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Dancing. [Prince Adam Oneshot.]

We are all sinners and are gonna go to hell but you know as long as we have fanfics there I’m okay.

Title: Dancing.
Pairing: Implied! - Prince Adam x Female!Reader.
Words: 3,361.
Rating: T.
Summary: Haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if you called out a Prince who constantly acted like the world revolved around him?

You had quite a difficult time processing how you had gotten to the moment of standing only a few feet behind Prince Adam, with a silver trimmed and tall stout glass of champagne sitting in your right hand. The ring on your middle finger clicked against the glass shivering out a rather satisfying sound, one of wealth that demanded the most absurd amount of respect. Strangely enough, he hadn’t found any interest in you until this evening despite being invited (more like severely persuaded you come) to many of his parties. They were all the same. The same type of physically appealing people, the same stuffed up atmosphere, the same petty chat from person to person, the same typical dances, and the same type of carefully picked attire.

The Prince, with his naturally strawberry blond hair covered by a long haired wig that twisted into rather exquisite curls near the end, only seemed enthused by the aesthetic of the situation. He himself seemed to be the only thing that changed from event to event. The shades and colors of his face would change, varying in vibrancy depending on the clothing he donned that evening.

This evening—you thought to yourself and scaled your eyes upon the Prince, a few feet in front of you. And yes, this evening he was wearing velvet as usual; A dark purple, or so it appeared in the light of the room. It sparkled if he he caught the candlelight just right and for a split second, Prince Adam looked approachable, as if you wanted to sink into his arms because he closely resembled the shine of the stars. The embroidery on his waistcoat was nothing less than perfection and played along with the fabric as if they were swirled in a dance together. Purple and silver detailing hung closely to the trim of his coat and expanded into flourishes of metallic silver flowers spilling onto the breast of the jacket. Speckles of jewels hit sporadically around the jacket, and down the right and left side clung silver buttons that served no purpose other than appeal. And oddly enough, his jacket looked like the softest material imaginable if you dared to reach out for him.

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Music is in the air, my friends.  How can it not be? Music Meister was super annoying butttttttt I have to say, sending people in a musical world – sort of the best super power if you ask me. Barry downloaded the team about what we were all doing in the musical.  I swear, every time Barry time travels or goes to another dimension I never tire of hearing what my doppelgangers can do.  Apparently in the musical, I was a bus boy named Pablo – I dig it.

With Barry and Iris back on the right track, morale at a high - it felt appropriate that we all take a breather and go do something together.  And obviously, given what we were just up against it had to be karaoke. We got there and after a few rounds of liquid confidence everyone was ready to scan the book and pick their songs.

A lot can be said about your karaoke jam – take Iris for instance.  She’s not super musically inclined but girl picked crowd pleaser with TLC’s “No Scrubs.” It got the crowd going and everyone knew the words to sing along.  It brought me back to my middle school gymnasium dances where the girls hung out on one side and the boys on the other.  Yeah, I was the cool wallflower.  But that’s the thing about music – it can transport you back to a specific time and place in your life.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Iris wasn’t the only one of us with good musical taste – Joe chose Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” That guy can sing ­– he’s so soulful and just a natural on stage….seriously, he should think about doing a career change.  Caitlin can’t carry a tune, bless her heart, but her song choice was solid – Alanis Morisette “Ironic.”  I think the highlight of the night was that H.R. didn’t know or recognize any of the songs – so he just grabbed the microphone and sang a “classic” Earth-19 song.  Everyone at the bar wanted to kill us but it was a hilarious moment that was so worth us almost getting kicked out for.

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“I had always hoped it would be me to knock you down from that pedestal you’ve been standing on you so long.” Chris joked, knocking his shoulder against Viktor’s playfully. “But it seems like Katsuki might beat me to it. I’ll get you both one day though, you mark my words.” That this happened at the infamous World's makes it so bittersweet I want to die.

