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Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)

Be the messenger of positivity, the bringer of kindness, and the bearer of humility. In other words, be the best person that you can possibly be, each and every day.
What The Signs Will Teach You

ARIES: they will teach you to stand up for yourself, even if you risk to be misunderstood

TAURUS: they will teach you to never lose your dignity, no matter how hurt you are, to always get away with grace and to never dumb yourself down for anyone

GEMINI: they will teach you to laugh when you’re not even in the mood to smile because people don’t need to see everything you feel

CANCER: they will teach you to love unconditionally, with every corner of your heart, not expecting anything in return

LEO: they will teach you to appreciate yourself, to know your own value, to accept your flaws

VIRGO: they will teach you to stay honest and pure in this dirty world full of liars

LIBRA: they will teach you to treat everyone equally, to love everyone, just because all the people are unique

SCORPIO: they will teach you to be passionate about everything you do

SAGITTARIUS: they will teach you to believe in yourself above everyone else, to fight for your dreams, not expecting help from anyone

CAPRICORN: they will teach you that loyalty pays itself off, either in love, in hard work or in waiting for something you want, that everything will always be okay in the end, as long as you don’t give up on what you really need

AQUARIUS: they will teach you to show off your imperfections since they are all that makes you who you are

PISCES: they will show you how far the human imagination can go 

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Waiiiit! You've only ever had one pick up line used on you?! Dramatic gasp. Do your legs hurt? Because you've been running through my head all day! What time do you gotta beback in heaven? Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I was touched by an angel. What are you doing for the rest of your life? Because I want to spend it with you! Was that an earth quake or did you just rock my world? There's something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn't have your number on it.

STOP OH MY GOSH WHO ARE YOU????????????????????

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Some think this pic of C/T is a first of them posed together. You think? To me it looks like someone came up to them, said "hey can I take your picture?" & they were "uh sure" & that was the result. I mean Cait's a supermodel. If that's an official posed shot of her & her bf I'd imagine it'd be more than a quick snap of them together where she has her phone in one hand+a drink in the other. Not to mention no crack of a smile. They seem annoyed someone interrupted their convo more so than posed.

hahah THIS ^. they both look like they’d rather be facing literally anyone else. 


Damon x Reader

Your smile fell when you spotted Damon in the crowd. You knew exactly which masked figure he was, a looming shadow in a sea of happy faces. His jaw clenched as you glided through the room, accepting Stefan’s arm as he led you to the centre of the room.

“Why is he here?” You hissed at Stefan who shrugged.

“I told him not to come, even played the you broke her heart and it’s her birthday card.” Stefan sighed, smiling when you let him twirl you.

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Locked In (Part 9)

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Summary: Detective Winchester might have a lead on Sam but it comes at a cost…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: So I might have broke my own heart a little while writing the end of this one…

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BTS Reaction - “You should smile more.”

btswifi said: BTS reaction to their girlfriend telling them they should smile more because she loves his smile 💕 thank you~


“I think you should smile more. I think your smile is gorgeous, Jin.”

“Aish, don’t make me blush.”


“Fine, I will. Just for you, though.”


He just shyly looks away but lets a big grin grow on his face.


“Okay, but only if you smile more with me.”


“You think my smile is cute? Wah…”


“If you say so, I will smile more. I think you should smile more, too.”


He’ll just giggle his lil baby laugh.

“You like my smile that much?”

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Aw write something like that. Y/n has a big love in make up products and asks Harry to do her make up while he keep saying tho that she doesnt really need make up 🙈❤

This has been sitting in my box forever, but I’m just now getting around to it. My apologies.

Harry has always had a fascination with the sheer amount of makeup you own. You only have one face; why do you need 10 different products of each type at once?

He’s watched you put makeup on many times; he’ll stand in the doorway and observe with an amused smile on his face until you finally stop what you’re doing and glare at him.


“Nothin’. Just fun watchin’ yeh, s’all.”

“You enjoy watching me put on mascara?”

“S’just funny that you think you need all of that gunk. Can’t see your pretty face when it’s all covered in colors and creams.”

“Harry,” you sigh, “the point of makeup is to make my face prettier. You’re still seeing my face; you’re just seeing it enhanced.”

