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The Thirst Order’s Greatest Hits Collection!


Lo is known, I think, primarily for her Kylux/Reader work, so I’ve included one of those, here—but she has great work outside of that, too. Her work gets straight to the fucking (hohoho) point and is just excellent smutty fun.

Whenever I Want: This is a Kylo Ren/Hux/Reader threesome—and it’s one of those that, despite me not being into Hux, like, at all, I find myself still thinking about.  I think that alone is a testament to its hotness—but it also has some good, nasty shit like cum-sharing and snowballing.

Kylo Gets Off: The title is self-explanatory. We all love Kylo Ren jerking off. But getting nearly 1000 words of it is such a blessing. He jerks off to the thought of fucking Hux and Reader at the same time. Usually I don’t like sharing someone’s fantasy spotlight, but I love this.

Punishment: I’ve recc’d this before on, like, two other lists, but I won’t stop reccing it, because I love it so much. This was, I think, one of the first sub!Kylo fics I read and loved. I still think about the line, “It’s so good,” he answered. “So warm and fucking wet…” Like, kill me please.


If you’re looking for weird stuff, sad stuff, or bloody stuff, Jinx is your girl. Not only does she have unique takes on certain AUs—her writing is fantastic. Her descriptive language is dark and poetic and beautiful.

A Full Confession: Okay, this seems self-aggrandizing, but hear me out. Almost all of the ideas in this fic, and a ton of the gorgeous/tongue-in-cheek imagery come from her. It’s easily some of her best writing, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to check it out for that reason.

Exposed: I really love vampires. I really love Kylo Ren. So why not both? This is the answer to that question. Good imagery, hot sex. Is there any more we can ask for from a Vampire!Kylo fic?

The Angst Files, Chapter 3: All of the chapters in this collection are great, but this one is a favorite. Not only for the idea of Kylo Ren getting hard from his own tears, but the sex is visceral, too. A Sad Boy Sex Hall of Famer, for sure.


Maybe even more than she loves writing Kylo Ren, Beth loves writing Ben Solo. Her Ben Solo work is fantastic, and I’ve included one of my faves. Her smut is raunchy and her dirty talk is nasty as fuck. She pulls no punches.

Frozen NSFW: Beth will probably kill me for putting this here, but oh well, I’ll face death bravely. Frozen NSFW is a fantastic collection of dubcon/noncon scenes as Reader navigates her life as Kylo Ren’s new sex slave. And Kylo is just… an asshole. A hot, sexy, asshole.

Solidarity: I’ve recc’d this before, too, but, look. I said this was the greatest hits, goddammit. The sequel to another piece she so thoughtfully wrote for me, you’ll find doggy-style dubcon inside. I frequently think about the line, “Fuck this is the perfect little cunt. I think I need this to greet me at the end of every day.” Christ.

A Hasty Landing: Just one of many great Ben Solo pieces, this is one of my faves because of the intimacy and heat captured. I love the way Ben is written—snarky and naughty and fun.


It was hard narrowing down the list of Fae’s fantastic works to just three. There’s so much by her that I truly love. She’s incredible at laying down themes in even the shortest one-shots, her characterization is always engaging, and her imagery is unique and evocative.

On the Desk: I’ll be honest. I’ve probably gotten off to this thing like five or six times. Professor AUs are hot, but this is just beyond everything I could want from one. Professor Ren is dirty as hell.

Okay, Fine: No smut in this—but it’s one of my favorites. A twist on the sweetness of a Coffee Shop AU, this fic instead features  an antagonistic relationship between Kylo (in his triplet form) and Reader. Enemies to Lovers, perhaps? Great dialogue, great characterization, great narrative. It’s good-feelsiest fic around.

Don’t Tell Kylo: In this fic, you’re double-teamed by Organa Solo triplets Ben and Matt. This fic is a perfect hallmark of Fae’s style—it’s hot with a consistent thematic foundation and strong emotions.


