you and your love affair with karaoke

#10 Scrapbook Love Affairs (Harry Styles)



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“Elaborate.” He said at once, smiling cheekily at everyone sitting in our circle.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I frowned. Harry was asked to describe me in one word and he used ‘elaborate’ as one. Aesha and Max laughed while I still kept eyeing Harry.

“What? You are elaborate! You have like a ritual for everything!” He laughed.

“Whatever,” I looked away. Christmas Holidays had begun and, the four of us kept a small get together before the main party at Harry’s house. I lived right next to him and Aesha n Max lived down the street. We all were really close, like best friends! Almost, only I had feelings for Harry which didn’t really work out because all he did was make fun of me whenever he got the chance.

They continued with different games until, it was time to leave for the party. Aesha and I, went to the bathroom to get ready when she asked, “so, is the gift ready? You’re going to tell him through that, right?” She knew.

“I was going too, but, it feels too elaborative now…” I sighed sitting down and trying not to tear up.

“He was joking honey!” She laughed.

“It is elaborative. I have collected all the pictures from our childhood and made it into a scrapbook and then, confessed on the last page.”

“It’s very romantic! And, you’ve worked so hard on it, stop overthinking it,” she kissed my cheek and got to my makeup. I wore an extremely pleasing dress, kinda pushing my boundaries. It showed a lot of skin and, I wore it for this one guy and prayed he liked it.

We both walked out of the bathroom towards the car. Harry and Max were standing beside the car, playing on their phone. Harry looked up and cleared his throat after looking at me. I tried to take it positively and got in the car after, Max complimented us both. Harry whispered in Aesha ear and she giggled. He was complimenting her. I frowned and looked out of the window.

The party was great. It was better than last year maybe because, I planned to let it all go and enjoy myself and that’s what I did. He seemed to be complimenting everyone today except me so, why should I care? I got a lot of them too, and I shouldn’t care when he doesn’t right? Why doesn’t it work like we always think? He spent all his time with other people like he did, girls giggling and making funny faces with him in every photograph clicked, guys joking around and so on. My dressing up made no difference. Was it right to express my feelings to him when in return he hinted nothing? I stopped thinking and took a few tequila shots which let me tell you, wasn’t a great idea. I wasn’t in control of myself and I kept hoping that Harry was eyeing me like I was eyeing him. Aesha calmed me and took me off the dance floor and gave me something to eat.

“Here, give it to me,” Harry took the plate from my hand. “Open your mouth?” I opened my mouth wide and took a bite. I couldn’t eat much, my head was all over the place. “How much did you drink, god!” Harry said, irritation in his voice. “Get up, we are going home. C’mon get up!” He pulled me and we all went home. So, it was great.

Although, I can’t say much about this morning. Harry looked pissed. He was banging doors in the kitchen while I sat on the table drinking lemon water. I had called Aesha and she told me that I was too out to go back home and Harry put me to bed. She made kissy faces in the end but, I could feel it wasn’t going to be positive. I was in his T-shirt and boxers, sipping from the glass, making no noise.

“Eat this,” Harry almost banged the plate on the table and went to his room. I gulped looking around, shaking a bit and started eating the eggs he had made. He walked out after some time with his clothes changed. I kept eating my food and kept my eyes of him. “How’s your head?” He asked. I gave him the “it’s all fine’” look. “What was the need of drinking so much?” He said, his voice showcasing disgust and annoyance. I got up to keep my plate in the kitchen. “You were all over the place!”

“What’s your problem? You like all that stuff…” I said quietly.

“Yeah, you know what I like,” He laughed sarcastically. I stood in front of him with my arms folded. He was fine when any other girl drank and danced on the floor. He was into them. And, now he has a problem?

“What? Don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh please, Brook. You’re different and they’re different.”

“How?” I was angry now.

“They aren’t like you.” He laughed, the disgusted laugh. “You were practically dressed like a slut, yesterday and then, were whoring around…” And, I slapped him. He looked at me, shocked and red. I turned my bacl, my eyes wide, in shock of what I’ve done. I ran to the room – whoring around? I danced with people I knew! I danced with my friends! They’re were people dressed more provocatively than I, and he was around them the entire night and, I am the slut? For having a little drink and dancing with my friends? I had tears flowing out of my eyes as I heard Harry bang a door outside.

I quickly changed into my last night dress and looked at myself in the mirror. No way was this dress sluttish in anyway. It was a bit different from my style but, did I look like a whore? No. If he has a problem with this, he should have a problem with everyone! With Aesha, who he complimented last night! I made the bed and fixed the room, realizing that he probably really hates me. I folded his clothes and placed them on the bed. I mean, there were signs. The constant making fun of me, not paying attention, teasing me, I took it the wrong way. He doesn’t like me, he detests me. I wiped my tears and walked out of the room. Harry has his head between his hands and was sitting on the dining table. His hair was in a bun and his head down. I walked past the Christmas tree which held all the gifts around it but, quickly turned and bent down to pick up mine. I threw it in the burning fire in the room and watched it burn, tears running down my eyes again and then, walked to the door.