I deliberately put that bit in their because I love angst and I want to make people suffer ;)

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Could you do an aesthetic for my girlfriend Nina? She has a passion for books, drawing and storytelling, loves rain, constellations, taking hikes, and asking questions. Her favorite color is yellow, and she has shoulder length black hair. Right now we're living together in the Philippines with her family. Bruh I'm so gay for her,,,,, her eyes are a gorgeous warm brown like acorns and chocolate and everything good about the world

Oh my stars! You and Nina sound like the cutest darn sapphics! I hope this warms your heart! XO

Nina. She is rain drops drumming softly against glistening green leaves and the summer’s heat returning. She is fingers running along inked lines, mapping out stars. She is stars found not in maps of worlds beyond ours, but in sparkling brown eyes curiously gazing. She is airy cotton fluttering around tanned legs in the warm breeze. She is blue, crystalline waters and a familiar poem. She is Nina- the adventurer’s spirit. 

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I have a prompt! (If you don't mind?) 2BX9S. Something intimate but Not lewd, that involves French kissing? Something that borderlines the SFW boundary's? Something That pushes the boundary without the characters going all the way? (Ijustlike9Slegsandkissing)

Her breath is hot against his skin, close, so close and yet so far and away, to his face as she lovingly grazes her thumb over his lips. She’s waiting for something, looking for it in his eyes, which are exposed to the world in a rare display of intimacy. It’s one of those things that’s unique to YoRHa androids, something that the Resistance kind never can understand.

Their eyes are always exposed, it’s never a secret, never a surprise, never a reveal when they finally see the colored optics gazing back at them. They can never understand what it feels like to see the eyes of your lover for the first time because they’ve always seen them. It’s normal.

But to him, 2B’s light grayish blues are an enigma that he can’t unravel in this short period of contact. He’s glimpsed them before, but never had the opportunity to stop and…

She’s still waiting, thumb anxious as it twitches where it lay pressed against his flesh.

He parts his lips slightly as he comes closer, brushing her hand aside and taking her mouth against his. Androids aren’t warm, their systems keep them infuriatingly cool and metallic, but he can’t deny that he feels heat where they connect, crawling down his skin and finding its way to lodge in his throat, causing his breath to stay and become erratic.

Her eyes have closed during this exchange and he’s slightly disappointed, but understands the appeal. In the dark, they can pretend far easier that this moment isn’t a violation of so many protocols and regulations and that they are the only ones in this world that matter.

He wonders…he’s heard…things…from other Scanners about intimacy. They’ve shared data on their own exploits – few and far they may be – and he wonders if she would…

His tongue boldly darts out, swiping her lips before making a hasty retreat back into his own mouth. Her eyes flash open in surprise and she pulls back, much to his growing anxiety and disappointment.

He can’t tell if she’s going to deck him or tell him off.

Gingerly, she touches her lips with two fingers, feeling the small trail he’s left on them. He’s going into a full pandemic, dread creeping into his spine that he’s completely fucked this up.


He flushes, embarrassed.

“Er…I-I was just trying to–”

“You’re doing it wrong.”


She grips his cheeks in her hands, causing his face to squish a bit in her grasp.

“Stick your tongue out. I’ll show you how to do it properly.”

Properly, turns out to be something he can’t quite describe with words other than “heated”. She dominates him in a way that he’s perfectly fine with, his skin exploding into shivers each time her tongue drags along his teeth. She instructs him that he’s supposed to put some effort into it on his own end, but he ends up following her lead, his own muscle being pushed and teased by hers.

“Incoming transmission from the Bunker.”

She tears away from him, wiping her mouth on her glove before he can even resister what the hell happened. He’s still dazed and almost drooling while she stoically receives orders from 6O, who seems a bit more chipper now that she’s found a new YoRHa member to fawn over for the day.

He’s still in a daze when her eyes come to rest on him again.

“If we can finish these orders in a timely fashion, I’ll show you the proper way to fight back.“ She says dully before leaping off of the building and gliding the drop with her Pod.

His pulse rate nearly explodes as he hurries after her, not caring what he has to do to catch up with her again.


Here are two highschool au kylux fic, “Boys on the Radio” by Coldhope and “Blue Milk” by zamwessel that I loved so much I had to put them in my kindle and do covers for them. I don’t really like reading au in general, but they were just so good that I really wish there were more of them. Both of them are wonderful and insightful character studies (but wip arrrg!). I had to write my own fic, “Against the World”, to calm my crawings! So, not surprisingly, it’s about bullying.