Because Kat is known most widely for Love is a Four Letter Word, I wanted to take this time to point out a few of their other excellent works. Kat’s narrative style is so immediate and engaging, and their language has the ability to drag tears of out of me, which is, like, unheard of.

All Tied Up: This work is heavy noncon. Reader is kidnapped by the twisted triplets and horrible things happen. You should absolutely not read this if it isn’t your thing, but I could not fail to recommend it because if it is your thing, it’s fucking hot as hell, and you’ll love it.

On Display: Reader is fucked against a window by Kylo Ren, an officer gets off to the show. Exhibitionism/voyeurism are one of my big kinks, and this piece just… hits all the right spots. One of my faves.

Infraction:  In relative terms of the Kylo Ren fandom, this piece is older. But it’s still one of the hottest in my memory. It has one of my favorite lines in fanfiction ever: “Yes, you would. You’d never leave, the only thing you’d ever have to do is get fucked.”  *SWEATS*


I’m going to imagine Tora will be shocked I even included her, but she hardly gives herself enough credit. She’s been the only person who’s managed to get me to enjoy Hux outside of a Kylo/Hux/Reader context. Her sense of humor and sass come through brilliantly in her writing.

Valentine’s Day: I have to be honest. I really enjoy these Hux drabbles. As mentioned, Hux isn’t my guy. But the banter and snark here makes me think maybe he could be my guy.

Untitled: Another Hux/Reader drabble, which I won’t title as “this is dumb” because it isn’t. There’s great sexual tension captured between Reader and Hux, and the unexpected cigarette burn is so salacious.

De-Stressing: This piece is Kylo/Reader—and there’s daddy kink. Look, y’all know I don’t typically go for daddy kink, but this one is enjoyable. If it’s your thing, this is right up your alley.

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: hey, so idk if you’ve seen CACW (pretty sure u have cuz.. srry that’s a dumb question) anyways, my fave part is the airplane scene. and i was wondering if you could write a peter parker imagine where ur ant man (well u have his suit so u can shrink and stuff) and that one part where he lands on caps shield and then grows and kicks peter. and when you kick him, his mask comes off and u continue to shrink and beat him up and stuff? and can u have like a conversation between him and the reader? thx

A/N: whoa nonny, that’s legit my fave part in the movie too! twinners :D

Warning: fluff

You finally made it to the top of the shield, breathing heavily into your helmet.

‘’Goodness, how does Scott do this.. He makes it all look so easy.’’ you sigh, catching your breath.

You were using Scott’s suit for this fight, he’s trained with you before with it, showing you the basics and stuff. But so far, it was tiring you out pretty quickly. You looked up at the gigantic spider-man above you. He soon looked down and saw you on the shield.

‘’Hey! Why is there a tiny–’’

‘’Surprise!’’ you shout, pressing the button, making you go back into normal size.

As you went back into normal size, you did a back flip and kicked spider-man right in the face. You could hear him yelp in pain as you kicked him. You landed swiftly on the ground and then looked back at spider-man. He was groaning in pain, but you saw that your kick somehow removed the mask off of his face. As he turned around, your heart skipped a beat.

He was cute.

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xxsincerely-insanityxx  asked:

What is your favorite fetus Ziam moment and most recent Ziam moment?

Every ziam will say it’s so hard to choose fave ziam moments bc there’s so many good ones! (all of them) 😩😂 but thank you for the ask!!

