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Not Strangers Anymore

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A/N: Dylan O’Brien literally invented being cute!! I am still working on my Dylan NYSM AU and thought I would try a new person as an apology for the chapter taking so long.

Warning: fingering, making out (Is that even a warning?)

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So, I was feeling a little upset and decided to watch some Dylan videos (since he always makes me feel better) when I came across this.

This man is honestly amazing. I’ve seen a few of these videos before, but he will never cease to impress me with the things he says and does. He’s so effortlessly inspiring and the way he speaks about different topics just makes me respect him even more.

He’ll never see this, but thank you Dylan for coming out of your comfort zone, not only when speaking at events like these but also acting in general. The things you do give me the motivation and strength that I need to help me get through my day, and I can’t explain the impact that has had on my life over the past few years. Your kindness, generosity and humbleness are only a few of your best traits, amongst a long list of many others.

It’s 2am and I’m getting too emotional now, but I feel the need to point out that everyone should strive to be as down to earth as this man is, and that even though he has gone through hell and back after this event, he still possesses those same qualities today.

If anyone is feeling down or just needs a boost of motivation, I highly recommend watching this. ❤️❤️


Requested: @spidermanpiederman 

Pairing: jealous!tom x reader 

“Babe, I promise you I’m flying out tonight so I’ll be home tomorrow and I’ll definitely make it to the show. I’m bringing Harrison so he can get with that costar of yours.” Tom said trying to reassure his girlfriend. “You know I wouldn’t miss this for the world, right?”

This was (Y/N) first ever big broadway show; she felt she had the right to worry if her boyfriend was going to go to her first big show. Tom knew how much this meant to her even when she didn’t express her excitement all that often.

“So did you ever tell Tom that you had to kiss Dylan?” Her costar asked her after their rehearsals. “Oh god no, I’m kind of afraid to.” (Y/N) admitted to her friend. “I just don’t want him to feel bad or anything, ya know?” She knew her boyfriend and Tom wasn’t the type to show his feelings; especially when he is insecure. “Well when he comes to the show on Friday, how do you think he’s going to feel seeing you kissing Dylan?” Now this had opened (Y/N)’s eyes; she knew keeping this secret from Tom was going to hurt him so she had to tell him as soon as he got back home.

“(Y/N), are you okay? You’ve been zoning out ever since I came back. What’s on your mind?” Tom was a lovely boyfriend; he always made sure to put (Y/N) feelings and wants before his own. So of course he was going to worry about her especially around the time that causes her so much anxiety. “Is it because the show is around the corner? I hope you know that you will kill it, baby.” He was rubbing the back of her hand gently with his thumb; trying to soothe her.

“I have to tell you something; please don’t get upset.” She was trying to calm him down even before she confessed what was going to happen. “What is it? You’re scaring me, darling.” He laughed nervously.

“Well, I kind of have to kiss my costar Dylan..” (Y/N) quietly admitted to Tom. His small smile had faded away and (Y/N) heart had broke a little; she has never seen Tom look so upset. He was quiet and that is what was terrifying (Y/N); he’s never been that quiet and not even when he was mad at her. Tom would’ve stayed and fought but he just didn’t know what to say to her; his girlfriend was going to have to kiss some asshole.  Well he wasn’t really an asshole Tom thought; he was just an asshole for having to kiss his girlfriend. 

“Tom, please say something. I need you to say something,” she desperately begged him. “I don’t know what you want me to say to you (Y/N). Do you want me to be happy that MY girlfriend will be kissing some asshole?” Tom was getting upset and his voice was gradually getting louder and louder.  “If I knew you were going to be kissing some asshole; I wouldn’t have bothered coming home.” That little statement had broke (Y/N)’s heart and she was pissed now, “Tom you’re such a fucking hypocrite. I just sat around watching you kiss Laura for Spider man and I never said a word. I sucked it up and I knew it was for your role, why can’t you do that instead of being a jealous dick?” By the end of her little rant, (Y/N) was fuming with anger. She began to pack her bag to spend a night at a friend’s house. “Come watch the show when you’re not being a jealous prick.” She yelled and slammed their front door.  

Tom knew he messed up but he was too angry to realize. He called up Harrison trying to tell him the situation but he only ended up getting yelled at by him. “Are you bloody stupid? She’s not kissing this guy because she wants too. She’s doing it for the role.” 

Tom knew he messed up but he was too angry to realize. He called up Harrison trying to tell him the situation but he only ended up getting yelled at by him. “Are you bloody stupid? She’s not kissing this guy because she wants too. She’s doing it for the role.”  He ended up hanging up on Harrison because he didn’t need anyone else to yell at him; (Y/N) already did all that. 

He had to fix his mistake and he knew he had to go to the show and watch her perform. Tom was going to have to suck up his own pride to please (Y/N). Even when she was mad at him, he knew how important this night would be for her. 

On the opening night;  he made sure to bring Harrison, roses, and a teddy bear the size of him. Tom bought tickets right in center stage so (Y/N was able to see them. He knew she was going to still hate him but he wanted to support her. Whenever she had walked out, he made sure to be the loudest one in the auditorium. He even caught her eye every once in awhile.

The show was about to end and he saw her walking out with Dylan and his jaw tensed and his nails were digging into his palm. While (Y/N)’s arm was around Dylan’s she used the other hand to blow a kiss to Tom; in which he gladly caught in his hand.

Harrison nudged his arm; “see, you had nothing to worry about. You were just being a jealous dick to her. She really loves you and same for you.”

(Y/N) opened up the door with the widest smile, “I knew you weren’t always going to be a jealous asshole.” She wrapped her arms around him and he gave her the biggest kiss on her forehead. “I missed you too much, and I am honestly so sorry for the way I overreacted.” He was rambling but (Y/N) just shut him up with another kiss.

