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Favourite picture of you two - Sons of Anarchy Preferences #2

Jax: Opie took this photo when the three of you were young. Every day, Jax took you from school and one of those days, while you two where making out in his bike, Opie took the photo. Jax loves that photo because there are two things he loves: you and his bike.

Chibs: Jax took this photo one of the days the  boys came from a run. Jax bought a camera in the run. After Chibs hugged you, Jax took the photo while he kissed your forehead. Chibs loves that photo because he thinks you look super cute and he thinks that is a lovely picture.

Tig: Tig and you went to the fun town and you wantes to enter in a photo booth. Since he like to make fun you decided to make faces. He loves that photo(s) because he thinks about that day (you had a lot of fun) and thinks that the two of you appear as you are inside, funny and silly sometimes.

Happy: Juice took this photo one day Happy was exhausted and the only thing he wanted to do was hug you. You two where alone in a room in the clubhouse and Juice, that had the camera, entered silently. When Juice showed the photo to Happy he pissed of with him, but when he looked at the picture carefully, he thought that was the perfect photo of you two.

Opie: Ellie, Opie’s daugther, took this photo one day at home. Opie was looking through the window and you came from behind and hugged him. Elli tought it was a very beautiful moment and took the photo with a camera. Opie doesn’t know why he loves that photo, but he thinks it’s the perfect one.

Juice: Bobby took this photo one day the boys and his old ladies went to a lake to spent the day. Bobby was obsesionated with his new camera and he took it with him. Juice and you were talking when suddenly Juice kissed your forehead. You smiled at his act and Bobby captured the moment. Juice loves this picture because he thinks it represents you two: he being the sweetest boy and you being the cutest girl. 


The staff at the prerecording were watching ikon and saying amongst themselves, “these guys are going to be huge, it’s crazy”


The boys didn’t realize the mics picked up everything they said to the fans so they were teasing each other for being cheesy~t was ~3am so Yunhyeong was like “do you think the sun is up?” And Hanbin pointed to the stars in the stage bg and said “it’s still night!”


Hanbin: are you guys really coming to the concert tomorrow? Fans: YESSS Hanbin: :D really? Junhoe: they’d say yes even if they weren’t going


Hanbin touched Bobby’s butt and they started whispering and making dumb faces at each other


Hanbin: don’t your throats hurt? Fans: yes ㅠㅠ Hanbin: but we get so much strength from it ^^ Fans: [yells with the strength of 50 blowhorns]


The fans were telling Junhoe to get home safely and he was like “nope, I’ll be back soon”


Junhoe doesn’t speak in honorifics to the fans, he talks to them like close friends or a b…o….yf [redacted]


When one of the members mentioned that it was cold outside Hanbin came to the edge of the stage and opened his arms as if to hug the fans


The staff had to tell iKON to take their attention off the fans while they were on standby because they just couldn’t stay away 


The fan chants weren’t as loud and united as the PDs wanted, so one fan just yelled as loud as she could and after the recording, while she was drinking water she saw that Yunhyeong was staring at her. When they locked eyes he sent her a thumbs up and smiled.The fan was so shocked and excited, she didn’t know what to do and Yunhyeong bowed 90 degrees to her 


At one point the fans were singing airplane together but they all messed up the rap lyrics so Bobby made motions for them to stop LOL


Donghyuk: are you guys hungry? Fans: yesㅜㅜㅜ Chanwoo: Bobby hyung said he’d buy you foodㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Bobby: no!!!!!!


PD: please refrain from making noise during standby Fans: Hanbin: mic check Bobby: they said not to talk!!!!


