you and i are going to be ok

ok, they’re still wearing the same (minus yuri’s shirt lol) as on this one

I imagine it going like this …

Yuuri drags drunk Viktor off to their bedroom.

Viktor (whining): Our little kotenok is growing uuuuuuup!!!
Yuuri (hushes him): They can still hear you, you know, Vitya
Viktor (whining even louder): But he’s in looooooooove!!!! So cuuuuute!!!!
Yuri (stomping into the room with an armful of pillows, looking ready to kill): Ok, that’s it! I’m gonna end you, old man! 

Thank you to Snapchat for making me feel like Harry Potter’s cool sister.

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I'm not watching the episode, because really I refuse to, but let me see if I got this straight: Kara said he really changed and is "unselfish" because he made FOOD for her? Like, really???? My mom makes food to me everyday, but this doesn't erase the fact that she hit me when found out I was a lesbian? Or when she says I'm selfish, or when she says she wished I was never born!!! Fuck, I hate this show so much that makes me want to cry (if I got it all wrong, then I'm sorry)

no no no! you’re absolutely right! they’re just making him seem ‘less’ abusive by making him do good things when that in no fucking way excuses what he’s done. the worst part abt this is gonna be the karamels screaming ‘HES NOTT ABUSIVE!!1! HE MADE FOOD FOR HER1!!!’ like making food does fuck all. 

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Oysters do not give birth to pearls

“Wow, check his out,” Saitama’s voice quivered in awe as he gingerly pried apart the sturdy, rigid, opalescent shell of a giant oyster, his prodigious strength allowing his deceptively slender fingers to force the once iron-fast halves of the shells open to reveal the slippery-slick soft and silky inner flesh of the oyster, on top of which rested an equally magnificent and illustrious sphere, a precious pearl perched delicately on top of a pink pillow.

Genos slammed his metal fists onto the restaurant table, making the silverware jump with a simultaenous clatter.  “Oysters do not give birth to pearls.” He gritted out, his teeth clenched together in unfathomable distress and outrage.

“But I’ve got one right here,” Saitama said, tenderly lifting the nacreous, cymophanous, iridescent orb from its recently opened molluscan prison.

“OYSTERS DO NOT GIVE BIRTH TO PEARLS!!!” Genos shouted. Saitama did not listen, did not heed his words or give any credence to his student’s protests. He lifted the pearl to his mouth and pushed the opaline globe past the roseate twin petals of his lips, until it disappeared into the dark, mysterious, and sacred cavern of his temptuous oral cavity, which Genos had always secretly yearned to explore and plunder for himself.

Genos screamed.

Saitama ignored him, making a soft sound of bliss and schadenfreude. 

It was a delicacy.

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Melly I'm going to set the scene and you're going to do some Zaynglish improv ok? Picture this, Zayn has discovered a secret serum that elevates his already incredible natural highlight/Strobe game by a 1000%. But he is understandingly concerned that this miracle product may have been tested on animals. Well clearly, not on his watch! He is now on the phone with the customer rep trying to get more info. and GO. Please and thanks

“Yiss hullo ah wuld lyke tuh speak tuh yoar Manageh. Dis is ahn impohrtehnt business matteh”

“Hello sir. I can tell by your voice that you have must have really good hair and probably a secret list of products you use to achieve that which you refuse to tell anyone about. How may I help you?”

“Dis serum luks guhd but ah wanted tuh check if dis wuz testid ahn animuhls fuhrst.  Here is dis videoh of meh spreyin’ a bunneh to shoah yew. Daht is NOHT okeh heah. Daht bunneh was fahke soh it wuz okeh. Ah still felt bahd doh.”

“Sir, we’re only on the phone here but I can tell your skincare is flawless today. I also maybe only understood 33% of that but I think you asked if this was tested on animals. It has not been.”

“Dis product is bunneh & caht sefe? Okeh, thank yew. “

Seventeen Reaction to gf craving weird food while on period.

