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The Morning After

Request: I would love a Bucky smut where him and reader have to go undercover as a married couple.

Summary: You were supposed to go on a undercover mission with Steve, not the man you despised- James Buchanan Barnes.

Warnings: smut, sexual tension, fluff

A/N: I have another draft of this written up but it was all over the place and I didn’t like it so I switched to this one.

“I know you were expecting to go on this mission with Steve, but we have a job to do.” Bucky threw a towel over his shoulder, heading toward the door of the hotel room.

“Well, once you took Steve’s place this mission just got exponentially harder.” You stepped out of the bathroom, towel and sunscreen in your hand.

“How so?” He smiled, cocking an eyebrow at you.

You jutted your hip out, rolling your eyes at him. Your bikini was nothing special; it had a pushup top that accentuated your breasts perfectly, but that was about it. The top and the bottom matched with blue and white stripes. You topped the outfit off with red sunglasses; the suit was meant to get a chuckle from Steve, not Bucky.

“Because now I have to pretend I’m head over heels in love with you, not Steve.” You flipped the light off. “Let’s just go check out the damn pool.”

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Hunter, Part 2

HERE IT IS!  The often requested and long-awaited sequel to my fic Hunter.  If you haven’t read the first part, make sure you read it before you read this!  I was quite nervous about writing a sequel to Hunter, as that fic is nice and steamy, so I hope this does it justice.  There’s some nervousness, smut, fluff, and cute Sam-Dean banter toward the end.  I hope you all enjoy!

Summary: Your semi-regular phone call with a sex hotline brings you to meet a very attractive stranger.

warnings: smutty smut, some fluff, and some cuteness

word count: ~4800 (you asked for it!)

From the previous part:

You were standing face-to-face with the Adonis from earlier, the one who had started the whole fantasy you and Hunter had.  Like you had been hoping, he was only wearing jeans, bare torso directly in front of your face.  Unable to control yourself, your eyes roamed his muscles, admiring the sheen of sweat that covered his pecs and collarbone.

“Um,” he spoke, the familiar rumbling baritone sound sending jolts between your legs.  Your eyes snapped back up to his, a beautiful mixture of green and hazel swirling in front of you.  “Can I help you?”

You swallowed deeply, and he looked at you with curiosity.


A widening of eyes and sharp intake of breath confirmed your wildest dreams.

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Brett Talbot x Fem!Reader x Liam Dunbar

Warnings: Mature content, sexual content, masturbating, nsfw.
Word count: 1 265

A/N: I’m sorry this is so long and it takes a while before coming to the juicy stuff, but I fell in love with the idea and quite enjoyed writing this.

Also, I’d once again like to thank @pissheadofficial, for providing me with her NEEDS and ideas. This is actually from another idea that she requested from another member, but where Brett is replaced with Mason.

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Always Pt. 2: Run (M)

Trailer | Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three

While Jungkook is away, you make a new friend…

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Genre: Killer!Jungkook, Angst, Smut

Word Count: 5,764

Content/Warnings: Smut, but nothing too graphic, drinking, lots of crying


You would die for him, kill for him, and everything in between.

He was as much a part of you as yourself. 

You didn’t want anyone else. 

It was always Jungkook.

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anonymous asked:

okay so i have a request, but i was hoping you could get creative with it... so i wanted a fic where the reader and josh gradually start to get distant because of tour life and everything, and it just shows overtime them getting further and further apart, but then end up happy in the end?? hope this makes sense :)


There’s something comforting about an unmade bed. An unorganized pile of crumbled covers and dipped pillows, pulled together so the sleepers’ faces can be very close to each other. Your favorites are all the beds you and Josh slept in.  It always took you days to make the sheets up after Josh had left; in some way, seeing the remains of what he had slept in, made it almost feel like he was still there. Maybe just taking a shower, having just gotten up. You inhale his scent from his pillow and runs your hand softly down the blanket. It’s not warm anymore, no one’s slept in it for days now.

The dial tone seems to go on forever until the call is finally picked up.

“Hi babe,” Josh sounds cheerful, and a little louder than normal. “What’s up?”

You can hear loud voices and glasses clinking on the background, mixed with vague hints of a booming bass. “Nothing, just wanted to hear your voice,” you clear your throat. “What are you up to?”

“Going wild on a Friday,” Josh chuckles, “hanging with the guys, we’ll probably head out in a bit. Mark’s running late, just waiting on him.”

You’re looking at your shared closet in the Columbus house, sitting on the floor in the middle of piles of clothes you just don’t seem to be able to take care of.  You stare at the clock, trying to calculate what time it was in Amsterdam.

You smile a little, picking at the strings of your hoodie. “Glad you’re having a good time.”

“Would be better if you were here. I think you owe me an explicit run-through of what you’re wearing right now, babe.” The smirk in Josh’s voice is audible.

You chuckle. “The hoodie you got me from the ice cream shop.”

“The one with the cow on the front?  Sexy,” Josh mocks. “Isn’t it too warm for that?”

“No, it’s… I’m just sitting on the closet floor and I found this and it smelled like you, so I thought I’d just wear it for a bit.”

“Ugh,” Josh groans, “I wore it like ages ago. It’s probably smells awful, you should just wash it.”

You feel a twinge of embarrassment, “I, I don’t want to wash you off though.”

The background noise quiets down on the other end of the line, and you can hear the sound of a door opening and closing. “Babe, are you ok?”

“Yeah,” you sigh, “just, I don’t know.”

Josh hums comfortingly. “Are you doing anything fun today?”

“Probably just trying to get some homework done, don’t really want to leave the house.”

“Love, do you want me to come home?”

“You can’t really just up and fly across the world,” you say.

“You know I would if I could. I’m sure I can take up flying and ace it in like, max twenty minutes.”

“I’m sure you could,” you smile. You don’t think there’s anything Josh couldn’t do.

You stay silent for a while, listening to each other breathing. It makes you feel better, Josh knows. You guess it’s the same for Josh, too.

“Ok,” you say after a while. “Got my fix. Feeling better. Go and have fun.”

“And what are you going to do?” his voice is very soft.

“I’ll figure something out, maybe I’ll call my mom.”

“That’s more like it.”

“I’ll see you next week.”

“Love you.”

“Love you, Josh.”

“Do you ever wonder what it’s like for other people?” Josh muses as he’s flicking through the channels, sitting on the floor between your legs.  The two of you are savoring the final hours Josh had at home.  He headed out in the morning.  

“Wonder what what’s like?” you continue to rub Josh’s neck.

“Like, relationships. Being normal. Me not traveling around all the time.”

You move your hand down a bit, starting to work on the knots on Josh’s shoulder. “Do you?” you ask, avoiding the question.

“I don’t know… Just, don’t you think it’s a bit sad?”


“That only being together once in a while is normal for us.”

“I like the way we are,” you try to smile. “I think we’re good. And the traveling and stuff is just out of our control, I think as a couple we’re pretty normal, probably like better than most, just our situation is a bit…” you can’t figure out a good word.

“Abnormal,” Josh nods. “Yeah, you’re right. Just would be nice sometimes to not be quite so, far I guess.”

“Ooh,” you coo, “you want to hold my hand more, don’t you?”

“Shut up,” Josh laughs as he leans his head back in your lap. “That may be a little true.”

You smile as you cup his face in your hands and bend over to plant a kiss on his lips, “Me too.”

Josh beams. “You want to show me off,” he pokes your thigh, “I’m like a classy trophy wife.”

“Hardly, “ you say laughing, “though you do brush up well when you’re not embarrassing.”

Josh’s wide grin turns into a fake frown impressively quickly. “You think I’m embarrassing?”

“Of course you are, but I gotta hand it to you, even when you’re falling all over the place, no one does it quite as impressively as you do.”

“Compliment accepted,” Josh smiles as he pulls you into another kiss.

Josh sits down slowly, and starts to go through the pictures on your camera. One catches his attention and he shows it to you. “This would be nice to hang on the wall.”

It’s a picture of you two, from last Spring, when you’d gone hiking on a hot day and there was so much pollen in the air.  You remember your eyes had been streaming non-stop. You’re pictured from the side, faces turned to each other, you were laughing – your dimple is visible – at something Josh had said.  You both look happy and carefree.

You agree. A week later, when Josh is in Los Angeles, you put the wall art on the bedroom wall, opposite your bed.

“Can you put your phone away, please?” you ask irritated when you come to bed. “The light keeps me awake.”

Josh doesn’t say anything, but turns his phone off and puts it on the nightstand.

“You know I don’t like having phones in bed,” you sigh, trying to find a relaxing position.

“I know, sorry.” Josh is sincerely sorry. This isn’t the first time his inability to put his phone down is causing words.

“What were you even doing?”

“Just, looking at things,” Josh turns to his side, his back to you.

“What things?” you ask after a while.

“Just things. It doesn’t matter.”

You scoot closer, caressing your fingers along his lower back. “Hey.”

Josh turns to look over his shoulder, and even in the dark of their bedroom, he can make out your kind eyes looking at him. “Hey,” he whispers back and turns around to face you.

“Don’t look at that stuff, love. You know people are idiots. They don’t know anything.”

“I guess…,”he mumbles.

“No, babe, you know it’s not true. People say awful things and it says more about them than it does about you, or me, us, anything”

“I just-“ Josh sighs and bites his lip. “It’s like everyone is just expecting me to fail. Like they can’t wait for me to fuck up, so they can laugh at me. Like I’m a joke.”

“Babe,” you pull him closer, “they’re idiots. And you’re not a joke. And you won’t fail. You’re brilliant.”

“But what if I’m not,” Josh lets out a shaky breath.

“You’re amazing, Josh, I’ve seen you. You worked fucking hard for the things you’ve done and you wouldn’t have done the things you have if anyone important thought you were shit. Which you absolutely are not.”

Josh smiles and he reaches out to brush some longer strands behind your ear. “I have all the faith in you, too.” He snuggles in closer until he’s pressed against your skin, placing a small kiss on your collar bone. “I love how your skin is always warm.”

The party was a drag. Not only did Josh have to practically drag you the entire way there, but once you arrived, it took all of three minutes for him to wander off.  He was off mingling, leaving you in the corner of an unfamiliar house with unfamiliar people scattered all around.  You caught sight of him once or twice, each time he was getting his ear talked off to by some uppity executive or manager.  

You were fuming by the time he finally was ready to leave.

“I don’t get why you’re so upset,” Josh says on your drive back home.

“Just forget it,” you say through gritted teeth, you were not in the mood to discuss.

“I can’t apologize if I don’t know what I even did wrong.”

You continue to stare out the window as the night passed by.

When you were finally curled up in bed, Josh snuggled close, his forehead pressed up against yours.  

“I’m sorry I got taken away tonight, I missed you.”

You’ve gotten a chance to cool off and he just seems so sincere, so you nod, indicating your approval.  

“Can I kiss you now?”

You lean in and kiss him discreetly, trying to ignore the way he even had to ask.

You have sex that night to try to make up for it all.

But it turns out to be awful.

You’re taking a shower after and you’ve never felt further away from Josh, who’s waiting in bed. You scrub yourself, still prickling uncomfortably from this strange, unfamiliar touch of Josh’s skin. You wrap yourself in your bathrobe before going to the bedroom.  

