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Jughead x Reader: A Nightmare Approaches


Hi can you please write something with Jughead about that it’s your first time sleeping together (not sex just sleeping) and you get a nightmare? But you get all embarrassed and don’t want to talk about it but then he comforts you. thank you xx

 A/N: I loved writing about this, I like the idea of just cuddling since I still see Jughead as asexual (Can cuddle with you), but hey everyone has their opinions on this subject, but no he is not asexual in this. I’ll take this time to say I do not write smut sorry. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one since I got like over 100 notes on my last Jughead imagine which I didn’t think it was going to get that much, but thank you guys for liking and reblogging it really means a lot to me.

Words: 1040

Summary: Reader parents are away and she invites Jughead over.

Spoilers: I had inspiration for the nightmare form American Horror Story: Coven.

Warnings: Jughead hates Netflix

“(Y/N)!” you’re parents called out as you rushed to see them in the kitchen.

“Yeah, mom and dad?” You asked them.

“Your dad and I have to take a trip on the weekend and we can’t take you, you’re going to be alone, no monkey business” You mother proclaimed.

“Promise” You motioned your right hand against your heart.

It was now Friday morning as you were getting ready for school, that your parents called out for you and you ran downstairs

“(Y/N), remember to lock all the doors and windows” your dad claimed.

“I will, dad promise” as you reached in for a hug.

“We left you some cash in the drawer and deposited some in your bank account” your mom comforted you as she gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“Geez, mom are you leaving for a weekend trip or are you gonna start a new life and leave me stranded alone in the horror of a small town that is Riverdale?” you mocked your mother.

“Stay safe baby” your parents chimed in at the same time as they exited the front door and you went up to your room to finish up before you grabbed your backpack and locked the door of course and rushed to school.

As you entered Riverdale High, you searched for your friends in the crowded hallway and made your way to them.

“What took you so long?” Betty announced.

“Parents went on a weekend “business” trip” you told them while motioning your fingers as quotes “they gave me the stay safe, killer on the loose, no parties speech” you added on.

“Damn, I was about to ask you throw one” Kevin chuckled knowing you, you would never dare to throw a party unless your parents approved.

“They would never find out (Y/N), let’s do it!” Ronnie praised.

“Oh you are so new to Riverdale” Kevin addressed putting his hand on Veronica’s shoulder.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re that much of a goodie-good girl” Veronica questioned you.

“She’s a saint” Archie blurted.

“More than Betty?” Veronica continued as Betty smiled.

“No” Jughead spoke up with a smirk on his face making everyone go into a fit of laughter.

“God, I didn’t mean it like that” Jughead retorted as you blushed and he reached to grab your hand.

“I’d like to think Betty and I take risks when the risk taking needs to happen” you admitted to your friends with a smile.

“Take the risk (Y/N)” Kevin and Ronnie spoke in sync.

“Not worth it” you apologized “I can barely stand these losers at school, why would I invite them to my home” you continued as Archie, Kevin and Veronica sighed.

“How about tomorrow you guys just come chill at my house, a little friend get-together, my parents wouldn’t mind my friends” you commented.

“A loophole, you daredevil” Kevin complimented as you gave them a devilish smirk and they all nodded.

The school bell rang and your friends went their ways to get to class.

“Hey Jug” you cooed as he turned to see you as you guys made your way to your classes “How about you come over after school and we could watch a movie” you confessed.

“A home date, deal” he answered and kissed your cheek as he let your hand go and you both parted ways to your classes.

As school ended, you made your way to Jughead leaning against your locker.

“Hey, you ready?” You spoke as Jughead planted a kiss on your lips and grabbed you by the hand.

“How about I go grab a movie and you order the food and we meet at your house, please no Netflix” Jughead declared as you both walked out of school and you chuckled at his comment.

“Fine, Netflix hater, Pops burgers or pizza?” you replied at your boyfriend Jughead.

“Both” Jughead chuckled and you laughed.

“Okay, I’ll order you both, but grab like three movie choices” you declared as you parted ways.

You picked up the burgers and shakes from Pops and walked home to wait for the pizza delivery.

A few minutes later the pizza arrived and so you started getting the living room ready for your movie date with Jughead.

“Coming in!” Jughead clarified while opening the door to your house making his way to the living room.

“I brought (Y/F/M), (Jughead’s favorite movie) (Both yours & Jughead’s favorite movie)” Jughead acknowledged and you smiled at him.

“See these amazing films are not on Netflix” Jughead retorted and you giggled at his comment.

“Oh Juggie, Netflix doesn’t care about your modernizing problems, they’re subscribers beat you” you sassed him as you picked the first movie.

You guys enjoyed the delicious food and movies, you didn’t even realize you both knocked out cuddling on the couch. Although you started shifting too much and sweat started creeping your forehead. Jughead woke up from your squirming and began to worry he shook you so you could wake up. You opened your eyes and were breathing very heavily.

“(Y/N) are you okay? Did you have a nightmare?” Jughead questioned you worriedly.

“Oh no, I’m fine Juggie” You blurted out embarrassed about telling him about your nightmare.

“Oh c’mon (Y/N/N), you were squirming and sweating, I swear I won’t laugh, I’m here for you babe” Jughead confirmed smiling at you and giving you a kiss on your hand.

“Okay, but you can’t laugh” You confessed while blushing, telling him your nightmare, where Jughead kept breaking up with you and that same clip played over and over and wouldn’t stop.

Jughead gave you a smile and kissed you on the lips and you kissed back.

“I’m not letting you go, especially not in mine or your dreams” Jughead reassured you “Also I shouldn’t have let you eat that much” Jughead added with a small chuckle.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, that way you’d have more” you added on and you both started laughing.  

It was late and you didn’t want Jughead out there, with a killer on the loose, so you made a fort in your living room and fell asleep, cuddling each other to sleep and you questioned why you both never did this before since you felt safer in his arms.

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Surprise  (4/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader( No permanent pairing yet!)
* Bold is readers thoughts,  &  italics are memories. *

Surprise MasterList

Marvel MasterList

“ What were you thinking Tony?”

“ Is now really the time Steve?  Cant you scold me later?”

  Do they ever stop fucking arguing? Ugh.  Your eyes flutter open as they continue bickering.

“ Can you two shut the hell up .” your raspy voice startles the two , they both immediately appear at your side.

  " What happened?“ you groan as you look around and realize your in the med bay .

” Your blood pressure and stress levels were  extremely high , causing you to faint. “ Tony explains as he looks to your monitor to check your vitals.

” Everything looks good now though . “ he shrugs .

” I don’t want an enhancement Tony. Figure out a way to turn it back . “ your request catches both of the men off guard.

” Wh- what? Why? You  don’t even know what it is yet! You could shoot fire, or read minds! YOU COULD BE A SHAPE SHIF-“

” I don’t care ! You know what I want to be?  A lab Tech Tony. A regular lab tech . “ you snap

” If I even could find a way to reverse it, it run the risk of furthering the enhancement, or counter acting TAHITI. It’s too large of a risk Y/n. I’m sorry . “

You stay silent, processing what Tony tells you  .  So he knew there was a chance I wouldn’t want this. I cant believe he knew this entire time I was alive. Fucking Stark. 

 While you are lost in your thoughts Tony dismisses himself, leaving only you and Steve.

He sighs, watching as you hop off the bed ,taking out the IV and removing the vital receivers . He steps in front of you before you can reach the door.

” No. We are talking about this . You aren’t running.“  he says sternly. You roll your eyes, waiting for him to continue.

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” I- the things I said-“ he groans, rubbing at the back of his neck  as he continues ” What I said the other night came out wrong . I am grateful you saved me, but I’m not going to thank you for getting yourself killed. You are a part of this team, I was wrong to say you weren’t. You weren’t enhanced though Y/n; you didn’t have a serum, you aren’t a trained assassin . What did you expect the bullets to do ? Did you think you’d heal as quickly as I would? “ His tone wasn’t harsh , it was almost pleading.

” I didn’t think anything Steve, all I knew was that I needed to save you . I don’t know wh-“

” Was it because you love me?“ 

The room goes dead silent, his words still hanging in the air. You awkwardly laugh , Steve crosses his arms while leaning in the doorway.

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” You do remember saying that right ? “ he questions, he sees panic flash over your face.

” Steve- I- you- I was dieing. “ you run your hand down your face .

” I’m aware.“ he says playfully. You’re amazed at how his mood shifts .

"  Don’t look too much into It.” 

“ So you’re denying it?” he playful smile drops a bit.

“ What do you want me to say Steve! You were my bestfriend! Of course I loved you!”

“ You know that’s not what I mean Y/n.”

You don’t reply, so Steve keeps speaking,

“ Because I love you .”

 Your eyes go wide, your mouth opens then closes when you realize  you don’t know what to even say .  Did he just-  did he mean it like that?  You’ve waited for what seems like a lifetime to hear him say these words to you .Now that the moments here, your speechless.

