you and i: nymph


Hey all, here’s my new character!

Meet Flinn; a biologist, and chemistry hobbyist who’s a sea-fairing genus of nymph I think? He works with a lab titled Biofin Industries, which mostly serves remedies for disease, and that’s his main profession. He’s remarkably stuck-up and doesn’t believe there’s anyone as dedicated as him to his line of work, and though he’d go above and beyond to get what he wants accomplished, he’s very far from the best

Beginning of a really weird friendship

Context: one of the npcs is a young rowdy wood nymph, who we were trying to find. My character (Daren) is impulsive, and has slight anger issues. We were by a forested area, and I decided to punch a tree out of frustration.

Tree: Ow! *nymph falls out of tree clutching a bloody nose*

Daren: Oh shit

Nymph: You punched me!

Daren: I didn’t know you were in a tree, I didn’t even know you could turn into a tree!

Nymph: Why the hell would you even punch a tree!

Daren: I have a bad history with trees okay!

Nymph: Still, why the HELL would you punch a tree?!

Daren: Shut up *walks over to nymph with handkerchief* here let me help

Nymph: Hell no! *slaps Daren in the face*

Daren takes a moment and then slaps the nymph back. This continues until the monk catches up and unleashes her rage on Daren.

Slowly. Gently.

So, I was drifting off to sleep, when this idea came to mind, and would not leave me alone. Therefore, I decided to write it down and post it as a 4 minute belated birthday for the amazing @phiralovesloki. You are a wonderful friend, and have done so much for me, you don’t even know. I wish you all the good things in the world. I also hope you enjoy this.

words: 359

rating: M

He lowers her down to the bed.
Slowly. Gently. 
As though he thought that if he were to make one wrong move, this whole thing would shatter.

Which, she thought, it might.

He hovered over her now, his reverent eyes upon her as if she were an Angel right there, beneath him.

He catches her gaze. She holds his, “Are you sure, love?” he whispers.

Blue eyes stare into green. She nods.


His kiss is as intoxicating as it always has been. The trail his mouth leaves down her neck, burning. She had never felt this intensely before. For anyone.

His right hand is everywhere, making her head spin. He traces and retraces, as if he were trying to memorize every inch of her body.

Which, she thought, he might be.

She grabs at him. Pulling him close. Anchoring him. She touches him, making his breath catch. Once. Twice.

With a smile, she guides him, and he obeys. His eyes lock on hers. He enters.
Deliciously. Delicately. Her nerves are on fire. She’s sure his are as well, looking at his tense muscles.

He kisses her. He begins to move.
Slowly. Gently. 
As if he thought that if he went any faster, the moment may be ruined.

Which, she knew, it wouldn’t.

The ebb and flow of him. The roll of her hips as she kept pace. The intense amount of love in his eyes as he watched her.
This was Nirvana. It had to be.

His pace quickens. So does their breathing.
His lips return to hers. His hand is between them.
Suddenly, a burst. White light behind her eyes. Ecstasy.

He calls her name. She moans his.
They lie together. Sheets tangled. Sticky and sweaty.

Green eyes stare into blue.
“Killian?” she whispers, her fingers gently playing with the coarse hair on his chest.
“Love?” he replies, just as softly.

She smiles at him. He grins at her.
“It was never a one time thing.”

A soft chuckle. He draws her in closer.
“Emma?” he whispers, his eyebrow rising. She cocks her head.
“Thank you for letting me know.”

They drift off to sleep. Softly. Gently.

The Flame Nymph

All you wanted was to spend the winter solstice, free from your duties as a Naiad.  You weren’t supposed to find him like that. You weren’t supposed to get attached to his bright smile that veiled years of emotional hurt. They always said opposites attract, but was it always true…?

Nymph!Au |  Chanyeol  x  Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff  | Warning/s: none |

Words: 6000 | One-Shot |

The day had finally come. The one day where you were entirely free of the duties you were born with. The one day in the celestial calendar that you looked forward to with the entirety of your heart. The most magical time of the year.  Your people always became too busy celebrating, to notice your absence. So, you slipped away into the Human realm. The one night of freedom you had known as the winter solstice.  

