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top 6 'remember when harry..." moments (good luck with this one)

Oh my God, you’re evil, ok… this is gonna be the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, Jesus… ok, here we go:

1. Remember when Harry almost stopped Liam from having children? (He didn’t manage it, fortunately, cause now we have baby payno)

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2. Remember when Harry almost flashed us his ding a ling, thanks to Liam Payne? 

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3. Remember when Harry twerked on live television and made a fool of himself in fron of his besties?

4. Remember when he was a cheeky little shit and wasn’t up for answering any more questions about Zayn?

5. Remember when he was a cheeky little shit when asked who was Olivia?

6. Remember when he DID THIS:

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Zootopia/Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.30- The Last Hustle

(AN/Hey it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with the penultimate instalment of Take a Stand. Sorry I’m a tad late things have been crazy lately and this chapters is the longest one yet at over 8000 words! Thank you to everyone who reviewed, reblogged, liked, faved and followed this fic, I can’t believe it’s nearly over. Ok so it’s time to address the elephant in the room, last week the review section of this fanfic became a war zone and this person hurt the most was not me or Zieg but Jill Fine, Jill if you’re reading this please know that this chapter is dedicated to you you have been supporting this story from the get go and the abuse you received was deplorable and unacceptable and I hope you come back to the Zootopia fandom soon, we always got your back and I’m so sorry this series of online bullying happened to you, I offer my most sincerest apologies. Ok now onto the next bit the user at the heart of this cyber bullying incident Psycox has passed away in a tragic traffic accident according to reports, even though I am disgusted with his behaviour the news of his death is a tragedy. Now without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 30- The Last Hustle

Padraic Rattigan was trying to remain calm, to display a face of confidence at this trying time and yet his usually combed fur looked ruffled and his yellow eyes were narrowed and were simmering with anger. Felicia who was driving the Benz pulled into the familiar surroundings of Misdaad’s mansion in the meadowlands suburbs and could already see that the Zebra had gotten the news about Buttercup’s bakery being raided and the failed hit on Trevor Moon; Rattigan could see through the car window that some of Misdaad’s henchmen were already putting her bags in a car. Felicia stopped the Benz, got out, opened the passenger door and let Rattigan step onto her paws. Madame Misdadd emerged from the house dressed not in a stylish dress for once but in fitness attire. “Bahati,” Rattigan called out “I trust you’ve heard the news.”

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Rylan: So what do you guys do for fun here?

Barbarella (Barbie): Nothing. This planet sucks. I don’t know who’s crazier our father or our mother? At least your dad had the common sense to take you away from here…

Nix: Ugh. We don’t work… we don’t go to school… we are here to reproduce and do weird rituals…

Barbie: I don’t even want kids. Ugh. What to you do on earth?

Rylan: Um well I live with three girls…

Barbie: You’re sick. Just like Father Nix Oberon.

Rylan: I don’t sleep with them! Well not all of them… I just…

Barbie: Ew. You’re monogamous with a human?

Rylan: I don’t know ok! She’s half demon!

Barbie: Now we’re talking.

Well, I thought I was done for the day, but apparently not. So have a sketchy sketch of Solas’ angry child, Spero. Goodness the Evanuris are not going to know what hit them. XD

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Ok so based on your drunk yuuri+airplane designing: Yuuri and Viktor are out with The Squad™ and yuuri is drunk (but not enough to the point where they need to bring out the pole), and Yuuri has his arms around Viktor and is like "let's go back, I need your help w/ something" and Viktor's like ooh booy So they head back and Viktor's getting excited now ;) but then Yuuri's like: "I need you to get me a pen and paper, and Viktor's like ??and is like,"don't you want to do something else?? and 1/?


Yuuri is so passionate about physics and that comes out like, five times as much when he’s drunk. Victor loves it but loves Yuuri’s weight on his lap more and Yuuri doesn’t seem to get that.

