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Otherkin stuff is so gross to me and makes me very angry. It’s such a low and disgusting level of attention seeking for someone to stoop to. To fake mental illness and pain, when there are people with actual chronic illnesses, mental and physical, just for attention…? Just because their lives are so perfect, safe, and uneventful…?

I can’t be sure of their motive(s), but it sounds to me like the most probable cause, other than obvious attention seeking, is so that they can escape from the consequences of their actions. For example; a little bitch pretending to be a ‘demon-kin’ might slap you, or curse at you, or do something else inappropriate, and then when you confront them about their behaviour, they will say “Oh no no it’s not my fault I’m a demon-kin it’s in my nature I can’t help it!” so, not only can’t you convict them for being inappropriate, you are now, in fact, the ‘bad one’, because you are ‘bullying! and not being sensitive to this disorder!!’. Bull. Shit. It’s the most manipulative thing I have ever encountered in the entirety of my experienced existence

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hey dude im having a rough time. i keep seeing these posts on my dash like "men are literally incapable of showing love especially to women because x y and z" and i swear this isnt strawmaning, i could show you sources if it sounds like it. and idk im a trans guy and its just really making me angry like. how dare i be a guy when i could just keep being a woman and i wont be happy but at least ill be safe for ppl again

yea that kinda negative stuff framed as flowery positive feminism is rly nasty & i feel u; the shitty thing is that generally if u mentioned trans men theyd b like “oh youre excluded from those negative generalizations dont worry uwu” cuz they see you as a vagina & not a ‘real man’ or w/e.

Safe And Sound (Sherlock x dying!reader)

Warnings: Character death, blood and angst

Had you ever thought of your last words? Ever tried foreseeing what could be your last breath and in what occasion? If you would be to die in an accident maybe there wouldn’t be time for you to even realize what would happen. An illness could take you out, slowly spreading and destroying you, an agonizing death, or even a fast one. Only being told you have a week, a day or hours to live. That was a question no one could answer to, not if never facing an alarming situation that would predict death.

The night had started to fall sooner and faster than usually, or so it felt like. Normally the sun would still be up, maybe it was because of the cloudy day or it had tried to warn you, like foretelling you this would be the darkest day of your life, even the last.

The ground under your laying body gave you no comfort as you shuddered. You could feel everything around you get cold, the chilly stone floor radiating and affecting everyone in the room, even the lone furnitures, creeping up your spine and taking over your whole being. Even if you had dressed warmly it wasn’t enough to keep the cold away, not anymore. A huge cut that you were covering poorly with your hands was spilling blood over your pale fingers, ruining the white shirt you had been wearing and there was no use of putting pressure on the wound, still you did so, but it didn’t stop the bleeding.

Never had you felt so alone, so distant to the object in the room you were in. Even if the big and almost completely empty room, if you would leave out the lousy decoration that contained only a dresser, a sofa and a table near the door way, it was the most eeriest place to be in. There were no windows in the said room, you couldn’t almost see, not even the moon light being able to shine upon you. The closest window was in the next room and the light that came through didn’t carry itself to your present. You could hear your breathing and your cries. You tried to stay calm and sane, but couldn’t help to start lose your hope and strength. You couldn’t keep up like this.

Your ears were ringing and your vision was blurry. You had hard time on concentrating on your surroundings and so you kept your eyes on your hands that tried desperately keep the blood inside of you, but failing miserably. You tried to keep your breathing steady, it became the only sound you could hear and not even people approaching you brought you out of your trance until he was right beside you.

He had ran at you as he saw you from the door way. You remembered him hollering for you previously, but as you had been busy you had not had the time to answer and as you collapsed, all you could do was try to keep yourself awake, your hands on your stomach.

He called for you, repeatedly, his hands supporting you. You could feel him shake, from shock. He was out of options. You knew he was able to see the wound and how much you had already lost blood. When his hands shook, dancing over your body as if he wasn’t able to see where the wound was, trying to blindly find the spot where to put pressure, you took your hands away from the wound. You wrapped your fingers softly around his wrists. His hands shaking, but not waving over you, you lift your gaze to meet his. His eyes, those wildly blue colored eyes were wide from fear, from shock, his lips apart, his mind racing.

”Sherlock…” You whispered. Your voice was weak, you had no idea how tired you already were. You could feel the taste of iron, but not wanting to ruin the moment you swallowed the blood that tried to come up your throat.

”No, don’t talk.” He said with a shaky voice, his hands finally pressing on your wound. You grunted, Sherlock’s hands pulling away at you wincing, but then pressing on you again. ”Just stay awake.” His eyes wildly gazed around as if trying to find anything to help you. Desperately he sighed when he couldn’t come up with anything. He pulled himself closer to you, his hands firmly on you.

”Sherlock,” You softly whispered. You put your hand on his, prying his hands off of you, but not forcibly, ”it’s okay.”

If you weren’t in that state, you would cry for his expression. You had never seen the consulting detective so lost and helpless. He longed for resting his hands over your stomach, but he knew you were right. There was no use for that now.