“Don’t need it enhanced,” he insists, “Seen you without makeup a hundred times and you’re just as beautiful then as y’are now, love. Probably even more. Y’don’t need any of this nonsense.”

He steps forward and takes one of the brushes from your holder.

“Like this one? What’s this for?”

“It’s for bronzer.”

“What’s that?”

“It goes on the hollows of my cheeks. You want to try?”

He frowns as you bring the bronzer tray closer to him and instruct him on how to dip the brush and get rid of the fallout, before showing him where it’s supposed to be applied. He swipes the brush over your cheeks, rather awkwardly, before doing his best to blend it out the way he’s seen you do it.

“Not bad,” you comment, when he finishes, “You see how that helps shape my face?”

Harry examines you for a moment and then leans in, not caring about smearing your lipstick, and gives you a kiss.

“Got the prettiest face I’ve ever seen love. Still don’t need any help from a brush.”

Bts Reaction to their S/o telling them to smile more!~Hyung line

Seokjin would be in your newly beautifully decorated kitchen, smiling widely as he cooked and hummed to spring day while you sat at the island watching contently, maybe humming along, harmonising to certain parts. As he turned in your direction to use the counter space across from you, you sighed in awe and said “You should smile more Jin, it makes me fall in love with you even more. If thats even possible” His smile grew tremendously and his eyes widened freezing in shock at your remark. At his change of expression you smiled yourself and leaned over the counter to kiss him. Lets just say It would turn into an intense make out session in the kitchen that would only end due to black smoke rising from the food he was cooking.

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Sitting in bed with you just lazing between the sheets, listening to quiet music together would be when Yoongi’s smile would be most calm and comfortable. You would cuddle more into his side, inhaling his sweet yet musky scent and whisper to him “You should smile more you know, its the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” To that he would groan lightly, pull you even closer to kiss your cheek and whisper back “Then you’ll have to be around me even more since I smile for you.” in his grumbling morning voice that made your heart beat 20x harder than before.

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You were far away in Korea as Hoseok toured the world enjoying himself but he always tried to text you as much as possible to make sure you know he’s thinking of you. One night you were laying on your bed enwrapped in a conversation about the newest Bts comeback to Hobi over iMessage, you were gushing about how amazing it was and how beautiful he danced. You sent him a message over snapchat with a selfie of your grin saying “Your smile is my favourite, show it more!” You thought he had maybe fell asleep since it was late where he was but you were proven wrong when you received a spam of 5 or 6 snapchats from the maknae of Jhope dancing and singing about how much he loved you and hugging his phone adorably. He was extremely embarrassed when you told him you saw him doing so.

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You loved to poke Namjoon’s deep dimples when he was talking or mixing music or sleeping, basically whenever you could see them. There were certain times when this made him grin even more and others where it was distracting and he would frown at you like an angry puppy. You were sitting on his lap, facing him with your chest against his and your legs falling off the opposite side of the chair, kind of like a sloth clinging to a tree. You were reading a book and he was editing his music with a content smile on his face from the contact with you. After finishing an exciting chapter and dropping the book you looked up at him as he smiled and nodded to the music and began to poke his dimples making him frown slightly from the breaking of his concentration. “Smile more, Joonie… your smile makes my day” you said, using your fingers to lift the edges of his lips into a grin that grew to be real as the words left yours. He would blush deeply and hide his head in your hair to avoid the embarrassment of how flattered he was, whispering the words “Baby girl” repeatedly because in that moment he can’t form a real sentence.

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I split this request in half since it was SO long, it kind of turned into a scenario instead but I hope you like it @btswifi 

-Aylee <3

i dont care about saying “love is the point” anymore because everyone takes “love” to mean something different and when youre smiling and having a good time thats love. so now i say “having fun is the point” in whatever way you have fun. for me personally it is taking acid and walking around the city alone and being overwhelmed w so much emotion at everyone around you that you cry and then you watch the sunset over the river and then you walk home and go to sleep

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Drabble request for Lance with 46. "I'm your daughter." please 😊

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Pushed and crushed through a crowd surging into the stadium, you clutched tighter to the little girl who was sat in your arms, taking in the masses of anonymous human faces. 

A slightly petrified thought ran through you at the prospect of losing your daughter, Willa, in the throng of people. It was the Olympic trials, open for all to come in and watch. The stadium would be packed right to the hilt. Sliding past a few people, you managed to spy your seats, tucked away in the very corner of the stadium, right next to the floor. 