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  Luck seems to be on your side at this moment, FRIDAY interrupts the  two of you .

“ Captain Rogers, there seems to be a physical conflict between Sergeant Barnes and Mr.Wilson, your presence is needed on the communal floor. ”

 Saved by the AI, thank you FRIDAY.

 You hear Steve curse under his breath ,

“ You should probably go before one of them ends up dead Steve. " 

” We aren’t finished with this conversation.“ he warns as he leaves.

 You wait a minute  before you bolt from the med room to the elevators.  You rapidly hit the button for Pietro and Wandas floor  . As soon as the doors open you sprint out,

” Pietro ! “ you yell , in  an instant he is infront of you .

” are you feeling better Draga?“ he asks as he pulls you into a hug.

” Steve- I - what - UGH .“  you groan as your shove your face into his chest.

” You’re going to have to form a proper sentence for me to understand Y/n.“ he chuckles.

” She doesn’t want to be enhanced, Steve told her he loves her , and she doesn’t know what to do and plans on avoiding him for the rest of time.“ Wanda announces from behind you .

” What she said. “ you say as you lean back.

” You didn’t tell him how you felt ? “ Pietro questions.

” He completely blind sided me! I didn’t think hed say that ! I stood there staring at him  like he was a frreakin alien!“ 

 The twins laugh at your frustration ,

” Its not funny! what am I suppose to do !“

” Tell him you love him ! “ Wanda excitedly suggests

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” I - no .  I’m not doing that  . “

” What ? why? You know he feels the same! “ Pietro tells you .

” I just got him back, I just got everyone back ! and now apparently I’m enhanced?  I just - I don’t know what kind of enhancement I have, or even when itll appear. What if its dangerous? What if I hurt him ?  I don’t think I need a relationship right now on top of re adjusting to everything. Ya know?  “

 They agree with you after you explain yourself. Pietro suggest watching a movie to take your mind off things .  Wanda declines, saying she has training with Natasha . Once she leaves, you and Pietro settle on the couch to scroll through Netflix. You both settle on starting Parks & Rec from the beginning . Halfway into the second episode you find yourself leaning against Pietro , both of you getting sleepier by the second.

 When you wake up, you snuggled up to Pietro on the couch . Soft snores are slipping from him . You smile as you try to hold in a laugh when you notice the drool pooling in the corner of his mouth .

 ” PIETRO!“  you shout

He jumps up from the couch , which results in you landing on the floor with a grunt.

” What! Whats wrong!?“

You start hysterically giggling at his disheveled state.  He sends you a bitchface when he realizes what you did .

” You are in trouble now Printessa.“ he threatens as he stalks towards you . You try to stand but hes on top of you in a flash . His fingers are tickling your sides making you shriek .

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” Pietro Stooooppp! Please! “  you beg . He pauses his attack,

” Apologize. “

” I’m sorry you drool in your sleep. “ you sass.  You cry out when his fingers begin brutally tickling you again . 

Someone clears their throat, stopping Pietro’s fingers at the sound.

” I see you’re busy , I didn’t meant to interrupt.“ Steve says , anger lacing through his voice. Oh Shit.  You know how this must look, especially to someone who just admitted their feelings to you .

You knock Pietro off you so you can go after Steve. Right as you approach the elevators the doors begin closing . You see Steves face, his eyebrows are scrunched, a mixture of hurt and anger displayed over his features.  He watches you as the doors close, not moving to stop them .

Son of a bitch.

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Where Soul Meets Body- 10

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1682

Author’s Note: STEVE FEELS ARE HERE. Oh, I guess Bucky is in this too.

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Master   Part 9

Bucky was stoned.

This was the first time in a while he’d hit it this bad. Memories of the last time, the last few times, swirled around somewhere in the back of his head as he fell into the couch cushions, glazed eyes fixated on the buzzing television screen. Black and white images flickered, but it was on mute. Tom Petty played from the phone on his stomach, the tiny speakers muffling the sound just enough that he could pretend like Last Dance with Mary Jane really was about a girl.

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13 Reasons Why: Here's the Guy Who Plays Your Crush, Jeff

13 Reasons Why has one of the strongest young ensemble casts we’ve seen in years. Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette are the leads, Hannah and Clay, and they’re surrounded by about a dozen high school students, each with their own story. One of the only relatively pure characters in the series - since just about everyone seems to have committed some mild-to-heinous act that pushes Hannah closer to suicide - is Jeff Atkins. He’s the jock whom Clay tutors in the library, and Jeff helps him with his dating life.

Jeff is played by 22-year-old Brandon Larracuente, whom you may recognize from another Netflix drama: Bloodline. Larracuente starred in both season one and two as Ben Rayburn, John and Diana’s son.

The New York-born actor has had a handful of small roles over the past few years (like “Attentive Kid” in Max Steel), but that’s about it. You can catch him in Baywatch this Summer, if you’re eagle-eyed enough to spot him as “Skateboarder #1.” He also has a bit part in Bright, Netflix’s upcoming thriller starring Will Smith. At this point, it’s safe to say Larracuente is an integral part of the Netflix family!

Dying Wish - Part 1

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Liam Dunbar, Alan Deaton, Derek Hale, Hayley, Reader.


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You were dying. No one wanted to say it, it would become reality if it was said out loud, but you knew. Scott’s girlfriend, Hayley, was dying too. The pack did everything in their power to save you.

You were sat on Hayley’s couch, eating snacks. It was a regular Sunday night, the night you two tried to hang out by yourselves. You called it ‘Anti-Supernatural Sunday.’

“Popcorn or tortilla chips?” She yelled from the kitchen, adding to your heap of food on the couch.

“Ummm…both!” You replied, pulling up your favorite show on Netflix.

She laughed and the popcorn in the microwave. “Hey, I invited Scott. That’s fine right?” She looked at you for confirmation and you nodded.

“Of course its fine. Scott’s quiet, harmless.” You smiled at her as she returned with the popcorn.

She sat down and you both grabbed handfuls of popcorn, starting your show.

You were both werewolves, Hayley was turned when she was 13 on a camping trip. You were turned about a month ago, still trying to learn the ropes. You turned during a fight, you’d been hurt really badly and you were having a hard time breathing. Stiles begged Scott to turn you. He said he couldn’t lose anyway else. So, Scott turned you.

There was a knock at the door. “Come in!” You yelled and looked at the door behind you.

“Hey!” Scott entered, Stiles behind him.

“So much for Scott being quiet and harmless.” Hayley mutters to you and you laugh.

“We brought snacks?” Scott says after hearing Hayley.

Hayley laughs and waves them in. “You’re good men.”

They both sat down and the four of you had a good time.

The next day at school you’d had a terrible migraine. You walked around school with blurry vision and your entire head felt as if it would explode.

“Y/N, are you okay?” You heard Liam ask and you leaned against the locker beside his.

“No. I haven’t had a headache since before I turned.” You sighed and rubbed your head as he looked at you.

“Why don’t you get Scott to take some of the pain?” He asks and you shook your head.

“Hayley has a headache too, I want her to feel better first.”

A look of concern washed over his face. “Hayley has a headache too?” You nod and sigh. “What about Scott and Stiles?” He asks.

“No, we just figured we probably ate something earlier that made us sick.” You stand up straight and look at Liam as he nods. “I should go, I have to talk to Scott.”

“Bye, Y/N!” He shouts as you leave.

You approach Scott and he winces as you walk up. “You too?” He asks as you look up in confusion.

“How do you know?” You look at Hayley and Lydia and they shrug.

“I can sense it…” Scott grabs his phone from his back pocket. “I’m going to call Deaton. I have a bad feeling about this.” He walks away with his phone.

“It’s just a headache.” You say to Lydia and Hayley.

“I don’t know…” Lydia says. “I feel bad about it too.”

You throw your arms up in the air as Stiles approaches. “Great. The banshee senses it, that means I’m dying.” You sigh and throw your head back.

“Not necessarily.” Lydia says in defense as Scott comes up behind Stiles.

“We uh..we should go.” Scott says somewhat frantically.

“Why?” Hayley asks as she meets his gaze.

“Have either of you thrown up?” He questions and you both nod. “What color was it?”

“Jesus, Scott.” Stiles groans and looks at his best friend.

“What? It’s important.” Scott gives him a look.

“Black.” You say quietly and Hayley nods.

“Me too…”

“Why does it matter?” You ask as Scott grabs your arm and Hayley’s hand.

“We just need to get to Deaton.” He pulls you outside, Lydia and Stiles jogging behind you.

“Can I ask what’s going on here?” Lydia mutters as you all pile into Stile’s Jeep. Scott explains the situation as you drive to the veterinarian.

You all walk inside, Deaton waiting for you at the door. “Y/N, Hayley. Nice to see you.” You smile slightly, the pain in your head getting worse. “Come on back.” He says and he leads the five of you to an exam room.