Here is the summary if you want to give it a go: “His association – for lack of a better word – with Hux had started when the ginger nerd found him crying in the bathroom one day, during class hours, and had just watched him making a mess of himself without saying anything.”- Or how the two most despised boys in school develop a deep friendship over their hatred of humanity and planning petty revenge against their bullies.

Against the World:

And definitely go check out “Boys on the Radio”:

and “Blue Milk”:

I for one welcome the idea of a female Tommy Oliver. Apparently Tommy can be a female name as well.

Just, please, don’t make a big deal about it, and I’m talking to BOTH sides! It’s not the end of the world but it also isn’t the greatest thing to ever happen! It’s just a thing, it may be kind of interesting, but at the end of the day, it’s just something that may or may not happen. Not a big deal.

Bottomline: if you’re against it that’s okay, just don’t shit on people. If you think it’s cool that’s fine, just don’t shit on people.

That is all.

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43 pleaseee

I’m so behind on finishing requests, I apologise! My courses are wearing me out so much with the amount of essays I’ve had to do which were due in a couple of days. But I finally got this one done, even though I had trouble for what I had wanted for this one. 

Title: Dancing Queen

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: fluff, it doesn’t really have a story-line. 

Prompt: “Nice dancing there, now how about you dance your way to my bed?”

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Hounds of Justice (Final Part)

A/N: Thank you all who have read this! I hope you all loved reading this story as much as I loved writing it! 

Warnings: Swearing. Violence. Death. Guns. 

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You sat with your back against the front seat of the van. Seth was driving, Roman sitting shotgun, Randy was sitting with his back against the driver’s seat, Taker in front of you and Baron in front of Randy. No one spoke. The sun was barely rising, gray clouds covered the morning dawn.

Seth looked back at us. “I’m going to meet my guy, he’s a little walk to the north. The Kings might be here today for a gun drop from the Irish if they do show. Wait until I get back. Okay? It shouldn’t take me long if the Kings show before I do. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be back before they show.” 

Everyone nodded their head. Seth climbed out of the van, shutting the door, jogging away. You moved up to the driver’s seat, looking out the window. Roman looked at you, taken in your still bruised face. 

You hadn’t healed all the way. Your nose was a little swollen, yellowish brown buries covered your cheekbones, a blackened bruise lined your jaw as well as under your right eye. 

Roman could see how you shifted your hands against the steering wheel uncomfortably. He knew that your hands were riddled in cuts and bruises, most likely from some unset broken bones.

Your eyes were locked ahead of you at the opened field. Roman was taking in your beauty. He was worried this would be the last time he saw you. He was almost certain that he would die today. 

Whether it was from the Kings, or from his own rage. Everyone knew he would get careless when he got angry. His vision would turn red and the only thing he could see was death.

You leaned against the seat, your eyes were unmoving. You didn’t look when you felt Roman’s eyes bore into you. You knew what he was doing. You did the same thing last night. 

After your night with Baron, you slipped on his shirt and walked out of the room and across the hall to Roman’s. Standing in the doorway of his room, you watched him sleep. He looked peaceful, for once. In all the nights you spent near him, you never saw him that peaceful. 

Stepping further into the room, you took it in. You were afraid you wouldn’t make it out alive tomorrow. Some were going to die, and it was like, everyone was ready. Ready to die for Dean. You owned it to him to fight and if it happens….If you die, then you’re ready. 

You’ve accepted it. You stay watching Roman for a long time, a couple of hours maybe, just sitting at the foot of the bed, watching as he hummed and mumbled in his sleep.

You weren’t sure how long you were sitting in the van, a few hours maybe. Seth has yet to return, answer the phone, nothing not a word. Roman’s hands were clenched into fists on his thigh while your hands were wrapped tightly around the steering wheel as you sunk into the seat.

 Hours ticked by before you seen Seth walking his way over to the van, two other men in tow. You sat up in the seat quickly, pushing the door open to the van and hoping out, everyone else followed. Seth smiled at you. “Everyone, this is Aj and Finn.”

