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Dating Montgomery De La Cruz....

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- You are his number one kryptonite, seeing you would calm him down and remember not to be such a dick

- He TOTALLY changes around you, like??? No one would ever imagine him as a hopeless romantic but with you he’s this whole other person, without the cold hard exterior

- He’s not used to this kind side of himself that you bring out, and he does everything he can to impress you like you guys first time he did that cliche rose petals on bed with candles and music 

- seeing the open tabs on his phone from wikihow saying “How not to be an asshole” ever since he liked you

- MEGA protective and always on your side, defending you to the end and god forbid someone stares at you for too long

- skips school w you, driving you to the beach to just relax, eat some food

- He could check you out foreverrrrr, and he doesn’t care if you catch him he just winks ;)))))

- mega flirt w you he’ll use the cheesiest pickup lines on you even though you’re already dating

- he has a motorcycle this is canon no it’s not im a liar but I wish it was and he’ll go for rides w you 

- he loves having you on his lap even if there’s no need for it, and slides his arms around your waist

- he’s hella touchy and if he gets jealous all hell breaks loose  he’ll never ever let you go and make sure to kiss you, and will definitely stare down whoever dare stare at you for more than 5 seconds

- contrary to what you’d think he’s so great at comforting you when you’re sad, you don’t even have to explain to him in the moment he’ll understand instantly and just hug you and let you cry it out

- Bryce hitting on you and Monty beating the shit out of him threatening to kill him, intimidating, “Never look at Y/N. Don’t even think of Y/N. If you get near Y/N again, the second I see you you’re dead. You hear me?”


- Late night drives to fast food places yes yes yes

- Shitty jokes 2 4 / 7

BTS reaction to you being almost 40 weeks pregnant and insecure in a swimsuit

this is my first gif reaction so if its bad im sorry it’ll get better i suppose, and to the person that requested, here u go bae 💕


*He is speechless for a moment because he can’t believe it, but then immediately goes trying to make you feel better about yourself.*

“What? You think you look bad?…No! Oh my god Y/N you have no idea how beautiful you are! Come here-”

*he opens up his arms for a hug*


*notices you looking at yourself in a mirror with a sad face*

“Baby what’s wrong?”

“You’re insecure? Oh no, baby. C'mon let’s go, all of the girls will be jealous when we get to the beach. You look amazing.”


*seeing your worried face he asks you whats wrong*

“Oh Y/N… those stretch marks don’t make you look disgusting! Why do you worry about such little things?”

*he takes your face in his hands looking deep into your eyes*

“You look fucking beautiful like that.”


*you’re usually a really cheery person like him so he gets really worried when he sees tears on your cheeks*

“Is everything alright? Why are you so down? Please tell me.”

“You’re insecure? Oh Y/N don’t cry… You are not in any way ugly! Look at yourself! You’re glowing!”


*sees your face and how you’re looking at yourself and immediately figures out what’s happening*

“Y/N I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong.”
“It’s silly to think that way. You’re in a natural state and you look gorgeous in it.”

*and then he looks at you in adoration when you smile softly at his comment*


*you tell him what’s wrong before you two get going and he immediately hugs you when you tell him*

“You’re a beautiful woman Y/N, there is no need to worry about things like that.”

“You look normal as every woman in that state, hell, what am I saying you look even better. Come here now-”

*he wraps you up in a hug, and then rubbs your pregnant belly, smiling widely*


*frowns at your comment about your body and starts going on about how wrong you are*

“What are you even saying? Have you seen yourself Y/N? You look amazing, I’ve never seen a pregnant woman look as good as you do.”

“So please don’t feel insecure about it, you look stunning.”

“Tell her baby” he says to your pregnant belly making you laugh.

4th of July

pairing: steve rogers x reader

summary: its your husbands birthday, so you take the baby and him to meet the team and their families at the beach. complete fluff

warnings: jackasses with fireworks

The sunlight was warm on your face as you stepped out of the car that your husband had been driving, and you could hear the waves not far off in the distance. Steve was on the other side of the car getting the bags and chairs for the beach, and you were grabbing the baby and putting the red, white and blue hat on her. Even though it was his birthday, he still insisted on getting everything while you took care of the baby and her stuff. It was one of the best beach days you and the team could hope for, considering it was July 4th and only low 80s. The slightly cooler weather also meant less people on the beach to be creepy with the whole team there. A few other black SUVs pulled up on either sides of your car, and you recognized your teammates getting out. All of them were wearing their patriotic gear for the celebration of not only the Fourth of July, but your husband’s birthday.

