you and me both dylan

imagine for @loverofsuggs

you and dylan are literally relationship goals and you keep getting made examples of by everyone!

you lay on your sofa with your boyfriend Dylan, something you had little time to do these days. recently you had been away from each other and this one of the first opportunities you had to be together for weeks. the blue tv screen dimly lit up the room and your faces. Tyler, Holland and Shelly all sat around you. you smiled at all of your friends and up at your perfect boyfriend. you laced your fingers in his, he squeezed your hand and smiled down at you.

“hey look what i found” said Tyler sitting up in his seat.

“what is it?”asked Shelly.

“a whole Buzzfeed article dedicated to showing the world how Dylan and (y/n) are relationship goals”he laughed.

you and Dylan looked at each other confused and you both sat up.

“let me see that” said Dylan leaning over and taking the phone from Tyler.

“this is great”laughed Holland sipping the wine in her hand. you laughed and looked at the phone in Dylans hand.

for sure this whole blog was dedicated to you and Dylan. you thought it was adorable.

“oh my god”you laughed falling back on the couch.

“you guys are though”said Shelly.

“we are what?”you asked.

“relationship goals” she answered. you looked at her confused.

“you are. you guys are the best” Holland joined in.

“well we already know that” Dylan joked kissing you on the cheek.

“yeh, you guys are share everything, you help each other through stuff, you support anything each other is doing i wish all relationships were like that” Tyler said.

“its weird”you said as you placed down the plate you had in your hand on the kitchen side.

“whats weird babe?”Dylan asked wrapping his arms around your waist pulling your back into him.

“that people analyse our relationship”you laughed, you thought it was cute that people thought your relationship was successful, which it was but you had never thought of it in the way that they had, it was just a natural thing for you two.

“yeh it is a bit, but it cute”he laughed, his voice rumbling in your ears.

“it is”you said as you turned around in his arms to face him.

he leaned in and kissed you softly, you breathed in his sent and sunk into the familiar and comfortable arms. he pulled away after a few seconds.

“see, relationship goals” he said smiling.