you and neru

Did you know there are 2 type of sleep in Japanese words?

For sleeping as in “go to bed/lying down to take a nap”, it is 寝る (Neru). And the opposite is 起きる (Okiru), which means to get up from the lie down posture).

For sleeping as in “you’re in train/classroom and fell asleep” (not necessarily lying down), it is 眠る (Nemuru). So to wake up someone who’s sleeping on a train, you will need to use 目覚める (Mezameru), which means to open their eyes and be sober.

The key here is in the posture! :D But sometimes they are also interchangeable. One thing to note though, when you’re talking about “What time do you go to sleep at night?” or anything similar, you always use 寝る (Neru).


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Neru [9:29 AM]:  Motherfucking Jesse Eisenberg Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfuckin Facebook movie bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit

Haku [9:31 AM]:  I have no idea what we’re talking about right now.

Neru [10:12 AM]:  God damn created Facebook then fucking lawyers and shit right fucking Winklevoss twins god damn rowing the boat fuck yo shit I can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Jesse Eisenberg man

Haku [10:13 AM]:  Neru, you’re scaring me.

Neru [11:18 AM]: Motherfucking Spider-man Spiderman you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking built shit with this bare hands fucking best friend shit Jesse Eisenberg

Neru [11:19 AM]:  I’m very tired

Haku [11:20 AM]:  No problem, man. I’ll…I’ll do most of the singing at the recording session today.

Neru [11:20 AM]:  No man I’ll just sing about the Facebook movie all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Facebook movie fuck dude I just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Jesse Eisenberg man he fucked over Spider-man crazy Winklevoss twins rowing Trent Resin or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Facebook I don’t like dying I can’t think of who the fuck invented Facebook All I can think is who played the guy who invented Facebook who the fuck invented Facebook


butterscotch-draws  asked:

Whose voice/design do you prefer? Haku's or Neru's?

i dont think i’ve ever really made it super clear but now it iS TIME 

my favourite fanloid ever since the very beginning has always n forever will b haku in terms of design/concept/voice HEHEHE

i especially like her voice when it’s in the lower registers and even if the song turns out crap it’s like supposed to be bc she’s a failure and that’s #relatable

also tiddies


I will sum up the basic canon story for you.

Rin: I’m moraly complex

Len: I’m her twin but only five people in the whole world know it.

Meiko: I have no need for romance because i have my daddy Leon and my foster brother Len.

Len: *kills Leon*


Miku: (insert little mermaid joke)

Gumi: chill the fuck out big sis.

Luka: Hey tree man, Can i borrow your kids?

Tree(mikuo?): take them.

Miku: Thank you daddy!

Haku: Hi Miku, everyone hates me.

Miku: But you are amazing, let’s run away together.

Haku: Ok

*skipping away into the sunset*

Kaito: I love you, Miku. Do you love me?

Miku: No, I’m a lesbian, sorry.

Kaito: Are you straight now?

Miku: No

Kaito: Now?

Miku: No.

Kaito: Now?

Miku: No!

Kaito: Now?


Haku: I love you Miku

Miku: I love you too!


Miku: is that you Len?

Neru: No, Psyco Neru! *goes stabby stab*

Len: Miku I love you!

Miku: So sorry. *dies*


*storms the castle*

Len: Rin,can we switch clothes?

Rin: Sure.

Len: Ok i’ll go and die for you now.

Meiko: Len?

Len: Fuck

Kaito: let’s kill him anyway.

Len:*gets beheaded*

Gumi: Here are the remains of my sister Haku. Take care of them.

Haku: OK, random?

Miku:*poofs up from the remains* Hi Haku, I’m a Spirit and I’m now succeding my father the god of judgment and the earth. Cool huh?

Haku: I kinda always knew.

*gasp* another passed out girl!

Rin: Hi I’m totaly not the daughter of evil who killed the woman you loved.

Haku: Little sister!

Rin:*believing she’s alone* I’m sorry i killed everyone i killed.

Haku: OMFG you lied! *pulls out knife*.


Len:*poofs up* Haku, that’s satan. Don’t kill my sister, please.

Haku: OK

Satan: Curses!

5 years pass and there are a whole lot of twists i’m going to spoil because fuck you. The villian is actually Kaito’s mom Prima who plans to rule every country because she didn’t like Rin and Len’s mom much.