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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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- meeting in third period charms and bonding over how stupid some of the other students were

- a lot of kisses on the forehead with a arm around your waist at all times

- forcing you to take his jacket

- im not kidding

- you two could be walking out of the library at 11 pm after studying for the potions exam the next morning and he’d come up behind you and just wrap his robes around your body

- ‘draco i already have my own’

- ‘oh shush i know your cold y/n’

- being a perfect gentleman around you

- but when he mouths off to potter and his friends you put him in his place

- not being a really big fan of how rude he is to the younger students


- yule ball was almost to most cutest thing in the world

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hello, people! summer break just started for me and i’m so excited for what’s to come! i figured that making a masterpost would make it official and also would give everyone some ideas how to spend it fruitfully!! let’s begin fellas :’)

- the day school ends -

  • aka the day when you realize that you have days and days ahead of you and don’t know where to start
  • deep clean your room – this will give you he feeling that summer has actually begun and plus you now have a clean room haha
  • make a new playlist (a big one, okay?) – these are super fun to make and also summer does deserve some new funky and sporty songs in its bag
  • relax – go pamper yourself; get that double scoop ice-cream, go to spa, maybe get your nails and hair done. you have survived till summer break and you deserve this!
  • try to sort out your tasks and assignments into your planner – I know this can be tough, especially at the start when holidays have just begun; but try to at least plan out for the next week or two. maybe you want to work on that essay or write out those notes – planning will def help you to feel organized and get back your life in place.

- the following weeks -

  • gET THAT SHIT DONE NOW!!! SERIOUSLY DO IT!! DON’T PUT IT OFF TILL THE LAST WEEK!!! DO IT FAM, DO IT!!! (im low-key saving your butts with this tip, please listen to me) – write out those essays till they are perfect, solve that problem set till its ingrained in your brain, do your readings and write those notes. do it!!
  • combine that shit with fun stuff (see below) don’t burn yourself out please. and most importantly do not stress!!!11!!!!!
  • connect with people. call that friend you forgot about and that aunt who has been asking you over for dinner for ages. summer gives you the time to rekindle your relationships and seriously though, connecting with people will make your life much happier.
  • get a new hobby!! do you draw? paint? write? whatever you do – start doing it. use that time which you spend on the internet in exploring your passions and finding your interests.
  • seriously though, do that work first.

- some (fun) stuff to do in summer -

  • clean your closet (do it mate)
  • compliment people more
  • smile at strangers often
  • vlog your days. maybe start a YouTube channel for this?
  • revamp your blog
  • learn coding and revamp that shitty theme of yours (this applies for me, chill)
  • keep a gratitude journal
  • go a week without any social media (this will be hard, but try it!!)
  • go hiking or cycling with a friend
  • read 7-8 books or as many books as you please
  • have a do nothing day - treat yourself love!
  • learn a new kind of dance - this is really fun, i promise
  • go a whole day with any technology
  • do a 30 day challenge!!
  • seek out an interesting article to read everyday
  • go camping in the hills
  • have a bonfire!! roast marshmallows (or burn old notes lmao)
  • learn to knit/sew
  • save up!! (…they blow it all in a single day? lmao don’t though)
  • star gazing on a clear night!!
  • talk till dawn about random shit with a random person
  • a no makeup day – let your skin breathe
  • go on a family trip!
  • visit a sanctuary or a zoo with a younger sibling or smol kids
  • there are endless possibilities!! these are just some to get you started!!

- the last few days -

  • yo remember you still have winter break to come this year!! don’t be sad, fam!!
  • have a dance party in your room with your favourite music on (bc you only live once)
  • check and recheck if you got all that work done (if you didn’t, rip you haha)
  • check your school’s site for new updates and stuff (I bet you don’t do this though)
  • annnnd then enjoy your last day!! trust me - you’re going to have an amazing term ahead of this!!

Hope this helps! + you can always send me requests for masterposts since my ask box is always open! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Love, Taylor xo

Chocolate Magick

side note: these are just my personal correspondences

the basic correspondences:

dark chocolate:  protection, cursing, sex and fertility, power, healing

milk chocolate: love, friendship, comfort, (basically the rose quartz of food)

white chocolate: luck, joy, glamours

common chocolate flavours flavours:

orange: love, sex

coconut: healing, glamours

nuts: motivation, productivity

toffee/caramel: home, comfort

raisins/sultanas: creativity, fertility


  • snap a KitKat in half to break a bond between two people
  • share a Terry’s Orange with your partner to strengthen your love
  • enchant your advent calendar to give you a boost of self love in December mornings <3
  • eat a Snickers to Get Shit Done

i’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but there’s always a lot of chocolate about in winter so- better late than never!

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Hey, can you stop being tsundere for like two minutes to take the time to appreciate all the GuP commanders? ktgxbai.

MIHO NISHIZUMI - Master at the art of Gorilla warfare with over 300 confirmed matches. She will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth with Boko. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

MAHO NISHIZUMI - NEE-CHAN OF THE BEST CHAN MOTHERFUCKER. No one can break through your heart and the enemy’s defenses faster than this girl. She strikes fast and hard to get what she wants and you can’t do shit.

KATYUSHA -  Расцветали яблони и груши, Поплыли туманы над рекой. Выходила на берег Катюша, На высокий берег на крутой. She’s big. She’s not bad. In fact she’s fucking adorable but would probably let you freeze in the winter. 

DARJEELING - You can hear fucking Eurobeat playing from outside her tanks because no matter what, the tea inside will never spill. Darjeeling is a fierce girl that won’t take shit from anyone. Even Miho calls her “Mommy” since Miho has never defeated Darjeeling before. CUZ DARJEELING NEVER LOSES.

KAY “The BAE” - God bless the motherfucking U.S.A. cuz Kay is an absolute joy to this Earth. Rich in weapons, food, and noise, she will always make sure to overwhelm you in everything you fucking do because AMERICA IS THE LAND OF THE GREAT NOT THE LAND OF SHITTY FUCKS THAT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE. KAY ACCEPTS ALL. SHE LOVES ALL.


ALICE SHIMADA - So smart she skipped grades and so cute that she made people’s heart skip as well. Alice is the soft, gentle, FUCKING BEAST THAT WILL DESTROY YOU AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE. Like a person doesn’t look down when stepping on ants, Alice will not look down when she kicks your sorry ass excuse of a tank out of the match. Fuck off you aren’t worth her time.

MIKA - She will Finnish the battle as quick as she can play the Kantele. That hat of hers only conceals her actual power level. 

KINUYO NISHI - She will fucking eat you alive. That’s it. 

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hey babe!!! hit me up with some good malec fics?? chaptered and single fics??

yes omg how fun there’s so many good fics/writers that don’t get enough appreciation so im gonna try and put as many really good but not very widely read fics on this list !!!!! it’ll probably be a mix of ao3 and tumblr posts but i’ll be linking the fics along with adding summaries !! (i’ll also be adding a few jimon fics in here as well bc there are some really amazing ones i’ve read !!!)


at the hip (jimon) by @simonlewhiss

sarah wrote this just a few days ago and its so brilliant i cried basically simon and jace are secretly in love with each other and the rest of the gang bets on who can finally get them to admit their love for each other its so cute pls read it

the door, get the door (malec) by @hoteldumorts

this is basically just the internal monologue and external dialogues of malec’s first time scene from 2x18 and it is whole ass making me want to be dead even though its been like a month since she posted it

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-How would the rfa members react if MC initiated a tickle fight/pillow fight/surprise kiss to get their attention? (YOU CAN DO ANY OF THESE 3 I JUST WANTED SOFT FLUFFY STUFF) <33 
-Hi I just requested your last request but I forgot to say that idc what u write I just want fluff !!!!! Ily and your blog so very , much sorry for being annoying fam

I’ll be on a holiday hiatus until 2017. Happy Holidays!

You want fluff, I deliver :^))


  • So there was a big item grab event on LOLOL this week
  • and Yoosung is G L U E D
  • Normally you would understand his want for the items (you already collected them yourself), but the thing is that HE ALREADY HAS LIKE 70 OF EVERYTHING  WHAT THE HELL
  • Operation Distracted Boyfriend is in play
  • He was too focused on the screen and his headphones to notice you RUN UP AND JAB HIS SIDES
  • He screeched and fell out of his chair, forgetting all about the game
  • “You’re gonna get it now, MC!  (ง'̀-‘́)ง “
  • This boy leaped at you, knocking you down, and he was on top of you tickling you mercilessly
  • “If I stop, will you give me a prize?”
  • You could barely respond inbetween your laughs, “YES AHAHAHA JUST PLEASEEEE STOP”
  • His hands recoiled and you both lay there heaving, tired by the fight that had just taken place
  • “So…” you panted, “What do you want as your prize?”
  • He leaned down and pecked your lips, “More kisses!”


  • Baehee is stuck in piles of work again
  • She’s been going at it for hours now and she refuses to take a break
  • All of your attempts at getting her to stop have been shooed away
  • Only one thing left to do
  • You ran up to her aND WHACKED HER WITH A PILLOW
  • She screamed in surprise and got semi-angry, “MC, I was working!”
  • “Jaehee, you need a break and this is the last resort,” you giggled before hitting her again
  • “Two can play at this game!” she bolted towards the nearest pillow source (the bed) and sent one flying towards you
  • You managed to counter it by hitting it with your own pillow as they continued going back and forth from the two of you
  • Finally you decided to charge at her, knocking the both of you backwards onto the bed
  • No one said anything, as only giggles filled the air 
  • “Thanks for the break,” she smiled before proceeding to kiss your cheek


  • Movie night!!
  • Hot tea, big blanket, warm goldfish-shaped bread, and having Zen as your personal space heater was such a comfort during the cold winter night
  • You were cuddled up against chest, blanket effectively wrapped around the both of you
  • Plus he chose a horror movie for tonight and that bastard knew you were going to be scared
  • Everytime a something frightening happened, you would bury your face deeper into his chest
  • He had a shit eating grin the whole time
  • “Would you like to reenact that kiss scene, MC? ;^))”
  • Zen, they’re about to get murdered. no
  • Your fears carried over to when it was time to go to bed and Zen took advantage of that too
  • He held you close and tried singing to you to make all the spooks go away
  • This was also an excuse to give you a lot of kisses
  • Probably apologizes for purposely choosing a horror movie and makes it up to you with your favorite treat later on


  • One of the best parts about attending social events with Jumin was the journey home
  • The ride home would consist of idle conversation, as you were usually too tired to really concentrate
  • Jumin really enjoyed your drowsy conversations, they were very amusing to him
  • Tonight was one of those silent nights where you could just bask in eachother’s company
  • No words were needed, it was mostly just gestures tonight
  • You were leaning against Jumin as a pillow, his jacket around your shoulders were keeping you warm, and his hand loosely held yours
  • He noticed your eyes struggling to stay open, “Get some rest, love. I’ll wake you up when we arrive home.”
  • You hummed in response, “But I can’t get comfortable, your arm is like a rock.”
  • “I can’t change that, MC,” he chuckled, “Is there an alternative?”
  • You shifted yourself so that your head could lie on Jumin’s lap, “That’s better.”
  • He leaned down to kiss your forehead, stroking your hair until you fell alseep
  • And then this bitch took like 100 photos of you sleeping


  • Saeyoung’s been insanely stressed lately
  • He’s sat at his desk for almost 3 days straight now
  • Someone hacked into the organization and stole important documents and it was Saeyoung’s task to track down the guy
  • You quietly walk up behind him, “I thought they had others looking into this case…You can take a break, can’t you?”
  • “Can’t.” he mumbled, “Everybody’s relying on me to find him.”
  • You understood that he needed to do his job, so you kissed his cheek and began to walk away
  • Before you could take a step, a hand grabbed your wrist
  • “You just had to kiss me,” Saeyoung pouted, “Now I’m going to be missing you instead of focusing.”
  • “Why don’t I stay then?”
  • He rolled further away from his desk, gesturing to the spot on his lap
  • After you got comfortable, he rolled back to his desk and got back to working
  • You would cuddle into him and kiss his neck, go on your phone, or watch what was happening on his computer screens
  • Occasionally he would steal kisses from you or take a break to just rest, cuddle and talk with you
36/50 - “Everything was fine, until you showed up.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew, Nicky/andreil
Summary: While staying in New York with Matt’s mom, they get into a bar fight.