”I’m so sorry.” He cried after silence. He rested his forehead against your, pulling you to his arms and holding you in his embrace. Even his hug wasn’t enough to keep you warm, but it gave you enough on other levels. You felt calm and safe in his arms.

”I won’t make it, right?” You couldn’t help it when your voice broke. The words were so final, there was nothing you could do to stop this or save it. This would be your stop, you would cease to exist, you wouldn’t be waking up and see the sun, feel the warmth of summer.

”No.” It was all he said, but it was enough. You didn’t need him to say anything else, you knew he couldn’t say no more either. This was it.

”Don’t leave me here alone.” You cried as you looked at him as he had pulled away slightly to see your face. he promised not to, to be there till the end, which you both knew was near. He pulled you back to his embrace, you could hear him sniffle as he pressed you against himself.

It felt like hours as you lay there, but you knew it was only minutes. The pool pf blood next to you was growing and it was reflecting your time in a clock like way, the bigger it grew the less time you had.

You whimpered. You were feeling colder and colder, and Sherlock could feel it too. He leaned his lips next to your ear, you knew he was getting ready to soon be holding your lifeless body. He cried, tears leaving his eyes and going down his cheeks, some escaping to your hair. You felt Sherlock’s lips part and he whispered, with a calm voice to you words that would carry you away, that would let you go in peace.

”Just close your eyes, you’ll be alright. No one can hurt you now.” He placed a kiss on your cheek. ”You will be safe and sound.”

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☾ for rebelcaptain

☾ : sleep headcanon

Cassian sleeps pressed up against the wall, leaving space he knows will be wide enough for Jyn to crawl in beside him if she chooses. Which, most nights, she does: slipping into the room long after dark and tucking herself under his sheets.

Even later, when it’s no longer something unspoken and secret—when they spend their nights together by choice, openly and honestly—they keep this same pattern: his side of the bed, and hers. Cassian figures that Jyn needs the open edge, that she needs to know she could escape at any moment.

Jyn lets him think this. It’s easier than telling him the real reason she sleeps on the outermost edge of their bed, her blaster within reach. It’s easier than explaining that this way, if something were to happen, if someone with ill-intent were to enter their space, the intruder couldn’t get to him without going through her first.

She can’t tell him this, of course. He’d insist they switch places, and Jyn would never get a sound night’s sleep again. If he thinks she’s itching to run, that’s a small price to pay for the assurance that he’s safe. Even if it couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 9.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon welcome the Reader to her new home.
Word Count: 4,053
Author’s Note: I am so excited to delve into this latter half of this story. I have no idea what’s going to happen between these three (kidding, maybe I do, who knows really lmao). But I just want to thank everyone who likes, replies, and even sends me asks about this story. It truly means the world to me; you guys have no idea! So, thank you so much and I hope you enjoy! :) 

Taglist: @oceaninwinter || @fiftypercentmoreintoyou || @isayweallgetdrunk || @illysamorgan || @loreleilara || @adayinmymeadow || @cheyanhicks || @theonethatgotaway213 || @jannavaire || @butler-boi || @female-x || @1d-niallerbieberforever || @voidobsession || @choolhooter || @smudged-lineart || @zaddygrimes || @see-you-then-winchester || @neganisking || @adreamemporium || @thewew || @collette04 || @clinicalkayla || @ja9erz || @butterangrystudent-54d63c09 || @jmackie1983 || @anakatrinawinchester || @halluciel || @simons-thirst-squad​ || @negans-network

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You thought everything was a dream. You were afraid to wake up and realize that you were still in that abandoned house with Chris and the other two men. You were afraid that you were simply dreaming of Negan and Simon coming to your rescue.

But, you knew that somehow the bed you were lying on was much comfier than the one at the abandoned house. Quietly, you grunted at the pain your body felt; it was such a long time since you had a good rest.

Slowly, you opened your eyes to see Negan and Simon talking amongst one another at the couch. You looked around, furrowing your brows at the unfamiliar room.

Maybe you weren’t dreaming after all.

“[Y/N]…” Simon said.

You shook your head, covering your ears. “You’re not real. Fuck! I’m losing my mind,” you mumbled to yourself, sitting up and shutting your eyes.

For once, you wished you had woken up from whatever hallucination you had slipped into. This was torture. You could hear Simon’s voice so clearly and when you looked at Negan, he seemed so real.

“Doll, it’s us… We’re here,” Negan cooed.

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Rupaul's Bake Off ~ Hobnob

A/N: The great British bake off is so close i can taste it. People don’t know this about me, but i go into a hibernation like state whilst waiting between seasons of bake off. I then emerge from my cocoon as a sweaty moth, ready to watch some fuckin cooking and pound a few brews.

