you and i must fight to survive

Eye of the Hurricane: a Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

Requested? Yes (a quick note, this was a requested to be paired with “I Don’t Love You” by MCR, so it’s a bit dramatic. You can read with or without music, it will make sense either way, but I feel the music may enhance emotion within the piece)

In this imagine, the reader and Draco Malfoy hit a rough patch as the war begins. Vicious fights and survival are at the center of this story, as well as love, or a lack of love for protection. Sides are chosen, winds are high, and lives are at stake. All is calm in the eye of the hurricane, but even moments of peace must pass.

Y/N - your name
~~~ - indicates the passage of time

Warnings: language, dark content (death, violent arguments, confrontation, war)

Word count: 1,610


“Why are you acting like this?” I don’t even try to wipe the tears from my cheeks.

“You know nothing, I’m not acting like anything. This is me Y/N!” Draco opens his arms wide, voice raised angrily.

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“So What Do We Do Now?”

*pulls your face real close to mine* Listen. To. Me. 

You fucking fight

I’m not american, I can’t imagine how terrified those who are LGBT+, POC, Disabled, Female, Islamic, and any other minority of the US must feel right now, despite how scared I am myself. 

But you wake up tomorrow and you fight. You show that fucking orange dickbag that you will not go quietly. You will survive. You are smart, brave and important to your country no matter what anyone tries to tell you. 

You fight to keep yourself safe, you fight to make your voice heard, you fight for your future, you fight for those around you. 

This is not the end, this is the beginning of a long road ahead but I believe in you. 

Stay safe, look out for yourself, stay informed, and survive just to spite them. 

I love you all. Let me know what more I can do. 

Okay, gang, I know we’re not there yet but there’s no harm in being prepared - it’s time for… 


- Every mention of “hope”
- Every mention of “survive”
- “I’m gonna get you out of here”
- “May we meet again” (finish your drink if it’s met with “We will”)
- “There has to be another way”
- “Get them to Medical”
- Every time Kane asks Abby/anyone else “are you alright?”
- Every time Monty and Jasper do The High Five
- “On the Ark…”
- “I had no choice”
- “Not enough time”
- “Not enough boats”
- “My sister, my responsibility”
- “Your fight is over/yu gonplei stei odon
- “Blood must have blood/jus drein jus daun
- “Stay strong/stei yuj
- “Get knocked down, get back up/ge smauk daun, gyon op nodotaim
- “Together”

Feel free to add to this as you please!

We will never know your struggle,
what you have to go through
Guarding your country at the borders,
staring at a land you have never been to

Travelling to places which have no signs of life except a few,
surviving on minimal resources and bearing the cold dew

You are the reason we go on ling our lives without any fear,
forgetting about your families you had to give up in silent tears

Miles away from the comforts of your abode,
you fight everyday to save the honor of your country, your home

I can only imagine what it must be like to be a soldier,
saluting the brave pledge that you have chosen to shoulder.

Wartime Starters
  • "We have no choice. We have to go in there."
  • "Forged by fire, we are united in one cause!"
  • "We fight for our homes. We fight for our freedom. We fight for very survival."
  • "War never solved anything. It only makes life more miserable for everyone."
  • "We must delve into the darkness. Sometimes bad things have to be done for the good."
  • "Do you even hear yourself? What happened to you?"
  • "I'm not letting you go. They'll kill you."
  • "You want to do what? No. That's suicide."
  • "No, don't let practicality get in the way."
  • "We can do this. I know we can."
  • "Stand firm! We can take them!"
  • "I think we found your inner mad scientist."
  • "I can still smell it, you know. I can't forget that smell."
  • "We go in and hit them hard. They'll never know what happened."
  • "All we have to do is last the night. Reinforcements will come in the morning."
  • "We're going to win this one, aren't we?"
  • "Hey! Hey! Stay with me. Don't you fall asleep yet."
  • "Does anyone know we're here?"