“Well, come with me. I have to introduce you to Dylan.” She dragged Tom around the chaos of people that were backstage, Harrison closely following behind.

“Tom and Harrison, meet Dylan. Dylan, meet Tom and Harrison.” The three all shook each other’s hands.

“Oh, meet my boyfriend Alex guys.” Dylan introduced Tom and Harrison to him. Tom was in absolute shock; he got upset for no reason. He whispered in (Y/N)’s ear, “why didn’t you ever tell me Dylan was gay?” She never replied; Harrison and her both had went into a laughing frenzy. 


a/n: hiiiii hope u enjoyed this :))) thank u for 1k !!! 

Hands (Dylan Klebold Imagine)

Prompt:  Can you please do a dylan x reader where they get drunk af together and the reader gets handsy and they end up fucking and he loses it to her

Warning: Smut

“I’m telling you Y/N, you’d have much more fun hanging with me and Dylan this weekend instead of going to Nate’s party” Eric, your friend of almost six years boasted. The three of you were walking to your cars, and you were trying to decide whether to go to Nate’s party or Dylan’s house for a small hangout with your two favorite boys. You looked over at Eric, who was giving you his fake puppy eyes, and then looked up to Dylan who was just smiling, keeping his eyes forward.

How could you turn this down? 

“Alright alright… Dyl, I’ll be at your house ‘round 6, how does that sound?” You asked your other best friend, whose eyes you couldn’t see because of his black glasses. “Sounds good, parents are leaving at 5:30″ He reassured us. Me and Eric both nodded, and prepared to say our goodbyes. you reached up and gave Dylan my best attempt at a bear hug, but being a whole foot shorter than him made it quite hard. He smiled and picked me up slightly to help, before placing me back down and waving goodbye as he got in his car.

As you waved back and went to your car, I felt Eric grab my arm “Ow ow ow!” You shrieked. Eric rolled his eyes “Y/N what are you doing?” He asked. You furrowed your eyebrows in a look of confusion. “What am I doing? You’re the maniac that almost gave me an indian burn” You teased, rubbing your arm.

“You know what I mean. You know Dylan likes you, are you trying to give him blue balls?” Eric said blatantly, but all you could do in response was roll your eyes. “No Eric I don’t know that Dylan likes me, it’s your word against 9 years of friendship, and he never once even hinted at liking me” You informed him before opening your car door. “I’ll see you at 6pm, Eric” You reminded him before climbing in to your black Honda. Eric gave you a fake overhappy smile and waved as you pulled out of your parking space and headed towards home.


You had decided that that it was early enough still to not just come in your pajamas, and instead had changed into some majorly ripped denim jeans with large-holed fishnets underneath, and a Smashing Pumpkins shirt, tucked into your pants. You packed your bag, putting a bottle of vodka and a bottle of daniels at the bottom. 

Eric promised me this would be more fun, and I’m gonna make sure it is.

You left your house at 5:50, and arrived at Dylan’s at 6:05. He always left the door unlocked when you three had sleepovers so you went right in, Eric had beat you here and the two were arguing in the kitchen of Mallory Knox vs Uma Thurman. A debate you didn’t want to get into.

“Will you boys please pay more attention to the most superior girl aka me” You chimed in, making them both look at you, Dylan got a little pink on his cheeks when he realized you had heard them.

“Hey! what’d you bring Y/N?” Eric asked semi-jogging over to you, playing hitting your bag. You rolled your eyes and put your bag on the table, pulling out the two bottles of alcohol. You turned to smile at Dylan, “You got the stuff to make screwdrivers Dyl?” 

“Sure do, Y/N”

You couldn’t help but smile at your best friend, sunshine boy really did fit him to a T. 

The night started slow, watching a movie, then simple drinking games (Take a shot every time Eric curses) and then a friendly competition, which Dylan won. We decided to play some video games to see who could play best while wasted.

Eric played first, He only got past four levels, and then got up and grabbed a blanket and sat on the floor, grumbling about how the game was just angry at him. I played nexted, and got past six levels. You stood up, smirking. “You’re turnnnn Dyl, good luck beating that Mr. I-Can-Chug-Vodka-Straight.” you taunted mockingly.

Dylan took the seat and got past the first two levels with ease, and was half way through the third when you could heard Eric snoring. “Motherfucker passed out on us” you said, standing behind Dylan, watching him play.

He had gotten past the third level, and was now entering the 4th level, and he seemed confident. 

Oh no he doesn’t…. he can beat me at drinking games but not at this. 

All of a sudden an idea popped into your head. You kneeled beside him, still keeping your eyes on the computer as you put you hand on his thigh, he tensed up slightly but didn’t move, and kept his eyes on the game. You leaned over, knowing he could see your cleavage if he looked down. Which you caught him doing. “Dang Dyl… I take it back, you just might beat me….” You said before raising your hand up slightly. 

 Dylan swallowed and bit his lip. “Oh you know what? I should really get my pajamas on” You started, glancing over at Eric, “Since that probably means we’re going to bed soon”. You stood but didn’t go far. You grabbed your bag and pulled out the pajama shorts and tank top you brought. You pulled your shirt off, and could see Dylan struggling to keep his focus, and you couldn’t help but notice that he had moved one of his hands down to cover his crotch.

You went over to him, he was almost finished with the fourth level, his speed slowing down by the fact that he was only using one hand. “Oh oh!” You chimed pointing to the computer screen, leaning down so your chest was on full display, “You’re about to fight a boss, Dylan…You’re gonna need both hands for that…” You teased glancing down, “C’mon Dyl what are you hiding?” You asked, putting your hand back on his thigh. You moved it up slowly, until you reached his hand and slid your hand under it.