There was a helicopter cam and the wind from it was so strong and the boys kept trying not to laugh


Someone yelled “Donghyuk I love you!” And he gave her a heart so everyone was all “DONGHYUK I LOVE U” from 360 degrees so he was surprised


PD: we need to adjust the mics so don’t say anything, don’t make any noise from now on fans: staff: ikon: OKAY


Hanbin: *practicing lyrics* Bobby: sing later. Donghyuk: shh


fan: JJANG!!! Bobby: AHHHHHHHH


Hanbin: did you eat? Fans: no Donghyuk: oh no… Hanbin hyung will hug you all warmly Bobby: don’t say impossible things


Junhoe had both earpieces in so he couldn’t hear what the fans said but he still nodded and smiled at them


Bobby wore checkered boxers yet again LOL


JInhwan gets on his knees at one point in airplane o-<-<


Bobby was complaining to the fans that maknae line and hanbin don’t call him hyung and then he was like “right, Kim jinhwan?!”


You could tell Hanbin was scared of the lift, he was shaking and laughing nervously and crouched down as it was getting lowered


One of the staffs was going up on a ladder so the fans were like “ooooohhh…….” and Yunhyeong laughed because they were cute


In Airplane, the part that goes “please stop for a minute” has a praying motion with it


ikon: IKONICS! do you like your name? fans: (laughing) Yunhyeong: you guys!!!


Junhoe and Donghyuk both have really deep voices when talking normally


According to Bobby, Donghyuk’s voice when talking to fans and normally is really different so fans asked them Donghyuk to show them


Bobby went over to the sofa and Jinhwan sat on his lap and they looked like a father and son


Junhoe: isn’t Donghyuk’s voice nice? Fans: YESSS Junhoe: you’re not all his fans are you? Fans: WE ARE!!! Junhoe: (oh)


When fans chanted for fan service Jinhwan crossed his legs back and forth 3 times and then tapped his butt


Hanbin was posing seriously with his eyes closed during airplane but he sneezed and then went back to posing 


Hanbin: are you all coming to the concert? fans: YES Hanbin: you saw us yesterday, today, and tomorrow… won’t you get tired of us :(


At the pre-recording Junhoe was like “wow, all of our fans are pretty”


While they were resting, fans yelled for ikon to do something so from Junhoe-Chanwoo-other members-Hanbin they all did some aegyo and crossed their legs but Yunhyeong stood up and did a peace sign really cutely


Chanwoo seemed a lot more confident near the end, saying hi to the fans and waving a lot~ Bobby kept encouraging him often too


Junhoe was doing fanservice and when a different side was like “over here too~!” Bobby pointed over to them and Junhoe went to them too


Fans kept telling iKON they were handsome so they started making ugly faces 


PD: were you just wearing one side this entire time? hanbin: yes! PD: aren’t you going to put your earpieces in? Bobby: !!!! *puts in earpiece* Junhoe: *acts like he had it in the whole time and puts it in*

Translated by iKONOT7

Drowning in You (Part 2)

Three weeks had passed and all the while Kyungsoo had become increasingly distant from you.
No calls, no texts. Nothing

Yes you understood that EXO were coming back in a few months but your friends had said they’d seen him around town. A part of you didn’t want to believe it because you never thought for a second that he would ignore you purposely. So you didn’t believe it - until one day you saw it for yourself with your own eyes.
He was sitting in the café, in the spot that you two had always sat in - with none other than Cassie. Your heart sank. Those weeks back when you told him to bring her there on his date, you had done it out of spite. You never actually thought he would bring her.
Your mind hovered over the thought of what would happen if you walked in through the doors and over to where they were seated, but you shook the thought out of your head and went home.

Over the next week everyday you walked past the café to go about your daily life, and everyday the same heart sickening image presented itself in front of you. Kyungsoo, with Cassie, in your spot. Anger bubbled inside of you. You knew it was stupid to feel this way. He was entitled to bring anyone he wanted to there, I mean it’s not like you owned the café. But yet no matter what you did, you couldn’t extinguish the annoyance building in your stomach. So you decided to act on it.
Catching sight of your friend Bobby coming out of the nearest shop, an idea formed in your head. Bobby was a friend of both you and Kyungsoo. You had met him shortly after meeting D.O and the three of you just clicked. He was hilarious and not to mention quite attractive too - but you didn’t think of him in ~that~ way, your feelings for Kyungsoo prevented you from ever looking at another guy the way you looked at him. Half running over to Bobby you waved at him shouting “Hey!”
He returned your shout with a beaming smile. “Hey ___, what are you up to today?”
“Oh nothing much. I was just about to go clothes shopping but I was in such a hurry I didn’t even realise I hadn’t eaten anything.” You smiled up at him. “Do you wanna grab a coffee in the café and have a catch up?”
“Sure. I was just about to head home, but lead the way little lady.” He winked at you.
This is where your plan came into play. If Kyungsoo could invite the oh so wonderful Cassie to have cute little dates with him, then so could you with Bobby.

