you and three others are approaching a lake

Siren Song - 5

Although Y/N had been exposed to magic her entire life, few rooms had left her in awe; her breath caught in her chest. She was transported into an alternate world, a subterranean haven disjointed and isolated from the rest of the castle and its inhabitants. As she stepped into the Slytherin common room, Y/N brimmed with an overwhelming sense of house pride. With her initial sweeping glance of the room, she knew this was where she belonged. This was her house. The sorting hat had chosen Slytherin for her for a reason, and Y/N was tooth and nail determined to make the most of her placement.

She surveyed the room closer, familiarizing herself with her new surroundings. The long room was bathed in soft green light that danced upon rough stone walls and Y/N’s eyes immediately were drawn to the large, ornate windows that offered no tableau of the night sky. Her eyes widened when she realized she was gazing into water and, much to her amusement and satisfaction, Y/N felt as if she were peering into an untamed, overgrown aquarium.  

“Wicked, huh? We’re under part of the Black Lake. No other common room is underwater.” Blaise had been watching Y/N’s reaction to the room. “It’s my favorite thing about our common room.”

“It’s awesome.  I’ve never been in a room like this before.” Y/N continued to search the room, her eyes settling momentarily on dark green blown glass lamps suspended by thick metal chains dangling from the ceiling, massive tapestries that dominated wall space and told moving stories about the trials and achievements of Slytherins past, high-backed chairs and large and small tables crafted long ago from some dark and sturdy wood, plush leather sofas sprawling in front of a tremendous stone fireplace, a fire that roared, crackled and glowed bright from its many embers, a tall bookshelf that contained an assortment of old, important looking books, and numerous serpents of all sizes incorporated into the architecture and decor of the room. The common room was dotted with several Slytherin students either doing homework or chatting with friends.

Visually overstimulated by the opulence and detail in front of her, Y/N turned her attention to the distinct smell of the room. If you had asked her an hour ago what she believed a dungeon smelled like, Y/N would have replied with damp, musty, stale, or stagnant. Pleasantly surprised, however, she couldn’t have been any more incorrect about this room. The Slytherin common room instead smelled of leather, rich-wood furniture, parchment, and burning logs from the fire. Occasionally, a whiff of cool, sharp lake water drifted into her nostrils.

Y/N inhaled deeply, “I could get use to this.” She turned her attention to the boy next to her, “Thanks again for bringing me here.” She smiled at him. “Could you also possibly point me in the direction of where my room might be? I want to check and make sure all my stuff got here okay. I already know my owl is in the owlery, but I’ve not seen my trunk or anything in hours.”

“I can do better than just pointing you in the right direction.” Blaise walked to the back of the room and Y/N followed. He approached a swarthy girl with thick, unruly eyebrows. “Hey Millicent, could you do me a favor?” Blaise had heard a rumor that Millicent fancied him and he was willing to exploit this crush. “Y/N here is our new Slytherin. Snape said she’ll be in your room. Would you be a doll, Millicent, and show her where that is?”

Millicent stared at Blaise and nodded, “Sure, Blaise. Anything else you need me to show her?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “Whatever she needs, thanks.” Blaise spun around and addressed Y/N, “I’ll be in the common room for a bit if you want to find me after you’re done getting settled.” Often apathetic to the people around him, Blaise couldn’t help but be attracted to Y/N; she was like a shiny new plaything, but Blaise allowed that she probably wouldn’t let anyone treat her as such. Nonetheless, he wanted to get to know her better. And to be perfectly frank, she was appealing to look at and he wasn’t bored with her yet.

Blaise glanced at Y/N’s lips and wondered what they tasted like.

“I’ll be back here after I’m situated,” Y/N promised the boy. She turned to Millicent ready to follow her. The pair exited the room and proceeded up a spiral stone staircase to a dark door on the left. Carved on the front of the door was the Slytherin serpent standing upright with a coiled tail. Millicent pushed back the door and the girls entered the room.

Echoing the design of the common room, the entire back wall of the room was one large panel of glass that pressed against the murky green water of the Black Lake.

“Okay, now that’s fucking cool,” Y/N emphasized her approval of the room.

“Your bed is that end one I’m guessing, closest to the lake. The other three are mine, Pansy’s, and Daphne’s.” Millicent pointed at each of the fourposter beds. “Looks like your things are here. If you need the bathroom or shower,” Millicent waved her hand, “go through that door. I’m going to head back to the common room and work on my essay. Transfiguration is kicking my ass.”

“Thanks for showing me everything,” was all Y/N managed to get out before Millicent had turned around and disappeared completely.

Y/N approached her bed and flung herself upon the deep green comforter. She sank into the the material feeling as if she were floating on a cloud. The fabric was soft and silky, and Y/N knew she wouldn’t have trouble falling asleep tonight. She listened to the room around her and could faintly make out only the low bubble and gurgle of the lake around her. Her room was incredibly peaceful and Y/N couldn’t help but wish she didn’t have to share it with three other girls. Especially Pansy Parkinson.