“Oh…that’s what you were hiding” You giggled as you felt his hardening bulge. Dylan was crimson red, he stood up, causing you to jump back a bit. 

“Y/N what the hell are you doing?” He demanded, you could feel yourself turn pink as you didn’t know what to say, you honestly didn’t know why you had done all that, you’ve never acted like that before, especially over a game.

But you didn’t have time to sort your feelings out, because before you knew what you were doing, you had grabbed Dylan by his shirt and kissed him. He didn’t react, causing you to pull back.

Fuck it.

“You want the truth, fine, I didn’t want you to win the game. But now I want this” You said, pressing yourself up against him, “I want you..” You said quietly as you leaned up for another kiss. Dylan leaned down to kiss you before you got to him, and you felt yourself smirk against his lips, you backed up until your legs hit the bed and then you pushed him down onto it, climbing into his lap.

You had known Dylan for practically your schooling life. Which means you knew he was a virgin, and honestly, this turned you on even more. You had been his first kiss when you both were twelve, platonic of course, you both just wanted to see what the fuss was about. And you had always secretly known that you wanted to be his first, and now you would be.

You propped yourself up enough to pull off your pants and you desperately lifted Dylan’s shirt from his torso. You put your hands on his chest as you felt him unbutton his pants, you lifted yourself slightly so he could pull his jeans down. When you sat back down, you really felt just how hard he was getting and you felt a small moan escape your lips, as you started grinding against him for any friction you could get. 

You unhooked your bra, after Dylan had fumbled with it for five minutes. He pulled you closer, so your body was directly against his. Dylan mumbled something under his breath, but you couldnt make it out. “Wh-What’s you said?” You asked, breathlessly, still moving your hips not daring to stop the friction. Dylan just shook his head, avoiding eye contact. 

You stopped grinding, and instead reached down and palmed his bulge, Dylan closing his eyes and tilting his head back in pleasure. “C’mon Dyl, I think at this point we can tell each other anything” You said, pulling back his waistband so you could stroke him, beads of pre-cum already forming at his tip.

“I-It’s just-” He stopped to groan, “Fuck… it’s just that I…I always wanted this, and now it’s happening but I’m a stupid virgin and that means you won’t like it-” He confessed in a single breath.

You couldn’t help but giggle and place a kiss to his lips, as your hands pulled Dylan’s boxers all the way off. “Dylan I assure you, this is already better than any other time I’ve had.” You confided, placing a string of kisses from his jaw to his ear before whispering, “Besides look at it this way, next time you won’t be a virgin”

Dylan’s entire face burned red and you smirked to yourself, pushing him down onto the bed, You pulled your panties down before straddling his waist. You bit your lip as you looked down at him, “You ready Dyl?” All he could do was nod as he placed his hands on your waist. 

You propped yourself up one more time, and guided him to your entrance before sinking down on him. Dylan was bigger than you expected as you felt him fill you, you looked at Dylan who was biting his lip in pleasure. You couldn’t help but smile at the sunshine boy and teased him, “Much better than your left hand, huh?”

“Oh fuck yeah-” He answered

You blushed and starting moving your hips, finding a perfect balance of bouncing and grinding. “F-Fuck” Dylan moaned, his grip on your hips getting tighter.

You placed your hands on his chest for balance and picked up your speed. “Mmmm Dylan” You moaned quietly. He must have heard you because this made his dominant side come out. He sat up and pulled you against him, and used his grip on your hips to make you bounce faster.

God this was hot…How was this kid a virgin.

You raised your hands into his hair, pulling on it with every thrust. You could already feel your orgasm forming, the warm sensation you usually only felt when you were by yourself. “Oh fuck, Dylan, yeah” You moaned out, Dylan used on hand to pull your head back by your hair, hungrily kissing, sucking and lightly biting your neck.

“Who’s making you feel this good Y/n?” He demanded, his voice lower than you’ve ever heard it. “You, Dylan” You answered.

This drove him crazy as he flipped you so he was ontop of you, thrusting into you, this time at a much better angle. You spread your legs to give him more access, and moved your hands from his hair to his back. His thrusts got faster and he got more confident, which you were loving. 

He leaned down to leave hickies on your chest and he moaned louder as he felt your walls tighten around him. “Fuck- Dylan I’m close” You said, wrapping your legs around his waist. Dylan started licking your nipple which drove you over the edge, scratching down his back as you came. He knew from a previous drunken game of truth or dare just how sensitive they were. Your orgasm triggered his as you felt him cum inside you.

You both laid there together, sweating and panting for a couple of minutes before he collapsed next to you. He looked over at you and smiled. You couldn’t help but giggle at the dorky look on his face. You hit him with a pillow as he chuckles and wraps an arm around you and pulls you against his chest and you both lay there until you fall asleep


The following Monday was surely eventful. You would catch Dylan looking at you and he would quickly look away. At lunch you got there first, followed by Dylan and Eric.

Eric squinted at both of you.

“What’s wrong with you, lightweight?” You asked tossing your crackers over to him.

“Yeah you passed out on us Reb” Dylan added on.

Eric looked at you, then switched to Dylan, getting an evil grin on his face. “Next time you won’t be a virgin, Dyl” He mimicked what you had said.

You felt your face turn red and immediately dropped your eyes to your mediocre school lunch. 

Call Me Daddy

Request: “How do you feel about writing a daddy kink Dylan O'Brien Smut. :) x”

To answer your question. i would love to write daddy kink dylan bc woooo its hot ;)))

Also my laptop is kinda wreck, so im posting from mobile so please, i am so sorry if this is so shit.