You froze. “Finn? You’re friends with Seth?” Seth looked at you and Baron looked at Finn. “Baron? Da’s where ya are? Hunter is freakin’ out!” Baron shook his head. “I should have known you were working with them.” 

Finn shook his head. “I’m wasn’t workin’ with ‘dem before this. Seth and I go way back. He told me about what happened…I felt bad. I own it to Seth and to Y/N…To ya boy Dean. I didn’t know it was him…Not until after it happened. I would have told Seth.” You shook your head before going out and hugging Finn. Finn wrapped his arms around you tightly. 

“You need to heal, to rest.” You shook you head as you back away. “I’ll rest when they’re dead.”

Finn quickly spoke. Telling everyone that Hunter would be here, tomorrow at 3 PM. Aj was coming to stay at the clubhouse, and tomorrow you’d go to war with the Kings, Finn would be with the Kings but would end up switching, along with Sami, leaving only Hunter, Shawn and few others you barely knew.  

You drove this time around, Aj was sitting with Seth in the back of the van, Roman kept his eyes on you. You wanted to tell him to stop staring, but you couldn’t, you couldn’t will your mouth to speak the words.

You swung the van into a parking spot outside of the clubhouse, everyone quickly got out of the van, their boots thudding loudly against the van floor. You turned the van off, unbuckled your seatbelt and pulled the keys out. Roman was still looking at you.

 You sighed and lead against the seat, looking down at the keys. They were Roman’s. You could tell because of the keychains. One was yours that you gave him, a half moon that said, “I’d jump over the moon for you.” You looked at the keychain, a sad smile coming across your lips.

Here.” You said, thrusting the keychain to him, a key was swinging from the loop. Roman wiped his hands off on a rag and held it out. You dropped the key into his hand. 

Roman looked at it. “What’s this for?” You looked down at your new biker boots that Dean got you. “I figured since I’m going to be living in the Kings clubhouse that you could stay at my house if you needed to. Or you know, just to have the key. You never know when you might need it.” 

Roman looked at the keychain attached to the keyring. He looked up at you, his eyes locking with yours. “Thanks…” You nodded your head. “Yeah. No problem.”

“Did you ever stay at my house?” Roman stay quiet for a moment. “Once…After you left. I wasn’t looking to stay there…I went to get a shirt I knew was there.” 

You fiddled with the keys. “Why did you stay?” “When I opened your dresser drawer and grabbed my shirt, I saw a photo of me and you…At the carnival. We got one of those cheesy ones at the Photo Booth.” 

Roman laughed. “You had your arms around my neck, your face in the crook of my neck…My lips were on your forehead and I…I saw you had other photos in there. Some of you and me, Dean, you and Becky. I…I started looking through them, see you as a kid and…I don’t know. I realized what I did to you. I fucked you up. I…I just fucked you up.”

“I miss us.” You said quietly. Roman nodded his head. “I miss us too.” You looked out the side window. “There are few good memories between us…But I love you…And I think I’ll need up dying still loving you.” 

Roman clenched his jaw. “I love you too.” Roman knew it was true. The memories he had of you weren’t always smiles and giggles, but what love was perfect?

You sat on the counter in the small kitchen area of the clubhouse, a beer bottle in your hand. “What are you still doing up?” You looked up and found Aj standing there. “Can’t sleep. It’s hard knowing you could die tomorrow.” You took a slug from your beer, shrugging your shoulders. 

“Is that really it? Or is it because of the Press?” You looked at him. “Huh?” Aj laughed. “Roman. I know about your past with the big bad president.” You shrugged your shoulders again.

 “Some of it is from that. I don’t want to die knowing we aren’t on good terms.” Aj nodded his head. “So talk to him. Make whatever it is right.” You stared at Aj. “Don’t let this stay between you. Fix it while you can.”

You slipped into Roman’s room. It was dark, no light beside the small amount coming from the book light.

 Roman pulled his book away from his face. “What’s wrong?” You shut the door behind you, sighing. You stood by the door. “I wanted to talk to you.” Roman sat up and patted the spot next to him. 