Alas, bake off moved to channel 4 and i can’t stand channel 4 it can suck my flaccid wang. Too many adds, I’m not about that life, you know? When i found out i looked my mum straight in the eyes and cried. She told me i was loved and held me tight. Thats the only intimacy i ever got from mum :(

I was craving some classic bake off, that really kept with the feel of the show. Bless mary berry that sweet old thing. She was faithful and stayed with the BBC! I burnt my paul holywood cookbook when i found out he was moving to channel 4. Liar!!! Dickhead!!!

Enjoy~ Hobnob

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My pessimism
is a cage
with an open door
in which
I am still
I rattle the bars
with nicotine nails
until the sound
with the grunge song
in my heart.
a snarling monster
the world
and salivates
its venom
to the streets.
childhood anxiety
stumbles in
from the rain,
my broken flesh
from the world.
I am safe
and this prison
is the only thing
I own.
You may
walk by,
offering percolating lips
and daffodils
but I’ll
push them away
like sickness
just to stay
where my waste
may pile up
but at least
it’s real
and breaks me
in patterns
of ghosts.


Sins of the Father: Communion

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Warnings: very brief sexual reference (fantasy), mild language

Word Count: 1081

A/N: Hello hello! Quick reminder: normally, I write fics for Supernatural. However, I’m also a huge fan of WWE and love reading the works of that community as well. After reading some brilliant pieces from - and chatting with - the amazing @devitt-club, I got inspired to write a fic featuring one of my current favorites: Finn Balor. This fic is starting to grow a bit beyond my control and, quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier.

Apologies in advance because, this being my first foray into WWE fanfic (and alternate universe at that), this will probably suck. Still, it’s worth the risk. ^_^

Tag: @yourr-anger-your-anchor @motleymoose

Originally posted by finnfuckingbalor

Because context - even of the sacrilegious kind - is everything, first read Sins of the Father and its Interlude before you proceed. 

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I PICKED TWO BECAUSE I couldn't decide but do whichever one you'd prefer for stevetony! ;___; 33 or 66!

You’re a doll omg, I hope you like it! I mean… as much as you can because I picked the angsty one… whoops. :D 

Warning: mild description of blood & injury. 

“Tony!” Steve coughs as the dust and debris swirling around them makes its way into his lungs. It’s a horrible raspy sound. “Tony, answer me.”

He reaches out and grips one metal clad shoulder frantically, peering down at Tony’s still face with fear curling thick and heavy in his stomach. When the building had started crumbling around them and Tony had gone down–wrong place, wrong time, couldn’t escape the falling chunk of concrete–Tony had made the most awful, guttural sound of pain, dropping to the ground like a sack of bricks. 

Now he’s laying in front of Steve, eyes closed, a deep gash on his cheek, red and angry. He doesn’t answer. 

“JARVIS, is he all right?”

“Mr. Stark’s condition is very poor, but not critical. He seems to have a broken leg and three cracked ribs. As you can tell, he is also unconscious.” JARVIS’ voice lists the injuries, his voice a bit too garbled for comfort. “Unfortunately, the suit is severely damaged and is running on very limited power at the moment. Also, communications seem to be down.”

Steve reaches up frantically and taps on his earpiece. “Avengers. Can anyone hear me? I need assistance on the south side of the building. Tony and I are trapped.” 

His frantic SOS is met with silence. The comms are definitely down. He hisses a curse under his breath, lowers his shaking hand. 

Tony is still not moving. 

Slowly and deliberately, he draws in an unsteady breath, closes his eyes, does it again three times. He can do this. He’s gotten through worse. They’ll be fine. 

Maybe what he does next is because Tony is still out cold and Steve feels ill at the sight of Tony laying there, injured and unconscious, maybe it’s the worry thats making it very difficult to breathe right now, maybe it’s… well. He doesn’t know. Whatever it is, he finds himself reaching out to touch his uninjured cheek with his gloved hand, lets it linger there for a moment. Tony doesn’t move. 

“Don’t worry,” Steve says quietly, trying to make his voice sound reassuring even though Tony can’t hear him. “I’ll keep you safe. I’ll figure this out.”

(comics/scifi blog: @spacenerdtonystark)

[M] (Un)safe Girl [Part 1] // BTS’ Suga

One night (?) stand smut.
Word Count: 4.2k.

Part 1 //

You were the kind of girl who played life by its rules.

You were the kind of girl who waited for the signal to turn green before crossing the street.

You were the kind of girl who checked library due dates and returned books well before their deadlines.

