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Ty mne nuzhen (Pavel Chekov/Reader)

Writing prompt #38/39  “I can’t stop thinking about you.” “All I want is you” Chekov

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You felt his lips crash down on yours first before the cool wall pressed against your back. It had been weeks since you’d seen each other, “Moya prekrasnaya…”

“Pavel…” You bit you bottom lip as he kissed you neck. God the sensation made your stomach feel warm.

“Da, lyubov’ moya?” He whispered nibbling on your earlobe.

“We are in the lift…and any one could get on.” You put a hand on his chest pushing him away. His sultry stare was only making you hotter.

“Forget about them…” He pressed himself against your back. His hands wrapped around your waist moving down as his lips pressed against the back of your neck, “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Pavel…” You said in a breathy tone as he pressed himself against your more. His anticipation was beginning to show.

“All I vant is you.” He turned you around to face him. He kissed you roughly with passion. He hoisted you up letting his hands move under your dress uniform, “Ty mne nuzhen.”

As things began to get more heated you inerrupted him again, “Mm…Pavel…”

He made a disgruntled noise in his throat looking at you. He watched as you reached over halting the elevator. That got you a lustful smirk. 

“Now…” You looked to him raking a hand through his hair, “where were we…”

A low rumble errupted from him as he got more excited. You only halted the elevator because you knew you’d take care of him quickly. 

Barisi Ficlet Masterpost

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Spy AU (3K)

Casual (3.8K)

Wedding Plans (5K)

Banana Cream Cheesecake (750 words)

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Episode Tags

17x08 - Sonny cooks dinner for the squad (1.8K)

17x09 - Adjusting Expectations (800 words)

17x11 - Collateral Comfort (4.8K)

17x12 - Sweet Tooth (3.1K)

17x13 - Paying Attention (2.5K)

17x14 - Sex and Subterfuge (3.1K)

17x15 - Stealing Happiness (2.2K)

17x16 - Hope (1.4K)

17x17 - Silver Lining (3.2K)

17x18 - Divine Intervention (6.1K)

17x19 - Intact (6.5K)

17x20 - Baby Talk (8.1K)

17x21 - Progress (9.2K)

17x22 - Afraid (13K)

18x01 - Kiss the Cook (6K)

18x02 - Muscle Memory (8K)

18x03 - Happy Hour (8.4K)

18x07 - Clean (6.2K)

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101 Fluffy Prompts

#12 - I can’t stop thinking about you

#38 - Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud

#1 - You’re really soft

#26 - People are jerks, but not you

#48 - We accidentally got married in Vegas oops

#31 - I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks

#52 - If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life

#20 - You look incredible in that

#35 - Your stray red item turned my whites pink

#28 - I have never felt this way about anyone

#24 - I think I’m in love

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Kiss Meme

#10 - ‘You nearly died’ kiss

#12 - A kiss that shouldn’t have happened

#4, #13 - Desperate kiss / A kiss we had to wait for

#7 - Laughing Kiss

#14, #18 - I don’t have the words right now so here’s a kiss / Kisses because I missed you and you really shouldn’t stay away so long

#8 - In the dark kiss

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Miscellaneous (i.e. tiny/cracky)*

Rafael and Sonny babysitting Noah

Sonny asks Barba to come over for dinner

Dr. Carisi AU

Kindergarten Cop AU

Sonny tries to take nudie pics with a selfie stick

Valentine’s Day Tag Fic

I admire your, uh… Tag Fic

Barisi Sharing Shoes

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SVU/Lucifer (pairings: Barisi, Deckerstar)

*Looking In (4K)

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Non-Barisi (gasp!)

Carlton (Carisi/Chilton) Ficlet

*#12 - I can’t stop thinking about you

Rollisi (Carisi/Rollins) Ficlet (post-17x10)

#27 - I’ll share the blankets with you

Unrequited Barisi feat. Rollisi

*Hovering (1.5K)

Unrequited Barson, Unrequited Barisi, feat. Tuckson (post-17x15)

*Watching (2.4K)

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Non-Sonny (double gasp!)

Barson (Barba/Benson)

*Better (2K)

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* indicates a Tumblr-only fic, i.e. a story that has not been cross-posted to my AO3 account

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38,41 + jungkook please~~ thank you!! <33

38: “Come over here and make me”
41: “Stop distracting me”

You practically buried your head in your textbook, hoping that maybe you could study a bit more before you final the next day. You weren’t getting very far, though, because for some reason Jungkook decided that you weren’t going to be able to do anything productive. 

He was usually that way when he had a day off, and today wasn’t any different. You rolled your eyes as he started playing his music louder than it needed to be and singing along to it. 

“Stop distracting me!” you finally yelled over the music and suddenly the sound came to a stop and Jungkook was now staring right into your eyes. 

“What did you say?” he questioned. 

“I said stop distracting me,” you said, “I really need to study for my final.”

“Come over here and make me, then,” he replied and you rolled your eyes, getting out of your chair and making your way over to him.

When you got in front of him, you sat down in his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck, leaning in so that your lips were against his ear. 

“Stop distracting me, Jungkook,” you whispered as you ground your hips down on his now growing length. 

“And what if I don’t?” he inquired, voice cracking a bit when you ground against him again. 

“Then you won’t be rewarded for being quiet when I’m done studying.”

“Okay I’ll be quiet then,” he replied. 

“Good boy.”

5. “I never said it would be easy.”

37. “My love for you is too complex to describe.”

38. “Stop making promises you can’t keep.”

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Being in love with a superhero can put one at risk. Barry has always been worrying about you every since he told you his biggest secret. Since then, you two would spend dates at home or in public with Barry constantly looking behind his back for the dangers that could come at any moment. It wasn’t your own protection you were worried about, it was Barry. You could see how it had affected him and you began to become anxious.
One day, as you and Barry were walking hand in hand to Star Labs, a horrific scene broke out. Leonard Snart, with his cold gun tightly in his hand, running out of a bank towards the vehicle. He must’ve recognized Barry for he pointed his gun right at you. Barry panicked as he saw this and picked you up before the blast could affect you.
He sped you two all the way to the safety of Star Labs where no one can hurt you. He lightly places you on a chair and starts worrying. He paces back and forth, avoiding eye contact, as he rants, “I’m so sorry (Y/N), I don’t know what happened. I should’ve been more careful.”
Barry had fast metabolisms so he never runs out of breath but at this moment, his mind was elsewhere and his breath was unsteady. You rush towards him and held his hand as he steps back looking at you like he had just lost you. “It’s okay Barry, I’m fine. You couldn’t have seen it coming,” Your gentle voice assured him.
“(Y/N), since the day we met, I promised you I would protect you. I almost broke my promise today.” He was shivering as his voice broke and tears began to stream from his eyes.
“Barry, stop making promises you can’t keep. You can’t protect me forever and you have to accept it. I never said it would be easy.” You state. Your words calming him as you held his cheek in your palm and wipes his tears away.
He leans and gave you a passionate kiss. Your heart flutters as he rest his forehead on yours and gaze into your eyes. His voice was raspy as he whispers, “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”
You pull back and chuckle, “You tell me every day Barry and no matter how often you say it, but I know you mean a lot more than you say.”
He smiles and caress your cheek as he spoke, “That is because my love for you is too complex to describe.”

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