You don’t want to be naked in front of Josh right now.

“I feel like you’re erasing me from your life.”

“Excuse me?”

“I just feel like, I’m not a part of your plans anymore.”

“When have I ever not included you in my plans? When have I ever done anything without checking with you first?”

“But, you keep…”

“No. I’m not pushing you away, it’s you who keeps falling away from me.”

“Doesn’t feel like I have any space by your side anymore.”

“And at this point, it’s like you don’t even want me to try to reach out, you’ve decided that I’m erasing you from my life and that’s it, done and dusted, fucking sorted.”

“It’s not fucking sorted, stop putting words in my mouth.”

“Stop blaming me for things I’m not doing!”

A door bangs shut.

You’re staring at the name on your contact list and realize you actually feel nervous. You haven’t felt nervous about calling Josh since probably the very first call you ever made.

“It’s your Josh,” you mutter to yourself and press the green button.

“Hello,” he picks up, sounding croaky.

“Hi,” you’re happy to find the nervousness leaves your mind at the sound of his voice. “What are you doing on your day off?”

“Still in bed,” he yawns.

You frown and look at the clock, making quick calculations. “Josh, it’s like six at night.”

“I suppose so,” Josh says apathetically. “Oh well.”

You can feel the nerves starting to creep back. “You must be hungry.”

“Not really.”

“When was the last time you ate? How long have you been sleeping?”

Josh ponders. “I had something yesterday. I think I had some cereal.”

“But what about a proper dinner?”

“Jesus, what is this? You’re not a nurse doing a check-up.”

You try not to get offended. “I just want to make sure you’ve slept and eaten.”

“I have eaten, and I have slept, like, for almost 20 hours, thanks mom,” his voice is snappy. “Was there anything else? Does your form have any more questions that needs answers?”

“Josh.” your voice is quiet, soft, a gentle tug.

Josh sniffs and coughs. “Fine. Sure. I’m great.  Everything’s great.”


You exit out of the airline tab on your computer, forgetting all about the overpriced flight you were planning on taking to surprise Josh.

You both still have fun, on some days, of course you do. On days where it’s just you, with nothing to do but spend time together, being carefree, on days when, over a lazy breakfast, Josh asks you if you want to go on an adventure. And you go, drive around aimlessly to a random direction based on chance. You find a hidden little pond in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by thick trees and you go skinny dipping, and then find a sketchy looking café and have take out.

“We should go on a vacation,” you suggest, sitting on the hood of the car.

Josh looks up at you, in a way you can’t quite read. “Vacation?”

“Yeah, like today. Just leave everything for a while.”

“Y/N,” Josh starts slowly and looks down, “that’s not a good idea.”


His eyes meet yours. “Like, going away doesn’t solve anything.”

Your mouth flinches. “Did you not have fun today?”

“I did, of course I did,” Josh chooses his words wisely. “I just don’t think it’d be a good idea. To like, go away and then come back while everything here, in real life, remains the same. I don’t think we should go before it ends.”

“Before what ends?” you can feel your chest tightening, you’re not sure you want to hear the answer.

“This… thing, between us. It’s obvious we have issues.”

You nod, biting your lip. “But, like, we’ll fix it, won’t we? We’ll fix us.”

Josh nudges your shoulder with his. “We will. We’ll fix us so well and then, as a reward, we’ll go for the best holiday ever.  To Jamaica or something.” He squeezes your hand.

You squeeze back. “I can work with that.”

“We’ll figure this out, I know we will, we always do.”

The drive back home is quiet, both of you deep in your thoughts, but this time, the silence doesn’t feel so loud.

“What is all of this?” Josh asks as he sees the table set with candles and china.  

“Just a surprise,” you smile as you lead him to the kitchen and put a plate of steaming food in front of him.

You feel a little nervous. “Taste it.”

Josh inhales the divine smell of something hearty and rustic, reminding him of something he can’t quite pinpoint.

“This is my grandmother’s recipe,” he says quietly.

“I know.”

“She didn’t… She said it was a secret and no one else had it.”

“I know.”

Their eyes meet and Josh smiles, letting out a wet chuckle. “You did good, love.”



“I think… I think we should really talk now.”

“Look, I’m so sorry about the stuff I said, it was so uncalled for, I was being an asshole.”

You shake your head. “No, me too, I think we both were being… not good.”


“Apologies,” you nod.

“Come sit with me.” Josh says.

You both sit down on the sofa, leaving some space between them but not as much as they could’ve.

“Sometimes… I feel like your tour life is taking more time and energy than it should. And it’s time and energy away from me.”

Josh looks surprised. “Seriously? Really, Y/N?”

You shrug. “It’s… Like it’s just a lot.”

“I know it’s a lot, I’m living it.”

“But I’m living it too, that’s just it.”

“You said you were fine with everything, don’t try to claim I didn’t check every tour, every interview, everything with you. You were totally on board when it all started.”

“I’m allowed to change my mind. I changed my mind. It’s fucking awful and I hate it.”

“How do you want me to fix it then?”

You say nothing.

“You know this isn’t something I can fix. I can’t just stop this all from happening now.”

“I know,” you say.

“Like, I’m on tour now. You changed your mind but it doesn’t have an effect, like sorry you feel like shit but there is literally nothing I can do about it.”

“I said I know! I’m not expecting you to change anything.”

“Well great, that’s helpful,” Josh mutters.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” Josh looks like a pouting child. “You always have things to complain about but no solutions.  What do you want me to do?  Quit the band?  Quit my job?”

“I didn’t say that.”

You stare at each other, neither willing to step back. The air is filled with electricity, almost, and as much as you absolutely hate confrontation, you know this all has to be said.  Speaking your mind finally feels like it’s fixing this weird rut you’d fallen into.

“So to recap,” you finally say. “I’m pissed off at you for things I initially agreed to but now don’t like, but things you can’t change, and not because you don’t want to.”

“Seems so,” Josh grits his teeth. “And I’m pissed off at you for changing your mind and offering no helpful solutions.”

“Great,” you nod.

“What a team we make,” he says.

You sigh heavily. “You can say that again.”

“What a team we make.”

“Shut up,” you smirk. “Ok. I hate your stupid fucking tour and some of the people around you are absolute dicks.”

“I hate that you won’t quit school to come on tour with me.”



“So basically we’re angry for each other and not at each other.”

“Seems so.”

“Does it help if I say, I love you and I want the best for you? I’m sorry.”

Josh nods solemnly, “I’m sorry, too.”

“Maybe we should just have weekly, scheduled fights, where it’s acceptable to call each other twats and judge our life choices and just get it all out in the open.”

“And talk shit about everyone else.”

“Especially that.”

Josh opens his arms, gesturing for you to come cuddle.

“You’re my life, Y/N. You know I’ll always have your back.”

“You’re my life,” you smile. “I’ll always be here for you, too.”

“I don’t want you to think that, I’m like, not so fucking proud of everything you do. With school and your degree.”

“I know you are.”

“And like, I know you’re proud of the things I do.”

“I am, babe, so proud.”

“I’m your biggest fan. And you’re mine, I know. And I think I probably forget that for a little bit in the middle of everything.”

Josh is picking on the sleeve of your sweater. “I think… We both forgot, for a bit. And, like, stopped talking. I don’t want to ever, ever, feel that disconnection again.”

“Me neither,” Josh kisses the top of your head. “Come on, let’s go connect.”

You feel a bit like crying, maybe. They’d been wrapped around each other for what feels like hours now. It’s deep, it’s slow, it feels like reconnecting from head to toe and mind to heart. The release you finally feel leaves you shivering after.

Later, laying with your foreheads pressed together, eyes locked, Josh is petting your hair, occasionally closing his eyes from the tickling pleasure of your finger tracing his cheekbones, his eyebrows, down his nose, his lips, up his jaw line and down again.

“Thank you for coming back to me,” you whisper. “I don’t want to be so far from you anymore.”

Josh smiles softly.

You set the date for June 3rd, an exact year after Josh gets down on one knee.  You chose a lovely place, by a lake – rustic but not too over the top romantic.

It had been a wonderfully, sunny, Tuesday afternoon, such an inconvenient day of the week, but your families were there. Josh had taken your hand before they walked down to the minister, and he hadn’t let go until you were outside, birds chirping in the surrounding trees, doing rounds of hugging their parents and siblings, tissues passed around with delighted laughter and words of happiness.

Instead of a huge reception, you decided on a small get together at home, with plenty of delicious home-made food and never-ending drinks, with everyone staying for the night and no obligations for the following day. There were Chinese lanterns and fairy lights hanging down everywhere.

“This is so perfect.” your eyes met Josh’s.  “This is my favorite day, ever, and you’re my favorite person, ever,” you whispered to your husband.

Later in the evening, the sky had suddenly turned menacingly grey and opened with huge, heavy raindrops. Josh’s sisters had been screaming, trying to cover their hairdos and delicate dresses, everyone going for whatever they needed to save quickly and get inside, people bumping into each other and getting drenched.

But you and Josh stayed behind, kissing in the rain, getting soaked together.

The New Princess - chapter 11

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 4100ish… This got out of hand, but I did have something to make up for.

Warnings: nada

A/N: Hiya friends! The series is back and I hope this time without a 3 month break. In this time I reached 1300 followers (like what? You guys are insane!) so consider this extra long chapter as a celebration and as an apology for my awful timing skills. I hope you enjoy this one and make sure to leave a like and a comment if you liked this chapter! Love y’all!

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Originally posted by green-circles

The double doors creaked as Jo pushed against the wood, tiptoeing into Ellie’s bedroom, followed closely by Charlie. You hadn’t answered either of their calls, their attempts to wake you up being met by silence. Both of them were getting worried something was wrong. Maybe you had left, tired of this whole circus. What they didn’t expect was the sight before them. There you were, sprawled out across the mattress, fast asleep, still fully clothed.

“Jesus, Y/N, what happened?” the blonde shrieked when she came to a halt at the foot of the kingsize bed.

At her outburst you woke up, only now registering their presence in the room. “Shut up,” you grumbled into your pillow. Your new friends kept whispering back and forward rather loudly, prompting you to throw a cushion in their general direction.

“That was uncalled for,” Charlie replied and she catapulted the object right back at you. An irritated sigh left your lips as you sat up straight. The bright light of the early morning blinded you and you blinked a couple of times, your vision clearing up. You felt disoriented, the gears in your head spinning, searching for memories of yesterday evening and how you had gotten into bed.