The thing is you were a river nymph, specifically a Naiad. Protecting the river was your duty. Making sure its banks didn’t cross into Dryad territory, the land protected by forest Nymphs. Watching the plants and aquatic animals live and thrive together. Glittering fish, swaying plants and air bubbles within the constant blue. That’s what you protected.

But Naiad’s didn’t like socialising with each other except for on festivals. So you were mostly alone, which at first was ok, but ever since you spied on Dryads conversing happily with each other, you thought otherwise. You wanted someone to talk to, someone to have fun with, be comfortable with. But that didn’t seem very possible when you were in Naiad territory.

Buzzing around within your room, you gathered together your outfit for tonight when you would resurface. The air bubbles you made from moving around, rose to your open ceiling to reunite with the surface.

Moving in front of your mirror, you threaded your freshwater pearl pins within your hair, effectively pinning your hair up. Your hair flowed behind you as you swam to your door that opened up to the wide tides of your home beneath the surface. A small smile played at your lips, as your mind swarmed with images of what it would be like. You were so accustomed to living within the river, you couldn’t help but wonder if there was more beyond the surface, beyond the horizon, beyond the butterflies within you.  

Kicking your feet behind you, you propelled yourself through the water, as you made your way to the surface. Where the two worlds met and became one.

Where the sun, moon and stars ruled the sky, and watched time fly by peacefully from above.

The water’s surface reflected the sky that was set alight with the colours of the setting sun. Your eyes widened in confusion. The Dryad Forest was surprisingly smaller than you remember. Your expression pulled up in confusion, ‘Dryads are so weird-’, you thought, before your eyes landed on a bright red rock in the distance.

At least you thought it was a rock?

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Magic, Shance Fluff Week Prompt 6

June 9th: Magic/Tech

“A wizard, Pidge! One of the most powerful the country has ever seen!!! And he constantly stops by my shop! He always buys the ice crystal jars I make, and he’s so polite and sweet and I have a huge crush and I don’t know what to do!” A man in a blue and white apron wailed, sitting at the edge of a pond, a forest nymph patting his back sympathetically.

Pidge fluttered her wings and laughed at her distressed water mage friend, amused by the human male’s crush on a fellow magic user. “Honestly Lance, you humans are kinda hopeless at courting sometimes. If you like him, just tell him! It’s really quite simple.” She offered, only for the water mage to shake his head sadly.

“Pidge, I told you, he’s the Champion. Princess Allura’s most powerful wizard, able to bend the sky itself. And I’m… just a simple water user. My special skill is making glass things out of unmeltable ice or making shapes out of liquids.” Lance murmured, blue eyes dark with sorrow as he lifted his hand and pulled some of the pond water towards him, shifting its shape to resemble the man he so desperately loved from afar.

Pidge hummed quietly and then looked up at the sky. “Hey, it’s almost time for the summer festival to start. Are you going to go?” She asked, moving to stand in front of him with a raised eyebrow.

Lance chuckled and merely pocketed the pond water in his canteen for later. “Nah, I’ve got more stuff to make. Hunk needs an ice sculpture case for a cake he’s delivering to the Castle. Something about keeping it chilled so the frosting won’t melt in this heat or whatever. A delivery for the Castle needs an extra special ice case, since it’s a cake for the Princess.” He explained, getting to his feet and dusting off his pants.

Pidge lit up. “Hey, I’ve never seen you make an ice case before, can I come watch? Please?” The forest nymph begged, tugging at the taller man’s jacket.

Lance ruffled her hair. “Sure thing, Pigeon! Come on, if we hurry we can get there before noon rush.” Pidge jumped in joy and grabbed the water mage by the arm, tugging him along to his shop.

A few hours later, the young nymph was watching in fascination as Lance skillfully weaved water in a crisscross motion over the cake that had been delivered only the hour before, golden brown eyes wide as he held the water in place, hands sparking with blue magic that steadily grew lighter in color as the water began to freeze.

Neither noticed the doorbell jingle, nor the purple and black robed wizard that stepped into the shop. Lance stuck his tongue out a bit, concentrated on the weaving pattern that whirled around the three tiered cake, sweating only slightly as the water began to freeze.