Jogging to get ahead of you, Bobby held open the café door as you walked through. Hearing the sound of the bell Kyungsoo looked up and your eyes met his slightly widened ones but you looked away immediately.
You took the table across the room from Cassie and him, and sat down with Bobby.

“So” Bobby began, placing his elbow on the table, “How have you been since we last spoke? Any guys take your fancy or are you still riding solo?” You laughed at Bobby’s attempt of a joke. Hearing your laugh, Kyungsoo’s head whipped around. If only you knew how melodious it was to his ears and the building frustration he was having that he wasn’t the cause of it.
You could almost feel the daggers of a certain idol’s stare ramming into the back of your head. You ignored it and suddenly thought to yourself.
Why should I waste my time moping over Kyungsoo? You were starting to feel pretty used. Surely it was obvious to him for all these years that you saw him as more of a friend. And he abused that so he could have someone who would bend over backwards for him, do anything for him and then had the cheek to around and get dating advice off of her. Well no more. You were starting to see him in a new light. You were tired of being unwanted, tired of spending more time in the shower crying over his stupid idol ass than the time you spent washing your body. You stared at Bobby. Why hadn’t you spent more time with him over the years? Why had you wasted so much time on Kyungsoo when there was a perfectly good guy sitting in front of you. Maybe it wasn’t Kyungsoo that could repair your broken heart. Maybe it was someone else.

You stayed with Bobby for the next hour. Laughing, talking and enjoying the time you were spending together. It was good to have someone who made you feel appreciated. Kyungsoo’s eyes barely left the scene of you and Bobby. He noticed it too.
Leaning forward he said “___, Is there a reason why you haven’t spoken to Kyungsoo at all since we came in here?”
You shrugged, taking a sip of your steaming coffee, trying to avoid the question.
“Well then, answer me this. Is there a reason why he is shooting me daggers and tapping his fingers so hard in the table I think his nails will leave a hole in it.”
You sheepishly looked over your shoulder at Kyungsoo’s table. As soon as he saw you looking, he looked away. Real subtle there D.O. Cassie’s eyes met yours but not before she threw you a dirty glance and rejoined herself in conversation with Kyungsoo. Sighing you finished your coffee and got up to leave with Bobby.
You didn’t notice the desperate look Kyungsoo stole at you while you were leaving.