This is definitely one of the earliest and cutest ziam moments that I love. THE PURE HAPPINESS! Zayn just smooshing his face into liam’s and liam wasn’t even accustomed to all the touchy feely gestures the boys would give him yet but he doesn’t pull away or anything and he smiles aw

After that one it would have to be germany!ziam in 2012 wow what a blessing that was for us and for them

p.s this chin caressing thing of theirs pains me in the best way, always

they had a whole couch and they chose to sit practically in each other’s laps and I’m still crying to this day about it, look at the fucking thirst on zayn jfc get him some water please im concerned

can’t forget the bed interview that germany brought us as well

and for my fave most recent ziam moment?

let’s be real I’ll take anything ziam give me now a days a.k.a social media interactions (limited) and cartier jewellery and matching outfits but also this gem

of course I love zayn. he’s great (why would you ask me such a dumb question?)


anonymous asked:

Hello, amazing person! Who is your favorite DS9 character? I know it's hard to pick just one but, maybe, three top characters? And maybe tell us what your three favorite episodes per season are? Only if you want to and have time, I just love hearing your opinions. :)

Hello anon!!! You sent this to me when I was in the beginning of Season 7 and I saved it until here at the end so I could give you THE DEFINITIVE ANSWERS.


**Note on picking method, although I’ll try to explain more if anyone wants, as coming up with a rationale for my emotional choices is one of my favorite INFJ pastimes

Character: Julian “Biscuit” Bashir, let’s face the facts and they are these. Actually it would be harder to pick ONLY TWO MORE of my darlings than to just leave it at that, so I will. This is the only cheat I’m gonna give myself though!

…except for how I’ve just decided that instead of 3 favorite eps per season I get 21 total. Because a few seasons are fave-heavy so we’re just gonna redistribute, shhh, don’t worry about it.

1x04 ‘Babel’ - Chief O’Brien trips a booby trap left on the station and all hell & nonsense breaks loose, in the first instance of the DS9 plot conceit that dreams are made of. Specifically mine.

1x16 ‘The Forsaken’ - Just a lot of great character work here, across the whole crew. This is where I was starting to feel like I was really getting to know these people, and I really liked them.

2x22 ‘The Wire’ - One of my favorite episode of television I have ever seen. Like of all of them, of all the television. It’s astonishing, just on an objective level, even before you get to my personal soft spots for storytelling and spies serving tea and narratives that don’t tell me the answers, GOD, never tell me.

2x23 ‘Crossover’ - In which we learn that I unironically love Mirror ‘Verse episodes like some sort of astral raccoon rolling around in this dumb glittery space garbage. (Anyway, in an unexpected “haha help me” discovery, my notes reveal that Julian was already one-sidedly referring to O’Brien as his best friend at this point.)

3x07 ‘Civil Defense’
- Conceivably the best DS9 recap I’ve written, which makes me happy as this second station booby trap episode would be in the running for the best of the series. An absolute ball of fun made even more lovable to me by how fucking impeccable the plotting of this one is. A triumph of the writers room, a showcase of an ensemble piece, an exemplar of the space genres.

3x20-21 ‘Improbably Cause’ / ‘The Die is Cast’ - Two-parters count as one, especially GARAK TWO-PARTERS. A gift to Andrew Robinson, a gift from Andrew Robinson. Andrew Robinson!

3x22 ‘Explorers’ - Ben and Jake go on a father-son road trip in the prettiest space sailing ship the world has ever seen, and Miles and Julian get drunk and talk about their feelings: this episode is worth its weight in latinum.

4x03 ‘Hippocratic Oath’
- Lost-crashing onto a desert island in space, NCO Chief O’Brien needs to figure out how to negotiate the increasingly undeniable/unfortunate reality that Dr. Bashir is his superior officer as well as his second spouse, in a uniquely Tarra-oriented episode that I love dearly.

4x15 ‘Bar Association’ - The one where Rom unionizes and Worf tries to figure out just what Star Trek he’s on now is honestly one of my favorites of the whole lot. Initially I was going to classify it as a standalone, but then remembered I’ve tried to explain it to people only to realize each time that it actually required such strong foundations in character and culture to work as well as it did.

4x16 ‘Accession’ - Tons of fantastic religion and relationship stuff for Kira Nerys and Ben “The Emissary” Sisko, one of my most favorite pairs, and meanwhile the Julian/Miles/Keiko storyline just shoots for the STARS.

