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if you boyfriend forgets little things about you and your relationship, it’s not okay. stop telling yourself that all the boys are like that because believe me i know of a boy who never forgets his anniversary date, or how his girlfriend hates bananas and how much she loves mushrooms even though he hates them. he never forgets little things about her because he pays attention to when she talks about her day and what she likes. we pay attention to little habits of people we love. so stop telling yourself all the boys are like that because it’s just the boy that you’re dating whose like that.

sorry, not sorry//nikitagupta

BROMANCE: a story of an idea of a project that might be a video game one day, who knows, maybe. It’s a project I really hold at heart, and I realized I drew quite a lot for it. It’s still developing, like a little plant, and I hope one day it will be a nice tree bearing fruits (see what I did there).

So here’s a SUPER 2017 POST that summarizes everything that was revealed this year about the project! Of course, there’s more to come, I’m not leaving that project alone.

Hector Perez (on the left) and Nicholas Roy (on the right) met at a really young age. Their friendship was born from odd events… that will eventually be explained. But let’s just say they became fast best friends and were pretty much always together. Fun note: even if it doesn’t seem like it, Hector is quite older than Nicholas.

As they grew older, they stayed by each other’s side, and decided to go live together as room-mates. When together, they usually enjoy spending time in front of videogames….

(Until very late hours)

Watching movies (usually Mary Potter, which is Hector’s favourite series)…

Buying silly stuff on Mamazon.

Doing dumb shit.

Oh. And battling gods, monsters and weird stuff too. Normal bro stuff.

But when they can, they pretty much avoid it, thanks to their bromance being a bit contagious.

Actually, they are usually the ones to get attacked.

But more often than not for simpler reasons than it seems.

Sometimes, things end not too well…

And sometimes not well at all…

Hector is a wizard. Since his young years, he always was interested in the different paths of magic the world had to offer. His grandmother left him her “cooking book” at her death. Reading between the lines, Hector realized it actually was her grimoire, full of potions, spells and other fun stuff for him to learn.

Since then, he was able to develop his magic skills. He’s doesn’t think he’s that great yet, but people tell him it’s neat. Old Mexican powers, Cigarette Spells, Demonic Healing, Summoning, Cheap Commercial magic… Hector has a whole world to discover.

It can be hard to study magic, but it always ends up useful. And not only in battle!

Hector works a Dome Hepot in the Gardening section. He mostly works here to have an easier access to ingredients for his potions, slacking off most of the time (to the deep displeasure of his boss).

Nicholas is a knight. Well… a self proclaimed knight. He always was a sportive type, but stopped since a few years to work full time. He gladly takes the hits for Hector during battles (who then has to stitch Nicholas up).

He still tries to stay somewhat in shape to always be ready and active. Some could say he does that to impress his best friend…

But secretly, he’s jealous of Hector’s magic, and thinks it would be so rad to be able to impress him with his own. Sadly, he doesn’t really have the predispositions for it. Nonetheless, he still practices, in private, to maybe one day cast his first spell.

Nicholas works as a waiter in the restaurant called Infini-Tea. He really likes his job, where he can meet a lot of people… and strange shadowy ghosts in the mirrors filling the restaurant (the place being a mirror shop beforehand).

Also, fun fact, Nicholas has about 1000 exes. He falls in love quite easily, and loves a lot of people, often at the same time. He’s for open relationships, and has a bit too much love to give.

He has peculiar exes. For example, Captain Shark, a sailor with a tragic story of seas, sharks and death. He also seems to have a baby shark on his head for some reason?

Nicholas missed the many lovers he lost. His heart seems to never be at rest. He also seems to want to get closer to Hector… maybe to Bromance change into Romance at one point?

Hector doesn’t seem to be interested in that idea.

But who knows what will happen between them. (Note from author: I do. I freakin’ do)

Summoning demons.

(Who then stay on the surface and go work with Hector at Dome Hepot)

Going to conventions.

Enjoying (or not) winter.

Waiting for buses under the rain.

And pretty much trying to find a meaning to living.

Bromance. The story of two guys who are not sure about the future. And who battle monsters.
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I know, it’s late, and I KNOW, I just said I was closing commissions(I am, don’t let this round fool you, I just really, really, REALLY need a big favor tonight?)