The newcomer stayed silent, wide eyed, and shyly ducked behind a shelf to keep watching. Lance froze the entire case, a beautiful latticework that sparkled in white and blue.

“Right, one half down, one half to go.” Lance sighed, Pidge jumping onto the counter to circle the cake, tracing the patterned ice with a shiver and a smile.

Lance shooed the little nymph off of the table. “Pidge! It’s not done yet! Hunk said someone from the Castle will be here to pick up the cake soon, I need this finished before they get here!” He scolded, turning back to summon more purified spring water from his stores.

He turned back to the cake and swirled the liquid through the latticework, curving the water to cover the exposed gaps in beautiful ice flowers that resembled juniberries, the favorite flower of the Princess. He clapped his hands and froze everything together in a shower of gorgeous blue sparks, finished.

He jerked away from the cake when he heard a soft gasp that was definitely not from Pidge. He looked up, startled, to see the very wizard he had been crushing on watching him from next to a shelf full of summer potion bottles. Pidge observed with fascination as both men turned bright red, giggling.

“Uh, hello again. I was, well, sent to pick up the ice coated cake for the Princess?” The Champion asked, stepping out from behind the shelf, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

Lance gaped until Pidge leaned over to gently shut his mouth, snapping him from his funk. “Oh! Well, you’re just in time, I just finished sealing it up…” the water mage stammered, face still red.

The Champion moved forward, smiling. “Thank you. The Princess appreciates your work, and frankly so do I. It’s beautiful!” He praised, silver eyes not exactly focused on the cake.

Pidge smirked as Lance flushed an even deeper red. “Ah, you’re welcome, uh, I mean thanks, I mean, umm, I’m glad you like it?” The water mage stammered, flustered.

“Hi, I’m Pidge. Nice to meet you, Champion!” The nymph decided to, and she was totally going to tell Hunk about this later, break the ice herself and held out a hand in greeting.

The Champion smiled and shook her hand with his human arm, mindful of the iron and steel prosthetic as some metals could hurt Fae and Nymphs like her. “Please, call me Shiro. It’s nice to meet you too, Pidge.”

Pidge nodded and nudged Lance. “This here is Lance, though I’m sure you know him already. I’ve heard a lot about- Mmph!” She was cut off by Lance’s hand over her mouth.

“Pidge!!! That’s a secret! Shush!” The water user hissed, face such a red color that even a fire mage wouldn’t be able to replicate it.

Shiro laughed at the strange duo, amused. “You two must be quite close, are you going to the festival together?” He asked, tilting his head to the side like a curious puppy and damn it if it wasn’t the cutest thing Lance had ever seen.

Pidge tugged Lance’s hand away and shook her head. “Nah, we’ve only been friends for a few years. As for the festival, I’m taking my brother while my icy pal here has nobody to go with, poor seedling.” She cooed, patting Lance on the head as if he were a petulant child.

Lance pouted and batted her hand away. “It’s fine! Not like I wanted to go anyways…” He muttered, sulking.

Shiro seemed to perk up at that. “Well, if you’d like, after I drop this off at the Castle… I could take you? I happen to have nobody to go with either.” He explained brightly, watching Lance practically sparkle in excitement.

“Really?! You’d do that?” Lance asked hopefully, grin widening as Shiro nodded with a fond smile.

“I’ll be back in an hour or so?” He asked, and Lance shook his head up and down rapidly, thrilled.

“Of course! See you then!” The water mage beamed, Shiro grinning in return as he easily levitated the cake with a wind spell.

“It’s a date then!” The Champion called as he exited the shop, unknowingly leaving behind a shell shocked Lance and a gleeful forest nymph.

Pidge pressed a hand over her mouth, a proud smirk easily spreading across her face. “Did he just ask you out?” She prompted, elbowing her stunned human friend. Lance opened and closed his mouth a few times, still processing the information.

“Oh my gods. He just- He said- a date?!? With him?!? Pidge! I just got asked out! To the Festival! By the Champion himself!” Lance screeched, hands flying up to dig into his scalp in astonishment.