“Who’ve you had over to your house recently besides your friends?” He asks Hayley.

She shakes her head. “No one…just Y/N, Stiles, and Scott.” You all exchange glances.

“I think you’ve both ingested wolfsbane.” He says as he looks in a cabinet.

“Wolfsbane…” You say slowly. “How?”

Deaton stands up. “It’s fairly easy to hide. You can put it in someone’s water supply, slip it in food.”

“What does this mean?” Scott asks as he looks at us.

Deaton holds up a bottle before tossing it to Scott. “This will slow down the wolfsbane.”

Scott furrow his brow. “Stop it from what?”

Deaton crosses his arms. “Reaching the heart.”

The room falls quiet. No one know what to say. If the doesn’t find a cure you and Hayley will die.

“Can I ask the question no one’s asking?” Stiles holds a finger up and everyone looks at him. “Who the hell poisoned Y/N and Hayley?”

No one had wondered because no one thought this was as serious as Scott did.

“I know what to do.” Scott mutters. “I know what to do!” He says as he runs outside, dialing a number on his phone.

Stiles throws his hands up. “Anyone have an answer..? No? Okay.”

“Didn’t Scott get hit with a wolfsbane bullet last month?” You mention, everyone’s eyes on you.

“Yeah…no one knew where it came from.” Lydia adds.

Scott runs back inside. “Derek is on his way.” Scott pulls a leaf from inside the bottle Deaton gave him and hands it to Hayley, he does the same for you.

“Leave the whole thing on your tongue. It’ll dissolve.” Deaton says and Stiles looks at him, confused.

“You just gave them an oral solution to wolfsbane ingestion.” He rolls his eyes.

“Stiles, do you know what to do here?” Deaton asks, raising an eyebrow.

“I uh-…I mean…You could…What ab-…no. I don’t have a solution.” Stiles mutters and Deaton chuckles.

“What’s going on?” Derek asks as he walks in and Scott explains. Derek falls silent and worry washes over you. “I know where to go for help…but it’s a long ride.” You all look to him, waiting for an explanation. “New York.”

Stiles groans, “We have to go across the freakin’ country to get an answer?”

Derek shakes his head. “I do. You don’t.” Scott looks to him and Derek nods at him. “I’ll take care of this.”

Preference: He Spends the Night

So this is my first time writing, so don’t judge me too harshly. Basically this is where he spends the night at your house for the first time. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Ashton: You were a single mom and had met Ashton six months ago. Tonight, Ashton was spending the night for the first time. You didn’t let him spend the night before because you didn’t want your daughter to ask questions. The doorbell rings, snapping you out of your thoughts. Your little girl runs to the door and opens it with you behind her. Ashton grins, holding a duffel bag. “You know you don’t have to ring the doorbell anymore, right?” You ask, smiling. Ashton walks inside and kisses your cheek. “Shh, it’s polite.” He murmurs. “Ashton, it’s movie night!” Your daughter says. Ashton puts his bag down and picks her up. “I heard. What movie did you choose?” He asks, carrying her to the living room. You follow behind, then walk to the kitchen to make popcorn. A moment later, Ashton’s arms wrap around you from behind. “Missed you.” He says softly. You smile again, murmuring, “You saw me yesterday.” Ashton kisses your shoulder. “That’s a very long time.” He steps away from you and grabs your hand as you carry the popcorn into the living room. Ashton sits in the middle of your daughter and you. You watch closely as your daughter interacts with Ashton throughout the movie. “And that guy, he’s bad. He tries to steal her things.” She’s telling him. Ashton’s eyes widen. “No way. That’s a horrible thing to do.” Your daughter nods her head quickly. You smile. Ashton is a great father figure to your daughter and you’ll be forever grateful of that. And Ashton, who, after the movie ends, notices that both you and your daughter are asleep, can’t help but feel a sense of warmth go through his body. He watches as you both sleep curled up against him and whispers, “My two most favorite girls in the whole world.”

Calum: You bite your lip as the doorbell rings. You open it to reveal your boyfriend of two months, Calum. He smiles at you and walks in. “Hiya, babe!” He says excitedly. You grin. “Hey.” You say. “I brought hot chocolate.” Calum announces. You take his bags upstairs as he starts to make the hot chocolate. You join him back down in the kitchen and he hands you a mug of hot chocolate. “Thanks.” You say. He smiles. “You’re nervous.” He comments. “Not really. It’s just strange having you here to sleep in my house. I love it.” You admit, giggling. Calum kisses you softly. “C'mon, let’s go binge watch something on Netflix.” He says, pulling you upstairs. You both get comfortable in your bed with your laptop on Calum’s lap. He lies on his back and you curl up beside him with your head on his shoulder. A movie starts playing and you smile. “You’re in my bed.” You whisper. Calum chuckles. “Yes, I am. Is that okay?” He asks. You kiss his cheek. “It’s totally okay.” He smiles. The two of you watch Netflix for awhile until you get tired. “Time for bed.” Calum murmurs, moving until he’s spooning you. You sigh happily. “Cal?” You ask. “Hm?” You yawn and rub your eyes. “I love you and I’m glad you spent the night.” Calum smiles against your skin. “I love you too babe, and I’m really glad I spent the night too.”

Luke: Your parents had been very firm about the rules of Luke staying over. Luke had to sleep on a mattress on the floor in your room and the door had to stay open. You were just surprised that they agreed to let Luke spend the night because Luke wasn’t even usually allowed in your bedroom to do anything. You walk to the bathroom after pulling the mattress into your room. Luke is brushing his teeth. He grins when he sees you, his mouth full of foamy white toothpaste. You smile, leaning against the doorframe. “I can’t believe they’re letting you stay over.” You say. He finishes brushing his teeth and turns to you. “Honestly, I was expecting to have to sleep on the living room couch.” Luke admits. Your father walks past the bathroom. “Don’t give me any ideas, rock star.” He mutters. You and Luke burst out laughing, with Luke yelling down the hall to your dad, “Yes, sir!” You take Luke’s hand and pull him to your bedroom. You prop the door open and look at him. “Are you sure that you’re okay sleeping on the floor? You can go home if you want; I would understand.” You tell him. He walks over and strokes your cheek with his thumb. “Princess, I’m not going anywhere. I’m sleeping on a mattress on your bedroom floor. I’m sleeping in your room! That’s something to be excited about.” Luke says, smiling. You smile. “I love you.” Before Luke can say it back, however, your mom stops in the doorway. “Hurry up and kiss her goodnight before (Y/D/N) walks by and sees because if he had seen this, you wouldn’t be staying.” Your mom says, laughing a little. Luke chuckles and kisses you lightly. You both crawl into your separate beds as your mom turns out the light and walks away. Luke reaches up and takes your hand. “Goodnight, beautiful.” He says quietly. “Goodnight, Luke.”

Michael: “You went out and bought an Xbox just for tonight?” Michael asks, looking at you. You grin from your spot on the couch. “I wanted tonight’s sleepover to be the best.” You explain. Michael chuckles, sitting down next to you. “Kitten, just hanging out with you would have made it the best. You didn’t have to go out and buy an Xbox for me to have a good time.” You frown. “Sure, but now you can have a good time while I kick your ass at video games.” You say, handing him a controller. He laughs and takes it. “Game on.” He mutters. Two hours later, when you’re beating him at the game, he curses and puts the controller down. “It’s your outfit! You’re wearing that big shirt with only underwear on and it’s throwing me off on my game!” He says. You laugh. “Nah, you just suck ass.” Michael raises his eyebrows. “Calum wouldn’t treat me this way.” He says, holding back laughter. “Then go be with Calum.” You state. Michael moves until he’s lying on top of you, his elbows holding himself up. “Calum isn’t nearly as hot as you are, though.” You smile. “Swooning me won’t make me lose.” You tell him. “One can only hope it were that easy.” Michael says, kissing you lightly. “Cuddle with me.” You mumble, yawning. Michael wraps his arms around you as you bury your face into his chest. “I had fun tonight. Did you?” You whisper. “Of course I did, kitten. Any time that I get to spend with you is fun for me.”

Lazy Day - Tim Drake x Reader


If everyday could be a lazy day, that would just be heaven on earth. But as rare as these days were you enjoyed every second of them.

The day started off with you and Tim sleeping in to what would normally be an unacceptable hour but neither of you gave a shit. There was an unspoken understanding between you: today is going to be a lazy day. After the two of you woke up in each other’s arms you stayed in bed for hours, occasionally exchanging lazy slow kisses and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

If you had it your way you probably would have stayed in bed all day but eventually your stomachs started yelling their complaints, demanding that the two of you leave the comfort of the bed if only briefly.

“Take out?” Tim asked after your stomach loudly growled for the third time. You smiled and nodded against Tim’s bare chest. You let your eyes close again and you snuggled into him while he ordered some food from your favorite takeout place. He didn’t even need to ask what what you wanted, the two of you had been together so long that you knew each other’s orders by heart. What could you say? You’re both creatures of habit.

