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Eleven Questions take 2

@akai-vampire and @vivianwisteria tagged me with this set:

1) Any music you’ve been particularly into lately?

I listened to a lot of Beausoleil while I was working on the Cajun AU, and the soundtrack to The Lion in Winter for The Snowdrop, and I have a Pandora station based on Passion Pit that I use a good bit. I pull out the Tron Legacy soundtrack and Ekova at work when I need to concentrate. But there’s no one thing.

2) Who was your first celebrity and/or fictional crush?

Fred Astaire. I watched a LOT of really old movies as a child.

3) How tall are you?


4) What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Possibly a toss-up between Cherry Garcia (chocolate chunks in cherry) and mint chocolate chip, although I find myself ordering fruit sorbets more than ice cream these days.

5) Pick four countries you would like to visit!

Botswana, Japan, Argentina, and Germany (technically I’ve been there before but barely)

6) Your personal opinion on listening to music in a language you don’t understand?

Love it. It makes the voice an instrument. I have a lot of music I can’t understand.

7) How do you usually do your hair?

Loose, with a snap clip at my left temple. I’ve been wearing it the same way since high school, talk about a rut.

8) Favourite mythological creature and why?

Fish that grant wishes. I always like those stories.

9) Do you prefer swimming or hiking?

Hiking. Nothing against swimming, but hiking can take you some awesome places.

10) What is the most bizarre or ridiculous dream you’ve ever had?

They get very elaborate, but I don’t remember them for all that long. There was one in a house with like a thousand rooms once, but most of them take place at my grandmother’s house, and I’m often looking for something I can’t find, often my cats.

11) Sunrise, sunset, or stars?

Stars. When I was little I wanted to be an astronomer.


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