“Yes, you did. Now, shouldn’t you get changed into something more appropriate for a date?” Pidge asked, struggling to hold in her laughter as the human shrieked in panic and immediately looked himself over, eyes wide.

“Oh my gods! Pidge! You’ve gotta help me out here!!!” The water mage yelped, grabbing Pidge by the arm and yanking her upstairs to the living area of the shop, the nymph rolling her eyes in exasperation as the human practically tore through his wardrobe.

Meanwhile, at the Castle, after dropping off the cake to the kitchens, Shiro practically burst into his workshop, both his brother and the Princess already there to talk about fireworks for the festival.


Keith glanced over at the Princess with a smug grin on his face. “You owe me 100 gold, I believe.” Shiro was too busy panicking to notice the exchange.

Allura sighed defeatedly. “Darn. I have to hand it to you and Pidge, you two really know how to plan these things.”

Keith smiled. “That girl has a terrifying mind, I’ll tell you that.”
Don’t worry, the date went super smoothly thanks to Allura giving Shiro wardrobe advice and Pidge telling Lance to play it cool. They had a second date a week after ;3 I hope this turned out alright!

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Tell me a sappy story?

(How about sappy in both senses, because I can never resist a pun?)

“Hello,” said the dryad, venturing forth from the cluster of trees dotted along the slope. Her skin was silver-brown, her tangled hair was a soft blue-green, and her long fingers were cupped as if holding something precious.

“Hello,” replied the oread, toes at the edge of her cliff. Her skin was the sun-warmed tan of rock, her hair was streaked through with red, and very rarely did she speak with nymphs of other kinds.

The dryad’s hands flowered open to reveal nestled between then a precious seed.

“I would like my son to grow where he may know the wine-dark sea,” she said, her wine-dark eyes black and bright. “Would you show me where his roots would find firm soil to grip, that wind could not rip him free?”

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long hair!reader x sincerely three

as a person with long-ass hair, i loved coming up with these because i think they’re really accurate??? and i’m living???

evan –

-         would adore it when it was down and draped over your shoulder

-         is really good at braiding and would totally!! braid!! flowers!! into it!!

-         “you look like a forest queen!!”

-         “no, you dork!! i look like a woodland nymph!!”

-         *giggling ensues*

-         always makes/buys you flower crowns

-         he got you twelve for your birthday

-         you always let him braid it when he’s anxious because doing repetitive, mundane tasks helps him calm down

connor –

-         always. steals. your. fucking. hair ties.

-         “connor, i swear i just bought, like, 200 hair ties. where did they all go?? ”

-         *hides a shit ton of them in his end table* “uhhhh, i don’t know babe!!”

-         when he pulls his hair up into a bun, he pulls yours up too so you guys can match

-         ruffles the top of your hair a lot

-         *ruffle ruffle* “you’re adorable. i love you.”

-         “fuck you. you’re messing up my hair.”

-         he’ll pull you toward him by your hair so he can kiss you when you’re being a hard-ass and won’t come near him

jared –

-         there never is a time when he’s not pulling your hair

-         literally

-         needs your attention? *hair pull* wants to annoy you? *hair pull* wants a kiss? *hair pull* wants to cuddle? *hair pull*

-         and you can bet your ass that this kinky motherfucker always pulls on your hair when y’all are making out

-         when he’s not pulling on it, he’s brushing it so it can be ‘of the optimal texture for intense pulling’

-         can’t style it??? like??? at all???

-         he tried to braid it once and he made it so knotted that it took you three. hours. to comb it out

-         you still love him though

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I so desperately wanted somthing good today so I decided re-read some of your old posts. They all are so great! But I found out that there is no Saeran and V in request about Wedding night with RFA:(. Can you please do them too when you have time? These two guys really deserve something so sweet!

Thank you, you’re really sweet <3 I’m so glad I’m bringing you this much happiness, and feel free to alwways talk to me if you feel like it, okay?