A/N: I’ve written a couple hundred fics and I still don’t know how to end one.

Andrew followed Neil out of the hospital, Nicky, Aaron and Matt not far behind. None of them spoke, though Neil was obviously upset.

Neil got into Matt’s mom’s SUV. He pressed himself close to the door to avoid any contact from Andrew. Matt started clearing the two inches of snow off the car that had accumulated during their visit and they all waited for Nicky who was taking his time limping over to them on crutches. When Nicky made it to the car without slipping, Matt helped him into the passenger seat before finishing.

It was nearly two in the morning and the roads hadn’t yet been scraped of snow. The car swerved more than once on the way back to Matt’s mom’s house. Matt pulled up to the curb and they all piled out. Matt, Aaron and Nicky headed up the driveway, leaving footprints in the newly fallen snow but Neil and Andrew stayed by the curb.

Neil wished it had taken longer to get back. Matt looked at him over his shoulder but Neil didn’t acknowledge it. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and took a deep breath. The cold air felt prickly traveling down his throat and into his lungs.

Andrew waited until the others were inside before digging in his pockets for a pack of cigarettes, only to remember they’d been lost at the bar. He didn’t hesitate to stick his hand in Neil’s back pocket.

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Tall Dwarf Inquisitor

I need a Dragon Age fic where a Dwarf, but a tall dwarf/ (you’ll see in a sec) is the Inquisitor. But the dwarf isn’t just any dwarf, they’re a titan. (hence the size). Possibly they could do magic, maybe not. 

But I want them to walk out of the rift and go through everything, everybody thinking they’re just a really tall human or Avvar. But they’re like no lolz, I’m a dwarf. And everyone is really skeptical and points out their magic or height as the obvious disclaimers. 

They also have a scar over where their heart should be. When asked about it, they shrug and say that an elven woman and her pet stole it from them. Everyone thinks it’s all metaphorical, but no, it’s legit. Mythal and Fen’Harel took the heart of titan. They say it made them what they were today (Idk maybe a tall dwarf thing)

In the Fade the nightmare demon picks up on this and says stuff like “You lost your heart once, could you bare to lose another? You quake in the wake of adversity, destroying everything that you touch. Will the Inquisition or they be any different?” if they’re in a romance, or “What does it feel like to live with an empty chest. It is a/your chest, right?”


At the Temple of Mythal, they act ‘clumsy’ and break some shit. They also have an overall sour mood about it. Meeting Abelas is weird because they know who he is and remembers him. The elf is none the wiser (Solas can be the same for that) When they have to confront Mythal, they have an odd hostility. It is only then that Mythal truly recognizes what the Inquisitor is. Perhaps shit gets laid down? IDK.

You could add a lot of stuff from the Decent DLC. There’s just too many opportunities. Maybe when you go into the titan, they recognize each other or something. Same goes for the Jaws of Hakkon. The Avvar think they’re an Avvar, but not. 

In the end, Cory is defeated and the titan makes a quip about him never amounting to a true deity. In Trespasser Solas reveals himself and the titan might too just for the sake of the reaction like: "Bitch, I’m a titan. Yeah, you know that giant ‘god’ made of literal earth that you fought with Mythal to kill? Well surprise honey, I ain’t dead!" 

Sorry, I just thought this would be cool. A change from the average fics. I would write this one, but I'm swamped in ones I need to update. Please someone write this. 

Suspect: Part 4

Pairing: Reader x Bucky (we’re getting there)
Word Count: 2.5K
Warnings: Angst, death (lil’ graphic), mentions of previous same sex relationship (should that even be a warning?), swearing

A/N: I was hoping to have this posted a few days ago, but I got lazy, sorry! Thanks for being patient!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

After hours of tossing and turning, you gave up. You couldn’t get your mind off what you had witnessed on the bridge, the man - if he could be called that - was heartless, cold, bloodthirsty, and above all, a killer.

Still dressed in the same clothes, you grabbed your bag and a jacket, knowing exactly where you were headed, but unsure if you’d be able to find anything. The streets were mostly empty, as to be expected at 4am, so the drive to the DCPD building was quick and quiet.

The security officer jolts away as your steps click towards him, “Hey Shaun,” you say, giving him a kind smile,

“Detective Y/L/N,” he says with a groggy voice, “I was just… Resting my eyes,”

You force a chuckle, making him relax as you scan your key card and make your way to the elevator, not wanting to stand around and chat. You’re getting impatient, and your foot unconsciously taps as the elevator seems to crawl upwards. Finally the doors open and you make a beeline for your desk.

Once logged in, you repeat the same process that you had at home; searching for anything and everything you could find that related to yesterday’s events. This time you had more luck. Your search seemed to return one file, labelled S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Get to know me meme → [1/5] favourite male characters → Peter Hale

No. I want you to stay and get slaughtered by an alpha with a psychotic foot fetish. Of course I want you to run. Sprint, gallop, leap your way the hell out of this town. 

Every New Year's Family Gathering
  • Relative: So what have you been doing during your winter break?
  • Me: um
  • Me: I totally didn't spend my entire winter break cooped up in my bedroom reading fanfiction after fanfiction of my gay otp's nope nah ah I have no idea what you're talking about
  • Relative:
  • Me:
  • Me: I mean I've been doing homework at home as well, i don't know what an otp is what's an otp like for example what's kagehina or makoharu or whatever pft idk what you talking about OH SHIT FUCK

George Weasley ~ Harry Potter

You’ve been fed up with Umbridge’s rules and one day you just snap.

Requested by: No

Written by: Head Honcho - Zoe

Reader: Female

Warning: Slight swearing (hence title), short of rude reader, sassy reader

A/N: Sorry if some stuff is wrong or bad, I haven’t watched Harry Potter in a while but I’ve been reading a shit ton of George Weasley imagines. Also, with the European sayings, I’m American… so, I’m sorry.


“I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.” You panic as run through the hallways of Hogwarts, rushing to your Transfiguration class. You slept in too late because you were up late studying for your Defense of Dark Arts class in case Professor Umbridge decides to do a pop quiz (the last few quizzes you failed because you weren’t prepared at all).

“Ms. (L/N)!” A high-pitched voice of the woman you demise calls to you from the other end of the empty hallway. You let out a calming deep breath after you stop running.

“Professor Umbridge!” You put on your fakest smile as you turn around to face the devil. “How are you?“

“I’d being doing splendid if you weren’t running in the halls.” She scolds with enthusiasm.

“I’m sorry, Professor. I was just running late and… Nevermind, I promise it won’t happen again.” You give her a smile, she gives you a small smile then her eyes travel down to your bottoms and her lips go in a straight line.

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Player 2 - Drabble

A/N: Based on a list of random sentences. If you want to be tagged, tell me and I will arrenge it!



“Whatcha doin’, doll?” Bucky asked.

That Brooklyn accent never failed to make your heart skip. Not even once. Which even made you press the wrong button in the controller and die in your videogame.

“Playing some difficult as shit game,” you said. And then had an idea. You pointed to the seat beside you. “Sit here.”

Bucky did. “Why?”

“C’mon, I need a Played 2.”

“But I don’t know how to play.”

“I’ll teach you.”

Let’s just say that the metal arm managed to break more controllers than kill bots in the game.

Kumi Told Me Not to Break Her But I Did That Shit Anyway

Title: The Angst Train (IDK, change later)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Summary: Inspired by Fall Out Boy’s Miss Missing You.  It’s mostly Angst, I don’t even have a summary for this. Flashback in italics.

Word Count: 3431

Warnings: ANGST, a shooting, triggering episode, Winter Soldier, Violence.

A/N: So in writing this not only do I break my unscheduled creative hiatus (I blame writer’s block), but I’m also revealing a secret identity. This is all for the death of @mellifluous-melodramas

Your whole body ached. Your eyelids felt as if someone had tied 60 pound weights to them, breathing was done in short quick bursts so as to to agitate the handful of cracked ribs you’d sustained on the mission. Clint was flying the quinjet, or at least he was sitting in the pilot’s seat. It’d been you, Clint and Sam on this mission and you were all pretty beat up. Sam had a gash on his forehead that had needed stitches, you’d done it before the post-adrenaline crash had occurred. Now all you wanted was to go home, get a shower, and cuddle up to your boyfriend and fall asleep watching tv.

It hadn’t been easy starting a relationship with the former Winter Soldier. There had been a lot of hot and cold moments from that man. He would either flirt with you relentless or wouldn’t acknowledge your presence. You hadn’t let that stop you, you were naturally sarcastic and would turn to that whenever Bucky was pretending you didn’t exist.

The guys had gone out to a bar for a well deserved guy’s night. You’d opted for the couch potato option. Clothes in the comfiest clothes you owned, and surrounded by a mountain of junk food, you mindlessly munched while you binge-watched a show on the big screen on the common floor.

You hadn’t realized how late it had gotten until the boys returned home. You’d been alerted to their presence by Clint’s loud giggling, that could only mean he was drunk. You heard some shushes, as Steve hustled everyone onto the common floor. No doubt in search of water to combat everyone’s undeniable hangover. Clint and Sam fell, giggling onto the couch where you’d been curled up.

“I see we all had a fun time out tonight.” You commented, getting up to help Steve find water bottles for everyone.

“It was like herding cats, (Y/N).” Steve hissed, when you stepped into the kitchen. He was pinching the bridge of his nose, and sounded exhausted.

“So, I’ll help you put the cats to bed and then you could go to bed.” You told him, grabbing out an armful of water bottles from the fridge, and turning back to see if Steve was ready. He gave an exasperated sigh and followed you out into the living room.

“Bedtime, kiddos.” You said, grabbing Clint by the arm and pulling him up off the couch. Steve grabbed Sam first, and then went to get Bucky who was sitting in the recliner.

“I’m not tired, Stevie.” He slurred, and Steve backed down. You muscled Clint, and Steve manhandled Sam into the elevator, and then put them down in their beds. When you left you reminded Clint to drink his water, or he would feel it tomorrow. You said goodnight to Steve and went back to finish the episode you had been watching.

After a few moments of watching the figures on the screen move, you became aware of the weight of a gaze laying upon you. You subtlety flicked your eyes in Bucky’s direction, and sure enough he was watching you and not the tv.

“Something on my face, Barnes?” You questioned, turning to give him your attention. His gaze remained trained on you, like a sniper focusing on his target. But his face softened when he smiled at you.

“No, it’s just radiantly beautiful.” He sounded more like himself. You flashed him a bright smile, wheels turning to come up with a witty response.

“Thanks, your’s isn’t ridiculously painful to look at either.” Was the response that fell out of your mouth. It was good enough to earn you a soft chuckle, and you’d die to hear more of that noise. Hell, you’d die to see more of this carefree, peaceful man in front of you.