4x24 ‘Body Parts’ - Again, every element here firing on all cylinders. Quark commissioning Garak to murder him when he least expects it, Nerys being adopted into the O’Brien family, the whole station scrounging up things to help Quark build his bar back, my tears….

5x03 ‘Looking For Par’Mach In All the Wrong Places’
- Perhaps the best way to get across just how much I love the Andy Robinson-directed station rom-com that plays like a Deep Space Harold Lloyd film, is if I tell you it bumped ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’ off my Season 5 set.

5x06 ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’ - A glorious thing. Ohhhh the nostalgia, the jokes, the X-Files-esque framing device, the love, the fuchsia….

5x14-15 ‘In Purgatory’s Shadow’ / ‘By Inferno’s Light’ - Garak + intrigue + the single greatest reveal that has ever happened to me. So good I can hardly stand it. THE WAY THEY USED THE COSTUME CHANGE. God. Some part of me is still yelling.

5x25 ‘In the Cards’ - Pure happiness. Baseball cards, mad scientists, Jake and Nog on a Quest of Tasks, and begins with a high style wartime dinner table tableau that is second only to the first few minutes of Legion ‘Chapter 3’ for my all-time favorite episode opening. Hell, it might even still be first. Representative note: “this was the best episode, it’s this one.”

6x01 ‘A Time To Stand’ & 6x05 ‘Favor the Bold’
- I love my weary weird war-worn Defiant crew, I love my crackling, smoldering Kira, I love living on a starship again, I love all the resistance plotting in Quark’s bar — I love this S6 miniseries!! I’ve picking my two favorites out of the six because we’d already established that two-parters count as one. Don’t think about it too much and it makes sense.

6x07 ‘You Are Cordially Invited’ - One of the best Jadzia Dax episodes of the series, and not just because she throws a party with a fire dancer and physically fights her mother-in-law.

6x25 ‘The Sound of Her Voice’ - Such a beautiful conceit. In many ways this is an episode about loneliness, but it comes together in a way that is actually celebrating how much connections with others truly mean to us as people. Just a wonderfully Star Trek sort of episode, in its graceful melding of the heartfelt and philosophical with a high-grade ~science fiction~ plot. 

7x06 ‘Treachery, Faith, and the Great River’ - The peak Nog episode and the peak Weyoun episode. In its melding of the hilarious and the misadventure and the fucked up, it hits that rollicking heart-rocking surreal realism vibe I associate with Heller’s Catch-22, which makes sense as memory-for-trifles told me that was the inspiration for the Great River plot. Nice.

7x21 ‘When It Rains…: Part 5’ & 7x22 ‘Tacking Into the Wind: Part 6’ - I am…treating this like a two-parter within the 10-ep conclusion stretch. Just let it happen. And when you do you will get: Kira donning a Starfleet uniform, Julian medically yelling at people over Space Skype, Miles apparently just starting to sleep over in the infirmary, Winn banishing blind Dukat to beg in the streets of Bajor, and The Garak & Kira Show, feat. the Damar Development – the Cardassian Resistance being one of my verrry favorite things to come out of this season.

7x23 ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’ - Miles/Julian, Deep Space Inception. my notes: “like if I’d written this story myself I would think ‘well that was self-indulgent’ — that’s the level of My Thing we’re at here.”

Honorable Mentions, holy shit there’s a lot of good stuff in this list:
2x02 ‘The Circle’ / 2x03 ‘The Siege’ - 3x03 ‘House of Quark’ - 3x16 ‘Prophet Motive’ - 4x01 ‘The Way of the Warriors: Part 1 & 2’ - 4x05 ‘Rejoined’ - 4x09 ‘Our Man Bashir’ - 5x05 ‘The Assignment’ - 5x12 ‘The Begotten’ - 5x16 ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’ - 6x14 ‘One Little Ship’ - 6x18 ‘Inquisition’ - 7x03 ‘After Image’ - 7x04 ‘Take Me Out to the Holosuite’ - 7x05 ‘The Siege of AR-558’ - 7x15 ‘Badda-Bing Badda-Bang’

And you didn’t ask these but I’ll tell ya

Favorite Whole Season: SEASON 4, omg Season 4, are u kidding me S4

Favorite Writer: Ron Moore, followed by my guy Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Favorite Director: Michael Dorn definitely. All three episodes he directed appear in this post – a perfect batting average.