So here it is:

Wedding night: Saeran and V 


  • “Okay, I heard about runaway brides and runaway grooms, but this is crazy.” Zen stated to Jaehee.
  • “And the best man is missing too.” Jumin said. “What? Saeyoung isn’t here either?”
  • “No, I checked twice, the three of them just… disappeared.” Yoosung said breathlessly, as he came in running.
  • Nobody wanted to say it loud, but they were all thinking the same: the twins’ father. Did he take you as hostage and forced the tins to come with him without resistance?
  • You and Saeran let your phones in the hotel, Saeyoung had his, apparently, but it kept going to voicemail, which was already filled with messages from Yoosung.
  • Jumin was getting ready to send a force task after the three of you. But Saeyoung finally picked up. “Saeyoung, what’s happening? Are you okay? Are MC and Saeran okay?” Yoosung sounded desperate, but he was so relieved
  • “Yeah, they’re great! Just chill, bro.” “How can I chill? The bride and the groom are missing!” “They’re not missing, they’re fine and in the way of their honeymoon.” “What? How can they have a honeymoon without the wedding?” Zen asked as Yoosung put the call on speaker.
  • “Yeah, here’s the thing… there won’t be a wedding…” “What?” all of them asked at the same time. “Well, you should hear this from them, but they decided they aren’t ready for a wedding right now.” “But are they ready for honeymoon, huh?” Jumin asked, his personal beliefs were very clear here.
  • “Well, I’m not in the position to judge and neither are you. Let them be happy as they want. Okay, gotta go! Something just came up! Ba-bye!” he hangs up “Where were we?”
  • “The part about me taking this man to be my lawfully wedded husband?” you say, smiling. “Seriously, what kind of minister answers his phone in the middle of the vows?” Saeran glared at his brother.
  •  “I’m not a real minister, bro, I’m just doing this because you two insisted in having a smaller ceremony.” Really smaller, as it were only the three of you, and a squirrel walking by in the park you two chose to have this symbolic ceremony. So what if it wasn’t official? What you two shared felt official for a while now…
  • “Yeah, whatever. And what’s with the honeymoon thing? Tmi, stupid!” “Well, that was the only way to make them feel uncomfortable about asking anything else, you’re welcome. And can I say you’re very cute saying ‘tmi’, brother? You’re cute, Saeran” Saeyoung teased him.
  • Saeran was ready to pick up a fight, but you cupped his face with your hands, forcing him to focus on you. “This is not a moment to fight, this is about love, remember?” How could he forget? You looked like you just stepped out of one of his dreams, the ones he never thought he could have a few years ago.
  • “Yeah, of course. I’m sorry.” He said, blushing. You wanted to squeeze his cheeks, but that would only make him more flustered, and he hated being flustered in front of his brother. “That’s fine, I know you’re just nervous. Proceed, Minister Choi”
  • “Yes, sure. So, uhm… MC, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in… ah, that’s boring and I’m not a real Minister, let’s go to the fun part… If there be anyone present who may show just and lawful cause why this couple may not be legally wed, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.” “There’s nobody here but us, idiot!” “What about the squirrel?”
  • “I swear in the name of the squirrel I’ll punch you, Saeyoung!” you glare at him, Saeran chuckles at your sudden change of mood. “Ahhh, don’t! Your punches really hurt! Uhmm… with the powers vested in me by Longcat, I now pronounce you wife and husband…”
  • “Aren’t you missing something?” Saeran asks impatiently. “Ah sure… You may kiss the bri…” Saeran didn’t even wait for his brother to finish, he pulled you for a kiss, not even caring if his brother was watching.
  • “Let’s go, Mr. Squirrel, I think honeymoon just started!” Saeyoung says, almost running out of there.


