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I Like You [Min Yoongi]

Warning: Contains smut. Do not read if you are underage.

A/N: This is very, very long. Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy. Thank you to @katythekitty for your suggestions with the plot. I guess in a way this is kind of your requests? Idk. 

‘Y/n?’ Yoongi’s voice questions softly as you stretch across the floor of the dorm, arms reaching above your head to get into that tight spot in your lower back. His foot pokes out from his position on the low couch, gently nudging your thigh to roll you slightly on your side.

‘Mmm?’ You respond, the sleepy tone in your voice giving away the true nature of your state. The few cans of beer were sitting heavily in your stomach, a beverage that since your college days had always had you yawning before the night was over. Lazily, you flop on your side, scooting across the wooden panelled floors.

‘I was just checking you were still awake. It’s 2am and the movie finished. Want me to flag a taxi for you?’ You let out a slow whine, body wrapping around his feet to clutch his ankles tightly.

‘Why, you don’t want to hang out with me?,’ You pout, clinging to his legs like a small, fluffy koala. You could almost feel his body tense under your touch, an audible breath hissing through his teeth as your arms claw their way up his black denim jeans. ‘C’mon, Yoongyoong. I thought we were having fun. We are only two movies into this Harry Potter marathon… We’ve still got another 6 to go. Where’s your stamina?’ Your hands reach up to tickle behind his knees, before sitting upwards to envelop the entire lower half of his leg into a hug.

‘Fuck… you’re weird.’ His face was still flat, expression blank as he watches you crawl your way up his body, coming to sit comfortably next to him, lounging into the comfort of the soft black fabric of the long hoodie he had chosen to wear. Instinctively, your hands wrap around his waist, head placing itself in the crook between his shoulder and arm.

‘You love it, though, right?’ It takes a second, his body heaving with a deep sigh - the air of which dusts lightly across the crown of your head - before you feel his arm drop, grasping your shoulder and pulling you a little closer to him.

‘Not really.’ He responds just as flatly, a flicker of a smile lacing across his face so briefly you you wouldn’t have seen it if you weren’t trained in finding it. It’s the only evidence you have of what he was really saying.

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there’s no way in hell L.H

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warning: smut

word count: 900+

summary: you accidentally moan another band mate’s name and Luke gets jealous and fucks you hard

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon!! this is written by Hannah whoo, hope you guys enjoy this smut because it’s amazing!! watch out for more smut coming soon because I might drop one randomly with no warning. *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

don’t forget requests are currently closed but they should be open again very soon :) happy reading folks!

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“Haha, you’re so funny Ashton.” I rolled my eyes and looked down at my phone seeing a text from Luke that told me he would be home any minute. Ashton was one of my best friends and although we were strictly platonic, we talked just about every day so that we would never miss a thing in each others lives. Through all of the touring, he kept me up to date with what Luke was doing on tour if he was too busy to talk to me himself.

A few minutes of useless conversation passed and I heard the door open and close, and heard shuffling as if Luke was taking off his jacket by the door. Ashton was crackling stupid jokes at me and trying to make me laugh, and he was succeeding. 

“How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?” He asked. I pretended to think for a moment before answering. “Hmmm.. I’m not sure. How many?” “Tentacles!” He shouted and burst into uncontrollable laughter, and I couldn’t help but chuckle and shake my head at his dumb jokes.

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Patched Up (Part 1)

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  • pairing: peter parker x female reader
  • summary: reader helps peter get patched up, late at night when he sneaks into her house, after civil war. she finds out that he’s spider-man, through an unexpected object.
  • a/n: i hope y’all like this! this is my first fic ever! give me your feedback!!

You and Peter Parker have been best friends since the 8th grade. You lived a block away from each other in Queens, in different apartment complexes. It all started at Ned Leed’s 14th birthday party. Peter had no idea that he had a mutual person between him and Ned, but there you were, standing with the rest of the party guests, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as Ned blew out the candles. Ever since then, the three of you formed a tight bond and started to hang out during the summer and all of freshman year. You rode bikes up and down Queens together, you watched all the Star Wars and Harry Potter movies together, you studied for 3 hours straight at Ned’s house when you had your first exams freshman year.

Peter always thought you were pretty since the beginning, but once you hit your sophomore year, you glowed up. You barely wore any makeup, unlike most of the girls your age, which made you stand out more with your natural beauty. The more time he spent with you, the more he noticed the small details about you. Like the way you closed your eyes when you laughed, or how cute you looked when you would scrunch your eyebrows when you didn’t understand a geometry problem. He found himself getting more nervous aroud you as time passed. He stuttered his words more, and the hot, red, sensation on his cheeks started to be a more common feeling every time you two made eye contact for longer than 5 seconds. He was a clammy, stumbling, hot mess.

Obviously, you felt the same way towards him. The summer after freshman year, he started to get more toned and muscly. You never brought it up to him, but, man, you loved it. You noticed how he started to blush more and look at his shoes when he was with you, how he would bounce his leg up and down when he sat next to you in physics class. But once sophomore year had started, he not only started to ditch your invitations to watch 90s movies and eat popcorn at your house, but he started to miss school events, and even skip classes, as well. He always made up some lame excuse. He either had doctors or dentist appointments, had to help Aunt May in the kitchen, or just had to do chores. You started to get suspicious, but you never called him out on it. You knew that he would tell you someday, when he was ready.    

The night that Tony Stark dropped Peter off at the front of his apartment building, after fighting alongside him just that same afternoon, it was 1 AM. Peter had returned with a black eye, several cuts and wounds, bruises, and a sprained ankle. He was a hot mess, and he couldn’t just walk into his house this late, especially with Aunt May. She would question him like crazy, and he didn’t need that right now.

‘I’ll go to Y/n’s place.’ He thought. It would be rude, but you were his best friend and he knew that you would understand no matter what happened to him. So, suitcase and all, he walked the next block to your apartment building, climbing up the fire escape to the third floor. He cracked open the window to your bedroom, crawling headfirst in. He made sure to leave his bag just outside the window, because he knew that you would question him. The only way he could see was from the dim light that came from the street lamps below. He squinted in the darkness, tip toeing to your bedside. He grunted softly as he kneeled on the carpet, a new wave of pain spreading through his knees. His hand hovered over your shoulder, ready to wake you up, until he saw you a bit more clearly, in the faint light. Your hair was sprawled out on the blue pillow, your knees hugged into your chest with your back facing him. Your breathing was soft, Peter just able to hear it. He didn’t want to wake you. You looked so peaceful, and beautiful.

But he had to do it. He couldn’t risk Aunt May finding out. She was already so worried about him, and about the “Stark Internship”, which she thought was quite odd and a bit sketchy. So, without another thought, his fingertips softly tapped against your shoulder, but it didn’t wake you. He tried again, but it didn’t work. Finally, he worked up his courage and ever-so-gently shook your shoulder. You stirred awake, unconsciously turning over to face Peter, muttering something in your sleep.

You could feel a presence, someone staring at you, and it forced you to slowly open your eyes. “What-” You almost yelled, backing up against your bed, away from the figure. Your breathing increased as you tried to make out who it was that was kneeling by your bed.

“Hey, hey.” Peter whispered, reaching out to touch your hand, to ease you from your startled state. “It’s me, it’s Peter.”

“Peter? What the hell-”

“Listen, Aunt May sent me to pick up some stuff at 7-11 late at night, and when I was walking back, this guy tried to mug me and he beat me up pretty bad. I can’t go back home, because I know that Aunt May is up, binge watching her shows-because that’s what she does on friday nights-and she’ll never let me out of the house again if she finds out.”

Peter exhaled, hoping you would understand. Your face scrunched in confusion, rubbing the sleep off your eyes. “S-so, what do you want me to do?” Peter looked down at the ground, embarrassed, now realizing how dumb his lie sounded. But it sounded somewhat believable to you.

“C-can you, like, p-patch me up, or something?” He stuttered. Again, your face returned to a confused state, but you sighed, slowly getting up from your bed, tip toeing to the bedroom door, easing it open. With Peter close behind you, you both made it to the bathroom down the hallway, closing the door before you turned on the light and turned to face him.

You gasped, taking in the sight of him. His right eye had a blackish-purplish ring around it, a cut over his cheekbone and a bruise to match with it. His hair wasn’t styled, it was in its natural, curly state, a piece of hair falling over his eye.

“O-Oh, my God, Peter!” You breathed, bringing your hands over your mouth to keep yourself from yelling. On instinct, you reached your hand to touch his bruised cheek, but he flinched back, inhaling sharply. “This all happened from a mugger?” You questioned, eyebrows raised.

“Well…” Peter rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, looking down at the tile. You didn’t let him finish, instead, rushing to get the rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs from the medicine cabinet, looking for the anti-bacterial cream and some gauze. You looked at him, before realizing that he needed ice on his eye. “Stay.” You commanded, before rushing out of the bathroom to get an ice pack from the freezer. When you came back, Peter had taken a seat on the bathtub ledge, a tired look on his face.

You started to unwrap the gauze and prepare some cotton balls with rubbing alcohol, while he gazed at you. This kid was totally crushing on you, since day one. You never failed to look beautiful, in his eyes. He saw that you were wearing an oversized sweater, from the thrift store that you told him about a while ago, that covered your butt. He couldn’t tell if you were wearing shorts, but he guessed that you weren’t. You had black fuzzy socks on, and your hair wasn’t messy but it wasn’t neat either. It was perfect. You were perfect.

“Okay, this might hurt.” You said softly, breaking him out of his mesmerizing trance. He looked at you as you crouched in front of him, dabbing the cotton ball on his cheek. You felt him inhale sharply, flinching and squeezing his eyes shut. The wound was still fresh and open. “Sorry, sorry.” You repeated, dabbing his cheek one more time. Then, you put some anti-bacterial cream on his cheek and gave him the ice pack to hold over his eye. “Do you have any other cuts on your back or arms, or something?” You asked. He looked at you, and hesitantly took his long sleeved shirt off, putting it on the ground.

You felt your heart flutter, taking in how toned his chest was, his abs, his biceps. Since when? You thought to yourself, scanning his body. You were frozen for just a second, stunned, and Peter noticed it. “What?” He asked innocently. You shook your head, reaching for more cotton balls and alcohol. “Oh, nothing, you have some scrapes on your back, though.” You started to dab at the gashes, as he turned side ways so you could reach better. The rubbing alcohol on these scrapes irritated Peter more.

“You can hold my hand if you want to.” You suggested-more like an excuse to touch him. He looked at you questioningly, his hand hovering over yours. “To relieve the pressure, you big baby.” You teased, smirking at him. He chuckled softly, mumbling an “Oh, right,” and red creeping up his bruised cheeks. You both couldn’t help the butterflies flutter in your stomachs as your skin made contact with each other. You bit your lip, nervously, as Peter squeezed your hand harder, whimpering, each time you pressed the cotton ball against his wounds. He started to subconciously lean into your chest, squeezing his eyes shut as the pain seared through his body.

“Arms.” You said, when you were done with his back. He held them out to you and you repeated the process again, until you got down to his wrists. Your eyes landed on a piece of, what looked like, high-tech metal or hard plastic wrapped around Peter’s wrist.

“What’s this?” You asked, running your fingers over it. Suddenly, Peter pulled away, fiddling with the thing on his wrist, attempting to take it off of him.

“Oh, it’s nothing, just a bracelet thing.”

God, Peter Parker was a terrible liar. He was truly awful. So, he had you with the whole, ‘Aunt May will kill me, I can’t go home,’ deal, but now, he was just flat out lying to your face.

“If it’s just a bracelet, then show it to me, Parker.” You reached for his arm again, but he pulled away again, blushing a deep red.

“No, it’s fine, it’s stupid-”

“Come on, I won’t make fun of you!”

“Seriously, y/n, let it go!”

“No, Peter, I wanna see!”

Finally, after your back and forth reaching-and-pulling, you managed to roughly grab his wrist, messing around with the bracelet and pushed a button without realizing it.

Suddenly, a red laser shone from the bracelet, onto the bathroom door. Silence came over the both of you, as your eyes followed to where the light landed. What illuminated the door was a hologram of the Spider-Man logo right in front of your eyes. Your jaw dropped, as you looked from the projection, to Peter Parker. You were completely speechless. It wasn’t a device that any person could get their hands on, this was a high tech gadget that someone like Tony Stark would’ve made, or someone in that power.

“It’s not what you think it is.” He blurted out, pressing the button on the bracelet to turn it off, and hiding his hand behind his back. “It’s just a-”

“Really? Because I think that you’re Spider-Man.” You sassed him, not caring for how flustered he was. Your eyes searched his brown ones, looking for the truth. You couldn’t believe he actually kept this a secret from you, you were at a loss for words. This was your Peter Parker.  