After arranging her belongings for what felt like an eternity (and exploring the low ceilinged stone bathroom), Y/N returned to the common room with her class schedule, wand, a blank piece of parchment, a red quill, and a pot of ink. She intended to find Blaise and ask him for help with directions to her classes. Scouring the room, Y/N failed to locate him. The common room was considerably more crowded than earlier, but Y/N noticed an empty leather sofa directly in front of the fire. Placing her belongings on a dark end table by the sofa, Y/N walked to the tall bookshelf and browsed its contents. Settling on an ancient book about the founding of the Slytherin house, Y/N returned to her spot on the couch and decided to read until Blaise reappeared.

Absorbed in her book, she payed no attention to the three pairs of footsteps approaching the back of the sofa.

“You can’t sit there.” The voice coming from behind Y/N was cold and familiar. “L/N,” snapped Draco Malfoy, who was flanked by Crabbe and Goyle, “you need to move. That’s my seat.”

She whipped around to face her aggressor and met his gray eyes. “Do you have assigned seats or something?” she asked defensively.

“Not per se. But I always sit there — it’s my seat. And you need to find somewhere else to move to, away from me, because I’m allergic to blood traitors like you,” he spat his words like venom.

However handsome he was, Y/N thought Draco was acting like a toddler throwing a tantrum. “Well, Malfoy,” she stressed his last name as he had done with hers, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m not moving just because you tell me to. If you want to sit next to me, you’re more than welcome to, there is plenty of room. But if you’re going to keep insulting me and calling me a blood traitor, let me stop you right there. Because I won’t listen.”

Draco narrowed his eyes viciously at Y/N. He wasn’t use to being challenged by his housemates. How dare she speak to him that way… Who did she think she was? She was below him, a blood traitor. Fire from her words surged within Draco, and for a fleeting moment, his anger seemed to dissolve into something else entirely. He was torn and couldn’t determine if he was experiencing outrage or desire. Where was this coming from? He wanted her to shut up, but he found her combativeness to be oddly enticing. He rebuked himself and dismissed the thought as quick as a lightning strike. Yet he couldn’t pull himself away from her. Instead Draco leaned over the sofa, purposefully encroaching upon Y/N’s personal space, and whispered loudly, “Move, or I will move you myself.”

His breath was warm on her ear and neck and smelled of peppermint. Y/N was twitching nerves inside, but she hardened her face and projected calm confidence. She could fight fire with fire and decided to do just that. She slightly turned her head and positioned her mouth by the blonde’s ear.

“Touch me,” Y/N replied slowly in a whisper, her breath now electrifying Draco’s skin, “anywhere,” she pulled away from Draco and stared, challenging him again, “and I will jinx you all the way to the hospital wing. Now please leave. Me. Alone.”

Draco was shocked not only by Y/N’s feistiness, but also the palpable tension that existed between them. Taking a step back from the sofa, Draco quickly replied, “Tonight you can sit here. Since it’s your first night, I’ll let it slide. If we see you sitting here tomorrow, we will really have a problem, won’t we now, boys?” he asked Crabbe and Goyle. The three boys laughed and sneered at Y/N before leaving to find an open table across the room.

“Well Malfoy,” Blaise had strolled out of the boys dormitory in time to witness the scene unfold and sauntered up to Draco. “She certainly ruffled your little white peacock feathers,” Blaise snarkily alluded to the preening pets that the Malfoy family kept on their lawn.

Snapping his head up towards Blaise, Draco growled, “Leave it alone, Zabini. Or else.”

He chuckled at the blonde’s hollow threat before turning to leave him, “Whatever you say, Malfoy.” Blaise felt his friend’s heavy, blistering stare as he joined Y/N on the leather couch.

Draco sat fuming at the table irritated by both his interaction with Y/N and Blaise’s subsequent, snide comment. And the fact that they were now sitting together in Draco’s spot. Since when did Zabini and some random girl get to insult him and get away with it? His pride stung, he was ready to regain his composure, move past tonight, and then stonewall Y/N for good. But he couldn’t get her out of his mind; she filled him with contempt and something else Draco was hesitant to identify.

Hypothermia - Chapter 9

Mike x Reader

First Chapter - Previous Chapter - Next Chapter

You opened your eyes slowly. It was bright, and for a moment, your tired, hazy mind couldn’t distinguish between the shadows that were hovering around your line of sight. But after a few seconds of blinking furiously, the world around you came back into focus.

Mike was hovering over you, desperation clear on his face. His mouth was moving, but you couldn’t hear any words coming out; your ears were ringing from the explosion, blocking out all other noise. There was fire everywhere and the building you had just been thrown out of was lit up like a bonfire and lying in ruins. You shook your head to try and clear the fogginess in your mind, but it wouldn’t go away.