They had been emergency seats, and though the view of the actual gymnastics wouldn’t exactly be amazing, you’d be able to see everything you’d come to this damned place for. 

You hadn’t even reached your seat when you first caught sight of Lance Tucker. His hair was slicked back with enough grease to make french fries, his infamous smile panning to the few members of the press who had turned up. 

On the floor in front of him was his next young protegee, and he carefully dug his palms into her shoulders, working out the tension from her young, flexible limbs. There had been a time when you were in the same position. Now, you were simply the spectator. 

It took a little while for his attention to be diverted to scanning the crowd. Willa shuffled unhappily in your lap, overwhelmed by the noise and clamour of the place. Your heart began to palpitate angrily as his eyes trained over the room, smiling and waving. He looked right at home. 

That was until his eyes fell upon you. And more importantly, what was on your lap. 

His smile dropped. No one was paying much attention to him and so the only eye that really focused his attention was yours. Without a word, he abandoned his trainee, who was fiddling with her leotard and stalked over, pretending to look nonchalant. Relaxation had never looked good on him. 

‘Can I help you?’ he asked with a slight twinge of anger. 

‘I don’t know. Can you?’ 

‘What are you doing here?’ 

‘What makes you think I’m here to do anything?’ 

Lance pinched the bridge of his nose, muttering under his breath before he turned his head back up to take in the two girls before him. 

‘Who’s this? I don’t remember you having a sister.’ 

For a moment, there was a soft sparkle in his eye, a reminder of simpler times. When harmless flirting just meant you had something to think about when you went home, rather than a reminder of a crushed dream. 

Suddenly, Willa looked up and grinned. Lance looked as though he’d just been punched. The eyes that stared up at him were almost identical to his own.

‘I’m your daughter.’ 

Lance stared back at the small girl with his mouth hanging open gormlessly. His eyes trailed back between your guilty expression and the soft blue eyes of his daughter, the gentle plump marshmallows of her cheeks, long eyelashes and a mop of fluffy dark hair. Just like her father. 

‘And you decided now was the best fucking time to do this?’ 

Lance’s voice was harsh and irritated, the kind of voice you always hated to hear whenever he’d lost his temper with you. He’d never threatened you or even come close to hurting you, but the voice reminded you of countless parents and teachers before who had found something wrong with you. 

Immediately, you felt as though you’d failed him. All you’d wanted was to show Willa that her father was still around, that he wasn’t this ethereal figure who had fucked her mother a few times and then bolted to the Olympics. 

You covered Willa’s ears with one of your hands, hoping she ignored her father’s choice of language. 

‘She deserves to know who you are. I’m not asking you to be a part of her life. Just- this is what happens when you screw someone and then run.’ 

Without another word, you hoisted the bag with Willa’s things in it on your shoulder, jostling the girl around. She nudged your shoulder, asking to be put down and gingerly, you let her drop.

‘Keep a hold of my hand, darling,’ you murmured, eyes still trained on the familiar sharp face that you’d once adored. 

Without another word, you held tightly onto Willa’s hand and led her through the stands, leaving Lance in the corner of the stadium, watching the pair of you go.
You had found a diner a few ways outside of the stadium and slotted yourself into a booth to think. 

Willa was perfectly content with a handful of colouring sheets and a small ice cream sundae, even though she’d been bouncing off of the walls all evening. A half drunk black coffee sat in front of you, wishing that it was something with a stronger alcohol content. 

In the caged television above the diner counter, they were broadcasting the highlights of the gymnastic trials. 

Every so often, the camera would cut towards Lance, showboating for the cameras. Making it rain with invisible dollars, grinning happily towards his students, taking selfies with the girls who were probably half his age. It made you feel sick. 

The television was running continuous footage by now and, much to your boiling rage, kept cutting back to images of Lance and reminding you of your, frankly, embarrassing interaction with him. 

You took another sip of your coffee and took a long, slow breath, turning your attention back to Willa, who was frantically colouring a flower a startling shade of pink. 

The diner door opened with a light ring. You could vaguely hear the sound of footsteps, of people talking in low voices. But it wasn’t until the footsteps approached you and something was placed on the table in front of you. 