That’s when your gaze landed on your body, clothes still on. “Why am I still in my clothes?” Charlie snickered at the frown forming on your face. “Ugh, and what’s that smell?” you questioned until it clicked in your head. “Oh wait, that’s me.” Both of your friends burst out laughing at the disgust written in your features, their shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

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anonymous asked:

I'm the one who request smoll s/o C: i'm doing fine thanks ! Can i request something else ? Headcanons about Bath/shower with they s/o and sleeping with Izaya and Shizuo ? ** have a nice day C:



- likes taking a long bath instead of showers and is more than happy about having you with him

- bubble baths need to happen at least once a month

- prefers it when they sit infront of him with their back leaning on his chest + insists that he does your hair and back and you do his

- he becomes even more talkative but it’s not the usual shallow talk

- his touch is very soft and he’s very careful when he’s washing your hair


- matching sleepwear

- actually depends a lot on whether he had a busy day or not

- if he had a very busy day he’ll just collapse on the bed and cling to you without even properly getting under the blankets

-if he wasn’t that busy and went to bed earlier than normal he’s super energetic and lays on his side playing with your hair and talks until he gets sleepy. (It doesn’t matter that you fall asleep in the middle of his talk)
- isn’t the clingy type and even if you two went to bed in each other’s arms you wake up with izaya sleeping with his back turned to you



- prefers showers because they’re faster and he doesn’t have his own bath tub at home

- no matter how many times you two shower together he’ll always be super flustered but doesn’t shy away from you

- even if he’s shy he likes it more when you two face each other

- kisses you a lot in the shower and his touch is firm but careful

- always holds your hand when entering/leaving the shower because he’s afraid you might slip and hurt yourself

- likes to see you in your bathrobe it’s cute


- isn’t much of a reader but enjoys you reading a book for him it calms him down and the books content is 100x more interesting when you read it

- usually doesn’t touch you when the two of you are still awake in bed each doing their own thing but when Shizuo pulls you in for a hug you know he’s ready to sleep

- he is very warm so you’re never cold and even need to kick the blankets away

- Shizuo barely moves in his sleep so unless you push him away he’ll wake up with you still in his arms

- snores a little in his sleep and it’s super cute he himself seems unaware of it though

Caving In / Jughead Jones

I’m good with living in denial just for a little while…seeing Jughead so upset kind of actually broke my heart. 

Words: 1390

“You can’t make me.”

“I know.”

“This whole thing you’re doing isn’t going to work.”

“I’m not doing anything.”



“I’m not going.”

“So you’ve said.”

“I mean it.”

“I know.”


“Jughead,” you cut him off. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“Good. Because I’m not.”

You couldn’t help but laugh-he was always able to make you laugh, whether it was intentional or not. 

You were currently standing in your bathroom, fixing up the loose bits of hair that had fallen out of place before you changed into your dress. Homecoming had finally arrived and you were actually excited to go. 

You never thought it would be your thing, but after everything that had happened recently-you thought it was a good idea to just spend the night in a pretty dress, having fun with your friends.

Dressing up wasn’t really something you did often, but as you had been getting ready-you found yourself enjoying the experience. 

You promised to meet your friends Betty and Veronica at the dance so you could spend time with Jughead seeing as he wasn’t going to come along with you. A decision that, while was somewhat disappointing, you could completely understand. 

“Would you mind getting my shoes from my room while I get into my dress?” you ask him, offering a smile.

He rolls his eyes, but pushes himself off the doorframe he had been leaning on to fulfil your request. You push the bathroom door shut slightly in order to retrieve the dress that hung on the back. You slip off your bathrobe and carefully step into your dress and pull it up.

Slipping your arms through where they belong, you pull the sleeveless material over your shoulders just as Jughead returns.

The door slowly opens again and Jughead is revealed holding your shoes in one hand as his other covered his eyes. You chuckle and turn so your back was to him. “Could you zip me up?” 

You hear him place your shoes on the floor and move a few steps towards you. He takes his time as he meticulously pulls the zip up.

When the dress was finally secured, you spin around and run your hands over the smooth material. “What do you think?” you grin, glancing down at the navy blue dress. It was rather form fitting, but it wasn’t constricting in the slightest. The material loosened just a few inches above your knees and was floor length. 

“You look…” Jughead seemed lost for words. You didn’t think it was often you wore something so beautiful, generally just sporting jeans and a jumper-a tank top and shorts at the most if the heat was unbearable. So you thought it might be a surprising sight for him. “Incredible.”

You beam at your boyfriend, reaching your arms out to rest on his shoulders as you entwine your fingers behind his head. His own hands immediately find their way to your waist as he takes another step closer. “Really?”


“I was a little worried about the back,” you admit, turning your head to look in the mirror behind you so you could see the sheer lace, sequined back that had concerned you. “Though it’s really grown on me,” you say thoughtfully. “I absolutely love the fact that it makes the straps before it’s connected at the front,” you continue to ramble. “Speaking of, I absolutely love that it’s a jewel neckline-it saved me a lot of time not having to pick out a necklace.”

You turn your head back around to face Jughead, who was looking down at you with a smile. 

“What?” He only shakes his head, leaning in for a kiss which causes you to release a squeal. “No!” you practically shout. “I will not risk ruining my lipstick,” you insist. 

Jughead mumbles something inaudible under his breath, his grip on you tightening as he places a soft kiss against the top of your head. “You should get going,” he whispers, sliding his hands around you to rest on your back. 

You smile at the warmth his hands provided that you could feel through the material of your dress. “I guess,” you reply quietly. “Will I see you again tonight? When the dance is over?”

His eyes dart away from you for only a moment before they lock on yours once more, “If you want.”

“I very much do,” you say eagerly. 

He laughs and nods, “Then you will.” 

Jughead’s expression drops slightly as he lets his gaze wander over you again, “What is it?” you ask with a frown, tightening your hold on him as he had done to you only moments ago.

“It doesn’t matter,” he assures you. “Come on,” he smiles, “you need to hurry and put your shoes on.”

You spot Betty easily in the crowd, wandering around and ensuring everything was just right. “You look beautiful,” you greet from behind, causing her to turn around at your voice.

She scoffs and pulls you into a hug, “Have you seen yourself?” she questions. “You’re giving them all a run for their money.”

“Oh stop,” you snort. 

“Jughead not here?” she asks, linking her arm with yours.

You smile and shake your head, “Not tonight.” Seeing the sympathetic look on her face, you roll your eyes. “It’s fine. This isn’t Jughead’s thing and it’s not usually mine,” you laugh. “I wasn’t going to force him to do something he didn’t want to do. I didn’t expect him to come and I’m totally fine with having you as my date.”

“Ditto,” she grins. “Come on,” she says, tugging you closer to the stage. “Archie and V will be on stage any minute.”

You sang along as your friends were up on stage doing their thing-making you immensely proud. When they finished their performance, the pair made their way straight for you and Betty.

“(Y/N)!” Veronica greets happily, pulling you into a tight embrace. “You came! And might I say, you’re looking drop dead gorgeous tonight.”

“Got to agree there,” Archie comments, taking a moment to hug you too. “Jug not coming tonight?” he asks as he pulls away.

You shake your head, taking a sip of the drink Betty had given you only a few minutes ago. “Nah. You know Juggie,” you giggle. “You two were amazing up there,” you continue, changing the subject so your friends would drop the frowns they all currently wore.

“You were!” Betty agrees, nodding her head. “You both did so-”

“Is that Jughead?” Veronica asks, shock filling her entire body.

You spin around to look where she was pointing, a smile growing as you lock eyes with the beanie clad boy. He smiles bashfully in return and makes his way towards you. 

“You’re here,” you state quietly as he approached, surprised that he’s present and actually wearing a suit.

Jughead nods his head in reply and gives a weak wave in the general direction of Archie and the two girls. “You did great,” he tells his redheaded friend and the raven haired girl. 

“Thanks Jug,” Archie tells him with a grin. “Glad you could make it.”

Betty entwines her hands with Veronica’s and Archie’s before dragging them away in the direction of the drinks, saying something you couldn’t understand over her shoulder to you and Jughead. 

“She was subtle,” you mutter sarcastically, amused with your friend. Jughead wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you into his side. You twist your neck to look up at him, “Why did you come?” you ask him curiously. 

He shrugs, “You’re here. For some reason you wanted to come to this thing,” he sighs, “and I figured I should at least try and stick it out if it was going to make you happy.”

“Jug,” you whisper, bringing a hand to his face, “you didn’t have to.”

“I know, but I wanted to make tonight as special for you as possible. Even if it means a little suffering,” he speaks, taking a look around the room filled with teenagers. 

“You really are something else,” you mumble, moving your face closer to his so you had access to his lips. 

“Your lipstick,” he mumbles, pulling back. 

Moving in his arms so yours could wrap around him, you laugh, “It doesn’t matter,” you say, bringing him closer to kiss him again. 

Negan Imagine ~ Stormy Times

After the reader loses her last family member she refuses to leave the grave and Negan decides to stay by her side

Requested as a prompt:
“Did you even sleep last night?” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

You saw the clouds above you becoming darker, the rumbling of the upcoming storm becoming louder while you stared at your brothers grave. 

One day was it now.
One day since you lost your last family member.
One day since you had seen him die on a run. 

And one day since you had barely moved from the place where they had buried him. 
You tried to suppress the pictures that tried to find their way into your mind.

All the pictures of how the walker ripped your brothers neck open, of the blood that shot out of the wound while your beloved brother sunk screaming to his knees, of the last time you looked into his eyes before he died and of the moment you had to dig your knife into his skull.

All you felt was emptiness in your body and a horrible pressure on your ribcage that didnt want to allow you to breath freely.

You suddenly heard heavy footsteps behind you coming closer that ripped you away from the pictures, but you didn’t turn around. 

You knew it was him.

He was checking often on you since you sat there, but you had never heard him coming as close as now.
There was definitely something between you and him for some time now, even when you didn’t really know what it was.

He knew what you thought about his methods, about his “wives” and still he seemed to somehow care about you more than about anybody else.

“You should come in Sweetheart, it’s gonna rain damn soon”, you heard his deep voice say.

You swallowed but didn’t respond, you just kept staring at the grave. 

You heard Negan scoff stressed before you heard the footsteps coming even closer.

“You can’t sit here for fucking ever”, you heard his voice adding.

“You’re underestimating me”, you muttered while you didn’t look back to him.

You felt definitely something for him, even if you had tried to suppress it long enough and you knew that if you would look at him now, would see into his eyes, that it would break out of you. 

You couldnt cry yet, the shock of having to see how the walker ripped your brothers neck open stuck in your bones and didnt let you cry.

And you didnt know if you even wanted to.

The shock protected you from the horrible pain that would fill your body up once the first tear would roll down your cheeks.

You werent ready for that and you knew that Negan’s glance, his touch or anything else would let that facade fall apart.

On one side you wanted him to go due to that fear, on the other one you felt the feeling inside you that you just wanted to be hugged.

You saw from the corner of your eyes how he walked next to you but didn’t sit down yet. 

“Did you even sleep last night?”, you heard him ask swallowing. 

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead as well”, you just muttered in response. 

“Don’t fucking ever say that again”, you heard him say before he sat down next to you.

It was the first time you looked into another direction than the grave as you turned a little surprised to him but didnt look directly into his eyes. 

“Listen you’re not gonna fucking die. Not gonna let that happen”, he said while you swallowed before looking back to the grave. 

You felt how his glance was laying on your face as he sighed.

“I’m sorry for your loss. Just wanted you to know”, he said stroking over his beard and looking at you while you nodded slowly.

The sky grumbled while you felt how the first raindrops fell onto you
You saw from the corner of your eyes how Negan looked up to the sky but then back to you. 