Mike was shaking you now, and you could tell he was yelling based on the muffled sounds that were breaking through the ringing. Your deafness and confusion were gradually disappearing, replaced by fear as your awareness of the situation grew. He was obviously terrified, you had never seen him like this before in all the years you had known him. He was shouting your name, panic taking over his features at your lack of response. You tried to talk, to let him know that you were okay, that it was all okay, anything to make him stop making that face, but it was harder than it should have been.

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Bring. It. On.

Pairing: Jon Risinger/Female Reader
Rating: PG (there’s like one swear)
Word Count: 2,719 (holy shit???)
Summary: You’re back for the summer as a Counselor at Camp Cock-A-Doodle, and much to your surprise so is your childhood best friend Jon! You both make sure the campers hold out your long lost tradition of summer camp prank wars.

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RJ!! You’re the one who motivated me to get my butt writing again, and this was taken from your ideas page so it only seems fitting it’s dedicated to you. <3 <3

Staff Meeting: One day until Camp opens.

You’re not entirely sure what brought you back to Camp, but you’re sure glad you’re back. Years ago, Camp Cock-A-Doodle was your home away from home in the summers. Memories of spending the entire glorious month of July on the tiny lake, around campfires, and along hiking trails litter your brain when you enter the mess hall and immediately search yourself out in every photo from when you were a camper. You smile at yourself from the grainy photos, attached to the chipmunk-cheeked Jon Risinger’s hip in almost every single one. You can’t help but giggle at a particular photo of you smearing a melted marshmallow on his face at the last campfire of the year which was now known as “the summer of pranks.” It almost makes you wonder what your childhood best friend has been up to for the last decade.

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The Other and Sorcery

Several currents of the river of traditional witchcraft tell a lore tale, a wisdom tale, a myth, of the void mirror. A primordial consciousness, a first spirit, looks into the nothingness and desires, a reflection of it looks back. From this mirror prompts everythingness from nothingness.

Leland relays Italian fortune teller, Madellena’s version in the Gospel of Aradia (1899). Starhawk passes onto us Victor Anderson’s version in Spiral Dance (1979). Daniel Shulke reveals yet another recension in Lux Haeresis. While Anderson’s and Madellena’s stories are very feminine and goddess focused, Schulke’s (2011) version has more of a masculine and gnostic flair.

These legends as creation myths seem to go back no further than the 19th century with Leland’s Gospel of Aradia. However, as myths of an spiritual understanding of self go back further. For example we have in Genesis (10th-6th Century BC older?) that the original man and woman is made in God’s image. In Milton’s Paradise Lost (1667) we have Eve learning about love and about her self hood through her reflection in the water. In La Sorciere by Michelet (1862) the Sorceress creates out of her deep desires a reflection of her soul. From Jung we have the Animus/Anima and the Shadow Selves which are others of the unconcious that one can encounter (1920s various books).

A number of traditions tackle this spirit other reflection of the self in a variety of approaches: Advancing the Witches’ Craft by Marcus Griffin (focuses on the shadow self), The Faerie Way by Hugh Mynne (a very love and light approach to the fairy lover), Lux Haeresis by Daniel Schulke (Intense multi-faceted approach), Azoetia by Andrew Chumbley (hard-core ritual), and Authentic Witchcraft by Grayson Magnus (probably the most lucid and straightforward approach).

Although the understanding of where the spirit familiar comes from is most clearly identified in La Sorciere, many fairy tales, witch trials and classic myths tell stories that fit the role or relationship. From folk songs we have Tam-Lin, Thomas the Rhymer, King Henry, and Crazy Man Michael. In witch trials we have so many (a post for another time), but Isobel Gowdie is an excellent example. Both Emma Wilby and Owen Davies have written excellent academic texts on these. Among Classic myths we have the romances of Cupid and Psyche and Pygmalion. The fairy tales are many, we have selkies and fisherman, we have mermaids and sailors, we have fairy wives and fairy lovers, demon lovers, succubi and succubus. The magical interactions of spirit beings and humans in spiritual marriage are many and varied.

Among the many traditions I have summarized, there are a variety of ways to attract your spirit familiar. From my own experience having known mine since a young age, I have reviewed the many rituals and systems and compared them to my own organic process. The approaches break down into three types all of which begin with the realization that there is such an other: type 1: going to a liminal place, in the legends this will happen at a crossroads, underworld/graveyard, hunting grounds,fairy lake/fairy hill/mound/tree and/or the place between sleep and wakefulness and calling forth or awaiting your meeting. type 2: self adoration: this will happen at a mirror or other reflection or even in your minds eye, but you develop yourself and thereby attract your opposite. type 3: shock and trauma, something violent happens to tear apart your ego entirely, it could be childhood abuse, rape, fairy kidnapping, shaman sickness, or a terrible vision of being torn down to sinew and bone and reborn, but some temporary destruction of ego summons up your familiar (this one can bypass the necessity of beginning with the realization there is such an other.