“Y/N, I’m home!” You heard Dylan call from downstairs. You jumped in a little in suprise because you weren’t expecting him to be home, and it immediatly put a smile onto your face. Within a few minuetes you saw him enter the doorway to your shared bedroom wearing his normal goofy grin as he walked towards the bet and gave you a quick peck to the lips. “You’re home early.” You said glad to have more unexpected time with him. He was always at the studio and any extra time was always appreciated. 

 “Yeah, we wrapped up the episode quickly so they let us leave early. Since im back, do you want to go out to a dinner or something?“ He questioned looking at you with that same quirky smile I fell in love with. "Actually im kinda just in the mood to watch a movie and cuddle in bed if its okay with you.” I asked with a hint of suggestion in my voice. He quickly nodded and and jumped into bed with me putting on a movie. We were about half way into the movie when a really rough sex scene came on. I had to admit it was actually begining to turn me on. The femals leader started to call they guy “Daddy” and it was having a bigger effect on me that I would have thought. I glanced over at dylan whose arm was wrapped around my waist and his neck snuggled into my shoulder. He was half asleep and I knew he must have been exhasted, yet i couldn’t get rid if the growing tension inbetween my legs. 

Slowly I tucked my hands underneath the blanket and into the waistband of my black lace panties. Slowly I slid my fingers up and down my slit imagining it was Dylan’s hand instead of mine. After I teased myself a bit, I inserted a finger into me and softly began to moan. It started out with soft whimpers of “Dylan, Oh Dylan” but quickly turned into “Daddy” as i picked up pace. I was on the verge of getting myself to the edge when i felt a hand cup my heat over the blanket, stopping all movement. I looked over to seeing Dylan’s eyes boring into mine as they drew darker. “What did you just say, Baby girl?” He let out in a low deep whisper that made me wetter just hearing it. “I-I said Dylan, I just didn’t want to wake you baby.” I stutterer back as I felt him move closer while pulling out my hand and replacing it with his own. “You know, Princess, you really shouldn’t lie to me.” He spoke with an authority in his voice as he quickly inserted two fingers causeing me to let out a deep moan. 

 "Me and you both know that you weren’t moaning Dylan. Call me Daddy Baby.“ He continued as he rapidly pushed his fingers in and out if my core while applying pressure to clit with thumb. "Daddy” I let out softly begining to buck my hips into his hand wanting to get to my release faster. He took his other hand and held my hips down into the mattress. “Angel, I’m going to need you to be much louder than that. C'mon beg for it baby. Show me how much you want me.” He growled, moving his fingers faster and adding the come hither motion causing it to make my jolt and write underneath him. “Daddy Please, Daddy faster.” I moaned loudly letting him take over my body as i was teetering in my release. He could feel me clenching around his fingers and started to roll my clit around with his thumb, adding just tge right amount of pressure. “Cum for me sweetheart.” He breathed out and i came loudly and hard onto his fingers. He kept his fingers going trying to ride out my orgasm and when i was finished he let his hand their a moment. 

 I was breathing deeply and was a little embarassed he found about my secret kink. I was about to open my mouth so we could talk about it when he cut me off. “Don’t make a sound princess. Were not finished.” He said with a smirk and a mischevious glint in his eyes. I looked at him confused for a moment when he quickly pulled me out of the covers and onto his lap as he moved towards the bottom of out bed. I had my stomach and my core resting on his grey sweatpants while my ass was raised slightly into the air. 

 "Dylan what are we-“ I was immediatly cut off when i felt a hard smack onto my butt. I let out a moan as i felt a rush if wetness go to my core. "What did I just say baby girl? Not a sound.” He spoke again. His voice was dominant and authoratative yet still had a slight hint if amusement in it. Whenever his rough side came out in bed it was always the best nights of my life but we had never done anything like this before. It was like something straight out of a fantasy i was always to shy to ask for. I was snapped out of my thoughts when another harsh slap hit my bottom. “That is for pleasuring youself while i was in bed next to you.” Slap. “That is for talking when i didn’t give you permission to speak.” He gave me two more slaps and I had to bite my lip to keep from making any noise.

 I was so turned on I tried to rub my legs together to increase the friction. My lace panties were rubbing up against my clit and i was biting diwn on my lip so hard i almost broke the skin. He gave one last slap, that was his hardest yet. “And that was fir calling me Dylan instead of Daddy.” He massaged my now tender ass and pulled me into a sitting postion so I was straddling his thigh. I could feel how hard he was through his sweats and i couldn’t help let out a whimper. His hands grabbed into my hips as he looked into my eyes. 

“Baby girl i am going to wreck you.”


Parallels: Dylan and Walter

You and I are mirror images.

Interview | Taylor Kitsch Talks ‘American Assassin’ and ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

“Be about the work.”

Those are the words Taylor Kitsch left me with at the end of our interview about American Assassin, the new espionage thriller starring Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner) as Mitch Rapp, a revenge-driven agent of the American government, and Kitsch as Ghost, the revenge-driven enemy. In many respects they’re playing the same character with only one key difference: Ghost was betrayed by their mentor, Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton), and Mitch hasn’t… yet.

It’s an interesting role for Taylor Kitsch, one of the few truly “bad” guys on his resumé, even though it’s yet another opportunity for the Battleship and John Carter to stretch his action muscles. Still, Kitsch sees Michael Cuesta’s adaptation of the Vince Flynn novel as just another interesting character to play, in a career more full of intriguing acting choices, and with fewer blockbusters spectacles than most people realize.

I sat down with Taylor Kitsch to talk about his career, his craft, and one of the most violent scenes in American Assassin. (Minor Spoiler Alert.) We also spoke about some of his earlier acting choices, and what – in the end – he learned from the experience of playing Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, one of his biggest earlier roles, back when he was “crazy green”.

