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Adore You by @isthatyoularry​; 66k, read on ao3

Summary: “We invited our new acquaintances from uptown. You’ve simply got to meet their oldest son!” said his mother with a flourish, and suddenly it became abundantly clear as to why his parents had so adamantly demanded he join them in Deansville for the entirety of the summer.

Against his wishes, Harry spends the holidays at his family’s summer estate, and is reluctantly pulled into a courtship he didn’t ask for. Harry doesn’t want to get married, but Louis does. They don’t fit, but then again they really, really do.

Vaguely set in the 1920’s. Headpieces, jazz, fashionable canes, and flapper dresses, and that.

I Want To Write You A Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 20)

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Part 19

The second the case of the cd hit Harry’s chest and you walked up the steps, Harry knew that he fucked up. He ran his hand over his face in astonishment that he forgot about you starting to record for your album. 

“Shit,” he sighed as he put the cd in the stereo. He pressed play and listened to the entire thing. Tears welled up in his eyes as the song ended. He was so proud of you and the song was amazing, but he felt horrible that he wasn’t there. He had promised you, not just last night, but at the beginning of this process for you. 

Harry went up to his bedroom and opened the door. You were laying on the bed looking at your phone. Your eyes were red and puffy, which caused Harry to feel even worse. 

“Can I come in?” He whispered. 

You shrugged. “It’s your house,” you mumbled. 

He sighed walking in and sitting next to you on the bed. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “It’s just these last few days have been super busy and when I was able to just take a few hours to myself, I jumped at the opportuinity. And I honestly forgot about you and the studio and I feel horrible.” 

“You should,” you said. “I know that you’ve been busy and I would have understood you not being there today, if you were busy with work, but you weren’t. You forgot about me and didn’t come to something very important to me.” 

“I know and I don’t know how I can make this up to you,” he whispered. 

“I don’t either,” you whispered. “But I do need to ask you something.” 

“Anything,” he said. 

“Are you sure this is what you want?” You whispered playing with a stray thread from the pillow.

“Want what?” He whispered. 

“Me? A relationship,” you sighed. 

“Of course I do,” he said. “Why the fuck would you even ask that?” 

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because it’s been almost a week since we’ve actually had a conversation? Or maybe it’s because you made this whole deal about showing me London and meeting your friends and you’ve taken me nowhere. Or maybe it’s the fact that you so easily forgot about your girlfriend. I get that you’re busier now, Harry, but god, if it’s going to be like this everytime you have work going, I can’t do this! I can’t have a part time boyfriend! What’s going to happen when you’re out doing promo for the flim or when you’re on tour at the end of the year? And then once all that shit is over, will you have time for me then?” You said. 

“Well, I’m sorry that I’m not up your ass all the time and I actually have shit that I have to do,” he said. 

“I’m not asking you to be up my ass all the time! I’m just simply asking you to be here! I get that you’re tired, but you wouldn’t even have a conversation with me! And something is obviously different between us and it has been since we’ve came here,” you said. 

“I haven’t changed,” he said. 

“Yeah, maybe you’ve always been a selfish dick and I was just too blind to see it,” you said getting up from the bed. 

“Oh, I’m selfish?” He said standing up. “You’re the one who is upset because I’m not here to coddle you twenty-four-fucking-seven.” 

“I didn’t fucking realize that wanting to spend time with my boyfriend made me selfish and clingy,” you shouted. 

“You knew that this trip was about work for me. You know how important it is for me to do these interviews and that I have rehearsels for performances I’m going to be doing. I’m sorry that we met when I didn’t have a lot of shit going on and so I was able to be there more, but now, I’m doing shit again and yes I’m going to be busy and if you can’t fucking handle that and I’m constantly going to have worry about making sure you feel wanted, then yeah, maybe I don’t want this anymore!” He shouted. 

You looked down and tried to hide the tears falling from your eyes. “Well, I guess you’re in luck then because you no longer have this anymore,” you said before turning around and walking down the stairs and out the door. 


Harry hadn’t processed what he said until he heard the front door slam shut. 

“Dammit, Y/N!” He shouted to no one as he ran out the room. He opened the door and ran outside. 

It was pouring down rain at the moment and he knew that you couldn’t have gotten far. 

“Y/N!” He shouted trying to figure out which way to go. It was quite dark outside, since it was so late and he couldn’t see a thing. He finally just decided to get in his car and drive around. This was starting to be a recurring them between the two of you. You get upset and walk out, while Harry goes on the hunt for you. 

Although this time, this time Harry took it too far. He practically told you he didn’t want you anymore and that was far from the truth. Everything that you were saying was true, but he had to admit that he’s never had to actually deal with having a girlfriend and his career before. 