Today was Ant’s birthday. You know, that guy I married earlier this year? Yeah, that one. Lol. Anyway, he’s gone to bed, pretty down in the dumps cause. Well, it wasn’t great. Most of his friends forgot, his family flaked on his birthday dinner, and the one gift I was able to afford to get him didn’t even get delivered today. I feel really awful cause he’s being such a good sport about it all, but I know he’s bummed out. So, I’m HOPING I can get 1-2 of these slots filled before 2AM tonight so I can run to the store and get him one of our traditional “birthday bags”. (Think Christmas stockings, but birthday goodies instead?) I know it won’t make this day any more special, but at the very least, it’ll lift his spirits in the morning to know we kept the tradition. (I couldn’t get him one sooner cause, obviously, I couldn’t afford it this time.)

SO! If you’re up and you’re interested in helping me out, please fill out the above form and I’ll contact you if I accept your slot! I’ll be knocking these out these weekend, so slots are very limited. (TBH, the sooner you’re able to pay, the more likely I’ll accept your order because I want to get this before he wakes up for work in the morning. </3) And if you can’t buy one - cause I know money is tight around the holidays - please consider helping me get the word out? :) I’ll be working pretty late tonight on other commission stuff, so if I can get SOMETHING filled before 2AM, that would be ideal. <3

“having someone, who is there for you at the lowest. who feels your pain when you’re hurt is ever so rare.”

- Day 36

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elrond, 2D?

Since I already did 2D with another character I threw in a tween Arwen :D

Thanks so much for requesting this!!

Expression Requests

Kiri Clip

When she had been a child in the slum villages Sakura had heard the stories of evil people with voices in their head who were hunted and killed to keep everyone else safe. When she started hearing the voices of weapons in her head she didn’t tell anyone.

Maybe it was unwise, but the Wise Woman told Sakura her thread of fate was a tassel on the hilt of a sword, so she grew into a piece of the forge, learning the craft by a master too good for her meager origins. It was only through virtue of her skill he took her on, but never once did he regret it.

Before she was sixteen, she was fulfilling custom commissions for short blades and tantou with her seal next to her master’s. A year later, she was the one fashioning the swords without his seal. By the time she was twenty, so was almost as sought out for her Uchigatana or striking swords as her master. Though it was her Tachi blades that she devoted herself to the most, and by the time she was twenty five, she made a small name for herself with those too.

“The demon is at it again.”

Sakura looks up from the plates of kera steel that will be layered like puzzle pieces into the shape of a block. She knows the steps by heart by now, knowing that once the pieces are all assembled they will be wrapped in paper to keep together through the ash and the mud. Her fingers are already black at the tips and her knuckles are rough.

Sakura frowns at the shadow of one of the apprentices. His name was Idate but she called him Chip and he hated it almost as much as she hated being called a demon.

“I thought I smelled something reeking,” she said. “You have commissions you have to help master with.”

Sakura huffed, looking back down at the flakes of steel that hum like whispers in her brain, telling her how they will work together in secret languages that haunt her into her dreams.

 It’s taken her hours to find half the pieces out of her boxes of jewel steel. There isn’t much left and she has to be careful if she wants to make a matching tantou next month. Jewel steel won’t be restocked for another two months. She needs to make it last.

When he doesn’t reply right away she looks up and frowns. Chip’s glare is cutting. “He sent me to fetch you for it. I’m working on the tatara forge.”

“What, so soon? Why would you do that ahead of schedule?”

“You think I ask master pointless questions like that?”

Sakura rolled her eyes and forgot to hide it. “No, I don’t think you ask many questions at all, to be honest.”

“We can’t all be haughty know-it-alls,” he retorts. “Some of us have to do the ugly work that actually requires discipline, if you know what that is.”

A part of Sakura hates Chip, but she also pities him. Working on the tatara is a labor just to build it, but then there is a week long process where iron sand and charcoal is consumed to make the precious kera steel that’s as treasured as jewels.

Sakura ignores the part of her that hates and pities the younger apprentice and focuses on her work once more. “Whoever ordered from master didn’t request my hands in his steel, so I won’t put them there. If they want my work they can ask for it.”

Chip’s sneer is almost audible. “You’re quite full of yourself for being as young as you are. Just because you’ve made a few fancy blades for the Diamyo you think you don’t have anything to learn from master.”

