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100 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU: “Have a good day at work.”

genre: fluff

word count: 550

― feat. soldier!namjoon

a/n: stop 👏 sleeping 👏 on 👏 namjoon 👏

     YOU WERE SO LATE. As you literally tore your apartment to pieces looking for your license, you also held your phone between your ear and shoulders. Namjoon finally had the time to call and you were not going to miss his call for your stupid job. (Okay, so maybe you weren’t actually looking that hard for your license.) 

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Raise a Little Hell (dad!Dean + daughter!reader)

Requested by anon: this is the request (if you’re the anon, I really hope that this is what you had in mind)

Imagine: Being the daughter of Dean Winchester

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Word Count: 2047

A/N: I am soooooo sorry this is late. I get a free period every other day at school, so I think that would be a good time to write. I’m trying my best to stay active for everyone who still reads/enjoys my blog:)

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One Week

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Pairing: husband!Samxwife!reader, husband!Deanxsoulmate!wife!reader, crowleyxdaughter!reader, MaryxJohn, Cas
Word count: 19,704
Warnings: Swearing, smut
She’s Leaving, Dean masterlist

Anna woke up a few more times that night, so by the time morning rolled around, you wanted coffee. A lot of coffee. You woke Dean up by kissing his neck. “Go shower, babe. I’m gonna feed Anna, and then you can rock her while I shower.” You smiled as he groaned, rolling over and pulling you close.

“I don’t wanna.” He grumbled.

“I need to get home to see Sammy.”

“I know… but I still just want to keep you in bed forever.” He smiled. “You know you want it.”

“I want coffee right now, Dean.”

He sighed. “Alright. Alright.” He kissed you. “Mm.. now I can start my day.” he moaned softly. You kissed him before pushing him out of bed. He wasn’t expecting that, so he landed on the floor, making you giggle.

You got out of bed and went over to see Anna just waking up. “Hello there, Princess Anastasia.” You smiled.

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On the Line- Part 7

It was a silly dare, a fun game at your best friend’s bachelorette party. It was late, and you were all drunk and tired. None of you were thinking straight when you started playing truth or dare, and that’s how you ended up calling a local phone sex hotline. It was stupid and silly.

But what happens when you hear that voice one night, out in public? What happens when you meet the man you’ve been talking to? When you meet Sam?

Part 1  , Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

Summary of Part 7: You move forward with the bakery and confront Sam about his strange behavior.

Warning: angst

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: I am sorry, y’all. I blame @abaddonwithyall for being a terrible influence on me.

“So…you aren’t pissed at me?”

Gabriel smiled brightly, eyes twinkling at you. “Pissed? Of course not! I’m shocked you stuck around here as long as you did, when you are so obviously meant for something more.”

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Mine For The Summer; Kim Namjoon

A summer to remember.

Word Count: 4.2K (Holy shit this is long)

(A/N): Can I first admit I got inspiration for the title of this from Summer Love by One Direction? I was 1D AF back in the day lmaoooo. Here’s a little summer!namjoon AU seeing that it’s nearing the end of summer vacation for me. I sure hope I’ll be able to write during school… starting university and all. Ah, don’t wanna think about that now though >.< I suggest listening to Goodbye Summer by F(x) ft. Kyungsoo while reading this hehe. Enjoy! xoxo

It started with a skateboard. Actually, a boy on a skateboard. A boy on a skateboard who doesn’t expect you to come running around the corner just as he rolls off the curb right into you, making the both of you hit the road after bumping into each other. You both end up with scrapes tainting your skin, one on your knee and one on his elbow, along with mutual bitterness at each other.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re boarding?” you hissed, examining your minor wound with fire in your eyes.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re running?” he spat back, hoisting himself up. You gave him a harsh look but you took his hand as he offered it to help you on your feet again.

“Well, you certainly aren’t dressed for a late night jog. What are you running for, anyway?” he noticed your attire, tight shorts and a shirt low enough for him to sneak a look at your-

“You seriously didn’t hear any of the sirens from a block down?” you pointed down the road you were just sprinting down. He gestured to the headphones that were hung around his neck, indicating he had been listening to music while he was boarding, something he always liked to do.

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Eye Doctor: “I’m going to dilate your eyes is that ok?”
Me: “Sure”
Doctor: “You won’t be able to read anything for a few hours.”
Me: “No problem”
Doctor: “Small things will be more difficult to see.”
Me: “Gotcha”
Doctor: “You may not notice if the dimple in your tie disappears,”
Me: “Damn you Doctor! Damn you to HEELLLLL!”
(Ok that last part only happened in my head)

Guybrarian | Ashton Irwin

You decided to find a summer job this year and even though the library wasn’t your first choice, the work was pretty basic and the pay was great.

You noticed him right away, sitting behind the desk sorting books was a shaggy haired boy with black rimmed glasses. He wasn’t necessarily the type you usually go for but something about him caught your eye right away. Maybe it was his strong features or the way he drummed aimlessly on the stack of books around him, whatever it was you were hooked.