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they’ve been swallowing bullets and drinking poison for three years
the water coming from your sink shouldn’t resemble beer
over one thousand days spent fearing they’ll drop dead
over eight thousand children exposed to lead
so, pardon my french, but this is some fuckery
when did clean water become a luxury? 
add insult to injury and make them pay for this shit
“the water is safe, just don’t drink it”
how are they expected to survive?
you’re making them pay for illness and hives
making them pay for their neighbors falling ill
making them consider writing out their will
twelve gone already; may not seem like much
but twelve is far too many and enough is enough
maybe in two years things will be okay, maybe being okay won’t sound so insane
or maybe in two years i’ll be saying all of this again
we can’t keep quiet, there’s gotta be something we can do
so when will you care? when it’s happening to you?
—  it’s #WorldWaterDay and Flint, MI still does not have clean water
(cc, 2017)

explaining the guardian au


Tom is a light guardian meaning he helps you when your in stress and helps you make good choices in your life, guides you to life your life with happiness and keeps your dreams safe and sound. Youll know what guardian you have by a mark, light guardians users have a white feather in their wrist, if Ever the user is in trouble or confronted with a dark user the guardian will come and fight for you

Tord is a dark guardian, he will guide you to make misfortune to yourself or others around you, crushing people and destroying light users to make them into dark users, destroying a light user to make them into a dark one is not an easy job, mostly because you need to kill their guardian so you can reach the user, dark guardians mark is a dark rose on the back of the users neck, dark and light guardians never get along they usually just ending up killing each other to show power


You are able to touch your guardian as long you focuse on their energy if you lose concetration on their energy you will not be able to touch them anymore

How to pleasure a dark guardian they extreamly sensitive in their tails one tug is enough to make them scream in pain, if you rub the tip of their tails their get hot but not enough for them to give into pleasure rubbing the base of their tails and their moaning crossing their legs to try to keep self’s up, they love getting their chest rubbed if your rub and rub their nipples they start purring like cat and whimpering

Light users are hard to pleasure cuz their not easy to touch them, they usually like to dunk out when their user or another guardian is getting hot and bothered ,but if you managed to get them play with their wings they usually are sensitive there and if you hear them yelp your doing it right, light guardians love being praised ,calling them good boy/girl and is enough to pop a boner for them usually when their getting hot they flick their wings a bit so keep eye for that

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Shoutout to Nervous Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who legitimately care for their “prey” buddies.

Shoutout to Preds who don’t digest their prey.

Shoutout to Preds who spit their prey out when asked to.

Shoutout to Gentle Preds.

Shoutout to Protective Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who make sure prey are situated comfortably.

Shoutout to Loyal Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who have no fucking clue how Vore works and try to work it out anyways.

Shoutout to Preds who prep their prey by giving them reassurrance strokes and cuddles.

Shoutout to Preds who constantly check in to make sure if prey buddies are safe.

Shoutout to Preds who’d rather rip themselves apart than have a prey die in them.

Shoutout to Preds who are actual beings with feelings.

Shoutout to Preds who know their prey are actual beings with feeling and treat them accordingly.

Shoutout to Preds that take really uncomfortable indigestion medications/serums that completely screw up their systems and make them feel ill but put up with it for the sake of swallowed prey.

Shoutout to Preds who get uncomfortable and anxious listening to the sound of their own stomach noises in fear something’s going to happen to swallowed prey.

Shoutout to Voriphobic Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who nom for protective/accidental/safe Vore preds

Shoutout to Preds who are 100% non-kinked when it comes to Vore.

You are awesome.
I adore you.
You are loved.

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I need more Edi and Nik! Theyre actual gold! Okay. How about this: setting - boat, illness - seasick /AND/ (because Im horribly cruel) food poisoning. Maybe one of them is super seasick and then once their stomach settles a bit the other gets them to eat something (even if its just so they arent dry heaving anymore) and it turns out that that was a very bad idea. I don't know if this would actually work for them since I'm not sure if either boy gets seasick but if not that's totally fine!

*TW for eating disorder mentions*

As usual where Edi is concerned, there are mentions of an eating disorder in this fic (anorexia), so if you know you get triggered by that kind of stuff, please keep yourself safe and don’t read. My intention here is not to offend or upset or trigger anyone, and I have suffered with an ED myself so I just want y’all to be safe and happy <3

Also a warning for a small amount of scat, mostly because I wanted a clear difference between Edi being ill with travel sickness, and then food poisoning.

OMG thank you so much! I’m so pleased my new boys have gotten such a good reception! Edi is my little smol bean, bless him. This sounds exactly like something that would happen to him, since he has such a weak stomach, so enjoy a bit of self-indulgent Edi torturing!


It was a little after half an hour spent on the ferry that Nik began to notice Edi nuzzling in much closer to him than he normally would, especially since they were in full view of everyone around them. The small ginger boy was being even more clingy than usual, whining in an adorable little high pitched squeak if Nik so much shifted or moved his hand from stroking Edi’s hair for just a second.

Nik was sitting on one of the sofas where they could look out of the big windows on the side of the ship, and Edi was sitting beside him. However he wasn’t exactly sitting anymore, he was half sprawled in Nik’s lap, leaning into him dependently with his head resting on his chest. Nik was still  absent-mindedly caressing the small boys ginger curls, unsure if he was upset or something, when he noticed something unusual. Edi’s eyes were closed. It was unlikely he’d fallen asleep- being on moving transport was about the only time Edi couldn’t sleep, and besides, his eyes seemed closed in discomfort more than anything else. Nik frowned.

His face was paler too, his freckles barely visible. This was a major warning sign that something wasn’t right.