  • "There's no damn reason why we're out here. We're all just killing one another."
  • "This is going to be a one way trip, isn't it?"
  • "How is any of this going to change anything?"
  • "We have to stop them here. We're the last line of defense."
  • "Does it matter what my gender is or the color of my skin? We're all dead if we don't win."
  • "I take orders from no man."
  • "We could run, you know."
  • "There's no such thing as bomb proof."
  • "Am I the last one?"
  • "Hope? There's no hope here."
  • "We aren't going to be able to tell who is who out there."
  • "Can we move through this fog?"
  • "I'm no hero. I just did my job."
  • "I don't know about you, but I expect to get out of this alive and in one piece."
A day in the life of Carol Peletier.
  • Rick: You must kill to protect
  • Carol: I did that and you banished me
  • Rick: But now it's my idea
  • Carol: Dear God..
  • ..........................
  • Morgan: Life is precious, my friend. But you must survive.
  • Carol: But I don't wanna kill anymore, you fucker.
  • Morgan: I'm not gonna let you die. I will kill for you
  • Carol: But you fucking told me not to kill..
  • Morgan: As I have told you.. Life is precious
  • Carol: God ,give me patience...
  • .......................
  • Ezekiel: My fair lady, life is love and war. But you can always choose to stay here and not fight..
  • Carol: So.. if I fuck you, I won't fight.. Is that right?
  • Ezekiel: Well, my lady..yeah.. more or less..
  • Carol: Keep dreaming, your majesty
  • ..................
  • Daryl: You good?
  • Carol: I have to be. And you?
  • Daryl: I.. brought you some squirrels
  • Carol: Thank God, a real man. Come here, pookie

i know it must be scary. i know. it must be terrifying. but we, as a community, globally, we’ve survived. we’ve survived worse and this long and we’re still here. this is not the end of the world. nothing it the end of the world as long as you stand there. as long as you’re here. as long as you don’t give up.

so don’t. im here for you and we’re here for each other and our fight is far from over.

I know you’re afraid. I know. We all are. That’s okay. Fear is pure survival instinct. It’s what fills your veins with adrenaline and makes your legs keep running when you think you can’t go on.

Fear is not what stops you. Fear is not the cliffs edge that makes your road halt. Fear is the final push that makes you jump off the edge and dive into the unknown.

Let this fear drive your fight. Embrace the fear and hold on tightly to hope. Fear without hope is defeatist. Fear with hope is resilience.

The one thing we must fear most of all is the day we are indifferent. If you are afraid, you’re still fighting to survive. Keep fighting. It’s okay to be afraid. Don’t give up.

okay. okay. i’m shaking & crying & terrified but breathing still. & the world is still turning. tonight we mourn. tomorrow we fight.

we are going to survive this. we are going to hold each other up. we are going to make art that is furious & beautiful & so real. we are going to keep carrying the flag.

my lgbt+ poc immigrant woman darlings: america is telling you that no one loves you. listen to me now: i love you. we must love each other. please know you can always email me at topazwinters [at] gmail [dot] com, or get in touch anonymously via my askbox.

Saihara Shuichi Theory

Since Saihara Shuichi means ‘final one’ or something like that, I had something in my mind. The words ‘Final One’ reminded me of some games where you have to fight bosses, but there is always a final boss to finish the game off. What happened if Saihara was the final boss (aka mastermind possibly) and we had to fight him? Just a theory.

I don’t want this theory to be true because my precious Saihara must survive at all costs no matter what ; -; But I thought I would just share this because why not? > o <

Will Byers appreciation post

Okay guys, I know we’ve said this a zillion times but can we talk about how BRAVE this Smol child is? I was re-watching that scene where he is curled up in Castle Byers in the upside-down singing ‘Should I Stay or Should I go?’ And I suddenly noticed two things I hadn’t noticed before:
•Will is not only is fighting to survive, he is CLINGING to his sanity! Literally every single book or article about survival gives tips about keeping your brain occupied to not fall into madness (Reciting quotes, speeches, songs, etc. that you know is usually the most available when you’re on your own). We know these kids are complete nerds so it’s totally reasonable to believe at some point Will must have found something about survival and gave it a go out of curiosity.