Crave: So I was watching the film, and I was trying to figure out who the “American Assassin” is…

Taylor Kitsch: Nice, right?

It’s both of you, right?

Yeah. Me more than Dylan, obviously. No, I’m just kidding…

Well, it could be. You’re kind of playing the same character through different circumstances. When you were talking to Michael Cuesta about that, did you try to mirror Dylan’s look, his approach, or his performance in any particular way? Or did that all come out organically?

Organically. I don’t think you ever want to mirror someone else’s performance. But I think with Mike, we had this long Skype when I was doing Only the Brave, and we really planted the seeds in regards to where or how I was going to prep for Ghost. I don’t know, I think you kind of hit it on the head, in the sense of how this trauma… or how one circumstance can change a whole outlook, perception or motivation. That’s what I really latched onto, is the personal side of it.

It’s kind of a film about the dangers of taking anything personally.

That’s great.

I almost wonder if that’s useful for us in the audience, or if that’s only useful for people in this line of work.

That is a great point…

What does that mean to you, to be in a film that has a theme that’s so specific to a certain type of people?

I love the triangle of it. I love that it is against the grain, you know what I mean? That it isn’t just your stereotypical villain or bad guy, or that it is these circumstances come to haunt themselves. You know, a “be careful what you wish for” kind of thing. And that it’s just not paint-by-numbers, and that was a big reason why I came on board.

But you get to have the fun and games of it…


I mean, you get to jump onto a flagpole and ride the flag down to the ground. You really did that, I assume…

Yeah, twice. Yeah. Drunk!


No. [Laughs.]

You did get to torture someone.


What is that like as an actor, trying to access that? Because that’s like the most inhuman thing you can do…

It was… wow, I mean it was easy for me, actually…

What’s it like being able to say that?

I know, right? Well, that’s what kind of made me back up for a sec. Because I was like, once you ground yourself in his backstory, that is absolutely reasonable. So during that I was antsy to get into it, because I had gone through it so much to begin with, that we hadn’t even scratched the surface. You know what I mean? So with the electrocuting and the burning and stuff like that, that was… I mean, obviously I can’t really light the torch when Mike [Keaton] is there, but even the action of that is really, it’s intense.

You get to pull off a fingernail…


Was that a practical effect?

Yeah, it was. It was obviously a synthetic one that they put over, but even that action is plenty.

What sort of rapport do you develop with an actor when they’re chained up and you get to gleefully hurt them?

I know… a lot of trust goes there. I like that Mike is game for improv, and just literally going and switching the energy and throwing it on its head, and I think that’s why that scene worked as well as it did, in the sense that you don’t know where it’s going. And I love that. That’s the integral part of Ghost [that] comes out in that scene, his motivation, what actually happened, why I’m doing this.

So for me, it was a three day shoot for me, so it was a big three days in the sense of, this is who he is. You learn everything, literally everything about him. One, through they’re talking him up at the beginning of the film, but also when you get to see him, and you get to sit in with him now. That was everything to me.

I became a big fan of you through your one-two punch of hero roles: John Carter and Battleship. I really like both of those movies a lot.

Thanks, man.

Now you’re playing the bad guy and it looks like you’re having a lot of fun. Is it more fun to play the bad guy? I know it’s a stereotypical question, but…

I think so. I don’t know why…

Can you go back [to being the hero] after this?

Oh, sure I can, if it’s the right thing. But I’m playing real-life heroes, like Mike Murphy in Lone Survivor and stuff like that, and Chris MacKenzie in the firefighting movie [Only the Brave].

So yeah, I don’t know, maybe it’s when you grow up you’re always more infatuated with these guys, and they’re just I think a bit more flashy, or, whatever it is, more interesting because they’re a bit off their rocker. You know what I mean? They’re not doing the right thing, and that’s maybe a bit more infatuating, because…why not? I’ve been brought up and been told by teachers and everybody, counselors and your parents, to just do the right [thing]. It’s always like, well, what does that mean if I go left here?

“Ha ha! Now I can torture Michael Keaton!”

Yeah, exactly! Yeah. [Laughs.]

And get paid very well for it. I was watching the film and there’s a still of you with your Navy uniform on. It was a younger you. A part of me was like…did they take that from Battleship? Is that a left over production still?

I’ll tell you what happened. You want to know the real story?


So I lost a bunch of weight to play Dave Koresh [in the TV movie Waco], and then we came back and did this photo. So he looks tiny. And then I shaved, and if I shave I still look pretty young. So that’s why he looks so young in that.

What is next for you? You’ve got what you might call a career trajectory…

Yes. How do you see it?

You did a couple of blockbusters and now you’re doing more character-centric mid-range dramas and genre films. Is this more satisfying? Is it an interesting phase right now?

The thing is, it’s like…if you really watch, you’ve got Bang Bang Club, and then you’ve got Tim Riggins [on Friday Night Lights]. We were told we weren’t going to be [in it] after the first season, and he was like the tenth lead on that show. And then we did the two [big budget movies], then you go into Savages, you got Normal Heart. So we were always playing these character-driven [productions], and then you throw in those crazy big ones that, you’d be stupid to not do those with the opportunity at the time. With Peter Berg, and Andrew Stanton, who just came off a few Oscars.

And you had Gambit in the middle there.

Gambit, yeah, right after Bang Bang Club. Yeah, so I’m very, very happy with where we’re at right now, and just the storytelling and being able to throw curveballs, and playing such different guys.

Look back at playing Gambit, again, you were really just starting out…

I know. Crazy green.

Look back at X-Men Origins: Wolverine. What do you remember about it now? What was important to you?