Sakura looked back at the steel chips, hating how so many of them didn’t want to work together. Sometimes they were loud and angry when settled next to each other, and that didn’t make a legendary blade. Their voices needed to resonate, their voices needed to sing, not squabble like angry children until her brain felt like bleeding. The chattering of the metal was almost as annoying as the chattering from Chip.

“Sarutobi will call for me himself when he needs it. I’m busy, leave me to my work.”

“You’re not his son or his grandson so who do you think you are using his first name so-“

Sakura threw down a piece of kera steel and it chimed loudly as it fell back into the box. The sound made Chip stop and take a step back, almost cowering under the heat of her glare.

“You’re damn right I’m not his son or his grandson. Neither of them are here, but I am, so I’ll call the old man whatever I want. Go work and leave me be.”

He held her glare a moment more before ducking his head and tucking in his chin. Without another word, he turned and headed off in the direction of the field where they built and tore apart different tatara over the months. Some masters only made three a year, but Sarutobi used his apprentices to fashion seven to eight in a since year.

“We live in dangerous times, more than you know,” Sarutobi once told her when she was smaller and thinner and complained more often about the labor of building a tatara.

She knew what his words meant a little better now.  

It’s twilight when Sarutobi comes to her and she doesn’t look up when he sits down on the edge of a chair left in the corner for exactly that reason. Sakura doesn’t look up from her chips, but continues to sit lotus style in front of her drawers, listening and watching.

“Are they speaking to you today?”

Sakura looks up from under her lashes and her expression is baleful. Sarutobi laughed shamelessly and it was enough to pull her out of the lull of murmuring voices heard only in her head. They were still a noise, nothing cohesive.

“The brat said you wanted my help on a commission.”

Sarutobi nods slowly. “I do.”

Sakura tilts her head to the side ever so slightly. “I wasn’t asked for in the commission, was I?”

She knows she sounds short and she knows he notices, but the smile doesn’t falter.

“No, you weren’t. The Shogun wouldn’t ask for a woman to craft him a blade from what I know of him.”

The attitude washes out of Sakura and she’s left with a cold feeling in the normally warm forge. “The Shogun asked you?”

“Well, his retainer commissioned a ‘fine katana worth admiring’ as a birthday present, but I thought best to present my katana with a wakizashi of your own. The Shogun was once a fearsome samurai, and the picture of your wakizashi worn together with my katana…”

“Old man, you’re crazy,” Sakura breathed. “You’ll lose your head for presuming too much.”

“Or we’ll lose all our free time filling orders for his men. Why do you think we build so many forges?”

Sakura hated the idea of fashioning a blade without being commissioned, but in all the land the only one more noteworthy was the emperor himself. And between any of the local daimyo and the Shogun, the one more likely to admire the truth of a blade was the one who actually was trained for one.

“When is this due?” Sakura asked.

“We have nine months.”

She smirks. “It’ll be like birthing a child.”

His smile is ancient and ageless all at once and Sakura is reminded of the monkey he wears for his family crest. “I’ll fashion the mother blade, then. You will birth the child?”

Sakura stares down at the materials she has to work with and then looks back up at her master. “Let me use some of your kera for the wakizashi.”

“You can help yourself to what you like as long as it’s for the Shogun.”

He turned away from her and stared out a the dim sky where the last few sharp glares of sunset made the world disjointed in a way they said invited demons. Shadows stretched longer and went deeper one last time before melting out of shape.

Sakura never admitted to loving twilight best.

“Help me with the katana first. You should know what sort of personality it will have before you fashion a wakizashi to go with it.” Sarutobi moves to stand and his body cracks as he straightens. “I think I will end the day with a smoke. Will you join me?”

Sakura didn’t smoke, but she got up and walked him back for the sake of being close to the old man who is probably kinder to her than she deserves.

In hindsight, she should have taken that smoke and told the old man to go fuck himself.


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Danny had picked you out from the crowd for their trick, and the minute you stepped onto the stage, you immediately started trying to figure out how the whole thing worked. By the time the trick was done, you had a satisfied smile on your face – and it wasn’t because the crowd had erupted into cheers, it was because you had figured it out.