Just when Nik was about to ask Edi if he was ok, Edi lurched forward with a sickly sounding burp, breathy and acidic. Edi groaned and slapped a hand over his mouth, shutting his eyes and whimpering softly as his other hand found it’s way to rest on his stomach.

“Shit” Nik exclaimed, hastily fumbling in his bag for one of Edi’s sick bags, which he always carried with him for occasions just like this. He knew something wasn’t right. Of course, Edi had been getting so clingy because his tummy was bothering him and he wasn’t feeling well, but he had been too embarrassed to say anything. Really, you’d think being a nurse would give him more sense to get himself somewhere to be sick, or at least tell Nik so he could help him, but that just goes to show how embarrassed poor Edi gets when he’s ill.

As soon as Nik had opened the sick bag and held it under his chin, Edi was sick into it. Nik was surprised that Edi had so much in his stomach to throw up, considering he really hadn’t had a lot to eat for the last few days. The recovery meal plan had been going ok until Nik had caught him chewing and spitting food into an opaque plastic cup at the table, so it turned out most of the 1,200 calories Edi was supposedly eating a day, weren’t actually ending up in his body at all. Now they were back to square one, with Edi on a mere 600kcal a day to build him back up to larger amounts, although he quite often struggled just to get to 600.

A thick gurgling heave had Edi emptying the rest of his stomach contents into the small bag. He retched a few times, gagging up a few smaller streams and moaning in pain and humiliation. When he seemed to be done, Nik quickly sealed and disposed of the soiled bag, before producing a tissue to gently wipe the sad string of saliva stuck to Edi’s chin. The sick boy was sitting with his eyes closed, with both hands wrapped around his tummy. Nik pulled out another clean bag and placed it on Edi’s lap, just to be prepared.

“I’m guessing your tummy doesn’t agree with the movement of the boat, huh?” Nik said softly, rubbing Edi’s back reassuringly. The thought alone of the rocking boat had Edi gagging in his mouth unexpectedly, his cheeks bulging. He hunched forward and screwed up his eyes tighter, but didn’t have the presence of mind to open the bag, so Nik had to do it for him, holding it patiently under his chin as Edi got sick again.

“Hueerrrrggglllhh” he unexpectedly brought up another thick gush of vomit which took both him and Nik by surprise.

“Oh Edi…” Nik murmured comfortingly, throwing the second bag away and allowing an exhausted Edi to snuggle into him. He was blushing deeply in embarrassment, before hiccuping queasily.

“I’m sorry…” He sobbed. Nik stroked his sweaty curls.

“It’s alright, you couldn’t help it.” He soothed. There was no point telling Edi to give him some warning that he was feeling nauseous next time, he knew Edi wouldn’t.

“I don’t feel good…” Edi whined and Nik held him closer.

“I know, I know…Do you want some water?”

Edi shook his head miserably and groaned. “Feel too sick…”

“It might help you feel better? Come on, just a small sip…”

Edi grimaced as Nik raised the plastic bottle to his lips, but obliged nonetheless. Afterwards, Nik gently helped him lay down in his lap and resumed stroking his hair.

For a while, it seemed that Edi was so exhausted from feeling so poorly that he actually went to sleep, but when he suddenly awoke with a breathy burp, accompanied by a low guttural moan, Nik could tell what was coming.

“Hurrrrkkk! Hurrrrlllllkkk…” Edi heaved miserably, the awful retches wracking his tiny frail frame. He managed to get up a few thin trickles of sick which dripped patheticallly into the bag, but apart from that, most of it was horrible, unrelentless dry heaving. The poor boy was making so much noise that fellow passengers kept looking over in concern. One lady even approached Nik, who was busy holding a shaking Edi upright as he heaved, rubbing his back slowly, and gave him some seasick bands, and some tablets.
“Thank you…” Nik smiled gratefully. He wasn’t sure the tablets were gonna stay down, but it was a nice thought. He’d never seen anyone get quite so sick from a boat before, but then, this was Edi- he should have guessed.

“Shh.. shh…” Nik soothed Edi as he retched loudly again, starting to cry. “It’s ok, you’re alright.” He rocked the sick boy gently, and eventually Edi managed to calm down enough for Nik to dispose of the bag and lay him back down in his lap.

A passing crew member walked past and quickly saw the situation- a small pale and sickly looking boy spread out over his boyfriend with a hand holding his tummy and a sick bag in the other. She walked off and returned with a bucket.

“Here you go darling…” She whispered gently to Edi. “I know it’s not nice being sick into a bag. Can I get you some water or anything?” She turned to Nik, as Edi had his eyes shut as the boat went over another wave. He whimpered slightly and Nik frowned and looked down at him in concern.

“No thanks…” He smiled sadly. “ I don’t think poor Edi’s feeling up to water at the moment…” He grimaced. “Thanks though.”

“No problem honey, just give one of us a shout if you need anything.”