[Masterpost of Tarra Treks Through DS9 because crosslinking all of this seemed ridiculous]

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you had any pruaus fic recommendations?? I really love the pairing and would love some good things to read


In no particular order:

Walk in the Sun by Jacquzy - (historical; no rating; prussia thinks about his relationship with austria over the years through the lens of kugelmugel’s entry into their lives). this is like. prob my fave pruaus fic and it's written by one of my favE FIC WRITERS OVERALL LMFAO I DON’T THINK SHE’S EVEN IN THE FANDOM ANYMORE WHICH FUCKING KILLS ME but her (tragically) unfinished pruaus college AU fic roses are red violets are blue continues to slay; if it ever updated i would actually just stab myself in the face for pure joy. Her writing is impeccable–i’m indescribably moved every time by the way she depicts change and loneliness and loss. tbh her pruaus characterizations have probably had the largest influence in shaping mine. You can follow her here at f-scott-fitzgerbil (fandom blog) or hotdadsclub (personal/non-fandom blog but updates more frequently)

Change of Heart by searchingformercury (college AU; no rating; the gang go camping and roderich (predictably) gets lost) LIKE???? ? If stupidly adorable shenanigans are your thing and embarrassing dorks are ESPECIALLY your thing, then this fic may or may not make you bleed tears of joy IT IS SO GOOD like–jen captures the confusion and strangeness of being on the cusp of adulthood so well SO WELL you can read her other fics and follow her here at searching-for-mercury (and if you like that fic send her an ask becaUSE!!! SHE MAY BE OPENING UP FIC COMMISSIONS P SOON!!!)

Catch fire with me by nyhne (human AU; M rating; roderich’s marriage is rocky and gilbert is a piece of sHIT LMFAO) THIS!! FIC MAKES ME SO MAD IT MAKES ME SO FUCKING MAD LMAO I AM STILL PISSED TO THIS DAY THAT (spoiler) THEY DON’T WIND UP TOGETHER IN THIS FUCKING FIC BEC GILBERT IS SUCH A FUCKING ASSHOLE BUT IT’S SO WELL-WRITTEN THAT IT GETS A PASS OK OK GDI. You can follow the writer on tumblr here at nyhne but she’s also got a closed rp blog that’s p fun to follow!

The Daintiness of Ear by sithmarauder - (historical; no rating; prussia and austria play a duet) LITERALLY THE BEST PRUAUS MUSIC FIC I HAVE EVER READ the characterizations are so on point that I could barely even get through the fic bec I was so fucking moved lmaooo. You can find the writer here at deadhabsburgs​; follow her to read more awesome historical fics PLUS to send her annoying asks begging for more dorks-playing-music fics and/or long-ass fanmails arguing the merits of pruaus over spaus ahahahha

Gilbert Beilschmidt, Private Eye by bonsaibabe (human/noir AU; no rating; gilbert! is! a PRIVATE EYE!!! attempting to solve roderich’s case) THIS IS A FIC OF PURE FUN. The premise is fun, the characterization is fun, IT’S A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE OF FUN. The writer takes this sort of ridiculous premise and just runs with it, and the result is AMAZING. I couldn’t find her here unfortunately (if anyone has any info lemme know), but if you ARE thirsty for more, the fic does have an (unfinished) sequel.