“Okay, it’s exactly what you think it is.”

l0rnhub  asked:

Hey! ^^ Can I request the RFA+V+Saeran's reactions to reuniting w/ MC at the airport after being away for a month? Thank you~

A/N: Of course you can, I’d be honoured!! ^^ *get a grip 404, stop fangirling* I mean yeah, psh, you totally can. No big deal. Not at all *smOOTH* ~Admin 404

A/N: Listen,,, that’s a cute prompt but das not a surprise coming from u (also i got some very obvious inspiration from How I Met Your Mother for some of these…)~ Admin 626

Yoosung, Jumin, Saeyoung, and Saeran done by Admin 404!

Jaehee, Zen, and V done by Admin 626!


-Literally BOUNCING

-Up down up down up dOWN


-ARE THEY SAFE?!?!?!?!???!

-He has one of those teddy bears that holds a heart, and like, 7 star shaped balloons

-Do you need all this? No. Does he care? Also no.

-The moment he sees you, he squeals so loud, everyone around him is staring

-R U N S to you, pulling you into a hug

-Makes you drop your luggage and instantly feels bad, and offers to carry it for you

-He’ll hand you his gifts and pull you into another hug

-He doesn’t want to let go, you’ve been gone sO LONG

-Insists on holding your hand and cuddling you close for the rest of the day, he wants to make up for lost cuddle time!

-Begs you to tell him every story and every detail you have about your time away from him

-It doesn’t matter if you called him everyday and texted him as much as possible!!!


-Show him any and all pictures you’ve taken, he wants to see!!

-Is in awe of everything you saw and did

-”MC, can we take a trip together some time? I think it’ll be really fun!!”

-Totally not because he missed you

-He’ll make you dinner while you shower and unwind from the plane ride




-He’s gone on business trips quite a few times since you’ve been gone

-Business trips means places that aren’t home, and places that aren’t home mean different types of things to buy

-Different types of things to buy means aLL OF THE PRESENTS!

-All of the presents means; kidding I’m gonna just leave that there you’re WELCOME

-He’ll have Driver Kim pick you up from the airport, and will wait for you in the living room of your shared penthouse

-As soon as you open the door, you call for him with no response

-Although, Elizabeth the Third meets you at the door Thanks Elly at least you’re excited to see me

-You leave your luggage at the door so you can carry Elizabeth to the living room, where you see Jumin standing the the center of the room

-Or, should I say, the cenTER OF A MASSIVE PILE OF STUFF??

-”Welcome home, Kitten. I take that your trip went well? I missed you dearly. I picked you up a few things because I was thinking of you.”

-A FEW things??????

-”Jumin! You didn’t have to do that! Relaxing with you when I got back would have been enough for me!”


-Confused Jumin

-He just wanted you to know that he saw these things and thought of you but you didn’t even really want it???

-You just wanted to spend time with him??

-That can be arranged

-He has a few of his body guards move all of the things he bought for you into another room and sat on the couch, pulling you onto his lap

-Gently runs his hand through your hair as you tell him all the sights you saw, foods you tasted, how the whole experience felt

-He smiles because he’s glad you had such a great time, but…

-There’s no way you’re leaving him for a month ever again, he couldn’t get you off of his mind

-Accompanies you on trips from now on





-Of course, you always sent him selfies, called every day, and texted nonstop

-He totally didn’t hack into every CCTV he could just to see you, haha, what are you talking about

-The bed felt extremely lonely without you in it with him

-Actually refused to sleep in the bed without you after the first few days you were gone

-He even went out and bought a cake to celebrate your homecoming!!

-Picks you up at the airport in one of his babies

-Yes, he actually left the house to get you, he’s just that excited

-Leaves the cake in the car because he doesn’t want to drop it

-Like Yoosung, R U N S up to you as SOON as you get out of your gate

-Picks you up and spins you around before pulling you close enough to give you a proper hug

-He’ll kiss the top of your head before pulling away to look over you

-He may have every inch of you memorized, but you were gone for a month, he wants to take note if anything changed

-Grabs your hand and your luggage, tugging you to his baby in a haste to show you the cake he picked out!

-It was an ice cream cake

-It’s now melted in the car


-It goes faster when you help him clean, and he pouts the whole drive home

-You’re the one who has to drag him to bed and cuddle him close so he stops pouting

-He quickly gets over it and kisses every inch of your face, making you giggle

-He finally had a good night’s sleep that he hasn’t had in the month you were gone, he’s so content


-Why would you leave this boy for a month

-You left him….with Saeyoung…for a moNTH

-To say he’s salty is an UNDERSTATEMENT

-He’s got such conflicting feelings, because he really missed you, but he’s also annoyed that you left him with his brother

-Saeyoung kept trying to get him to do ridiculous “bonding” activities, so he would immediately call you and say he was too busy to participate

-Had you call him more often than you would text him, he felt calmer when he heard your voice

-Freaked out a lot of the time you were gone because he wasn’t there to keep you safe!!

-He’d pick you up at the airport, and if you’re lucky, he’ll give you a quick (but loving) hug

-You’re in public, he’s not about to make a fool of himself like his brother would

-He’ll bring you to his favourite ice cream place and let you order whatever you want, then take you home

-That’s enough crowds for me today, thanks MC

-He’ll quietly listen and watch as your face lights up in delight as you relive your trip through the stories and pictures you tell/show him

-Forgets that he was ever upset with you leaving, and smiles softly at the fire he can see in your eyes

-He can tell that you really enjoyed yourself, but a selfish part of him hopes that you missed him as much as he missed you

-After your stories and you’ve gotten a chance to shower, change, and just unwind overall, he’ll put on a movie and cuddle on the couch, pulling you to his chest

-A huge, fluffy blanket is literally ENGULFING the both of you

-Nice warm little burritos

-He’ll kiss the back of your head and whisper against your hair that he missed you, and you can feel your heart swelling in your chest and a pang of guilt when you hear the defeated tone of his voice


-Lays his cheek on the top of your head and closes his eyes, listening to the movie in the far background and tries to focus on the fact that you’re home, with him, safe

-Please don’t leave me alone with Saeyoung again, MC. He won’t survive

-”MC, next time you go somewhere, you have to take me. No, there’s no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” about it.”


- This unicorn boy cannot function without you

- All he does is lament in the group chat about how empty his soul is???

- Saeyoungkickshimoutofthegroupchatafewtimes


- zenhaveyouhaveheardoffacetime

- So when you first get off from the plane, you don’t see him anywhere and that’s a huge surprise???

- You sit down because you’re a little disappointed, you were really looking forward to see him after being away for so long!

- You’resodisappointedyouactuallytearup

- You hear an instrument playing but you think nothing of it

- But then more instruments join in???

- You look up and there’s a crowd of people instruments around you?!






- He doesn’t let go of you the entire way home!!!

- When ur home, he’s made your favorite dinner???

- And may I add, a candle lit dinner!

- He whisks you off for a cute bath together because you’re probably exhausted after all that travelling!

- Afterwards, you two cuddle on the couch and watch his movies

- “I want you to get as much of me as you can”

- okayzennyboyi’msureithasnothingtodowithyoulovingtowatchyourself

- newheadcanon:zenisanexhibitionist

- listen,,, u may think this night ends with some frickle frackle bUT U ARE WRONG MY FRIEND

- He just wants to cuddle with you in bed and shower you in kisses!!!



- usually she’s the one away on business trips, and of course she misses you on those trips but that can’t compare to now

- the house is so empty without your laughs???


- the RFA has to confiscate it from her because she started bringing it into work

- holy shit this girl misses you

- When this girl sees you get off that plane, she runs to you and embraces you as tightly as she can

- “Wow did you lose your composure while I was gone?”

- “Screw composure, I missed you MC”

- When you guys get home, lots and lots of cuddles!!!

- youregladthebodypillowisntthere

- there’s tons of your favorite baked goods

- she pulls out matching onesies (I think we know where this is going)

- shehassomelingerietoobutthatsforlater


- this girl cannot get enough of your face and the RFA group is sick of being sent dumb photos of the two of you!!! Theyhateyoucausetheyaintyou


- you two spend the rest of the night watching Zen and Disney movies but you’re not even actually watching them, you’re telling her all about your trip!

- She never wants you to stop talking, oh my god you’re beautiful


- Oh my gosh this poor precious bean has no idea what to do without you???

- Most of his days would revolve around you?

- You’re in college so he helped you out as much as he could because he wanted you to succeed and not have to worry about little things!!!

- Clothes? Always washed and folded when you got home

- Food? He always has something prepared for you when you get home

- You’re having a rough day? He’ll run a hot bath for you and give you a massage after (listenthisboyisacutehousespouseokayfIGHTME)

- When he goes out for photography shoots, you’d always be his model??

- this giraffe is your #1 supporter and can’t get enough of you

- While you’re gone, his project is making a collage of your best pictures!

- hasadifficulttimebecauseallyourpicturesareyourbestpictures

- when you get off that plane, V is calmly holding a super cute sign with your name that Zen he made!

- he doesn’t run up to you, he doesn’t make a big entrance, that’s not V’s style but when you reach him, he hugs you so tight you almost can’t breathe

- On the way home, he decides to take a detour to his art exhibit because he just wants to check out some new photographs that were put up(y’all know where this is going)

- when you go in, it’s all pictures of you (thisistotallynotliketheExtragumcommercial)



- “I wanted to sum up how I felt about you but I realized that’s impossible. I love you MC.”

Chin Up Pt. 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Genre: High School!Au, Fluff

Word Count: 2,125

A/N: it got a lil bit angsty somewhere in the middle oops, but uhh plot twist

Jimin wound up going over to your house soon after you went to his, and during it all your heart only began to grow fonder of him. Every time he texted you, your heart skipped a beat; whenever you saw him smile, you swore he shone brighter than the sun. He was always fun to be around, and always considerate and sweet. You wanted so desperately for him to grow fond of you too, although you knew it to be nearly impossible, after all you saw the way he looked at other girls. But that was fine, you guys were just friends, and it didn’t need to go beyond that. However, you still died a little when you saw the how bright his eyes got when other girls talked to him.

You didn’t really know why you expected him to remain single, or go unnoticed. He was handsome, charming, and everyone who laid eyes on him automatically fell in love. It was only a matter of time before girls started noticing him as well. It wasn’t your place to tell him whether he could or couldn’t date, but you still selfishly thought about how much you wanted him for yourself and you couldn’t help but feel guilty for it. You still spent a lot of time with Jimin, you hung out every day, you could be considered best friends by this point if you were being honest. So of course it broke your heart when he told you how pretty he thought other girls were, and, eventually, began dating someone. You had ultimately decided to be happy for him, and to try to drown your feelings for him.

Somehow, you’d convinced yourself that you’d remain single throughout the rest of high school. Even if it was a completely baseless thought, you still couldn’t help that sinking feeling that you weren’t appealing to anyone. What wouldn’t you give to be the light of someone’s life.

As soon as Jimin got a girlfriend, you noticed he started hanging less and less with his friends. You watched from where you hung with your own friends that he was missing on most days, so one day you excused yourself and went over to them. Nonchalantly you asked where Jimin was, one of the boys you didn’t know spoke up.

“Most likely with his girl, did he abandon you too?” He asked, his hair was bleached blond and his voice was like a growl. You felt a little intimidated.

“Yeah, I guess he did, didn’t he.” You answered, a twinge of sadness in your voice. He seemed to notice it.

“Don’t worry, you can take his place. You seem fun. Name’s Yoongi, you’re (y/n), right?” You nodded in reply and the boys began introducing themselves one by one. Soon you were acquainted with them, hopefully you’d become good friends. Hoseok, Taehyung, and Jungkook did most of the talking, they were lively, you could see where Jimin had learned it. Jin and Namjoon looked on like you did and laughed, occasionally joking as well. However you noticed how Yoongi absentmindedly stared at you, maybe he wasn’t doing it on purpose. Perhaps he just zoned out. Before you knew it, you had to head back to class, but before you could even turn your back to them to leave, Yoongi called out to you.

“(Y/N) can I talk to you before you go?” You were taken aback, but you didn’t protest, so you stayed and waited for the others to leave. As soon as you were alone, he stepped closer to you, but he didn’t say anything which puzzled you.

“Were you gonna tell me something?” You asked as nicely as you could. He seemed to snap out of a daze when you spoke.

“What happened with you and Jimin? One day you guys were like two peas in a pod, and now he hardly ever shows.” His tone was stern, but you could tell he was concerned, you didn’t really know what to reply because, as far as you were concerned, nothing had happened; he just stopped spending time with you.

“I’m as confused as you are. I hardly ever see him, let alone talk to him. Guess he’s just caught up with his girlfriend.” Your answer seemed to be enough for Yoongi, and with that said he asked where your next class was and proceeded to walk you.

For the remainder of the day, you thought about it. Overthinking the brief interaction between you. As soon as the last hour was over, you went to look for Jimin at the place Yoongi and the rest hung, you knew he wouldn’t be there but you went anyway. Sure enough he wasn’t there, but that wasn’t really a surprise now was it. So, you just began making your way home. You were used to walking by yourself by now so you didn’t really mind it, soon you heard another set of footsteps close behind. You stopped, and turned to face whoever was following you. To your surprise it was Yoongi.