Slowly you made your way over to him, sitting in the empty spot. “I…I don’t want to die with bad blood between us.” Roman looked a little bewilder. “You…You aren’t going to die.”

“You don’t know that.” “Yes, I do! You aren’t going to die! The Kings are going to be outnumbered!” You shook your head. 

“Roman! They have the Family! What if they bring them! What if somehow I get shot! Or you get shot! If you die…and if we aren’t on good terms…I’ll never forgive myself for it.” 

Roman reached over and grabbed your arms, pulling you into him and onto his lap. You buried your face into his neck, your arms wrapping him. “You aren’t going to die. I’m not going to die. We are going to win this. We are going to avenge Dean…and we are going to fix us. We. Are. Going. To. Fix. Us.”

You pulled away from his neck and looked at him. Your eyes locked and you both leaned in. Your lips locked in a rough, passionate kiss.

 Your hands went to his hair, his to your back, pressing you against him. His hands ran up the back of your shirt as he pulled away. You brushed your hands down his neck, up his jaw and cupped his cheeks. 

You leaned in and pressed your lips against his. Roman shifted you so you were straddling his lap, tugging at your shirt. You let him pull it off before reattaching your lips to his. His hands groped your ass as you tugged his hair harshly. 

“I love you.” Roman groaned. You moaned as Roman kissed up and down your neck. “I love you so much.” Your breathing was shallow as you replied. “I love you too.”

You slid into the driver’s side, shutting the door behind you, Roman slid into the shotgun seat. Everyone began filling the van, guns in hand. The dawn light casted a shadow on your face as you started the van. 

Roman felt something in his heart twitch when he looked at you. You had this glow to your features and this little smile gracing your lips Roman looked away, a small smile of his own on his face.

You were leaning against the front of the van, everyone was in their place, ready for the sign. You, on the other hand, hadn’t moved, you stood there watching the sun slowly come to the highest point.

 You felt a hand grab your shoulder, looking over, you seen Roman looking at you. “Hey.” You said, smiling a little. “You need to get to your point. Finn said they were on they’re way.” You let the smile fall while nodding your head.

You laid down in the tree line to the right-hand side of the field. a large rifle in your hands. You closed one eye, focusing the scope on the bikers coming in from the west. “Fuck!” You hissed. 

You could see the Family riding beside the Kings. You pulled the rifle away from your face and quickly got out of there. You ran behind the tree line, your legs kicking up dirt as you tried to get to Roman. 

Your boots slipped out from underneath you, causing you to fall and the gun to slip from your hands. You hit the ground hard. The breath was knocked from your lungs as you heard the motorcycles coming to a halt.

 Quickly you rolled up to your feet, picking the gun up and running towards Roman’s spot. Your boots crunched against the leafs and twigs. 

Your mind racing with all the horrible possibilities that could occur with the Family being on the Kings side. You might have no know a lot about them, but you had a gut feeling this wouldn’t end well.

You looked over your shoulder and seen Hunter walking towards the Irish. You focused on running as fast as you could. “Come on!” You hissed. Looking over your shoulders again you seen Hunter and Sheamus getting closer. Turning forward you seen Roman cocking his gun.

 “Roman!” You yelled, 50 meters away. He didn’t hear you. “Roman! Don’t!” 30 meters away. Roman took aim. “No! We’re outnumbered!” You yelled. 20 meters away. His finger wrapped around the trigger. “Roman!” 10 meters away. A single shot rang out through the field. “No!” You screamed. 5 meters away. 

Roman finally noticed your sprinting form. Roman lowered the gun slowly as he seen your panicked face. Suddenly gunfire rang out from everywhere. Roman looked at you. “The Family came with them.” 

You said breathlessly. “Fuck!” Roman yelled, running a hand through his hair. “Goddammit!” Gunfire was ringing through the air. You raised your rifle, looking through the scope, you could see a body laying on the ground. It was Sami.

You ran with Roman, he was a good few feet ahead of you. You were both trying to get to the van were heavy guns would be. You had a rifle in hopes that you wouldn’t need to fight on the field, that hope was smashed. 