Forgotten by fakiagirl (human AU; no rating; gilbert moves into an apartment haunted by ghost!roderich cat) I AM SO WEAK FOR CAT!AUSTRIA SO OFC THIS FIC IS ONE OF MY TOPS but the progression of their relationship is just so slow and sweet and the whole thing is just v. well-written??? But also. yeah. I mean. Cat!ghost!roderich. need I say more? Her ff profile lists her tumblr as unnecessaryligatures​ (though she doesn’t seem to be in the fandom anymore?)

Good Day Good Evening by Anti-Logic (historical; no rating; gilbert confronts his dissolution) PROBABLY MY FAVORITE HISTORICAL PRUSSIA FIC–and one of my favorite hetalia fics overall. With its unsettling mix of historical fact and vivid imagery it fucking blew me away. I honestly cannot recommend this fic enough–it’s really more a prussia-centric fic with background pruaus but I just wanted an excuse to rec it ahahaha. (Also it introduced me to “Swimming” by Florence + the Machine as THE pruaus song and this changed my fuCKING LIFE TBH). It doesn’t seem like the writer’s on tumblr but if she is, LET ME KNOW

Fröbel Sterne by sun-on-the-shelf (human AU; no rating; Ludwig’s POV of Gilbert’s life after moving out) This is prob the shortest fic of all the those I’ve rec'ced here BUT it’s extremely cute and the end is achingly sweet so despite the length it packs QUITE A PUNCH. The writer’s on tumblr as apfelzimteis but I’m not sure she’s still active? She’s also Austrian SOOO >:)

The Advantages of being engaged by MayumiSato (human AU; no rating; fake!engaged bec they’re stingy bastards) THIS FIC MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD I ALMOST GOT WATER SHOOTING OUT OF MY NOSE LMFAO the writer manages to carefully balance the best part of the pruaus dynamic without allowing it to descend into childish bickering which is crazy considering english isn’t eVEN HER FIRST LANGUAGE WTF??? ? You can find her on tumblr as mayumisatosan.

Other really good pruaus writers that you guys should follow: romano-is-cryinggilbutt, and daemonrolling. The flo (pallaide) is always good for the GREATEST AU IDEAS even if they torture you… not translating them into fics….. :’) You can also check out my fic recs tag for more good ones! :)

And if you’re STILL reading this ridiculously long post lmao feel free to check out my own dumb pruaus fic here ( my attempts to cope with my intensely catholic past literally just resulted in a dumb fic of my trash otp…….kill me)

this is just a random liam love post. there’s no reason behind it. liam deserves love and i just wanted to ramble about my love for him. that’s all. i love reading people’s stories and i wanted to post my own.

the other day my best friend asked me why liam is my favorite. i joked and asked her how long she had to listen all my reasons why he is my favorite. but as i thought about it, it was actually a struggle to name all the reasons why. 

he wasn’t originally my favorite. when i fell into the pit known as 1d i just decided that harry was going to be my favorite, and he was my favorite for a good long while. i love the all boys and they all mean a whole lot to me, but i swore that harry would be my favorite until the end. but that’s the thing isn’t it? they say that you don’t pick the 1d boy, the boy picks you. well i picked harry. i didn’t “get to know’ the other boys or their personalities at all. it was when i went and saw my first 1d show over the summer in kansas city that i could really watch all of them. i enjoyed myself thoroughly. i cheered and sang and laughed and cried and loved watching all the boys onstage. but liam was the one that stood out to me. harry was cracking jokes and i was in tears from laughing so hard. (the kansas city show was when he did the whole “or is itttt????” thing, i’m still not over it tbh). but liam’s powerful voice and overall presence sparked something in me. tbh i was most impressed with him at the show. i think i said “wow liam” at least once or twice per song. when he read signs he was calling fans “darling” and i was MELTING. 