“You drive me insane, and you don’t even have the slightest idea what you do to me.” It was a statement that could turn this conversation real heavy, and in just a few milliseconds. You decided you were going to jump off that ledge, consequences be damned.

“So, why don’t you ask me out, Barnes? I think I’ve made my flirting just about as obvious as a brick wall. What’s stopping you?” You asked, there were several reasons you could think of. But what did this beautifully damaged man have going on inside his head? You watched him struggle for a minute to come up with a good answer.

“I’ll be real honest here, I couldn’t lie even if I wanted to with this much alcohol coursing through my system.” He paused, trying to make light of the situation and to compose himself. “The Winter Soldier.” That answer hit you like a ton of bricks. Your mind whirled, trying to find the proper words to say, and to convey your feelings.

“I have a lot to say, so let me start with. That wasn’t you, that was conditioning. You’ve never done anything to hurt me, and you never would. I trust you explicitly. Have you saved my ass out in the field? More times than I can count, and you know how much I like my ass. This,” you pause to gesture between the two of you. “Can’t go anywhere without communication. And let me tell you, I’m a consenting adult. If I say that I want a relationship with you, which I do, it’s with all the pieces of you. Including your Winter Soldier past, emphasis on the past part. Alright, I’ll shut up now.” Your voice had an edge in it, you always got very defensive when it came to the whole misconception of the Winter Soldier being a villain. The man behind the mask wasn’t a villain he was a victim, and now he was looking at you like you had twelve heads.

“And if I’m triggered?” He asks, the other question is there. Could you do what needed to be done given a mental apocalypse was occurring. Again, your mind was running a million miles a minute.

You stood up, stepping around the coffee table. You stop in front of Bucky, placing an arm on either armrest and lean into his personal space. “Honey, I would take a bullet for you. We’ll cross the bridge if it ever happens.” You tell him, and apparently that answer satisfies the man because he reaches up, pulling you forward by the shirt to capture your lips with his own.

When you woke up the next morning, you weren’t sure if Bucky would remember what had happened between the two of you. But when you rolled over, almost hitting him in the process, he was already awake and watching you.

“I was afraid the alcohol had made me dream up last night, couldn’t open my eyes to check either. If it had been a dream, and I’d opened my eyes it would have come to an end. That might have killed me, doll.” He says, and your first instinct is sarcasm.

“Who knew that James Buchanan Barnes could be so sappy?” You teased and he laughed pushing your shoulder. “Don’t knock me out of my own bed.” You joke, grabbing onto his arm to regain your balance.

“Like I’d ever let you fall. Been there, done that, got the metal arm to prove it.” He jokes, and you can’t believe that he’s in a place where he can joke about the event that started his decades of pain.

Ever since that night, the two of you were a thing. Bucky was caring and gentle, and you were sarcastic and goofy. It was a good partnership, and after the hard mission you’d just been on. You wanted your cuddle buddy, and some much needed sleep. Which was a whole lot closer than you thought it was, as Clint parked the quinjet in the hangar of the Tower. You shuffled off to the elevator, sharing with Sam, down to the floor you shared with Bucky.

Stepping off the elevator, you realized instantly that something was off. Normally, Bucky would be waiting for you on the couch. He’d have a first aide kit, and snacks for whatever you wanted to fall asleep watching. Now, he wasn’t on the couch. You shuffled into the kitchen, to find that empty, too. You sighed, deciding to go take your shower and just go to bed.

When you walked into the bedroom, you felt the cold predatory presence before you saw him. Bucky’s worst nightmare was coming true. The man you loved was being piloted by the Winter Soldier, and he was aiming a gun at you. You put your hands up, keeping steady eye contact with the dead gaze of the Winter Soldier. You knew there was only one hope of a solution, finishing the mission. It was clear that that mission was you.

“Buck, I know you’re in there. It’s not your fault. I love you, sweetheart. But you gotta finish the mission.” You said, taking slow deliberate steps toward the Winter Soldier. He allowed you to approach until the cold muzzle of his pistol was situated in the middle of your chest.

“I’m the mission, finish it.” You stated, staring into the ice cold stare of the man that you’d take a bullet for. It was a shame that he was behind the trigger. “Bucky, I love you. Don’t fight him, it’s not your fault. It’ll be okay.” You said, and you heard the gunfire. In the next second, the pain exploded in your chest like a shockwave and you crumpled to the floor.

You were vaguely aware of heavy footsteps stepping over you, before the pain became too much for you and you succumbed to the darkness.

Bucky’s POV (First person):

He had killed her, the monster that HYDRA made. With her final breath went my will to live. I wanted control over my body again, but what could I do. Hold her lifeless body and picture all the missed moments we had. How we’d never get married, nor would we have a family together. There would be no house with a white picket fence, and children running around the yard. There would be only pain.

He steps over her as she struggles, he doesn’t even stop to confirm death. Just stalks over top of her, out into the living room she’d decorated. There should have been a protocol put in place for this, FRIDAY should be able to lock down the Tower. Instead, he jams the up button. I’m not even sure of all the details of this mission, but obviously they thought killing (Y/N) wouldn’t be enough to break me. How wrong they were.

The Winter Soldier gets into the elevator, pressing the button for the gym. I know that the only person at the gym now is Steve. They either want him dead or alive.

He gets off the elevator, the only sounds coming from flesh hitting sand filled bags. Steve must be upset about something, won’t he be in for a surprise when the Winter Soldier shows up. He stalks into the gym without saying a word.

“Hey, Buck what’s - FRIDAY.” Steve calls as he realizes that the body in front of him is the Winter Soldier. Good for that little punk, only took fifteen seconds. He’s shooting at Steve, they must want him dead too. Because they haven’t taken everything from me already. Steve jumps into the air twirling and landing on my body’s shoulders. He uses the momentum to knock it over, and even hits my head against the floor hard enough to cause a concussion.

That makes him mad. He kicks Steve off my body and gets back to his, my, feet. Both take defensive stances, but he is more animal than Steve could be. They go back and forth, Steve lands a hit and then he gets one on Steve. It seems to be an even fight, until the elevators open and Sam, Clint and Natasha get off it. Nat’s face is angry, and she charges for the Winter Soldier. Pulling her signature thigh grab move, and it, we, go down hard. Steve runs over to hit my head on the floor again, and we black out.

The first thing I’m aware of when I come to is the headache. In the next second, I’ve relived what’s happened and my eyes snap open trying to sit straight up in the bed they’ve put me in, but a hand stops me.

I look up at Steve. “(Y/N)?” I ask, and Steve sighs. He doesn’t want to tell me. My eyes dart around the room, they’ve placed me in one of the medical suites. I caught a glimpse of movement but the door, and look as Bruce walks into the room. He looks like he’s been up most of the night.

“We did some brain scans, had Wanda search through your head, too. And we’re still not sure how you were triggered. We need you another hour for observation, but then you’re free to go.” Bruce says, turning to leave. I almost let him, but if Steve won’t tell me. Maybe Bruce will.

“(Y/N)?” I question again, and Bruce visibly stiffens. He turns back around and there’s a fire in his eyes.

“I reviewed the footage, she knew what she was doing. Still had her suit on.” I didn’t know what the suit had to do with - Oh, the suit was bullet proof. “Her sternum is broken, along with half a dozen ribs but she’s going to be okay.” Bruce explained, and it felt like I could finally breath again.

Your POV:

The first thing you were aware of was the hands, the next was the pain. Someone, probably Bruce, was examining you. If you thought it hurt to breathe before, now every attempt at getting air was met with the pain of fiery hot lava. You groaned trying to sit up, you needed to know what had happened. But Bruce held you down.

“Bucky?” You asked, finally cracking an eyelid to watch his face. But you wished you hadn’t. Bruce had that grim, ‘this is a disaster’ look on his face.

“The Winter Soldier went after Steve, who took him down with Nat’s help. He should be waking up any second now.” Bruce says, using FRIDAY to take an X-Ray of your chest. “But you’re not going anywhere, while that suit may be bullet proof it still did some damage. Cracked sternum along with 6 ribs.” He explained, and you glared at him.

“I had at least 3 of those from the mission. I need to see him.” Your voice had a desperate air to it. But you did need to see him, he more than likely thought you were dead and was going to be in shut down mode.

“He can come to see you, after we observe him for an hour. In the meantime, do you want any pain medication?” Bruce asked, and you shook your head. You hated the way those made you feel, you’d rather deal with the pain. “Alright, try and get some rest.” Bruce says, as he walks out the door.

“FRIDAY, playback.” You said, you were going to figure out where this all went wrong. Even if it killed you.

It’d been the longest hour of your entire life, you’d watched the footage about a dozen times and you still couldn’t pinpoint a trigger. It was just one second he was Bucky and the next he was the Asset.

And then an hour turned into two, and if you weren’t worried before you were in maximum overdrive now. “FRIDAY, get Steve.” You called, sitting up slowly. You turned your legs to hang over the side of the bed, and tested your body weight on them. That was when Steve walked in.

“What do you think you’re doing?” It was both Dad voice and Cap voice. He was at your side before you could blink, taking most of your weight from you.

“I need to see him.” You panted, every movement was met with sharp stabbing pains. “Bruce said he’d be released an hour ago.” You explained, and Steve examined you before scooping you up in his arms.

“Doing okay?” He asked, and you nodded. “Let me know if I’m hurting you.” He says, and you nod again. He takes you back to the catalyst of this very event, your shared floor with Bucky. He isn’t waiting for you on the couch, but you know this is different. Steve takes you directly into the bedroom, where Bucky is packing his stuff like a wild animal.

“Hey.” You call to him, as Steve puts you down on the bed and quickly leaves. “Where do you think you’re going? Better not be without me.” It’s accusatory, but also ending in a joke. Like you always do. Bucky looks up at you, his red stained blue eyes dragging over your body. He flinches when you take a breath and wince.

“I hurt you, and so I’m leaving.” The way he says it is so cold and decisive. You sit up, moving to get up. A cold glare stops you in your tracks. You shake your head.

“Cut that bullshit out right now, James.” Using his first name seems to get to him. “You didn’t shoot me, that was the Winter Soldier. But if you, James Buchanan Barnes, leave me now you will break me. I knew what I was doing when I told you to shoot me, I was prepared for the cracked ribs, what’s a couple more anyway. I told you I’d take a bullet for you, and I did. If that doesn’t tell you plain as day that I love you, then I can’t stop you from leaving.” His face was unreadable, holding you under the microscope inspection of his gaze. You stared back at him, it wasn’t like you could go anywhere if you wanted. That speech had left you winded, and your ribcage was screaming at you for disturbing it.

“What kind of reckless idiot would literally take a bullet for someone?” Bucky finally asks, in a teasing tone. You smirk at him, as the perfect answer pops into your mind.

“Steve.” You say, and Bucky chuckles as he shakes his head at you. “Steve would do the same thing I did, but without bulletproofing. I’m not an idiot, and I’m not reckless either. That was calculated.” You explain, and Bucky tosses his duffel bag into the corner of the room. He sits down on the foot of the bed, as if he’s afraid to touch you.

“Don’t ever do that to me again.” It’s so soft, you almost aren’t sure he said it. He turns to glare you down again. “All the things HYDRA did to me can never, will never compare to the way I felt when I thought he killed you. And I know that I wouldn’t be able to handle losing you. So you better get your shit together, and cut that bullshit out. We’ve got a future to make together, one that can only be made if you are still breathing.” He rants, placing a hand on your leg.