AKDSJFAKDLSFJAFSD. POOR VICTOR. YUURI NO. I love this so much lololololololol but then Yuuri comes back and offers to teach Victor “something else” about physics. Victor assumes it’s going to be another stupid plane or something, so he does not expect what he receives, and he decides the wait has been more than worth it.

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Ok sir I just need to know (and sorry if this is too random), since I see you like a lotta Touhou music... Which ones do you think are your favourite?? Mine is personally "Lullaby of a Deserted Hell" as a stage theme, but for boss it's like "Satori Maiden- 3rd Eye". I'm just interested and curious as to what your favourites are. Thanks in advance!

Oh boy, here we frickin’ go:

Best Song for Early Game Attentiveness/Keeping Alert (Smash Bros)

Best Song for Mid-Set Strategic Play (Smash Bros)

You Won the First Game, Now Keep the Train Rolling (Smash Bros)

Actually You Lost That First Game, Don’t Lose Focus (Smash Bros)

Fuck This, It’s The Last Game and I Refuse to Lose (Smash Bros)

Best Song for 70 MPH Highway Driving (Car)

I Want to Feel My Own Heart Vibrating on the Bass (Car/After a great VO session)

Best Song for Praying I Make it to Work on Time (after I get out of the house late)

Best Song for General Singing-Along

Best Song for Practicing my Opera Falsetto (Yes, I can hit that!)

Best Chiptuned Section of a Remix (0:46 to 0:57)

Best Chiptuned Remix in General (I think this is actually better than the original song)

Holy Fucking Shit I Love Fast-Tempo Music

Honorable Mention: Best Use of AWOO

Fogged Mind, Heart Full


I’m practicing different atmospheres, as you saw (probably not but whatever) I did a practice Kissing scene with this dumb space boys.

nOW i’M GOING to uh… steamy? atmosphere? …..uh

They are horny boys with hormones in space, let them live. Let ME live, I’m practicing, it’s crap. 

Ps. I’m soooooo sorry if it is cringy tho. *Shrugs* Practice. 


Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“L-Lance.” Keith pants as the brunet drops a trail of kisses all over his neck, pressing his lips harder just below his earlobe making Keith to shiver unexpectedly, “L-Lance –!”

“Sh.” Lance shushes gently against his skin and Keith can feel the grin he’s wearing.

“Stop teasing, you ass.” Keith grunts, pushing his hips forward and groaning in frustration when Lance’s hands on his hips pushes him away, “Come on!”

Lance chuckles and Keith suck in a breath when Lance’s hands move slowly down until they are cupping his ass.

“You’re so bossy.” Lance mumbles, his voice hoarse and husky against Keith’s skin, “I love it.”

Keith whines as he wraps his arms around Lance’s arms and brings him close, trying to get as much skin contact as he can through the clothes, “P-Please.”

“Ah.” Lance breaths out, biting on Keith’s collar bone and smirking when he feels the gasp his boyfriend makes in his lips, “There we go.”

In a quick move, Lance picks him up and Keith’s legs automatically wraps themselves around the brunet’s waist as Lance press his back against the wall.

“Let’s see how much stamina you’re made of, babe.” Lance whispers against Keith’s lips and Keith doesn’t lose a second before he smashes his lips against Lance’s.

Jordie Benn || Made Up

The door slams.

He’s walking away. How could I let him walk away?! Jordie and I have been together for two years and I still haven’t met his parents. Am I not good enough? He can’t just walk away! If anyone deserves to be mad it’s myself not him. I race through the apartment building to the garage where he’s about to get into his car.

“Now wait a second! We are going to talk about this!” I yell to him.

“Ok fine! Let’s talk!” He says and closes his car door.

“We’ve been together for two years and you still don’t want me to meet your parents! Why?!” I yell getting frustrated.

“I told you Y/N! I’m not ready for that! Just drop it!” He goes to turn away but I grab his arm.

“No! I’m not just going to drop it! Am I not good enough?!” I scream with tears forming in my eyes.

