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I saw that you reblogged a post about Anne of green gables. Have you watched Anne with an E?

Finally something Relevant to my interests. 

ily for sending me this i have an Obsession with Anne and just :DDDD

Yo I was literally so fucking excited that Netflix was making a show about this book series that was basically my harry potter and it was on my birthday as well so I was like yay bday present from Netflix!!

I couldn’t make it through the first episode lmao, I guess I was overanalyzing it because the series is so personal to me but the little girl playing Anne was very predictable and kind of annoying. Marilla and Mrs. Rachel Lynde didn’t seem like Marilla and Mrs. Rachel Lynde, they seemed like 2 old women paid to spout lines from the book. Mathew’s shy and quiet nature is portrayed more as being dumb and clueless rather than the angel he is. And generally, I would definitely make improvements to it. That moment where Anne stares at the pretty white birch tree should have been animated more so we see it from Anne’s point of view and how her imagination is a wild thing. Blech honestly

I’ll do a full review of it once I watch an entire episode, and it’ll be up on my blog soon :D

when Kai helps Chanyeol be thug
  • Chanyeol: kai. i need your help
  • Kai: what do u want
  • Chanyeol: be honest... am i thug
  • Kai: um...
  • Chanyeol: I am, right?
  • Kai: well-
  • Chanyeol: *big laugh* OHH KAI YOU'RE SO CUTE
  • Kai: you're not very thug when you talk like that
  • Chanyeol: *pouts*
  • Kai: why do you want to be thug anyway?
  • Chanyeol: I'm EXO's rapper. I can't have other idols disrespecting me because of my street cred
  • Kai: what street cred
  • Chanyeol: exactly
  • Kai: what do you need me for?
  • Chanyeol: I need you to become my hoe
  • Kai: whaT
  • Chanyeol: every rapper always has a lot of girls around them! how can i be thug when i dont even have a hoe
  • Kai: i will not be your hoe...but I will help you become a thug. First, you need to take that bandana off of your neck. you're trying too hard
  • Chanyeol: no no, they hide my hickeys
  • Kai:
  • Chanyeol: *leans in to whisper* i don't really have hickeys. i just want people to think i do
  • Kai: why would that help you
  • Chanyeol: i need people to think i have bitches left and right
  • Kai: you don't. the only girl you hang out with is your sister
  • Chanyeol: *pouts again* kai, do i bother you :(((
  • Kai: thugs don't use aegyo
  • Chanyeol: well then how do they get hoes in the first place
  • Kai: it's the glare in their eye. the look that tells people- they're a bad boy. the look that makes you wonder...will they strangle me? or will we make sweet love
  • Chanyeol: why do you sound like you know a lot about this
  • Kai: i read a lot of fanfiction
  • Chanyeol: about me? :DDDD
  • Kai: no. about kyungsoo

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I found this girl on Instagram who traced your female Loki artwork, and she did not even bother crediting you. What do we fans do? :( It's kinda unfair to see her eat off of your hard work.

DDDD: aaww man. thanks for telling me kind anon! if you can give me the link to her instagram i’ll see if i can confront her about it.

Just FYI for those who aren’t aware though, here is what to do if you see someone repost/trace other artists’ work without credit:
-Inform them nicely that it’s not cool to do that and ask them to take it down or add credit, because some people are simply not aware of internet art sharing etiquette.
-Most of the time they’ll understand but sometimes people are really resistant and unreasonable in which case you could find some way to report their nefarious art thievery (you can do it on tumblr but I’m not sure about other places like instagram). You could also spread the word not to follow/support/reblog from them.
-I mean beyond that some people just can’t be changed, so it’s better not to get too invested if that happens. Just make sure in general you reblog/like/whatever from the original artist and not from reposts or traces, and tell your friends to do that too.

ALSO every artist has different limits on what you can do with their art, like I know a lot of pixiv artists don’t want their stuff posted anywhere other than pixiv, so please respect each artist’s boundaries.

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Thought the whole day I met many people that I looked up to, big specially I met you I got there late and this man gave me his little ticket to meet you. The girl that was before me was blind and you literally were so nice and caring for her and me too. I got to hug you and chat with you for a little while, you were extremely nice and hope I get the chance to see you again sometime soon.