you and your fricking legs

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"Flip's sake, will you stop moving your leg so fricking much?" Y/n complained, grimacing as she perched on the edge of the coffee table across from where he was sprawled on the sofa with his right leg stuck in the air. In one hand she brandished a pair of tweezers, in the other hand she held his bare foot. "It's not like this is a comfortable position to maintain." He replied drily. Y/n flashed him a death look. "You're not the one with a stinking gross foot in your face, so you can shut up."-

-He waited a moment, then felt the corners of his mouth twitching upward as he shot his leg forward, his foot now in dangerous proximity to her profile. She dropped the tweezers as she recoiled, gagging. Y/n swatted at him whilst he cackled. “You’re not funny.” She glowered, speaking after his laughter began to die down. “Humour is subjective. Personally I think I’m pretty hilarious. Which by definition, makes me pretty hilarious.” The overt smugness in his tone only served to irk her further.-

-She rolled her eyes and exhaled through her nose, picking up the fallen tweezers and then begrudgingly accepting the foot he once again held out toward her. Angling his foot so that it was tilted towed the light source in the room, she scanned it for the small shard of embedded glass that was causing all the trouble. “You could try being a little more grateful you know. Just a thought.” She snarked. “I’m plenty grateful!” He protested, “Especially seeing as we wouldn’t be in this-

-position if it weren’t for your clumsiness and crap vacuuming skills…” He added, muttering under his breath. Judging by the mischievous glint in his eye, however, he was well aware that she’d catch it. She gaped for a split second before glaring at him indignantly. “I told you to at least put some socks on before traipsing around where the glass had shattered, just in case I’d missed a bit, but no!-” A shit-eating grin climbed up his face as she continued her rant against him,-

-finding the self-orchestrated rampage to be highly entertaining. “-You didn’t! So this is your own fault and honestly, I’m kind of a massive saint for caring enough about you to…” She drifted off, finally taking stock of his expression and shaking her head. “You’re a real ass, you know that?” He chuckled and then shot her a lop sided smirk. “I’ve been told once or twice. By a ‘kind of massive saint’ or two.”

“Well then, if you have a saint or two, then how in the holy hell did I end up doing this, and not one of them?”

Isaac smiled like a child. “You’re just lucky, I guess.” The leer he sent over her shoulder made her turn around, nearly screeching when she found Peter’s face only inches from hers. “Why are you staring at my foot, you creeper!” Isaac said in a complete one-eighty of his previous mood.

“I’m making sure that’s the only piece, you pipsqueak, now shut up and stop looking at me like that.”

“Ow! God dammit! What the fu- OW! OW!” Derek’s voice cried out from the other room, foul language she had never had the pleasure of hearing until that moment reaching her ears, and she cringed, peeking an eye open at Isaac, seeing his smug grin.

“You forgot to vacuum the rest, didn’t you?”

Let’s do that 5-sentence meme!

Can’t stop, won’t stop grooving.

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“I’m fine Sam, I know you mean well but I need to be alone, okay?” Sam respectfully nodded and moved out of the way for you to pass. To say this hunt was bad is a major understatement, you did burn that wendigo but you lost two innocent lives in the process which you blamed yourself for. If you had gotten there four seconds earlier, then you wouldve been celebrating at some bar instead of wanting to cry and curl up in a ball. Dean walked in shirtless as he started cleaning his wounds, in normal circumstances your jaw would have shattered on the floor with your eyes popping out of your skull but right now you wanted sleep. Dean was about to say something when he saw your upset state but he decided it was best for you to be left alone. 

He knew you were most likely going to call Charlie and seek comfort in her but Dean always wished you came to him sometimes. He wished he held you deep in his arms whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Dean’s thoughts were cut short when Sam obnoxiously coughed notifying his brother that you were clearly upset. Dean knew, but right now you needed time.

You threw your duffel bag on the floor and barely pushed the door in an attempt to close it. You quickly changed into shorts and a tank top before you passed out completely. Too tired to do anything, you pulled out your phone and collapsed onto your comfy bed. Looking at the blaring bright screen you saw you had three new text messages. Two from Charlie and one from another hunter.

From: Charlie The Great

Heyyy Y/N, how’s the hunt going? Kicking balls am I right? Hermoine would be so proud of you right now!! :D

FromCharlie The Great

Hey Y/N, hun I am so sorry. Sam told me about what happened, Y/N you are the most kickass hunter I know (Don’t tell Dean ). Hermoine would still be proud of you, call me if you need some girl time! Remember shake it off ;)

Smiling at the thoughtful messages from your bestfriend you suddenly wanted girl time. Not from Charlie but from a certain T-Swift. With a small smile now on your face, you placed your phone into the speakers with your room absorbing the sick beat of Shake it off.

I stay out too late,
Got nothing in my brain
”  You got up out of your bed and started bobbing your head around.