Roman ripped out the van door and grabbed his heaviest machine gun. He thrust it at you. “I…I can’t use that thing…” Roman looked at you, he had this crazy look in his eyes. “Take the goddamn gun! Now!”

 You slowly took the gun and cocked it. “You fire that thing. You got it! Your life is on the goddamn line!” Roman took the next biggest gun and slammed the door shut. “Let’s move.”

You took the stance and aimed. You shot and shot and shot. The gun had one motherfucker of a kickback. It wasn’t until a chamber of a gun was pressed against your head that you stopped. 

“Lower the gun. Now!” Hunter’s voice sounded behind you. You felt panic rise in your chest. Slowly you lowered your gun to the ground. “Kick it away!” You did. “Good. Good. I always knew you were a good listener. Woulda made an amazing Man at Arms. You got a hell of a shot.” 

You stayed ramrod straight. “Put your hands where I can see them.” You raised your hands. “Turn around.” Slowly you turned around. “Such a beautiful face. It’s going to be a shame to ruin it…” Hunter had this sick smile on his face.

“Did you really think you could get away with this? That you would be untouchable if you went back to the Hounds? Hmm?” You said nothing. “They must not care that much about you…Since they left you up here without any backup! I liked you. 

A lot. I thought you would be my new favorite. Then Shawn followed you and seen you go to Hounds Hill…Talk with the Hounds…Then he came back and seen you wearing one of their Cuts!” Hunter’s face changed. “You fucking tricked me!” He shook his head. 

“You did it.” Hunter cocked the gun. “Well, it was sure nice knowing ya, Kid.” In a flash, you pulled your revolver from the back of your jeans. You pulled the trigger quickly, shooting him in the stomach. Hunter yelled, dropping his gun. You kicked the gun away, your ears were ringing. 

You stood on top of Hunter and pointed the gun at him. Before you could pull the trigger, he pulled you down towards him, forcing your to drop the gun.

Hunter got on top of you. His fist connecting with your cheek. You reached up and pressed your thumb into his gunshot wound. He screamed you flipped him, getting on top. You pummeled his face, screaming. “You killed him! You killed, Dean! You rotten motherfucker!” 

Smashing your knuckles against his cheekbone, jaw, neck. You began slamming his head into the ground. Tears running down your face. “You killed him! You killed my Dean! My friend!” Your mind was filled with blind fury. You didn’t hear his screams of protests. 

You didn’t feel him stick his knife into you two, threes times. It wasn’t until you were certain he wasn’t getting back up that you realized the knife was stuck into your stomach. You slid off of him and hit the ground. Your hands went to the knife wound. Red, bright and dark was all over your hands, shirt, Cut and Jeans.

The adrenaline that was once fueling your body, was now gone. You felt it all at once. The pain in your hands, you were certain some bones were broken. The pain in your faces, blood rushing down from your nose and forehead. 

The blinding pain in your stomach, causing you to hunch every so slightly. Hunter groaned to the side of you. You reached for your gun, pain causing you to hiss, and moan.

 You pointed the gun at Hunter, who reached with a bloody hand for it. His face unrecognizable. A single shot rang out. White spots began floating in your line of vision. You placed a bloody hand over your head, as your vision became blurry.

You tried to move forward, towards the shapes that were making their way to you, but you couldn’t will your feet to move. Your head spun again and you had to catch yourself before you fell. Pain shot up your back causing your to whimper. Was this what dying felt like?

Again you tried to will yourself to move, but could. Black spots began to cloud your vision. You stumbled backwards and your head felt like to much to hold up. You stumbled again. The shapes were getting closer, as your eyes began to get heaver. 

You began couching, your brought a hand to your mouth. You looked at your hand. Fresh blood was splattered on the inside. 

Your head spun and before you knew it, you hit the ground. You heard yelling as you lolled your head to the side. Slowly your eyes felt shut, your hand letting up pressure on you wound. Blood began rushing, incoherent words tumbled from your mouth. 

The yelling was louder. A lot louder. You thought you heard your name, but all you could focus on was that blinding light. You tried to lift your hand to block it, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t more your arm. 

Then you felt it. Hands on your face. You forced your eyes open. Roman was looking at you, panic across his face. “It’s going to be okay! We’re going to get you to a doctor.” 

