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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that @imhereforbvcky and I are having a full on discussion and she just says “oh hold on i’m watching tws and it’s the bridge scene”. So she can’t talk for the next 5 minutes. I should be offended but like

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Come on..

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Can you blame her?

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Who wouldn’t need to take a moment?

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank for for 1k! I’ve only had this blog for about two months, and I’ve already come so far. I love you all so much! And to thank you, I will be doing blog rates!

↳ Just leave which loser I remind you of and which Bowers Gang member is your favourite!

↳ OR, which Party Member from Stranger Things I remind you of. And which Steve’s Gang is your favourite! (Carol, Tommy H, Nancy, Steve, Barb.) even tho two of them aren’t in there, I’m counting them.

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Honestly, she is the sweetest person ever. She was also one of my first friends I made on here! She met me when I barely had 50 followers.

Holy shit, Jazzy here is so amazing. She invited me to a group and helped me meet all these amazing people. She helped me get the courage to start being more Social.

They are just a giant bundle of love and sweetness and I love them.

Oof, they’re my meme dealer. They’re always tagging me in the best things, and asking the cutest, yet weirdest questions and I love it.

Don’t even get me started on this babe right here. She is the sweetest, funniest and most amazing girl I know. She is also my very best friend now and I love her. She also makes me 20% gayer hello

This lil bean here is so sweet and kind. They actually helped me come up with the idea to do blog rates and a follow forever thing. Ilysm, keep being a cutie!

Actually such a nice person. I love them so much, they understood everything I said so deeply. And I was just happy I had someone to talk to.

I don’t understand why people are getting so butthurt over this?

Justice League was freaking awesome!  I’ll be going back to see it at least two more times in the next few weeks.  Batman was <3 Wonder Woman was <3 Flash was <3 <3 Cyborg <3 Aquaman <3  Just everyone.  They are all my children and I love them all.  It just kept getting better and better and I loved it!

They even had some sneak peeks at some future characters that just made me super hype! 

Just…please go see it.  Don’t let people’s hatred and negativity get you down and keep you from seeing this (or just basically anything in general)


This was what I was talking about by saying Pikachu was speaking English. lmao the audience was exactly like my theater's reaction. BY FAR THE MONST WEIRDEST THING POKEMON HAS EVER DONE. like omg the fuck hell na so weird and awkward like naaa boy!

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Edit: So I just came back from school and now see this has over 27K notes! WTF IM losing MY SHIT…i only gained around 20 followers tho XD. BUT STILL WTF!!! THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH. Also, some people were complaining that it was a spoiler but I didn’t see it as much but out of respect I have put a spoiler tag.

We don’t have to have a name, we could have no name.

So now that Ragnarok’s come out in more places I feel like I’m allowed to draw things from it :D It was so much FUN. 
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