Ok I have been very busy and so I think i’m going to change the style of the group reactions. For individual or small group(5 or less members) reactions it will be like the first reaction I made. The larger groups will look a little like this:

Dino,Joshua, Jun, Minghao: Gets you whatever you want and doesn’t seem to care much about why you crave such weird things. The first time he was like??? now he don’t care

Jeonghan: Laughs every time you you eat something weird. Doesn’t mind you that you eat weird food but it amuses him to say the least

Seungcheol, Vernon, Mingyu, Woozi: Questions his existence every time you eat something ‘gross’. “Really peanut butter on pickles??” “but whyyyy???”

Wonwoo, Dk, Hoshi: Probably eats it with you. Could care less about what you ate as long as it wasn’t fast good everyday all day. Doesn’t give two shits.

Seungkwan: Grossed tf out. “How could you ever eat that?” “It seems so groossss” “ you aren’t making me eat any” “whatever eat it then…”



Thank you all for getting me to here like, I-I Dont even have any words Right now!

Like I honestly didn’t thing id get this far,that id only get a few followers and maybe a few friends, IDK, and now…Like, im here, what? But still… Thank yall! I honestly dont know what to say other than whats going to be in the list thing under cut

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OK so I got a couple of messages of people who were very angry with me directly copying the original bjdrecastpositive list, mostly because they don’t want anything to do with recast drama from either side. Fair enough. They were added without their consent to the original list and me copying it doesn’t take that away. I do apologize for that!

So I am going to start my own list of BJD blogs on Tumblr, and you can send me a message to be added! The list will serve as a purpose of finding other BJD blogs to follow with a focus on anti-recast blogs. More babble on the page itself.

Add yourself here!

bjdrecastpositive can keep their anti-recast meanie list, we’ll be over here actually building a stronger community lol

Tip: Acknowledging Our Flaws

You know what I realised lately? I’m not a very good writer. No, seriously, I’m pretty shitty. Hey, I’m great at coming up with good stories. I have a good handle on character arcs and theme. I’m not too shabby with dialogue either. But when it comes to the actual writing part, my skill level is still very low. Better than it was in high school, but nowhere near the level it needs to be. But it’s ok. Because I can still get there.

It’s ok to admit our faults. We’re not going to get any better by ignoring them. But it’s ok to also admit what we’re good at. Maybe you’re great at action scenes, but not so great at emotion.

Maybe you write great heroes but your villains feel a little two dimensional. Knowing where you need to improve isn’t about beating yourself up, its about improvement.

So if you need to address your flaws and weaknesses in writing, don’t forget your strengths.

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Ok so? I got Tumblr just for the sake of looking up art of my favourite birbs, and I was really surprised how accurate a fandub I saw was to the real voice actor. I go on this profile and so I was right. I remember hearing your voice in game and thinking: "wow this game has really nice voice acting" (this was the first time I heard anything outside of Zelda's voice). Anyways, for a question, we all know r34 applies for all characters. Have you seen r34 of Revali/Teba and what do you think of it?

The following represents the progression of my facial expression the further along I got on this Ask:

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136: “You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

I kinda really like this one!! Hopefully so do you <3 On FF 

Also, If you want me to do one!

Let Me Fix It

Caroline was turning, and rolling and squirming, and that Klaus could deal with, but he couldn’t deal with a whimpering, distressed one. Hugging her tight he kissed her damp forehead and whispered gently, “Love, you’re having a nightmare. It’s just a nightmare. Caroline, sweetheart, wake up.”, still kissing her hair between his soft words.

Mewling she slowly opened her eyes. Hugging him back with all her strength, she choked, “K-Klaus…you’re here.”

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Hey Riley I'm going to need you to go and dismantle capitalism and the state really quickly ok thanks

I need a little help


I feel like I’ve been slacking on a lot of the tag games lately so many thanks to my sweet love @johnlennon-harrystyles, the ever amazing @kasiwrites​ and the gorgeous @harrysanchortat for tagging me to post my lock screen, my home screen, my last song and a selfie! (go easy on the selfie, yal. I was adulting hard that day…)

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