“God fucking damn it…”, you heard him mumble while the rain began to intensify. 

You didn’t care about the rain becoming stronger and the rumble of the closer coming thunder more menacing, all you cared about was your dead brother and the wish he would come back while you knew the painful truth.

You felt how Negan put a hand onto your back and with that, he broke the small glas spheric the shock had build around you.

You felt your chest trembling, a mix of cold and heat streaming through your body before you felt how the very first tear rolled down your cheek. 

”Fuck, Sweetheart”, you heard Negan sigh before you felt how he pulled you close to him and slung his arms around you.

With the moment you felt his warmth it broke completely out of you, you gasped for air while the tears began rolling down your face and the pain you had feared that much conquered your body and took it completely over.

You dug your face into his shirt while you sunk into his arms and felt how he laid his head on yours.

His hand run up and down your back, stroking soothing over it while he pulled deeper into his embrace as you sobbed trembling into his shirt.

“Its okay…”, you heard him mumble into your hair before he placed a kiss onto your head.
While the rain got heavier you began to tremble more while your head pounded even stronger.
It mixed with the horrific pictures that finally made their way into your head.
The blood that had streamed over his body and your hands while you had tried to stop it and which you still couldn’t entirely remove from your skin.
The bashed head of the walker you had killed directly after your brother had sunken to his knees.
The last twitching of your brothers body in your arms before he was gone entirely.

“He’s never coming back…”, you whimpered into his chest while you still trembled and as you felt how the rain that became slowly heavier turned your clothes wet.

You heard Negan whispering soothing words into your hair, stroking with his thumb over your cheek while your pounding head didn’t really let you hear his words.

You and your brother had sworn to do everything to protect each other and you had done everything to full fill that until that one day you werent able too.
And you still felt guilty for it.
All you wanted was to turn back time and save him.
“I’m alone…”, you sobbed while your voice cracked.

“You’re not fucking alone, you got me”, you heard him say while his words brought a little warmth back into your cold body.

You stayed for a while like that, deep sunken into his arms while the rain pelted down on you.
After some time you felt how he lifted you slowly up, pressed your rain and tears soaked body closer to himself and began to walk.
Even if you had earlier refused to leave his grave due to the feeling that it seemed like the only way to you to be at least a bit close to him, you let Negan carry you away from it.
While he walked through the rain you laid your head onto his shoulder, nuzzling it into the curve of his neck. 

After some moments you felt how with one second the rain stopped pouring on your body.

You were inside.

Your still quiet whimper sounded through the hallways, as well as Negans heavy footsteps while he made his way through the sanctuary.
“Boss, we-”, you suddenly heard a mans voice begin but was interupted by Negan.
“Not fucking now, Simon”, Negan growled while he kept walking.

After some time you suddenly heard how a door opened.
You slowly raised your head a little bit and found yourself in Negans room.
But you didnt stay there, Negan carried you further into his bathroom.

He let you softly down on the ground of the shower before he backed away to look at you while you looked a bit asking at him. 

“You’ll catch a damn cold otherwise”, you heard him mumble as response to your glance.

“Can I…?”, he asked as he pointed to your soaked clothes before you nodded slowly. 

You didn’t care if he saw you naked right now.

To be honest, you cared about as good as nothing right now.

Negan began to slowly and carefully slip the wet clothes from your body while you kept looking at him. 

The rain had let a few hair strands detach from their normal gelled back shape so that they now hung wet and loose into his face.

His eyes were concentrated on you but not in some lewd way like you had always expected him to look at a naked body, it was more concerned, more focused on what seemed to be more important to him than anything sexual right now. 

Your well being. 

You saw how he removed the last piece of clothing from your body, stroke some hairstrands out of your face before he grabbed the shower head and began to carefully pour warm water over your body.

“Is it alright that way?”, you heard Negan say after some moments. 

You nodded slowly before some small smile flashed over his face.

For the next moments he stayed silent, just focusing on your body until he raised his voice again.
”Just that you know,.. I meant what I said outside, you got me. Always”, he said while not just the warm water turned your body warm again.
”Thank you”, you breathed while you looked at him and he slightly smiling got to your hands.
He washed the last bit of blood from your hands while they almost vanished in his big ones and then carefully continued with the rest of your body.

“Never imagined seeing you the first time naked like that”, he said with a small smirk on his lips while he quietly laughed to himself and brought a small grin up to your lips.

You saw how he smirked to successfully cheering you up a little bit for a moment while he kept going.

Negan turned the water off and grabbed a towel to carefully dry your body and your hair while his glance went in-between to your face, checking if you were mostly alright.

After you were ready, he stood up and left you for a few seconds before he came back with his big bathrobe and pulled you carefully up before he put the white bathrobe onto your body.

Noticing that you were still not stable on your feet he suddenly lifted you up again and carried you over to his big bed.
Negan laid you carefully onto the bed and pulled the dark blanket over your body while his glance checked on you before he went over to the wardrobe.
You looked out of the window where the storm raged outside before you looked over to Negan again.

He pulled his wet clothes from his body while you felt how a small blush creeped up your cheeks as you heard him chuckle.

Negan smirked slightly at you while he chuckled to himself before he pulled a shirt over his torso and walked back to you.

He slipped to you under the blankets, shifted next to you and pulled you back into his arms.

The storm shook on the windows of his room, the rain drummed against them while Negans fingers run softly up and down your arm while his lips rested on your temple.
You had already seen him softer in your presence, but never as soft and as caring as now and you enjoyed it to the fullest.
His warmth, his scent, everything of him let the pain wash slowly out of your body.
The grief was still there and you knew it would rest there for a whole while but Negan made it way more bearable.
“Everything’s gonna fucking work out, Sweetheart. I promise”, you heard Negan mumble against your skin.
You cuddled closer to him while you felt how his lips formed a smile against your temple and while you knew that you would do everything to keep on fighting you could finally and peacefully doze off in Negan’s arms. 

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tunes - jughead jones

A/N: this is unbelievably shit. Not in the way like ‘oh it’s kinda bad sorry :/’ in the ‘I’m not well and I had this idea and had to do it half asleep’ kinda way. 

Warnings: fluff, swearing 

Bath was running. Check. 

Candles were lit. Check. 

Spoon for your ice cream. Check. 

Music blaring. Check. 

     The week had been stressful and you had been looking forward to a bit of R&R and a pampering session all day. Tying your your hair in a messy bun on the top of your head, you stripped off your bathrobe, letting it pool around your feet on the floor. Testing the bath water with your foot, you inhaled the scent of your absolutely divine rose bubble bath. Settling down and closing your eyes, you let out a contented sigh. 

     After a minute of soaking, you decide it’s time to shave your legs. Your playlist was on shuffle with all your current favourite songs blasting through the speakers. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for you to sing along, people in the past had mentioned you had a nice voice but did you believe them? Of course not! 

     America by First Aid Kit came on and you just couldn’t help but sing along. Just as the song reached its conclusion the door burst open. Looking across the room, you saw none other than your boyfriend, Jughead. As soon as you saw him you plunged your head under the water. You stayed under there, vaguely hearing him call your name, for as long as you could hold your breath. Slowly you came up, making sure you were totally concealed under the bubbles. 

“What are you doing here Jug!? How did you get in?” You asked, hiding your face in your hands. 

“Your mom let me in.” He said, sitting on the stool beside the bath. 

“Oh make yourself comfortable why don’t you? It’s not like I’m in the bloody bath or anything!” Your blush was becoming even more prominent with the steam from the bath. 

“Well I couldn’t miss the rest of the concert could I?” He smirked, leaning forward. With this, you plunged your head under the water again, mortified he had heard you sing. When you came up, Jughead was laughing at your antics. “How much did you hear?” You peaked through a gap in your fingers? 

“The whole thing.” Jughead dragged out the whole and winked at you. Groaning, you couldn’t believe the current situation you were in. 

“I don’t know why you’re embarrassed. You’ve an really good voice, dunno why you didn’t say you could sing before.” Jug stated, quirking an eyebrow at you. “Because I can’t!” You retaliated. 

“You can!” 

“I can’t.” 

“You can!” 

“I ca-” with Jughead realising you were so stubborn that this would go on for a while, he shut you up with a kiss. 

“You can sing. Very well. Now shut up.” 

“Thanks Jug, don’t tell anyone though yeah? Then they’ll all be asking for me to sing and that sure as hell is not happening.” 

“Oh ok, I guess I’ll just delete the video off my Snapchat story.” He grinned taking out his phone. 

“You fucking didn’t!” You freaked out, splashing him repeatedly. 

“No. No I didn’t. I knew you’d kill me if I did.” 

“Good. Would you pass me my towel?” Smiling up at him. 

“For the price of a song.” With that you threw your head back laughing, knowing he wasn’t letting this go.

First Time

Summary: After Arthur and you kept teasing each other for such a long time, you finally decided to take a step forward. Just that it had you way more nervous than expected.
Requested by @bloodstained-porcelain-doll

Words: ~900

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader

Originally posted by lost-shoe

Warnings: Smut, Virgin!Reader, rough sex, oral sex, unprotected sex

You had been nervously pacing Arthur’s room for minutes now. You knew he wouldn’t be back for another few hours but you just had to get ready. Ready for what was eventually about to come. Though you had been sure nothing could prepare you for this.

Ketch and you had been teasing each other, building up sexual frustration for a while now and you were now going to take the matter into your own hand and go a step further.

Sure you might have been able to do this way earlier. Hell, you were close to having sex a couple of times but you always managed to talk yourself out of it.

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Congrats on the baby

Ok I really want a newt imagine where his wife is pregnant and he has to deliver the baby. I imagine he’s delivered all sorts of babies non human and I just would love a fluffy comical sweet fanfic of him and his wife welcoming their baby together in their case of fantastic beasts with their animal and beast family surrounding them 

Originally posted by sparklingnifflers

submitted by: @tumblrbree143


Contains: Fluff,fluff oh and more fluff. Domestic bliss.

When Y/N first announced that she was pregnant, Newt couldn’t believe it. Him! A father! Even if he felt a touch apprehensive, he felt confident that he could handle it, it couldn’t be much different then helping a creature give birth right?

He first started by making a nest, gathering as many blankets and pillows as possible, making a little nest in the shack in the case.He then present it to you, smiling with pride.

You stare at it for a moment, finally realizing where all the pillows and blankets had gone.You were 6 months along,your belly showing through the gap in your bathrobe. Newt was incredibly patient with your mood swings and kept a cabinet full of potions for your morning sickness. He even took cooking lessons from both Queenie and Jacob to keep up with your strange cravings. You also had the niggling sensation that he was trying to fatten you up, always bringing you convenient snacks.

‘Darling, humans don’t…’ You were cut off at his earnest expression, big blue eyes staring at you, waiting for you to comment on how well his nest, your nest was made. 