a couple weeks later something hit me and i just really realized i had a crush on liam. my “crush” on liam grew and on his birthday (ironically enough) i woke up that morning and literally the first thought that popped in my head was “liam is my favorite”. and kind of overnight i was in love with liam. i still love harry. and i love niall and louis. i’m very proud of all of them and i have favorite things and qualities about each them that i love (also please don’t think i’m being negative towards any of the other boys, they are all great!). but for me, liam is the whole package. after i realized he was my favorite, my friends laughed saying “we thought he’d have been your favorite anyway because of how perfect he is for you.” if you knew me personally - you’d know that liam is basically the definition of the type of guy i’m attracted to. warm and funny and kind and bearded - the list goes on.

seriously though falling for liam was exciting because i got to kind of fall in love with 1d as a whole all over again. i rewatched the movies, music videos, and listened to 1d songs specifically to watch/listen for liam. but it’s more than just liam’s voice that makes him my favorite. he’s calming to me. i’m a very shy and anxious person and somehow i am DRAWN to liam in a way i can’t explain. his voice and smile and general warm vibe calm me like no other celeb crush i’ve had.  i’ve almost cried in the past over the thought of not getting to tell liam what he means to me.

last week when he was sick, i couldn’t sleep until i knew he was ok. a couple of my friends told me that was dumb for worrying. but they don’t understand. liam is my sunshine and the thought of him being sad or hurt or sick, makes me sad. yes i do have a grasp on reality and liam is not my only source of happiness but he means so much to me in the grand scheme of things.

unfortunately i’ve learned having liam as my fave is not easy. he doesn’t get the love or appreciation he deserves - and i get defensive sometimes. but as far as i am concerned, no matter who loves liam or doesn’t - i’m going to love him and support him as best as i can. i’m just a simple fan who loves a little bean from wolverhampton and there is nothing you can do to stop me from loving him. it makes me sad that people don’t love him like i do. but that’s ok. he makes me happy and that’s what matters right? i think it would make him happy to know that he brightens my day every single day. i get butterflies just thinking about him sometimes. when i listen to 1d and liam’s part in the song comes up - i visibly blush or a smile really big. my friends tease me and just say his name and i turn into a giggly mess.

so long story short (ha) i just want to hug liam. to have that crinkly eyed smile (!!!!!!!!!!!) directed at me is my dream. well ok that’s part of the dream…i want to kiss him all over his precious bearded face - but i digress. i want him to know that he is appreciated. he’s helped me so much with my anxiety. and he just deserves all the hugs and kisses he can get. i’d prefer if i were the one to give him those, but i don’t see that happening anytime soon. he looks like a cuddly teddy bear and i want one of those liam bear hugs. i really hope i get to meet him one day. i just want to say thank you.


also if you read this - you should come tell me why liam is your fave or if another boy is your fave tell me why! all 4 boys make me happy and these kind of things are cool to me.
The Way To You Chapter 1, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction

Okay, I’m going to rec this fic, tell you why and then under the cut I’m going to discuss the fic in spoilery ways that I want to share if you’re either up to date or don’t mind spoilers. 

Firstly I wanna say that I really like this fic because it is written really well on a technical level, words don’t get repetitive and there’s enough variation in structure to feel really nice. The dialogue is also really interesting, keeping the characters with more modern patterns without turning them into caricatures or making them all sound like the same person.

I want to recommend this fic because it’s really gripping but also really brave in terms of what it sets out to do. It’s a Zosan fic told entirely from Sanji’s point of view with Zoro ABSENT from the fic for the entirety of it so far and all of their interaction done in memories. Now, when I first heard about that idea I have to admit I was a little dubious as to whether it could be pulled off, much less for the 40k that the fic sits at so far but honestly it works. Like, it REALLY fucking works. It’s also a REALLY harsh look at what Zoro and Sanji are like under really specific conditions and it’s really unflinching and brave for it, it’s worth a read for that alone.

riotoftime’s synopsis for the fic is as follows:

“Sanji has made a terrible mistake and it’s cost him what he values most: his relationship with Zoro. Now Zoro’s left without a trace and Sanji is desperate to find him. Modern AU. ZoSan”

Now for more spoilery evaluation below the cut!