“Let me leave you,” Harry said, taking his keys off the shelf. His face was wet and his eyes were red.

“I don’t want anything from you,” I said, banging the door shut before he could walk out.

I walked down the path back to my house. It was right next to him but, a bit far because our houses were huge. I didn’t expect him to follow me out and he didn’t. I entered my house, locking the door behind me. I lived alone. My family was out on a holiday so, I knew this Christmas was going to be spent alone.

Harry’s Point of View

I was a few days later after Christmas, I saw a type of file burning behind the fire. I took it out, not much remaining of it. It was a scrapbook. I opened what was left of it. There were pictures on each place. Of Brook and I, when we were kids, then a little older. I saw her name below a, now burnt message. This was her Christmas gift. Did she throw it in the fire? She refused to join us during Christmas. I knew, she’d be alone so, we went to her house. When no one answered, I took out the key she hid near the bushes and, found the house empty. She later informed Aesha that, she was out but, didn’t give any details. I was worried now. I knew what I said was wrong. Did I hurt her this bad?

Brook’s Point Of View

I skipped New Years too, not wanting to be around Harry and, I knew that wasn’t going to be possible because we had the same friends, I stayed away. I went to my old house and stayed there for a bit. It was different being alone, kind of peaceful. I saw Harry sitting on my doorstep when, I came back.

“I…I came to check…if your we-were back,” He explained. I had my poker face on, while his nose was red and his eyes watery. When I didn’t respond, he continued, “I saw your gift…it was bit burnt…why did you throw it?”

“It didn’t make sense for you to see it.” I shrugged. “Care to come in? It’s cold.”

We walked in and Harry shut the door behind him while, I shook out of my coat. I felt Harry come up behind me and hold my waist tightly, and then, keep his forehead on my shoulders. I stiffened as he pulled me closer. Wiping his eyes on my shoulders and then, resuming his position. “I’m sorry…” He whispered. “I didn’t know…”

“Didn’t know what?” I asked.

“Aesha told me…” I turned around and looked at him.

“Told you what?” I folded my arms.

“That you love me…” He whispered, looking into my eyes and then, away. “I didn’t know…”

“Nor, you would have treated me different? Not made fun of me or hate me? Cause poor Brook loves you?” I laughed. This was a joke.

“No Brook, I never…” He frowned.

“Please Harry. Cut the bullshit. Yes, I love you. Yes, I had made that elaborate scrapbook, expressing my love. Yes, I threw it away cause, I knew it wouldn’t lead to anything. Cause, you’ll laugh about it at least you would have, or just thrown it away like you did with my feelings. Do you know how expensive that dress was? I spent hours just finding the perfect dress so, that you’ll notice me once! Just once and, say I look sexy, pretty even. But, I’m just a whore for you so, why are we having this conversation. Just go,” I felt tears drop down. I had given this enough thought these past few days. It strange that I didn’t notice it before.

“You’re not. I mean, you were looking sexy, you always do. I didn’t mean it like that…” he shook his head and continues but, I cut him.

Harry’s Point Of View

“Oh stop, Harry!” She shouted. How could I make her think like that? Where did we go wrong? “Don’t pity me, now. You know, please go. I won’t trouble you anymore. Won’t cause you any embarrassment or come after you. You won’t even have to make the effort to make fun of me or anything…”

“I tease you…in good humour…in all fun…cause, that’s what we do!” I cut her. Our relationship was like that, it had always been. Did she always take it to her heart? “You’re one of my best friends. I adore you. Stop thinking like this.” I knew she didn’t hear me. She just opened the door and gestured me to leave.

“Just leave…” She shouted.

“What’s wrong with you! Why won’t you listen?” I frowned. She didn’t reply just held the door wide open. I felt defeated. I walked towards the door and held her hand, “I didn’t mean what I said that day. I swear I didn’t…”

“Go.” She pulled her hands. I shook my head and opened my satchel.

“This is for you. Please open it…” I pleaded. She took it from my hands and held the door open. I sighed and walked out and she banged the door behind me.

Brook’s Point Of View

I kept the gift on the table and went for a bath. I needed a hot shower, my head felt heavy. Nothing heals by saying sorry. Nothing. You can’t kick a person intentionally and, then say sorry. It doesn’t work like that.

I made some food for me and sat down near the fire. I looked towards the table and found Harry’s gift lying there. I sat with it and took out the gift wrap. My eyes were wide when I saw what it was. It was a scrapbook. It had all our pictures. I didn’t know he had them or even, valued them enough to keep it. In the end of it, there was a message…

I look at these pictures and see my life. I look at these pictures and thank my stars to have found you. I will forever look at these pictures and pray that I forever have you in my life. I am sorry, I hurt you. I am sorry that I am such an idiot for not realizing. But, I am your idiot and always want to be. Please forgive me and be mine? I love you too, Brook.

You know, I have had this crazy idea. What if Hendall have been going on all along this time? Like fuck Harry and his talk about he will never hide but, really? What if this is true? Anyway…it’s just an idea.



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