I remember the most I got from that was Hugh Jackman, in the sense of the work ethic, and how relentless he was, and what it took to be a lead, and what it took to really do it justice. And just the type of guy that he was at that level, and still is. How humble he was. How accommodating and ego-less he still is. So that was my biggest take from that.

Is that the secret? To be cool? To be someone who’s good to work with?

Be who you are?

Well, “be who you are,” but some people are jerks.


So you want to be someone who can work with people.

Yeah. I think the best, too, is when you want to work with someone again. You know? But yeah, I mean he’s very grounded and has a sense of self, so I would like to think I have the same thing. So it’s nice to just go and work hard and do your thing, and be about the work rather than what it’s going to mean, or what’s going to happen, or the ripple effect. You know, be about the work.

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I wish Dylan would have held on a little longer. Even John Savage found love and got married and he was called Screech in high school, ffs.

You and me both, anon. Dylan was brilliant and would have had so much to offer the world if he got the help he needed.

And I’m very glad things worked out for John Savage. He seems like a great guy, and being compared to Dustin Diamond was totally unfair.

imagine for @loverofsuggs

you and dylan are literally relationship goals and you keep getting made examples of by everyone!

you lay on your sofa with your boyfriend Dylan, something you had little time to do these days. recently you had been away from each other and this one of the first opportunities you had to be together for weeks. the blue tv screen dimly lit up the room and your faces. Tyler, Holland and Shelly all sat around you. you smiled at all of your friends and up at your perfect boyfriend. you laced your fingers in his, he squeezed your hand and smiled down at you.

“hey look what i found” said Tyler sitting up in his seat.

“what is it?”asked Shelly.

“a whole Buzzfeed article dedicated to showing the world how Dylan and (y/n) are relationship goals”he laughed.

you and Dylan looked at each other confused and you both sat up.

“let me see that” said Dylan leaning over and taking the phone from Tyler.

“this is great”laughed Holland sipping the wine in her hand. you laughed and looked at the phone in Dylans hand.

for sure this whole blog was dedicated to you and Dylan. you thought it was adorable.

“oh my god”you laughed falling back on the couch.

“you guys are though”said Shelly.

“we are what?”you asked.

“relationship goals” she answered. you looked at her confused.

“you are. you guys are the best” Holland joined in.

“well we already know that” Dylan joked kissing you on the cheek.

“yeh, you guys are share everything, you help each other through stuff, you support anything each other is doing i wish all relationships were like that” Tyler said.

“its weird”you said as you placed down the plate you had in your hand on the kitchen side.

“whats weird babe?”Dylan asked wrapping his arms around your waist pulling your back into him.

“that people analyse our relationship”you laughed, you thought it was cute that people thought your relationship was successful, which it was but you had never thought of it in the way that they had, it was just a natural thing for you two.

“yeh it is a bit, but it cute”he laughed, his voice rumbling in your ears.

“it is”you said as you turned around in his arms to face him.

he leaned in and kissed you softly, you breathed in his sent and sunk into the familiar and comfortable arms. he pulled away after a few seconds.

“see, relationship goals” he said smiling.

Blind Date; A Dylan Klebold Imagine.

Blind Date with Dylan Klebold; Short Story; For anon

 Warning, there is sex in this Imagine, nothing too graphic but If you do not like sex then please feel free to skip it. Thank you, GodlikeImagines.

Today was the day that you were going on a blind date that your friend (your female friend’s name here) had set up for you. She knows this guy whose best friend was single and has had a hard time getting dates for some reason that was not explained.

You did the normal thing any girl would do on a blind date, take the whole day to get ready. You spend a while in the bath with some candles and bath oils to help you try and relax because you were pretty nervous. You didn’t eat anything too heavy this morning or for lunch because you had no idea where you were going to eat and did not want to have anything mix inside your stomach and make you sick.

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Are You Going to Put this on?

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Requested by anonymous:  hi! I am in love with your work. I was wondering if you could maybe write a Dylan O'brien smut where Dylan and the reader have been dating for like a year and it’s the readers first time and she has no clue what to do so Dylan helps her through it and tells her what to do and how to do it? Maybe with some cute fluff at the end? thank you


WORDS: 1086


A/N: requests are closed rn because I have a lot of them so when I finish everything I’ll open again :)

Y/N P.O.V.

“Dylan? Are you home?”

“Yep.” I saw him.


I hugged him and kissed him. I was happy that he was home, he’s always filming but I understand. It’s his job.

“How was your day at work?” He asked.

“Terrible. I can’t understand why my boss hates me. I do everything to make him a little happy! I like this job so much and I don’t want to leave it because of this stupid old man who hates me.”

“I can kill him if you want me to.”

“That’d be great.” I laugh.

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Real - Dylan O’Brien Imagine [Submission]

Submission [ @sun-moon-mantra ], I absolutely love this omg.

Summary; You and Dylan are costars on Teen Wolf and share a screen kiss, but he takes your reaction the wrong way, making you confess something to him…

Word Count; 1679

Dylan’s lips moved against yours while his hand rested in your neck. Your hands rested against his chest because you didn’t really know where else to put them. It had taken you a few seconds at first to even remind yourself to close your eyes – only realizing it was weird that you still had them open when you realized Dylan hadn’t. Now you were both just standing there, kissing each other deeply.

“And… Cut!”

Russell’s voice echoed through the room and Dylan slowly took a step back, breaking the kiss. He smiled at you sheepishly, but you carefully looked the other way.

“That was perfect, guys!” Jeff came up to you with a schedule in his hand. “Now, Dylan, you’re needed on the set of the Sheriff’s office. Linden will be there as well.” Dylan just nodded as Jeff turned towards you. “[Y/N], we’ll see you at eleven for the night shoots.”

You nodded and quickly excused yourself before fleeing off set and into your trailer.