‘It’s looks incredibly comfy honey’ You finished by saying,taking off your slippers( because any other type of shoes seemed to make you incredibly uncomfortable) and laying on your side in the nest. You had to admit, it really was comfy, the blankets were warm, probably a warming charm was added to them, the pillows soft and squishy, which did wonders for your sore back.You let out a sigh,settling into the nest. You looked up at Newt, who looked incredibly proud of himself,he was practically glowing. This warmed your heart. You reached out a hand for him to join you.He settled in behind your back, hand automatically, wrapping protectively around your belly, the warmth seeping through the fabric of your nightgown.

‘Did you know that female Fwoopers picks the male that makes the most colorful nest?’ Of course you had heard it before but you never grew tired of him rambling about his creatures, listening intently each time, even if it was the fifth,tenth time he told the same story. 

When you would sometime get aggressive( mostly because you were hungry) Newt would gladly tend to you while you laid in the nest, which was where you rested most of the time when you were tired. He’d approach you cautiously but would never fault you for your nasty behavior( which you always apologized for after, nearly in tears) Some of the creatures of the case would also wander in the shack or stay close to you whenever you tended to some of them. When Newt was busy, it would be Dougal who tended to you, braiding your hair(trying to at least) offer you food. The niffler would cuddle close to your belly, The moon calves would crowd you, their tiny noses sniffing curiously at your belly, cuddle you if you sat down in their enclosure. Pickett seemed to have deserted newt and took residence into the pocket of your bathrobe, chirping irritably at any creature who tried to be too rough with you, taking his role of guardian pretty seriously. 

Finally the day of the birth arrived….pretty unexpectedly. You were tending to Nadine, the Nundu, calmly polishing her spines, the feline purring loudly with pleasure when you felt something wet run out your leg. You gasped, seeing the growing puddle on the dirt floor. Nadine chuffed in alarm,standing up. 

‘Newt? Newt!’ You called, wincing in pain when a contraction hit you full force, forcing you to double over in pain, clutching your belly. Pickett let out a worried thrill, peeking his head out of his cozy pocket.’ I’ll be fine Pickett dont worry aHH!’

‘love whats the matter?!’ Newt came running from the other side of the case, slightly winded.

‘My water broke’ You breathed out,trying to take deep breaths to ease the pain. Newt picked you up with ease and carried you to your nest, a few of the creatures following closely, worriedly. He set you down into the nest, arranging the pillow to support your back so you could sit up. 

‘Newt, it hurt’ You whispered in distress and gently caressed your hair soothingly.

‘there there my darling ,everything will be ok’ He had a confident expression of his face but you could feel the fine tremors of uncertainty through his hands. 

‘Dougal, watch over her for me, I’ll go get the supplies’ Newt said to the demiguise as he left, who chirped and came to hold your hand, patting it reassuringly, making small soothing noise at you. Pickett left the confines of your robes and climbed up your chest to pat at your cheek, clicking at you. You smiled despise yourself, even if you were in horrid pain.

‘Newt!’ You cried as another contraction hit. He came running in,numerous floating items following him. He hastily took off his vest and pulled up his sleeves. 

‘I’m here darling’ He said kneeling down beside you, items landing beside him on the ground.’Let’s get you out of your stuffy gown first’ He helped you out of your bathrobe, careful not to jostled Pickett, who now took residence into your hair. He threw it to the side and moved into the nest to between your legs. He reached and took off your now soaked panties and threw them to the side.

‘Alright darling,you will have to push’ He instructed calmly, even if he felt panicky inside, so many things could go wrong but he forced himself not to think about it. You nodded, smiling gratefully at Dougal who patted your sweaty forehead with a towel. You pushed, grunting with effort as Newt held your legs open with his hands on your knees. You sobbed in pain as you pushed some more. 

‘You’re doing very well love, keep going’ Newt said encouragingly, a smile lighting his features, peeking between your legs to see the progress’ You grasped one of his hands and held it tightly.You took a respite, panting heavily, Dougal dutifully patting your forehead every now and then.

‘Push love, I can see the head!’ Newt said, grinning widely. You were torn between wanting to punch him and kiss him. You gave one hard final push and then….

A wail followed as Newt held up your newly born body. You stared in awe, tears of joy slipping from your eyes.

‘It’s a girl’ Newt said reverently, his own eyes filled with tears as he carefully cleaned up the baby and cut the umbilical cord and swaddled her into a warm blanket. He handed her to you and you held her to your chest, gently touching the downy soft cheek of the baby with a gentle finger. Dougal crooned, carefully coming closer to peer at the baby, a small furry hand booping the baby’s nose, causing her to giggle.Newt took off his soiled blouse and came to sit beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, tucking you into his side, peering down at his little girl, a slender hand reach to touch the tiny hand that peeked from the blanket, little fingers latching onto his larger ones instantly.

‘how should we call her?’ You asked,smiling as Newt pecked your temple.

‘How about Gwendolyn?’ He proposed and the baby giggled.

‘It’s the perfect fit then’ You grinned and looked up, seeing that some of the creatures had wandered in, hoping to take a peek at the new welcomed addition of the case.

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Troublesome (I)

Word Count: 6.5k

Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

Pairing: NamjoonxReader TaehyungxReader

“Y/N,” he started, “I’m not sure what you expected. I can assure you that it’s not going to get better than this. You won’t find someone better than me, that’s for sure. I’m not even sure you deserve better.”

Originally posted by pangguk


You stepped out of the shower and slipped on your favorite bathrobe. You made your way downstairs. You entered the kitchen and stared for a moment at the wine cabinet. You knew that you shouldn’t drink during night hours, but you needed just a little to take the edge off. Just a little bit to forget about Taehyung for a moment.

You stared at the wine glass sitting on your kitchen counter, recalling the words Taehyung said to you about a few months ago. It left a swift pang in your chest. You rose the glass to your lips and took a long sip. A long sigh drew out from your chest. You rubbed your temples in small circular motions. You felt a chill crawl up your naked body, so you tightened your robe.

It was a quarter past 1 AM, and you knew you should be getting rest. But instead, you were up, wandering your large condo at night with the wine glass in your hand, thinking. You told yourself there would be no more late night drinking after you landed that office job, but here you were, breaking your promise. You had a tendency of doing that. Your current boyfriend, Namjoon, never hesitated on reminding you of that fact.

Even though he tended to nag you about little things, you were very thankful that he put up with you. You never thought you would end up with someone like him. You didn’t feel deserving of such a good man.  He was a very caring, and thoughtful. He always put your feelings first; always considerate of how you would feel. He was everything you ever wanted. A best friend, a lover, a caretaker, even therapist at times. You knew that he was the man that your parents would want to see you with. You knew that he was the man that would be the type to have a steady relationship with. You knew that he was the man that you should marry, yet the only thing on your mind was Taehyung.

“Fuck.” you muttered to yourself as you heard the lock to the front door being turned You hurriedly poured the remaining wine down your throat and placed the bottle back into the cabinet.

If Namjoon saw you drinking at this hour, you would surely get an earful. He’d bombard you with questions; most of which you still didn’t fully have the answer to. You still hadn’t had the heart to tell him anything about Taehyung or your encounter with him a few weeks ago. You promised yourself you would tell him when you’re ready, but ready hadn’t found you yet. The most he knows about him is that you were a broken mess after Taehyung and you parted ways. From that, Namjoon pieced you back together, and made you believe in love again. Tightening your robe you turned in the direction of the door, preparing to greet your boyfriend.

As if on cue, he walked in with slow strides. His face sulking, but lighting up once he saw you. He tossed his keys on the end table near the door and kicked his shoes off. Tired was written all over him. The slight bags under his eyes gave him away. He worked hard to provide for you and himself and you couldn’t thank him enough. He smiled with a closed mouth at you. He hung his jacket on the rack and set his bag near the door. He let out a long sigh.

“What’re you doing up?” he asked you, as he made his way over to embrace you.

“Just looking around for something to snack on before heading back upstairs. How was the night at the firm?”

“Long and uneventful. I can’t even count how many paper cuts I’ve gotten from signing and filing those damned forms.” He chucked.

He placed his hands around your waist and was inches from your face. His gaze looking down at you drove you to think slightly naughty thoughts. That was something Namjoon could always do that you could never wrap your head around. With a certain look, he could have you smiling, laughing, nervous, or ready to get to business.

“Ahh, is that so? Just a snack?”, he said as he planted a kiss on your lips.

You nodded cheerfully.

“If that’s what you’re really up to, how come I taste that merlot that I heard you put back in the cabinet on your lips?” He said with a smirk.

You clicked your tongue and chuckled.

“Oh, Joon. You never miss a thing, do you?” you said playfully. Your lips stretched into a full smile as you two rocked side to side.

“Not a thing.” he kissed your neck. “I know you all too well, Y/N.”

He took your hand into his and danced with you in silence. You found this to be oddly calming. You hadn’t realized how nervous you were until he calmed you with his romance. He led you in his steps as you two slowly twirled around the kitchen. You placed your head on his shoulder.

“You’re troubled. You know you can talk to me, Y/N. I will just listen. I won’t voice my opinion this time.”

“Why is he so good to me?”, you thought to yourself. “I don’t deserve a man this good.”

“What makes you think that I’m troubled?”

“Your heart is slowing down, meaning that you’re calming down from something. What’s making you nervous, darling?”

He pulled away from you slowly and looked at your face. You glanced up and him and kissed his lips, slowly and steadily.  He placed his hands on your neck, and deepened the kiss. You were glad this is one thing that he couldn’t analyze. You changing the subject by kissing him or engaging in sexual activity was something that he never quite caught onto.

You moaned into the kiss purposefully. You felt his breath shudder slightly, and his movements getting a bit more hasty. You took that opportunity to run your fingers down his chest and abdomen through his shirt. He broke the kiss.

“Y/N,” he whispered.

“Yes?”, you cooed while biting his earlobe softly. You know that drives him wild.

His deep grunt at your contact caused a chill to run down your spine.

“You need to tell me-” you cut him off due to the palm of your hand rubbing against the growing erection through his trousers. “…you-, fuck. I just want, I want-” you applied more pressure,

You giggled at the fact that your actions were causing him to be incapable of completing a coherent thought.

“This is not funny, Y/N.” he said. You bit your lower lip and looked him in his eyes lustfully. You knew you didn’t have to do much for him to take you right then and there, but you wanted to tease him a bit more. He placed his head in his hands and shook his head,

“What are you talkin’ about, baby?” You said as you cornered him slowly into the kitchen counter. His butt pressed against the edge of it as you rubbed his now hard member in circular motions through his pants.

He bit his lower lip and closed his eyes, nodding his head vigorously.

“Okay, okay. Alright.” he said as he pushed you hand away.

“Uh-uh” You teased as you gripped him through his pants swiftly.

“Shit.” he moaned

You leaned in closely to his ear and wrapped both arms around his neck. You softly whispered all the naughty things you wanted him to do to you into his ear. Unable to take your teasing any longer, he gripped your forearm.

“Babygirl, you know how I feel about teasing.”

You had him now. Anything he was thinking bout before had been thrown out the window. His main focus was you.

“Do I?”

He nodded.

“Yes. Yes you do, and right now you’re being a naughty girl.”

“So what are you going to do about it, Daddy?”