The next hour on the ferry passed in very much the same fashion- Edi throwing up and retching for about 10 minutes, then falling asleep before feeling progressively worse until he ended up getting sick again about 5 minutes later. The poor thing was an absolute wreck, his tummy was sore and his voice was hoarse. His cheeks were tear stained, and as he curled up into Nik for the 5th time, still clutching his tummy, he whimpered miserably as the boat rocked and swayed.

Eventually Nik managed to coax him into drinking small sips of water. He picked up Edi’s small delicate hands in his own and tenderly slipped the seasick bracelets into place. They actually seemed to help slightly- Edi was still being sick every so often, throwing up the tiny amounts of water he’d managed to put in his stomach, but he was feeling less nauseous then he was an hour ago.

“Do you think you’re ready to try taking this travel sick tablet yet?” Nik asked him gently as Edi moaned and squirmed restlessly. He hadn’t been interrupted by another bout of dry heaving in about 15 minutes, but he wasn’t particularly feeling any better for it. He was fed up and feeling utterly miserable. He just wanted it to end- he couldn’t wait to get off this awful boat.

“Might as well…” Edi muttered grouchily, turning over and sitting up slightly. He massaged his aching stomach with a look of discontent of his face. “It can’t exactly do any harm… I’m probably gonna puke again soon anyway…” He pouted. He took the tablet and Nik smiled reassuringly at him.

“Well hopefully the tablet might help your tummy feel a bit better.” He said positively, but Edi looked doubtful.

“I think I’m gonna be sick…” Edi grate out in a thick, strained voice. He sat very still, hand over his mouth, the other wrapped firmly around his abdomen.

“You’re ok, just take deep breaths… There’s hardly anything inside you to throw up, and if you can keep those tablets down it’ll make you feel better…”

Edi panted nauseously, and gagged. Nik drew the bucket closer in preparation but remarkedly Edi managed to keep it down.

After a few tense moments of silence, a small voice piped up.

“Can I have a cuddle now?”

Nik laughed. “Of course you can darling, well done.” He said gently before pulling Edi into a hug.

Edi soon nodded off to sleep, and Nik absentmindedly started massaging his poorly stomach. Edi moaned in appreciation, still half asleep, otherwise he wouldn’t be letting Nik touch his tummy, especially when it was all gurgly and gross when he got sick.

Edi awoke later, and immediately felt the benefit of the tablets. Amazed they had worked, he snuggled into Nik and took hold of his hand, planting a gentle kiss on it.

“How’re you feeling, sweetie?” Nik asked him.

“Empty and sore, but better. I don’t feel so sick…” Edi said shakily and Nik smiled.

“Well it’s lunchtime. I’m gonna go and get a sandwich or something. Do you want anything?”

Edi immediately shook his head, his automatic response when asked if he wanted food. Nik sighed.

“600 Edi…” He reminded the smaller boy. “I know you’re not feeling great, but you need to at least eat something. Anything you want.”

“I still feel icky…” Edi moaned quietly. “I still feel a bit sick. I don’t wanna puke again.”

“Honestly, it will do you good. You haven’t had hardly anything to eat for 3 days now, you need to have something in your stomach, even if means you’re not dry heaving anymore. If you’re sick again, you’re sick again, but personally I think having something small to eat might help settle your stomach a little.

“Ok…” Edi sighed. “Can I come and choose?” He said, not wanting to be left alone.

“Are you feeling up to it?” Nik asked in concern. Edi had some of his colour back, but he was still quite pale.

“I’m alright…” Edi assured him, rising to his feet a little too fast. He stumbled and Nik grabbed him around the waist to steady him.

“You’re a stubborn little bean.” He laughed kindly, and supported Edi’s weak body as they walked off slowly to find a shop.


They came back to their seats 10 minutes later- Nik with a protein shake and and a KFC banquet box, and Edi with a chicken salad sandwich and a bottle of water. The sandwich was one of those reduced fat ones, which is what had drawn his eye to it, along with the fact that he could easily pick out the salad and eat that and nothing else. And if the worst really came to it, he really did like chicken too, even if he rarely allowed himself to eat it.

Nik sat and tucked into his greasy chicken thighs, and part of Edi was jealous. Once upon a time, he would of been able to sit here and munch on the succulent chicken and salty chips with Nik. It’s not that he didn’t want to. It’s that he couldn’t. As much as it was making his mouth water just smelling it, he knew at the end of the day there would be no way he would ever be able to eat one…they just contain too much fat, too many calories. He just couldn’t-

“Edi?” Nik prompted him, looking expectantly at the sandwich sat in Edi’s lap. Edi sighed and pulled off the plastic wrapper, grimacing when his hands came into contact with a layer of slimy mayonnaise.

Shit. He hadn’t realised it had mayonnaise in… that’s got to be another 98kcal at least…

His brain went into overdrive mode as he fervently checked the nutrition information on the packet again. Nik watched him with an eyebrow raised.

“Edi, you’ve just spent the last two hours throwing up what little you’ve actually eaten this week- I’m sure you can make allowances for one sandwich.” He said gently. Edi sighed.

