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Can you do a pref where you and Harry are having a serious fight, but mutually decide to put up a happy front around others. And everyone buys it, but one of the other guys notices that somethings wrong between you two. And he pulls you away and is like "spill" and you confess everything and you break down crying

This was no-doubt the worst fight of your relationship.

“You can’t just leave me and Darcy here while you go shoot a six month movie in France!” You exclaim, throwing your hands in the air. Harry tightens his jaw, and he basks in his silent fury while you go on and say, “We’re in a marriage, Haz! That means you can’t just pick up and leave anytime you want to!”

“This isn’t anytime, though!” Harry yells, fist colliding with the wall. You filch visibly, but that doesn’t stop him from scaring you. “This is a once and a lifetime opportunity! My movie screen debut! I could win an oscar or–”

You sigh exasperatedly, “Do you hear yourself!” You tear your fingers through your hair and your breathing becomes laboured. “You’re saying a goddamn oscar is more important to you than me and Darcy.”

“AT LEAST AN OSCAR WON’T LEAVE ME!” Harry screams and the plaster on the wall crumbles under his fist. 

Your chest heaves up and down and a moment of silence goes by before you whisper, “That was two years ago, Styles. And I didn’t leave you. I just thought it would be better for all of us if Darcy and I lived with my parents while you were on your tour, so she wouldn’t keep asking where daddy was–”

FUCKING EXCUSES!” He screams, and you start crying. You didn’t understand why he was so furious at you. He takes a step closer to you, teeth grinding. His voice lowers to a deadly whisper, “Sometimes I wish I didn’t love you so much because I’m giving you everything you need to rip out my heart and let me bleed out.”

Your eyes crinkle at the sides, and you fold your arms over your chest. “So you’re saying you regret falling in love with me?”

Harry looks at you, right in the eye, for the first time that night. He can see how much his answer will impact your next actions, so he takes a few moments to think his answer through. But apparently he’s too blinded by rage to choose wisely because he says, “I don’t regret falling in love with you. I regret taking that love and letting it control my life.”

You furrow our eyebrows and shake your head slowly, vision blurred with tears. “You don’t mean that,” you give him another chance to change his answer.

But his eyes are still trained on yours as he says, “I do.”

And just like that, the two words that started your marriage are the same words that are ending it.


Both of you wince as you hear the door swing open and the sounds of your four-year-old daughter Darcy being carried by Louis, who is followed closely by Niall and Liam, fill the living room.

You quickly rush over to the sink, rinsing our face to make it appear as if the wetness of your cheeks came from a facial wash. Harry quickly hangs a calendar over the hole in the wall he had created, and is quick to walk out to greet the guests.

Struggling to hold back tears, you watch as Harry greets Darcy with a kiss on the cheek. How can somebody who regrets having their own daughter still smile at her? 

“Hey Y/N.” You turn around to see Liam exiting the kitchen, a glass of cold Cola in his hand. His eyebrows knit together as he sees the red outlining your eyes. “Is there anything wrong?”

At those words, Harry quickly turns to you, and you hesitate as you tell Liam, “No…I just got soap in my eye…that’s all.” Your husband turns back around and rocks Darcy back and forth in his arms as he and Niall discuss sports. Liam’s eyes are still trained on you, however, and he’s not buying your lie. 

“Come on,” Liam pulls you by the elbow, abandoning his glass on the kitchen counter as he leads you into the downstairs bathroom. He locks the door, and whispers, “Spill.”

You shrug nonchalantly, trying to pass off as cool. “Nothing’s wrong, Liam. Just soap in my eye, like I told you–”

“Bull,” he calls you out. “Y/N, do you know overtime you lie your cheeks heat up?”

You feel them heating up now. “What? No they don’t,” you try but fail miserably. Huffing out a breath, you confess, “Fine. Harry and I had a fight.”