“Sappy Barnes strikes again, now come here you big lunk. We’ve got Netflix to watch before I fall asleep.” You said, smiling at him. He complies, crawling into the bed, and arranging you so you’re comfortable but not in any excess pain.

“Hey, wait a second. Did you just talk about our future in the most nonchalant way possible? Mister 40s value man. What are you saying?” You ask, grabbing the Stark pad to control the tv. Bucky twirls a finger in your hair, giving you a sly smile.

“I’m saying that we should get married.” The subtle way he said those lifestyle nuke words, had your heart racing. Between that and the sternum fracture you thought you might pass out. He gave you an expecting look, confirming it to be a question rather than the statement he’d made it out to be.

“I wanna make a joke about the sudden change in your demeanor, but I want to say yes, first.” You said, smiling brightly at him. He looked at you like he expected no less than one joke. “So that was just your reenactment of the Runaway Bride?” You snarled, and he laughed before leaning down to give you a gentle kiss.

Sometimes the person you’d take a bullet for is the one behind the trigger, or maybe sometimes it’s the catalyst to the beginning of a happily ever after.

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Could u do a zayn blurb where he's dating ur best friend but u like him and he finds out and admits he likes u too?

This probably wasn’t what you wanted. But I think this is actually pretty good for me.

When you told your best friend that you liked the guy in your English class, she agreed he was very cute and shrugged it off. While you pined over the boy in class, you finally built up the nerve to ask him to study with you. He agreed easily and gave you his number. The two of you met up at the coffee shop on campus and bought you a cup of your favorite drink. Instantly, the two of you clicked. No longer did your stomach flip nervously around him, you felt as if you had known him your whole life.

Zayn’s smile was gentle and kind. His voice was velvety soft and he practically glowed when he spoke about art or music. He was pursuing a career as a writer and hoped to be in the publishing business. After reading a couple of his essays over the next few months you had no doubt he would do amazing in such a field.

Already, you had a bit of a side career as a photographer. You imagined you would end up as an art teacher as well, but you had been doing fairly well taking photos of weddings and high school students. You even managed to get your name into a couple magazines every now and again.

In addition to studying almost every day (even when the two of you didn’t have homework in English), you texted one another all day. After all but two months, you were inseparable and people began to ask you when you were going to be dating. Blushing, you shrugged and wondered if Zayn’s friends asked him that too.

About six months into you pining over this perfect boy, your friend came up to you and said, “I asked Zayn out.” She said nonchalantly.

Blinking rapidly and shaking your head quickly, you gazed at her in surprise. “What?” You wondered. At that moment, your stomach knotted like nothing you had ever felt before.

She shrugged. Like it didn’t even matter that she was going out with a demigod. “I asked him out on a date. We’re going this Friday.”

At first you wanted to cry. You told her you liked him. Then you wanted to scream. This was not fair. But how could Zayn let it happen too? It was just not fair. “Oh,” you managed to croak after a few moments of several different emotions coursing through your head. “That’s great,” you mustered a fake smile and you wondered how well you really knew this girl.

“Thanks, I’m excited, he’s really hot and we connect a lot.”

You hated her intensely all at once and you didn’t even feel guilty. Jealousy panged in every blood cell. “I’m happy for you, the two of you would be really great together,” you swallowed painfully.


You were working at the clothing store near campus and in walked two boys that you thought looked really familiar. You greeted them with a smile, asking if you could help them find anything. For a moment the pair stared at you a little too intently and you curiously looked away from them. You knew they were looking at your name tag and then they were coming toward you. A little uncomfortable, they both smirked and then the blond one said with an Irish accent, “Do you know a Zayn Malik?” He asked.

You bit your lip. “Yes…I go to school with him. We study pretty regularly.”

“Wow, he wasn’t kidding when he said you were beautiful,” The curly brown-haired boy said.

You blushed. “Oh. That’s kind of him.”

“I’m Niall,” the blond one said.

“Harry,” the curly-haired one said. “We’ve heard a lot about you,” he grinned.

“Really?” You murmured and felt your cheeks deepening in color.

Niall shoved his hands in his pockets. “He’s very smitten,” he said knowingly with a shit-eating grin on his lips.

You shook your head and went back to folding some shirts. “No…no he’s not.”

“Trust me, love,” Harry nodded and smirked knowingly. “We’ve not seen him quite like this in a very long time,” he explained.

You felt tears well in your eyes. If all that was true, he wouldn’t be dating your best friend. Neither of you talked about the date. But you knew it went well from your friend. And then they started seeing each other more regularly. Zayn didn’t hang out with you every day. When you did get to hang out with him, she was always there. It felt like your months and months of friendship meant nothing all of a sudden. Zayn still texted you, but it wasn’t the same anymore and you were sad. You wanted to hate her, kill her. But you were giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she forgot that you liked him…you hadn’t made any moves to—

“Love, what’s wrong?” Niall cooed and you sniffled wiping your eyes.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.”

“Clearly not,” Harry said rubbing your back. “What happened?”

You swallowed. “He’s dating my best friend…so I just don’t believe you guys. And…I really liked him and told her so…” you cried openly.

They both looked at each other and then pouted at you. “That’s despicable,” Niall said. “He only talked about you for the past year practically and he’s dating someone else. How long has this been going on?” He wondered.

You shrugged. “They’ve only been seeing each other about five months.”

“Five months?!” Harry shrieked. “That’s inexcusable. He talks about how sweet you are all the time…we assumed he was dating you…we didn’t know he was talking about two different girls.”

And really, they wouldn’t know—classes were over except for summer courses. They probably hadn’t seen Zayn since winter break. You kept crying.

“What time are you done?” Niall wondered.

“About an hour,” you told them.

“You’re coming home with us,” Harry said. Without a question. You were ordered. “We’re going to get drunk and we’re going to have a nice long night shit talking.”

You giggled despite yourself. “Thanks.”

“No worries, princess,” Niall said pinching your cheek. “You won’t need ol’ Zaynie after this.”


You didn’t get drunk, but you did enjoy your beverages. Niall and Harry also invited Liam and his girlfriend as well as Louis and his girlfriend.

“That asshole!” Sophia gasped. “Oh my goodness, you should hear how he speaks about you! This is so unbelievable,” she cooed. “I’m so sorry, I have no idea what to say.”

“We can kill him for you if you want,” Louis said, a little sloshed. “We won’t like it, but we will.”

You giggled and shyly sipped your drink. Harry was braiding your hair, saying his sister taught him how and it was a real charm with the ladies but it was also good to be pampered. Plus, no one had played with your hair in a while and it felt very good.

Your phone buzzed with a message from your best friend. I haven’t seen you in a while. Did you go home?

No…just out with friends.

Oh…well…hmm. Would you mind not coming back until…haha well, you know.

You burst into tears on the spot and the small gathering seemed still itself. Liam rushed to get you tissues and Eleanor came to sit beside you. Harry soothingly rubbed your back…as he had read the messages over your shoulder. “This is not fair,” you hiccupped. “I’m sorry,” you shook your head. “You must all think I’m insane.”

“No, love, not at all!” Niall cooed.

“Darling, he wouldn’t stop talking about you. You were all we heard about. We kept asking when the wedding was,” Louis said suddenly much more sober than he was but moments ago.

You wiped your eyes and you shook your head. “Can I stay here the night?” You asked Eleanor. She nodded rapidly.

“Whatever you need,” she patted your knee.


You didn’t talk to your best friend much over the summer. You tried to stay away from her and Zayn as much as possible. Eleanor and Sophia were a great help and you felt a lot better being with them rather than hiding from the couple you were starting to despise.

But you couldn’t help running into them sooner or later. The town was only so big.

“Hey bird,” Zayn grinned. He pulled you close for a hug and you wanted to pull away but he smelled really good. “I’ve missed you—you gotta come see the books I’ve been reading. They’re all really good. How are you?” He asked quickly.

You shrugged trying to be as brave as possible and you smiled politely. “Good, busy. You know,” you said casually.

“Well, can we hang out sometime? I miss our study dates.”

You hated the way he said dates. You bit your lip. “Um…maybe…” You wanted to explain further, but you didn’t know how. Anything you said would sound petty and jealous and bitter.

Shaking his head he blinked at you. “Maybe?” He repeated suspiciously. “So…then you are ignoring me,” he stated as a fact. “Interesting, I was hoping I was just being a shitty friend, I didn’t realize I offended you,” he said bitterly.

You shook your head wondering how this turned on you. You were just waiting for Sophia to come to the mall from work. You were going to get mani-pedis together after you finished your summer course and received a grant from your university to continue some research. The rest of the group had promised a celebratory drink later that evening and Sophia insisted on some pampering.


“You know what, forget it. I hope you enjoy your new friends. I mean my friends. But whatever,” he scoffed about to walk away.

Now in your really close months of friendship, Zayn had seen almost every emotion you had. But there was one he had never seen—that was betrayal. You told him it wasn’t good because you were betrayed more than you cared to admit. So for him to blame this on you, well. You were done.

“Hey!” You shouted. You didn’t care who heard. You grabbed Zayn by the arm yanking him to face you. “I loved you. I pined after you. And then she asked you on a date and you said yes. Like you had no clue how gone I was for you. All I wanted was to be around you and my best friend asks you on a date and you leave me high and dry. I didn’t believe it because it was so obvious to everyone I wanted to be with you. No. I didn’t take your friends, Zayn. They comforted me when I found out you two were getting along so swimmingly and you had fucking sex in my apartment!” You were shrieking smacking your hands against his chest and you were crying now. “I hate you!” You shouted. “I hate you and I wish I never met you and I hope you’re fucking happy,” you screamed stomped away.

Zayn gaped openly and saw as Sophia made eye contact with him. She turned slowly after you. Amazed.


You relayed the story to everyone and Sophia explained her point of view to after you said how stupid you looked and felt like an idiot. “You had every right, love,” Harry said rubbing your shoulder.

You shrugged. “Come on, now,” Niall said. “This is supposed to be celebrating, not moping. Forget Zayn for right now, and just enjoy the music and alcohol.”

So you did just that. You never got drunk—wasn’t in your repertoire. You were here for friends and food…and maybe later you would have enough to drink to get you dancing a little. You were all listening to Liam tell his story about his worst night ever, laughing periodically when Louis kept glancing toward the other side of the room.

Finally, Liam stopped talking and you were answering a few texts from your family about congratulations. When you looked up you realized why everyone was silent.

“Can I talk to you?” Zayn wondered gazing right at you. You asked for Louis to get up so you could get out of the booth. Zayn walked toward the door and you followed after him.

Once you were outside, you hoped it would be quick. You were dressed up all fancy, and that made the coming fall air cold on your bare skin. “We broke up,” he said and he reached into his pocket for a cigarette and lighter.

You bit your lip. “I’m sorry to hear that,” you said softly. And you were. “I know you were really happy with her.”

It was a complete switch from this afternoon. But in the afternoon, you were angry and betrayed. Right now, you were his friend again.

“She told me she knew you liked me.”

You blushed. “Well fat lot of good that did telling her,” you muttered.

“I can’t be with someone that lies to me like that. Especially when they don’t have my best interests at heart. No matter how much it hurts,” he said puffing out a long drag of his smoke.

You crossed your arms over your chest and looked at the ground. “What do you want, Zayn? It’s cold.”

He took his jacket off and handed it to you. “I’m sorry. It doesn’t make up for anything, but I am. And I want you to know that. I love you too…I just didn’t think you could love me.”

“That’s such garbage,” you rolled your eyes. But your heart was fluttering and your face was burning.