But he wasn’t going to lose you over this, he didn’t want to lose you over this. He had driven around the entire neighborhood and had yet to find you. He didn’t have his phone and he was pretty sure that you didn’t have yours either. He decided to go back to his house and see if maybe you went back there. 

If you weren’t there he had no idea where you went or if you were okay. He would have fucked up again that day. When he pulled into the driveway, he saw you sitting out on the front porch completely drenched from the rain. He quickly parked his car and ran over to you. 

“Y/N!” He shouted. “I didn’t mean what I said!” 

“Then why did you say it,” you sniffled. 

“Why don’t we go inside, it’s freezing,” he said. 

“No, why did you say that you didn’t want to be with me if you didn’t mean it,” you said. 

He sighed and sat down next to you. “When I said I didn’t want this anymore, it wasn’t… I didn’t mean that I didn’t want you. I meant that I didn’t want this… as in the fighting. I don’t want to fight with you anymore.” 

“I don’t want to fight with you either but here lately it seems fighting is the only way we’re talking and spending time together,” you said. 

Harry sighed and wrapped his arms around you. “I don’t want it to be like that. I hate fighting with you. I hate being away from you. God, Y/N, I love you and we’re having a little bump in the road, but I don’t want to lose us.. lose you over this.” 

“i love you too and I don’t want to lose you either,” you sniffled. 

“And you won’t,” he whispered. “I promise you. I’ll do better from now on and I won’t forget about you or anything that you want me to be there for again. This week is a huge week for me and I want you here with me.” 

“I know it is and I’m so proud of you,” you whispered. “And I’m not going anywhere.” 

“Promise?” He whispered. “And promise not to run off like that again? You scared me to death.” 

“I’m sorry,” you sighed. 

“I shouldn’t have said what I did,” he said. “I’m sorry.” 

“We both said things…” you whispered. 

“How about we finish saying things inside?” He laughed. 

“That’s probably a good idea,” you laughed. 

Harry stood up and reached down for you hand to help you. You giggled looking up at him. He smiled and wiped off the eye makeup that had ran down your cheeks either from the rain or tears, he wasn’t sure. 

He then lead you into the house and grabbed some towels from the laundry room. He wrapped a towel around you and tried to get you warmed up by rubbing your arms. 

“That’s not going to work,” you laughed. “I’m gonna have to get out of this.” 

You turned around and motioned to the zipper of your dress. Harry moved your hair to the side and slowly unzipped your dress. He pushed the wet material off your body and placed it on the washer. He took off his clothes and put them with yours before walking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. 

He kissed your shoulder as he brought you closer to him. You leaned against him and tilted your head to the side. You turned around and kissed him. This has been the first kiss in almost a week that you two had shared. And you could tell because the moment your lips touched, the hunger for each other took over. He reached down and grabbed your bum before picking you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you to the bedroom and practically fell onto the bed because he couldn’t get close to you fast enough. 

The remain wet underclothes that both you and Harry had on were now strewn all over his bedroom floor. Hands were roaming each other’s bodies while the sounds of heavy breathing and soft moans filled the air. You two were couldn’t get enough of each other, but you also were taking your time and savouring that moment. 

He had made his way down your body and your hands were now in his hair. You could feel him smirking with each gasp and moan that left your lips. It didn’t take long before you were gripping the bed sheets and arching your back with a scream. 

He made his way back up your body before kissing your lips once again. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. You ran one of your hands down his chest and touched him. He groaned against your lips before pulling away. He reached over to grab a foil wrapper from his bedside table and opened it up. 

He hovered back over you again and leaned down to kiss you before joining the two of you. You gasped and gripped onto his arms as his forehead laid against your shoulder. 

The pace started out slowly causing you both to whimper. After what seemed like ages, you couldn’t take it anymore and flipped the two of you over. You were now straddling him and put your hands on his chest and you moved your hips. 

His hands were gripping your hips as he watched you move on top of him. He then sat up and held you close to him as he kissed your neck. Your arms were around his neck and shoulders and you could tell that you both were getting close. 

He reached down in between the two of you and you cried out. The pace between the two of you had now reached the quick and sloppy level. It didn’t take long after that when you both cried out so loud that he was sure the neighbors down the street would have heard. 

You both ran out the high before moving slowly and laying back on the bed. He were laying on his chest trying to catch your breath, while his hands were playing with your hair. 

“We’re going to be okay, right?” You whispered. 

“Yeah, we’re going to okay, baby,” he whispered. “You’re not going to be getting rid of me that easily,” he joked. 

You giggled. “I love you,” you whispered looking up at him. 

“And I love you too,” he smiled. “More than anything.” 