He stood there looking at you, he could tell you were surprised so he spoke.

“You going home?” He asked, which you thought was a dumb question because of course you were, you were walking into a neighborhood. So, you nodded.

“I thought maybe we could grab something to eat, maybe we can get to know each other better.” He waited for an answer eagerly.

“Everything’s so far, though, I kind of don’t want to walk all that way.” You said, which was entirely true. You contemplated whether if it was worth it or not.

“My car is parked nearby, I didn’t want to seem creepy by just pulling up next to you y’know?” You laughed, which in turn made him smile a big gummy smile. You didn’t see him smile often but it was quite the sight, it was as if the intimidating, “I’ll destroy you with my words”, Yoongi had melted. You followed him back to his car, you got in and he drove you to a nice sushi place. Yoongi turned out to be hilarious in his own way, he was a very smart guy and very charming overall. You saw that precious smile of his more and more. You also learned that he two years older than you, making him a senior soon to be free. He did promise to still keep in touch after, though. He asked you about your interests and hobbies, your hopes and dreams, your goals in life. Anything and everything, he wanted to know. However, you wanted to know more about him as well. You asked him if he had any hobbies, as soon as the question left your lips his face lit up.

“I- I actually make music, I’m kinda hoping to become a producer someday.” He said shyly.

“Really? That’s so cool!” You said delighted. That’s what you wanted to hear. “Do you play any instruments? Or sing or anything?” You inquired.

“I play the piano, I can rap, too.” He said, trying his best not to stroke his own ego too much.

“Maybe you can show me your music sometime?” You actually really hoped he said yes, because that’d be amazing.

“Ah, maybe, we’ll see about that.” Sounding clearly reluctant. To which you were a little disappointed to hear, but you played it off and still kept that little hope alive.

The afternoon came and went, and before you knew it you had to be home. Yoongi drove you home, and accompanied you to the front door. You exchanged goodbyes, and you saw him drive away. You knew that as soon as you walked in, the questions would rain down. You took a deep breath and opened the door.

Soon after that nice evening with Yoongi, you grew closer with the guys. You didn’t always hang out with them, but Yoongi took up the habit of walking you to class and driving you home whenever he could. Never was there a dull moment in the guys’ company. One day, something kind of unexpected happened.

“Well look who’s decided to grace us with his presence! How do you do Jiminie, we were beginning to think you’d vanished.” Taehyung said as Jimin approached. Jimin just smiled and gave a little giggle, and he just joined like nothing had ever changed. When lunch ended, Yoongi and you began walking to your class half expecting that Jimin would go walk his girlfriend to her own class, instead Jimin asked Yoongi to leave you two alone, he complied and said he’d see you after class. Jimin didn’t seem to like that, but he put it aside.

“Where’s your girl? Is she absent?” You asked hoping for some explanation for his sudden company. Disappointingly, that was the case, and you couldn’t help but die a little inside. So you stopped in your tracks.

“So, you’re only here walking me because she isn’t here?” The sadness obvious in your voice. You didn’t even want to look at him.

“Well, yeah in a sense, I suppose so.” He said, as if it were obvious.

“Do me a favor, fuck off.”

And that was that. You kept walking, and only sped up when Jimin followed after you. Last thing you saw and heard was him calling out to you as you went into your class. You sat and texted Yoongi what’d just happened, you could feel the anger seeping through the messages.

[Mr. Min🌞-11:50AM:  he did not fucking say that]

[Mr. Min🌞-11:50AM: he fucking didn’t]

[Mr. Min🌞-11:51AM: i can’t fucking believe it]

[(Y/N)-11:52AM: Yoongi, it’s fine really, it’s not a big deal ok? let’s just move on and pretend he didn’t just do that]

[Mr. Min🌞-11:52AM: it’s not fucking okay (y/n), it’s fucked that he thinks that he can just show up whenever he wants, and that you’re some sort of replacement for his girlfriend]

[Mr. Min🌞-11:53AM: it just isn’t okay]

He had a point, Jimin couldn’t just come around and pretend like nothing happened and fill the empty space with you, as if you were disposable. But you still felt a little bad about telling him to fuck off. You let it pass, and convinced yourself that Jimin would eventually come around and maybe apologize. Until he did, you’d go about your own life normally. You didn’t need to put up with his shit, especially when you were trying to drown any and all romantic feelings for him. Which, had been working, maybe this incident would be the final nail in the coffin of that problem. You just kept going over the situation over and over again in your head, you were tempted to text Jimin to apologize; but then the thought came to you why the fuck should you apologize? You weren’t the one who sought him out as a temporary replacement for your significant other’s absence. You managed to reassure yourself that way and stopped thinking about it altogether, you were at ease once again and just waited for the time to go home.

Jimin didn’t bother you after that. He went back to being caught up with his girlfriend after that day, and the guys saw less and less of him. He stopped talking to them altogether, you blamed yourself a little for it, but they assured you it wasn’t your fault. Soon, Yoongi started taking up most of your time. He started hanging out at your place, and you at his. You spent nearly every waking hour together, and that was okay with both of you. You’d learned more and more about each other, which just brought you closer and closer. It was really nice.

One day, Yoongi texted you saying he had something important to show you, he said he’d pick you up in five minutes so you’d better be ready. He was there just in time, you went with him back to his place, and once you’d settled in his room he played something over the speakers. It was music. A nice, calm, sweet melody1 spilled from the speakers in the corners of the room. He sat at his desk watching your reaction, a mixture of awe and shock took over your features. If you were correct, this was his music.

“So, what do you think?” He asked as soon as it was over. You honestly didn’t know what to say, it sounded great, but even that was an understatement. All you could muster was a weak ‘amazing’.

“I’m glad you liked it, I made it after you said you wanted to listen to my music. Thought this would be nice for you.” He said, trying to keep his cool.

“I love it.” You managed to say finally.

“Great, it’s for you.”

hacker!jihoon au

-uni student by day hacker by night

-and like listen

-he didnt start hacking bc he had bad intentions

-he just does bad things when he’s bored

-im not saying jihoon goes on the deep web but im saying he goes on the deep web :))))))))))))))

-he’s fucking infamous there

-nobody fucks with him

-he’s only known as woozi and nobody knows his real name

-he’s tiny and T E R R I F Y I N G

-do you know how many times he’s hacked into big corporations and leaked information just because someone would pay him for it

-y’all dont fuck with jihoon

-he sounds like an awful person but pLS LET ME EXPLAIN

-turns into the mr krabs meme any time someone mentions anonymous or hacking in general

-he mostly just hacks for the money honestly

-he doesnt even spend any of that money on himself

-he just spoils the fuck out of his friends and pays for his uni stuff

-he is such a sweet precious baby in real life but he’s so cold hearted online what a loser i love him

-the reason he joined the team was bc of seungcheol

-seungcheol went to uni with him and they were close friends!! seungcheol knew everything about him except that jihoon was a hacker


-how else does he manage this team of actual children smh

-so tl;dr he manages to convince jihoon to join the gang and now hacking for the gang is his full time job :’)))))))))

-he doesnt go with the boys on missions but he stays back and watches them from security cameras and talks to them through mics

-probably does homework while doing so tbh

-”ok jihoon what do i do next?”

-”hm? wait i don’t know what’s happening my glasses are fogging up”




-before he even joined, the entire team knew about him and not just from seungcheol

-tbh they were all terrified of him at first bUT THEY REALIZED HOW SMOL AND FLUFFY HE WAS AND HE BECAME THE GROUP’S NEW BABY

-cringes xtra hard when he sees the boys doing something in a way he wouldnt personally do

-like, he understands there are different ways of doing things but being a hacker and doing things the same way over and over again, using the same techniques to solve everything stuck with him and it makes him feel icky and anxious when he sees the boys do something that he wouldnt

-cares about his dumb spy children so much ;-;-;

-hansol is such a terrified lil baby and jihoon has to always comfort him

-”jihoon im gonna have a panic attack”

-”no youre not, it’s ok”

-”you cant even see my face how do you know iT’S OK”

-”i can see your face in the corner of the camera and wow u look ugly”


-hansol proceeds to run off and steps on a trap

-jihoon cringes and slams his head on the table

-save him from these idiots

-honestly he’s the true mastermind

-seungcheol is like half a mastermind and the other half is an edgelord™️

-cue jihoon’s eyeroll

-”hoshi if you touch my hair one more time im gonna send a swat team to your house”

-”are u still salty i didnt let u sit on my lap :((((((((“

-”i diDnT WaNNa sIT oN uR LaP”

-one time hoshi broke his arm so he wasnt allowed on missions so during the entire time he was forced to stay home, he’d go over to jihoon’s and he’d make jihoon sit on his lap while he hacked

-”woah numbers”

-”woah hoshi shut up and let me hack”

-”ur feisty ;))))”

-”im going to abandon this team, move to alaska and change my name to whore-rito do you want that”

-”i luv me some whore-rito”

-the member that’s most likely to be kidnapped

-so tiny and smol cant fight for his life

-reason #232847 of why he has bodyguards!meanie

-talks shit isnt ready to get hit

-falls asleep hunched over his desk all the time because he works to the point where he passes out :)))))

-seungcheol forces him to take breaks and if he doesnt convince him, jeonghan has to come in to pull a mom

-”honey, youre working yourself too hard, you should-”


-ok now it’s the point of the au where i talk about where youre dating jihoon if that doesnt float your boat you can skiP IT

-you two met when he joined the team

-”hey jihoon meet y/n, they’re apart of the team now.”

-jihoon fell for you so hard what a dweEB

-youre in charge of most of the missions and jihoon worries over you a lot

-”hey jihoon maybe you shouldnt fuck around with the deep web anymore-”

-”maybe you shouldnt fuck around with your life anymore on those missions but you dont see me saying anything”

-he’s sososososo subtly caring towards you and it warms your lil heart aw

-he’s not much of a violent person but he’ll do anything to protect you dbsfvjdsfbdnfs

-being a hacker taught him something about keeping those who were close to you and throwing everyone else away

-and fuck you are so important to him

-god he would throw his life away for you in a heartbeat it’s so scary but you feel the same way and sdfildfjdf

-can you imagine if this lil bean gets kidnapped because someone didnt like what you were doing



-”jihoon when’d you learn how to fight”

-”*cue jihoon’s internal screaming bc he only fought so hard for you*”

-whenever you get hurt he wont let you leave his room until he makes sure youre ok again

-”jihoon i literally just got a bruise on my leg i-”

-”stOoOoooOP rEsIStINg yOurE ON ThE VerGe oF DeAtH”

-you like watching him hack but you dont get to often since youre off on missions all the time

-but on the rare times when you dont need to go, you like hanging back with jihoon and watching him do his thing

-he always looks so concentrated and determined and his soft features turn so tensed

-he clenches his jaw and it’s a bad habit but you find it so cute and dsfkbshdkfd

-the way he sounds so stern when talking to the boys just goSH IM MELTING

-i mean

-youre melting


-hardwork with the occasional “babe can you get me some ramen”

-”jihoon if you dont fuckin help the boys istg”

-”i aM”


-jihoon’s the type to eat cereal while watching the boys suffer

“Unrequited Love” Rick Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2,690

Rick Grimes x Reader

Request from Anon: Can you write an imagine where its right after Rick lost Lori and he’s sort of using the reader to get over her? Like he’s emotionally unavailable and he’s just using her for sex in hopes that he will get over Lori but the reader is actually in love with him

Warnings: Implied smut, mentions of death, emotionally unavailable Rick, teensy tiny bit of angst

Originally posted by padmeahmidalas

You watch him as he walks into the cell block, covered in blood and guts. The past few days have been hard for all of you, but especially him. He had just lost his wife, and to make it worse, he has been MIA since it happened. This is the first time you’d seen him since he got the news that Lori died in childbirth.

All eyes are on Rick as he avoids eye contact with the group, going straight to his cell. He looks like a mess. You can’t help but hurt for him. You can’t possibly imagine what he is going through, but you have lost people close to you and you know that hurts.

Your sister Maggie looks over at you with worried eyes, and you know the same thoughts are running through all of your brains. Is he ok?

You all also know the answer to that question, but can’t help but asking yourself that anyways. He was gone for days, leaving the entire group, and comes back soaked in blood and not talking to anyone. Not even his own son, and certainly not going anywhere near his new daughter.

You sigh and shake your head, not wanting to stress yourself out more than you already were. You walk away from the group and go over to your little sister, Beth. She was holding the baby, who had yet to be given a name, and was feeding her.

“I heard Rick is back.” She says quietly.

“Yeah, he is.”

“How’s he doin’?”

“He’s exactly how you would expect him to be, I guess.” You shrug. “He’s goin’ through a lot.”

“And how are you doin’?”