“Bird, you are this cute little thing that wears pink and polka dots. I wear leather, have a million tattoos, and ride a motorcycle,” he reminded you.

“Yeah, but you love poetry and you were great to study with and spend time with and share secrets with and I don’t know how many more clues I could have given you,” you said begrudgingly as you put on the jacket.

“You could have told me.”

“Yeah right.”

“Yeah, right. You could have. And then, instead of freezing your butt off out there, we could be inside, warm and drinking with friends,” he said dropping the butt on the ground and stamping it out with his toe. “I thought that if I couldn’t have you I would just be with someone I knew you would always be around…and when you stopped hanging out with her, I got worried and I missed you like crazy.”

You swallowed. “Well I missed you too,” you muttered.

He sighed. “I’m sorry. I screwed up. I shouldn’t have said yes…but I don’t know what I thought. I’m just really sorry I hurt you and I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me,” he said and he peered at you with his beautiful hazel eyes peeking out from his devastatingly long lashes.

“I’ll find it in my heart,” you sighed. “I’ve already stolen all your friends. It’s the least I can do,” you joked.

He chuckled. “Yeah, you’ll have to tell me how that happened because I was keeping you away from Harry. He does this thing where he braids girls’ hair because—oh I see he’s already gotten to you. Well, I suppose I deserve that,” he smiled. You giggled and nodded toward the door.

“Come on, we’re celebrating me, you look like you could use a drink to get over your break up,” you said.

He draped an arm around your shoulder and sighed. “I have a feeling the heartache won’t last long,” he smirked sweetly.

Sighing you rolled your eyes but the smile on your lips was definitely pleased.

RWBY Fic: Drinking

Request from @once-upon-a-salty-empress sent to my other Tumblr a while back and answering here. Enjoy!

Title: Drinking
Series: RWBY
Pairing: Qrow/Winter + James Ironwood
Rating: T

“Jimmy, I know going to a bar is my idea of a good date, but to be honest, you’re not exactly the one I wanna be going home with later on.”

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it's complicated (m)

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

[Taehyung x Reader]

Genre: FWB!au, Angst, Smut w/ a sprinkle of Fluff

Words: 14,525 rip 2 me

—> You were long past the point of no return. The rational part of you was screaming that this was a terrible idea, that this was bound to ruin your friendship with Tae. But you couldn’t find it in yourself to really care. You wanted him, so badly you were about to burst

A/N: Firstly, I decided to try and write in 2nd POV. It was a struggle at first trying not to use “I, me, my, or mine.” Secondly, this fic took me sooo long to write. IDK why. But I really hope you love it as much as I loved writing it. Kim Taehyung gives me so many feels. xoxo

It all began in tenth grade English class.

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Summer Storm - Chapter 21 Seasons

Read on A03


NOTES:  This chapter has several time jumps and goes through several seasons….it has a lot of content and is really long…..there was no good place to post throughout so I just made it super long lol hope you enjoy!



The end of October had a chill to it that signaled the coming winter.  Betty wrote for long hours, trying to finish her book by the deadline from the publisher and Jughead was more than busy in his shop.  The people of town had been too desperate for a good mechanic to care who it was or what he looked like.  He was immediately busy and even hired two of the teens that would come to the farm. He taught them the basics so he could concentrate on the more complicated work.  

Betty had watched them one afternoon and smiled at his patience.  He was actually an excellent teacher and the boys learned quickly, even with the small mistakes.  He never made them feel like they couldn’t do what he was teaching and was encouraging and gave praise when it was due.  This week was especially busy, as people were wanting tune ups for the winter season coming.  He would come in in the evening, exhausted and most nights would eat, shower and go to bed.  She was thankful for Friday night.  He had taken no appointments for the weekend and he could just relax and rest.

Jughead was sitting on the porch swing and she came outside to join him.  The air was chilly but refreshing and she added a fuzzy hat to ward off the chill.  He grinned at her when he saw her and pulled her down beside him pulling her legs sideways over his.  She cuddled close as he kissed her cheek and lay her head on his shoulder.

“Tired?” she asked as he set the swing in motion with his foot.

“Not too bad.  Today was an easier day.  Just a couple oil changes.  I think I have all the winter prepping on vehicles done.  Back to just regular mechanic stuff or whatever breaks down.”

“I missed you this week,” she said softly, kissing his jawline.  

“I’m sorry love, all the busy shit is over now.”

“It’s ok, no need to apologize.  I know you love what you’re doing and I know you’re happy you have such a great customer base.  This town really came through and I’m really grateful that they trust you.  I’m so proud of you Jughead,” she said honestly.

“Well, since you went and changed your name to Jones on everything around town, and they all realized I wasn’t going anywhere, I think they just sort of gave in,” he said with a chuckle.

“I’m pretty sure it’s cause you’re really good at fixing cars,” she said smiling.  He nudged her chin up and kissed her softly.  She sighed into the kiss and he deepened it. His tongue lazily stroking hers, his hand brushing her cheek.  He lifted his head and smiled.

“I like your hat,” he said, his eyes twinkling.  

“Kinda matches yours, yeah?” she replied, giving his a shove so it sat crooked on his head.  He straightened it and pulled hers over her eyes.  He kissed her again as she pulled it back up.  

“How’s your writing coming?  You getting near the finish line?” he asked.

“I think so, words are flowing good.  Just hope I don’t hit a block near the end.  That happened on my last book and it drove me nuts.”

“It will come regardless, you’re brilliant,” Jughead said, pulling her close for another kiss.  This time, his arm came around her waist and she hauled herself onto his lap, straddling him.  “Whatcha doin’ there baby?” he asked, leaning his head back and grinning at her.  

“I missed you,” she murmured again, placing kisses on his lips and cheeks and down his neck.  He took her face with his hands and pulled her mouth back to his.  They kissed languidly for many minutes, just content to rest against each other, enjoying each other’s kiss.  His hand moved under her sweater and stroked the smooth skin of her back and she shivered for reasons that weren’t the chilly air.

“Do you want to go upstairs,” he whispered softly when he pulled away.  She nodded, her body flushed and warm from his kisses.  He stood and took her hand and led her to their bedroom.  They fell on the bed fully clothes and just lay smiling at each other for a moment.  She touched his face with the back of her hand and he took it, playing with her fingers.  

“I love you,” he said softly, his heart in his eyes.  Betty leaned in and kissed him again and his fingers tangled in her hair.  He pulled back and just looked at her for a moment.  “You are so beautiful,” sounding completely in awe of her.  She blushed and he smiled.  

It was these small moments that meant so much to her.  The quiet, lazy togetherness and the confessions of love.  He told her every single day how much she meant to him and she knew she would never tire of it.  This man had completely invaded her heart, mind and soul and she had truly never even known what real happiness and love was until he had come into her life.  

She kissed him again, her ‘I love you too’ breathing into his mouth and his arms came around her, pulling her close.  Their kiss turned consuming and hot and he tugged on her sweater and she pulled it off while he tugged on her jeans.  She was still in a tank top and underwear and he lay her back and leaned over her, his lips moving over her neck, down to the curve of her breast peeking out of the top.  He pulled the shirt up, caressing her stomach with his fingers and she shivered, her breathing hitching.  

“I like how soft and smooth you are,” he said with a smile, kissing her stomach, while he pulled the tank top over her head.  He bit her rib lightly and she jumped, moving away from his mouth and he grinned and did it again.  

“Stop it,” she laughed, and he took full advantage of her ticklishness.  Soon it was a full on war of the tickles and she tried to scramble off the bed but he caught her at the waist and she shoved a pillow in his face as they fell back.  Their laughter echoed around the room and she fell on top of him, and he quickly rolled them over and settled between her legs.

“You’re in a very compromising position, Mrs. Jones,” he said with a smirk while she struggled and laughed.

“Am I?” she asked, her voice low and sultry as she wrapped her legs around him and cuddled his growing arousal.  His teasing faltered and his eyes darken and he moved slowly against her.  “You’ve had a very busy week, Mr. Jones and I believe we haven’t been in this position for a few days now,” she said coyly, reaching down and stroking him through his jeans.  He kissed her then, heavy and hot and she fumbled to get his pants off him while his hands pulled at her bra and panties and soon it was warm, hard against soft, skin on skin and he moved to touch her, finding her more than ready.  

“Now, Juggie,” she moaned, arching up against him.  “Don’t wait,” she pleaded.  He wasn’t protesting in the slightest, desperate and hungry for her and easing into her.  He paused with his forehead on hers, enjoying the feel of her tight heat surrounding him.  She bit his shoulder to get him to move and he kissed her as he pulled out almost completely and then sinking back in.

“You always feel so fucking good,” he groaned against her mouth and she arched wildly against him, her nails digging into his back.  She didn’t let him take his time, there would be time for that later.  Right now she needed him and she needed release and he happily obliged her, moving in her hard and fast and reaching down to stroke her until they fell into blissful release, their groans filling each other’s ears.  She held him tight for a long while before she let him move and then she rolled with him.  

“That was amazing,” he muttered, pulling her right on top of him.  “Give me a few and we’ll do it again, slower.”  She giggled and snuggled into him.

“Sorry I was so eager,” she said with a sigh.

“Hey, I’m not complaining, I love it when you get all wild and needy,” he said laughing and she pinched his side.  He stroked his hands over her back, down to her hips.  “I also like going slow, and making you beg and squirm and scream my name,” he said teasingly.

“I don’t scream,” she denied and he laughed.  He rolled suddenly and held her hands over her head, nipping at her lips.

“Oh, but you do my love, and as soon as you feed me something, I’ll show you.”

“You and your stomach,” she said in exasperation, even as she giggled.  

After they had showered and eaten, Jughead had Betty screaming his name for half the night and she finally admitted that he was right.  


Jughead swore as he tried to shove the barn door closed in the howling wind and snow.  There was always heavy snow in New York in the winter but this was on another level.  There was no concrete buildings to stop the wind and keep the snow from drifting and the amount that fell and drifted around the farm was astonishing.  He had no idea when the customer who had left him his car the previous day was going to be able to get it home.  The forecast called for the storm to last another day and then it would probably be 2 days of clearing snow before anything could move on and off the farm.  He had gotten the horses bedded down and was thankful that Betty had decided to sell the sheep and didn’t have to find them in this dam white out.

He hurried across the yard and the wind basically blew him and Max into the front door.  He shoved it closed and leaned against it, breathing heavily and wiping his face.

“Getting a little crazy out there?” Betty asked, as she came out of the office, taking a look at him and laughing.

“How the hell did you manage winter on your own here?” Jughead asked as he started peeling off his layers.

“Ted usually came to clear the snow after any storm,” she said, helping him out of his snow blown jacket.

“I’ll bet,” Jughead muttered before he thought better of it.  She raised her eyebrows and gave a laugh.

“What was that?” she asked.

“Nothing,” Jughead sighed, and finally managed to get his boots off.  

“You jealous that Ted was my helper before you showed up?” she asked with a smile.  

“Maybe,” he admitted sheepishly.  “He could have stolen you before I had a chance.”

“Well, Ted is married, and even if he wasn’t, he’s way too fucking boring,” she said as she walked into the kitchen.  She couldn’t have shocked Jughead any more if she tried.

“Why is he boring?” he asked laughing as he followed her.

“Jughead, he’s a really great friend, but the man thinks a good time is listening to medical lectures and dissecting frogs.  I swear, his wife told me that was their first date,” Betty said, laughing.

“And she married him?”