•The two flashbacks we have of Will’s life before are connected to that scene, in the first one we see Joyce surprising Will when he was hanging in Castle Byers with two tickets for a movie he thought he wouldn’t be allowed to see, which ends up as a happy memory of his mom. The second one is Jonathan introducing him to The Clash and encouraging him to be himself no matter what others say. Where am I going here? In the upside down Will is clinging to THE THINGS THAT REMIND HIM OF HIS FAMILY, his family are his rock of strength and his bacon of hope and I just…
No– I’m… Not crying…

The Signs As Clexa Quotes

Aries: “I’m the commander, no one fights for me”

Taurus: “It’s easier to hate me then to hate yourself”

Gemini: “Victory Stands On The Back Of Sacrifice.”

Cancer: “Maybe life should be about more then just surviving. Don’t we deserve better than that?”

Leo: “They hunted us, controlled us, turned us into monsters. That ends today.”

Virgo: “You may be heartless Lexa, but at least you’re smart”

Libra: “Blood Must Have Blood”

Scorpio: “I never meant to turn you into this.”

Sagittarius: “I made this choice with my head and not my heart.”

Capricorn: “For recognizing It for what it is, (love) weakness.”

Aquarius: “You have no honor, and I have no choice.”

Pisces: “You say having feelings makes you weak, but you’re weak for hiding from them”

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Half a King Sentence Starters

(From part 1 of the book.)

“My footing won’t be my problem.”

“I have two feet, at least.”

“Shall we have another bout?”

“Glorious victories make for fine songs.”

“Glorious defeats are just defeats.”

“On the battlefield there are no rules.”

“It’s me who should be sorry.”

“I’m not much good in fair fights.”

“I’ll try not to trip over my sword!”

“I didn’t ask for half a son.”

“I thought you’d never get here.”

“And what am I?”

“I am sorry for everything but… this is the greater good.”

“This is not what I wanted for you.”

“Don’t worry, there’s always the chance I survive.”

“I’ll make you proud.”

“Gods damn this thing!”

“If he says we all put aside our shields, it must be so.”

“Object if you please. Then do as I tell you.”

“Vengeance is taken piece by piece.”

“Did I not swear an oath?”

“I heard it, and though it too heavy an oath for you to carry.”

“He is the one who killed you.”

“I tried to stop him. But the coward had a hidden blade.”

“Then stop kicking me down.”

“Kneel, dog.”

“Sad to say, not all men that die are killed by me.”

“I do not swell myself with the killing of weak things.”

“Why kill what you can sell?”

“Collar him and put him with the others.


(undertale spoilers)

it took me a few minutes this time versus a few hours the first time. the biggest thing is learning the pattern of her green mode bullets. once you have that down, it just comes down to avoiding her red attacks (which i’m pretty atrocious at dodging honestly). the most important thing is dealing damage quickly because the fight only gets worse the longer it goes on for. 

with that in mind, here’s some tips!

if you want a bit of extra survivability for the fight, grind glyde in snowdin forest. 

glyde grinding advice:

  • doggo/dogi/lesser dog/greater dog (everyone who would be at grillby’s) must be killed, but the other enemies (ice cap, snowdrake, etc) can be fled from
  • if you only kill glyde besides the must kill enemies, you should hit lv 10 before you reach snowdin
  • please note that glydes start taking AGES to appear as more enemies are killed – i think it can take up to about 16 minutes 
  • make use of the walking and then alt tabbing thing so that frisk walks in place in order to encounter glyde
  • don’t worry if the save point message changes to “that comedian…” – it replaces your kill counter but the counter is still there. once everything is dead, you’ll get the “determination” message as usual and the “but nobody came” encounters
  • after the waterfall enemies are killed, you’ll probabaly reach lv 12 if you’ve been killing glydes
  • without glyde grinding, playing normally would probably leave you at about lv 10 by the time you get to undyne

i’m not really sure how worth it the glyde grinding is, now that i’ve tried it. you end up with about 10 extra hp, which is really nice, but the grinding takes AGES. 