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surprise - jongtae

~2k, pg-13, fluff. this is a part of tumblr au uwu

happy holidays to all of my followers! I hope you’re all having a good time. I love you all very much and I hope you enjoy this. <3

Taemin fucking hates Christmas.

Okay, that’s a lie. It’s not all that bad, honestly, conceptually. But he hates having to put up with whitewashed baby Jesus and consumerism and obnoxious family meals. It used to be nice – he used to like the holiday season when he was younger and less educated on how awful people are (“no, Salvation Army Dude, I will not give you a donation no matter how cute the dog you’re using to sway people is – also, I’m gay, happy holidays”). It used to be nice when he thought Santa was real and felt like everything with peppermint in it was magic.

It was nicer before he just wanted to cuddle up by the fireplace with his boyfriend, who lives in motherfucking Pennsylvania, while he’s stuck in motherfucking Colorado.

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so i hear you want to write an au based on your fave movie/tv show/book?

here’s the thing a lot of fic writers dont understand (and believe me, when i was a novice in the world of fic i didnt either), your adaption aus do not have to be a (practically) word for word of your au source material to make the au fic work.

in fact it should be the opposite.

there’s some things you should/may keep in your au verse

  • the setting (where this story is taking place/time period?)
  • the conflict (where it be dino-aliens attacking or miscommunication, whatever the catalyst for the fallout is, its gonna be important, trust me)
  • the jobs/roles (is the movie you want an au of one where the bride falls in love with her wedding planner? great keep that!)

things you should keep from canon:

  • your characters personalities (what makes a successful au fic is that we still recognize the canon characters underneath it all)
  • relationship dynamics (can be bent depending on the au, but keep things like age gap, ect in place)
  • their friends (you have a whole bunch of characters in your canon use them instead of creating ocs. also keep their relationships in tack, aka siblings/best friends)
  • fun facts (does your ship have a funny quote they always use? does character x hate the patriots? is character y do a great patsy? yeah bring those things in)

things you should not do:

  • make this a word for word adaption (keep like maybe three quotes from the au verse maximum, everything else is on your)
  • bend canon characters until their ooc (’but jess’ you say ‘i need an evil bitch character and clearly steve rogers is the only one that fits’ *bucky punches you in the face in reply*)
  • excessively quote your canon/heavily rewrite canon scenes (yes, weve all see the movie, no i dont need to see their intro scene played again with character x glancing at his soulmate mark every two seconds)
  • assume your reader is an idiot (if they clicked on a pacific rim au, then they probably know what kaiju are, no need to dumb it down for us)
  • villainize a character (just in general, i understand lady love interest gets in the way of your slash ship, but this is an au, so just make them un interested? or hell give them a girlfriend instead? *cough* be nice to pepper potts *cough*)
  • make characters ooc to fit your stupid plot

things you may have to do:

  • eliminate characters from the au setting (so okay in this movie the fmc has a quirky alcoholic mom, but canon your otp has dead parents, well just cut that part out)
  • change the au’s main relationship (did you just realize that one relationship in love actually is actually really gross and about cheating? make it an ot3 friendly relationship instead!)
  • ignore certain elements of canon (did your fave burn his daughter alive? but you need a living child for you au to work? retcon the shit out of that and remember d&d suck)
  • make new friendships/bonds (so your main character really does need that quirky parent for the plot to go on? well good thing coulson really has always been team dad anyways. lets just sign the fictional adoption papers)

in general consider the au’s original as a sort of base. mesh your canon stuff on top of that base, but always remember canon character personalities and relationships are more important

your fic should not be a word for word retelling of it with your otp’s names in place of the main ships character names. because nobody enjoys that. 


a rule i go with, for movie based aus, is i read the plot summary online (the sort of loose back of the dvd case thing) + watch the trailers and use that as my only allowed references for writing the fic. this way there is no chance of your making some awful copy, and instead you can make a wonderful fic about your otp  :)