It had been a long day and you had mixed emotions. Not long after you had exited the café, the rain started pouring down. So Bobby had ran with you to make sure you got home safe before going back home himself. You swapped your wet clothes for a baggy shirt and sweatpants, snuggling into your couch to watch Family Guy. Suddenly there was a knock on the door causing you to jump. Pausing the TV you got up to answer it.
The image that met your eyes made the dormant butterflies in your stomach reawaken and go into a frenzy. Kyungsoo was standing at your door, rain pouring down onto him as his piercing eyes stared into yours. Strands of his wet hair stuck to his face and his clothes were soaked through. He must have been freezing.
“Kyungsoo” was all you could muster, as you pulled the shivering wet boy into your house.
“I told Cassie I didn’t want to see her anymore.” He spluttered.
You froze, shocked, you looked up at him. Was that all he had came here to tell you? After a month of silence?
“What do you expect me to say to that?” You retorted, your reply coming out more rude than you had intended.
His brown eyes locked with your. You could see the small water droplets on his lashes, disappearing one by one everytime he blinked. His gaze never broke from yours and the butterflies in your stomach flew up into a tornado. He fidgeted. He was nervous.
“I’m sorry.” He began. “I was stupid. I pushed you away. I thought that if I went out with Cassie it would distract me from you and the things that I feel for you would go away but they didn’t. So I was an idiot and I stopped talking to you because I didn’t know what else to do.”
You blinked in stunned silence. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.
He continued. “And then when I saw you with Bobby today I just got so mad. Why him ___? Why Bobby. He’s my friend too y'know. I couldn’t even concentrate on what Cassie was saying because all I could think about was him buying you your favourite ice cream flavour on a hot day and holding you when you get scared of the stormy weather and wiping away your tears when you get sad. And I don’t want that.”
He paused to take in your reaction. Tears had formed in your eyes.
“I don’t want that ___. I want to be the man that does all those things. I want to hold you when you cry and wipe away your tears and kiss away any pain you’ll ever feel.” He spoke quickly as if you would disappear in front of him.
“I can’t promise that I’ll be the boyfriend you need. I’ll miss important events, I can’t be here all the time because of EXO, I’ll fuck up and make mistakes. But if you’ll let me, I promise to stand by you for the rest of my life. Just please - don’t love Bobby, love me instead.”

You let out a shaky breath as tears began to fall from your eyes. Kyungsoo quickly wiped them away with his thumb.
“I do love you. I always have.” You quietly said. No sooner had the words left your lips, had Kyunsoo broke into a smile. You swore his smile right then lit up the entire room.
“I was hoping you would say that.” He chuckled. “Because I had no back up plan whatsoever.” You laughed whole heartedly.

He leaned in slowly and you let your eyes flutter closed, finally waiting for his lips to collide with yours.

Alpha Tension Part 15

Summary: Dean isn’t the only one who shows up at your motel room 

Characters: Dean X Reader

Series Warning: Swearing, Suggestive Content

Word Count: 1309

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

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When You’re Jealous. this sucks I’m sorry.

You had just finished watching Hayi and Suhyun’s new music video. You couldn’t help but fan girl over their cuteness but when you saw Bobby and  the trainee from YG’s new girl group you couldn’t help but get jealous. 
You wouldn’t have mind if it were Hayi or suhyun. Why did they have to have her in the mv? You thought, letting jealousy creep into your mind. 

You went to the YG studio where IKON practiced to visit them. 
”_____!” They yelled as you walked in through the doors
“Hey babe” Bobby says as he puts he tries to put his arm around you.
Still upset about the mv, you dodge his attempt and go over to B.I. 
“Are you writing a new song” You said as you sat next to him.
“Mhm, wanna listen to what I have so far?” You nodded excitedly.
Hanbin removed his headphones and places them on you. 

On the other side of the room Bobby was glaring at you and Hanbin. 
“Are you guys fighting or something?” Jinhwan says out of breath, trying to recover from dance practice. 
“I don’t think so” Bobby replies baffled by the way you’ve been ignoring him since you came. 

“I like it!” You smiled while removing the headpiece
“I spent hours just trying to find the right beat” Hanbin replied 
“As expected, you’re the best, Hanbin hwaiting!” You said putting on your best cutesy face on. He laughed and pinched your cheeks. “You’re trying to make bobby jealous are you?" 
"How do you know?” you asked slightly embarrassed that he found out your motive. 
“Because you don’t act cute for anyone unless it’s for bobby or you’re trying to make him jealous.” 
You were about to reply when you were interrupted. 
You look up to see bobby with his arms folded 
"Yes?” you asked nonchalantly
“can we talk outside?" 
You nodded and followed him out the door.

"Why are you getting so close to B.I?”
“Why can’t I?”
“Are you mad at me?”
“Why should I be?”

