you and your dumb face


Oh god they’re so huge on tumblr idk how to handle this. It’s a little messy, but fun facts, I thought I was gonna have until the 30th to work on this until about two days ago. :’D Maybe I’ll clean it up one day, but for right now, have this rushed gif thing. Anyways, Journey for Truth got nominated for Best Dialogue for some reason and Milos from Home got nominated for Best Pokemon OA. \o/

(I’ll make a legit gif for Milos probably at some point, but I just did not have time before the deadline.)

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About the little things singing on 1D day, Louis almost seems extremely uncomfortable... Like he's uncomfortable with Harry singing to him.

I presume you are referring to this post in which I outline Louis’ internal dialogue.

Louis seemed extremely uncomfortable at one point and that was here:

Because that’s an uncomfortable as hell way to squat for three minutes and however many seconds that song is. 

Then we get to Harry’s “imma marry the shit outta you” serenade/staring contest he starts with Louis

And then Louis’ like, “alright. Alright. Bitch you wanna go? Lemme just scoot up so I can stare at you in your dumb beautiful face.” 

Then Harry’s all, “Look here you Peter Pan motherfucker, I can go alllll day. I will stare you down in your beautiful ass mug.” 

And Louis’ like, “What are the words to this song again? I can’t concentrate when you sit like that. Cheater.”

Then Harry goes, “AH HA! YOU LOOKED AWAY!” And Louis’ like, “FUCK!” 

So, do I agree with your opinion?

Not even a little bit. Bye forever.

The Asssignment in Gotham was a success!

Things I learned in Gotham:

  1. The Joker can and will perform musical numbers when being arrested.
  2. When Agent Pumpkin Spice offers to take you to her favorite cabaret, be prepared to lose time. Multiple days of time.
  3. Harley Quinn loves smooching people. If you make her laugh, she will smooch you. If you make her cry, she will give you sympathy smooches. If you get Ivy’s number, you will get lots of congratulatory smooches.
  4. Should the Bat pick you up in a princess carry because your dumb ass nearly landed face first in a vat of fear toxin, the proper response is not to make swooning faces and say “Oooh, Mr. Batman, ooooooh!”. I don’t know what the proper response is but it is definitely not that.
  5.  Motorcycles are the safest way to get around Gotham. Unless you’re drunk on rum and vodka at 4 am.
  6. Professor Jonathan Crane is kinda creepy, but he’s kinda nice too. I broke his window and he didn’t make me pay for it!
  7. Gotham is not kind to the uninitiated and I missed HQ’s sensible traffic so much.

That being said, we’re home safe sound and hungover. Oh, by the way, Cap’n?

I got it!

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You mentioned that someone shouted mean stuff to you during a school picture. What did they say?

The crackly voice of the guy who yelled it is still clear in my mind: “Hey Cyndi! Don’t break the camera with your ugly face, you dumb bitch!" 

That doesn’t seem horrible on its own, but when I heard things like that every single day it tore me down.

I was called a bunch of things.

Walking disease
Flat chested freak
Twig girl

I didn’t have the thick skin I have now. Insults like that would bounce off me today because I’m full of scar tissue and I turned it into armor. 

My full bullying experience is written here:  (* * *TW for mentions of a suicide attempt, self harm and abuse.)

I never call people names other than to say they’re cowards, racist, ableist, etc. I might say someone is acting like a jerk or a fool, but I try to avoid saying they’re a jerk or a fool. “You’re acting foolish” or “You’re acting like a jerk!”

I’ll call fictional characters assholes, asshats, little shits, douchebags, douchecanoes, pricks, dickheads, cocksuckers, and so on all day long if I want to, but never real people. (I’m a creative albeit vulgar name-caller when I want to be. :P)

I do name-calling stuff with friends where that’s how we talk to each other. I’ve got one online friend where we call each other horrible things like “cum-guzzling penis licker” or “titty slapping ass nugget” because that’s how we roll and whoever has the other person laughing too hard to type or talk is the winner. It’s vulgar and gross, but that’s why it’s funny to us. We don’t do that if other people can see our chat or hear us on the phone.

Any mean name-calling towards real people is done strictly inside my mind or gets muttered at my computer screen where only I hear it. 

I’ll flip off my screen or mutter “well, whoever sent that is a sad shit-eating bag of dicks with no life” out loud if I get anon hate instead of typing the response. Because then I get the last word as I delete the nasty message without giving the mean anon the attention they’re so desperate for. 

Btw, I rarely get anon hate. It doesn’t phase me because they’re faceless people who don’t know me or live my life, so their messed-up opinion of me only matters to them. 

I know how bad it hurts me to be called awful names, so I don’t want to inflict that on others no matter how much they piss me off. 

And if a post in a tag pisses me off bigtime, I usually draft it, calm down, reread it and either delete it or respond. The key is I let the initial reaction settle so I can come from a place of clarity rather than anguish. Sometimes I still erupt anyway, but it happens a lot less than it used to.