He pulled the sandwich apart slowly, inspecting it as if something untoward was about to jump out of it at him. He took off the top layer of bread, and picked up a piece of lettuce, wiping the mayonnaise off on a serviette with a look of disgust.

He chewed on the lettuce innocently until Nik looked over and noticed what he was doing.

“Edi, it’s a sandwich. You’re supposed to pick it up and eat it, not pull it to shreds.”

“But bread…  carbs…” Edi muttered, more to himself than anything. He looked up at Nik with round but frightened puppy eyes.


Nik laughed kindly. “I know you don’t want it, but please try and eat some of the bread at least. You could do with something solid in your stomach. And if you really don’t want the mayonnaise you can wipe it off on the serviette if you must.”

Edi quickly took advantage of this, and wiped all the mayonnaise off the sandwich. He pulled off a piece of bread and took a few small bites of it. He then picked up some chicken and ate that. He hadn’t eaten chicken in so long. It tasted good.

He ate all of the chicken and the salad, and about half a slice of bread. Nik eventually encouraged him to finish the slice of bread, but by the end, Edi felt uncomfortably full.

Nik frowned when he told him this. Yes, Edi had a much smaller stomach than most people, but this was a record even for him. But then again, it was probably just because he wasn’t very hungry because of how sick he’d just been.

After eating, they settled back down into a cuddle again, with Edi laid comfortably in Nik’s lap. He still felt unpleasantly full, and he didn’t like the feeling one bit. He tried to inconspicuously rub at his stomach under his top, hoping Nik wouldn’t see.

Nik did notice, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to upset Edi, but he could quite clearly see that the younger man still wasn’t feeling very well. Maybe he shouldn’t of persuaded him to eat so much- now it seemed like his stomach was really bothering him.

However despite his concerns, Edi soon feel asleep. Nik let out a subconscious sigh of relief- maybe getting him to eat wasn’t such a bad idea after all, it seemed to have made him sleepy and relaxed anyway. Content that Edi was ok, Nik let himself nod off too.


“Heeuurrrlgggghh!” The first thing Edi was aware of when he suddenly awoke, it that he’d just been terribly sick all over himself and Nik’s lap. The second thing, is that he knew he wasn’t done.

“Heurrrrlllkk!” Hhheeurrlllghh…” A huge gush of vomit spattered all down his t shirt before he could even move. He felt absolutely awful- his stomach was tearing itself to shreds inside him and he felt unbearably nauseous.

Nik awoke to a sudden loud noise and the sensation of warm chunky liquid soaking through his top. He jerked awake and his heart fell when he quickly surveyed the scene.

“Edi? Oh god, Edi! Baby, it’s alright, you’re ok…” Nik soothed him as he wrapped his arm around the small shaking boy. Edi had been sick all down himself, and was still gagging and holding his stomach in pain. He was crying and trembling as he retched again bringing up a smaller wave.

“It- it hurts…” He cried, as Nik tried to ease him off his lap so he could reach the bucket.

“Heeurrrhh, heurrlllggh!” Edi sobbed as he was sick again, thankfully into the bucket this time.

“Oh god Edi… you’re so sick…” Nik fretted. Everything he had persuaded Edi to eat had made a vile appearance into the bucket and also a significant amount over Edi himself. He heaved again as another chunky undigested mess of sandwich splashed into the bucket.
Nik was still trying to work out what to do. This wasn’t normal…

“My stomach- it feels so bad…” Edi sobbed. He doubled over with another empty retch as another wave of cramps ripped through his system. “Ohh- oh god… I need the toilet!” He squeaked in alarm.

“It’s ok, we can stay here, I’ll get someone to bring us some wipes and another bucket…”

“No…” Edi shook his head quickly, shuddering through nausea. “Ohhh…” He stood up and started to walk unsteadily toward the bathroom, still almost bent double, clutching his stomach. He had to stop after a few steps to shut his eyes and moan, swallowing thickly.

“Oh god…” Nik muttered, running to help him. He now understood what Edi meant…

In the end Nik scooped him up, an easy feat for someone less than half his size. He carried Edi to the toilet, walking briskly. All the while, Edi retched and sobbed, folding in on himself as cramped wreaked havoc with his now very poorly stomach. He didn’t think he’d ever felt this awful in his life.

They got a few, ok a lot, of worried glances as Nik ran down the corridoor holding a whimpering and sick splattered boy in his arms. Sick like this, Nik imagined that Edi looked a lot younger than he actually was, especially combined with his much smaller than average frame. He probably looked like a frail trembling child held tenderly in his arms.

The same crew attendant lady saw the state they were in and quickly pulled Nik to the side.

“Here…” She said, thrusting a radar key at him. “You can use the disabled toilet.” Nik thanked her gratefully, but she frowned. “Is your son ok? He looks quite ill… this doesn’t look like seasickness anymore…”

“I don’t know…” Nik fretted. “He just woke up, and was so sick…” He paused. “Wait- he’s not my son, he’s my boyfriend!”