You tucked a chunk of hair behind your ear and confidently strutted over to the desk. The blonde haired boy froze.

“I’m (Y/N), I just started.” His cheeks blushed as he smiled timidly.

“I-I’m Ashton. Nice to meet you (Y/N).”


You’ve worked with him only a handful of times since you first met but tonight you worked the night shift with him and you were more than a little excited.

Ashton focused on putting the returns back in their spots while you sat at check out. It was a Tuesday and only an hour until closing so you two were the only people in the library so you decided to use it to your advantage. You walked over to him and grabbed some books from the cart.

“Want some help?” You offered.

“That’d be great, thanks.” He flashed you that smile and those damn dimples that made your heart race.

He ran his fingers through his fluffy hair whilst he put away the books.

“They’re one of my favorite bands.” You say motioning towards his AC/DC shirt. His face flushed and he smiled at you.

“Yeah I like them too..” He whispered and handed you a book and continued on his search. You weren’t sure if he was just being shy or if he was just playing hard to get but you were definitely intrigued.  

“So how long have you worked here?” you asked. 

“Too long,” he joked. “I’m gonna get outta here though, start a band. I’m not staying here forever.” He started warming up to you. 

His words made you smile, his passion was extremely attractive. 

“I’d ask what instrument you play but it’s pretty obvious,” you teased.

His cheeks blushed again and it was almost too much for you to handle. 

“W-what about you?” he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. This wasn’t normally like you but all you wanted to do was jump his bones. You took the novel from his massive hand and set it aside. He swallowed anxiously as he watched you step closer and closer to him, eventually pinning him against the bookshelf. 

“What about me?” You whispered and ran your fingers along his chest. 

“What uh- do you want to uh- to do?” he stuttered. 

“Well…” You tangled your fingers in his hair. “Right now I want to kiss you. Can I do that?" 

His hands hesitantly rested on your hips, “Y-yes, I’d like that too.” he said in a small voice. You pulled him into the kiss slowly, just pecking his lips at first, both your lips slightly parted.  His hands tighten around you and you ran your tongue along his bottom lip. Your tongue traced his as his hands roamed up your spine and cupped your face. 

You’ve kissed your fair share of boys but you’ve never experienced a kiss like that. His lips were soft and he tasted sweet like vanilla. He touched you with desire and tenderness, like you were the only thing that mattered and not just his latest prey. You barely knew him but that didn’t matter right now. You didn’t want to stop kissing him, but you were desperate for more.

Your hand started to travel down his stomach. You could feel his muscles tightening underneath your touch. When your palm attached to his harden length moans sputtered against your lips.

You pulled off your blouse and sunk to your knees to work the fastenings on his pants. You pushed his pants to his ankles as he peeled off his shirt. You hooked your fingers in the waistband of his boxer briefs and slowly pulled them down, freeing his cock. He was definitely a sight for sore eyes at this angle; fully erect, chest heaving, beads of sweat pooling at his brow and his glasses resting low on the brim on his nose. You looked up at him through your lashes as your tongue swirled around the head, lapping up the droplets of precum. Those familiar moans spilled from his lips again as you pumped him twice in your hand. You licked your lips before you took him in your mouth, keeping eye contact the whole time.

"Fucking hell,” he whimpered. His hand resting on your head and the other bracing himself on the bookshelf. He was much to big to take all of him in so you took as much of him as you could, the tip hitting the back of your throat causing you to gag and Ashton to mutter a slur of curse words. You started bobbing your head at a steady pace, working the rest of him with your hand. Your other hand snaked up his body and rubbed his abdomen. His hips bucked and he gripped your hair tighter.

“(Y/N) I-I’m so close.” His accent was heavy and voice raspy but you didn’t let up, you continued to work him until his thighs started to quiver and shake and he was releasing long spurts into your mouth. 

You barely swallowed before he was helping you to your feet and pulling up his trousers. He grabbed your hand and led you into a conference room.

“What are you doing?” you giggled. He closed the door behind him and attached his lips to yours, pushing you against the large oval table and helping you onto it.

“Finishing what you started,” he said confidently. 


“And do you, Y/N Y/L/N, take Sam Winchester to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Dean announced, his deep voice reciting the words on the paper robotically. You never understood why Sam wanted his brother to be the officiate, but you weren’t going to say no to your fiance.

“I do.” You responded clearly, gazing into the hazel depths that was Sam Winchester’s eyes. The hunter smiled down at you, those damned dimples flashing at you, making your legs turn to jelly.

Cas was just behind you, watching the ceremony with wide, curious eyes. The joining of two people in holy matrimony had interested the angel, but he was also very happy for you and Sam.

“Then I now pronounce you man and wife.” Dean finished, looking at his little brother with a smug grin. “Go get em, tiger.”

Sam smirked and leaned in, capturing your lips with his. The kiss was loving, but short, due to Dean tossing rice up into the air over you and Sam. Cas tilted his head to the side, but when Dean gave the angel some rice to throw, he joined in with a wide smile. 

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