Natasha was radiating beautifully as she and Bucky got out of their car, and gathered their things. You held your baby girl in your arms and became grateful for Steve having already put sunscreen on her back at home, since it would’ve been a fuss at the beach. She looked so cute in her little strawberry colored one piece, and her blonde hair looked just like Steve’s in the bright sun. By the time you were done putting her hat on and gathering your things from the front seat, everyone and their families were ready to walk onto the beach. You made sure that you grabbed Steve’s present from the glovebox and put it in the diaper bag to give to him later.

It hadn’t been long since you had the baby, only a few months. But the team hadn’t all been together in a few weeks since a much needed vacation was in the works, so it was nice to see all their smiling faces again. Nat was walking right beside you in the sand, chatting about how she and Bucky went to Alaska for 2 weeks. It was sweet to see the two of them finally happy again, and relaxing to the best of their ability. Nat had become your best friend when you moved into the tower after Steve came to the conclusion it was safer for you to live with him. She remained by your side when you got married to Steve, and then again when you had your child.

Steve was a little bit behind the group with the two beach chairs over his right shoulder, and umbrella in his left hand. Tony was already ahead of the group with Pepper, scoping out the beach with Clint and his clan. Everyone was setting up their beach chairs once they reached the mid point to the water and from the dunes. Steve smiled as he approached, albeit a minute behind since he was trying to get everything from the car. The umbrella came in handy since the baby couldn’t be out in too much sun, and it provided nice shade for you to be able to watch everyone come in and out of the water.

It was heaven on earth; all of your best friends and their families playing so happily right in front of you. Steve sat down in the beach chair next to yours, and you could see that he was taking in the people around him. It was a force of habit to scan the area, and now especially since he had you as his beautiful wife with your beautiful daughter.

“Baby, why don’t you relax? It’s your birthday,” After leaning over and kissing his cheek, you continued, “Plus I think that group of people down there-” You pointed at the group of out of place looking men standing by the concession stand, “Are shield agents, Tony probably hired them knowing you were going to be all uptight.” Steve smiled at your realization, and let out a laugh that made a smile come to your face.

You figured it would be a good time to grab his birthday present from the diaper bag, since you had a few moments alone with him before any more of the celebrations that night. The small box covered in patriotic wrapping paper made Steve smile, and he gratefully started to open it. It was a medium sized box which contained a vintage camera, and a sketch pad. Steve opened it, disposing of the wrapping in the extra bag you’d brought for trash before digging into the present.

Immediately his face lit up at the two presents that were in the box, all he had talked about for the past few months was wanting to get a sketchbook so he could finally start drawing again. “Thank you, honey.” Steve kissed your lips for a moment, and the both of you took in the moment. There was nothing in the world like being with the love of your life, your child, and family all at the same time, it made your heart overflow with love. But the moment was cut off by a call from down in the water, Bucky was calling Steve to come and swim for a bit. Steve kissed your lips once more and made his way down the beach.

That night, Tony had a big celebration at his beach house. This festival of sorts included a beautifully made family dinner, a bonfire, lots of drinking, and Tony the dumbass lighting off fireworks. Despite the illegality of it all, the neighbors all came out of their own giant houses to watch the show. All the girls stayed inside with you and the baby while the drunk idiots were playing with explosives outside, but you were still able to see the colorful fireworks through the many windows of the mansion. Pepper kept running outside every few minutes to make sure no one blew their fingers or their faces off, and she would return with a new story each time. They all took turns holding the baby, and your daughter was loving every second of attention.

Everyone finally settled down at midnight, and you had put the baby to bed an hour prior. Steve was more than happy to get in bed with you, and just hold you in his arms, and the two of you smelled like firewood from the bonfire that went on for way too long. Being pressed against his chest with his arms around you always felt like home. It was quiet for a long time, and you thought that maybe he fell asleep, but he finally shifted a little bit and kissed the top of your head. Steve’s also whispered in a low tone hoping not to wake up the baby, “Thank you for an amazing birthday, I love you baby.”

You smiled up at your husband in the dark room, and whispered back, “I love you more.”

The things I have in my favorites album: You half wide awake and naked. A sunset shot where I held you close for the first time from behind. A collection of photo booth strips long since then. You on the beach staring at the waves while I nursed a can of beer. A pile of love bottle up in expensive red wine and gummy bears. You blowing out birthday candles before we fell in love. You soaked in the sunsets light frozen in another time.

if youre not at like a bonfire what r u doing at the beach at night. you want to be murdered or eaten . whats wrong with u you hooligans 

MCL|Eldarya: Going to the water park with the guys

*Runs out of the mist, as if nothing had happened*

I know that there are no water parks in Eldarya (though….), bUT DO I EVER STOP?


Nathaniel: Nathaniel, in fact, doesn’t really like water parks. You’ll have to try so that he deigns to go with you. He will either ride with you if you’re scared, or lie on a lounger near the pool. There is no third.