Beth knows how you feel about Rick. Ever since he showed up at the farm, you had feelings for him. He was an attractive man, and the leadership he had just made him more attractive in your eyes. Of course, you never acted on it and you never planned to- he had a wife (or used to) and a kid. You were definitely not the kind of person to get in between that.

Once you guys got to the prison, Rick and you became somewhat friends. He’d ask you to go with him on runs or help him out around the prison, and you would do the same. There were even a few moments when he’d just break down and vent his feelings to you. He would tell you about his problems with Lori, or Carl, or just how much he hated this shitty life. You don’t know why he chose you to talk to about that stuff- he had plenty of other people to talk to. But for some reason, he just felt comfortable with you. And that did not help your feelings towards him. You knew it was wrong to have a crush on a man like Rick, but you couldn’t help it.

“I’m fine.” You hesitate to say. You’re not sure if you’re telling the truth or not. “Just glad he’s back and not dead.”

“Me, too. We needed him here.”


You finally get up at some point in the middle of the night. You had just been tossing and turning all night, unable to sleep. You sigh as you shove the blankets off of you and get off the bed, feeling the cold floor of the prison on your feet.

You try to be as quiet as possible as you walk out, as Judith was asleep in the next cell over and everyone would be pissed at you if she woke up again. You sneak out the door, letting the cool air of the outside hit you in the face. You close the door behind you, and begin to take a walk. Walking always helps you clear your mind, which will hopefully help you sleep. You’re exhausted.

Rick is all that you can think about. All you want is for him to be okay, for him to stop hurting. It physically hurts you to see him this way.

You’re thrown from your thoughts when you hear something move behind you. You instinctively pull out your knife, and start walking towards the dark silhouette.

“Y/N!” The figure yells out, grabbing your wrist as you go to stab them. You immediately recognize the voice and put your knife back, relief flooding through your chest.

“Sorry, Rick. Thought everyone was asleep.” You mumble.

“I did too.” He lets go of your wrist, letting it drop. “Why are you up?”

“Couldn’t sleep. You?”

“Couldn’t sleep.”

The two of you don’t say anything as you walk together. It’s a beautiful night- the moon was so bright you could see everything without needing a flashlight. You can feel Rick’s hand brush against yours a few times as you walk, but you know better than to look into that. It was probably just an accident.

“Well, I think I’m gonna go back to bed. Thanks for walkin’ with me.” You tell Rick. You honestly didn’t think you could go back to sleep at this point, but you can’t be around him any longer. You turn around to head back to the cell block door, but he grabs your hand before you can walk any further.

“Y/N, please stay.” His voice comes out as barely a whisper.

“O-Okay.” You stutter, not sure how else to respond. His face looks pained and his eyes are watery, making your heart instantly ache. Without thinking you pull him into a hug, holding him tight. He doesn’t do anything for a minute, and you almost pull back thinking that was too much, but he grips you back even tighter.

“You’re going to be okay. It’ll be okay.” You try to say as comforting as possible. You’d never seen a grown man seem so vulnerable. Even though you couldn’t hear it, you knew he was crying from the wet spot forming on your shoulder.

“Thank you.” He says in a hushed voice, still not breaking the embrace. At this point, the hug is way longer than appropriate, so you move yourself out of it. Rick grabs your arms and pulls your closer towards him before you could fully move away, making your heart beat even faster.

“What are you doing?” Your voice barely comes out. His forehead touches yours, and his eyes closed.

“I don’t know.”

He pressed his lips down to yours, butterflies erupting in your stomach. Despite everything in your body telling you to pull away, you kiss him back. You know this is wrong and you shouldn’t be doing it. You know that this is entirely inappropriate and he’s only doing this because it’s probably comforting. That he most likely doesn’t feel the same and this is only happening because you’re here.

But you don’t stop. You don’t stop him when he takes off your clothes, and you certainly don’t stop him when the two of you start having sex.


The next few weeks go exactly like that. He’ll come to your cell in the middle of the night and the two of you will sneak off to have sex. You keep trying to convince yourself that maybe he does have feelings for you, maybe he even did before Lori died. Maybe that’s why he was always around you and talking to you. Maybe he feels the same, and he’s in love with you.

You know that you’re wrong, but you don’t want to think about the real reason. You know deep down that he doesn’t love you, and that he’s only doing this with you to get over her. You’re nothing but a rebound. But you’ve loved him for what seems like since the moment you met him, and you don’t want to give this up. Even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

You’re in the middle of washing clothes with Carol when you see Rick come inside the door with Daryl, the two of them talking about who knows what. You’re sitting there trying to pay attention to what Carol is telling you, but you’re having a hard time, as you can’t stop staring at Rick. Rick’s doing the same- he’s staring at you while Daryl is talking to him, nodding his head as if he was listening.

“Y/N, are you even listening to me?” Carol snaps you out of your thoughts, and you advert your glaze away from Rick, him doing the same.

“Yeah, sorry, thought I saw something.” You lie, smiling up at Carol.

“Uh-huh.” She isn’t buying your story.

“Y/N, Daryl and I are goin’ on a run. We need you to come with us.” Rick yells over to you.

“Okay.” You set down the clothes, walking over to them.

“We’re just gettin’ some stuff for the little ass kicker, shouldn’t take too long.” Daryl commented. The three of you went outside and got into the truck. You were squished in between the two of them, Rick driving on the left side of you and Daryl on the right. It was quite the uncomfortable ride, especially with Rick’s hand on your thigh the entire time. Which also kept inching up closer and closer, almost hitting home before you got to the place where you needed to get supplies. If Daryl noticed, he didn’t say anything.

“Alright, Daryl you go check in that store over there. Take anything we need, even if it aint baby stuff. Y/N and I will check this store.” Rick told Daryl, earning a grunt from Daryl in response.

Rick took you into the store, and soon as the door shut, he pressed you up against the wall and started kissing your neck.

“Rick, we can’t do this here.” You whined, but you made no efforts to stop him.

“And why not?” He bit down on your collarbone, most likely going to leave a mark.

“Daryl could walk in at any moment…”

“Well we better be quick then, shouldn’t we?”


The ride home was awkward and silent. Daryl undoubtedly knew what was going on in that store, as he kept giving the two of you weird looks on the way back to the prison. Plus, you two came out empty handed from that store. From the messy hair and Rick’s shirt being inside out, Daryl wasn’t dumb. He knew what happened.

You walked immediately back to your cell once you got back, stripping down from your clothes into new ones. You were about to go outside and do patrol when Maggie came up to you, an unreadable expression on her face.

“Can we talk?” She asked, not waiting for an answer before sitting on your bed.


“Where have you been leavin’ to in the middle of the night lately? I’ve heard you get up and go outside almost every night.” She asked you. She was giving you a look, the look that let you know that she already knew, but she just wanted you to tell her. Price of her being your big sister.

“Clearing my head. Can’t sleep well.” You lied.

“Mhm. Is Rick clearin’ his head with you, too? Noticed he’s not been in his cell either. Coincidence?”

“Must be.”

“Look, Y/N.” Maggie sighs. “Daryl came and talked to me today. He’s worried about you, and I am, too. I know you love him. I know. But this? This is not right.”

“And why not, Maggie?” You say her name with a sharpness you didn’t know you had. “You can’t tell me who and who not to sleep with. You are not one to talk.”

“I’m trying to protect you, Y/N! Rick’s a great leader, but he just lost his wife. He’s goin’ through a lot, and quite frankly Y/N I think he’s using you. You’re going to just get hurt in this. You love him but he does not love you back. That’s the harsh reality of things.”

“Get out of my cell.” You tried to hold back the tears. You know what she is saying is true, but you don’t want to admit that to her.

“No.” She didn’t budge from her spot on the bed. “I love you. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Well that’s not your call to make.”

Since he wasn’t leaving, you walked out and left her in there. You went down the hallway where nobody was, and fell to your knees in tears. Everything she was saying was true. He would never love you back.


You don’t know how long you sat there, but it felt like days. After a lot of deep thought, you decided that Maggie was right. You have to stop this. You’re only hurting yourself.

By the time you left the empty hallway, it was already dark outside. Most people were asleep, except Rick. He was laying in your bed, obviously waiting for you.

“Hi.” You say quietly as you sit on the bed next to him.

“Hi.” He says back, sneaking his arm around your waist and pulling you on top of him. You push yourself off, earning a confused look from him.

“I can’t do this.”

“What?” He frowned.

“I can’t. I can’t keep on doing this with you, Rick. I’m not enough. I’ll never be Lori, I’ll never be able to be that kind of person with you. I know this is only sex for you. I know you’re hurting. But I can’t do this, not when I have feelings for you. I can’t.”

His face is a mixture of shock and confusion.

“Okay.” Is all he says before he gets up and leaves.

You admit, you were hoping he’d tell you that you were wrong. That he loves you, and you were all he wanted. But he didn’t. He accepted what you had to say and left.

You couldn’t help the tears that fell from your eyes. People warned you- you even warned yourself, but you didn’t listen. You just wanted what you could get.

Your crying was louder than you must have noticed, because Maggie comes shuffling into your room, half asleep but still looking worried.

“You were right.” Is all you could muster up. Maggie really should be saying “I told you so”, but she cares about you too much to make you feel worse than you already do. She comes and lays down on the bed next to you, letting you cry as you hug onto her.

“You’ll be fine. You’ve gone through shit way harder than this.” Maggie tells you.

“Yeah, you’re right.” You sigh. “I feel dumb. We’re in the zombie apocalypse and I’m crying over a guy.” You laugh, but you’re still upset.

“You’re not dumb. Can’t help who you love.”

“Easy for you to say. You’ve got the sweetest guy on earth.”

“This isn’t about me.” She says, and you although you can’t see her because its dark, you can tell she was rolling her eyes.

“I just, I don’t know. It hurt to see him walk out like that. He didn’t even care.”

“Y/N, something really bad just happened to him. He’s not ready to be in another relationship. Even if he did have feelings back for you, he would have probably walked out anyways. His wife just died.”

She was right. She always seemed to be.

You didn’t respond and you closed your eyes, tired and ready to sleep. The more you think about it, the more you realize that it was probably a good thing that you stopped this thing that the two of you had now. Like Maggie said, he was in no place mentally to have a relationship now, not in the way that you wanted.

You drift off to sleep, only one thought lingering in your mind.

It’s time to move on.

You, Me, Us (Part I)

Mystic Messenger Angst Fic

You, Me, Us: Part II | Part III | Part IV | FINALE | Es&Es


  • Minor spoilers for Zen’s After Ending and Seven Route
  • Trigger warnings (emotional abuse, mentions of death and hints at suicidal ideation)

“We are each other’s mirrors and our paths.” 

His words stayed even when you’ve lost yours.

It’s been two years since you agreed to become Zen’s manager. You watched him shine brighter by the day and take the whole world by surprise. He was a well-known musical actor now with international offers coming left and right. 

You were happy for him. You really were. But there was something fundamentally wrong. It’s been wrong for a while now, but you were powerless to fix any of it. 

“MC, where’s my gray shirt?” Zen called from your room. 

Crap. “It’s in the laundry, Zen. It’s been raining the past few days and I couldn’t just stick it in the dryer!”

Thud, thud, thud. Here we go. 

“I told you I needed that shirt today,” Zen growled as he came into the dining room wearing a different gray shirt. “The fans say I look best in it.”

You try a laugh. “You look best in everything, Zenny?”

He made a sour face. “Your opinion is different.” 

He might as well have said that your opinion didn’t matter. Still, forcing a smile, you served him his breakfast. Zen didn’t even think to wait for you to sit before he gobbled up his breakfast. 

Feeling awkward just standing there watching him eat, you decide to go prepare to pack his lunch.

“Ah, I don’t need it today. I’m having lunch with the director.” Zen called without looking at you. 

Disappointment sat at the pit of your stomach. “Oh. I didn’t hear about that.”

Zen’s fork stopped midway. “The director told me directly.”

You decide to laugh. “What’s the use of a manager, then?”

You startled at the sound of a metal hitting ceramic and turned to see Zen glaring at you from the table. “I don’t appreciate your sarcasm, MC. And just because you’re my manager doesn’t mean I have to tell you everything.”

You knew you should speak. You hated mornings that started like this. They tend to lead to you falling asleep while waiting for him to come home. Like always, words didn’t come. You only nod and smile. “I’m sorry.” 

“MC!” Jaehee greeted as you walked into her cafe. It was flourishing! It’s only been a few months shy of a year since she quit Jumin’s company and she looked a lot happier than you were. 

“Sorry for taking your break like this,” You tell her, though it was hard to be sincere while knowing you really missed having Jaehee around. 

Jaehee laughs at the formality. “It has been a while since we’ve seen each other. This is nothing. Still busy are you? I’ve seen Zen’s posters at least twenty times this morning.”

You laugh when you’re supposed to. “Zen’s busy. I mostly stay home now.”

Jaehee noted the change in your voice. “What happened to being his manager?”