He inhaled sharply and pushed you against the refrigerator with one swift motion. You pushed him over the edge and now you were paying for it. Namjoon told you about this kink early on, and you always used it to your advantage to get out of a tough situation. At first, you found it comical, and didn’t realize that he was serious. It wasn’t until he was calling you “babygirl”, and “princess” that you realized you shared the kink too. It was sort of a sexual awakening for you.

Namjoon was only the second man that you’d been with and you found the sex that you two had more than exciting. He knew your body, and that was something that turned you on and scared you at the same time. He knew what spots drove you wild, what names to call you, what positions you needed to be in at a specific moment. He could make you cum in less than two minutes if he had the mind to.

Your breath hitched when he rose your right leg up and stepped closer to you. Your back pressed against the refrigerator as his strong hand gripped your chin gently. The cool air meeting your heat as your robe loosened from him wrapping your leg around him.

“Why did you tease Daddy like that?” he asked sternly. His left hand slowly trailed down your abdomen to your wetness. He rubbed your clit in small circular motions.

“I…jus- I n-, fuck.” now it was you unable to complete a coherent thought.

“Hmmm? Answer me, baby.” he said as he kissed your neck. He planted more kisses along your clavicle, and bit your skin lightly.

Moans escaped your lips, and you drew a loud gasp when you felt one if his slender digits slip into you.

“I-I….I don’t know, Daddy.”

“Tsk, that won’t do babygirl.” he said in a low voice.

You could feel the one knee that you were standing on buckle. He caught you and chuckled.

“You’re getting weak on me?” he asked teasingly.

You didn’t respond. Instead, you jumped up and wrapped your other leg around him, forcing him to hold you up. He wrapped his hands around your ass as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You kissed him and bit his lower lip as he carried you up the stairs to the bedroom. He smacked your ass hard, causing you to squeal.

Once he entered your bedroom, he threw you down on the bed. You giggled and bit your lip as you bounced a little on it. The look he gave you caused you to moisten even more. You carefully inspected him with your eyes.

He was tall, lean and slightly muscular. Definitely a more athletic build. He looked too good in his suit. The black slacks, suit jacket and dark blue accents on his button down shirt drove you wild. His black suit jacket with shawl lapels framed his slender neck. His jawline, sharp and defined. His lips, full and slightly reddened due to your mouths locking so fiercely. His eyes were smoldering, and full of lust. His bright blonde hair styled up into a quiff. He ran his fingers through his hair and parted his lips with his tongue.

“Take your robe off.”

You did as instructed. He loosened his tie and took off his suit jacket. He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his upper body. You studied it. From the moles on his neck to the few scattered across his abdomen. You studied his abs. They weren’t very defined, but they were still there.

You smiled to yourself as you noticed the Calvin Klein band hugging his hips. Something about this image was so sexy to you. A shirtless Joon, wearing black slacks, a black belt and a Calvin Klein brief band showing itself to you. His v-line looked very prominent. You wanted to get up and take him right there, but you restrained yourself; as you knew you would be punished for doing that.

“Lie back.”

He walks close to you as you lie on your back. You watch attentively as he drops down to his knees and spreads your legs open. He glares up at you as his face inches closer to your heat.

“You, you don’t have to do that..” you say shakily

“Hush, princess. Let Daddy take care of you.” he says as he presses his tongue flatly against your core.

Your back arches on instinct. A soft moan comes from you when he swirls his tongue around your clit.

“Fuckkk.” you mutter.

You gasp as he slips a finger inside. It’s been a long time since he’s done this, and it was driving you off the edge. He slipped another finger inside and skillfully sucked on your clit. You felt your thighs tremble. Sounds of you moaning and the wet sounds of him pleasuring your core filled the room. He pulled away from you with a sucking sound.

“You taste so fucking good, princess.” he cooed, slipping his finger into your mouth.

You suck his finger and look at him. The eye contact sends chills down his spine. His cock is swollen, but he wants to please you first. It’s almost unbearable. Namjoon lowers his head in between your legs again. This time he is relentless. Your back arches and your hips begin to buck and swivel. With strong hands, Namjoon holds your hips in place. You squirm and tremble, moaning his name as he laps up your essence.

“FUCKKK! DADDY! I’M GOING TO CUM!” you exclaim.

Namjoon slips two fingers inside as you grip his blonde locks and feel your stomach tighten. Your walls clench around his slender digits as he pushes them in and out of you. Your eyes roll into the back of your head as your moans get louder. Namjoon slows the pace of his hand and grips your thigh. The movements of his tongue drag along your folds as you come down from your climax. You feel your body twitching.

“How was that, baby?” he asks you before standing and sucking on his fingers. You sit up and smirk.

Without a word, you stand and push him onto the bed. He appears slightly shocked by your sudden dominance. He raises a brow as he sits up on his elbows and takes in your naked body as you stand in front of him.

“Let me take care of you now, Daddy.” you proposed.

With a slight nod, he obliged, and let you unbuckle his belt and pants. You pulled them down to his ankles, leaving him in just his briefs. You were slightly startled by how hard he was. His bulge was begging to be released from his cotton restraints.  He sat up and touched your chin, forcing you to look him in the eyes.

“Are you gonna be a good girl for me, baby?”

You nodded.

“Good, now let Daddy feel that pretty little whore mouth of yours.”

You loved when he talked to you like this. You weren’t quite sure why, but it caused shivers to jolt throughout your body. It sent tingles down your core and caused your knees to slightly give in.  

While dropping to your knees, you maintained eye contact with your boyfriend. He bit his lower lip as you dragged your palm over his swollen pole. You rubbed little circles through his briefs and smirked. He hung his head backward and let out a low grunt.

“Are you teasin’ Daddy?”

“No, Daddy.” you replied as you placed a kiss on his thigh, and another on his swollen dick. You let out a long breath on it. He moaned out.

“I think you are, babygirl.” he moaned

“Hmmm?” you cooed innocently.

You reached for his elastic band and tugged downward, signaling him to help you take his underwear off. Now free from his fibrous undergarments, he sat up and took your face into his hands, kissing you deeply before pushing your head down on his twitching cock. His member tickled the back of your throat as groaned.

“Fuck, your mouth feels so good baby.” he grabbed a fist full of your hair.

You curled your lips around his tip and swiped your tongue across his frenulum, causing him to let out a loud groan. You felt your core moisten at the sound of him gaining pleasure from just your mouth. You bobbed your head up and down on him as he clenched his teeth. You looked up at him.

“Fuck, you’re so hot. Keep looking at me. Yeah, just like that, kitten.”

You maintained eye contact with him. He furrowed his brows and bit hard on his lip. You gripped the base of his shaft and jerked him while sucking on his tip.

“You like this, Daddy? You like when I suck on your big ha-”

“Get over here.” he said as he grabbed you by your shoulders and threw you face down on the bed.

This is what you needed. To be fucked hard. You wanted him to fuck Taehyung out of your brain. You wanted him to fuck you so hard you forgot your own name.

He positioned you so that your ass was in the air and your face was down in the pillows. A gasp escaped your lips as you felt a familiar sting on your bottom. Another sting on your left ass cheek.  You arched your back further as you felt him position himself in front of your entrance.

He teased your hole, rubbing his length along your folds a few times before pushing it in slowly. He grunted.

“Uhnnnhh,” you moaned into the sheets as you felt the stretch.

Fuck, Y/N. Your pretty little cunt feels so good wrapped around my cock.”

Namjoon squeezed your ass before he grabbed your shoulders, pushing you down onto his cock. He placed his hand around your throat and squeezed firmly while biting you left earlobe. You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning. He took his other hand and stuck two fingers in your mouth while fucking your wet core from behind.

“You’re such a pretty little slut, aren’t you? Suck on my fingers for me, kitten.”

You did as you were told, and sucked his fingers. His grunts ringing in your ears, sending you that much closer to a climax. The seize on your throat getting tighter. He removed his fingers from your mouth and flipped you on your back. He spread your legs open roughly and looked at your body before grabbing your breasts. You whined slightly. Namjoon smirked and licked the palm of his hand and slapped your aching core. Your back arched in response. He took that moment to spread your legs as far as the could go, sliding back inside of you.

This was one of your favorite positions. The feeling of him on top of you, the eye contact, seeing his body, being able to see him plunge himself in and out of you, all of it. You loved the tingling feeling that it caused you to have.

He bent down and sucked on your neck. He knows how much that turns you on. It was one of your “spots”, as he liked to call it. He played with your nipples while pumping in and out of you slowly. You took tufts of his hair into you left fist while your other hand ran itself across his back.

“Faster, Daddy.” you whimpered while your legs wrapped around his lower half without you completely realizing it.

He sped up, per your request. You tugged his hair hard, causing his neck to jerk back, and his adam’s apple became much more visible. The sight alone caused you to moan sharply.

“I fucking love you, Daddy. You feel…you feel so good inside of me.” you grunted through clenched teeth.

F-fuuuuuhhhhh, you’re going to make me cum talking like that, princess.”

“Harder, please. Oh fuck, yes!” you felt your nails digging into his back as he pounded your walls. You felt them clench around his length a little tighter with each thrust. “Yes, Daddy. Oh my God, I’m going to fucking cum all over your fucking cock. Uhhhhhhh! Just like that, keep going.”

“You like when I pound you don’t you? Daddy loves your tight little pretty pussy.” he was now drilling you. His speed caused the headboard to shake and the bed was now creaking.

You felt your stomach convulse and tighten as your back arched deep. You screamed his name as you came. The sounds of his cock slipping in and out of you rang in your ears as you squeezed your eyes shut.

“I’m almost there, baby,” he moaned. “Where should I cum?”

“Inside, deep inside. I want you to fill me up to the brim. Can you fill my pussy up, Daddy?”

He pumped harder, causing your legs to tremble. He rose up from you slightly so he could see himself fucking your hole. He pushed deep inside with long strokes as he got closer to cumming. He rubbed your clit in circles while he fucked you even harder. Your hips bucked and swiveled as you felt your walls clench tighter.

“Fuck, princess, I’m cumming.” he grunted.

“Hurry… I-I-I’m not… I’m not sure I can, I’m not sure I can’t-take it much l-l-longer.” you stammered. It’d been awhile since you were fucked to the point of struggling to complete your sentences.

His strokes got faster again, and you began stuttering nonsensical sounds.

“I’m cumming, babe! Fuuuuuuckkkk!” he muttered through clenched teeth. You felt his dick twitch inside before you felt the warmth of his seed spill inside of you. You were still a stuttering moaning mess as you felt him pump one last time deeply into you before pulling out.

“Fuck, Y/N. We haven’t fucked like that in a while.” He said breathily.

You couldn’t even think about speaking yet. You had to collect yourself, and let your body calm down. You were still shaking and twitching. It was arguably the best sex you’ve ever had. Your heart was beating in your ears. Lying there with your eyes shut closed and your hand on your stomach, you shifted your position to lie on your side. The cool air hit your back, and you realized how much you were sweating. You opened your eyes finally and rested your head on your hand to see a panting Namjoon lying next to you.

You may have to call off work in the morning, and that thought alone amused you.