“I can’t fill…my arms…” You murmured. Tears came to his eyes. “It’s fine. You lost a lot of blood. You’re going to be alright. I know it.” 

You coughed again, blood flying from your mouth. Roman touched your forehead. “I…I love you.” You said, letting your head roll to the side. Roman began panicking. “Hey, come on. Stay with me.” Roman picked you up with easy. “I just…wanted-” More blood came out as you coughing into his chest. “Wanted to say…That before I go…I-I love you so much-” More couching and more blood.

Your life was playing out before you as Roman ran with your bloody, beaten body. Seth was alongside him, Randy and Taker. You mumbled things no one understood. 

About your parents, pets, and friends. You murmured about Roman and Dean. Baron as well. Your head would go slack causing Roman to scream louder at Seth to get you to the hospital. 

Tear flooded Roman’s eyes at the fact that right now that chances of you living were slim. “Not you too! Don’t do this! Stay with me! I can’t lose you too.” Seth blew through stop signs and red lights, nearly getting T-boned more than once. Randy yelled. 

Roman brushed away bloody hair from your face, fixing your Cut on your shoulders as you laid out across the van’s floor. Taker was making sure you were still living by checking your pulse. Baron sat with his back against the van’s back doors, knees brought to his chest as he watched the life drain from your body.

Roman yelled at Seth to stop. You were back to the preset time. Telling them to stop. Your fingers twitched, you wanted his hand. Your head rolled to the side, your eyelids nearly close. “Stop…” Roman looped his hands through yours. “Stop…fighting.” You watched him for a moment. “I jumped over the moon for you…” Somewhat of a smile came across your face. “Love ya….” You whispered, eyes finally closing. 

“I love you too. More then you’ll ever know.”

Seth got out, slamming the door so hard it shook the van. Randy lead against the side, staring off into the setting sun. Taker slumped against the inside of the van and Baron started blanket at your body. Roman began crying, something no on ever saw. 

Roman gripped your bloody shirt, his forehead resting against yours. “I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.”

4 Mouths Later….

Seth is now the President of the club and is a full-time relationship with Becky. She’s taken your death the hardest.

Randy was more focused on his work in Hounds Auto then in the Clubs business. He’s lost two people in a very little time. 

Finn is now apart of the Hounds. Man at Arms. He took your spot. 

Aj is now the VP. Taken Dean’s place over.

Baron left the area all together and no one’s heard from him since the funeral.

Roman…He’s…In a few different groups that help with the lost of your partner. He’s been trying to get over your death, but it’s like a black hole that he can’t get out of. 

“Roman. Why don’t you share with us about what you’re feeling.” Roman looked at the young lady running the group. “Pain.” Was all he said. She nodded her head. “Well it can help if you talk about it. Explain the pain.” 

Roman looked at his hands for a moment. “They say you don’t know real pain until you cause your true love to hurt. But the truth is, you don’t know real pain until you cause your true loves, death….”

if you fall, i’ll pick you up

Fandom: Star Wars Rebels

Words: 3,251

AO3 | FFN.Net

And if you call, I will answer

And if you fall, I’ll pick you up

And if you court this disaster

I’ll point you home.

-          Barenaked Ladies, Call and Answer

Reklam Station is falling from the sky, writhing in its final death throes, and it’s taking Ezra Bridger with it.

The wind is blowing hard around Ezra as he falls, his clothes billow and flap against his skin as he plummets through layers of cloud and smoke. He is cold, wet, and terrified, but still forcing his eyes to stay open despite the stinging wind, scanning around for an escape, a chance, a miracle, anything; but all he can see is hopelessness and burning debris casting an orange hue on the world around him.

“Karabast, karabast, karabast!” he yells, trying to hear his own voice above the whooshing in his ears.

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anonymous asked:

you never came out and said that you hate people of color but your consistent remarks against us proves that you do. can you just answer the question honestly?

I want specifics, what language and/or discussions do I carry out that is considered offensive towards POC? You cannot claim x without providing any supporting evidence. But to answer your question, no. I do not “hate” or “target” any group of people.