There was a knock on the door of your trailer – which you had not come out of since you fled inside, and wasn’t planning on exiting before you had to get a wardrobe change for the night shoots – but you were too focused on the book that was in your lap to look up, so you just mumbled something that sounded like ‘come in’. The door opened shortly after and a familiar voice filled the small space.

“Hey,” Dylan spoke, making you look up reluctantly.

“Hey,” was all you said before biting your lip and continuing to read in your copy of ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’.

An awkward silence followed and you could sense Dylan shifting from one leg to the other, probably wondering if you were going to say anything else.

Eventually he realized you weren’t, so he walked up to you and sat down on the other side of the couch you were on. “So,” he mumbled, coming up with what was probably the most awkward word to use when breaking a silence, “Harry Potter, eh?”

You nodded and decided to look up, even though you were nervous to meet his eyes. “Yeah,” you answered. Your eyes were looking his way but you weren’t really looking at him yet.

“You know, I played Quidditch once,” Dylan said. He seemed desperate to keep the conversation going, so when you frowned at his words he took it as an opportunity to continue talking, probably to avoid another one of those awkward silences. “It was for a movie. ‘The Internship’, I don’t know if you’ve seen that one.”

“I have!” you said, immediately smiling at him. “You were really good in that movie.”

For some reason Dylan seemed relieved by that comment. “Thanks,” he said, mirroring your smile. “I’m glad there is at least one thing you don’t think I suck at.”

The frown was back on your face and you finally put away the book to fully focus on your conversation with Dylan. “I- I, what?” you stammered, confused. “I don’t understand.”

“It’s okay,” Dylan said, but you got the feeling he didn’t quite understand you either. “You don’t have to say it to my face if you don’t want to, but just know that I wouldn’t hate you if you did.”

“Dylan-“ you started to say because you were completely lost by now, but he wouldn’t let you finish.

“I like honesty,” he told you. “I’m all about honesty. So just be honest with me, okay?”

“Dylan, stop,” you said, a bit louder than the volume your conversation had been in so far. It worked, he stopped and seemed to realize you wanted to say something as well. “I’m not trying to spare you. You know I’m really good at being honest when I should have probably squeezed in a little white lie instead. I don’t think you suck at anything, except maybe knowing when to shut up and listen.”

Your last comment earned you a slight smile from Dylan, but it was quickly replaced by confusion. “So you don’t think I’m a terrible kisser?” he asked, so quietly you needed a few seconds to decide if you had heard him right.

Then you understood. He thought you rushed off set earlier because you didn’t want to face him after a bad kiss. Dylan had mistaken your behavior for something completely different. Of course you didn’t think he sucked at kissing. How would you even be able to know what a bad kiss was anyway?

“Dylan.” You broke the silence by speaking his name slowly, tasting both syllables on your tongue as a reminder of the taste in your mouth after your kiss on set.

Or rather, your first kiss ever. Your first real kiss, anyway.

“I didn’t practically run away from you this afternoon because I didn’t know how to tell you you’re a bad kisser,” you reassured him. “Although, I’m not quite sure if I’m qualified to tell you you’re a good kisser either. You see…” You took a deep breath and in a split second you decided to just blurt it out to get it over with. Dylan wasn’t the only one who appreciated honesty.

“That was my first kiss.”

This definitely took Dylan by surprise. You could see it in everything; from his eyes to his raised eyebrows, and from the rest of his facial expression to his entire body language. Though, it was mostly because of the way he stammered: “That… I was y-your first… kiss?”

You bit down on your bottom lip and shrugged. “I’ve kissed guys before,” you explained, “just- not… like that. I mean, a quick kiss on the lips, sure, but never anything more. Not until this afternoon.” It didn’t even feel awkward talking about this with Dylan, to your surprise.

It was silent for a long time after that, but eventually Dylan decided to break that silence. Maybe because it had been killing him as much as it had slowly been starting to kill you.

“I still don’t get it,” he spoke slowly. “What does all of that have to do with you disappearing off set so quickly? Were you embarrassed?”

“No,” you answered immediately. You were sure of that. “I’m not embarrassed for making my own decisions and not letting myself be pushed into something I don’t feel like doing during a date.”

You had been on a couple of dates with a couple of guys before, but those had never really worked out in a way that it had made you want to kiss your date goodnight. Really kiss your date goodnight.

“Then what is it, [Y/N]?” Dylan said, his voice full of confusion. “You have to help me out here, because I really don’t understand.”

You nodded as a sign you understood why he was so confused. Dylan really seemed to be trying to understand, though. He really seemed to want to understand.

“It’s stupid,” you started. “I guess I just always imagined my first kiss, my first actual kiss, to be something special. Like one of those many dreams a teenage girl has in high school when class gets boring and they stop paying attention to what their teacher is saying. Do you know what I mean?” You decided not to wait for an answer since Dylan had obviously never been a daydreaming teenage girl. “As I said, it’s stupid, but a kiss like earlier today was just not how I pictured it when I was younger. Not that I don’t think you’re a good kisser, because as far as I know anything about this whole lip locking phenomenon, I could tell you’re pretty good at it. It’s just that it didn’t mean anything. It was just a scene, you know? Of course you know, you are a way more experienced actor than I am. So then you know that we were just acting, we were pretending to be someone else, and that is not how I pictured my first kiss to be. It’s supposed to be with someone I really like, or maybe even someone I love.”

“Do you like me?”

This time you were the one who was taken by surprise. It was kind of an odd thing for Dylan to ask you after your whole confession. “Did you even listen to what I just said?” you asked him, still taken aback by the sudden change of conversation.

“Yes,” was Dylan’s short answer. “Did you hear what I asked?”