When the food arrived you both moved to the couch and pulled up Netflix on your TV. Tim sat down behind you with his legs stretched the length of the couch. You sat in between his legs with your head resting against his chest. It may not have been the best setup to eat but neither of you really minded all that much.

Some hours later when your take out boxes were long since discarded and you had been watching TV for some time you started to doze off against. As your gentle snoring filled the room, Tim looked down at you and smiled warmly at your sleeping form, thinking to himself how much he loved spending these lazy days with you.

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RFA + Saeran. MC coming home drunk off her ass and she can barely walk and she won't go to bed no matter what how would they take care of her?

ModUnknown here finally bringing you this HC scenario!! I tried to get inspired by some of my personal drunk stories lol!! Drunk can be fun…  I mean don’t drink!! drinking is bad!! hehe please enjoy these HCs!! Thank you!! :D

Jaehee HC

Saeran (Sorry i always start of with him first bc thats my boo)

  • You had just came back from a regular RFA party. Saeran was still getting used to being around others but he wasn’t ready for a huge party. 
  • You were the person he was most comfortable with and opened up to you the most after the whole mint eye situation calmed down.
  • He trusted the RFA to take good care of you while at the party but he forgot to let them know to also watch out with how much you drink.
  • Well it was too late for that and you were drunk as hell. As a matter of fact, everyone was drunk as hell celebrating the most successful party ever!
  • So when you got home and failed to silently lay in bed without waking Saeran up, you knew you were screwed.
  • You tripped by the table and dropped the flower vase that was on it.
  • You sat on your knees and closed your eyes, just waiting for Saeran to come out the door.
  • “MC WHAT HAPPENED?!” There he goes
  • “Saeran, I’m so sorry!” You sniffed a little bit.
  • He looked at you confused on why you would apologize to him until he realized that you were not normal
  • “Mc, are you drunk?”
    “Maybe…” your sniffles turned into giggles as you noticed how cute he looked all worried about you.
  • He just sighed and picked you up bridal style to bed
    “Aw Saeran. I can’t wait for you to carry me like this at our honeymoon.” You mumbled as you nuzzled your cheek on his.
  • This boy got embarrassed like super embarrassed. You picturing yourself marrying him? deep down it felt good to hear such thing.
  • After he laid you down, he did the same next to you and just stared at you wondering who the hell let you drink so much.
  • “Saeran..” You cuddled next to him and dug your head on his chest.
    “I really need to say something. It’s really important.”
  • You sounded really worried so this worried him even more.
    “W-what is it?” he even stuttered. He knew about that saying where drunk people tend to be the most honest.. so he was definitely more afraid.
  • “I just… I just need to know..” You dug your head deeper into his chest and gripped his shirt a little tighter.
  • That was it. He sat you up and asked you to please let it out.
  • “But Saeran..It’s actually more like a question..” You started to play around with the bed sheets. 
  • “Mc… just. tell. me” You can tell he was getting impatient.
  • “Do…” You could’t even look at him.
    “Do you think pigeons have feelings?”
  • “what” Saeran was left with an empty facial expression. like did you really just make a big deal.. for pigeons?
  • You just started to giggle more and ended up throwing yourself to him, making him fall back on his pillow.
    “You know I love you right?” You said, planting kisses over and over again on his lips. 
  • You continued to cuddle him and let him know all night that you loved him. You just couldn’t shut up over how much he meant to you.
  • He felt all fuzzy and warm inside to have someone like you. 
  • He held onto you tightly for the rest of the night to make sure you also felt loved and told you that you were the best thing to ever happen to him.
  • The following morning he prepared you a warm bubble bath and ended up joining you.. ;)


  • You and Yoosung had barely came back from a one of your family’s parties. 
  • Your family went all out with these parties and they would get drunk off their asses. (I’m Mexican so our parties are always so lit with food and drinks lol)
  • Yoosung didn’t want to drink due to the fact it was one of your family’s parties and he wasn’t used to being drunk. Another was the fact that he was driving.
  • You arrived by clinging on to Yoosung’s arm. He could barely keep his own balance with you tripping with every little thing. And going up the stairs in the apartment wasn’t a help at all.
  • Once you got in, you immediately went straight to the kitchen. Yoosung was expecting you to head to bed but was surprised to see you there.
  • “Mc.. didn’t you just eat? I know you’re super drunk so you need to sleep!” He pouted because he knew that you were about to go all out in the kitchen.
  • “But baby, I’m not sleepy.” You closed the fridge and skipped your way towards him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the lips.
  • “Ooh. Let’s dance!” The way you were positioned gave you the idea.
    “But I don’t know how to dance.” He nervously chuckled.
    “It’s okay, just follow my lead!” You responded with so much confidence but the moment you tried to, you tripped bringing Yoosung down with you.
  • Yoosung landed on top of you and quickly asked if you were okay. You just laughed it off and turned him around so you can be laying on top of him.
  • “Hey Yoosung.. You know you’re the best, right? Like I love you so much and I never want to leave your side.” 
  • After all the mumbling and making Yoosung blush, you finally fell asleep on Yoosung’s chest. He didn’t dare to move you so he fell asleep with you on the floor.
  • The following morning he got up early and prepared his special breakfast dish for you. His Omurice! Which you love despite how messy it can get. 
  • He also made sure you relaxed the whole day and joined you to watch some movies.
    Agh, Yoosung would be the sweetest husband ever >.<


  • You had a girl’s night with some friends at a local bar.
  • Zen trusted you 100% so he let you have your fun while he rehearsed for his upcoming play.
  • The thing was, that you didn’t plan to get drunk.. but were persuaded by your friends to keep on taking some shots.
  • So at the end you had to call Zen to pick you up. You could barely even dial his phone number that’s how bad it was.
  • He got worried over how drunk you sounded so he told you to stay put and he’ll be there soon.
  • After you got home, you laid in the couch and started mumbling over how disappointing you were in yourself for drinking. 
  • “MC, let’s go to bed.” Zen kept on insisting but you weren’t listening.
    It was already late and he was pretty tired himself.
  • “Fine. I’ll go to bed by myself.”

  • “Zen, nooo!” You hugged him from behind and he just smirked because he knew you don’t like to go to bed without him.
  • “Babe you need some rest. Let’s go.”
    “But im too drunk to sleeeeeep!!” 
  • You kept pulling him back to make him stay but he dragged you with him so you can finally get some rest. You know Zen and his beauty sleep.
  • Once he got you in bed, he thought you would easily knock out but boy was he wrong.
  • “Zen what would you do if i show up one day with a cat?”
    “What if a dress up as a cat instead?”
    “What do you think you would’ve been doing if I never met you?”
    “Shouldn’t fire trucks technically be called water trucks?”

  • That was it. Zen knew he wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon.
    “Mc… close your eyes and picture your happy place.” He said to try and help you sleep. He didn’t want you to wake up feeling bad or anything.
  • “But my happy place is here with you Zen!” You wrapped your arms around him and became the big spoon.
    “You’re so cheesy when you’re drunk” He giggled.
  • “Cheese?” You picked up your head the moment you heard the word. You just loved food.
  • “Oh no.. I said please! please go to sleep MC.” This time he was the big spoon and started playing with your hair.
  • You were going to complain but were in pure bliss once his fingers started to twirl your hair and massaged your scalp. It took you a few seconds for you to knock out.
  • The following morning, Zen had prepared some water and some pain relievers just in case you woke up with a hangover.
  • Which you didn’t and you thanked the gods
  • But you were grateful for his kind act.


  • You worked for Jumin along with Jaehee. He had hosted a party for the success of his latest project that helped the company big time.
  • You attended the party with no intent to get drunk but after ??? glasses of Jumin’s most strongest wine… welp so much for that.
  • You managed to stay calm throughout the party but on your way home, that’s when it started to hit you the most.
  • You arrived at Seven’s place and couldn’t even put the pass code properly so you banged on the door instead.
  • “Mc, why-”
    “Babe!!” You launched yourself at him, almost dropping him on the floor.
  • “Wait, are you drunk??” He laughed, pulling back. Once he saw the look in your lazy eyes, he knew you were.
  • He took you indoors and told you to lay down and rest. He was in the middle of work so he would join you when he was done.
  • You couldn’t sleep at all. You were mumbling, singing, and even turned on the tv and started to comment over every single little thing.
  • You laid in bed, quiet for a bit since you were lost in your drunk thoughts.
  • Seven was barely laying down in bed after awhile.
  • You scooted yourself next to him and put your face near his.
    “Saeyoung… I need an answer.”