“That’s not it and you know it!” He sighs and shakes off my hand.

“I’m sorry if I’m not some star that your parents want you to date but I am a good person.”

“I have to go.” He says while looking at his phone.

“O-ok…” I choke out. I bolt back to my apartment and collapse against the door. Hot tears fall rapidly and my breathing has sped up. Who on his phone is more important? Is he cheating on me? Is that why I can’t meet his family? What if I’m just his girl on the side…

These thoughts swirl in my head until I reach over and grab my phone. I dial Jamie’s number with shaking hands.

“Y/N? What’s up?” He asks.

“J-Jamie…” I say and start sobbing again.

“Y/N? Y/N, what’s wrong? What did my idiot brother do now?” He asks frantically.

“I-is he cheating on me?” I ask slowly.

“What?! Jordie? No way!” He says quickly. “Why would think that?”

“Well, we’ve been together for two years and I still haven’t met your parents. Am I not good enough for him Jamie?”

“Oh Y/N that’s not it at all! In fact the other day he was looking at-umm nothing never mind.” He says. “Call him. Trust me.”

“Thanks Jamie.” I say relieved.

“No problemo! Now, are you gonna be ok?”

“Yeah, I’m good now.” We say goodbye and not even two minutes later my phone rings. Jordie’s name lights up on the screen and I reluctantly answer.

“Baby girl why did you call my brother crying instead of me?” He asks immediately.

“Well hello to you too.”

“Y/N, answer the question.”

“You were the cause of my tears so I didn’t think it would be much help if I called you.” I admitted.

“What? Babe, I’m so sorry please don’t cry. Also, please open the door.” I stand up and open my door, there stands Jordie who has worry in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I ask confused.

“Jamie called me and told me that you were upset so I got here as soon as I could.” He says and steps inside. “This was supposed to be special and I planned it all out but Jamie said that you didn’t think you were good enough for me.” He says and then get down on his knee. “So, Y/N, the most gorgeous girl in the whole world and the most precious thing in my life. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and spending forever and ever with a complete idiot who loves you more than all of the grains of sand on this Earth?”

“Oh my goodness yes!” I say as new tears roll down my face, but this time they’re joyful. He slides a stunning (and extremely sparkly) ring onto my finger.

“But what about your phone when we were arguing? Why did you have to leave? A-and why can’t I meet your parents?” I ask him.

“Oh that? There was another man who wanted to buy this ring and the shop owner told me because he knew it was my favorite so I wanted to get it before anyone else could. And about my parents, I wanted to make sure that you were mine before you met them because well they can come on a little strong sometimes. They absolutely love company…” He chuckles nervously.

“I’ll always be yours.” I stand on my tip toes and peck his lips. He picks me up bridal style and spins me around. Giggling I kiss him again but this time it lasts much longer.

I can’t wait to marry this man.

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Uhhh went to a juniors game last night (lots of fun) and ok most of those damn kids are like, 5'11"-6'2" and 180-200 lbs?????? And then there was this one forward and he looked real short on ice. And I swear. His little player profile thing said:


138 lbs.

Like fucking DAMN DUDE ????? Way to go? You show ‘em.

The best part was when he was one of 3 players to be put in the box all together for roughing??? (as well as two players on the opposing team of course lmfao)

Which lead @neilskey and I to be like “ok but can you imagine Bitty getting penalized for literally anything?” like. just imagine Bitty in the sin bin. XD

As for the “I need to move on” line Emma says in the promo, guys, she’s fooling herself. We know, and she knows, there’s no getting over the love she has for Hook. She’s trying to convince herself but we can all see how distraught she is in the other shots in the promo. It’s a normal thing to do when you’re going through a hard time to be like “i’ve got this, i’m ok, i’ll be fine”, even though you know you’re not. So don’t worry about it ;)


“And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again..”

