you and your stupid face lol


Nothing in that vlive and twitter post was intentionally racist, they were doing a game where they painted on each other’s faces (go see the live) they might have said/did something wrong but they did not do it on purpose
and all you haters saying that they did a black face lol check your facts before talking shit
I do think it would be better if they apologized but for people to actually call them RACISTS well that is just plain stupid they should google the definition of racism

Yaoi on Ice: Ep 5

Every week I find myself saying “Wow, this is they gayest thing I’ve ever seen” and every week, it’s true.

Viktor is his generally hilarious self full force all ep.

Surrounded by people in hoodies lol He looks like secret service.

Stupid Sexy Viktor. 

Poor Yuri looks like his life is flashing before his eyes. His poor little fanboy heart can’t take it.

This scene is made better with Yuri’s response.

That’s… not a thing, Yuri. But… I also understand 100% where you are coming from. 

Speaking of fanboys hearts lol Minami is Yuri to Yuri’s Viktor.

I don’t know what this was supposed to accomplish, Yuri. Don’t just slap guy’s asses. 

Poor Minami, meeting your crush again and then having your face rubbed in his lovey dovey relationship. I love how the rest of the people are either like “wow that’s hot” or “Dude, trying to watch skating here”

I’m going to make an icon of this. I feel like it represents their relationship so well. 

You’re welcome.

When non-shippers see their ship becoming official.

Viktor you teasing asshole. This would have been so sweet. But noooooo. New suit.

And of course what would this anime be without the queer baitiest previews ever.

I especially love how he just tagged all of their names. No commentary beyond “Wow!”. Wow WHAT? Wow Viktor is naked? Wow they are gay? Wow they were just making out???

Bts Reaction To their S/O Having Baby Fever

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Requested by anon (haha I’m so sorry for the last one I’m stupid)

Jin: okay let’s do it! let’s have a baby!

Yoongi: a child? like you want me to be a father? 

Hoseok: our child would be so attractive let’s do it! 

Namjoon: why do you keep wanting baby clothes what are you gonna do with the-ohhhh

(I’m sorry but that was my face after all the anons told me what baby fever meant lol)

Jimin: me? as a dad?

Taehyung: can you just go back to bed please?

Jungkook: but I’m your baby?


If you feel like people only care for your looks, this is for you, as much as it is for me. For those of you that believe it doesn’t happen with men, it does. IT’S VERY REAL. How can I interact or communicate if all I am is a pretty face to some one? Do my words not make sense? Are “they” not engaged? Do their privates pulsate and call for the order to ignore my brains? (No rhyme It’s an awkward position to be in. It makes me feel stupid to an extent. So I’m being shunned like how a student in the early 20th century would be when they would stamp the word “Dunce” on a their forehead or give them a hat with same word,then send them off into the corner. They look foolish over there; right? I feel foolish. So if you look at it as me taking an L, that’s the point. Let me reflect what “they” do to us “beautiful people,” as if we don’t have anything of substance to say.

  • Maven: YO I FEEL GOOD
  • Maven: I FEEL SO ALIVE-
  • Maven: *trips* I CANT DO THIS
  • Mare: *catches him*
  • Maven: omg thank-
  • Mare: lol you should have seen your face you looked so stupid

NCIS. Reader with DiNozzo and reader covers Tony and gets shot. Reader rushed to hospital and Tony confesses and then lots of fluff. Maybe throw in a Gibb’s head head smack lol

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It was the last thing you heard before your world went black.  You don’t remember hearing the crack of the gun, or Gibbs shouting your name, or Tony screaming for you to stop being stupid.

All you remember was the barrel of that gun pointed towards your partner and the disgusting look on your suspect’s face.

And then?  The yelling of your name as the pavement got closer and closer to your field of vision.

You weren’t conscious for Gibbs shooting the suspect.  You weren’t conscious for Tony falling to his knees at your side.  You weren’t conscious as he grasped your shoulders, trying to shake you awake while the blood spilled from your side and trickled out from between your lips.

You weren’t even conscious when Gibbs smacked the back of Tony’s head after yelling at the attending doctor once you all got to the hospital.

“But he’s being an idiot, boss!” Tony had reasoned.

“Let the man do his job,” Gibbs had bit.

Tony was angry that, even after surgery, the doctor wouldn’t let him into your ICU room until you had come out from your anesthesia.

Tony just didn’t want you to wake up alone.

And his emotions were getting the best of him.

“You have to be strong.  For her,” Gibbs says as the doctor comes dashing back down the hallway.

“She’s comin’ out of it,” he says.

But Tony was already charging down the hallway.

Running around corners as he dipped his head into every open-doored room before a nurse comes trickling out of the last door on the left.

Tony’s eyes connected heavily with hers before he heard you groan.

“Y/N,” he says breathlessly to himself, dashing for the door as he slips quickly past the nurse.

Your eyes still hadn’t quite peeled themselves open.

As Tony’s eyes flutters over the tubes running in and out of your body, he feels the tips of his fingers go numb as his face pales a few shades.


You were in ICU because of him.

“Tony…?” you croak out, your blurry vision lobbing over towards him as his back pulls taut.

