ex. mathematician/astronomer)
  • Libra Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which you construct visually-pleasing things (ex. architect/interior designer)
  • Scorpio Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which you are required to unravel mysteries or put pieces together (ex. detective/psychologist)
  • Sagittarius Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which you are outdoors or you need to travel a lot (ex. photographer/police officer)
  • Capricorn Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which you work in a political setting (ex. media strategist/political consultant)
  • Aquarius Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which advanced technology is involved (ex. programmer/software developer)
  • Pisces Midheaven: best suited for occupations in which your creative spirit is able to freely express itself (ex. musician/poet)

Normally when you don’t get something in a book or whatever you can just look at the wiki but I swear that 5 minutes on the Cosmere wiki just confused things even more as you realise you need to read like 40 books from different series as well as a shitload of forum posts and Q&As and panels just to understand anything that’s going on and you were only there in the first place to see if a comedian is secretly god


The holiday season is coming. Are you excited to go home? Feeling nervous because you’re not out to your family? Not sure if you should bring home that special someone?

Comedian Cameron Esposito is swinging by the office this week to answer your questions about going home for the holidays.

Submit your questions here and Cameron could lend you some of her wisdom.  

Chapter Titles (for my comedic memoir, if I ever become famous):

  • The First Time I Gave Myself a Concussion
  • The Sprained Toe Debacle
  • The Second Time I Gave Myself a Concussion
  • The Third Time I Possibly Got a Concussion (though this time it was undiagnosed and could have just been a slightly broken nose)
  • Save St. Anslem’s
  • The Twin Messiahs
  • If you were a virgin who couldn’t drive, I’d pick you up (and other ways to flirt)
  • Homeless in Amsterdam (or how to reenact The Fault in our Stars and find the god swing)
  • There are 300 bees here and they’re angry (an incomplete list of weird things my preschoolers have said to me)
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Ok but i just noticed Saihara is singled out in Ouma's board , what does the text near his image says? (It would be hilarious if it had some hearts lol)

I’ve actually been trying to figure that out myself! Sadly, without much progress. It’s impossible for me to clear the text up all the way up until there’s an even clearer image, I think (maybe from someone recording off of the PS4 instead of taking a picture of the Vita screen or television).

Either way, it’s undeniable that Saihara is singled out on the board, and none of the characters seem to resemble either kanji or hiragana that would spell out words like “mastermind” or “ringleader,” so he definitely seems to have mostly discounted the idea that Saihara could be behind it all.

My best guess is that he probably wrote something like “possible ally?” (it does look as though the word ends on a question mark). Given how much he’s checked and double-checked that the game does, definitely end if it comes down to only two people, and how he posed multiple offers throughout Chapter 4 trying to force Saihara’s hand into ditching Momota and the rest of them but teaming up with him, it would make sense.

I think despite his cynicsm and inability to really, fully trust, Ouma thought that if he could pick any ally he wanted from the remaining members, Saihara was clearly the best pick. In addition to being a detective and a huge asset to the group, and “useful” as Ouma has emphasized so many times, he was also someone Ouma found incredibly interesting and fun to be around.

Of course, he kind of ruined his chances there because he and Momota both were practically trying to pull Saihara in half for all of Chapter 4′s trial, and it turns out Ouma doesn’t know how to say “be my friend” or “work together with me” any better than he knows how to flirt.

This is basically what I’ve been speculating on the matter. I’d love to see a higher quality image of the whiteboard if one ever comes out, so if anyone can find one with the Japanese by Saihara’s picture in good quality, please let me know!