“Apparently that does it for her.  She also told me he yells “God save me’ during sex and that he likes to do warm up jumping jacks before hand.”  Jughead started laughing and Betty nodded.  “Yeah, so, no thanks,” she said, laughing with him.   He came over and gave her a squeeze and a lingering kiss.  

“I may do some jumping jacks later,” he said with a grin.

“Well, then you can also yell ‘God save me’, because I certainly won’t,” she said matter of factly.  He only laughed harder and she shoved him with a roll of her eyes.  They made dinner together and when they were all finished eating, they settled on the couch in front of the fire with mugs of hot chocolate.  Jughead wrapped a blanket around them and tucked her in and she lay her head on his shoulder.  

“We may be snowed in for a while,” she said with a smile.  

“Oh the hardship,” Jughead said gruffly.  “Being stuck in the house with my beautiful wife.”  

“It’s Christmas in two weeks,” she said.  “Do you think JB and Noah will be able to come for New Years?  We could always go to them as well.  I wouldn’t mind getting away from the cold.”

“We can if you want.  I’ll just pass the word around that we’ll be gone a while and book appointments accordingly.”  

“I’m going to make a special gift for her.  I’m done my book and I want to get it bound in leather and sign it for her and give it as a gift, before it even goes to my publisher.  Do you think she would like that?” Betty asked.

“She would be thrilled.”

“Do you think she’ll be mad that we’ve been married for almost 3 months and haven’t told her?”

“I don’t know, she might be.  I think she would just be happy for us though.”

“Well, I hope so, cause she sure doesn’t hold back when she’s pissed off at you,” Betty said laughing.

“We can share the wrath now, it’s your fault too,” he said with a grin.  

“What are you getting me for Christmas,” she asked playfully, after a moment of silence.

“Not telling,” he said smiling.

“Did you get it already??” she asked, looking at him.  He shrugged and smirked as lifted his mug to his mouth.  

“I hope you like yours,” she said with a grin.  

“I already have the best present I could ever want,” he said softly, his eyes warm and happy.  Betty took the mugs and put them on the coffee table and crawled into his lap.

“A nagging wife?” she asked with a giggle, kissing his mouth.

“Mmmmm, yes,” he replied, hugging her close.  He kissed her again and she pressed closer, thinking this was going to be the best Christmas she had ever had.

It was Christmas Eve and Jughead couldn’t help but remember his wish on the beach in New York a few months prior.  He had wanted to lay in front of the fire with Betty and watch the snow fall outside.  He was pleased that that was exactly what they were doing.  Although he was spending more time looking into her beautiful green eyes then he was looking at the snow.  

“So, I’ve been thinking,” He said softly, as he leaned up on an elbow and gazed down at her.  Her hair was spread over the pillows they had thrown down and her green eyes sparkled in the fire light and he promptly lost his train of thought.

“Yes?” she asked, an amused smile on her face.  He decided to kiss her first and when she moved against him, he pulled away and took a breath.  

“Stop distracting me,” he ordered gruffly.

“Ummm, you’re the one who started kissing me,” she said laughing.  “So, what were you thinking?”  Jughead’s hand moved down and he gently caressed her stomach with the back of his fingers.  He placed a gently kiss on it and leaned back up and smiled down at her.  She furrowed her brow in question.

“What if we started on that pile of babies we want to have,” he said quietly.  Betty went still and her eyes widened.

“Really?” she breathed in surprise.  He smiled slowly and rested his hand on her stomach.  

“Well, lately I keep thinking about you all cute and pregnant and having dreams of green eyed babies and I’m thinking I’m wanting to have one,” he admitted ruefully.

“How about blue eyed ones?” she asked breathlessly.

“Whichever color, cause I know they will be as beautiful as you,” he said with a smile.  She touched his face and studied him.

“Are you sure, Juggie?  That’s a big step and I know it’s kind of our thing to go stupidly fast with everything, but you can’t get away from babies,” she said laughing.  “You ready to be a daddy?”

“I’m ready for anything, as long as it’s with you.  I seriously can’t think of anything I want more right now then to have babies with you.  I can’t even believe I get to have that option.  I feel like I’m being blessed beyond what I deserve and I just want it all,” Jughead said, his voice tender and heartfelt.

“Ok,” she said laughing happily.  

“Yeah?” he grinned, moving over her.  

“Yes, Juggie, I’d be honored and thrilled to have your babies,” she said and he leaned down and kissed her happily.

A couple of passion filled and delicious baby making hours later, the clock hit midnight and it was Christmas morning.  Betty lay sleepily in the pile of blankets and pillows in front of the fire and Jughead moved and reached for something he had sitting behind them.  

“Merry Christmas Love,” he said as he handed her a small box wrapped in gold paper with a black ribbon.  She sat up quickly and stared at it.  It was almost too pretty to unwrap.  She bit her lip and smiled.  She opened it slowly and pulled out a small velvet box.  Her heart fluttered and she gasped when she opened it.  It was a beautiful ring with a delicate flower on top; the middle a brilliant diamond and the petals sparkling emeralds.

“Oh, Juggie,” she whispered, her eyes filling with tears.  “This is so beautiful.”  

“I saw it a month ago when I went to the city for supplies.  The emeralds reminded me of your eyes,” he said softly.  

“You saw this at a mechanical store?” she teased.

“Ok, I may have sought out a jewelry store,” he said with a grin.  

“Shall I wear it on my ring finger?” she asked, taking it from the box with shaky fingers.  

“No, then we won’t match,” he said with a wink.  He took her right hand and put the ring on her finger there.  It fit perfectly.  She took his face and smiled as the ring glittered in the firelight.  

“Thank you,” she whispered.  “I love it so much.”  She kissed him then and he was about to pull her back on the pillows but she shook her head and pulled away.  She got up and grabbed an envelope from the mantel and sat back down.  

“Ok,” she said a bit nervously.  “I got you something too but it actually won’t be here until the snow is gone.”  He raised an eyebrow at that.  “And I don’t want you to freak out when you see what it is.  I promise I got a good deal on it and I really really want you to have it, so please don’t be mad at me.”  

“Ok, well now my curiosity is about to kill me; what did you do?” he asked slowly.  Betty handed him the envelope and he opened it.  He pulled out a picture.  It was of him sitting on the Harley that he had taken her on a date with in New York.  She had taken a picture when she had seen him sitting there lighting a cigarette.  He looked at her confused.

“I know how much you loved that bike and I found Sam’s number on your phone and I gave him a call.  He gave me a good deal on it.”

“You bought me a Harley?” he asked, completely shocked.  She bit her lip and nodded.

“Jesus,” he muttered.  

“Are you mad?” she asked quietly.

“I…no, but it’s….Betty this is too much!” he exclaimed.  

“I loved that bike and we had the most magical evening on it and I know how much you loved it too and I really wanted you to have it.”  Jughead just stared at the picture for a while, swallowing around the lump in his throat.  


“Thank you,” he said hoarsely when he finally looked at her.  She smiled happily and threw her arms around him, pulling him close.  “I love you, and I don’t deserve you,” he whispered gruffly as she pressed kisses all over his face.  

“Shut up,” she whispered before pressing her mouth to his.  Jughead did as she demanded and kissed her back with enthusiasm.  It was a Merry Christmas indeed.

At the beginning of February, they were packing for their trip to Miami.  It was the only time that that JB could take some time off her work at a law firm and when Noah had a bit of a break in his residency.  Betty packed slowly, feeling a little sad still at the unwelcome surprise she had gotten 5 days previous.  A visit to the bathroom had let her know she wasn’t pregnant.  She had been disappointed but she knew that not everyone just got pregnant right away and Jughead had reassured her that he would work on the problem every chance he got.  She had laughed at his silly joke and thanked him for making her feel better.

The trip to Miami though was something they were both excited about.  Jughead was a little nervous at the thought of flying, as he had never done it before and Betty wasn’t that thrilled either, as she had found out in November for her two day flight to L.A. to meet with her publishers; that she wasn’t a very good flyer.  Jughead had wanted to go with her but he had had so much work and just starting out in his business, she had insisted she would be fine without him.  He simply just didn’t want to be away from her and when she had gotten home, he hadn’t let go for a good 5 minutes when he met her at the airport.

“Hey hon,” Jughead said suddenly, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.  “How’s it coming along?”

“Good,” Betty said smiling.  “I just need to pack the bathroom stuff and then I’m all done.  What time is our flight?”

“8:30 tomorrow morning.  We’ll need to start out early.”  She nodded and moved away from him, into the bathroom.  “Hey,” he said softly, leaning against the door jam.  “You ok?”

“Yeah,” Betty said, putting things in the bag.  Jughead walked over and took the bag from her hand.  He turned her to face him and lifted her so she sat on the counter.  

“Please don’t be sad Betty, it’s only been a month, I don’t think everyone just gets pregnant as soon as they start trying.  It will happen.”  Betty sighed and wrapped her arms around him.

“I know,” she said quietly.  “I’m just so excited at the thought of our little baby.”

“Me too and hey, it sure is fun to try and get you knocked up,” he said with a grin.  She giggled and kissed his chin.

“You always gotta find the positive, right?” she asked with smile.

“Absolutely,” he said with a wink.

The next morning they were on a plane to Miami.  Betty still felt nauseated flying and Jughead was completely fine, as he always was.  He held her hand for most of flight and kept her distracted with stories of him and Jellybean when they were kids and had her laughing so much, she was surprised when they started their decent.  Betty looked out the window in excitement and then quickly sat back and swallowed, not enjoying the view of the land rushing up to meet them.

Once they got off the plane, and went through the gates to where family and friends were waiting, Betty spotted Jellybean right away.  She waved excitedly and the young woman ran over and grabbed her in a tight hug.  She grabbed her brother next and held on to him a little longer.  Betty smiled at them.  He held her like she was something precious and when he pulled away his eyes were misty.

“I’m so happy you guys are here!” JB exclaimed.  “Let’s get your bags!”  Betty laughed at her enthusiasm and they went to collect their bags.  When they stepped out of the building, Betty stopped for a minute to absorb the sunshine and warmth.  It was beautiful and she was happy to not have to pull on heavy coats and winter boots.  Jughead took her hand on the way to the car.  He smiled down at her and squeezed her fingers.

“Here’s to warm weather and sun dresses,” he said with a wink.  She giggled and leaned into him as his arm came around her shoulders.  He pressed a kiss to her hair and JB smiled at them.

“You two are so dam cute, I just can’t…” she sighed.  

JB drove them through Miami and Betty was in awe.  Everything was so bright and beautiful, she fell in love with the place immediately.  Both her and Jughead were surprised when she pulled a little out of the city and they drove along the coast until they pulled up in front of a beach house.  

“You win the lottery?” Jughead joked as they climbed out.  The place was stunning and neighbours were not very close.

“Are you being serious?” JB asked, laughing.

“What do you mean?” Jughead asked as they pulled their bags from the trunk.

“Jughead, what do you know about Noah besides the fact that he was a bit older and wanted to date your kid sister 5 years ago?”

“Hmmm….well nothing,” he said laughing.  “You’re my sister and he was a guy and I instantly hated him.”  Jellybean rolled her eyes.

“His mother is a brain surgeon and his father owns like 50 hotels.  He’s a trust fund baby.”

“Oh,” Jughead said, a little stunned.  “Well, good catch then.”  She laughed rolled her eyes again.  “He’s also incredibly kind and amazing and smart.  And he loves me completely.”  Betty smiled.  

“He sounds like Jughead,” she said softly.

