you and me babe you and me

why do I smile?

well you see, there are many reasons why I smile. the good things in life. like cute dogs, having a good time with friends. those are nice, but you see, dear, nothing can compare with how much you make me smile and how happy you make me. the way you make me feel can’t compare with the most beautiful jewel in the world.

happiness. something I hadn’t felt in a long time, but then, I met you. in that moment, my sorrows melted away for a brief second. never had I ever been given the kind of love you’d offered. for once in my life I was content with the way my life was going.

love. we’ve got love given to us from friends. the constant banter, the emotional support. the friends that are there until the very end, right? none of that can compare with how special you make me feel and i’ll never be able to thank you enough for making me feel loved.

distance. distance is a pain in the ass, but you know what, darling? we’ve made it through together. no pain in the ass is going to keep us apart, my love, because..

I think I’m in love with you

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you should become a fic reccer addy!

Why would I do that, when I can just scream about what I like and let @nottooldforthisship do all the heavy lifting and hard work?

When you’re being intimate with a POT/Sd/client , and he says “what do you want me to do to you” what is your go to thing to say?
This is the one thing I hate, I don’t want to tell him what really turns me on because I’m always afraid he’ll ruin it for me, like I’m not into anything crazy freaky I just don’t want him to ruin my vanilla sex in the future.
I had an old SD who nearly ruined me getting eaten out. I sometimes still cringe when anyone goes down because I think of the horrible times I had with that one SD.

I usually say" do what you like babe", and they usually just turn me over and do doggy style or w.e, but I’ve had men try to get me to talk about things I like and how they can make me cum more

I FUCKING HATE DURING SEX WHEN THE GUY IS LIKE “ cum babe come on cum for me, I want you to cum ” like that is a huge turn off on it’s own, sugar and vanilla world.

I just want to say to him “I want you to cum, so sex can be fucking over and you can get your old sweaty ass body off me,”

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Excuse me but I've been wondering, could you draw Clarisse La Rue please? Idk I would love to see her in your style :)

Idk bout you, but she’s the cutest buff babe in the world, fight me

4 song fsts; four otps

just a little project done for the fun of it, nothing to take too seriously. please enjoy! ❤

ALSO LISTEN the core four | the four more | four ships | four friendships

❣ veronica x archie

❥ steps out of the shade and says something like, “you and me babe — how ‘bout it?”

❣ betty x veronica 

you’re my best friend and we’re dancing in a world alone.

❣ archie x reggie

life could be simple but you never fail to complicate it every single time. 

❣ cheryl x josie

like halloween day, but it was 4th of july now; a car crash with a suitcase and a painted face.

No more waiting for people or ignoring my intuition. If you’re gonna hold me back then there’s absolutely no reason for you to be in my life anymore. If you give me a bad vibe or put me in a bad mood - bye. If your goal isn’t clearly defined and you’re not doing everything possible to achieve it - bye.

I hold myself to extremely high standards and when I lower my standards for the people in my life then I get dragged down too. No more.

Hold yourself to higher standards babes


it’s too hard and i’m too tired, babe.
i can’t sleep ‘cause when i close my eyes i see the monsters under my ribs,
and the nights are just so long nowadays.

i have this sick laughter bubbling up behind the sobbing that racks me when i’m alone -
another lie of it’s okay, babe.

babe, you know the mountains won’t stop calling to me.
it’s five am again, and they’re begging me to abandon the trails and get lost in the trees.
i wouldn’t miss myself,

so, could you?

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Yo I'm new to tumblr and themes leave me completely confused. Can you suggest a few nice ones, as well as tell me how to apply them??? The help would be appreciated HUGELY. Thanks lovely🖤💝💖💋

hey, no problem babe! i like minimalistic themes so right now some of my favourite theme makers are acuite (my current theme is from them), cathms, oulysses and sorrism. you can also check out the theme tag on itsphotoshop if you want something that’s not minimalist.

so here’s a step by step way how to apply them under the cut because it got kinda long with pictures:

(this is both mobile and desktop btw)

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O: I feel marginalized.
P: I’m sorry. I’m still working on it.
O: I am not just someone else you know.
P: I know.
O: When you don’t include me in your thoughts, it’s like I’m just one of those friends of yours whom you don’t feel like you can open up to.
P: I do trust you…
O: Do you really?
P: Honestly, no, I don’t.
O: Why not? I never did anything to hurt you.
P: No, of course not. You’ve never done anything close.
O: Then why? Help me understand.
P: It’s everyone else. Growing up, I had to take care of everything myself. I had to protect myself. There was nobody to care for me.
O: Babe…
P: No, don’t give me that pity.
O: I’m not pitying you; I just want you to know that I want us to protect each other.
P: I’m too messed up. I don’t know how to trust anyone other than myself, and I’m afraid that you’ll end up hurting me.
O: That’s okay. I trust you, and I’ll trust that you’ll eventually trust me too.
P: How can you be so sure?
O: I’m not.

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day

What was really going down outside the Jeep
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Stiles:</b> *is giving an incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking speech to Lydia about what she means to him and what he wants her to remember about him*<p/><b>Ghost Rider 1:</b> *waiting outside the Jeep* So, shouldn't we be taking him right now?<p/><b>Ghost Rider 2:</b> *also waiting outside Jeep* *looks through window and sees stydia talking* Not yet. This is the good part.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 1:</b> ???<p/><b>Ghost Rider 3:</b> *watching Stydia with heart eyes* They're so beautiful.<p/><b>Stiles:</b> Remember I love you.<p/><b>All 3 Ghost Riders:</b> *sigh*<p/><b>Ghost Rider 2:</b> Okay. Take him now.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 1:</b> That seems a little cruel man. He did just say he loves her.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 2:</b> Um, we're not the good guys.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 1:</b> Oh yeah lol. Rip him out the car.<p/><b>Ghost Rider 3:</b> *still has heart eyes* *rips Stiles out of the car* So beautiful.<p/><b>Stiles:</b> ???<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>