“Yes, Mr. Park? I’m afraid I won’t be able to come into work today due to the fact that my boyfriend, Namjoon, fucked my brains out at 2 AM. Yeah, my pussy and legs are just way too sore. Sorry for the inconvenience that he and I may have caused you.” You chuckled at the thought of really saying that to your boss. He was a very light-hearted and uplifting spirit to be around and had a sort of innocence about him. He seemed like the type to blush at the certain words. You could already see the embarrassment form in his face if you would ever dare to say something like that to him.

You looked at your boyfriend. He was still breathing a bit heavily. His bright blonde hair sticking to his forehead, and his skin moistened. He was beautiful. Handsome at all times, especially after mind-blowing sex. You were attracted to him beyond belief. He looked over at you.

“Why are you staring, baby?” he teased. “See somethin’ you like?”

You playfully punched his shoulder.

“Yeah. I see my lovely boyfriend.” you pecked his cheek, “Thank you for that.”

“No, thank you!” he said as he rose up, and headed to the bathroom.

You heard the faucet being turned and the sound of water being released as you laid on your back once more and stared at the ceiling. You smiled to yourself wondering how you got so lucky to be in bed with such a wonderful man. Was this really your life? Did you really just get fucked so hard that you couldn’t speak? Was this king sized bed really yours to share with Namjoon? Did you really deserve all of this? The nice car, the stable job, the nice and spacious apartment? Was this really what you deserved? Especially considering who you used to be and all the bad things you’ve done? Your eyelids began to feel heavier, but you didn’t want to fall asleep until you felt his arms around your body, holding you. Namjoon could make you feel a lot of things. Angry, annoyed, jealous, loved, appreciated, special, etc., but above all of that, be made you feel safe, and that’s not something you thought you could ever feel.

You decided to keep yourself a bit occupied so that you wouldn’t fall asleep just yet.

Glancing over at your phone charging on the nightstand, you decided that it wouldn’t hurt to play a few games of Fun Run while you waited for Namjoon to get out of the shower. You pressed the power button, but it didn’t come on. Unplugging it from the charger, you held the power button down and watched eagerly as the screen lit up. A few seconds of start-up occurred before you were able to use your device. You unlocked your phone to navigate your home screen, 39 unread messages and 18 missed calls caught your attention. “The fuck?”, you muttered to yourself. Your brows furrowed as you inched the screen closer to your face. A number you hadn’t recognized had been texting and calling you since 2 AM, but only 10 of those messages were from that number. You received a few missed messages from your best friend, a few from your mobile carrier letting you know your next payment is due Wednesday, and more from people you’d been leaving on delivered for days. It’s not that you minded talking to them, it’s just that you were not really a texting type of person.

There was another one that you received from Namjoon, letting you know that he would be home soon.

You glanced at the upper right corner of the screen. The time read 4:21 AM. You came to the realization that you hadn’t been asleep since you got home at 6, and you had work at 10 AM on Saturdays. You definitely were going to call in today. Not just because you already knew you’d be sore, but because Namjoon was off, and you wanted to spend more time with him. That was the one thing the two of you had been missing lately. You both were getting busier and busier. He usually got off around 1 AM, sometimes as late as 3 AM, and you’d be fast asleep, catching Z’s when he came home. Normally, he would turn on Netflix and fall asleep next to you after eating, before you had to get up for work. When you came back home, he would be on his way to the office. You were growing sick of constantly kissing him hi, and then goodbye at the same time.

You ran your fingers across your forehead and scratched slightly. You deleted the notifications of the missed calls, but decided to read the messages.

You have 10 new messages.

Unsaved Number (10):

Hey, Y/N. Just seeing if ur up. Idk, it’d be great if we can talk… [2:23 AM]

If u don’t want to talk you can let me know that. You don’t have to be afraid to talk to me. I’m not like how I was before. I am a changed man XD [2:24 AM]

I know that I’m probably the last person u wanna talk to, but I just want to get some closure. For the both of us. Well I mean if u still need it, that is. Ik that I do. [2:30 AM]

Well ur prolly asleep rn. I called bout 3 times …  But I guess I can call back later.

Y/N? [3:12 AM]

Y/N, it’s kinda important. [3:12 AM]

Can u pls call me back? I really need to talk to you. [3:14 AM]

Y/N, I called u like 13 times. Can you please wake up?? Please. [3:15 AM]

Ik that its late night rn, but pls, I need you. [3:32 AM]

I guess I’m going to just keep calling u til u answer the phone :( [3:39 AM]

Y/N, please. Idk what else to do. When you get this, pls respond. I’m in a better place than I was b4. I’m sorry for acting all crazy on u earlier. I just really need to talk to u about a lot of stuff. [4:09 AM]

Just as you were finishing catching up on the messages, the interface you were looking at changed into the call screen. The number was calling you again. Should you answer it? You weren’t even entirely sure who it was, but you had a pretty good idea. Your curiosity got the better of you, and you tapped answer before pressing the device to your ear. You stared at the ceiling as you felt your chest pang like it did before. The voice on the other end was shaky.

“He-Hello? Y/N?” a deep voice stammered. You recognized that voice. You didn’t think that he would actually call you. You left your number on the napkin in the diner months ago. Why is he calling now? And better yet, why was he still on your mind after months?

“Yes?” you questioned knowingly.

“Thank God! I’ve been trying to reach you for hours. I’m so so so so sorry for blowing your shit up like that, but it’s important.”

“Who… who is this?” you asked. You knew very well who it was, but you wanted to make sure.

“Really? You don’t recognize my voice?” he sounded hurt. You weren’t used to him showing emotion at all. What did he want? Why was he contacting you now? You gripped a fistful of sheets and clenched your teeth. You weren’t sure why you were feeling this anger.

“What do you want?” you spat out. You didn’t intend for your voice to  sound so stern, but it was hard not to sound cold when you were talking through your teeth. You realized your tone and unclenched your jaw.

“Can’t really discuss this over the phone…”, he took a pause before he gulped. Was he nervous? “C-Can you meet me somewhere? Like right now?” he asked.

“Uh. I need a lot more information before I leave anywhere to meet you.”

“Please… I really…”, he sighed, “I just really need you right now. I… I don’t know what else to do.” his voice sounded shaky, like he was holding back tears. Your thoughts were confirmed when you heard light sniffles.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Kim Taehyung, Mr. No-Emotion, was here, calling you at 4 AM showing emotion.

“Tae? Are you… are you crying?”

He grunted and cleared his throat.

“Yeah, yeah I am.” he chuckled lightly.

“What’s going on with you? The last time you asked me to meet was like 6, 7 months ago, and you said you wanted to ‘catch up’. How do you catch up after breaking someone like that? I thought I couldn’t be broken anymore than I already was after you left, but what else could I expect? You’re Kim fucking Taehyung. Of course you would break me even more. Seeing your damn face for the first time in almost two years almost caused me to have a panic attack. I was just reminded of all that you did to me. And even during the last time we met, you didn’t even apologize. You were somehow even colder than before.” you snapped.

There was a tension. You could feel yourself breathing hard. Taehyung was just silent. He took a deep breath and spoke.

“You’re absolutely right. I was a shitty person. And I don’t even know why you left your number on that napkin that night. I obviously didn’t deserve your time. And I damn sure didn’t deserve to you.” he took a pause. “Y/N, there was a lot going on at that point. I didn’t mean to be rude to you, or to seem cold. It’s just, I realized that it wasn’t safe where we were. He was watching me! I had to act colder. He wanted to see if I still cared about you. I had to hide it. I didn’t want you to get hurt because of the shit I got caught up in.”

Your eyes widened.

“The fuck are you talking about, Taehyung? Who was watching?”

“It doesn’t matter now, I killed him.”

Your blood felt like ice rushing through your veins. Your breath drew sharply.

“…T-T-..Tae-” you weakly stammered.

“Y/N, I know, I know. I did what had to be done. I don’t want you to think…I don’t want- FUCK!” You could hear his voice starting to shake again. “I….fuck, Y/N. I don’t want you to think that I’m just some…some ruthless killer. That’s not me. He was going to… he was going to hurt you. I tried to get out, I really did. But he didn’t give me an easy way out. He told me to meet you to prove I didn’t care about you, to prove that you weren’t the reason I wasn’t losing focus.”

The words he told you didn’t make sense. They sounded like gibberish. All you could process was the fact that he’d just told you that he had killed someone.

“Y/N? A-are you still there?”


“I just. I’m so sorry. I was losing focus because of you. I wasn’t making deals. I was losing count of the money. I was fucking his business up. And he knew it was because of you. He knew that it was because you were the only thing I could think about. He knew that it was because I couldn’t fucking forgive myself for leaving you how I did. I was scared, and instead of thinking about you, I thought only about myself. I can’t ever stop thinking about that night.”

“Are you talking….are you talking about the alley?”


You felt your chest start to burn. Tears welled in your eyes. Why should you believe anything that he’s telling you right now? What has he ever done to make you believe him anyway?

“You killed someone? When? Why? How!?” you had so many questions

“Y/N, it’s really not anything I can tell you in proper detail over the phone. I need to meet with you. Forreal this time.”

“I-I don’t know. I think you should probably just leave me alone.”

“Y/N, please. Just give me an hour to explain everything.”

“Tae, I don’t think you understand. I’m happy now. I’m living with Namjoon, we’ve got plans of marriage. We’ve got plans of a child. Plans of a stable future. I’m doing really well now. I’ve finally gotten my life figured out. And here you come, trying to ruin it all.” you said as you felt the warm tears fall freely from your eyes.

“You’re getting married?” he asked shakily.

“Sooner or later. We’ve not really hammered out all the details, but he and I have been together almost two years now.” you didn’t know why Namjoon was any of TaeHyung’s business. You maybe wanted to boast a little, to hurt him for hurting you.

“Well, I’m happy for you, Y/N.” he said through clenched teeth. There was a few seconds of awkward silence that seemed to last hours.

“Thanks, Tae.” you said sadly.

Why did that make you sad? Why did it feel like a piece of you had just died. Maybe you were finally cutting Taehyung out of your life for good. Maybe this was a good thing. If it was, why did it feel so strange to do? Why was it so eerily painful?

“No, really, Y/N. I’m so fucking happy for you. Honestly.”

“Tae, please.”

“No, Y/N. You deserve it. I do ruin your life. You don’t owe me anything. You don’t even owe me a chance to explain anything. I’m sorry for bothering you. I really am. Goodnight.”

“Tae wai-” you were cut off by the line clicking.

You stared at your screen. Part of you wanted to call back. Your thumb hovered over the re-dial button for a split second before you heard Namjoon cut the faucet off. You powered your device down quickly and sighed deeply. You wiped your tear-stained face off, and walked over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. You pulled out a pair of Namjoon’s boxers and slipped them over your bottom half. You pulled open the second drawer below the first one and got one of his t-shirts to put on. Closing both drawers, you sighed.

You felt just as bad as you did when TaeHyung left you in that alley. You didn’t want to think about it.

Namjoon entered the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his lower half. And another drying his hair.

“You’re not going to hop in?” he asked.

You shook your head and sighed.

“Way too tired. Time for sleep.”

“I love when you just speak in fragments when you’re tired. It’s so cute.” he chuckled as he walked over to the dresser to get suited in the same outfit as you.