“Except I have no trust fund,” he said laughing.  They headed inside and Betty was in awe.  It wasn’t a huge place but it was beautiful and the view was spectacular.  She wandered out to the deck the seemed to hang over a cliff that had a view of the beach and the ocean.  There was an outcrop of rocks on both sides of a lovely little beach and she was in even more awe.

“You have a private beach?” she exclaimed.  

“Yes and it’s wonderful.”

“Date night,” Jughead said to Betty with a twinkle in his eye.

“God,” JB said with a sigh.  “Just make sure you go behind the rocks on the left, can’t see there from up here,” she advised.  Betty blushed and Jughead laughed.  They went back inside and JB showed them their room and they dropped the bags and went back into the living room.  

Noah came home a couple hours later and after hugs and manly fist bumps, they settled into making dinner.  They ate out on the deck and when the sun started to set, Betty got up and went to get her gift for JB.  She was very nervous as neither her nor Noah had yet focused on the fact that her and Jughead had ring tattoos.  She settled next to Jughead on the deck lounger and held out the package to JB who took it eagerly.  Jughead took Betty’s hand and gave her a reassuring smile.  Jellybean opened it and gasped.

“Oh my God, Betty, is this your new book?” she exclaimed.  

“Yes, it’s not even at the publishers yet.  I really wanted you to have it.”  Jellybean ran her hand over the leather, her eyes filling with tears.  She didn’t take note of the name and opened it, her smile getting bigger when she saw the signature and small note Betty had left.  ‘To my biggest fan.”  

“This is….this is so beautiful,” she closed the cover and stared down at it.  “This is priceless.  Like better than a first edition by Elizabeth Cooper Jones…..” her voice trailed off when she read the name.  Jughead squeezed Betty’s hand.  JB’s eyes flew to them.

“Are you….?” She asked, shocked.  They held up their hands, showing their tattoo’d fingers. “Holy shit,” JB muttered, looking completely flabbergasted.

“Are you mad?” Betty asked quietly.

“What? Why would I be mad?” she asked.

“Well, Jughead is your brother and we didn’t invite you or tell you,” Betty said.  

“Oh,” Jellybean said in surprise, as if that had just suddenly dawned on her.  “Well, shit, you’re right!  Why the hell wasn’t I invited?” she asked.

“We just wanted it to be us,” Jughead explained.  “We decided to do it and just went ahead and did it.”

“Well, it does suck a little, but to be honest, Jay, it’s so completely something you would do, I’m not even really mad,” she said laughing.  “When did this happen?”  Betty sighed and Jughead pulled her closer.

“Our last day in New York,” he said quietly.

“What the fuck?  Like after you left our house?”  

“Yeah….” Betty said, wincing in remorse.

“Well, that’s….i mean….really?” JB asked, again looking surprised.  “Like September? 3 months after you met?”   They nodded and Noah started laughing.  JB frowned at him, wondering what he was about.

“Hey, what can I say?  The man knew what he wanted and put a ring on it.  A permanent one.”  Jughead smirked and Betty rolled her eyes.

“The rings were my idea,” she said sweetly.

“Jesus, you two are so made for each other,” JB said.

“So, you’re really not mad?” Betty asked.

“Nah.  I mean before that week, Jug and I hadn’t seen each other in years and had to basically start from scratch and I know with all you two have been through, I think it was perfect the way you did it.  Just make sure you tell me when the babies come,” JB said laughing.  Only Jughead noticed how Betty swallowed and he twined his fingers back with hers and pulled her real close.

“Of course we will,” He said smiling.  He leaned down and whispered in Betty’s ear.  “Can’t wait to hit that beach and get right on that.”  She flushed and leaned into him.  

“I love you,” she whispered back, feeling his comforting touch all the way in her soul.  Unable to help himself, he gave her a soft kiss.  

“Ok, ok you two,” Noah said laughing.  “Stop with the whispering and kissing, there are young kids present,” he said, winking at JB.  She stuck out her tongue at him and he hauled her onto his lap.  

“You’re my sister now, and holy shit, I’m so thrilled I could cry,” JB said and then promptly did just that.

Two nights later, while JB joined Noah at a hospital function, Betty and Jughead headed down to the beach with a blanket and a picnic.  Betty flushed when he headed to the rocks, exactly where JB had told him to go.  Clearly, he had some plans for dessert.  He was wearing only knee length shorts and she had to take a minute to get used to him in clothing that wasn’t jeans or boxers.  She had to admit, he looked sexy as hell.  Since he had started working on cars and lifting things, his arms had only gotten more defined and despite the tremendous amount of food he ate, he still had a rock solid six pack.  She suddenly had a wild urge to taste it.  He spread the blanket on the sand and she started to unbutton her dress.  

“I’m dying to get in that water,” she said as she dropped her dress in the sank.  Jughead turned to her and promptly dropped the basket.

“Jesus,” he gasped, taking in her barely there white bikini.  She smiled coyly at him and started to walk toward the water.

“You coming,” she asked over her shoulder.

“Not yet, but I will be,” he muttered to himself and took off after her.  She made it as far as the water’s edge before he reached her.  “Jellybean dressing you again?” he said, a heated look in his eye.

“Nope, this one was all my idea,” she said with a giggle.  She had gone shopping with JB the previous day and had been a little shy at the thought of a string bikini but decided she wanted to turn Jughead’s mind to mush and had picked the skimpiest one she could find.  Jellybean had only laughed and found one for herself as well.  

Betty waded out into the water and found it wonderfully refreshing.  Jughead jumped in and disappeared under the rolling waves and she hung back, too embarrassed to admit that swimming in the ocean actually scared her.  He surfaced a ways out and she called him back and he smiled and started swimming back to her.  She had walked out to waist deep and he surfaced right in front of her and she screamed in surprise.  

“Oh my god, don’t do that!” she yelled at him.  He laughed and wrapped his arms around her waist and fell back with her and she barely had time to take a breath before they went under.  They came up and she sputtered and he laughed.  “That was mean,” she pouted.  “Now my hair is all wet.”

“I like wet,” Jughead said with a sexy smile.  She rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around his waist.  He kissed her and she whimpered as he teased her mouth.  Biting and tugging her lip, licking at the corner, soft gentle kisses.  His mouth was so soft and warm and she tried to deepen the kiss but he kept teasing, smiling against her lips as he did.  “Did you want something?” he asked gruffly, biting again, then soothing with a sweep of his tongue.  She was panting soon, pressing close and desperately trying to kiss him fully  and he walked toward the sand.  She grabbed his face and held him still and shoved her tongue in his mouth and he groaned and stumbled and they ended up falling down into the wet sand.  He quickly used his hand to keep them from hitting too hard and then lay over her, his mouth finally taking full possession of hers.  The water rushed around them, shallow enough to not be a problem and she clutched his hair, straining against him.

He lifted his head, his eyes dark and filled with desire and his eyes wandered down and he groaned again. “What exactly was the purpose of this bikini?” he asked, his voice thick with lust.  She glanced down and saw it was completely see through and she giggled.

“Oops, I guess I didn’t think that through,” she admitted, her eyes heated and seductive.  Jughead lowered his head, his mouth fastening over her nipple through her bikini top and bit lightly at it.  He groaned when it puckered and strained against the material.  His fingers entwined with hers, pressing into the watery sand and she arched up against his mouth, wanting more.  He tugged down the material and took her in his mouth, sucking eagerly and she pressed her aching center against his rock hard erection.

“Oh my God, Juggie, are we going to fuck in the water?” she gasped, needing him desperately.

“I’m thinking about it,” he said with a low sexy laugh.  He raised his head and looked at him.  “But if I’m going to be honest, what I have planned will take some time and I want you screaming and moaning without getting sand and salt water in places,” he admitted.

“Oh Christ,” she muttered, her whole body starting to hum at the thought.  Jughead stood and helped her up, and they walked over to the blanket.  He flopped down on it and grabbed some of the berries from the basket and popped one in his mouth.  She sat down and raised an eyebrow at him.

“Ok, I’m sitting here soaking wet and let me tell you, I don’t mean from the water and you’re going to sit here eating?”  Betty huffed.  “There are more fun things you can eat,” she murmured, leaning over him and kissing him.  She tasted the berry on his tongue and he moaned into her mouth.

“I figured we’d eat and build up our strength,” he said smiling.  Betty moved the basket aside and climbed on top of him, kissing her way across his chest.  She trailed her tongue over his skin, down the length of the sword tattoo and she stopped when she got to the head of the serpent.  Noah had been right, it had healed nicely and just looked like the snake had scars.  She sat up and traced it with her fingers.

“You know, Cutter would probably be disappointed if he knew that he only made your tattoo look more dangerous and hot.”  Jughead laughed and ran his hands over her thighs that rested on either side of him.  His eyes darkened as they ran over her, perched on top of him.  The bikini was pointless and at the same time, so fucking hot as basically everything showed through due to the wetness, but still being a barrier as if to keep him away, he just wanted to rip the thing off her and lick her everywhere.  She saw the need in his eyes and moved teasingly against him.  

Betty leaned down and kissed him again.  Stroking her tongue over his lips, dipping inside his mouth and she took his hands and held them up over his head, just like he always did to her.  She grinned down at him and nipped his chin.

“You’re not allowed to move these,” she said teasingly, becoming the aggressor and he could only nod.  “I mean it Juggie, if you touch me with them, we’re packing up and going back to the house,” she said firmly, but her eyes filled with mirth.  His look suggested she was insane for even threatening that, because he most certainly was going to touch her before they went back to the house.  She leaned down and kissed her way down his body.  She stopped at his scars and soothed them with kisses and licks of her tongue.  His muscles clenched and trembled as she moved lower.  Sitting up, she smiled at him and tugged on his shorts.  He looked at her through hooded eyes, his breathing shallow.

“There’s another snake I’d like to kiss and lick,” she said with a smile.

“Dirty girl,” he said and then groaned when her hand wrapped around him.  She moved it slowly, holding his gaze and he shuddered, not daring to look away.  She leaned down, still watching him and ran her tongue over the tip and he moved his hand, about to reach for her hair and she sat up and raised an eyebrow.

“Jesus,” he muttered, putting it back where it was.  “I was supposed to be tormenting you,” he said with an impatient glare.  She laughed and leaned back down.  Jughead about lost his mind.  She dragged her tongue from base to tip and then took him deep in her mouth and he moved his hips in reflex.  She used her hand, moving it with her mouth over him and worked him into a frenzy.

“Betty,” he gasped, no longer caring about her rules.  He grasped her head and moved against her.  “I’m….I can’t….” Jughead groaned and then gasped when she quickly pulled away, leaving him hanging seconds from release.  “Fuck!” he grunted and she wrapped her hand around him, squeezing.

“Don’t come,” she ordered and he had to summon every ounce of will power he had to hold it back.  She looked at him in triumph and he swore again, swallowing hard.  She leaned back down and he stopped her.  She looked at him questioningly.

“I don’t want to waste that, our baby could be in that load,” he said, his eyes teasing but serious.  

“You have more,” she said biting her lip.  “I want to taste you.”  He growled again as she lowered her head and took him deep, sucking hard and he couldn’t hold it anymore, no matter how he tried and he shook as she pulled his release from him.  Jughead lay, breathing harshly, wondering how on earth he was the one laying there gasping for breath and she was sitting over him, grinning in victory.  

She reached over and grabbed a berry and popped it in her mouth.  “We can eat now,” she said with a giggle.  He raised an eyebrow and moved suddenly and she found herself flat on her back, with him leaning over her.  