I like to think a lot about how Blinky must feel having lost two loved ones within such a short time period like??? is he doing ok i gotta know 

The top one was from thisn morning and the other from a couple weeks ago when all I could listen to was see you again from furious 7 

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Answer 1-104!

you thought i wouldn’t do it
1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say?
tbh I’m trying to wake up naked next to him so???
2. What’s going on between you and the last person you kissed?
absolutely nothing, just friends lmao
3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend was into drugs, would you care?
as long as it was only like… casual use… and not something like hardcore… it’s fine??
4. Is your last name longer than six letters?
my full name is 30 letters long ok
5. Was your last kiss drunk or sober?
slightly drunk, mostly sober
6. Have you ever wanted to have someone but you messed it up?
not really? i don’t think so at least.
7. What does your last received text say?
its dumb
8. How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed?
a few times
9. Where was your last kiss at?
outside my house
10. When is the last time you saw your sister?
almost 2 years ago
11. What do you drink in the morning?
decaf chai lattes
12. Where did you sleep last night?
briefly on my bathroom floor lmao
13. Do you think relationships are hard?
yes 100%
14. If you could go back and change something in the past 5 months, would you?
i mean maybe
15. You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, any problems?
if he tried to kiss me again yeah we would have a problem.
16. Would you rather it be sunny or rainy?
17. Do you know anyone with the same middle name as you?
18. Are you wearing jeans,sweatpants,or pajama pants?
19. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 years from now?
20. Does anyone like you?
21. Have you ever kissed someone with a name that starts with an S?
a guy named sean kissed me once and then freaked out because he was so excited about kissing me and then we stopped talking
22. Is the last person you kissed gay?
23. Is there a person you CANNOT stand?
everybody has someone they cant stand i think
24. Have you ever considered getting a tattoo?
i have one
25. In the past week have you cried?
i hurt someone’s feelings and i cried about it a bunch a few days ago
26. What breed was the last dog you saw?
i saw doggos fight in the sculpture garden today it was sad :c
27. Do you dry off in the shower or out of the shower?
out of the shower
28. Have you ever kissed a football player?
29. Do you think you’re old?
YES i’m internet grandma
30. Do you like text messaging?
31. What type of day are you having?
p good
32. Have you ever thought about getting your nose pierced?
would not look cute on me
33. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
cool, cloudy weather
34. Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?
yes, p important to me
35. Would you prefer a relationship or a fling?
i don’t know
36. Are you a simple or complicated person?
i think i’m simple but approximately 8% of the things i do make sense to me so maybe not??
37. What song are you listening to?
reebok blood
38. When you say you’re sorry do you mean it?
39. Is there a girl that knows everything or almost everything about you?
40. What made you start liking the person you like now?
he cute and nice and i don’t know i just like him??????
41. When did you last receive a text message?
45 minutes ago RIP
42. What is wrong with you right now?
very very sleepy
43. How well do you know the last female you texted?
i wan’t to be better friends with her tbh
44. Does anyone disgust you?
u kno who u are :-)
45. Would you date someone right now if they asked?
maybe, if it was the right person
46. Are you in a good mood right now?
i’m sleepy
47. Who was the last person you talked to in person?
my dad
48. What color shirt are you wearing?
49. Has someone recently told you something you didn’t want to hear?
people tell me things i dont want to hear all the time
50. Anyone you’re giving up on?
51. Do you hate the person you fell hardest for?
i hate everyone
52. Have you ever thought about giving up on someone but couldn’t?
i mean yeah??
53. Do you like rain?
i love rain
54. Do you care if your boyfriend/girlfriend drinks?
55. Have you ever liked somebody and never told them?
in my youth
56. Do you like to cuddle?
usually no but like.. with the right person yes
57. Are you shy?
58. Do you get along with girls?
i’m trying to!! i’m workin on it!