You waved him off and practically crawled over to your bed and got under the silk sheets.

“Wait a minute… I’m missing a pair of boxers and a t-shirt.” He said as he looked in the drawers.

You began to giggle.

“Sorry, baby.” you said, “hurry, and get in bed with meeeee!” you whined.

“Alright, alright. Hang on a moment.” he said as he hurriedly threw on his clothes.

He crawled into the bed on the opposite side in order to be the big spoon. His arm wrapped around your waist. You could feel his chest being pressed against your back and his chin resting against your head. This is where you felt most safe. Your legs intertwined with his. He kissed your left ear lobe.

“Goodnight, Jagiya.” he whispered.

“Goodnight, Joon.” you whispered back before locking your hand in his and kissing it.

Rewriting the Past - five

Originally posted by katherine8595

Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 2.6k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

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Slow Burn - Part 1

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,995

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Ding dong!

Ding dong!

“Y/N! Open up!”

Shit. You were hoping he forgot.

You lazily walk over to the door and pull it open. “Yes, sir? What can I do for you?” You say dryly.

Your friend Justin looks you up and down and shakes his head.

“Why aren’t you ready?” He asks annoyed.

“Ready for what?” You say trying to sound as innocent as possible.

Justin just gives you a bitch face and then invites himself in.

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Kidnapped - James March Smut (AHS: Hotel)

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Requested: yes!

   -Request: “Hey! I was wondering if you could do a Mr March imagine where the reader is staying at the hotel and Ms Evers kidnaps her so James can kill her but when she is laying on the bed ready to die he doesn’t because he finds her beautiful. He ‘thinks’ he loves her and she hates him so when she tries to escape he fucks her roughly and shows that she belongs to him. Please write this imagine you’re my favourite blog and it would be AMAZING as a birthday present (I’m turning 21)” -anon

Type: smut (;

Warnings: extremely dom!james, bondage (sorta)

Summary:You check into the Hotel Cortez only to then be kidnapped. However once Mr. March sees you, he can’t bear to hurt a single hair on your head, but unfortunately for him you don’t want any part of a relationship with him. But when you try to escape, Mr. March shows you that you’re his and only his. And to your surprise, you love it.

Notes: okay so i know this sounds sorta like rape but i mean this is just an imagine and obviously rape isnt okay irl but i really liked this request so i tried to make it more just domrough rather than nonconsenting?????  aNYWAY i tried to make it really hot so i hope you guys like it lol ps i went way overboard with this im sorry its so long

💀 🌼 💀 🌼 💀 🌼 💀 🌼 💀 🌼 💀

“I’d like to book a room, please,” you smiled, as you walked up to the front desk. The woman sitting there startled as you spoke, as if this was the first time in weeks that anyone had come in.

She pushed her large black glasses up the bridge of her nose and spoke. “Oh, uh, alright, for how long?”

“Just one night.”

“And your name?”

“Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

She scribbled your name down in the guest book and then turned around to get a room key and placed it in the palm of your hand. “You’ll be in room 63.”

“Thank you.” you replied, taking the small silver key and turning down the hallway with your bags. The hall looked eerily empty, except for a maid vigorously scrubbing at a sheet. There was a large patch of blood on it, and you thought it was kind of odd for her to be handwashing blood-stained sheets in the middle of the hallway, but you just laughed to yourself, assuming that someone’s period came early this month.

You found your room and let yourself in, before dropping your suitcase and purse on the floor. For some reason, the room felt really warm, so you pulled your jeans and shirt off before laying back on the bed to relax. Just as you’d gotten settled in, you heard a knocking at the door. “Housekeeping!”

“Shit,” you mumbled, hurriedly digging your bathrobe out of your suitcase before answering the door. As soon as you opened it, you were pushed against a wall and a cloth was pressed over your mouth. You suddenly felt extremely drowsy, and your eyelids got heavier with every blink. You could feel yourself falling, but you were too far gone by then, and didn’t feel anything when your head smacked against the corner of the coffee table.

When you finally awoke, you could feel an intense pounding on the right side of your head. You tried to reach up and touch it, but your hands wouldn’t move. You slowly opened your eyes, and saw that your wrists and ankles were tied to the bedposts. Your bathrobe was nowhere to be seen, leaving you only in your bra and underwear. Your mouth was gagged, but you screamed hoarsely, not knowing what else to do. The maid you’d seen earlier in the hallway quickly came into the room. “Goodness child, keep it down! We must wait for Mr. March!”

Mr. March? Who the hell was that?

But your question as answered soon enough, as a booming voice came from around the corner, along with some footsteps. “Mrs. Evers, did you get the next one?”

A tall man with jet black hair and a small mustache walked around in, straightening his tie.

“Ye-yes sir, she’s right here.” she responded quickly, almost like she was nervous.

He stopped walking the second he saw your face, suddenly intirigued. He slowly set down the gun he was holding and walked around to the right side of the bed and kneeled down on the floor. “Good god, you’ve injured her!”

The maid looked confused, “Oh, I’m very sorry sir, I-I didn’t think that would matter seeing as you’re planning to kill her.”

“You may leave Mrs. Evers, I no longer need your assistance with this one.”

She practically ran out of the room, muttering about how much work she still had to do.

“My sincere apologies about the wound on your head, I don’t intend to hurt you.” he said, stroking your cheek and running his hand down to your collar bone. He touched your head and you winced, still feeling a dull throb. “Did that hurt darling?”

You cautiously nodded, and his expression turned into a hard frown. “I apologize, the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you.”  He gingerly unbound you and took the gag out of your mouth.

As soon as you were released, you jumped off the bed and ran towards the door. The doorknob wouldn’t budge, and you assumed it had soemhow been blocked on the other side of the door. Just as you began to turn around to look for a new way of escape, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist from behind. “Where do you think you’re going?” Mr. March asked, lifting you up and bringing you back to the bed. “I didn’t want you to have to be tied up, but if you’re going to try and leave then I’m afraid that’s what I’ll have to do.”

He grabbed the rope he had just unbound you from and tied your wrsits to the headboard, but left your ankles free. “Let me go you asshole!” you yelled angrily, trying to kick him.

He made a “tsk” sound and pushed your legs down to the bed. “You’re practically begging for me to completely tie you up again, is that what you want?” he mumbled. “You belong to me, you understand? You’re mine, I love you, I would never hurt you my love.”

“Like hell you love me! You don’t even know my name you fucking psycho!”

“Ah, but I do, Y/N.” he retorted, placing a finger against your jawline. He leaned down and pressed small kisses against your neck and collarbones, mumbling things like, “so beautiful,” against your skin. This was wrong, you knew it was, but you couldn’t deny that you liked the way it felt and the way it was effecting you. You let out an almost inaudible moan, and you could feel him smirking. “No.” you said quietly. “I’m not yours, and you don’t love me – you can’t love me because I hate you.”

He stopped, and looked you harshly in the eyes. He angrily stood up and reached down to unbuckle his belt. “Don’t you get it Y/N? You belong to me.”

He finished undressing faster than you would have thought posible, and clambered back onto the bed. He roughly pushed your thighs apart and quite literally ripped off your panties, and then unclipped your bra. Thankfully you’d worn one that clips in front, so it remained in tact, but stayed around your shoulders since your hands were bound above your head.

“Mm, so beautiful,” he smiled slightly, leaning down and taking one of your nipples in his mouth while roughly kneading your other breast. He left a trail of wet kisses down your stomach until he got to your pussy. James pushed your knees up and put his face down to your core. He let out a satisfied humming noise and began eating you out, gently licking your folds. His hands came to rest on your tighs as he began tongue fucking you. As much as you thought you didn’t like him, you had to admit how good it felt– you were completely at his mercy. His tongue moved back up to your clit as he shoved two fingers inside of you. “Oh,” you let out a breathy moan, and felt the restraints’ tug on your wrists when you tried to thread your fingers through his hair. His dark colored eyes flicked up at you and one of them dropped down into a wink as he continued his incredible attack on your pussy.

You could feel your climax nearing, and as you started to get louder, it signalled to him that you were close. He immediately added a third finger, stretching you just a little bit too wide, and sped up the pace of his mouth. You could feel a buzzing in the pit of your stomach, and with one final flick of his tongue over your sensitive bundle of nerves, James had you coming undone underneath him. “Fuck, ohhh, fuck James.

He smirked and sat up, giving you a nice view of his cock, which was so hard that it was flush against his stomach. You unconciously bit your lip at the site and looked up to his face. James was still smirking at you, noticing that you were enjoying the view. “Now darling, you’re going to take my cock like a good girl, Y/N. I know you’ve just come but there’s no rest, there is no fucking rest. You’re going to take my cock and come for me again. You’re mine.”

He grabbed your thighs and wrapped your legs around his waist as he slammed into you. You felt a slight discomfort since he gave you no time to adjust to his rather large size, but the pleasure soon overtook that, as the tip of his cock grazed your g-spot. James leaned down to leave his mark on your neck, sucking in various places and then peppering the area with kisses. He leaned his head into the crook of your neck, occasionally letting out things like, “Fuck, you feel so good,” and “Mm, such a good girl for me.”

You tugged at your restraints again by accident, wanting to scratch your nails down James’ back and let him know how good he was making you feel. He noticed your struggle, and looked up to your hands. “Now, if untie you, are you going to keep being my good girl or are you going to attempt to escape again?”

“I’ll - mm, fuck - I’ll be a good girl, I promise,” you whined, throwing your head back into the pillows. He briefly stopped thrusting into you and reached up to pull the knot out of the rope that was binding your wrists together. You quickly wrapped your arms around his neck, encouraging him to start fucking you again. James gladly obliged, but this time he leaned down and kissed you. He ran his tongue along your bottom lip, and you quickly opened your mouth to allow him entrance. Even though it was just something as simple as a kiss, it sent arousal directly to your core, and you could feel a flutterly feeling appear in your stomach.

You orgasmed fairly quickly, due to how sensitive you still were from your first. You clenched around him, and he moaned, so you did it again, and then felt him spill inside of you. You could feel some of his cum dripping out, but you honestly didn’t care, because all you could think about was how good it felt kissing him, even after he’d pulled out. James had worried that as soon as the sex was finished, you’d just try and run off again, but he figured there was nothing he could do if you did– he didn’t want to hurt you and he was too tired for more sex, so he pulled away from the kiss and rolled over so that he was laying next to you. To his surprise, you shyly cuddled up to his side, and carefully put one around around his stomach. He put his left around around your shoulders so that his hand was resting on your ass, letting you know that he was still in charge. He pulled the blankets up around the two of you so that only your shoulders were poking out the top. Suddenly, the door creaked open, and you heard Mrs. Evers come in. “Mr. March, have you finished with th-” she started, but as soon as she saw the two of you in the bed, realizing what must have happened, she placed on hand over her mouth in shock. “Oh, bother! I’ll never get that stain out!”

i hope this is sorta what you were thinking of and that you liked it, feel free to request again if you want something else lol bye !


request anything, requests are ALWAYS open (just tell me who you want it with (anyone from ahs) and if you want smut or fluff and what you want to happen) ! xx -l

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