“Yes, you heard what I said, or yes, you like me?”


It was all Dylan needed to get his familiar smile back on his face. “Well, then I suggest we just try this again.”

You both moved closer until you were sitting next to each other on the small couch. Dylan’s hand moved up slowly and he grabbed a strand of your hair between his thumb and index finger before tucking it behind your ear. His eyes never left yours and you didn’t bother to even consider looking away from his beautiful brown orbs. He moved in closer and you both closed your eyes, your hearts beating faster but synchronized to your anticipation.

Then, his lips were back on yours. They moved against each other perfectly and you quickly parted your lips to grant Dylan access to your mouth. He slipped his tongue inside and sped up the pace of the kiss. You followed along, enjoying every second of it.

Dylan’s hands moved to grab yours gently and he pulled at your arms until they hung over his shoulders. You wrapped them around his neck and moved even closer, until you bodies were touching as well. He put his hands at your neck, his thumb reaching up to your cheek to stroke the skin.

Eventually you pulled apart, both having something in your eyes that said you didn’t want the kiss to stop yet. Because you definitely didn’t. It was exactly the way you had pictured it all those times when your mind wandered off back in high school.

Real, and perfect.


This is Joyce’s first imagine, and she’d been askign me to read it and I absolutely loved every single bit of this omg. She was quite nervous I guess? Because this is the first time she wrote ANYTHING and Idk how many times I told her this is great [probably not enogh lmao] but seriously, how good is it?

You can either send me your comments on this, or send them to her at @sun-moon-mantra but I mean I love the heck outta this, it’s so cute and fluffy and just ugh, it’s perfect :))

Do NOT give me any credit for this! I didn’t write any of this! I just read it and gave her feedback, but she is the writer and editor and everything and I love it and I hope you do too! PLEASE send feedback on this, whether it’s to me or her idm, but please do!! :)) [especially bc it’s her first piece and feedback is always great after a first piece to ease the nerves and everything]

interviewer: what gladers would you take to beacon hills?

dylan: thomas. newt would come and hang out.

dylan to thomas sangster: you would come hang out in teen wolf right?

dylan: actually he has. I brought him to teen wolf.


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I hope you have your own TV show someday

you and me both pal
the dylan skellydun show featuring dogs, semi-decent jokes and a harry styles cutout.

The changing kiss - Stiles Stilinki imagine

Title: the changing kiss
Ship: reader x stiles I guess
Warnings: werewolf and kissing??

You’re walking in the hallway. It’s Monday, and it’s the full moon. And you have your period and a bad hair day. What can possibly go more wrong?
You open your locker and take out your math books. When you turn around, you see the only person that can make this day a little better. Your best friend Stiles.
He gives you a big hug.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s up?”
“Nothing. I just have a really bad day. Everything is fucked up.”
“Full moon?”
“More than that…”

The school bell rings and class begins. In math class, you don’t get anything. All they do is talk about limits and formulas and x. The teacher suddenly stops talking, and looks at you.
“Ms. (Y/L/N), could you please answer the question on the board?”
“Uhhm… Right.”
You walk up to the board and see that you actually know the answer. You proudly write it down and return to your seat. When the bell rings, you walk out of class as fast as you can, just so you won’t get more angry because of math.

Stiles meet you at your locker, when you start to feel a little dizzy.
“Hey, (Y/N). You okay? You seem a little weird.”
“I’m fine.”
“You sure? Because you don’t look like that. And your eyes, they’re yellow.”
“What are you even talking about?”
“We’ve got to get you out of here before anyone notices.”
“Okay Stiles, chill. I’m totally and completely fine-”

You can feel how the world around you starts to spin like crazy. You sit down, trying to concentrate. But you feel how you are slowly loosing your consciousness. Stiles screams your name, but it all just feels so distant. And you are getting tired. You just want to sleep…
“(Y/N) stay with me, okay? I’ll take you to the hospital!”


You wake up sweaty but ice cold. You are at the hospital. At least you think you are. You see stiles sleeping on the couch in the hospital room. He says something in his sleep, but you can’t really hear what it is. Because you don’t want to wake him up, you listen with your werewolf hearing. He whispers:

“(Y/N) please wakeup… I… Miss you… A lot… You are my first love, and I love you so much”

And then he starts to sleep quiet again. You freeze, did he love you? Or was that something he just said? You knew that deep down inside of you, you loved him too. You think for yourself what a cute best friend you have, even if you wanted it to be more. You really love him very much.

You feel how something starts to burn inside of you, starting at your hands, down to your stomach, all the way to your toes. Your scream pierce the air and Stiles wakes up with a jump. When he looks at you, you are sitting on the floor, turned into your werewolf form. You look him in his warm, brow eyes, that looks back into your yellow ones.

You can feel your fangs inside your mouth and your claws sticking out instead of nails. Your body is shaking of fear, anger and sadness. All at once. You don’t know where all these feelings come from, but right now you just want to die.

Stiles runs up to you and cups your cheeks with his hands. He lifts up your head to look him in the eyes.

“It’s okay, (Y/N). Everything will be alright.”

You just cry and cry, but sadness soon turns into anger, and then fear.

“S-Stiles I c-can’t take it a-anymore…”
“Shhh… It’s gonna be alright, breath in and out.”

It all just got worse and worse. Stiles looked you in your eyes, where fear was shining through, just like the full moon tonight. He slowly moves closer to you, and kiss you. You kiss passionately back, and forget everything else. The only thing you are focusing on is the heat that burns in your lips from the kiss. You both pull back after air, when you notice that your eyes are back to normal.

Stiles looks at you with a smile on his face and says:

“You have no idea for how long I’ve wanted to do that”
“Me too”
And you both kiss again, forgetting the world around you.