“Hey there, hop-along,” Tony says, trying his best to make a joke despite the fact that he was choking back his own tears as his eyes continue to take in the tubing all around you.

His pause was long enough for your vision to clear.

“Tony…” you lull, raising your hand for him as he finally approaches your bed.

“Hey there,” he says again.

“You’ve already said that,” you chuckle lightly.

The chuckle gave way to a cough as Tony begins looking around for some water.

“Water…water…no water, Christ…hey…hey!”

As you watch him stride towards the door, he pokes his head out as he yells, “Can this woman get some water?  Is it ok for her to drink?”

“Tony,” you call for him once more after clearing your throat.

“Tony, please come here.”

He finally got the courage to sit down in the chair beside your bed.

“This should be me, you know,” he lulls as he drops his gaze into his lap, his back leaning heavily into the chair.

“You know damn good and well I never would’ve let that happen,” you say.

“Well you should of,” Tony bites.

Furrowing your brow, you watch him sigh heavily as he finally raises his gaze to yours.

There was something behind his eyes…

“Y/N…when I saw you hit the pavement-”

He rarely ever called you by your first name.

You felt your hand instinctively crawl around his, holding his hand tight as he draws a shaky breath.

“I kept shaking you and shaking you…”

You felt tears rise to your eyes as you swallowed hard.

“I just knew you were gone,” he whispers, sniffling hard as he brings the palms of his hands to his face, rubbing hard as your hand hangs off of the side of the bed, entangled in the tubes as your eyes continue to dance over a distraught Tony.

“I love you, too, Tony,” you say, smiling lightly as he whips his gaze back up to you.

“You’re my partner, and I-”

“But you’re not just mine,” Tony admits.

The sentiment caused you to swallow your words.

“When you were bleeding out onto the pavement, Y/N…you weren’t just my partner.  You were…mine.  Everything of mine I’ve ever treasured.  None of it holds a candle to what you’ve become to me.”

You feel tears trickle down your cheeks as your jaw begins to quiver.

“And you had slipped from me and-”

He had stopped to swallow deep, trying to keep his emotions at bay.

But you decided that you were going to sit eye-level with him.

Placing your hands onto the bed, you groan and twist your face up in pain as you try to sit yourself up, grunting as you try to shift your body weight in bed.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold on there, daredevil,” Tony says as he stands up from his chair, his arms linking underneath yours as he helps you shift yourself.

“Don’t do anything rash without help,” he says, his face tilted down towards yours as your emotion takes over your rational mind.

And as you slap your hand onto the back of his neck, your fingertips playing in the short tendrils of his hair, you thrust yourself up and into his lips, your tongue thrusting inside of his mouth as his arms wrap around your body, cradling you close as your arms cloak his back.

You didn’t even realize the nurses that had come barreling into the room because of the large uptick in your heart monitor beeping.

“Ahem,” one of the nurses said loudly, clearing her throat as the two of you break your kiss, your eyes flickering over to the door as Tony cocks his head back towards them.

The two nurses were standing in the doorway, along with your boss, their arms crossed over their chests as they all smirked at you both.

“Sorry,” Tony says lowly, turning his gaze back to you as your face begins to flush.

“Will you stay with me?” you ask lightly as your eyes dance along his face.

“You didn’t have a choice either way,” he says, smiling lightly as he slowly lowers your body back to the hospital bed.

And as he reaches over, grabbing your morphine controller as he presses the button until it turns red, you could already feel your eyes drooping as he places a long, warm kiss to your forehead.

“Get some rest,” he urges, sitting back down in the chair by your bed as he cradles your hand comfortingly in his.

“Get some rest.”

My favorite physical things about the signs

Aries- LAUGH, hair, HANDS, height( tall or short) ,eyes brows, voice
Taurus- nose, fashion sense, SMILE, great selfie ability, how you walk
Gemini- teeth, EYES, smile, cheek bones, laugh
Cancer- eyes, smile, HAIR, LAUGH
Leo- hair, eyes, laugh, LIPS, eyebrows
Virgo- Smile, lips, legs, hands
Libra- height( tall or short), their stupid faces, nose, eyes.
Scorpio- hair, EYES EYES EYES, laugh, when you aren’t serious and you put on a stupid face
Sagittarius- EYES, cheek bones, lips, smile EVERYTHING
Capricorn- lol you have cool hair at times, eyes, lips, smile, LAUGH
Aquarius- hands, you have really nice hands, HAIR
Pisces- SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE, and your laugh

WCW: I could just post a photo and brag about how gorgeous my girlfriend is physically but there’s so much more than that. She also finally fell asleep so I can be a sappy, gross human. Without having to see her cry I mean…lol.

I have a crush on the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way your perfume smells, how you giggle when I tell a horrifically stupid joke, or how your entire face lights up when I tell you that I love you. Six years ago I fell for the hardest worker in the room. Now I get to call that beautiful woman my girlfriend. More than that, the love of my life. I got lucky in ways that most people overlook or don’t appreciate. Knowing I get the opportunity to make you happy and treat you the way I’ve always thought you deserved is incredible.

