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you know you can tell which people only care about supergirl insofar as it’s relationship to supercorp/sanvers and started watching season 2 only for them because they make posts like “oh we knew what we were getting into with the cw! why did we do this again!” as if it wasn’t a completely different (and no, it wasn’t perfect but it was still good) show in season 1, when we signed up for a cbs show

Idk man most of the fandom are super hyped about that livestream with all the bechloe and sendrick mentions but after watching it i just think it felt forced and awkward and Brittany was uncomfortable the whole time

The Silent Months Part One

\A/N: okay this is my first writing piece so i know its bad but i do hope you kinda like it
1,115 words do give me some feed back on how i can improve :)) //

(Setting the scene: its early morning after a full moon and during the night the animagi Marauders had lost their werewolf friend in the forest. Its a cold summers morning where we focus in on an abandoned house)

The sun was rising on the east side of the house, the wind was blowing an icy chill through the rooms. In one of the bedrooms of the shrieking shack lay a boy shivering hard against the wooden floor. It was around four am when three boys came in to find him there, he didn’t look up nor did he turn around he only said “sorry”. The boys in the door way walked towards him and sat either side of him.
“Hey Rem, it’s okay, we’ve seen worse. We were worried as to where you got to but everything is fine now”
It was Sirius. Remus turned his head still shivering to gaze up at him, his eyes were warm and welcoming, his smile simple but loving and his hair, his glorious hair fell around his neck so perfectly it looked unreal, at that Sirius looked away and walked out the room leaving Remus utterly confused. As Remus started to sit up the third boy stood up and strode over to the bed, where he picked up the fluffiest quilt, that hadn’t been ripped apart, and placed it around Remus before sitting back down on the floor.
“Thank you Peter” Remus said with a sweet smile on his face. At that moment Peter and the remaining boy, James, stood up and pulled Remus to his feet. They guided him to the bed a helped him sit. He was stiff and saw from the previous night, he felt like every part of his body had been frozen still for years.
“You’ll be alright for a minute, we’re just going to see where Sirius got to.” James said before he and Peter swiftly turned and walked out the room.
Remus looked around the room at the broken mirror and the torn curtains, this started his eye watering. He had always been ashamed of what he was and how he acted, but looking at the destruction he caused made him feel worse. When he caught sight of the broken mirror all he could do imagine was a monster looking into it and a monster looking back, before the sound of clashing glass echoed through the building a howls filled the air. At that moment tears filled his eyes and he couldn’t hold it any longer, the icy cold water fell down his scared cheeks and dropped onto the fluffy blanket that was wrapped around his hands. Suddenly he heard a knock at the door.
It was Sirius.
“Sorry about that just needed to get some air, felt dizzy that’s all.”
He walked further into the room, followed closely by James and Peter. Remus had never seen Sirius like this, all tense and nervous. Sirius had sat down next to Remus and started to wipe the tears away. Silence filled the room and a piercing sound filled Remus’s head, but was interrupted by James.
“Well Peter and I are just going to, um, make sure everything else is in place.”
Remus looked up and nodded his head as James pivoted on his heel while smirking before he sauntered away with Peter hot on his heels. Remus turned his head to see Sirius was staring at him, but as soon as he made eye contact Sirius quickly jerked his head to look away.
“Is everything alright Pads, you seem anxious?” he had forgotten about why he was crying only moments ago. As his heart filled with dread Remus’s mind started to fill with horrible situations that could have made one of his best friends feel this way. Maybe it was that he had hurt him during his transformation, or that something had happened to Regulus, because as much as he denied it Sirius loved his brother.
Again silence filled the room and Remus’s whole body began to shake, but this time not because he was cold, he was nervous. Him and Sirius had never been alone in such an awkward situation. Sirius would usually make a joke because, ironically, he was the least serious person that Remus knew. Remus placed his hand on Sirius’s shoulder and this immediately made him freeze..
Sirius slowly turned around and took deep breaths before looking at Remus’s confused and worried face, they made eye contact again. This time Sirius just stared and as he stared his hart started to beat faster and faster until it felt like it was going to burst out of his chest, he looked at Remus’s face in more detail, and traced the scars that ran across it with his fingers. But when he realised what he was doing he stood up abruptly and ran out of the room leaving Remus alone once again.
At that point Remus heard the running foot steps of two other boys coming up the stairs, James and Peter suddenly entered the room trying to catch their breath.
“where did Pads go?” James blurted out, and Remus just shrugged.
“well I better go find him, Peter stay here look after Remus” at the James sprinted off out the house but Remus still heard him say “I knew he wouldn’t do it” while giggling.
“Pete, what did prongs mean by he knew he wouldn’t do it?” Remus asked as the remaining boy sat besides him.
“well..” Wormtail began “Sirius has been talking about admitting his feelings about you, to you for ages and we told him to do it after the next full mo-“ The surprised look on his face indicated to Remus that Pete shouldn’t have said that.
“what do you mean admit his feelings for me? What the bloody hell is going on?! And you better tell me because I will not me happy if you don’t!” by the end of this Remus realised he was raising his voice and took a bit of chocolate out of his pocket to calm himself down.
“well…” Peter started, he told Remus about how ever since the party for the first time James caught the golden snitch Sirius had fallen for Rem. Pete spoke about all the times Siri joked about calling Remus cute names that he meant it, and all the times Sirius was staring he was wishing Remus would stare back.
“So you’re telling me that Pads is.. is in love with me?” Remus said trying to hide the happiness in his tone, but failing.
“ye- wait where are you going?” But before Peter got an answer Remus was limping down the stairs….





Bebe Rexha: ‘I Got You’ & 'Say My Name’


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love you like fireburst (4/8)
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Happy birthday, Diego Luna | 29th December 1979

(Diego on his birthday) It’s horrible. It’s been traumatic. It took me awhile to understand that there was another kid that was born on the 25th that was much more celebrated than me. Yeah, it was sad. Everyone was like either hangover or getting ready for New Year’s Eve but never really actually celebrating me. It was like, “Hey! I’m here!” “Yeah, we know whatever.”


Hey , i saw in your mind…do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?  » happy birthday jay


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