You shrug, trying for playful. “It doesn’t matter, I guess? It’s been going out of my hands anyway. He needs a better manager. One he could actually have on set.”

After working 4 years under the stoic Jumin Han, Jaehee had learned to read people. It was more than instinct that told her there was something worse going on in MC’s head. 

“MC, Zen works til late and leaves early in the morning.” She begins to say, not knowing how else to approach this situation. “What do you do then if you can’t meet any of us in the RFA?”

Jaehee watched your face freeze. For a minute, she could have sworn the serene expression on your face faltered, but it was gone soon as it came. 

“Well. I prepare his schedule, mostly. Adjust his meals according to the activities he’d need to do that day. It takes a considerable amount of time to clean a basement apartment too. And Zen has a lot of clothes so-”

Boisterous laughter cut you off and Jaehee glanced behind you to see girls with makeup thicker than Jumin’s files and shirts with Zen’s name on them laughing at volumes unfit for a cafe. 

“So you’re basically his maid?” One called and your blood froze. “You cook, you wash, you clean and wait. How is that different from a housemaid?”

Don’t mind them, don’t mind them, don’t mind them, don’t mind them .

But they most certainly mind you. Soon the three girls were passing by you, bags hitting the side of your shoulder as they laughed. 

“Talk about falling from grace.” One snickered and you felt sick to your stomach. 

Jaehee, on the other hand, was more than ready to pour coffee down their shirts. “How dare they?” 

When she turned back to you, she almost thought she’d imagined the whole thing as your face was already the picture of calm. You lightheartedly told her you were fine and that you were used to that sort of treatment, but Jaehee knew better than to believe you. 

A call came and soon you excused yourself, smiling and telling Jaehee you’d come visit again. The ex-assistant agreed and asked you to do so soon. Watching you go, she desperately wished you soon would. 

Because she knew what masks were, she just never thought she’d see one on you. 

“MC, would you mind bringing my script to the studio? I’d brought the wrong one.” His stress was palpable. “The director suddenly asked to rehearse a different scene and change the blockings.”

Your heart fluttered. You were going to see him act again! 

“Sure, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” You chirped. 

“Yeah, thanks.” 

You opened your mouth to say I love you, but he’d already hung up. 

So. Why did it end up like this? 

Cameras flashed left and right, screams and whines from either side. You almost wanted to cover your ears and close your eyes. 

Zen had kissed Echo Girl at rehearsal, and apparently headlines were already being made, with you forgotten and tucked a the corner. In your mind, you knew he would immediately come to you and apologize. You would then tell him it’s okay, that it’s his job. 

But. He. Doesn’t. He only inclined his head to catch your stare and you smile at him. He doesn’t smile back. 

Whispers met your ears almost immediately. 

The girlfriend. / She’s here? / She hasn’t been here a long time. / I thought for sure they’d broken up. / He didn’t go apologize. / Does that mean they’re over?

Familiar voices berate you next. “She doesn’t even get mad. Well housemaids always obey their employers. I suppose she doesn’t have the right.” 

I shouldn’t have come.

The director calls for a break and you stand to give Zen lunch, but then you remember that he’s having eating with the director today. Now you just felt stupid, standing there as fans swarmed your boyfriend. 

They part like water for Moses when Echo Girl comes, though. She latched onto his side. Zen let out a sigh after a meager attempt to get her off and gives up. 

You find your voice then. “Zen.”

All eyes turn to you, but all that mattered were the ruby-red ones that were once warm like the hearth. Now they were ice cold. 

“Does she not know we’re eating with the director?” Echo Girl’s voice was poison to your ears. 

We’re. So it wasn’t a one-on-one with the director. You should’ve known. Zen worked day and night to get up on this new stage. Echo Girl or none, he would make pleasing the director his top priority.

“I told her this morning.” No, you didn’t. His eyes beg you not to ruin this for him. “She’ll understand. Won’t you, babe?” 

No, I won’t. But he’s convinced you would and walks out with her anyway. 

“Mint flavor.” Saeran says as he hands you a cup of ice cream. He then sat across from you. 

“Thank you, Saeran.” You say and he huffs in response. He continues to stare at you as you slowly eat. 

You’d bumped to each other quite literally while you were running out of that cursed building. He’d started working at an ice cream parlor, he’d said, and that he was just out on a break. 

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” He spoke quietly. 

You answered with a smile. He rolled his eyes. “Where is Saeyoung?”

A red eyebrow rose. “You don’t answer mine and you expect me to answer yours?”

You feel a lighthearted laugh bubble from inside you. “It makes me happy to see you so sociable, Saeran.”

His cheeks turn red as his hair at that. He’s silent after that and you wonder if you’ve said something wrong. 

“It’s not easy. Not yet, anyway. I can barely say two sentences to strangers.” He says with a shrug. 

You feel yourself smiling again. “Baby steps, Sae. Baby steps.” 

“So? Are you going to keep avoiding telling me what happened?” You hear him say but the world was already starting to black out. 

“You’ll find out,” You manage to weakly say. 

Hard footsteps meet Saeran’s ears and he turns to see MC’s boyfriend, Zen, stalking towards them. 

“WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT MC?” He yelled so loudly, the children in the shop started to leave. “DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE SUCH A SCENE?”


“Zen-” Your voice is small. And you wish you grew smaller. 

“DON’T!” He roared, palm slamming over the table. “Don’t even make excuses at this point, MC. You know how important this job is too me.”

“Good for your job, then. At least that’s important to you.” Saeran’s murderous voice cuts Zen’s outburst into two. 

He’d stayed quiet hoping MC would scream right back at the sorry son of a bitch. But whatever he believed was a heart tore apart at the face MC had pulled. 

“Saeran.” Zen was still seething. “Sorry. Can I talk to my girlfriend for a sec?”

“She’s your girlfriend? I thought she was just some dumb bitch from the way you were yelling at her.” Saeran spat. 

Zen was about ready to start a fight, but you couldn’t afford for that to happen. And Saeran was being your friend. He didn’t deserve to be caught between you like this. 

“Zen,” You say. “Let’s talk when we get home, okay?”

It took moments before Zen answered. “You go on ahead. I still have rehearsals.” Was all he said before storming out as destructively as he walked in.

You turned to Saeran, ready to apologize for the customers they’d lost. He simply nodded, even when you excused yourself to go to the restroom. That was, until he remembered there was no restroom here, only small a washing area tucked by the corner, one he could see from here. 

As you left, Saeran couldn’t help but ask his brother to keep an eye on you. He had to stop himself from following you to your apartment too, just in case you decided on something stupid. 

He’d seen the face you made as Zen yelled at you. He’d seen the way your tears halted, the way your face blanked and your shoulders stopped shaking altogether from the mirror’s reflection on the glass pane. 

He’d spent 21 years of his life that way. He couldn’t bear seeing you do the same.

Zen came home smelling like smoke and beer. He couldn’t look more annoyed to see you waiting up for him if he tried.

“You promised to quit smoking.” The words were barely out of your mouth and immediately you regret saying them.

A crash. Then another one. Two of the vases Jumin had given you were now a broken pieces on the floor and you thought you’d rather count them all than go through this allover again.

“You have no right to snap at me, MC.” Zen’s voice was dangerously low as he paced the living room floor.

“You were the one who almost lost me my job.” You meet his accusing stare and open your mouth to speak, only to be cut off.

“Do you know what the director said? He said you were pitiful. He said I never should have brought you on set if I was going to treat you like that.” His voice grew louder as his anger explodes. “Do you know how humiliating that was?”

Did he know how humiliating the whole debacle was for you?

“See? You’re doing it again.”

Your head snapped up to see him staring at you with something like disgust.

“You say nothing. Making everyone pity you, like you’re such a good girl and I’m the big bad boyfriend.”


“Jaehee messaged me, didn’t you know? She asked me if you were alright, because you were apparently so off when you met earlier.” His voice grows deeper as he moves closer to you.

What is he saying?

“Do you like playing victim, MC?” Zen was now in front of you, something dark you never thought you’d see gleaming in his eyes. His clothes reeked of alcohol and things stronger than that. It made you feel dizzy. “Do you like blaming other people for your issues?”

What is he talking about?

Victim? Blaming? Issues?

“Is this because I’m so busy now? Is it because you think I’m so out of reach that you have to stay so silent and resort to such ways to get my attention back?”

Silence? But silence was all you knew. If he didn’t want your silence…

Then what was left for you?

“Well, here I am! You’ve succeeded! Now talk, MC!” Your whole being shook as he grabbed a hold of your shoulders, almost pulling you up to stand in the process. 

“Zen-!” You sqeak. 

It’s hard to breathe. I can’t breathe.

“Tell me, MC! What exactly is the problem?! What happened to you?!” He was yelling now, and his voice rings in your ears. “What happened, huh? What exactly is the problem?!”

“Zen!” You scream and push him away. “Please. Please, just calm down.”

Your hands over your ears, you bite back tears as you cautiously step away from him. “Please, calm down, Zen. W-We can talk once you’re sober so-!

Another crash as an another ornament explodes into a thousand pieces. “TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED, MC?”He roared. “What happened to you? You were always so bright, so kind and supportive. God, I thought you were an angel when we met!”

In seconds, he was in front of you again, voice reverberating in your head. You can’t breathe. The world closes in and you fall to the floor, curling into yourself as your head tucks into your knees.

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

“Oh my God! Look at you right now! Are you trying to tell me that this is what I’ve done to you? That I’ve destroyed you so much that you can’t even tell me what I’ve done?” 

Don’t. Please. No more. Please. Please. Please.

“MC LOOK AT ME!” His hands yank your wrists apart. “You can’t even look at me anymore? Do you think I’m disgusting now, too?” His voice breaks and you somehow find it in you to speak.

“No, Zen. I could never-!” 

“If it’s not my fault, then is it yours?” He says, eyes crazed. “Is it your fault then? That you’ve become like this?”

“No.” You could barely hear yourself say it.

“Then whose fault is it then? If it’s not me, and it’s not you, then who?” 

Us.” You say through your river of tears, hitching breaths and rattling chest. “Zen, it’s usWe’re the problem.”

Zen starts to retaliate, but you weren’t done. Not yet. While your words were free and his ears were open, you would speak.

“Do you really not understand what’s happening to us, Zen?” The hands on your wrists loosen a fraction. “Or is it that you don’t even understand what us means anymore?”

For a few moments, everything is silent. In front of you was the man you loved with all your heart, but also the man you hated most. But still you knew that Zen was not what destroyed you. You let him. And so, to blame was not him, not you. But what exists between you.

You pray that he understands, that even through his alcohol addled-brain, Zen would hear you. You prayed that the man you’d loved still lived, that he would come save you.

He didn’t.

The man in front of you begins to bellow in rage, yelling through your cries with words you once thought were foreign to him.

You see the man you loved die right in front of you, slowly, agonizingly, piece by piece. His existence spots with black and whatever he was before the day we became you and me, was lost to you.

“We are each other’s mirrors and our paths.” His words back then had stayed even when you’ve lost yours. 

But Zen, what should I do? When neither I, nor you, knows where ‘we’ has gone to?

Everything grows silent and your tears stop, too. Did he stop? You couldn’t know.

You couldn’t hear him anymore. The dead couldn’t speak.

Slowly, his fingers uncurl, and a tremor rocks his body. You think it’s over. As your arms drop to your side, you wonder if you should speak.

You didn’t. The dead couldn’t hear.

So you simply walk past him. Your eyes are tired, but tears no longer blur anything. Were you finally run dry?

Your phone rings by the bedside table, Saeyoung’s name lighting up the screen. The ringing ceased and you noted three-digit number of missed calls from either of the twins before you chucked your phone out the window.

“MC!” Zen’s booming voice makes you shrivel in fear. He runs to the window to check, but you no longer found it in you to care. 

“Where are you going?” His voice reaches you again. It cracks. He’s sober. You wonder if Zen’s back, too– the Zen who promised forever, the Zen who called you his sun, his moon, his stars.

But still you continue to pack, his protests now just a buzz in the back of your head. You blink and a cab slows in front of you. You move to open the door, but Zen slams it shut.

You may be deaf and mute, but you were not blind. Zen’s red eyes were very much alive with the emotion that had been missing for months. Regret had space in there too.

But then the shutters close and pain radiates from the marks on your wrists.

He sees something in your eyes. It terrifies him, breaks him, kills him to, but he steps aside and soon you tell the driver to drive.

Zen is dead. And the dead cannot come back to life.  

A/N: hey hey hey~

That… was long. I didn’t expect for this fic to even have two parts, I originally planned to create one-shot but my angst meter just hasn’t had enough. 

Thank you for reading!

I Won’t Back Down - Negan x Reader The Walking Dead Fanfiction Part of Music Quote Challenge @bulletscrossbowpie

Quote: I’d rather die on my feet, then live on my knees.