“YEAH I DON'T” you were now inputting your own lyrics into the song, building up the hype.

That’s what people say, mmm-mmm,
That’s what people say, mmm-mmm”  Your hair was now out of your messy bun and it fell into the luscious Y/H/C locks it is, moving it around it still smelt like your favourite shampoo. You felt the beat flow through your body and you attempted and failed to do a wave. But that still didn’t stop you from doing it two times more. You were so lost in the music that you  didn’t hear the door slightly creak open and you kept going.

After you left Dean wanted to come talk to you and give you his famous “we can’t save everyone” speech but he stopped when he heard that god awful but catchy song. He saw your door was slightly ajar so he opened it further and his heart jumped at the sight.

“But I keep cruising,
Can’t stop, won’t stop moving”
 Your legs were graciously exposed, thanks to your shorts. Your tank top clutched onto your torso and it complimented your body in a way where it made Dean’s mouth water. He saw the breathy chuckles you were releasing which made him only smile even wider, if that were possible.

“It’s like I got this music,
In my mind,
Saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”
You were now shaking your hips, moving them sort of awkwardly left to right. But it didn’t matter, you were having fun.

Your personality was Dean’s favourite part about you, no matter how hard things got you always pulled everyone together. You were the strong one out of the three, you were there glue and everyone knew that. But what Dean noticed and Sam doesnt is the way you crinkle your nose when your laughing or slightly stick out your tongue when you’re focused and concentrating. Dean noticed the way you looked in the morning, your clothes wrinkled and your hair a beautiful mess. Dean noticed the sparks when you touched his hand or when the butterflies attack his stomach when you giggle at one of his jokes. Sam knows his brother his hopelessely in love with you though he remains clueless. 

While Dean was deep in thought, you had now picked up a hair brush and started performing into it. Dean couldn’t hold his giggle in any longer and he broke when you pulled one of your elvis moves , sticking your hip out in the process. Your attention was directed to the door and you see Dean smiling at you, leaning on the door hinge looking beautiful as ever. Thank the lord he was wearing a shirt this time otherwise you would’ve fainted. Feeling the sudden boost of confidence over take your body you pulled Dean into the room making him dance with you. Now or never, right?

“Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake”
Dean was grabbing his stomach, breathless from laughing at your hysteric state. You grabbed his hand, forcing him to twirl you as you dramatically carried out your dance moves.

“Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off”
 You were still twirling but you suddenly stopped when Dean softly stared at you with the most sweetest smile he could possibly muster. He was appreciating your laugh, he loved how you two only share intimate moments like these which makes him feel special. He understood how its rare to be happy in this life so in moments like these he cant help but foolishly smile at your rare happiness. Dean wasnt the only one appreciating the other since you began to lose your mind thanks to his eyes. They were so captivating, like glimmering kaleidoscopes of colour. The apple green mixed with the slight hint of hazle made your heart want to leap out of your chest. Though knowing that could actually happen from a case, you tried to keep your organs inside your body.

Dean struggled to breathe and he noticed you were still holding onto him and now slowly melting in his strong arms. His eyes held yours but they slightly and quickly flickered to your lips. He felt you moving in closer and closer until your breaths were now in sync. Nervousness was nothing compared to what you were feeling. Your heart accelerated to the point where you thought you were gonna pass out.

“I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off” Dean saw you smile at the lyrics and instantly your eyes fluttered when he leaned in, slightly tilting his head so his lips touched your soft plump ones with ease. You inhaled his sweet scent of leather while your hands wrapped around his barely exposed neck. Deans thoughts were scrambled all over his mind, he was out of breathe so he slowly pulled away, instantly regretting the lack of warmth coming from you. 

“Wow, Y/N. I never thought I’d say this but thank you, Taylor fricking Swift” Hearing his gravely soft voice your legs felt like they could support you so you held onto to Dean tighter. Another thing Dean now noticed, was how he now loved the way your lips felt on his or how your skin was lightly flushed from the heat. Or how you two fit with eachother, like pieces of a puzzle. Though most importantly Dean now noticed he was now in love with you and he had been for a very long time.

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what do u think david is like in bed? DESCRIBE

BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. At first he would be all gentle and sweet. He would always ask if you are okay and asking if you like whatever he is doing. BUT after the first or second time that is when that inner beast (aka angry luiz if yall know what i mean) comes out. HE WOULD BE SUCH A TEASE! You would on the very fucking edge of cumming but he would like “Nope” and show you what that tongue do. Also you better be prepared when he loses a game because lORD he’s coming home upset and he’s going to fuck you hard and quick wherever the hell you are. You could be fricking be in the bathroom shaving your legs and he’ll still fuck you. Hairy legs and all. LORD IM SWEATING! Plus he probs has a thing for you riding him like a damn horse because he gets tired after pratice or a match so he’ll just let you do the work. Now excuse me while I go to church to cleanse my soul.