    “An answer for?” He looked at you.
  • You took a deep breath before asking your question.
    “Do you think aliens exist and they’re walking among us disguised as humans?
  • Seven stayed quiet for a moment and even cut himself off when he was about to speak.
  • “What if I’m an alien?” You continued.
  • He sat up and faced forward. “MC………… Good question..”
  • Next thing you know, you were both now in the computer with a bunch of printed paper all over, of research they’ve made over aliens.
  • “What if Zen is an alien?” You asked him.

    “Could explain his mutated hair color.” He added and you both just laughed.
  • After a good hour or so, you both had knocked out . Seven on his chair and you on his lap.
  • The following morning you had woken up on the bed instead with Seven no where to be seen. The smell of coffee traveled around the house.
  • “Good morning babe!! I found some cool alien documentaries on Netflix!!” He said when you walked in the kitchen.
  • You both then spent the whole day cuddling and watching alien documentaries. excitingly talking about the marriage at the space station with a bunch of alien guests.


  • You had gone to your cousin’s to have some drinks.
  • Once you arrived home, Jumin was filling up some paper work. 
  • You were starving and Jumin didn’t have any food on his fridge. Which is due to the fact he gets his personal chef to deliver the meals.
  • “Jumin, I’m super duper hungry!” You whined as you lazily laid in the couch.
    “MC, it’s late, you’re so drunk and a meal at this hour can be harmful for your body.”
  • You let out a sigh and walked towards the window. You spotted a McDonalds a few buildings from Jumin’s place.
  • You looked at him and waited for him to get up so you can walk out.
  • You were drunk so thinking rationally was not even an option.
  • He went to the bathroom and this was your chance to go. You successfully made your way to Mcdonalds and ordered a meal.
  • Jumin didn’t see you around and started to panic once he saw that you were actually gone.
  • He called all his security and had every exit blocked and secured.
    He even sent his security to go outside the building to see if you were around.
  • After a dreadful 10 minutes, Jumin got a call that you’ve been found. He rushed toward you and found you sitting on the grass eating some chicken nuggets.
  • “MC!” He sighed in relief. 
    “Oh Jumin, do you want some chicken nuggets?” you smiled, extending your arm with the box.
  • He carried you home as you ate and he immediately put you to bed.
  • He made sure to have some extra security guards around.
  • The following morning you woke up to Jumin’s personal doctor in the house. You were confused why and Jumin responded that you ate too late and you may wake up super sick, possibly with a hangover.
  • The rest of the day he made sure you ate healthy and made sure you never starved. 

V (I made V’s a little different bc i seem to like to torture myself :)))

  • You were with V attending one of his friend’s parties. It was a bunch of photographers who held a party every year just to chill. The party took place at a reception ball with a bar.
  • This was your first time going to one of his parties. So you had no idea who his friends were and it was their first time meeting you.
  • You stayed silent by V’s side and just enjoyed your drink.
  • A friend of his that he hasn’t spoken to for 3 years came up and greeted V with excitement.
    “V! My man! I was waiting for that invite for your wedding with the lovely Rika!” He added.
  • You despised Rika for everything she did and her mistreatment towards V so you definitely felt angry being reminded.
  • “Oh about that..”
  • “I’m gonna get another drink..” You told V, interrupting and pretending everything was fine.
  • His friend kept V occupied and you spent the rest of the night drinking at the bar to push away your emotions.
  • Once V saw you had a little to much too drink, he decided to go home.
  • He helped you indoors and tried to take you to bed but you kept pulling back.
  • “I dont want to sleep in bed!” You were a wreck. Being in a relationship with V meant knowing and accepting the fact that he once loved Rika and seeing how good everyone spoke of her made you feel like you were not good enough.
  • “MC, Why are you acting this way with me?” V stopped pulling and looked at you so worryingly.
  • “I just dont want to sleep!” You turned around and tried to hold back your tears. But your sniffing was uncontrollable.
  • “Why are you crying? Please talk to me.” He pulled you in for a hug and that’s when you broke down and told him how you felt. You both fell on your knees and you sobbed on his chest.
  • He held you tighter and told you to never compare yourself to her. 
    “I may have called her my sun but in reality, the sun is so damaging to us. You… You’re so much greater than that. You’re my universe and my love for you is infinite.”
  • You stayed in his arms until you fell asleep in them.
  • He took you to bed and the following morning he planned a date out and gave you a promise ring to prove how devoted he was to you. Also to make your day so much better

paperclipmac  asked:

if you're still doing the domesticity meme, Wally West would be a good idea 👀

big spoon/little spoon: This switches up from time to time but Wally is the big spoon at least 75% of the time
favorite non-sexual activity: Cuddling on the couch while watching new movies.
who uses all the hot water: You do and it’s not like Wally minds, he speeds through a shower like it’s nothing so he really doesn’t notice if the water’s hot or cold.
most trivial thing they fight over: Who ate the last of anything, especially leftovers.
who does most of the cleaning: Wally does only because he can get it done so fast.
what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: You both do! And Cutthroat Kitchen is always in the dvr.
who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: You do only because he didn’t really get off on the right foot with the landlord.
who steals the blankets: You do and Wally has to pry the blankets out of your hands and it is a struggle. He didn’t think you were that strong. Wally usually ends up having to press himself really close to you to even get the littlest bit of the blanket back.
who leaves their stuff around: You do, even though he tells you that it’s just going go missing. Because he hides it when you don’t listen to him.
who remembers to buy the milk: Wally because he’s the one that usually drinks all of it.
who remembers anniversaries: Both of you do! 
Who cooks normally? You both make it your goal to split cooking tasks evenly, but you really enjoy when you cook together.
How often do they fight? Not often, maybe a small disagreement every once in a while but a full blown fight? That happens once in a blue moon.
What do they do when they’re away from each other Wally likes to go on runs and work on engine designs. 
Nicknames for each other Wally calls you babe and hot stuff. You call him sweetheart and the Wallster, he’s not exactly fond of that one.
Who is more likely to pay for dinner? Wally is only because he’s the one to put his card down first. “God dammit, Wally. Let me pay.” “Rules are rules, babe.”
What would they get each other for gifts? Wally gets you flowers and chocolates and you get him food and a bunch of new movies for the both of you to watch.
Who kissed who first? You kissed Wally first. He was rambling while he was trying to ask you out and you had to shut him up with a kiss
Who made the first move? Wally did but he almost ran away because you actually responded positively to it.
Who cusses more? You cuss at every little thing, even if you just barely hit your arm against the door.
What would they do if the other was hurt? There’s lots of cuddling and worrying involved.

Raeken’s Game (Part Two)

Theo x Fem!Reader

Summery: Theo brings his troublesome Beta (Y/N) with him to Beacon hills. When she starts to get bored and uncontrollable Theo creates a new game, involving the unsuspecting McCall pack.

Warnings: Smut, sex, swearing, heavy petting, flirting, teasing, Dom!Theo, Sub!Reader, oral, swearing

Part One

Theo lay staring up at the ceiling, your even breaths keeping him calm enough to just think, but not enough to have him desperately searching for a way to keep you under control. At first it had worked, you’d get cosy with Scott and Theo would punish you, bringing you so close to your high that having to watch him bring himself his own high was almost torcher.

It backfired when Scott had an overly confident moment and pulled you to straddle his lap and kissed you after a Lacrosse game. Once he’d calmed down Theo started looking for a reason that he wasn’t good enough, ending up angrier than before.

His hand rested on the small of your back as you snuggled closer into his side and moved your head to lay on his chest. Then an idea formed in the malicious part of Theo’s brain, on that let him slowly push Scott out of power, while simultaneously allowing him to remain top Alpha in your eyes.

Keep reading

From Starbucks to where we are now (Elliot Alderson x Reader Smut)

Request: An imagine where reader (girls) is as socially awkward as Elliot and works at Starbucks. Elliot comes in one day and she notices him extra and then a few days after HE asks for her number but she says no but writes it on his cup. And then some relationship stuff and fluff, and maybe some smut at the end if you’d like.

A/N: I hope you like and enjoy this imagine, because I do! Leave your comments behind!

Word count : 2,032

“Next, please!“  You shouted and took care of the next customer in the line. Today was a very rough day at Starbucks. So many people came in and out and you barely had time to take a little break. Unfortunately, one of your co-workers fell ill so the whole work was waiting only for you and for another girl. It was pretty exhausting. You had to take orders and serve people at the same time, while your other co-worker prepared everything.

After a few hours, you were very tired and your feet began to hurt terribly. You took a look at your watch and noticed that only three hours had left for your end of work. Rolling your eyes, you pulled yourself together and continued your working.

As always, there were some jerks who tried to hit on you. You experienced such things every time at work. But you didn’t pay much attention, not even defend yourself. You were not the type of girl who socialized a lot. You were different. You rather spend some time alone instead of meeting people or going out. Besides, you barely had friends to hang out with and reject everybody who tried to spend some time with you. The only friend you had was Amanda, your co-worker. She was nice and funny. You could trust her.