He didn’t have to prompt you for you to break down crying, “And he said he regrets letting our relationship play such a big role in his life. That means he regrets marrying me, having Darcy, and–”

“Harry would never say that,” Liam interrupts you, baffled. “He’s not that kind of dude.”

“Well…he did.”

Liam storms out of the bathroom, and points an accusing finger at Harry. “Styles, you selfish–” about to say bastard, but sees Darcy peering up at him curiously, so he settles for “–respectful, successful, talented man.”

Harry looks more confused than ever, but when Louis steps in to take Darcy upstairs to the loo, his eyes find yours and he sighs deeply. “Liam, whatever Y/N told you–”

“Is true,” he interrupts. “How could you say those things to her? And mean them?”


“Liam, you’re not our couple therapist,” you step in and shoot a sad smile at him. “Thanks for trying, though.” You turn to your husband, and your expression immediately hardens. 

“Go shoot that fucking film, Darcy and I can survive without you.”

i’m writing a sequel but don’t rush me darling xx

not necessarily a part 2 to this, but definitely written in the same world. so, with that being said, this is very nsfw; read with caution etc. i wanna thank three lovely friends for support. @kasiwrites  @aqua-harry & @permanentcross <3 ok now please enjoy! x

* * * * *

It wasn’t your intention to give Harry the hint like this, you had been planning on him finding out for himself later on tonight when you were home.

You wanted to surprise him, but the way he looked standing by the bar with his friends made you crave him. It made you want his attention on you. He stood tall in a pair of black boots, a white silk button up tucked loosely under the belt holding his skinny jeans in place. His cross wasn’t showing because of the thin black satin scarf hanging around his neck, but you couldn’t miss his rings. Everything about him had been making your thighs rub together, the slightly cocky grin on his face only being the cherry on top. 

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Some fans say to other fans, “You don’t need to get mad, they’re just friends!” when Harry is pictured with a female friend or acquaintance. But there’s no need to get mad if he’s pictured with someone he IS dating, because it’s his life. Who Harry Styles dates has no affect on your life whatsoever. 

Do you realize how fucking ridiculous it is for you to get mad at him for dating, for wanting to be with someone, just like a lot of other people in the world do? He doesn’t have to be single for the rest of his life for your sense of comfort or security. He is a real person with real feelings, needs, wants, desires, and dreams that are not deemed invalid just because he has a job in the entertainment industry. 

What if Harry decides this is the year he wants to settle down with someone, and he dares to start hanging out with her in public and live normally, just like everyone else? Have some of you decided you’re already gonna abuse her? Because lets face it, no matter who it is, famous or non-famous, model or non-model, you’ve already pre-decided to harass her social media and make her life a living hell. Why is the 1D fanbase as a whole so horrible to the boys we claim to love and make us happy? 

Character aesthetic ♡ Harry Potter

“I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.”

i feel like people don’t often talk about that scene where harry and lupin fights over remus wanting to left tonks and teddy because he thinks he’s only being selfish by staying and harry talks him out of it by calling him a coward

how we started (h.s)

The first time he looks at you, you were smiling because he was making you laugh, his disheveled hair and own manic laughter making its way into your ears, so boisterous and filled with joy that you can’t resist joining him. He sees you and gleams with pride; little do you know making you notice him had been his intention. As you walk away, he sees you look back at him one last time, a glint of light in his eyes and a twisted smirk on his lips.

His eyes are green, you think.

The first time you get drinks together, after a particularly intense concert, he smiles because he loves the way you put words together to form intricate stories, stories that put the cherry on top of everything that had happened that even. With you, he thinks, recounting was almost better than experiencing. Not quite, though. Living it with you, he thinks, is better than reminiscing.
His desire to live in the present motivates him to make you a permanent fixture.