Castiel: He will drag you to the most terrible aqua slide… and then he will scream louder than you. Perhaps he will push you into the pool a couple of times, who knows …

Lysander: He’s just a pain in the ass, not a boyfriend. It’s like the time when on the beach you tried to take off his shirt. In the water park you will not drag him even to the paddling pool, damn it. “I like to swim, but I will not get into the water and will enjoy the way you laugh and scream for fear” guy.

Kentin: In my opinion, he is the most adequate boy. He will go with you to any slide, will constantly hold your hand and toss in the water. Oh, how nice…

Armin: Fucking child. He will not get out of the pool, even when he is shaking from the cold, and his lips turn blue. He will constantly sprinkle water and squeal like a mandragora  on a children’s aqua slide.


Nevra: This vampire can’t stand swimming. You can make him do anything, but he will not climb into the pool. Him, in fact, it is more pleasant to lie on a deckchair and admire you, lol. And he will forbid you to go to dangerous aqua slides, because he is a big mom. I said everything.

Ezarel: With him the same situation. He will not climb into the water because “there are too many bacteria.” But if you still persuade him, he will just swim far away from everyone, acutely reacting to other people’s touches and refusing to sweep from the aqua  slide. (Because he is afraid)

Valkyon: I somehow see him as a big fan of such things. But before that he wants to make sure that you swim well and correctly. In general, yes, he can teach you for several hours swimming and tricks to save drowning people, completely forgetting about entertainment, oh well..


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Request:  Can I request a Paul imagine where he imprints on his ex-girlfriend who he cheated on during their past relationship and she wants nothing to do with him. So he has to work so hard for her to even think about him as anything. I saw this idea in passing on tumblr one day. It was just a what if not a full imagine. I just thought you could write this amazingly. Thank you lovely.

For Anon
Words: 1,073

Thank you Sweetie! <3

Okay, so I’m doing this with my head cannon that Paul was taught to write things down to deal with his temper problem. These are his written musings about you, him and the imprint situation.

Day 7

I tried to talk to you again today on the beach. You threw your soda over me and I had to get out of there before I phased. I know I don’t deserve it but c’mon Y’N, can’t you stand to be near me for at least a while?  

Day 14

The first time I’d seen you since you washed me in your drink, you were hanging out with Kim and Jared on the beach. You ignored me but at least you didn’t leave. Sam thinks the imprint will help you forgive me eventually. I don’t think it will, not sure how you could. I miss you, I missed you before the imprint and now it’s worse than ever. I don’t know why I kissed your friend back then, I was a stupid child and it cost me you. But I’ve grown up now Y/N, I promise. I’ve seen war and ripped apart monsters.

Day 16

You ignored me today.

Day 21

Sam had to pull me off the beach today when I saw you on date. Guy looked like a dickhead.

Day 22

You agreed, he was a dickhead and you actually held a conversation with me in the school canteen to tell me what an arsehole he was. I nearly made you smile and then I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Day 25

There was a bonfire tonight and you came with Kim and sat with her and Emily for most of the night but finally, we talked. To be honest, you just let rip on me and I deserved it, I think it might have helped you to get out your anger at everything that happened between us. Luckily I was on patrol later that night because I phased anyway, I can’t believe that I’d ever make you feel that way.

Day 32

You were freaking out today, you needed to get across to your younger brother’s school to pick him up because he was ill but your car was in the shop. I took you in my truck, you didn’t even have to ask, and then dropped you both off at your house. You kissed my cheek as you left in thank you.
I had to kick Embry and Quil’s ass later for laughing at my soppiness.

Day 39

You found out about The Pack today, Jacob lost his temper about Bella’s love life and phased in front of you. It took Sam and Paul to restrain me from him.

Day 53

Today was the first time you let any of the pack see you in two weeks, it was a shame that I had to force my way into your house to get you. I’m sorry if I scared you but there was leech roaming around and I needed you to say save at Emily and Sam’s house.
It must have helped because you stopped flinching around us when we came back.

Day 60

You came to find me to today, you wanted to learn more about wolves and you trusted me to answer your questions and make you feel safe. I’ve never felt so proud. We walked down the beach and talked for hours until it cold out and you cuddled up to my side for warmth. It was the first time I’ve blushed in a long time, I gave Jared a dead arm for his teasing.

Day 64

No idea how I convinced you but tonight is DATE NIGHT. DATE NIGHT. DATE NIGHT.

Day 70


Day 75

Its official, you’re my girlfriend! Again! No one’s life could beat mine right now.

Day 82

You found about the imprint yesterday and today we talked through it. You asked for some time alone to think it through, I agreed but its killing me.