“Bobby .." 
"You’re being difficult” He sighed. 
“Babe” He whined as he grabbed your hand and looked at you with pleading eyes “Please tell me why you’re acting cold towards me" 

"I saw your mv, you and that girl make a good couple.” You replied with a straight face. 
Bobby realized why you’ve been acting the way you’ve been acting and smirked. “Jagi … are you by any chance jealous…?” He replied with a sly smile. You didn’t reply. “Babe, it was all acting, I promise. You don’t have to worry” 
“Who said I was worried?” You replied defensively. He stole a kiss from you. “You’re so cute when you’re jealous jagi~" 
You couldn’t help but smile from the butterflies he gave you with his kiss. 
"Let’s go back in, but don’t ever let Hanbin touch you again, only I can pinch your cheeks” you laugh as he grabbed your hand and walks you back inside the building. 


This was his “smirk” 😂

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So in s1, Dean brings up the fact that Sam did theater in high school. My experience with it was that it was always really time consuming (during hell week, we would sometimes be rehearsing until 1 am) so if you maybe just happened to write a drabble of how Sam managed to do it in spite of hunting (or anything with Sam + theater!) i would probably love you forever

Ever since Mr. Wyatt pointed out to Sam that he could possibly do something else with his life other than the family business, Sam had taken more of an interest in writing and English class in general. He was able to lose himself in his stories, and in books, in fiction, and imagine a whole other identity for himself. He could believe in an entirely different life, with different scenarios, with happier endings than he was ever used to having, where he felt loved and valued, instead of like a freak and a disappointment. 

At a school near Tulsa, Sam entered yet another Englsih classroom he was sure he was going to have to leave in a matter of days while they were studying Romeo and Juliet. He found himself really taking an interest in the language and the poetry, and since he didn’t know anyone and had nothing to lose, he didn’t mind volunteering to read in front of the class. He read for Mercutio and made the class laugh with his delivery a few times. It was then that he realized there was another way he could lose himself in stories, and that was acting. 

Unfortunately for Sam, they never landed in one place long enough for him to join a theater department. Every time they switched schools a few weeks of memorizing lines or preparation for an audition would go out the window. And most of the time, he wasn’t even allowed to transfer into the theater class because they would be mid-production, so he’d be left helping with lighting or building sets until the Winchesters were heading across the country once again.

But finally, the stars aligned enough for Sam to get to do one show. To Dean’s disappointment, John left Sam and Dean at Bobby’s for what he said would probably be about a month and a half. What he had to deal with was something he didn’t want the boys to be a part of, though he wouldn’t clarify why. So Bobby got Sam enrolled in the high school nearby while Dean, who had already dropped out, went on small hunts with Bobby.

It was the least pressure Sam had ever felt. He was able to focus on school and his own interests without being made to feel guilty about it, and without having to stay up secretly at night, so John wouldn’t know, to practice lines, or read, or write. Plus he was able to grab the role of George Gibbs in the student directed production of Our Town.

Sometimes Sam would come home from rehearsal feeling so free and full of energy that he would lay awake for hours. Then when he would fall asleep, he’d dream the lines he had to memorize instead of the rules John had hammered into him over and over. When he would wake in the morning, he didn’t dread the day because even though he was still Sam Winchester, by 5th period he would be someone else and wouldn’t have to be himself again until 7 that evening when rehearsal ended.

Dress rehearsal came faster than Sam could believe, and soon, all his hard work would be on display. After he changed back into Dean’s hand-me-downs that he was just starting to be too large for, he made his way back into the auditorium to get notes from the director. However, before he took his seat with the rest of the cast, Sam spotted Bobby sitting in a seat at the back. Sam’s stomach dropped. The director started addressing the cast, but Sam marched quickly over to see why Bobby was here. 

“Hey, Sam,” he said with a mild smile. “Those are some pretty good acting chops you got there.”

“Thanks,” Sam replied with no smile. His eyes searched Bobby’s face. Bobby sighed knowing Sam was too intuitive for him not to cut right to the chase. 

“Your dad called. He’s coming back early.”

Sam’s mouth went dry. “How early?”

“He’ll be by tomorrow evening to get you. There’s a job he says he needs both you and your brother for.”