Once you gave an old lady her order, a young man at your age stepped in front of you. You gave him slight smile. “What would you like to order?” He stared at the menu behind you, surveying it thoughtfully. Then his green-blue eyes gazed at yours. “What would you recommend?” His question took you off guard. Normally, you never got questions like this. Something told you that he was very different than other people, maybe even more different than you. Your eyes wandered at the black hoodie he was wearing. You always had a thing for hoodies in general. You almost had a collection of different colors of hoodies in your wardrobe. Admittedly, it suited him very well.

“Uhmm.. I would prefer Caramel Macchiato, sir.” You replied politely. His eyes still was fixed on you, which made you feel very uncomfortable. It felt like his eyes would pierce wholes through your body. “Caramel Macchiato it is then.” You wrote down his order as he took a place at the end of the room. You followed every single move he made, so mesmerized by this young man because you knew he was unusual. As he looked back, you instantly tore your eyes away from him and told Amanda to prepare his order so you could give it to him.

A few minutes later, you nervously walked to the young man of whom you did not even know his name. “Here you go!” You mumbled as you lay the cup of Caramel Macchiato on his table. “Thanks.” He said before you walked away with some strange feeling in your stomach.

It was not the only encounter with him. He would used to come every day from now on, always ordering the same drink and sitting at the same spot, while he used to tip something on his laptop. You wondered what he did.

Once in a while, he would stare at you, observing every move you did. You must say, you kind of liked his attention. He was very handsome and the most beautiful man you had ever seen in your life.

“Hey..” You heard someone mumble behind you. As you turned around, you saw him, clothed in his usual black hoodie you fell in love with. Sometimes you wished he would give it to you so you could add it to your collection. “Hey..” You answered. It was Sunday and the store wasn’t as much as full as it used to be. He handed you over some money. “The usual, please.” You nodded and started to prepare his order.

“C-can I have your number?” You almost got and heart attack and nearly dropped the whole macchiato on the floor. What was he asking? Your number?  “No!” You shook your head. How could you give him your number? You didn’t even know that guy. You turned around only to look at his sad facial expression. “What a pity..”  You thought about it. Maybe giving a try?

He wanted to grab the cup in your hand but you pulled it away from him. You sighed, grabbed a marker and noted your number on the plastic cup, which made him smile widely. After he went out of the store, you hoped inwardly not to regret the choice you made. And you didn’t.

Only a few hours later, he called you only to tell you that he wanted to meet you. And since you had no other plans for the week,  you agreed at his offer.

You spent your first “date” in his apartment. His name was Elliot Alderson, a very wonderful name, and he was working for AllSafe. As you suspected, he was pretty different. You found out he suffered from anxiety, depression, paranoia and delusions. Besides, being touched made him feel very uncomfortable but he made an exception when it came to you. He didn’t mind you touching or hugging him, no he felt better.

You always used to play with Flipper, because you loved dogs with your whole being. And Elliot loved watching you when you played with her. You told him about your hoodie collection, that you loved long walks, dark rooms and coffee. That’s why you also worked at Starbucks. The rest of the night you used to cuddle a lot, watching films on Netflix while eating Popcorn.

From that day on, you both were dating each other. He would take you out for long walks as you used to like and sometimes spent the whole night with you awake and surrounded by the dark, talking to you about different stuff. And you grew to love him every single day. He created feelings in you that nobody had before. He may be awkward or unusual but he was interesting too and you loved him.

It was a rainy day as you came back from work, paying Elliot a visit. Actually, you spent every day in his apartment, he even asked you if you’d like to move in with him. You clothes were wet from the rain because you were too silly to take an umbrella with you. All you wanted was taking a nice shower, wearing some of Elliot’s comfy clothes and cuddling with him on the sofa.

He greeted you with an amused smile as he opened the door, giving you soft kiss on your cheek. “Save your silly comments, El!” You warned him and entered the apartment. On your way to the bathroom, you took of your jacket and shoes, Elliot watching you. “I’m taking a shower, babe.” You told him. You were too busy with taking off your clothes so that you not noticed that you hadn’t locked up the door.

And of course, Elliot took the advantage of sneaking into the shower. He was waiting for this moment a long time. As you stepped under the shower and turned off the water, you were greeted with hot warm water, that instantly calmed your tensed muscles. You sighed contently, feeling the exhaustion washing away from your body.

Suddenly, two strong arms were wrapped around your waist and you flinched at the sudden contact. You were almost screaming if there wasn’t Elliot who held his hand over your mouth. “Shh.. baby.. It’s me. “He whispered seductively in your ear. “Elliot! What are you doing here?!” You hissed, as he pulled away his hand. “Wanted to shower with you. What else?” You slightly felt nervous because it was the first time he would ever see you naked. You were very self conscious about your body, and didn’t like it very much. “Elliot, please go out.” You pushed him away but it was useless since he was stronger than you. “No..!” He whined. “I want to shower with you!” You turned to him, looking lightly sad. “Elliot, please. I don’t want you to see me like this.” He stared at you confused. “Like what?”

“My body.” You gulped. “I don’t want to see you my body like this.” He pushed you against his well built chest, stroking your wet hair lovingly. “What’s wrong with your body?” He asked. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, kissing his tender flesh. “I don’t like my body, El. I feel fat.”

“That’s nonsense, (Y/N). You’re not fat. You’re perfect.” You smiled a little bit at his statement. “And besides, I don’t care what you’re look like. You’re beautiful to me. Inside and out.” You pressed your body against his, mumbling an “Thank you,Elliot.” He kissed your forehead. “May I show you how much I love you?” You exhaled nervously, knowing exactly what he meant. It was your first time and he would take your virginity in a bathroom. Not really the way you imagined your first time, but hey it could be very exciting. You nodded your head in determination. “You may..” You softly spoke.

Elliot pushed you carefully against the wall, his lips were pressed against yours, kissing you with hunger and lust. His hands were trailing all over your body, leaving shivers wherever he touched. As he nibbled on your neck, a low moan escaped your lips and you could feel yourself getting wet between your legs. Elliot found your sweet spot with no difficulty, sucked and licked the tender skin.

You wrapped your hands around his body, your nails digging into the skin of his back. He pressed you more against the wall, loving the way you made him feel. You could notice his erection against your stomach, biting your lip. “Jump.” Elliot panted and you did as he ordered, wrapping your legs around his waist. He continued to pleasure your neck until there was nothing more left than hickeys. Although they would be visible at work tomorrow, you could care less. You were too much into this moment and enjoyed Elliot’s amazing mouth on your neck.

One hand wrapped around your waist, his other hand trailed down to your sensitive area, his thumps teasing your clit. You rolled your eyes in pleasure, moaning out his name. “Elliot!” He continued to tease your entrance and later on inserted one finger into you, pumping his finger in a slowly and agonizing way. “Mhmm, Elliot.”

Elliot could get used to the sweet sounds you made because of him. He looked at you in admiration, how you bit your lower lip, trying to muffle your moans and how your eyes fluttered with lust. He couldn’t wait any longer and slowly slid himself into you. His already hard erection was filling you completely, stretching your walls. Deep and low moans escaped your lips and after Elliot gave you time to adjust to his size, he began to move. First very gentle and carful, later wild and passionate.

“(Y/N)!” Elliot groaned, pressing your foreheads together, losing himself in this intimate moment. Thrusting harder, he hit one spot you craved for the whole time, making you yelp. He kept thrusting  that spot, making you see the stars. Slowly, you felt something build up in your stomach and knew that your high was approaching. “I-I’m going t-to cum, El!” You panted. Elliot nodded his head. “I’m c-close too..”

You buried your face again in the crook of his neck, feeling your high coming closer and closer. Suddenly your walls clenched around Elliot’s member and you arched your back, screaming his name. Elliot rode you through your orgasm and after his thrust became sloppy, he came himself. You were on birth control, so you didn’t mind him releasing into you. You both took a moment to calm down from your highs. Elliot pecked your lips, sliding out of you. “I love you, (Y/N). It was beautiful.”

“I love you, too Elliot.” You responded. “And yeah, I agree with you. It was beyond beautiful.” You washed each other before you stepped out of the shower. From now you were definitely a fan of bathroom sex.

Cute Moments // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: You do aegyo for the first time for Jay and he completely loses his mind over how adorable you are - requested by @13my-imaginary-world13

A/N: I lowkey live for fluffy Jay Park OH MY GOD

Sleeping over at Jay’s house had since become a regular occurrence since you had both started officially dating after many months of keeping things on the down-low for the sake of both of your careers. But now that everything was out in the open, you could come and go as little or a much as you liked – however you always chose the latter. No matter how busy you both got, Jay knew he could always rely on you already being in his bed late at night for him to crawl in beside so he could wrap his arms around you, snuggling up to and falling asleep with you.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. Both you and Jay had decided against going out together and doing something fun in the city and instead opted for a duvet day underneath a tonne of blankets on his plush sofa, right in front of his huge T.V as you both watched random shows on Netflix – mostly Jay picking out lame chick flicks for you both to watch and poke fun at.