The first time he calls you beautiful, he smiles with relief because it was probably the first and only thing he had said with complete certainty for a long while. He smiles because you get bashful and look down at your shoes trying to hide your turning lips. He gently places his fingers underneath your chin and raises his face to level with yours, and repeats his words. The time, when you look into his eyes, you can see that they are green, green with a hint of yellow, like the sun resided in them. So full of color, so full of honesty, so full of life. Wet tears clouded your own as you open up to him, recount your trials and tribulations with everything you have. His eyes never leave your face.
He were so sincere, the tears couldn’t be tamed.

His hands raise to caress your face, thumbs stroking your soft skin as he pulls you closer, the warmth of his body catching onto yours. He leans forward and kisses the salty streaks that dot your cheeks, his plush raspberry lips leaving rose petals on your face. He smells like lavender and vanilla with a strong husky undertone. His lips travel down to yours, and he presses them together, an urgent yet loving introduction into what could only be described as the first love you could feel in your bones.


Afterwards, as you lay in between the porcelain sheets, you both are quiet, the only sound being your still labored breathing. Your fingers are still twitching a little, trying to come down from the high he caused with his touch. Your head is on his chest, your fingers stroking his pecs, trying to soothe his warm body. His arms are wound tightly around you, sleepy kisses still being planted in your hair. You couldn’t move even if you wanted to. The warmth that surrounds you is too comforting for you to even entertain the thought. The outside lights shine through the window, illuminating one side of his face. He’s looking at you, and you move up to look him in the eye, arms still wound around each other.

The first time you say you love him, he weeps. God only knows what he’d be without you.

I just found out that this person made a statement on Instagram that she made her own Infinity video.

Gonna break it to you but this video was edited by ME and aww how lovely you sound that you “trust people that they won’t steal it.” Ha ha ha.

I don’t know if she stole other artists’ work, but could you please reblog this post for the benefit of artists, please?

So people could know that this person is cool with stealing other people’s work and claiming that she made them. Thank you so much!


Oh. And this is the video.

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Idk why are you all stressed about Harry and Louis lives it's obvious that Larry is not real they are not even in the same circles so why don't you just enjoy what they do without making 382838 posts of how you hate everything they do they tweet they post their friends and everything

Idk why you are all so stressed about Harry and Louis and larries, it’s obvious you’re officially, publicly having everything you dreamed about and more, so why don’t you just enjoy what they do without sending 238746 idiotic asks to us and screenshotting all of our posts to add senseless, rude comments under them? 

What do you care? what’s wrong with YOU? I mean, I know what it is wrong, but do you?

Wizarding Tattoo Parlors.

I know it has been talked about before but I want to talk about wizarding tattoos and piercing again. Here’s just a couple ideas.

  • A tongue ring that you wear to ward off minor hexes and jinxes.
  • A Tattoo of a tree where the leaves change depending on the season.
  • A pair of matching tattoos of a piece of parchment that can be wrote on to send messages.
  • You see this dagger I have tattooed on my calf? It comes off into my hand as a real weapon when I’m in danger.
  • A little dragon that flies around your left forearm. 
  • A pin-up witch that winks and waves at you. 
  • A tattoo that starts off as a rune but once you fall asleep and wake up in changes into something that is similar to your patronus, something that symbolizes who you are.
  • A tattoo on somebodies wrist that warms up and changes color when they need to take their medications.
  • Ear piercings that translate everything around you into your native language. 
  • Lip piercing that do the same, except when you speak you speak the language of whoever you’re speaking to.
  • A small bird tattoo behind your ear that chirps and whistles to you when you’re anxious.
  •  A tattoo of your child that ages with them.
  • A tattoo for those that are hard of hearing or deaf and are unable to read lips at that moment that displays the words of the person speaking to them on their hand.
  • A nose ring that is charmed that long as you are wearing it you will never lose your keys.
  • A flower scene where some flowers only will bloom at certain times.
  • little nocturnal animal tattoos like raccoons that only show up on your skin after dark.
  • a tattoo of digital numbers on your wrist that tell the time.

Magical tattoos and piercings!!!