Before the Horsemen moved onto their next location, you approached them backstage and explained the whole thing. Lula looked at the other Horsemen in disbelief, whereas the others just looked in complete awe. They decided to invite you to spend Christmas with them, and at the end of the day, you ended up in a huge mansion. The Horsemen went to talk to Dylan, explaining everything about you, before turning around.

“Merry Christmas, y/n,” Danny grinned, the rest of the Horsemen grinning beside him. “As a Christmas gift, how does joining the Horsemen sound?”

hey friends! i’ve been thinking about this for a little while and it’s been … two and a half months since my requests have been open? some of the prompts in my askbox are honestly just stressing me out because nothing will come to me, especially for scenario prompts (headcanons are always easier!). i’m probably going to delete some asks from my box just to stop myself being so overwhelmed, if i end up deleting one of yours, i promise it’s nothing to do with me hating the idea or hating you or anything! sometimes inspiration just doesn’t strike, and it sucks, but i guess that’s just the way of things. feel free to request something similar when asks do open again!

eta: this totally doesnt apply to any prompts sent for fs/gangbang/etc series! those are on the backburner partly because i cant write LOTS OF THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN without it getting predictable, but they’ll be gotten to!

Your Sneak Preview of “Almost 666 People Can’t Be Wrong: The Movie”*

(*not actual title, roll with me here)

“This is epic shit. Four gold stars.”  - Variety
“Certified so fresh, it’s tomato fetus.” - Rotten Tomatoes
“It has EVERYTHING: angst, fluff, romance, snark, babies that fart, obscure sea life, a bus, foliage, slightly altered movie lines, dogs but not really, eggnog, and a Fetch Ketch Catch. You know, that thing where the main characters can only speak in six-word sentences, and the catch is that the one person who can help out is this hot Brit on a hog.” - Stefan

Ketch’s eyes narrowed.

“Is that a threat?” he asked.

I wanted to cry or puke - jury was still out. Instead, I took a moment to inhale and exhale before I tried to respond. Again. Focus up, you poor, spellbound creature.

….oh noooo. My internal dialogue, too!?

“Yelling Jellyfish!, he hugged the Chrysaora.”

I heard the cock of the gun he held under the table clear-as-a-proverbial-bell. C'mon synapses, throw me a bone. Jaw clenched, hands balled into fists, teeth grit, I forced the words out.

“This… will… go… quicker…. with…. liquor.”

Ketch stared at me for a moment before responding.

“Am I to understand you’ve found yourself communicating effectively…. well, as much as you can…. whilst inebriated?”

“Baby poots, smudged eyeliner, and happiness?”

“Hmmm. Very well, let’s go. Hope you don’t mind motorcycles.”

*~* Nash, the hell? What is this? *~*

Go HERE, play along, and let’s see what happens! Premiere will be after I get to 666 followers [35-ish to go]. There’ll still be a post with all your six word stories, too. That’ll premiere when I’m not being lazy.

PS: We’ve got the main cast - You, Sam, Dean, Crowley, Cas, Ketch, and a special guest appearance by [the totes not dead, come at me brah] Gabriel, so maybe don’t name anybody else in your 6 words? Maybe? Mebbe? Pls? ;)

Tagging the participants thus far…….

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I’ll be at SacAnime this year and one of the cosplays I’ve decided to try out is Yato from Noragami!

This was my first cos-test of it so I’ve still got some adjustments to make in terms of wig and such. Also…still need to find boots. 

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Hi I just saw the Oneshot about the Persona 5 AU that you wrote and HOLY SHIT it was so good! If you ever have the time, please consider writing more of it!!

UHHH HELLO YES I VERY MUCH SO WANTED TO CONTINUE. So welcome me back to this P5 AU and now there’s an element of plot to it. I hope you enjoy it as much as the previous oneshot. :) 

Part 1 here.

They’d spent weeks scoping the palace out.

Hakuba had spent so long convincing them to take KID on, especially since theft wasn’t quite serious enough for the potential risks of stealing a heart, but eventually they’d relented. Even now, stood with a mask obscuring his vision, Shinichi isn’t completely sure why they’ve branched away from murderers.

“Come on,” Hattori says, looking back at them. He’s impatient – maybe because he’s been waiting for Shinichi to make his appearance alone with Hakuba. Maybe because he knows there are more important palaces to explore.

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