My own process included starting first with the realization of the other exisiting at all when I was a young teen followed very quickly by shock and trauma bringing me right to terms with the other and myself as other. Having gone both through that which occured naturally from my own experience, and experimenting with methods in a number of books starting with the poetical from literature and then into the intentional in witchcraft books, I have a good grasp to evaluate.

Type 1 and 3 are pretty obvious and do not much require further explanation. However Type 2 has its own internal logic that is a bit more difficult. So lets focus on it.

Self adoration begins with seeing yourself as other. You get outside yourself a bit and realize what makes you attractive and what could make you even better. You aren’t just looking at your body, but your soul too. Your spirit self/ideal self may look a lot like you, but it also could be different. Your spirit may have wings, or horns, or hooves. You need to really like this spirit self, realize how good it is. Its you and its pliable, so you can shape it. This is especially important if you don’t have good self-esteem. This is a chance to improve yourself and your view of yourself. Don’t mistake it though, its not for escapism. Its for self love, because your spirit familiar is your reflection, it’s want to come to you has to come from you realizing you are worth it. Taylor Ellwood instructed me in a workshop on an excellent way to shape and work with your magical self. First you are meditating, you are paying attention to your breath in the usual way for meditation. Then you sense your subtle body, your aura, spiritual self breathing with you. Then as you are breathing you breath out your spiritual self in front of you. Not far, just right in front of you. Then you breath it back in. After breathing it in and out a few times, you begin shaping it as you breath it out. Do you want it to be stronger? have more curves? wings? etc. After you are satisfied with what you have done for that meditation, breath it back in fully to your body and merge the subtle body fully into yourself. This is the you that exists spiritually. This is the you that will interact with your spirit familiar in the otherwordly places. You can pair these exercises with some really good self care. Exercise, take a scented bath, put on a luxurios lotion, doll yourself up with good hair style. Have fun with it, like you are getting ready to see your crush. This kind of perparation for a date is from Grayson Magnus’s Authentic Witchcraft book.

The above is just one of many methods of self adoration. In Schulke’s Lux Haersis it involves a lot more specific activities, working with your spectral hand, memory of the flesh, and a ritual involving a cauldron, thick incense and the void self. Marcus Griffin (fka Lord Foxglove) in Advancing the Witches’ Craft sets up a temple of the body to meet up with the shadow self which you are ready for after a series of major self improvement projects he leads you through. In the Faerie Way by Mynne, the ideal self is the Co-Walker as interpreted from Rev. Kirk’s Secret Commonwealth of Elves. This is your primal faery self and it is your double. In the Faerie way you breath in the energy of your cowalker from the faery realms a shining body of light.

The best of these books for both lucidity and price are:

Authentic Witchcraft by Grayson Magnus


Advancing the Witches’ Craft by Lord Foxglove aka Marcus Griffin (try and get the version with the CD).

Also wonderful, but expensive and difficult to track down with more difficult occult language

Lux Haeresis by Daniel Schulke

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Jungkook and number 3 please :-)

I got a little carried away with this (Harry Potter au tho how can I not?), so it’s under a cut so it’s not too long on your dash

Jungkook; Hogwarts au

There’s a sort of school-wide panic when Headmistress McGonagall announces that the Yule Ball will be hosted at Hogwarts at Christmas.

Apparently, she says, despite the circumstances of the Triwizard Tournament those years ago, the Ball went well and the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students loved it, so the Ministry and the heads of the schools have decided it’s a good thing to continue in order to foster good faith between the witches and wizards of the various schools.

But this is a surprise to almost all of the students, with the exception of the few whose parents were involved in planning this, and everyone fourth year and up is panicking about dates and dress robes and dancing. You, you don’t really care who you go with; you’ve got a few friends willing to go as a group, and there’s always the foreign boys, some of whom must be interested in having a date from a different school, so that’s not an issue.

Although you know who you’d prefer to go with, if you had the option of anyone. Jeon Jungkook is a fifth year like you, intelligent and athletic, and you know for a fact that he has a really cute smile, even if it’s not shown that often. After the second wizarding war, none of the Slytherins have been treated that well, regardless of involvement with the Death Eaters. Still, you’ve seen how gentle he is in Care of Magical Creatures, his genuine interest in even Professor Binns’s class, how his group of friends includes a Ravenclaw, two Hufflepuffs, and three Gryffindors along with another Slytherin, so he can’t be as bad as the rumors say. You’ve seen his eagerness to learn, the skill with which he flies, and honestly, his Patronus is a bunny.

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