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Peter Parker x Reader


Author: Morgan

Prompt: Can you do a Peter Parker x reader where he comes to her house late at night after the airplane scene and asks her to massage him. Can you make it super intimate and sweet because they love each other? I love your imagines by the way!!

Note: Awwwwwwww, lil babyyyyyy

Warnings: Civil War Spoilers

It was late at night. You were sitting at the desk in your bedroom, attempting to do your algebra homework. You leaned back on your chair, rubbing your tired eyes. You took a deep breath, yawning, and perked up when you heard a tap at the window.

“Pete? That you?” You asked, pulling the window up so your best friend/crush Peter Parker.

“Y-yeah,” he pulled himself inside and basically fell onto your bed.

“You okay there?” You asked him. He was still in his new and improved Spiderman costume and he looked like he was going to pass out. Dark circles surrounded his eyes.

“Just…just really tired. And sore.” he sighed. “Why is being a superhero so hard?”

“If it was easy, everyone would do it,” You sat beside him, rubbing his back. He exhaled a deep breath, closing his eyes.

“Could you…keep…doing that?” he asked, starting to drift off. You continued to rub circles, trying to loosen up his tense muscles. He moaned. “That’s the spot,”

“Right there?”

“Right…There…” he started snoring softly. You smiled to yourself, shaking your head. Your poor tired Spiderboy…What were you going to do with him?

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Doesn't I deserve a lil of love too abla... ? 😢😢😢

Gizuuuuuuuu!! Gizem babyyyyyy!!!!!! Of course you deserve love and not lil, you deserve so much love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ And I LOVE YOU, you know this. You are my baby Gizem, little pretty sister. Why did you think like that??  *sobs sobs*

Hmmmm..  because i sent @eunhaero a message and i didn’t send you? hehe NOOOOO you two are my lil sisters who i will take care of you forever!!


Genre: Smut, Oral

Member: Jimin x Reader

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Plot: You’re horny and bored so you text your boyfriend which ends in him at your house, except you don’t plan to give him what he wants, at least not straight away.

He was so close, so close to falling into a deep slumber, but a irritating buzz came from beside him, a vibration loudly rattling against the wood of his beside table, he grunted, his brows creasing in annoyance.

“Who the fuck could be texting me at this time?” he groaned.

Without looking his hand slapped against the wood trying to find the damn noise that disturbed his well deserved sleep.

His eyes squinted at the light of the screen, being obnoxiously bright, the crease of his forehand smoothed out when he saw your name on the screen, instead he unlocked his phone to see you texted him.

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this cutie pie hates when he’s told to do aegyo but he naturally has a lot of cuteness in him♡


“Happy Birthday Grandmaaaaaaa”
“Thanks babyyyyyy”
“How do you feel?”
“Good. Blessed. (exhales) I’m keeping it together. I don’t have no high or low blood pressure. I’m not decrepit. I don’t have no sugar. I can still eat as much fried chicken and cookies as I please. I still go out… Not a lot of 28 year olds can say that.”

Happy Birthday to the funniest, most inspiring and best energy I know, my grandmother. My favorite dance partner. The blacketh hath not cracketh.

P.S. the throwbacks are of her and my mom and her with me and my sis.

I’m not gonna lie, I bought the Phantom hood so fast-

Didn’t even have to think twice. Lmao. (Which Pidwigeon is sporting currently.)

BTW It’s Giavenne’s 3rd Birthdaaay!!!! My precious first babu. <3

3 years man. Looking forward to more!



@amberphoenixx babyyyyyy, this is just part of the surprise…hihihihi… next stop CASINO BABEEEEEEEEE !!!!! 

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Texting Convos: Harry's Birthday



Are you drunk?^^

Nooooo, whuy?

:D No idea. So how’s your party?

Looook at my cakeeeeeeee

Harry sent an image:


Harry sent an image:

Wow, that’s amazing! Looks good! And the football because of the superbowl?

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