59. Have you dated the person you texted last?
nop not as of yet
60. What do you carry with you at all times?
phone, keys, tiny picture of Noctis
61. If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you?
i will live there for $1,000,000 a day
62. Do you think you can last in a relationship for five months?
my last relationship was over 2 years???
63. Think back to October, were you in a relationship?
64. The person you like kisses you on the forehead, do you find this cute?
yes very
65. Did anything “cute” happen in the last week?
a boy told me he liked me??
66. How old are the last three people you kissed?
uhhh… embarrassingly old I don’t want to say x2, 24
67. Would you rather pay to get your nails done or do them yourself?    
my nails are terrible always
68. Which do you like better- Zebra print or leopard print?    
is it 2008 again?? i guess leopard
69. Do you have any stickers on your car?    
i don’t have a car
70. Would you rather listen to Luke Bryan or Lil Wayne?    
holy fuck it is 2008
71. Blackberry, Anroid, or iPhone?    
these questions are from 2008
72. When’s the last time you had pizza from Pizza Hut?    
i have no idea many many months ago
73. Do you like diet soda?    
i don’t even like soda rly???
74. What color are the walls in your room?    
75. Are you 16 or older?    
i’m old as hell
76. Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?    
i’m a grown ass adult woman so of course I do, yes
77. Do you have a job?    
 I need a job
78. What are your initials?    
CAWL they almost spell crawl and it makes me mad that they dont
79. Did you ever have braces?    
80. Are you from the south?  
81. What does your last status on facebook say?    
i don’t rly use facebook i’m not gonna check
82. Do you still talk to the first person you ever kissed?    
aha no
83. Are you closer to your mom or your dad?    
i guess my mom?
84. Have you ever done cheerleading or gymnastics?    
85. What’s the last movie you saw in theaters?    
beauty and the beast
86. Do you smoke?    
87. Would you rather wear heels or flip flops?    
heels these questions remind me of 8th grade or something i’m gonna puke
88. Is your phone touch screen?    
i’m not an animal
89. Do you normally wear your hair straight or curly?    
90. Have you ever snuck out of your house?    
i snuck out of my house once after I was already 18 and had moved out of my house lmao
91. Would you rather swim in a river, lake, or pool?    
92. Have you ever made out in a car?    
93. …Had sex in a car?    
94. Are you single or in a relationship?    
95. What were you doing last night at midnight?    
i thought i was going to throw up so i was sitting on my bathroom floor
96. When’s the last time you saw fireworks?    
new years i think
97. Do you like the camera on your phone?    
it could be better
98. Have you ever had a friend with benefits?    
not officially
99. Have you ever passed out from drinking?    
i guess?
100. Are you friends with people on facebook that you actually hate?    
i dont know maybe?
101. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare?    
102. Name your favorite Kesha song:    
your love is my drug
103. Do you have any tan lines right now?    
i’m winter pale all over 😎
104. Would you ever wear cowboy boots with shorts?    
i’ve done it before


I’ve been tagged by the absolutely beautiful and stunning Nikki @thejamesoldier to do this challenge, so here we go! Thank you, babe! <3

I love myself (haha, ok) because:

1. I want to be there for everyone

2. I can make people be happy through my writing and art

3. I can make an impact on people’s lives just by existing

4. People say that I can give excellent advice

5. I dream and believe and for some reason, that works with me

Anyway, I tag (always optional): @buckyslion, @buckys-fossil, @commvnderdamerons, @poe-also-bucky, @thenightmarebeforebucky, @imhereforbvcky, @tired-alpaca, @crappy-camel and anyone else who feels like doing this!

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Crush story: Ok so I used to have a crush on this guy in MMA (who I now know has three girlfriends. They don't know tho) and once I was sparring with him and he hit me really hard in the nose (enough that it started bleeding badly) and as I fell to the floor, cradling my nose in my hands, I looked up and said through tears... "Does This mean you're hitting on me? It's cool if you are. I mean, no one -nose- where this relationship will go." He didn't talk to me for two weeks after that.

that’s the best/worst thing I have ever heard. Your pun game is too strong.