Warnings: violence, blood, smut, blow job male receiving, fingering, and language

Summary: Y/n volunteers to marry Negan so he won’t kill her brother Aaron's​boyfriend Erick and when she gets to the Sanctuary she’s got a sinister an for her husband Negan.

It was a fairly quiet day in Alexandria people were going about their daily lives. Which for Y/n was keeping watch at the back of Alexandria. She lived in a house with her older brother Aaron and his boyfriend Erick. Erick had become family she loved him like another brother, she knew Erick before the apocalypse. Y/n, unlike their parents accepted Aaron was gay, she accepted Erick into her family.

She was shaken from her thoughts by yelling and screaming coming from the front gate. She grabbed her gun and climbed down the ladder and started running towards the gate. When she got there she saw a large group of people and several trucks. She also saw a man in black jeans, a leather jacket, red scarf and a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. “That must me that giant asshole Negan” she thought to herself, while watching them take all their stuff. “So if I shot the fucker in the head, could I hide fast enough” she mumbled. Her brother Aaron was standing behind her, “please don’t do it, it won’t end well either ways” he said.

She was just about to cuss him out when they heard Erick​ scream in fear, they both ran towards the scream. They saw Erick on the ground on his knees and Negan was in front of him waving Lucille in front of his face. Negan was yelling the anger seeping from his voice, “I can’t believe you have the balls to steal from me, I think Lucille is angry and anger makes her thirsty” Negan said raising Lucille up over his head. Just as the bat was right above Erick’s head, Aaron and Y/n ran over. “Whoa, no I will shut this shit down” Negan said, “no, no please don’t hurt him, take me instead” Aaron said. “Now why would I do that” Negan said, “I know you make deals, so me for him” Aaron said, “ I don’t think Lucille cares who dies today​” Negan said. “Fine if you want to take his place fine with me” he said, he got in front of Aaron. She stood there thinking she couldn’t let her brothers die and break one of there hearts. “Take me, leave my brother’s alone and take me” she said. Negan looked at her, “oh no way I’m killing a woman, I don’t do that shit, but if you wanna make a deal, and save these guys we can talk” Negan said.

“Y/n no, don’t do anything” Aaron said, “Y/n just let him kill me” Erick said, “no I’m not letting you guys die, Negan what do you want, I’ll give you whatever you want” she said. “Well doll there’s an easy solution to this, marry me, be my wife and I’ll spare the dumb asses” Negan said. “No, Y/n don’t” Aaron pleaded, “I marry you and you leave them alone” she said. “You have my word doll” Negan said, “fine, yes I’ll marry you” she said. Negan had a cocky smirk on his face, “let them up, let them go” he said. “Say goodbye to your family and get your stuff it’s time to go home new wife” Negan said. Y/n got her things from her room, “you guys take care of each other, don’t worry about me, I’m a big girl I can take care of myself, I love you guys” she said giving them both a hug and kiss.

She took Negan’s arm and followed him to the truck and got in and she watched out the window. All the way to the Sanctuary she tried not to cry thinking about her brothers​ and the rest of her family in Alexandria. “We’re here doll, welcome to your new home” Negan said extending his hand. She took his hand and he helped her out of the truck and she saw a huge factory. As Negan led her through the Sanctuary she looked around and saw so many people. The people were working, until they saw Negan and they took a knee and waited for him to walk away before getting up. “Here’s your new digs your beds here, these are my other wives, this is my new wife Y/n” Negan said.

Negan left her with the res of his wives, “hi I’m Sherrie, I’m sorry” Sherrie said, “yeah, me too, but I had no choice he was going to kill my family” Y/n said. “I’m sorry, I know what that’s like, I married Negan so he wouldn’t kill my husband Dwight” Sherrie said. “This is Amber, she married Negan so her mom could get her medicine” Sherrie said. “So what did I get myself into here” Y/n said, “well we have free range here, we don’t have to work for points” Amber said. “The only thing we’re really here for is to have sex with Negan, whenever he wants to” Sherrie said. “Great, tell me there’s alcohol” Y/n said, “yes we definitely have that” Amber said. “Here’s your new crappy black dress, or as I call it my ball and chain” Sherrie said. Y/n changed into the black dress in the bathroom, she was looking in the mirror and a thought jumped in her head. She thought back to the prison and the Governor and the conversation she had with Carol and Andrea. Where Carol told Andrea to give the governor the best sex of his life. Then when he falls asleep, stab him in the chest and get out of there.

She went back out to the rest of the wives, she sat down next to Sherrie and Amber. After dinner the wives were waiting to see which one of them was going to have sex with Negan that night. Negan walked into the wives quarters “which one of my lovely wives wants the pleasure of fucking me this evening” Negan said. Y/n thought what did she have to lose, “I will” Y/n said, “oh yes I was hoping you’d say that, I get some new pussy, I love new pussy” he said. Y/n followed him to his bedroom and he closed the door and led her to the bed. “How about you strip for me doll” he said, “yes Negan” she said, she unzipped her dress slowly. She slid it down her body leaving her completely naked in front of him. “Fuck doll, I knew you were sexy, I didn’t know you were naughty” Negan said. He took his jacket and scarf off, then his shirt, he took her hands and put them on his pants. She unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants and pulled them down his legs. “Suck my cock doll” he said she stroked his cock and took him in her mouth. She licked the tip tasting the pre-cum that leaked out, she licked the vein at the bottom of his cock, while taking him as far down her throat as possible.

She licked and sucked and bobbed her head and hollowed her cheeks, “holy shit doll, you’re good with that mouth” he growled. Negan felt his dick twitch, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up off his cock. “I wanna cum in your pussy doll face” he said, she laid down on the bed on her back. Negan crawled on top of her, he firmly planted his lips on hers, he shoved his tongue in her mouth. He put his hands on her breasts he squeezed them softly. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked it, he put his thumb and index finger around her other nipple and pinched it. She moaned as his free hand slid down her stomach, between her legs and opened her slit and slid a finger in her. “Fuck yes” she moaned, he pumped his finger in and pulled it out. She moaned at the loss, he added a second finger and pumped at a fast pace. He built her up all the way to near orgasm and he yanked his fingers out again.

“Negan stop teasing me and fuck me already” she said, he spread her legs with his knee. “Now you remember you asked for this” Negan said. He lined himself up with her entrance and slammed into her pussy entrance. “Yes fuck Negan” she said as he gave her no time to adjust, he just pounded into her making her scream his name. Negan felt her pussy clench around his cock, he pounded into her faster and harder. “I’m so close Negan, gonna cum” she cried out, “me too doll” he said, he moved her legs over his shoulders. The new position drove his cock deeper and at the new angle he hit her G spot with each thrust. He put his hand between them and found her clit with his finger and rubbed circles on it. Causing her orgasm to rip through her, her thighs shook, her eyes rolled up in the back of her head. She screamed, “Negan, Negan yes fuck”, he came undone right after she did. Negan fell down onto the bed and she laid next to him.

After she recovered and caught her breath she went to stand up, “where you going doll” he said. “I thought after great sex I go back to my bed” she said, “normally yes, but tonight’s your first night here you sleep with me tonight, lay down doll” he said. Y/n laid back down on the bed with Negan and he pulled her close to him and she put her head on his chest. He went to sleep, he started snoring, “Negan, Negan” she said. When she didn’t get any response, she got up out of bed and she went to his pants and grabbed his knife. She walked to the bed and she stood above Negan and she lifted the knife over her head. She went to bring it down, his hands popped up grabbing her arms and his eyes popped open.

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Can we have more badboy tae au! Please please please I love it too much!!

“Do you trust me?” 

Yoongi takes a deep breath. 

His fingers are locked tightly between Taehyung’s as the younger boy grins his famously wicked boxed grin that send tingles down Yoongi’s spine and if this had been anybody else Yoongi would had said no. If this had been anyone besides Kim Taehyung, the Kim Taehyung that had punched his way past everything Yoongi had been comfortable with in the best way possible, Yoongi would had told them to fuck off. 

Instead Yoongi nods. 


Taehyung counts to three and together they run. 

The police behind them yell and scream for them to stop but all Yoongi can hear is the sounds of Taehyung laughing over the echo of the wind rushing past them. It sends something light almost homely into the pit of Yoongi’s stomach and he can’t stop the giggles that pour from his own even if he wanted to. He can’t stop the way he would follow Taehyung to the ends of the earth, stealing cars and spray painting buildings while they ran from the police if it meant always holding the hand in his own forever. 

“You promised you would stop.” 

There’s a frown painting on Yoongi’s pretty lips as he gently pats an alcohol covered paper towel over Taehyung’s cut up cheek. It sends a bit of pleasure through the elder when Taehyung winces at the sting of the cold liquid hitting his face. 

They’d been in this same position too many times. Taehyung had been in one too many fights. 

The younger lets out a sigh, “I didn’t even start this fight.” He’s got his hands placed  at Yoongi’s hips holding his boyfriend as if he’s afraid he’s fucked up one too many times and Yoongi frowns more. Taehyung is holding him as if he thinks Yoongi can actually ever leave him, as if they both didn’t already know they’re each others forever.  Yoongi runs a hand against Taehyung’s jaw as loving and soft as possible and Taehyung looks up so their eyes can lock together. 

“Are you angry?” 

“No.” Yoongi smiles as he tries to lighten the mood. “I just wish you’d stop hurting your dumb face, what else is going to make me stay with you?” 

Yoongi smiles as he watches the stolen cop car turning around and around in circles through the empty barking garage. There’s a warm beer in his hands and Taehyung’s leather jacket is wrapped around his body keeping him warm as Jimin sits besides him fondly watching his own boyfriend hang out the other side of the car.  It feels like home, he feels like he’s with his right family in the cold with Taehyung screaming in front of him and their friends laughing just as loud. 

A giggle sounds from Jimin’s mouth and Yoongi turns his head to watch his boyfriend’s best friend hide a smile behind small hands. 

“You know, before you Taehyung never brought anyone to this place.”  Jimin lets out a fond sound, almost as if he’s remembering an inside joke or something, before he continues speaking. “He always said this was too special of a place to just bring anyone since this is where we’d slept when we ran away from home. He always said he’d only bring the person he loved here.” 

Yoongi blushes and Jimin smirks as he notices it. 

“Take care of him, Yoongi. He acts like he’s hard but Taehyung isn’t as strong as he likes to think he is. Love him with all your heart.” 

Yoongi takes a sip out of his beer. 

“I already do.” 

(we see Taehyung pulling Yoongi into doing more bad boy stuff with him now~~ soft rebel bf’s bless)

Soulmate AU: Steve #1

Idk if this will be good but i left is so i might do more. yah


 AU: Everyone gets a soul mark but its when you get it that’s the clincher. They can show up any time and you may not even notice until you next look at your palm. Some people have their soul marks from birth or very young and some don’t get them till their old, the latest recorded being seventy five in 2001. (And sometimes your soulmate is already dead.) The marks are like compass’s, always pointing in the direction of your destined partner (unless of course they are dead and then they don’t move.)

(Also always shows up on your palm so like you’ll know when it appears and you won’t have to deal with having a compass on your ass cheek.)

You hadn’t minded that your palms were still blank. These things happened. Your parents, a soul mate pairing had been married before their marks had appeared, a matched set. And then it had only been an added blessing, something neither had really thought about since they’d met. For them, their soul mates had just been figments because how could anyone be better than the one they were with. And they were right, a pair of unknowing soulmates.

Clapping your hands together, you looked back up at Director Fury and winked.

“Don’t sass me.” He grumbled lowly and you laughed. Rising, you closed the distance between the two of you and leant into his side, despite his sigh of false suffering.

“Do you think my soul mate is going to be some boring book nerd or an even more boring SHIELD agent?” You asked softly and Nick sighed again, giving you a look. You shrugged in response, waltzing a few steps away. “See, the thing is, I’m not really a loving person. You know that.”

He nodded a small movement so you paraded a few steps to the left.

“And what if they are? What if he’s a biker?” You thought about it for a moment, a slow grin spreading over your face. “A biker wouldn’t be so bad. We could be the most powerful pairing in the motorcycle world. But what if he’s in a boy band?”

A booming laugh escaped the eye patched man and you scowled. Fury didn’t laugh often, but when he did it was always at your expense.

“That’s not fair! You can’t laugh!” You snarled and he sobered quickly, issuing you with a harsh look.

“And why not?” He boomed back and you smiled sweetly.

“Because I said so and I am your superior.” You joked and he rolled his eyes. Not even your jokes got him laughing. Just your disappointing life. Or future disappointing life.

“Tony, this is Y/N.” Your eyes drifted over the billionaire and you bit your lip. His uninterested expression did an about face, suddenly becoming very interested.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N, was it?” He asked smoothly, voice full of knowing and seduction. You heard the slight rustle of Fury about to step in but you shifted slightly to block him and he stopped.

“Obviously. And you’re Tony who? Sorry, Nick wasn’t very clear.” You smirk and he blinks, once then twice before scowling up at Fury.

