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What breed is your beautiful boy?? I'm crying he's so cute ahdkfk

he’s a mix between a jack russel terrier and a poodle!! jackadoodle!!!

he’s asleep right now but im sure he’d be very flattered if he knew you thought he was cute. heres a picture!!! he’s a beautiful boy on the right and on the left is our other dog, muffin!!

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Say all you want about canon being not important... But your discourse sounds more like an excuse that ppl who need canon representation, assuance, examples, etc on media are just a bunch of emotional whinners who can't get over of not existing in media. I would only agree if this discourse were for straight ships shippers. Otherwise it's too similar to say "all lives matter, not just black lives"

Okay hold on… you actually wrote this to me… I’m just- I need to process it because I just can’t believe someone actually sent this to me.

You are saying this about me as if I haven’t spend 100% of my time defending LGBT representation and criticizing OnS and other shows for queerbaiting. As if I didn’t endure lots of hate for it from anonymous people like you. Not just that but you even compared me to racist people… just… I can’t take you seriously, but I’ll try:

Anon didn’t ask me how I felt about queerbaiting. They asked me if I had hopes for the ship.

I didn’t want to talk about queerbaiting and make my followers feel bad again (many people didn’t get it, but you seem to be the worst case so far). I can’t change a homophobic society by making more people suffer of frustration and impotence. I want them to think about what they have and all the support mikayuu gets.

You are the one who does nothing and uses the anonymous option to make people feel bad, and even compared it with racism. Just what is wrong with you?

Let me tell you: you sjw are terrible at deconstructing discourses. Pettiness won’t help anybody get rid of the dominant discourses that oppress them, especially if you’re attacking the people who take these issues seriously.

The idea of trying to guilt trip anybody who doesn’t do what you want will only make our community look worse.

You are not the kind of people who help us get more acceptance in the society.

Getting together and doing our best to support LGBT issues as a community will. That’s why I said we should confide in each other and use the fandom to expand our creativity and, who knows? Maybe one day we will be the authors in charge so we can make more LGBT content and actually represent us like we deserve.

If you’re too occupied being a victim to find a way out and try to make a better change for our situation then I will block the next ask I get from you. I don’t have time for negativity.

First off, we aren’t friends anymore @eramarvell. I’m calling you out. I don’t know what your problem is, but you’re so fake like??? You wanna start acting funny? I thought I was supposed to be your friend. But you wanna go one and be two faced and run your mouth about me? Why don’t you be real with me and say it to my face? You talk behind my back but then act all buddy buddy when we talk. You wanna know what? It’s okay because this is all a joke and I just wanted to greet you here. Happy birthday, Dianne!! Sorry if I’m late.. please don’t be mad uwu

I’ve tried to do inktober for the past two years and I just don’t enjoy working with ink. ; - ; So I’m going to try digitally - with a single colour accent!
I’m going to tryyy to make a complete set of zodiac characters~ which will also be a huge challenge for me since I usually only work on 1 - 2 pieces per month. ..This miiight bleed into November, ehehe. But I’m still going to try! (งಠ_ಠ)ง
First in my zodiac series is Aries! ♡

Finally, my Ray illust is done. (Mystic Messenger - V route) || Twitter || **Do not repost** || comm info

“The roses I gave you have withered… But don’t worry, when you come back we can pick some again… Because you will come back to me, right?… Please… Please tell me you’ll come back…