undyne prep:

  • keep the snowman pieces for this fight – they’re only barely better than legendary heroes so they’re not worth keeping for sans
  • try to avoid using the pie in this fight as it WILL help with sans later
  • otherwise, fill up your inventory with cinnamon bunnies when can be stolen for free at snowdin (put a few extra in a box when you get there because why not, they’re free)
  • spider cider from the ruins is slightly better than cinnamon bunnies, but not especially vital; astronaut food is worse than cinnamon bunnies
  • equip the ballet shoes and the cloudy glasses
  • the ballet shoes give you the most damage possible, which is vital for ending this battle quickly
  • the torn notebook makes you hit around 1,100 damage on average versus the ballet shoes’ 1,600+ on average
  • the cloudy glasses give you i-frames which are absolutely vital unless you’re confident you won’t be hit more than once in an attack
  • the i-frames are ridiculously useful for every one of her attacks, but especially the fast-paced green attack bullets

bring your three snowman pieces, your spider ciders, and your cinnamon bunnies. the sea tea is not necessary. try not to use your pie (sans is doable without it but he’s a much bigger challenge) equip the ballet shoes and the cloudy glasses.

battle against a true hero:

  • avoid checking undyne or doing anything besides attacking
  • the fight follows the same order of attacks with the same patterns every time you do it
  • the longer the fight goes on, the worse the attacks will get
  • eventually, undyne will stop using green mode and only do grueling red mode attacks
  • heal at about 20hp unless you’re confident you can survive with 10hp
  • save your snowman pieces for when you have barely any hp left
  • try to make every attack count (make sure all your hits connect in the middle for the most damage possible) – the more damage you do, the shorter the fight is, and the shorter the fight is, the easier it’ll be

undyne’s attack pattern:

  • turn 1: green attack. begins similarly to normal undyne’s first attack, but after the first few slow bullets much faster ones come from different sides
  • turn 2: green attack. slow bullets that come closely together. keep an eye on which arrow is red.
  • turn 3: red attack. arrows come from the outside of the bullet board and in a straight line in your direction.
  • turn 4: red attack. the bullet board is tiny and spears strike in a random order from below. relatively slow.
  • turn 5: green attack. DON’T look at the red arrows here as they ARE NOT the ones that will hit you next. this particular attack lies to you. judge which one will hit you first based on how close it is to you. this is the only time i’ve notice the arrow colours lying.
  • turn 6: green attack. most of the bullets come from above with one coming from the sides or bottom periodically. you must point back upwards immediately after getting one of the stray bullets or you’ll be hit.
  • turn 7: green attack. the yellow arrows make an appearance towards the end of this attack.
  • turn 8: red attack. the bullet board is huge. spears circle you and close in around you. try to avoid them by going to the sides and only moving up and down slightly as you need to.
  • turn 9: red attack. same as turn 8.
  • turn 10: green attack. lots of yellow arrows at first followed by normal arrows, followed by more yellow arrows. it’s easy to take a lot of damage here. even if you do, just heal up and things will be fine.
  • turn 11: green attack. a mixture between blue and yellow arrows.
  • turn 12: green attack. one blue arrow followed by one yellow arrow, from different sides, over and over. becomes easy to handle with a little practice.
  • turn 13: green attack. more slow arrows. more difficult than turn 2.
  • turn 14: red attack. the bullet board is huge. instead of the spears circling around like in turn 8, the arrows appear and close in very quickly. constantly move in a kind of large circle around the bullet board in order to avoid all the spears.
  • turn 15: red attack. similar to turn 8. 
  • turn 16: red attack. similar to turn 3 but much faster.