Sam bit down on his lip and nodded silently. He was a 17-year-old boy who was starting to look like a man, but that didn’t mean he had mastered hiding heartbreak. Not just yet. 

“I thought I’d come by and tell you before you left your acting buddies so you could let’em know,” Bobby finished sympathetically. He stood and placed his hand on Sam’s shoulder, then left quickly to allow Sam a moment to gather his dignity in peace. 

Sam didn’t tell his acting buddies anything. 

After school the next day, Sam went to the theater like nothing had changed and he got in his costume, one of the only things he had ever worn that was actually made to fit him. He knew John would be enraged that Sam wouldn’t be at Bobby’s when he came by later that night to pick them up, but he didn’t care. He was going to at least perform in one of the 3 shows. He could deal with whatever punishment John would give him for making them late. It would be worth it.

Opening night wasn’t huge. The theater department wasn’t a big deal at this high school and only the parents and families of the actors involved were in the audience. And possibly some friends. Maybe a teacher or two… and no one for Sam. But that didn’t matter to him. He didn’t care about attention or applause. He cared about slipping into a character and feeling what they felt, seeing what they saw, knowing only what they knew about the world, and forgetting everything about himself. When the lights went up that night and all he could see on stage was darkness and the actors around him, he was someone else, and it felt so good. 

As he washed the stage make-up off his face in the dressing room after his first performance ever, he became more and more depressed. The more he looked more like Sam and less like George, the closer he knew he was coming to facing the reality that this was over. There were two more performances but John would never let him stay for a whole other day after this. The sadness had already begun to weigh him down.

Sam was walking back through the theater so he could reach the parking lot and head home, squeezing in between the crowds of families huddled together talking to their cast members, getting pats on the back for his performance from strangers, when he saw Bobby and Dean standing at the back of the auditorium.

He approached warily, but he was surprised when Dean popped him on the shoulder energetically. “So, Sammy!” he exclaimed. “That was… cute.”

Sam furrowed his brow, confused. “Thanks?”

“I told you, Dean. He’s really got some chops,” Bobby added. He turned to lead the boys out. “Oh, Sam, your dad called back earlier today while you were at school. He won’t be coming back until Monday.”

Sam’s heart leapt. “Really?” He tried not to sound relieved. 

“Yep,” Bobby replied.

“Did he say why?” Sam asked.

“He got an anonymous tip, or something. Lead him a bit out of his way, apparently. Should take him longer than he though to backtrack.” The three had reached Bobby’s car. 


"Yep, no idea who it was,” Bobby said, with a wink. “Alright, let’s take Hollywood here out for some grub.”

Can we just talk about this moment again?

(These gifs do not belong to me - they belong to and she is awesome)

Just look at his face. Like A+ for your acting (and your face) Bobby Morely. You can practically hear his internal monologue; he’s thinking about how he was wrong about Clarke - how she’s strong, and intense, and genuinely kind. “Oh shit, I misjudged her.” It’s a moment that forced him to reconsider what he believed about her. It’s a moment of true - if silent - respect.

It’s also the kind of look that makes babies. The only way this moment would have been awesomer is if the pulled her into a kiss then and there… and if there wasn’t a soon-to-be-dead Atom in between them. And if he wasn’t watching her kill someone. 

So many Bellarke feelings.

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how do you think yunhyeong, bobby, and donghyuk would react to their girlfriend waking them up with some cute gesture? like, making them breakfast in bed? thank you for all your hard work answering these questions! ^^


he’d LOVE that and be really smiley and affectionate to show how much he appreciates this. he’d throw himself onto you hugging you cutely, saying “jagi~ why are you so cute today?”. to thank your hard work he would feed you too


he wouldn’t act as hyper as he usually would since he’s not a morning person. he’d stare at you with droopy eyes and giggle a little and pull you against his chest. he’d say “thanks babe” softly while patting your head.


he’d be like a kid, smiling wide as he watches you enter the room with his yummy breakfast. he’d make you sit with him and share it together, once you’ve finished he would probably just make you nap with him

thank you! ^_^