Day 84

You came to find me today, you made me sit down and marched about the room ranting about how if you accepted the imprint then it didn’t mean that I could control you. I’d never want to control you anyway. But you did look adorable with your hands on your hips giving me a mini lecture. It made me want to pick you up and spin you around.

Maybe not the time.

Day 86

You met my dad today, I’m sorry that you had to go through that. He’s an arse, one day soon he’ll go back to the big house and leave me and my family the fuck alone. I was close to phasing when you threw your arms around my neck and told me that if I phased then I’d be taking you with me.  Miraculously, you calmed me down.

What did I do to deserve you?

Day 365

I saved the last page of this shitty little notepad for this little note for you. It’s been years since I scribbled all this down, the story of getting you to fall for me. Don’t deny it, you fell for me hard. I can’t blame you. I am a damn god. Anyway, after our lives together you’re used to me scribbling all these down, now it’s mostly habit. I stopped having a bad temper the day you said ‘I do’. I’ve got notebooks full of our adventures, our marriage and our children.

You’re the best mother and imprint that any wolf could ask for and if any of the guys say different then I’ll fight them.

So this is one of your presents for our anniversary. Sit back in bed while me and the kids make breakfast and read through this little book, then we’ll start the hunt for the rest of your hidden presents.

Love you babe xx


Laying down the bench towel on the sand, Mac wasn’t far away with the bags. It was quite early, far too early for most people to be up to start the day. But Mac couldn’t wait to show you this cute little beach he had came across, and wanted to visit it when it wasn’t crowded.

“So what do you think?”, he came up embracing you from behind.

“Beautiful and most importantly peaceful”.

Tying up your hair so it was out of the way, you started to get undressed to reveal a simple bikini underneath.

“Do you mind re-doing the clasp back up?”. Turning your back to Mac.

His hands still a bit cold from the morning, fresh air helped re-do the fallen clasp that was beginning to become undone. Feeling his hands linger, they soon pulled you closer to his bare chest. “Have I told you this is one of my favourite swimsuits on you?”.

Smiling, you already knew why it was. “It’s your favourite because you brought it for me”.

“Guilty”, he pecked your cheek making you wiggle in his grasp. “Shall we go for a swim?”.

The water looked calm, no big waves crashing just nice, gentle small ones. Grinning at Mac, “Last one in has to tell Jack his singing is awful”. Sprinting across the sand, Mac hot on your trail.

You got to the water first, but just barely. Mac playful caught you by the waist as you laughed, slightly out of breath from all that running. “I want a re-match, I clearly wasn’t ready”.

“That’s not how it works, my love. I won, fair and square”. Poking your tongue at him, he chuckled.

“What?”. He asked when he noticed you staring just a bit too long.

Steadying your balance by wrapping arms around his neck, Mac held onto you. “I just-I’m so in love with you Angus Macgyver”. That never got old, telling Mac how much you adored or loved him. Every time felt like the first time you and Mac confessed the “L” word to each other.

“I love you too, Y/N”.

You knew he was planning something and you weren’t wrong. Mac innocently loosened his grip causing you to make a splash in the water. Standing above you with a smirk, you grabbed his arm pulling him down with you. “I should of seen that coming”. Mac wiped his face and splashed more water towards you.

Hair was all wet, mouth tasted like salt water and sand was sticking to your body but none of that matter, Mac and you still managed to laugh like crazy. Enjoying the rare alone time before Mac had to go save the world once again.


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The Next Time I See You, You Are Alone, On The Beach Full Of Pink Sand, Where We Used To Lay. I Am A Coward, But For This Moment I Bunch Up My Courage And Walk Up To You. "Χαίρετε." I Say. You Look Me In The Eyes But Say Nothing, Looking Down At My Feet. I̞͎̕ C̞̯̗̘ou̠̣͉͠ǵh̠͈̭ͅ. "Αστείο να σας δω εδώ..." You Still Don't Reply. Your Eyes Wont Leave Mine. I Can't Breathe, All My Lungs Constricting. "τ͎̺̯̝̜͜ι̞̫̼̬͙͈͡ ̫̩ε̘͎̳ί̼̮̦μ̦̜̬̰α̝͡σ̲͎τ̧̝̰̫̮͖̦ε̭̲̹̹͉̘?" I Whisper.


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Lance is probably health obsessed, right? So imagine that one day you go to the beach or something with your friends, you forgot to put on sun screen. As a result your shoulders start to peel off a couple days later, Lance uses this as a reason to teach a lesson because "I told you to put on sun screen babe" So he has you on edge for hours, teasing until you swear you won't forget your sun screen again.

I thought this was going to be about sex as exercise hahah

Sinful Sunday™