  • turn 17: red attack. similar to turn 4 but the spears strike upwards a lot faster.
  • turn 18: similar to turn 14. the arrows close in extremely fast.
  • turn 19: similar to turn 8/15. the arrows circle and close in relatively fast.
  • turn 20: similar to turn 3/16. fast.
  • turn 21+: ???? i think it just switches between red attacks for the rest of the fight.

although i’m not positive that the red attacks always happen at the same time, the green attacks ALWAYS happen in the same order and in the same pattern. if you can learn the green attack patterns, you just need to practice avoiding the red attacks. it can take a lot of hours of practice, but once you’re able to do it, it’s kind of like riding a bike!

good luck!

@jinglebellpirate continued

“Do you know what we call boys like you back home?”

She slightly giggled.


As her hand suddenly came to his cheek.

“Consider it a compliment. In Feni, we all had to fight to survive, the toughest, the kovanaama, were usually the ones on top..”

“It’s cold and dark 9 months of the year, it snows and it’s oh so dreadful..”

“But I could not stay. I did something real bad..”

She watched on as he gulped, continuing,“You see, I killed my clan leader with my own bare hands. The one who raised me..who taught me to become the woman I am. They say you must take out the teacher to show your worth, or however you say it..but I did not realize that killing him made me a target.”

“Not to mention migration. Feni is not a great place to live. But it taught me great tell me, Kovanaama, what’s your story?”

@fightinginstincts | Another Surviving Altean? 

     How long had she been watching over the training
     session? She’s been there long enough to keep an
     eye fully trained on the human. She’s focused, keen
     on watching his every movement when he spars with
     the Gladiator. The level difficulty he was on has been
     lost to her mind as blue eyes scan the training deck,
     keeping her sights fixed on the red paladin and his

     The way he fights is one she’s never really seen before.
     Despite the combat she’s witnessed, it’s a change from
     Altean fighting forms but humans were a change from
     her alien race, weren’t they? Of course. The time she
     took to focus on her thoughts, she’s missed out on what’s
     happening in the room beneath where she stood.

     “He’s quite good,” She breathes to herself, admiring his
     form and actions, “But can he truly handle this difficulty?”
     A question she ponders, watching as the training
     continued on.

     Until the robotic Gladiator makes a swing with its arm and
     hits the poor human roughly against the back of his head.

anonymous asked:

I just discovered this blog and it's my new favorite thing. Is Trouble In The Heights a film or a play? If the former, I think I need to see it; Nevada seems delectable.

Awee well HELLO THERE!! Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! :)
Thank you so much for the sweet compliment, it means the world!

OOOHHHH Trouble In The Heights is DEFINITELY a film! 

Originally posted by seekret-fanfic : 
Near the shadow of the George Washington Bridge, a young Dominican teenager is hunted by a drug kingpin as his older brother must fight for both their survival over the course of a day in their Washington Heights neighborhood of New York.

AND YES, Nevada is absolutely and utterly delectable and delicious and lovely but… he is an utter dirt bag of a man and we should all feel absolutely terrible for loving him so much……… buuuuuut YES you need to see it!!

Originally posted by tywellrellick

beauty & the beast au
  • steve: you don't understand. bucky is NOT a monster
  • tony: if I didn't know any better I'd think you had feelings for that monster
  • steve: YOU'RE the monster
  • society: [rises up with tony to go after bucky] WE'RE OFF TO KILL THE BEAST
  • steve: I must find bucky and warn him
  • team cap: [rises up in defense of bucky as team iron man attacks]
  • [queue scene with steve storming in to save bucky who is in a final fight with tony]
  • tony: [taunting] were you in LOVE with him? [they grapple, tony is maimed]
  • bucky: [turns to steve] ...steve. you came back...
  • steve: of course I came back, I couldnt let them-
  • bucky: [injured] maybe its better this way
  • steve: it's not...please don't leave me, I love you
  • bucky: [survives, kisses him]