“Oh, I’m going to eat alright,” he growled.  She shivered at the hungry look in his eyes and he took her mouth in a desperate kiss.  His tongue curled around hers and he kissed her until she could barely breathe.  When he let go she was gasping and his mouth moved down her neck, sucking at the skin where her pulse fluttered crazily.  His hand came up and stroked over her breast, pinching lightly at the nipple through the material and then slipped under it.  He squeezed her, groaning against her skin at the feel of her soft, smooth curve.  Jughead moved his hand to the string between her breasts and untied the top, letting it fall to the side.  He paused for a moment and just looked at her.  Her chest heaving, her rosy nipples straining for him.  He lowered his mouth and touched his tongue lightly to one and she whimpered, lifting her back.  He ignored her and moved down, dragging his tongue along the crease where her breast joined her torso, leaving gentle bites in his way.  He traced the feather with his tongue and she squirmed, trying to tug his mouth up.

“Shall I order you not to touch me?” he asked teasingly, lifting his head to look at her.  She shook her head, her bottom lip between her teeth.

“That was fucking mean and I’m very sorry,” she groaned when his tongue raked over her nipple.

“Yeah, it was,” he agreed, raking it again.  He finally took it in his mouth and she bucked against him.  He spent long moments driving her completely crazy until she was pulling on his hair before he slowly kissed his way down.  He grinned up at her as he tugged on the string of her bikini bottom and pulled it off.  His hand moved up the inside of her thigh, pushing it aside.  His mouth found the canary and he bit it lightly, then sucked on it while his hand pushed her other thigh wide.  He leaned up and kneeled between her legs, looking down at her.  She was glistening and aching for him.  Jughead caught her gaze and reached his fingers to touch her gently and she moaned, her hips lifting to him.  She held his gaze, taking deep shuddering breaths.

“Please Juggie,” she moaned as his fingers teased her, stroking lightly and pulling back.  He watched her face as he slid a finger inside her, then another.  Her head fell back as she arched, her eyes closing, a moan leaving her lips.  He looked down, watching as his fingers moved in and out of her, his thumb finding her swollen nub.  He leaned down and flicked over her, groaning at the wet heat that covered his tongue.  

“You taste so fucking good,” he groaned, his mouth latching over her, sucking at her clit.  Betty let out a yell and bucked up against him.  Her fingers tangled in his hair as he pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his tongue, pressing high inside her.  

“Fuck, Juggie,” she gasped.  He pushed her thighs further apart and his tongue moved between pressing inside her and swirling up and around her clit.  She was sobbing as he brought her to the edge again and again, only to pull back and bite her thigh, not letting her find release.  “Please!” she cried out, her whole body shaking.  Jughead thrust his fingers inside her, curling, pressing hard and his mouth latched over her clit and he sucked and she splintered apart, her thighs clenching his head.  Jughead pushed them apart again and his mouth didn’t stop.  His fingers moved quickly inside her, his mouth and tongue moving and swirling over her and her second orgasm quickly chased the first and he growled when she clenched again, her cries echoing around him.  

Betty lay shuddering and was barely aware when his hands grabbed her waist and moved her until she was on her stomach.  She whimpered, barely able to breathe when his mouth found her lower back, his tongue licking up the length of her spine.  His hand moved between her legs again and she grasped the blanket and moaned when she felt him touch her again.  She was so sensitive, she could barely stand it and tried to pull away.  Jughead’s mouth sucked at the side of her neck as he leaned over her, she felt him probe at her and she moved against him.  He eased into her and his hands lifted her hips, pulling her back against him.  

Jughead moved in her slowly, leaning back to watch himself disappear inside her and he shuddered at the site.  She pushed back against him and he moved his hand around her front to touch her and was surprised to find her own hand there, moving over her folds.  He joined his fingers with hers for a minute and then pulled her hand away when he felt her start to tighten.  He stopped moving and leaned over her.

“Don’t come Betty,” he ordered, and she let out a ragged moan, her breathing heavy and gasping.

“Please, Juggie,” she begged, fighting his hand as he pulled it away.

“No,” he growled in her ear and she sank into the blanket, her frustration coming out in erotic moans.  He put his own fingers over her clit and started moving again, slowly, pulling all the way out and then sinking back in.  He felt her start to tighten again and stopped.

“Fuck, Jughead!” she yelled.

“I am,” he breathed in her ear.  He moved faster then, thrusting into her until she was moaning and gasping once again and he pulled out and flipped her over.  She was glaring at him, her face flushed, her skin sweaty.  “I want to watch your face when you come,” he said heatedly and sank slowly inside her.  Betty wrapped her legs around him, lifting wildly to him.  He braced on his hands and slammed into her, again and again, his mouth moving down and sucking at her nipples.  

“Don’t come yet,” he gasped against her when he felt her body tighten.  

Betty tried to hold it back and only succeeded in making it more intense.  She felt the heat start to uncoil inside her, her whole body going tense.  It seemed to start at her toes and slowly move up her body and she felt completely overwhelmed and pulled back a little.  Jughead lifted his head and looked at her, seeing the hesitation and bewilderment on her face.

“Juggie,” she gasped, clawing at him.  “I can’t…it’s too much….” She cried out, pulling away and pushing against him almost simultaneously.  

“I’ve got you,” he said reassuringly and she shook her head, her eyes filling with tears.  Jughead eased his movement slightly and gently touched his fingers to her.  “It’s ok love, let go, I’ll catch you….I promise I’ve got you,” he whispered against her mouth.  He flicked his finger over her and Betty shattered, clamping down on him like a vice and he groaned loudly, holding still while she pulled on him.

“Fucking hell,” He gasped, having never felt her clench so hard.  She was sobbing and clinging to him and he moved quickly, she was still fluttering around him and he needed only a few thrusts and he came as well, emptying himself deep inside her.  He tried to catch his breath, groaning against her neck as he collapsed on her.  After a while he noticed she was crying and slowly pulled back.  He looked down at her, his face worried.

“Are you ok?” he asked gently, touching her face.  She nodded and hiccupped, unable to speak.

“That was really….”she managed after a while and shuddered.  “It was so intense, it scared me a little,” she admitted.  “I can’t think when you touch me, I felt like I was flying and falling at the same time.  I guess I’ve never felt quite so vulnerable and it felt so amazing, I literally was completely out of my mind.”

“I’ll always take care of you, don’t ever be afraid of what you feel with me,” he said, his face anxious.

“I was a little, but then you promised you would catch me and I knew in that moment I was completely safe with you and I always would be.”  Jughead kissed her, a slow, love filled kiss and then he rolled to the side, pulling her against him.  They lay quiet for a while and then she spoke.

“I think my vagina is dislocated,” she muttered.  Jughead started to laugh.  He couldn’t stop until there were tears in his eyes.  

“I can always count on you to say something completely ridiculous,” he gasped out after a while.

“Well, something is, because I’m pretty sure I can’t walk anymore,” she muttered.  He laughed again and she joined him soon after.  It was a most delightful way to end a round of unbelievable pleasure.


It was May and the snow was gone and the weather was warm, but Betty felt chilled and cold as she sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office with Jughead.  He was holding her hand, stroking her fingers, trying to reassure her.  They were finally called in and they walked into the doctor’s office and sat down across from him.

“Hello,” he said with a smile, opening the file in front of him.  Betty gave him a small smile and Jughead nodded, his worried eyes on his wife.  He hated seeing her so sad and didn’t know what to do for her anymore.

“So, what’s the verdict,” Betty asked, her voice sounding shaky in her ears.

“Well, I’ve gone over all the tests and ultrasound pictures and based on what you’ve told me about your history of missing periods and that being the reason you were on the pill all those years, it’s pretty obvious that you aren’t ovulating regularly,” the doctor said.  “Your ovaries and pituitary glands are not communicating properly and therefore, you have very irregular ovulation.  Sometimes not ovulating at all.”

“Is there anything I can do?” Betty asked quietly.

“There is a medication we can start you on, it can kickstart your body into ovulating properly.  Sometimes it works quickly and sometimes the wait can be quite long.  I can’t give you a time limit, all we can do is start you on it and hope for the best.”  

“So, I can still get pregnant?” she asked.

“Yes, there is still a pretty good chance.  I can’t give you any absolutes, but we don’t need to give up hope,” the doctor said smiling.  Betty nodded and the doctor left to give them some time.  She lowered her face in her hands and started to cry.  Jughead quickly pulled her close, cradling her head in his hand.

“It’s ok sweetheart, it will happen, please don’t cry,” he pleaded, hugging her to him.  She nodded but kept on crying.  He lifted her face and kissed her tears.  “Hey, he said there was a pretty good chance, so those are good odds.”

“What if it doesn’t work, Juggie,” she said, sniffing and trying to gain control of herself.

“Well, then we’ll adopt.  I’m pretty sure half the kids in our town need better parents,” he said with a smile.  Betty smiled through her tears.

“I really want to have your baby, Juggie.  So bad I can’t even breathe sometimes when I think of little boys running around who look just like their daddy,” Jughead got misty eyed as the image went through his head.

“And little girls that look like their mommy,” he murmured.  Betty nodded, fresh tears coming to her eyes.  “Well, how about we go home and have so much sex that your body will have no choice but to make a baby,” he said with a chuckle.  She laughed and sank back into his chest and he let out a long breath and held her close.  After a while the doctor came in with the prescription for her new meds and they were on their way.  

He held her hand as they drove the hour back from the city.  When he turned to look at her, he saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes and he smiled.  It was a start.

Double Trouble

Summary: They met each other while they were in school by a happy coincidence. Little do they know, death, pain and destruction is on the way for the two Gryffindor lovers.
Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

This is the first part to my new series! Yewwwww. Fair warning- this will get darker as the chapters progress. You have been warned.

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Why Bother?

Pairings: BuckyxReader (but not really)

Warnings: Angst, mild cursing

A/N:  This is a first for me. I don’t know if it will work but if it does, it would really mean a lot if you guys told me. Thanks!! 


You were completely in love with him. You were in the middle before you knew that you had begun. 

No. That wasn’t true. You knew you fell for him from the moment you had met him but you chose to ignore your feelings. Because in this line of job, you couldn’t afford to let your emotions take over. Besides, he is Bucky Barnes. You would ruin him if you weren’t careful. 

Yes he is strong…but only physically. This man…this wonderful, caring, charming, beautiful man was psychologically broken. You would never forgive yourself if anything happened and you destroyed him further. 

Argue with yourself all you want, but this could never happen. 

While yow were sitting there thinking, Bucky noticed that your mood changed. It didn’t take his super soldier senses to figure this one out. You always partied harder than anyone in these “get-togethers” or whatever the fuck this was. He wanted to go ask if you were feeling okay. 

But he can’t. He won’t. 

Because if he goes to you now, he would tell you how you drive him mad. He would tell you how your mere presence in the room makes him feel better…no that’s not the word…safer? 

He would tell you how he loves everything about you, from the way you twirl your hair when you are nervous, to how your giggle is the best sound he has heard since the 40s. 

But that is absurd. He would ruin your friendship. 

Because there is no way in hell you would be remotely interested in him. He is the Winter Soldier. He knows how to kill and how to hurt…not love. Why would you, the most beautiful person he has ever seen, give him a chance? 

You deserved better. Because you have gone through hell too! 

No. He won’t bother. Even if you were interested, what then? He could break you if he gets another episode! And he would never forgive himself. 

Yes you were strong…mentally at least…and you could maybe help him through this shit. But you were not physically stronger than him. Then what would he do? 

Argue with yourself all you want, but this could never happen.