  • He didn’t show up to the bachelor party the night before the wedding, that itself felt a little suspicious.
  • Then he wasn’t in his room on the wedding day. Jumin, his best man, kept pacing back and forth, calling him every two minutes.
  • Nobody wanted to think of this, but they were all wondering if V disappeared because he realized he didn’t forget her completely… yes, this marriage thing was so sudden! Was he trying to force himself on forgetting her? Of course this wouldn’t end up well…
  • The RFA voted as Jaehee to talk to you, she was the only one that would sound alarming enough without getting you to panic. Also, the boys were too scared of seeing you cry.
  • You didn’t even flinch. Were you also expecting for something like this? “Don’t worry. We’ll find him.” You stated. Oh… not really, you just trusted him.
  • But as soon as she let you alone, you realized how scared you were. Would he be really capable of just abandoning you like this?
  • You needed some fresh air, so you sneaked out of the room. It was a beautiful late afternoon, the sky was a mix of orange, pink and purple…
  • That did a beautiful contrast to his turquoise hair. Yes, V was there, leaning by the porch in front of the beach. You weren’t sure if you should come close, he looked like he was in some kind of trance.
  •  “Jihyun?” you asked, and he turned suddenly, almost falling when he realized you were ready. You looked like a sea nymph, a goddess of the waters.
  • “MC, I… I’m sorry, I… you look stunning, my love.” “Thank you, I dressed like that for the wedding, you know? That one with the two of us?”
  • “Yes, of course. I apologize for losing track of time. Is everybody mad at me?” “No, they’re just worried, I suppose.”
  • “Are you worried?” “Well, I… there’s this part of me who tells me not to get worried. We love each other and we want to share a whole life!” “But…”
  • “But there’s this other part of me, the one that remembers that… she is somewhere in Alaska right now… getting better. What if she gets really better, V? Will you leave me for her?” BOOM! There it was…
  • “MC, the bullet I took for her… is out of my body, but I still feel the pain. Not physically, but it let a mark on me, a reminder that no matter what I did for her, all that was left for me when it comes to her is… pain.”
  • “And when it comes to me…?” “I feel like I’m under the most beautiful sky in the world. You remind me, that no matter how wide is the world, I can spread my horizons ever further when I’m with you.” Oh… wow.
  • “I love you, MC. I wish I can put in more proper words, but… I don’t know the words that express how much I love you.” He held your hand and hugged you tenderly.
  • “Now I believe a wedding should be in session, right?” “Can we stay like this just a little longer?” you asked and he chuckled. “Anything you want, my angel.”

This was an additon to this post~

a playlist for the nymphs, elves, fairies, creatures, and spirits of the forest

alt-j warm foothills // alt-j hunger of the pine // monsters of folk ahead of the curve // juno soundtrack tree hugger // the beatles in my life // cat power free // the decemberists don’t carry it all // the killers bones // the killers the river is wild // gorillaz to binge // MGMT of moons, birds & monsters // of monsters and men dirty paws // of monsters and men mountain sound // dusted all comes down //  John Denver take me home, country roads // beach boys sloop john b // Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros home // twenty one pilots trees   

you can listen here  I hope you enjoy :) 

Strike A Deal | Part 14

Pairing: VIXX Ravi x Reader

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/Hades! AU

Summary:  When he catches you in his trap, what else can you do but make a deal with the King of the Underworld? 

Author’s Note: Finally found it! Also, Chloris is a goddess of Nature. There’s still a bit more of Strike A Deal after this chapter, so hang tight! Enjoy! ^^ 

Read more: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 (Last)

“All you have to do is look me in the eyes and tell me you never want to see me again and I will never return to your sight again.”

You watched as he turned away, shoulders slumped in assumed defeat. Maybe you’d listen to your heart that was yearning to give in…

“Ravi…“ you called his name softly.

He turned toward you, his expression blank not wanting to let his hopes get too high only to have them torn to shreds.

You picked up the ends of your dress once again, your sandal covered feet pounding against the soft grass as you ran to him. You dropped your grip on your dress, wrapping your arms firmly around his neck.

Your lips sealing to his in a kiss.

It took him a split second to realise what happened. You had the desire to kiss him, you actually wanted him close to you. As if a switch flipped, you were wrapped in his arms and he was kissing you back. His soft lips pressed against yours with such gentle passion, you could feel yourself melting into him. He pulled away looking deeply into your eyes, he was in utter disbelief that you, his goddess, wanted him too.

“Is this what you want?” He paused, “Are you absolutely certain… that I am what you want? A man that can only offer you his heart and a kingdom of darkness.”