You smiled leaning up to kiss him. He smiled into the kiss and put his hand on your cheeks before pulling away. 

“I ddn’t exactly get to say anything before now, but I listened to your song and I loved it,” he whispered. “I’m so proud of you, baby.” 

“I was so nervous,” you admitted. “I kept asking Ed if it was okay.” 

He laughed. “I really wish I had been there and I promise you the next time you’re in the studio, I’m going to be there. I don’t care if I have cancel something or leave early, I want to see my girl do her thing.” 

You laughed. “But you know, it felt good, no amazing actually to be recording my own songs,” you said. “I mean I’ve recorded songs that I’ve written in the studio countless of times, but know that this song is for me, it just felt different.” 

“I know exactly what you mean and the feeling you’re feeling right now is the exact reason I pushed you into considering working on your own album,” he smiled. 

“Thank you for that,” you whispered. “Because honestly if it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have ever done it.” 

Harry smiled holding you close to him and kissed your head. “Tomorrow morning, I’d love to hear you sing it for me.” 

“Hmm, we’ll see,” you smirked. 

“Hey,” he whined. “As your boyfriend, I think I should be able to get my own little private performances, don’t you think?” 

“I could say the same thing about you,” you pointed out. “I haven’t had any private performances.” 

He smirked. “I think you just had a damn good private performance just now and I’m about ready to give you another one.” 

“Oh really?” You said. “Do you think you can do better? You’re only as good as your last performance you know,” you smirked. 

“Is that a challenge?” He said cocking an eyebrow. 

“Only if you’re up for it. I’d hate for your ego to take a blow,” you smirked. 

“Oh, that’s it,” he smirked hovering over you. “You’re not getting any sleep the rest of the night.” 

“I better not or else you’re really bad at this,” you joked. 

Harry rolled his eyes. “You won’t be joking when you can’t fucking walk properly tomorrow morning,” he smirked. 

“I’m gonna hold you to that,” you smirked before leaning up to kiss him. 

**Had some writer’s block for Hey Angel, so I decided to update this story since I had some ideas flowing in my head for it! :) 


“The McFly boys are coming over in a minute. They’re coming up to help with the bedtime routine… with these two. And I’m not sure…they’re… ready. I don’t think they know what they’ve let themselves in for.”

Holiday, Home and Monsters | Tom Fletcher (May 21, 2017)

Very, very, special thanks to the ever lovely @effulgentcorruptedpov who helped me figure out what Tom really said. You’re the best! <3 

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I am scared about what is he going to wear on Dunkirk premiere😂 I mean, I love his suits but I dont think that would be too much😂 Everyone is gonna wear black suit so I hope that harry will too. I think that Actor Harry deserve different style.

this message if offensive i hope harry wears the most bold and outlandish outfit to date. i want colors and lots of them. PRINTS. TEXTURES. INTERESTING CUTS AND SILHOUETTES. GIVE ME ALL OF IT. let designer trash hoe harry live pls 

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okay... okay.... catch me yelling because fuckin... Arthur Kirkland would be the worst parent so idk why he's sticking it everywhere, like he probably tries to one-up 7 year olds on the street.., like some kid says the wrong Harry Potter ship and he's gotta go all wild on em... call the cops mister Stale Corn Chip is on the streets again roasting naughty children?? Tf

HE’D OVERHEAR A CONVERSATION TWO TEENS ARE HAVING IN THE STREET AND HED STEP UP TO THEM AND START MANSPLAININ ON THEIR ASSES LIKE “im sorry m8 wot was that? you ship harry and hermione??? let me explain a thing to you lads right here in this bloody ol book that’s got me rather miffed with you”

Chapter 9: Trouble in paradise

Harry had spent all his life in the shadow of his brother. He was the second child, the spare. He was a prince, of course, but ever since he was a kid he tried to be as different as his brother as possible. He didn’t know if it came naturally in his personality or if he groomed it over the years, but to this day, no one could say that Harry was just like William and he was proud of that. He had the blessing of being left alone while his brother attended all the boring classes that a future sovereign should have. He had more time to play, he had his way of getting out of trouble and he was spoiled endlessly by his parents. He liked it. He wasn’t oppressed in a duty as a future monarch, he’d always be just a prince.

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While I absolutely agree that Lily Potter beat the shit out of snape when he joined the afterlife don’t forget Petunia Dursley.

Lily was estranged from her sister but still trusted her to take care of her son, who was found bleeding and crying on her doorstep after his parents were murdered. Only to find out that they hurt, starved, isolated, lied to, and locked in both a cupboard and then a room with bars on the window the son she died to protect so he could have a better life? I don’t care what the deleted scene said about petunia being sad lily died when she gets to the afterlife it is round two of lily potter MMA smackdown