My #WCW, is actually my #WCE, and my #WCF. Forever. 😊 I love you. ❤


Goldfish cracker war
  • Pisces: *throws goldfish snack cracker at crush *hits scorpio
  • Scorpio: wtf throws one back *hits leo scorpio starts laughing
  • Leo: heyeyy you wont be smiling Once I shove my fist in your face!!!😠throws goldfish bag *all spills
  • Capricorn: calm down leo ... But if that cracker hits me I will kill you
  • Libra: it's just a small goldfish lol *throws it at cap
  • Teacher: who started this mess ?!!! I am not cleaning this up
  • Cancer: miss I saw scorpio do it
  • Gemini: you are all so childish gosh
  • Virgo: *stares at pisces I know you started this
  • Taurus: *looks up from reading book ...Wait what happened?! Who had the crackers?
  • Aries: miss I didn't do anything this time .
  • Sagittarius: y'all so dumb this is stupid
  • Teacher: well everyone has to help clean so pick up all these goldfish crackers I don't care if your late to your next class!!
  • *Aquarius was the teacher lol

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Okay I’m Highkey Mad™ because I’m not able to use a picture of his face for this but—IT’S JERKFACES’ DAY OF BIRTH!

Jerkface, stop. right. there. You need to stop growing or you’ll be in your twenties before you know it and I’ll end up missing it all and I can’t have that lol. You’re getting old. You’re getting old and full of years. WELCOME TO THE HIGH GROUNDS, SON. YOU’RE 16!

Smolster, you are honestly like my Little Brother™. My Star Wars loving, OC creating, too realistic, incredibly sweet, stupid joke using, Mad Man, weave enthusiast of a Little Brother, and I love you like so. You’re my kid brother and I literally can’t wait to see you grow and be happy and enjoy life and see things with bright eyes and feel good and be. happy.

Soggy Baggy, I care about you and I Support you so very much, and I am just so darn sure that this year has so many good things stored for you. I pray to God that this year be the saving point to a whole different season in your life. A season with flowers and goodness and where you can feel your face hurting from all of the smiling. I love you, and I hope you have an incredibly amazing day.

Happy birthday, @unicornrebellion20

Thoughts during Pomp and Circumstance
  • Me: Okay I can do this
  • Me: Damn trumpets chill
  • Me: We sound so bad without the seniors lol
  • Me: The director is laughing. The director is literally laughing
  • Me: -hears a crash- Did someone just fall?
  • Me: Stupid saxes and clarinets and your stupid downwards facing instruments
  • Me: I didn't know it was possible for my jaw to shake
  • Me: My nose is itchy
  • Me: Okay that chick has had her flute down like this entire time your break is over
  • Me: You think if we start playing really fast their walking will speed up?
  • Me: -gets lost like seven times-
  • Me: -finishes playing, puts my flute down, entire body shaking-
  • Me: We played that 29 times.
  • Me:
  • Me: It was easy.

pienipossu  asked:

I'm pretty sure that Finny would use face masks. Greetings from Finland btw I really love your blog. Olet mahtava ihminen.

Lol. What do you mean? Those facial masks to look your skin better? I’m stupid, sorry. 

Awww, thank you! I’m glad you like it :)


my roommates are so goddamn stupid lol one of them got beat up cause she said something anti-asian racist to an asian girl and this happened a week ago and she is STILL talking about how she didn’t deserve it and this girl should’ve “talked it out with her” but she threw the first punch???? like maybe just don’t say racist shit to strangers LMFAO it’s not hard to keep your mouth shut and then you won’t get clocked in the face tf

I dunno who mentioned it but someone in the undertale tag mentioned that The Batter (from OFF)and your player character in Undertale had similar faces and I couldn’t resist drawing this since OFF is another one of my favorite games~! 

Just a quick sketch from my notebook but I hope you like it, none-the-less!

Dating Jinyoung (Junior) would include

• Good morning texts followed by him asking if you slept well because he was away and needed to check up on you
• Drinking coffee together because both of you need the caffeine
• LOADS of skinship (Hand holding, hugs, kisses, rubbing your arm…)
• Bambam/Jackson going “Ew!” when you two kiss
• Comforting you when you’re sad
• “Have you eaten?” Being like the second thing he says to you because he wants to make sure you take care of yourself
• Going out to eat meat (lol)
• Him making that face to get hugs (like he did in realgot7/igot7
• Cuddling while you sleep
• Randomly telling you the little things he likes about you
• 9/10 those little things are stupid like “You have really nice front teeth” and it’s cute in the weirdest way
• Cooking dinner together
• Over protective but in like the cutest “Please take care of yourself and stay happy” way
• “I am in love with my best friend.” Is an actual thing he actually says because you two get along so well
• You getting your way because he loves seeing you happy

anon, i know you stalk my blog.

i’d appreciate it if stupid anons can stop spamming my box with stupid hate shit. keep this up and i’m going to take the “anon” feature out so you can show your stupid ass faces when you want to hate.

if you think my shit is “embarrassing” or “stupid” the fuk you reading my shit for? obviously you got all the free time in the world to take the time to msg me. 

you make me laugh.