“Who is this kid?” He gripes and you laugh softly.

“That’s above your pay grade, suffice to say she’ll be around.” He non-answered succinctly and you fought down a belly laugh at the pout Tony hid as he walked away in a huff.

“Hey, Y/N.” Clint greeted a little flirtatiously and you went to him willingly, leaving Nick to brood in the corner.

“Hello, Sweetrobin.” You giggled, linking arms with him and pulling him further into the crowd. His arm pulled free of yours, instead wrapping around your shoulders and holding you close. Your eyes met his for a moment before you let your gaze dart away and refocus on the crowd. “Where is Tashie tonight?”

“She’s around.” He answered, mostly a brush off but you didn’t care. If she was here, it meant she would arrive soon to tear the bird off of you and replace him with herself. Something the two often fought over- who got to be on your arm that night.

A waiter passed and you reached out to nab a drink from the plate but you fumbled, eyes catching on a dark shape on your palm, and knocked over the glasses. Quick as a flash, Clint had you turned to make it look like he had caused the accident before grinning winningly at the staring crowd.

“Sorry about that, I’m not so great on the ground as I am up above.” He laughed and the waiter grinned dazedly before waving you and the Hawk off.

“You didn’t tell me you’d gotten your soulmate mark!” He crows, snatching your hand and cupping it gently in both of his. “Oh! It’s pointing at me! Looks like we’re getting married!” He laughed loudly but you remained silent, staring at the star with a paintbrush with a blade handle inset. The brush turned as you moved yours and Clints hands and you smiled a small smile.

“An artist. Maybe he paints in blood.” You wondered softly and Clint cringed dubiously.

“I hope not. Could you imagine you and another slayer? That’s… That’s my nightmare.” He laughed, which was cut off by Natasha appearing and snatching your palm from him.

“Oh! It’s lovely!” She winked a little and you rolled your eyes, pulling her close with your free hand until her hip bumped yours. Black Widows to the left, Hawkeyes to the right, here you are. Stuck in the middle again.

“We’re going to be unstoppable and you know it, Barton. Don’t doubt me and my artist.” You promised a little possessively, ignoring the look that passed between the two spys. You gently traced the line of the blade brush, which now pointed north east. “You know most artists are mad, right? I wouldn’t mind some madness.”

“Y/N.” Fury boomed, striding through the crowd like Moses parting the sea and your eyes went wide.

“I love it when he does that. Like a leather shadow, coming to swallow the world.” You marveled before darting forward and shoving your hand in his face. “He’s an artist!”

Clint shared a snicker with Natasha at your attitude in the face of a quietly angry Director. For a moment, the large mans eyes softened and he inclined his head in recognition, face otherwise blank and you preened.

“Y/N. We’re leaving, now.” He bit out, ruining the moment with Maria finally appearing beside him.

“He’s right. We’ve just got a call that requires our presence and you need to be taken home.” Maria explains a little less abruptly and you pout, shooting Barton and Romanoff pleading looks, but they shrug lazily.

Obviously Dumb and Dumber won’t be a help.

“What if I went home later and you guys can go do… Whatever elsewhere?” You offered with a wiggle of your eyebrows that had Nicks brows sinking lower in disappointment. And if Marias deeply offended expression was anything to go by, you were going to be in her dog house.

“Sorry.” You mouthed at her as Fury turned and started striding away and she glared at you. You wouldn’t be on her good side for a while now, that’s for sure. Instead, you gave in and followed the pair meekly, letting them drop you at the house you shared with Nick and then make their own exit.

You gazed at your mark, trying to draw it on a piece of paper fruitlessly. Your soul mate might be an artist, but you most certainly were not. Huffing angrily, you decided instead to simply take a picture. Photography was something you had a knack for, thankfully. Twisting carefully, you aligned your ridiculously expensive, and impressively sturdy camera with your palm, managing to capture it in the perfect way.

A few buttons later and you were able to set the image as your phone lock screen. With a small smile, you pulled on your gloves and shoved the device in your pocket.

Now that you actually had the mark, people would be able to use it against you, so you’d have to hide it. And getting used to wearing gloves is the first step. But setting it as your lock screen? That you could write off as your own whims, a dreamy mark you’d seen online until you finally had your own.

Glad to be done with that, you clambered to your feet and headed for Furys office, logging into his account and scrolling the files. People would probably be angry if they knew you had his verification and access to the secrets, but what they didn’t know wouldn’t upset them. And it’s not like he could keep you out anyway. Better you ease your boredom with secrets than assault.

You slowed, eyes pausing on the Avengers file. One of your favourites, a dream yet unrealised. Opening it, you parsed over the names like Thor Odinson and Tony Stark before pausing. Steve Rogers? A new name.

Excitement built in your breast and you stifled it, accrediting it to an update on something you hoped to be alive to see.

Steve Rogers AKA Captain America


You’d heard of him. The daring war tales and his howling commandos.

You snickered a little at their name, perhaps military rationing had extended to underwear too. Scrolling some, you soon became engrossed in the mans history. It was impressive, so much so that the stalest way it could be written, the most unembellished, was still practically a fantasy. Sure, you lived in a similar fantasy but for his time?


“Have you heard? The Fourth of July came early.” You whispered to Natasha who gave you a quizzical look. Right. The frozen body of the nineteen forties war hero called Captain America coming back to life would not be anywhere near her mind. “Captain America isn’t dead.”

Bluntness, the easiest way to avoid Natasha’s special interviews.


“Am I supposed to repeat myself?” You sniped back, the knife you’d been making marks in the table with beginning on another line. 

“Are you listening, Agent?” Whoever was lecturing shot you a withering glare, which you shot right back.

“Am I supposed to? It’s not like I didn’t read your notes beforehand so this is old news.” You snarled, furious at being interrupted and that you’d been singled out. You watched as his eyes glowed with anger, the word insubordination practically steaming out his ears. You bowed your head, almost too late and gave him an embarrassed look through your lashes. He relaxed a little, eyes returning to their natural blankness, but not before you saw a flash of understanding shoot into his gaze.

Thank goodness for men and their instantaneous connection to menses every time a woman acts “the wrong way”.

“Not fair that you get away with that.” Natasha scolded you out of the corner of her mouth and you winked at her.

“Anyway, wanna sneak in and check out the body with me?” You challenged but she didn’t rise, her expression disinterested. You growl softly when she doesn’t even bother saying no, despite the fact that you knew she wouldn’t really be interested. “I’ll do it alone then.”

Probably a good thing- you aren’t in as precarious a position as her.

opinions: should i do more??

anonymous asked:

Aomine's wife goes blind and think that he'll divorce with her and it's makes her sad and cry everyday. but he does otherwise, what should he do to make her smile again? Thanks

Thank you for the request. Under read more cuz it got kinda long.

Darkness…it was all you saw no matter how wide you opened your eyes. You knew this day was coming, but why did it have to be so soon? You were no longer able to see your husband and…what if you two decide to have children? You wouldn’t be able to see them now that you’re like…this. You cried so much everyday that you were dangerously close to dehydration on a weekly basis. No matter what you told yourself you knew your husband was gone. He worked double shifts once a week and left you alone in your own personal darkness. How could he? Oh wait, he’s on his way out the door so why did it matter?

You fumbled your way through your now unfamiliar home trying to do something as simple as get a drink of water. You sighed in frustration. How long was this adjustment period?! A few moments more your keen hearing picked up the sound of keys. Your husband was home. What time could it be?

“Tadiama…” Tired feet entered your home and the smell of slight musk and Daiki’s cologne fill your senses. Oh, how you would miss this smell.

“I’ll sign the papers, Daiki.”

“AH!! Babe, you can’t scare me like Tetsu…what papers?”

“The ones you have in your hands. I can smell the ink.”

“You want to sign my long a** report? Why? You’re not allowed to look at this…I–sh*t.”

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ssfemship  asked:

I'm so happy you are still hopeful seriously. Even though I've officially jumped the hope ship, to see that you won't be taken down is still nice.

It’s not about hope, though. I see an underlying structure and I have a really hard time believing these writers did not create that structure. It’s hard to predict what will happen when and with queer stories specifically, there’s always a chance that network interference could come into play, but then still I’d think this story would play out in subtext. I think where I’m different is that I do not see a subtextual story as any less valid for multiple reasons. One of them is craftsmanship. It will actually take more out of a writer to create an entirely hidden story - and this one goes far beyond Emma & Regina. There are many things other shows couldn’t get away with on network. It has to be a story you want to tell, otherwise you don’t bother. So, apart from our viewing, multiple people are making an effort to tell an ambiguous story and since this reading is relevant to who I am, it makes sense for me to talk about it. That in itself has value to me.

There’s also the fact that queer coding is not a bad thing. It started because writers wanted to tell queer stories, but couldn’t. If you take a look at what’s going on with canonical queer relationships on US television… then the best cases aren’t much more than glorified tokenism and it’s still generally subplots and secondary characters. You have to conclude that there’s a shift, they can tell limited stories in canon now, but anyone pushing the boundaries, still needs to rely on the older techniques. Main characters with complexity involved in a queer romance are still rare. Is it problematic? Is it objectively speaking wrong? Of course. All of this is happening because there is discrimination, it’s the result of it… but within that context, it is something happening in a world that is evolving. It makes sense in a certain context. I’d rather start by taking on shows that don’t do anything to normalize and show the world as it really is.

Queer baiting - to me - is when there is no attempt to create a story and it’s mostly something that is asked of the actors to get more viewership. It’s divorced from the rest of the narrative. In the worst cases it’s read as a joke at our expense by straight audiences. “Hah, these characters, queer? Funny!” 

Then there is the other issue that comes with the fact there are so few queer characters. When you introduce one queer in the desert, then they become representative of all. So if you don’t want to hurt the community, you can’t just do anything with the character. It’s risky to show a queer character in a realistic abusive relationship, because in this television landscape, that would be saying queer relationships are abusive. They would have to show so many good ones before they can show a bad one. I can see how it is a catch 22. Interesting characters are flawed and story comes from conflict.

In this case, they let all the trauma play out in a world of forced heterosexuality and it’s part of their bigger picture. From an OperationOUT point of view, Emma has probably experiences a same-sex abusive relationship, but we’re being shown those behaviors through heterosexual fairy tale pairings. It’s a work-around, making her complex, but not playing into prejudice before showing love. We have an audience now yelling at Jasmine for not choosing duty over love, we have them empathizing with a young Regina forced to marry someone she doesn’t love because her parent wants it. We have Alice who is asked to forget about her love and to choose to let her stepmother choose her a husband or go to an asylum.

If they play this out completely, they will have put their audience on the spot. You can emphasize with all these stories where someone has come in between lovers… so look at the experience of a gay person. Some of us feel forced to marry against our wishes, some of us have been made to believe it’s our duty to make our parents happy. We’ve all been told by someone that our love is less valid, our not real or a disease. 

So after telling all these stories with our issues, but applied to straight couples, if they do go there, it puts a conservative audience on the spot. Are you going to be the villain in this tale? Can you face your own hypocrisy? Can you root for this person choosing love over duty? This person not marrying a man against her will? Can see that telling someone their love isn’t real is wrong? What side are you going to be on, audience?

The setup is still there for them to drive this home, but if it happens, it won’t be before the final battle. Facing the Self. It’s always darkest before the dawn, isn’t it?

Preference #1: First Kiss {Requested}


Your first kiss shared with Harry was right before the battle of Hogwarts, with fearing the thought of death being so near for so many people you rushed around the castle looking for Harry, ready to finally tell him how you felt, when you found him heading towards the Ravenclaw tower you shouted his name in hopes of seeking his attention. For a brief moment he stopped and turned around only to lock eyes with you. Harry wasted no time at all to rush over to you. You opened your mouth to explain to him how exactly you felt, but instead were met by a pair of lips. He pulled away and smiled slightly before turning around and running back towards his destination.

Ron: The Christmas holidays were rapidly approaching, and with not wanting to go home and spend another uneventful holiday with your parents Ron invited you to spend it with him. The two of you had been dating for a little over 3 months, but hadn’t yet kissed. It wasn’t much that you minded, and you certainly hoped Ron wasn’t offended, it was just the fact that the “right moment” had yet to show up. That was until late Christmas Eve. The whole Weasley family and you had been spending the day baking and watching movies off a muggle device, while listening to soft music. Due to it being so late in the afternoon, the rest of the family had retreated hoping to catch a few hours of sleep before the big day tomorrow, leaving you and Ron alone watching movies as the muggle folks called them. The film felt like it was ever lasting, and you couldn’t help but let your eyes drift up to Ron who was surprisingly staring back. It all happen in such a fast past it was like you dreamt it all up, Ron leaned down towards your face and ever so lightly placed a soft delicate kiss. Pulling away after a few seconds a grin appeared on the both of your faces as you diverted you eyes back to the screen ignoring the heat radiating off your cheeks.


