you and i are love

If you can look me in the eyes and honestly tell me that you’ve never imagined a future with me or thought of me as more than just a friend… I’ll walk away.

-I won’t force something that’s not there just as I can’t force you to love me if you never will.


The venomous jealously White Women express when a Black Woman gets called “beautiful” in front of them.. or hell any type compliment ESPECIALLY from a man is disheartening and pathetic to say the least.


This level of complexity is honestly why Dean is my favorite character. He’s gone from he is evil no question to he might not be evil yet, but he will be to if he does go evil, I will end him. He’s never static, never one-dimensional. So many layers to be peeled away, even in this small piece of his story. He’s captivated me from day one, and this is why. 


By the Edge of the Moor
A Gothic Victorian Werewolf Soulmate AU by @shu-of-the-wind​ and yours truly

The year is 1891, and everywhere Others are shunned from society, hunted, given no rights and no voice. A werewolf with a soulmark escapes legal prosecution in the US by fleeing to England, where, unknowingly, a huntress who bears his name on her wrist awaits.

Playlist and ficlet wholly by courtesy of shu:

“Turn around,” says Cassian, softly. His pupils have blown wide in the dark. “I don’t—if I changed now, I’d ruin my clothes.”

She blinks.

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anonymous asked:

Could you explain the differences between Moon Jongup, Jongup, Jonguppie, Jongyeup, Jognip and Our Lord and Savior Moon Jong Up?

Moon Jongup:

  • a member of B.A.P
  • extraordinary talent and charm in dance and vocals
  • kissed himchan in skydive
  • probably a funny guy


  • comedic genius and perfectly timed savage comments
  • source of joy comes from anime
  • cares about you quietly. not very talkative (in front of a camera)- so when he does talk you know it holds meaning.
  • the corners of his lips curl up, but he is oblivious to this soft charm
  • also known as the boyfriend of Himchan


  • aka soft puppy uppie
  • softest baby with eyes that twinkle as he smiles, often blessing you with a dazzling laugh that will leave you with a warm and full heart
  • actual angel sent from heaven to pat your head (pat pat!!) and hand you roses to encourage you when you’re feeling down.
  • also 120% more chance of appearance when drunk


  • aka razor sharp jongup
  • the Guy Your Parents Warned You about
  • will steal everything you have, your breath your money your whole heart (and break it)
  • will kill everything in his way if he needs to, skydive part 2
  • Will Try His Luck
  • is /annoyingly/ hot when pissed


  • hte onen n only jognip
  • squint
  • alien whho cmae to sta y
  • happi
  • jognip

Our Lord and Savior Moon Jongup

  • the one who watches from above to shower us with love and warmth
  • emits a soft glow, moonlight
  • guides you back home when you are lost and alone
  • sleeps a lot but only for gathering energy for doing good deeds
  • the one who will save humanity from the inevitable, exists for the greater good

“If you’ve got a girlfriend, I’m jealous of her, but if you’re single that’s honestly worse.”

“Ocean blue eyes looking in mine. I feel like I might sink and drown and die”

“You’re so gorgeous. I can’t say anything to your face. ‘Cause look at your face. And I’m so furious at you for making me feel this way. But what can I say? You’re gorgeous”

Gorgeous is the Gay Experience™

Sofia obviously heard the Liza story how Fish (though they also blame Oswald ofc) used her to be like Falcone’s mother to get to him. And now Sofia is playing the same thing as a part of her revenge plan on Oswald omg. And Oswald doesn’t even seem to realize it at all…

I am not dead yet

Drawing Hana is just so relaxing? I’m crumbling under several problems and stress lately and I just wanted to draw something that’d relax me. Her color palette is beautiful, she is beautiful I am crying… yeaah the flower on her dress were a little harder to paint over it all, I feel kinda rusty but I have several wips I’m dying to finish

Lady Hana Lee ❤️