After the third round of popcorn and gummy bears had been devoured, and the next cheesy rom-com being chosen by your lovely boyfriend, you nestled yourself in between his legs – resting your back against his firm chest as his arms tightly encased you while he gave you small, chaste kisses along your neckline.

“Jaaaaaay~ Stoooooop” you whined cutely, trying to pay attention to the movie before you felt Jay pout his lips against your nape in distaste behind you. You let a small chuckle pass your lips as you could feel his playful annoyance radiate from his body, turning yourself around to face him, straddling him as you did so.

“You’re so mean baby~ you won’t even let me give you my little kisses” he tiled his head as he continued to pout – talking in a cute baby type voice that made you giggle to no end.

“Oh my god, if only Simon and Gray could see you now~ I love that you only really do aegyo for me though” you nuzzled your nose against his, adoring the cute, boyish smile that took place on his soft, attractive features as he raised his hands, pressing them flush against your cheeks and squeezing them together.

“Yeah, but you’ve never even done aegyo for me once…not even before we started dating” he scoffed, moving your cheeks in all directions despite your protests for him to desist.

“Buh – I thot you din reary rike aegyo” you attempted to utter while he continued to puff your cheeks up, completely dying of laughter and gasping for air at the sounds that were coming out of your mouth and the look of your cheeks all squished together.

“Sorry baby – I can’t hear a word you’re saying , you’ll have to speak louder!” he almost doubled over, feeling tears of laughter beginning to fall from his eyes at how funny and adorable you looked, taking his hands away from your face to finally let you speak.

You cleared your throat as you shot him daggers “I SAID – I thought you didn’t really like aegyo…I didn’t know you wanted to see me do it for you?” you poked him in the middle of his chest before he caught you by your index finger and sticking it in his mouth and playfully biting on it – making you squeal and giggle in delight at how goofy he was acting in that moment.

“I don’t really…but I’m not gonna deny that I’ve thought about how fucking cute you would look and sound doing aegyo…calling me oppa and asking me to give you a kiss goodnight~” he bit his lip slightly before trying to hide his embarrassed smile – all the while you widened your eyes. “My boyfriend, big scary tattooed rapper guy…is being all soft and completely losing his shit over aegyo….” you internally died as he looked at you with his puppy dog eyes that he knew could get you to do absolutely anything for him – and he was so right.

You rolled your own eyes back at him “You want me to ask you for a kiss goodnight?” you whined before he nodded quickly, bouncing you up and down on his knees as he impatiently waited for you to grant his wish.

You sighed, putting your hands up to your cheeks and cupping them as you looked into his eyes, wiggling your butt before you said “Oppa…can you give me a kiss goodnight? I can’t sleep without it” as you pursed your lips together and watched nothing less than complete glee spread across your boyfriends stupid face.

“AHHHHHHH!” he squealed, shoving his face into the crook of your neck as both of his cheeks burned a bright, ruby red. You burst out laughing, not being able to deny how much you loved to see him become so rosy cheeked and shy, thanks to you. You pulled his head back, ruffling his bed-head hair, now taking your opportunity to grab his cheeks with both of your hands and squishing his face together.

“Man, I wish I could have recorded that…you shoulda seen your face!”

“Do it again and I might consider letting you” he chuckled, smiling at you before he kissed you softly, pulling you further up his lap. You could feel him smiling through the kiss – making you smile uncontrollably in turn as you leaned back, giving him one final kiss on his forehead before turning around to face the T.V again, enjoying the precious free time you had to spend with your boyfriend for the rest of the day.

Where is the truth? Part Two

Lin x Reader, Daveed x Reader

Part One Part Two

Word Count: 1,769

Warnings: angst

A/N: It’s fluffy at the end, so I hope you’ll enjoy it. But it’s not the end of the story yet, there will be more Lin in the next part. And I tagged everyone who left comments. 

Tags: @ joesugg-casperlee-5sos @ umyas @ hamilton–trassh @ hadahe1ada @ just-a-random-fandom-24 @ winchestergirl907 @ shenellah @ congratsonhamlet @ beandenjoy @ fam-just-no 

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MONSTA X And Chill Dates They Take You On


You and Shownu would choose a bunch of movies on Netflix and have a fun movie night in! You’d both load up on popcorn and sweets and settle in for a bunch of action and comedy movies.

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You and Wonho would stop by the coffee shop next to the park before you’d both casually stroll around, looking at the flowers and taking pretty photos together. It’d be a nice, quiet morning for the both of you and very refreshing.

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Minhyuk would surprise you at your place one evening, He’d grab out his notebook while you two were watching TV and begin to sketch you, which you never realised he was doing until he showed you the finished drawing.

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Kihyun would drag you down to the small supermarket down the road from your place and get you to help him choose ingredients to buy. You’d then go back to your place where he’d cook up your favourite dish for you.

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When Hyungwon is free, he’d barge into your apartment, grab your hand forcefully and lead you to the bedroom……. to cuddle all day with you. You two would just lie in bed all day and talk. lmao I almost got you all

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Jooheon would decide to drag you down to Starship, and take you to the room where he worked on his music. He would spend all afternoon making you listen to little bits and pieces and asking for your opinion on them.

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Changkyun meet you at a little cafe near the Starship building after he had finished practice. He’d treat you to little cakes and cups of coffee while the two of you just sat down and talked about anything and everything.

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Did we? - Joe Sugg Imagine

~ Please send me requests on what to do next, thanks xx

Word Count: 1,365

Your eyes fluttered open as the bright morning sunlight shines through your window. A groan escaped your lips and you automatically flopped your hand onto your small table beside your bed, feeling for your phone. You felt the cold on your hand and winced as you looked at your screen.


You sighed loudly. Last night, was one your best friends birthday and they decided they would throw a extravagant party. Needless to say you had way too much to drink. You had come back to your apartment that you shared with your other friends, Joe and Caspar.

Your head pounded as you try to turn over in your bed. You tried to pull the blanket over the top of you but a heavy weight was stopping you. Suddenly that weight moved and you felt warm breath on your shoulder. Your eyes shot open and you froze. You had so many questions running through your head, most of them running along the lines of who the hell was in your bed?

You slowly turned your head to see a sleeping Joe. Shock filled you as you stared at him, he slowly opened his eyes, locking onto yours. As soon as his eyes opened you both just started at each other wide eyed before you both jumped.

“AHH” screams left the both of you as you flew to either sides of the room. You looked at Joe in nothing but his black boxer briefs.

“By any chance, did we?” he asked, obviously alluding to the fact that you guys may have have ‘done it’ last night.

“I have no clue” You looked around the room, the dress that you had warn last night and heels were scattered along the length of the floor along with Joe’s shirt and jeans. You quickly looked down at your body and grabbed your blanket to cover your body that was only covered by your lacy underwear. You pulled it up to your chest and stared back at Joe.

“Oh no we did, didn’t we!” Joe half cried his face scrunching together.

You had been best friends with Joe for a few while before he became famous on YouTube. He had introduced you to Caspar and later the rest of the boys. The fact that you had slept with your best friend of  made you feel really bad as you didn’t want to ruin anything.

“This is bad, this is really bad” You said pacing around the room, looking around thinking of what to do next. “All we need to do is keep it low profile, no one can know”

“Agreed” Joe said, you couldn’t help but look at his body. You would be lying to yourself if you didn’t think he was attractive.

“Wait” he said, bringing you back down to earth. “What about brunch?” he asked.

“Shit” you sighed. You had forgot about that, Caspar had booked all of your group of friends for this brunch today at 12:30. “I need to have a shower” you dropped the blanket and rushed to the bathroom in your shared apartment.


“Okay, so you go in first” Joe said as you walked down the road towards where the boys where already waiting. “I’ll come in about 10 minutes, got it?”

“Okay right, I got it” You paused, trying to compose yourself. You turned and looked towards the doors of the cafe. 

“Don’t be weird, everything is as normal as can be” you whispered to no no one in particular, trying to cure your nerves. You looked down and caught a look at Joe’s feet, The normal white socks that peeped over his shoes were replaced by familiar blue ones.

“Are…are you wearing my socks?” you asked, trying to hid your giggle. “I couldn’t find mine” he said, making you laugh. 

“Well, I better go” you said and left him standing there with a look in his eyes that you’ve never seen before.


“Where in the world have you been?” asked Caspar you sat down next to him.

“Oh i… um…” You tried to think of something, but not a good enough excuse was coming to mind.

“You’re never normally this late” said Oli, taking a sip of what you are assuming is tea.