This made the lady look even more concerned, but before she could say anything else, Edi moaned sickly in Nik’s arms.


“Ok, ok buddy, there you go…” Nik soothed him, setting Edi down on the toilet and locking the door of the disabled bathroom behind them.

“Please leave…” Edi sobbed, holding his stomach as he sat, still fully clothed on the toilet lid.

“Darling, it’s ok. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, you’re really poorly darling…”

“Please…” Edi cried out as another cramp hit his stomach. He didn’t have long, and Nik wasn’t budging.

“Please just face the other way then…” He whimpered breathlessly, and Nik obliged reluctantly, hating that Edi wouldn’t even let him help him.

A few moments passed before Nik heard Edi get violently ill into the toilet. Nik shuddered at the sound, and longed to turn around and comfort the poor man, but knew he couldn’t.

For a few seconds the room was completely silent apart from Edi whimpering as his stomach gurgled sickenly. Then-

“P- please-could you help me?…I think- I think I’m going to be sick…” Edi said, his voice shaky with tears.

Nik immediately rushed to his side, picking up the waste paper bin and putting it on Edi’s lap. He held it there whilst Edi got sick again, and rubbed his back. When he’d finished, Edi hung over the bowl panting nauseously, and Nik held him tight, not caring about how sweaty his boyfriend was, or the fact that he was covered in puke and the whole room just smelt absolutely awful. His poor boyfriend was sick and that was all that mattered.

“Will you be ok here for a moment?” Nik asked him, an idea quickly forming in his mind. Edi nodded forlornly. He didn’t want Nik to leave him, but then again, he couldn’t blame him. A few minutes ago, Edi had begged to be alone. Now he just wanted to be cuddled and told everything was going to be ok- he felt so unwell.

Without saying anything else, Nik sprinted from the room.


“Heeuurghhhh! Heurrrllkk!” Edi was still retching miserably when Nik came back. He had a big bag in his arms, containing a towel, a blanket, 2 packets of baby wipes and a load of clean clothes. He’d ran all the way down 7 flights of stairs and back to their car and was panting hard.

He didn’t expect Edi to still be getting sick. He dropped to his knees beside him.

“There there…” He soothed, feeling a bit awkward but knowing that Edi loved to be comforted. “It’s gonna be ok. Now, do you think you’re finished on the toilet for now?”

Edi nodded sadly. He still felt horrendously sick more than anything. He cleaned himself up while Nik pulled out some clean clothes from the bag. Edi almost cried at the welcoming sight of them.


15 exhausting minutes and a lot of baby wipes later, Edi and Nik were both clean and dry, in fresh clothes. There was a clean bucket in front of their seat, and Edi was wrapped in a blanket huddled up in Nik’s lap. He still felt awful, but at least he was clean and dry, and as comfortable as he was going to get.

He was shivering, but at least he wasn’t crying. He moaned restlessly, letting Nik massage his tummy.

“I think it might of been the chicken…” Nik said quietly. Edi grimaced and blanched whiter at the thought. He buried his face into Nik’s jumper.

“Some start to our holiday…”

Flatmates, Ch. 6

Here’s the latest in the Flatmates AU I’ve been working on.  It’s a bittersweet chapter, I think.  You can catch up on Ao3 here [x].  Thanks to my AU mates @harritudur and @feuillesmortes for all the inspiration you always seem to give me!

“Lizzie, it’s mum.  Just checking in.”  Mum’s voice crackled on the answering machine over the hum of the tape.  “We’ve moved, just so you know.  So Christmas may be a bit hectic this year, darling, everything is still in boxes you know.  Let me give you the address…”

Moved?  Lizzie’s brows knit in consternation as she slung her rucksack onto the floor and copied the new address and phone number onto the pad on her nightstand.  

She dialed up the number immediately and waited while the line rang.  Mum had never so much as mentioned a moved to her in the past, not that she’d noticed any how.


“Mum?”  Lizzie leaned up against her headboard and drew her knees up to her chest.  “I just got your message.”

Keep reading

It sounds as if the eating disorder is like a costume for you.

It keeps you safe; it protects you. You’re still here because you want to take it off, but you’re afraid there’s nothing else to wear. You don’t want to be bare even for the second between a costume change.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you find your whole self. To feel safe without the costume. To find a life that serves all that you are, not the identity of the illness.

—  Clinician during a treatment intake this morning

deseretgear  asked:

Jim I love that u take papyrus with you everywhere I bet he is having a blast being an alien space rock and now a superhero... Also out of curiosity how do u pronounce pavljica? My American brain is going "pav-ill-jih-kah" but I don't think that's right...

i will take papyrus with me where ever i go figuratively and literally tbh
when i go to places that intimidate me i always wear my papyrus shirt lmao it makes me feel more confident and safe, my good luck shirt lmao <’:

also i’m really bad at writing these things but i think this sounds kinda right;


none of that soft weak english r tho
give it a good hard slavic R (or spanish! the spanish also get it).