You sat quietly in the Gryffindor common room  with your feet slug lazily across the near by loveseat. Absentmindedly twiddling a pen around, you worked on your charms and transfiguration homework the had been assigned earlier that day. You paid no mind to the boy who sat calmly in the corner of the room watching you. No, not the creepy stalking kind of watching, but more of the admiring from a distance type of thing. The boy stood up and took his time walking over to the empty cushioned seat to your right. Before he sat, he looked over at you and coughed as if asking you for your approval. Glancing up, you smiled softly and nodded a subtle “yes” using no words. After a few seconds you spoke up seeming as the boy wouldn’t dare. All you said was a simple “Hello”, but that seemed to scare the boy enough because his looked up wide eye as he replied, “Oh um hi… sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you or anything. I’m Neville Longbottom by the way.” He rushed it out so quickly you weren’t positive if you heard him right, seeming as you did you carried on the conversation. After a few hours chatted away by Neville and yourself, it became clear that you both had a lot in common with each other, but sadly the time said you would have to find out the rest another time. You stood up stretching a little, and then bent down to collect your belongings. Neville seemed to get the hint that it was getting late, because he too helped grab your books and papers for you. “Thank you, Neville.” You gave him a quick peck to the cheek, but as you pulled away Neville pulled you right back in and rushed to kiss your lips. He pulled away seeing your shocked expression and sprinted for the stairs leaving you alone in the room as the fire crackled behind you. You placed a hand to your lips brushing over them as you replayed the previous events that just took place. Of course it was sudden and unexpected, but who were you to complain… especially when you too, enjoyed it.


Draco sat by the fire with his arms around your body, as the salty tears streamed down his pale face. He had just explained to you about his task of killing Dumbledore and becoming a death eater. You no doubtable did not agree whatsoever with the role he was given, but understood exactly how crucial this was for him to basically stay breathing. Voldemort was slowly growing trustworthy of Draco in his opinion, so he felt strongly that he needed to go through with this even if it meant killing someone.  Seeing the tears roll down his face broken pieces of your heart off slowly and painfully. Not being able to take the heartbreaking sounds of his cries you leaned up and placed your lips upon his tasting the bittersweet feel of his tears as he reacted by pulling you closer.


Cheering loudly you waved the little banner with a lion around in the air as Gryffindor scored yet another goal on Hufflepuff. This was the last Quidditch game of the school year and the most important one too. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff had both been neck and neck all year long for the house cup, and due to being even with house points the winner of the Quidditch game would overall win the house cup. “Go Fred!” You screamed loudly in excitement as Fred Weasley zoomed past you. You guys had only been dating for 2 months or so, but it seemed so much longer due to the fact you spent about everyday together.  Suddenly a loud roar came from the Gryffindor stands that you stood in as Harry Potter caught the golden snitch declaring your house as the winners of the cup and the match. But, all your excitement vanished as a Hufflepuff student rammed into Fred sending in down into the sand at a rapid pace. “Fred!” Your hand flew over your mouth in surprise at such rudeness and rushed down onto the field to aid your boyfriend. As you approached him, you noticed he was seemingly fine just brushing some little sand sediment off his robes and cursing under his breath. You kneeled down beside him and took his large hand in your own. “Are you okay? You took a pretty hard fall there, I thought for sure you’d b-“ You were cut short by Fred pulling you in close for a kiss as his free hand snaked around your waist leaving the other one still holding onto your own hand. You pulled away and blushed, embarrassed for going on so much. “I’m fine, now that you’re here, love.” He replied as you stood up off your knees and helped him up as well. “Very cheeky Mr. Weasley.” He grinned once again and pecked your forehead as the two of you exited the field to go and celebrate the big win for Gryffindor.


“George Weasley hurry up, we don’t have all day!” You tugged at the bottom short styled like part of your flower printed (Playsuits as you called the dress and Romper as your mom called it) dress that your mother had gotten you not only but a week ago.  “I know (Y/N), don’t get your knickers in a twist I’m hurrying best I can!” He shouted playfully back as he regained his balance from tripped over a large sized rock. George and you had decided to go out towards the pond a few miles out from his home. His mom, Molly, had called your mom early in the morning inviting her over for a cup of tea, and also invited you to tag along as well. You were the same age as the Weasley twins and the three of you were always so inseparable. Whether you three were pulling practical jokes, or just hanging around you guys always enjoyed each other’s company.  Sadly though, Fred had caught the stomach flu the night before, and under Molly’s orders was not under any circumstances allowed to leave the Burrow. Finally the pair of you had reached the deep, clear lake. George took a knee and locked his hands together and set his hands out, “Here, (Y/N).” He smiled sweetly at you as you set one foot on his intertwined hands the grabbed the closes branch while one foot was still on the ground, and pulled yourself up. When you were sitting on a high enough branch that satisfied your needs George reached up and pushed himself off the ground and sat next to you. “Thanks Georgie.” The nodded as a faint redness covered his face. You and George spent a large majority sitting in the tree and talking about your dreams of receiving a Hogwarts letter, which most likely you both would in about 4 years on your 11th birthday.  About 45 minutes later or so, George jumped down from the tree declaring you guys should get back to the Burrow. As soon as he was settled on the ground he offered you his hand which you gladly took.  About 10 or so minuets into your walk back to the Weasley home a question popped in your head. “Um… hey George, can I ask you something?” The question made you feel uneasy despite the fact you were still nothing but a child. “Yeah of course (Y/N), what is it?” He bumped into you as if telling you to go on. “Well I was just wondering if, well I mean it’s stupid really, but I was wondering if you’ve had your first kiss yet?” George stopped dead in his tracks and you mentally face palmed for asking such a dumb and personal question.  George looked over at you, but you kept your eyes from looking anywhere but him.  “Actually no… I haven’t. Have you y’know had your first kiss and all?” You quickly shook your head no, not quite sure what he meant by ‘and all’, but still assumed you hadn’t. “Well then I declare that you (Y/N) will be my first kiss as I will be yours!” He shouted as he jogged over to where you stood not too far from him. You looked down at the ground sheepishly then back up to his happy features. “Well go on, what are you waiting for.” George opened his mouth slightly surprised then softly spoke, “Oh yeah.” He sat down and pulled up with him, and as you sat on the ground his motioned for you to lean in as he mirrored your actions. You being you and not liking to waste time and took matters into your own hands as you decided to thrust your head forwards towards the red headed boy making your lips connect with Georges sweet plump ones, but it only lasted for a second before you speedily pulled back, leaving George looking as shocked, but satisfied as ever. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing Fred was ill.

Okay so I decided I’m gonna start doing preferences with more then just Fred and George, but my imagines and one-shots are still only Fred and George Weasley ones, whether you’d like an imagine/one-shot with just Fred or just George, or with both of them that’s what I’ve decided to finalize on the topic of imagines and one-shots. If there’s anyone I’m missing for the preferences that you would like me to add, just message me and I will be sure to add them in. Thanks xxx

 - Willow

fic: jailbird.

the one where new cop maggie picks up a drunk girl from a bar and over the course of time, gets more than she bargained for.

rated t. alex/maggie. read on ao3.

When Maggie Sawyer joined the NCPD, she never expected to have regulars.

She figured jail was a miserable hangout spot, especially overnight.

Maggie though, she liked the nightshift. Something about working with the things that go bump in the night intrigued her. She found that she met the most interesting people after midnight.

There was one person in particular that found herself in the back of Maggie’s car at least a few times a month. Alex Danvers. In the few months Maggie’s been working at the NCPD, Alex has been picked up at least four times. Maggie didn’t really know her story. Alex was, apparently, a woman of few words. Maggie sat in the front, Alex sat in the back, sometimes passed out against the window, and they were quiet. The intake officer would usually roll his eyes because of course he knew Alex. Everybody seemed to know Alex. When she would come back to the station, whether it be minutes or hours later, Alex had been picked up.

And Maggie had to admit she was a little curious. There was something about a pretty girl with a dark shadow that always drove Maggie just a little wild.

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Take Care of Me

Prompt: You’re sick with the flu and begin acting a little baby-ish and dependent on Junmyeon when you’re usually very mature and independent

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1009

“Junmyeon…” you called weakly.

No answer.



“JUNMYEON!” You thrashed around in the sheets, flailing your legs under the blankets.

BIG mistake.

One: Your entire body was aching so even moving just a little made it feel like you were being hit by a train, let alone flopping around like a fish out of water.

Two: You were now tangled up in the sheets and couldn’t move even if you wanted to.

Three: Your head felt like it was imploding.

But at least you woke him up.

“Jagi, what-”

You managed to free one arm and grab his wrist, pulling it to your face and nearly smashing it on your forehead.

His eyes widened and he quickly sat up, urgently double-checking your temperature.

“Jagi, you have a fever.”

“But I feel cold,” you whined.

“…That’s not good.” He got up and began making his way to the bathroom.

“I don’t want medicine! It tastes gross!”

“Too bad it’s already in my hand!” he teased over his shoulder. He plopped down next to you and held out the bottle of Tylenol.

“What?” You looked at him as if you were expecting something different.


You huffed and rolled over onto your side. “If you’re gonna make me take it, then you should at least give it to me yourself rather than force me to do it…then I can say I was coerced at gunpoint.”

He just nodded and grinned, happy that you were at least strong enough to make jokes.

“I’m not joking by the way.”

“I know, jagi.” He opened the bottle and began carefully pouring the red liquid into the clear plastic dosage cup. “But you know, I thought you would insist on doing it yourself. That you ‘didn’t need some rich ass man taking care of you.’” He quoted you and handed over the small cup. You sat up slowly, took the cup from him, and downed it in one go. He smiled a little at the face you made from the aftertaste.

You sighed, thrusting the empty cup back in his face before curling into the blankets.

“My head hurts…” you pouted into the pillow.

“Just try to get some rest, jagi.”

He came back a few minutes later with a bowl of water and a small towel.

“Do you want to do it or-”

“My body hurts.”

“Ok.” He smiled to himself. He dipped the towel into the bowl, wrung out the excess water and gently pushed away your hair to place the towel over your forehead. You sighed contentedly at the cool temperature.

“Rest, ok? If you need anything at all, I’ll be right here.”

“Don’t you have schedules?”



“Luckily there wasn’t anything today except practice, and I still have a few days off left. They won’t kill me too much for missing today.”


“I’ll go back in later today when you get a little better, ok?”


“Now sleep so you can recover.”

“If you keep talking to me, I won’t be able to sleep.”

You drifted in and out of consciousness as your body waged the tiring war against the illness. But in each weak break out of sleep, he was always right there. Even though you didn’t always open your eyes, you could feel his comforting presence.


“Hmm?” He was replacing the towel on your forehead.

“…I don’t know.”

“That’s ok.” He carefully smoothed out the blankets around you. “Your fever’s gone down a bit.”

“I still feel like crap though…”

“Here.” He handed you a glass of water. “You need to drink lots of water.”

You stayed up for a little while longer, thinking about nothing in particular, and before you knew it, you had drifted off to sleep again.

“You need to eat.”

“I don’t feel hungry.”

“You still need food.”

“But I’m not-”

Eat.” He shoved a spoonful of soup towards your mouth.

You pouted, but ate anyway.

“…I’m not hungry.”

“We’ve already talked about this…” He lifted another spoonful.

You took another sip.

“You’re forcing me against my will,” you insisted.

“You also need to survive.”

“Who needs food…”

Junmyeon sighed, shaking his head in mock defeat. “Well, you got me.” He fed you another spoonful. “Obviously not people fighting the flu and needing strength to get better.”

You were about to agree with him, but his phone started ringing.

“Manager-hyung” lit up the screen.

“Shit…” He answered the call. “Hello?”

“…I’ve already informed you that Y/N got sick and I’m taking care of her right now…Yes but…I understand…I’ll be there soon…Yes…Ok. Sorry about the inconvenience.”

He sighed and returned your worried look.

“Promise me you’ll finish your soup before I get back.”

“You’re leaving?”

“I have to at least be there for the last few hours.”

“When will you be back?”

“Maybe around eleven.”

“That’s six hours.”

“I know, just…make sure to rest. Finish your soup, please. I know it’s hard when you don’t want to, but you have to. Drink lots of water…I know you’ll be just fine without me, right?”


He gave you a small grin. “Yes you will.”

“But I’m sick.”

“But you’ve also been strong without me home for months. You can do this. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”


“Just rest. Regain your strength. You’ll be back to normal in no time.”

“I…need you…here…” You hid behind the blanket in embarrassment from your own words.

He pulled the blanket down, smiling like an idiot.


“When I get better, I’m going to wipe that dumb look off your face…” You fought him for the blanket.

He pulled it down again, this time leaning in to kiss you.

You pushed his face away.

“I’m sick.”


He got up and began getting ready to leave.

“You know…” He turned around to face you. “It’s nice being able to take care of you. I love how independent you can be but…aside from you being sick…It was different, and I liked today.”



“Hurry up and leave so you can come home faster.”