“Also…where’s Joe?” asked Connor. “He’s never late”

“Joe?” you asked trying to act cool. “Joe…i haven’t seen him since-“

“Hello guys” Joe’s voice came from behind you. The boys greeted him as he sat down. “Sorry, my Uber driver was late, you know how Uber drivers are” he blurted. “With their cars….and…there driving…..and stuff” he scratched his head and looked down at his feet.

“Well thanks both of you for being so late because we are all really hungry” said Jack as the boys nodded with agreement .

Once the food came you all tucked in. You had just put a bit of toast in your mouth when Caspar spoke.

“So what did you guys all get up to after the party without me, because i didn’t come home last night?” he asked chewing on some bacon.

You and Joe both ‘uuuummmm’ed until Connor spoke up saving you both.

“Well i watched this great film on Netflix” he said taking a sip of the coffee in his hand. You did the same and waited for him to carry on. You took a sip just as she spoke “it was called Just Friends”

Your hand flew to your mouth to catch the coffee which had shot out of your mouth as Joe tried to keep in his laugh.

“It wasnt really my genre of movie but  my drunk self enjoyed it” he said trying to hold back a laugh. The boys carried on talking as you and Joe ate in silence.

“So, what did you two do last night?” asked Mickey.

“I was…alone…playing video games…FIFA….i played FIFA” Joe said not making eye contact with anyone.

“and i was in my room…also by myself…watching a film….alone…on my own…without anyone else…” there was an awkward pause before Caspar started talking again.You ate everything on you plate but you couldn’t stick around.

“I have to go" you said standing up and reaching into your pocket for some money. “Ill see you guys later, yeah?” you heard mummers of goodbye as you left.

“Sorry for being late guys” you said jogging towards your friends who were standing outside of the bar. you guys caught up every week to get drinks although you couldn’t always make it because of your job, but you tried.

“Wait” Caspar said. You turned around to look at him. he smiled at the rest of the boys then looked at you and Joe. “You guys didn’t sleep together last night”

“Wait what are you talking about” you said, confused on how he knew.

“I left my phone at home before heading of to josh’s and i let myself in, you where already asleep and Joe was watching TV. He told me he was going to sleep and i put him to bed”

“So we didn’t sleep together?” Joe asked.

“Nope” Josh laughed.

“Yes” you both jumped up and down with relief and hugged each, but you couldn’t help but feel a slight tinge of disappointment deep down.

You made your way into the bar, you stayed away from the alcohol and stuck with an juice. You sat down and watched your friends laughing with each other. You saw Joe walking over to you and you smiled as he sat down next to you. there was a silence before he spoke.

“It wouldn’t have that bad if we did sleep together, would it?” he asked not looking at you.

“No, of course not” you said looking in the same direction.

“I can’t deny i haven’t thought about it” he said as you felt your cheeks grow with a warm blush.

“I mean, we have known each other for ever, Sometimes the mind wonders” 

“I have to agree with you there Joe” you laughed, it felt good finally being honest.

There was another silence. “So, hypothetically speaking…if i asked you out on a date, what would you say?” he looked at you.

“well hypothetically” you teased. “i would say yes”

Not Netflix and Chill - Suho

Junmyeon x reader
word count: 731
genre: fluff
warning: none
author: sammy

Summary: Junmyeon want to spend some time with you after a while, but you want to watch netflix.

A/N: This scenario was inspired by Maari’s question “what netflix and chill means” thank you bro 

“Sorry, gotta practice. Can we do this another time?”

It’s the third time Junmyeon cancel your date because he “gotta practice”. You’ve been so long without seeing him that you don’t even know what’s his hair color anymore. The last time was pink? Ugh.

So you learned to enjoy your alone time. After work you take a shower and goes directly to your couch to watch some Netflix. It’s been like this for what? A month? Your currently favorite show is Black Mirror. Now you couldn’t wait to go home and watch some episodes before going to bed. But something got your attention when you entered home. An extra pair of shoes at your door.

“Babe? Is that you?” you heard from the kitchen. Oh right, you had a boyfriend.

“Junmyeon?” you walked into the kitchen which smelled marvelous. Junmyeon has there, putting some plates on the table. “Red then…” you said to yourself when you set your eyes on his hair color.

“You liked it?” he asked approaching you and kissing your cheek.

“Pink was better. You cooked for us?” you ask trying to guess what food that smell belonged to.

“Actually I bought on the way here” he smiled “Do you want to take a shower before dinner?”

“Yes! I’ll be right back” you kissed him one more time before ahead to the bathroom.

After a month without seeing each other you knew exactly what Junmyeon’s plans for tonight were. And you were not in the mood for that.

“Hey, can we eat on the couch? There’s this show that I really want to watch” you said after leaving the bedroom on your pajamas.

“Sure. What show is this?” he said picking up the plates full of Mexican food.

“Black Mirror. Each episode tells a different story so you can watch with me and not getting lost, you’ll like it”  you said excited.

“Hm, okay. Netflix and chill it is”

‘Not Netflix and Chill’ you thought to yourself.

Halfway through the episode both of you had already eat, and now you rested your head at Junmyeon’s shoulder. You had almost though that he wouldn’t try anything.


A playful hand rested on your thigh began to move up and down. His thumb caressed your inner thigh. “You know,” he whispered “I missed you. Sorry about not having too much time”.

You mumbled an “it’s fine”.

“Haven’t you missed me?” he asked with a pout.

“Of course I did” you said without taking your eyes off the tv.

“Then, why don’t we make it up for the lost time?” he whispered, this time closer to your ear. If the episode weren’t that interesting  you would probably shivered. But it’s Black Mirror we are talking about.

You grabbed the control and paused it.

“Junmyeon. Hand,” you placed his right hand at his chest “Hand. Junmyeon. Have fun” and you tapped his shoulder before pressing play on the episode.

“Y/n~” he whined.

“You waited a month. You can wait a little bit more” you said, from the corner of your eye you saw him shocked, and then he got up and you actually thought he was going to have fun alone, but he headed to the kitchen.

After some minutes he came back and laid his head on your lap.

“You’re mad at me” he said, not asking. You didn’t answered. “I’m sorry for not giving you attention. I’ll watch all the episodes you want until you’re no longer mad at me. I’m yours the hole night” you smiled to yourself knowing that you had your boyfriend in your hands. He picked your hand and placed it at this hair, he loved how you touched his hair. And you love touching his hair. At the begging of the second episode you knew he had fallen asleep. You curved and placed a kiss at his temple, caressing his forehead. After some time, you had fallen asleep as well, because you didn’t want to awake Junmyeon. He awoke a feel minutes later, turned off the tv and picked you up going to your bedroom, when he placed you at the bed you unconsciously took the fluff pillow you had used to hug at the nights when Junmyeon wasn’t there.

“No need to this, babe. I’m here” he removed the pillow from your arms replacing it for himself and kissing your forehead.


Do you think you could do an imagine where Harrys girlfriend sleep deprived and grumpy and he just wants to be all lovely dovey and cuddly and she’s stressed from finals ao he cuddles her?


You never popped as many painkillers as you did during finals week.

Your head was in a constant state of pain from staring at computer screens and textbooks all day. The words would swim in front of your eyes after eight hours of study and the rigid library chairs made your back ache. You couldn’t remember a night that you got home before 10pm or a morning that you slept in past 6. You were tired all the time and forgot to eat most days. It wasn’t healthy and it was starting to wear on you; Harry could see it and he didn’t like it.

As much as he tried to calm you down and get you to relax for just a few minutes, you always insisted that you had way too much to do and you would get annoyed at him for bothering you.

You were determined and you were set in your ways. You had worked hard all year and you wanted your final marks to reflect that.

You managed to get through finals with relative ease but getting back into a normal routine after the fact was a lot more difficult than you had anticipated. For weeks, your sleep schedule had been thrown off and your eating habits had been less-than-stellar. The first night you were actually home in time to get a good night’s sleep, you found yourself tossing and turning for hours before finally giving up and spending the rest of the night on the couch watching terrible infomercials and devouring a bag of chips.

When Harry woke up and came downstairs the next morning, that was how he found you and it made his heart hurt. He knew that you were tired and you needed to get back into your normal routines and he wished, more than anything, that he could somehow help you do that.

“Mornin’,” he yawned, shuffling past the couch on his way to the kitchen.

“Mmm,” you mumbled, not taking your eyes off of the TV.

“Did you sleep at all?”

“Does it look like I slept at all?”

Your response was curt but Harry didn’t take it personally. The one thing he had learned about you over the years was that you needed your sleep. If you didn’t get a decent amount of sleep, Harry kept his distance.

“Want some breakfast?”

“No, I’m good. I’ve had enough calories in this bag of chips that I think I’m probably alright.”

“Chips are not a good breakfast, love.”

“It’s okay, I’ll probably die of diabetes or something soon anyway so what does it matter?”

That was the last straw for Harry. He could handle you being grumpy and distant but he absolutely drew the line at serious self-deprecation. You didn’t get that way very often so, when you did, he knew that it was time to intervene.

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