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I LOVED THAT SOLANGELO DRABBLE pls could you do actual solangelo first kiss? Xx

It’s after dinner as everyone is wandering over to the campfire when Nico tugs on his arm. Will follows, curious, because while Nico is slowly becoming more comfortable asking for things—wanting things—he’s still not one to intiate things. He lets Nico pull him into the shadows behind the dining pavillion.

“Nico? What’s—”

“Hold my hand,” Nico demands, holding out his hands.

Will, dumbfounded but more than willing to comply (he’s not about to pass up a chance to hold his boyfriend’s hands! If only he could have recorded that moment so he could shut Cecil up when his friend teases him), does. As soon as his hands close around Nico’s, he realizes his mistake.

“Nico, no—!”

There’s a swirl of shadows, a sharp dizzying feeling, like his entire body is floating and yet his sense of gravity is missing, and then he’s slamming to the ground with Nico sprawled on top of him.

Groaning, Nico pushes himself up until he’s perched on Will’s legs. “Gotta work on the landing.”

“Nico,” Will scolds, “I’ve told you no shadow-travelling unless it’s necessary! You’re still recovering from the last mini-quest Chiron sent us on—”

“Yeah, yeah.” Nico stands, offering Will a hand. He gestures in front of them and glances away, but he doesn’t retract his hand. “Thought you might want to see this.”

They’re on the hill, the statue of Athena casting a large shadow behind them, while the sun drops in the horizon in the distance. Will’s seen sunsets before, he’s seen the sun fall into sparkling waters on the few outings he’s had, and when his father was here, he’s seen a few interesting sunsets, too. But right now, standing in the quiet dusk as the sky shifts from orange to pink, with Nico’s hand in his, Will can honestly say this is the best sunset he’s ever witnessed.

“Is this a date?” 

Nico elbows him. But even in the golden glow of the setting sun, Will can see the signs of Nico’s blush: averted gaze, rapid blinks, scrunched up nose, how Nico tilts his head just slightly to the left. 

“Hey, Nico,” Will says softly. The sun’s almost completely gone now, but this far out, no one will bother them for a while. Not even the nymphs. “Can I kiss you?”

Dark eyes widen, before disappearing briefly. Nico nods, biting his lips, glancing back up at Will again. For a heartbeat, neither of them moves. Will’s not sure how to do this. He’s kissed people before, but none of them had been Nico. Irrationally, he’s afraid of messing this up.

“Will,” Nico says, and Will blinks at him. Nico’s pulling back his hand, and Will panics, thinking he’s already messed up but wait that doesn’t make sense— “Will,” Nico says again, his hands coming up to hold Will’s face, and he gives him one last look before diving in.

Will forgets about the sunset. He forgets about the rest of the camp singing songs and sharing melted marshmallows, how his siblings are probably wondering where he is. He forgets about how Cecil and Lou Ellen are definitely going to tease him later. He forgets everything except Nico, the gentle pressure of Nico’s fingers brushing his jaw and the warmth of Nico’s waist under his hands.

When they finally pull apart, the sun is gone, the sky turning a lazy purple. Will grins down at Nico, whose face is flushed a soft pink. 

“Best date ever,” he says, and he laughs even when Nico shoves him a little too hard and he goes tumbling down the hill.

dionsysus, I saw you wanted Nymph!Grantaire, which is a favourite of mine, but I couldn’t fit this all in an ask!

  • Nymph!Grantaire who is immune to Siren!Enjolras’s powers 
  • (idk maybe it’s part of being a nymph just roll with it)
  • Nymph!Grantaire who still falls in love with his voice and the overly idealistic things Enjolras says
  • Siren!Enjolras who doesn’t realize that R is a nymph and thinks he’s just another infatuated human, not really in love with him for himself
  • R who lets Enjolras believe that because it’s not like he stands a chance anyway, right?
  • Nymph!Grantaire who comes to a meeting one day in a good mood for the first time in months and accidentally starts making flowers grow everywhere, to the delight of Les Amis
  • Enjolras who walks in to see R sitting in a room full of flowers and just goes “Oh”
  • Nymph!Grantaire who accidentally makes a tree grow up through the floor boards when Enjolras runs across the room and kisses him