you and i are one dae hye

Leaving! >> Daehyun, OC

This was requested by kookies-everywhere

OC- Hyerin

A dilemma

That was what Hyerin going through.

She had to choose between two things –actually, a thing and a person– she wanted them both so bad.

But to get one she had to lose the other and she wasn’t ready for this.

“So have you make up your mind?”

Hyerin blinked at her professor who were sitting on his chair, like a boss. His gaze was as serious as ever, sometime Hyerin wondered if he would ever smile, but he was a person whom she respected.

“Not yet…” She said, biting her lips.

The professor stood up and walked toward her, he gave her a concerned look, “Is there something wrong in your home? With your parent?  Are they against it?”

“No, no, no.” she waved her hands in the air, shaking her head. “That’s not it.”

“Then did you change your mind?”

She shook her head.

“Then… Why are you so hesitated?”

“I just need more time, I’m not prepared yet.” She said, giving him a slight smile.

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