‘I remembered it was your favourite,’ a familiar voice mumbled as a thick chunk of chocolate cake was placed in front of you, the sponge so dense that the fork could stand up in the middle of it. 


You started to lecture your daughter on what she should call Lance, when the man in question smiled sheepishly and reached for a leftover chair from another table.  He didn’t look down at Willa. 

‘You scared me,’ he muttered sullenly, ‘Next time, call first.’

You rolled your eyes, turning back to your coffee and deftly ignoring the slice of cake he’d placed in front of you, no matter how tempting it looked or how good it smelled- even from a distance. There was a soft sigh and then, hopeful, Lance turned to the little girl on the other side of the booth. 

‘What are you colouring?’ 

Willa proudly held up the piece of paper she’d been scribbling all over. 

‘It’s an Eeyore. I wanted to colour you, but Mama said a bad word and told me not to.’

Oblivious to the time bomb she’d just set off, Willa returned to shading in the donkey’s eyes a violent shade of putrid green. You glanced up at Lance, who had removed his obnoxious USA gear and now looked a little more subtle in jeans and an old grey t-shirt. 

‘She’s really my kid,’ he said, half a question, half a statement. 

‘She really is. I did paternity tests and everything. That little girl is Willa Tucker and always will be.’ 

Lance stared at his daughter for a few moments longer, utterly transfixed by her tiny movements. You remembered her early days, where you’d hovered over her tiny body, watching each thrust of her fist and kick of her tiny feet. 

It was magical. And he was getting to see it for the very first time. Suddenly, his hand was pressed against yours. You allowed yourself to look up at him. 

‘I can’t make up for what an idiot I’ve been.’

‘I know.’ 

‘And I’m not saying that we should immediately get hitched or something…’  

‘I know.’ 

‘But I want to try and be…something,’ Lance ended with a gentle period. You felt the beginnings of a smile brush against your cheeks. 

Picking up your mug, you drained the thick liquid from its china bottom and pushed it towards Lance. 

‘You can start by getting me another coffee.’

You were interrupted by the high pitched demand of your daughter. 

‘And more ice cream!’ 

Lance smiled. It was perhaps the first time in a long time you’d seen the smile that had made you fall in love with him. 

To have it back made you feel balanced again.


“Joel, I swear if you cut someone’s head off in this photo I’ll cut yours” hissed Camil. “Daria, darling, get closer to me and put your arm around me, everything that goes to my simstagram must be perfect”

“Say cheese” Joel exclaimed with genuine amusement as he took the long-awaited photo

“I want to see it” cried one of twins as soon as she left her position “Camil, promise not to publish it if I look ugly!”

Daria smiled confidently “I’m sure we all look lovely”

“I could use a cappuccino right now. Magali, Anne will you follow me?” Camil asked with a rather authoritative tone.

“I’ll join you!” Exclaimed Daria “I’m extremely thirty too”

“Nonsense! Someone has to stay and keep Joel company. That someone is you” replied Camil quickly walking away.


Happy 6th Anniversary Shoutan!

02/24 is the date that Shoutan debuted as a Seiyuu!!! Omedetou!!! 💖

Thank you for all your hard work, thank you for giving a voice to so many wonderful characters. I’ll keep supporting you no matter what and I’ll do everything I can to make sure that you keep smiling ☺️

I look forward to many, many more wonderful characters which you will come to voice in the future!!!

It’s no longer 24th in Japan but I wanted to post one thing at least💦  Not all characters are shown ofc, but most of them are my fav

Hello love! Please don't forget to....

-Take your medicine (stay healthy!!)
-Wash your face (glow from the inside out!)
-Brush your teeth (blind us with that smile!)
-Get something to eat (keep that energy up)
-Drink plenty of fluid (helps with everything)
-Do something you love (your mental health will thank you)
-Get enough rest (different for everyone but 8 hours standard)


“Are you scared?”, you asked Draco, feeling that you were feeling some nerves yourself. It wasn’t everyday you were going up in the air by some muggle-machine. 

“No, not at all.” It wasn’t that hard to figure out that Draco was lying. He clearly tried to act brave, but you could see through all of that easily. Because of that you laced your fingers through his and gave him a small smile. He responded with a small, grateful smile. 

“We’ll do this together.”