If pointing out real world problems and hypocrisy is ‘racist’ or 'distasteful’ then so be it. I’m not gonna pander to minorities to please the majority.

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Does Malzahar ring a bell? Once a priest belonging to the lands of Shurima, Then having a little glimpse of the void and look at him now. More power than he could ever imagine...Nasus, would you join us?

“Those who rub shoulders with the voidtouched scourge are in grave danger of losing themselves. I am well familiar with who you speak of. We would not be on the best of terms.”

“I would not advise trying to tempt me with offers of greater power, especially not to such a vile entity. The next time, I’ll make sure that you will not be able to utter such blasphemy. It’s remarkably difficult to do so, when you’ve your throat torn out.”


Ok this blog is not about politics, but somehow it’s about my life.
So here I am, living in Russia, the country with beautiful people: talented musicians, artists, dancers, amazing doctors, teachers and all the other professionals who know how to be a good person and how to do things right.

But the rest of the world judge us just by one politician. Radical, homophobic, aggressive. The world says - that’s their leader as a representation of the nation. So let me show you what our nation is.

Today, on March 26, we had meeting protests against the government throughout the country in 99 (!) cities and towns. People were clamoring against the system and corruption with slogans ‘Russia shall be free’, ‘Russia without Putin’, ‘The criminal has to go to the prison’. In Brazil or South Korea that would end for the government in a fair law court…  But what we got as a feedback? When thousands of unarmed russians went to the street to shout out for justice, thousands of policeman and soldiers started to arrest them. There was no exception for women, children or oldman. I was there, in the heart of Moscow, protesting with others. 

And here I want to say that it literally hurts me when I see in social networks like tumblr all the hatred adressed to Russia. When you are afraid of russians, when you think of us as rude homophobic savages who barely know what civilization and human rights is.

, try to look deeper on what happens here.
We are people. And we need your support. 

As a bonus, photos from another date in St. Petersburg


“Congratulations Serena on 23. I have been right there with you, some of them I lost right there against you. Your win has always been my win, I think you know that. All the times I couldn’t be there, wouldn’t be there, didn’t get there, you were there. I’m enormously proud of you, you mean the world to me.”


                                                 Since when do you call me John?
                                                           You’d be surprised.
                                                                 No, I wouldn’t.


Brb I’m calculating how smol Yuuri is against Victor on skates. If Yuuri is 5'8, daddy nikiforov is 5'11, and blades are about 3,14 inches; then he’s now ~6'2 or around 185cm WOW almost the height of NBA players

Also sweetener:

Victor : Our baby will be a great skating star and we’ll be so proud! Oh and imagine that he’s blessed by being born with skates!

Yuuri : Victor. Victor, that’ll haunt me to my nightmares.

Victor : The world will be surprised! First child in history to be born with knife shoes!

Yuuri : …

Victor : Yuuri, why are you silent?

Yuuri : .. I was just thinking

            History sounds like a good name, right?

Dumb headcanon of the day: since Victor and Yuuri are so popular, they get a lot of requests to do promotional work for stuff and publicity stunts and things, and they turn down anything that’s too outrageous…but one time an animal rescue group asks them to help with a fundraiser, and they can’t say no to helping doggies in need. You know that buzzfeed video where they get those girls drunk and then let them play with puppies? That’s pretty much what this ends up being. Please donate money and considering adopting a shelter animal while watching a livestream of these world class athletes drunk off their asses and surrounded by puppies!!

Yuuri keeps picking up each puppy to kiss and rub his face against while sobbing about how cute they are. Victor has his arms full of puppies and tears streaming down his face ‘I SHOULDN’T HAVE DRANK VODKA, I CAN’T PROTECT THEM’

It ends up being very successful, and Makkachin gets a new sibling because they just couldn’t leave without adopting at least one puppy.


Love this moment. 

It’s almost like she knows J is in that helicopter coming to get her and she’s looking at the Squad thinking, “Yeah, you and I can handle them easy.” 

This little moment subtly reminds the audience that they are a team and that Harley is only there to get back with her puddin. Really does show what Harley is willing do to, willing to betray, to get back to Mistah J.