you and freaking lion king man

The Devil’s Subordinates.
  1. Gordon RAMsey 
  • This be Envi, AKA the newest addition to the horrible people club.
  • Good with any child that isn’t Satanick’s.
  • Only capable of laughing when he’s drunk.(Same tbh….)
  • Has the personality that of a twelve year old boy ranting on YouTube.
  • Has a keris but murdering people with umbrellas is a lot more fun, amirite?

2. Shingen Kishitani

  • This strange man is Yagi.
  • His name means “goat.” In other words he’s a moose.
  • Likes smoking cigars, drinking alcohol, and doing everything else he can to forget the responsibilities that come with being a father and husband.
  • Has the doki-doki for Sullivan.
  • He wears a gas mask constantly and taking a look at the man in charge, I can’t blame him.

3. Back alley Doctor

  • This not suspicious figure is Lec Hijohshiki.
  • He’s really good at curing illnesses and injuries!
  • But that’s for noobs, so it’s back to spreading the plague and pushing old ladies down stairs.
  • Has a brother (We’ll get to him later…) He’s the better of the two, actually.
  • Like any normal pair of siblings, he’s either calming his brother down or eating his internal organs.


  • I don’t want to say his name…but I kind of have to so this everyone, is Roc Hijohshiki.
  • Trash.
  • His hobbies include: lynching angels, starting shit with random people, and the most notorious…abusing innocent, adorable lobsters.
  • He actually has these really weird mouths on his hands. Fuckin Deidara wannabe.

5. He’s Beauty, He’s Grace, If you Ain’t Wearing Gucci GTFO His Face.

  • This is Benihotaru!
  • A derivation of his name is “lipstick” Wonderful.
  • Amongst all his fellow comrades he appears fairly stable, probably why he gets no screen time.
  • A hysterical clean freak who looks oddly serene.

6. Invader Zim

  • This is Edabane (feat. Zigzag’s hand)
  • Move over Licorice, this guy is a literal man baby. 
  • Deeply committed to his wife, Zigzag. (See hand for more info)
  • Not much of a talker, apparently.
  • I like his hat.

7. ‘Film’ Producer

  • This is Hidou….yeeeah.
  • He enjoys watching movies. I’m not talking Lion King though, 
  • He has great footage of Karma biting Roc in the ass.
  • Despite this please do not approach this man.
  • Look what happened to the angel nurse, she didn’t even make it long enough to get a name.

8. Aconita’s Husbando

  • Tis be Kyou.
  • Don’t be afraid of him, guys. He just wants your heart~
  • Nah but he likes collecting angel hearts.
  • A pervert with headsweat issues.
  • Faithful to his wife. (Presumably Aconita.)

9. Sinnamon Roll

  • Is his name Kan or Hitoki? Whatever he’s a tiny sinner.
  • Enjoys feigning innocence (because we know how innocent the Pitch Black World is.)
  • Will attack you in your sleep and then make you wonder how he got into your home.
  • Has some crazy fucking morals. 
  • Depraved and weird.


  • This creepy dude is Dokugai.
  • He (as you can see) has lots of piercings but if you thought his no-no bits were clean then boy have I got news for you.
  • He loves little boys.
  • Probably isn’t allowed within 500 feet of a school.
  • Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband.

ampersands-and-guitars  asked:

I feel like you're maybe, just maybe, going through my Beauty and the Beast tag right now. :p

I mean, I did say yesterday that I would. :p And by the way, thank you again for raising my expectations for this movie and it still somehow meeting them. 

I still can’t believe how late I am to this movie though! You and Grace have been in love with it since it came out and now I’ve finally seen it and I’m like  “this movie is just so good!” Like, way better than it has any right to be when you compare to what it’s remaking. But they gave their freaking all into it and the effort shows, man. And it’s grown on me even more now that I’ve been reblogging so much of your tag lol. Yeah, the fact that it made a billion dollars is only going to let Disney pump out more of these live-action remakes and they might not all be good (*cough Lion King cough*), but for now I’m glad we’ve got this amazing trifecta of Cinderella, Jungle Book and BatB.

Sorry it took so long but I didn’t expect to have such a busy week :(

I really hope you like this :)


Regina couldn’t wrap her head around the idea that she just met her supposedly true love. Long forgotten memories had resurfaced, making her heart beat wildly in her chest as she stared at the tattoo. So much time had passed since that night, she didn’t think she would see the man ever again. But there he was, standing right in front of her.

“Is something wrong?” 

She opened her mouth to reply but no words came out, both because she couldn’t find the strength to speak and because she didn’t really know what to say. So she just walked past him and out of the house, ignoring Robin as he kept calling her name. 

She couldn’t face him, not now. When she heard his footsteps right behind her she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate as best as she could. Something easier said than done, at the moment. She vanished into a cloud of purple smoke and in a matter of seconds found herself standing in her house. 

When Regina fully realized what had just happened, she leaned against the wall and let herself fall slowly to the ground, trying to push back the tears.

She had wasted another chance at love and happiness. Robin didn’t seem like a bad guy. On the contrary, she felt like she could trust the man. She couldn’t deny that she found herself attracted to the man, otherwise she wouldn’t have let him get so close, back in the Wicked Witch’s hideout. She had a strange feeling, as if they had met before, even if she was positive she had never seen the man before.

Regina lay there, silently crying her heart out, for a while. Then, he remembered Tinker Bell’s words “You didn’t just ruin your life.. you ruined his”. Maybe the fairy was right. After all, he had shown some sort of interest in her. Maybe she still had one last chance. Maybe not all hope was lost.

Regina poofed herself in the woods, near the Merry Men’s camp. She walked quietly towards the small camp, hiding herself among the trees, trying to see if the man was there.

Then she saw him. What she didn’t expect to see, though, was the little boy that jumped in his arms, laughing as Robin tickled him. It was his son, she was sure about it. Even from a distance she could see he had his father’s dimples and his smile. 

So, it was over. He had found another woman. He was married, he had a family. Her heart broke a little when she realized that he was happy. Tinker Bell was wrong, she had’t ruined his life, just her own.

Regina tried to take a step back when she noticed he was looking at her, but his eyes said it all. It was as if he was pleading her not to go, not to run away from him again. 

He left the little boy with his friends and started walking slowly towards her, all the while without breaking eye contact with her. 

“Regina, why did you run?” he asked when he reached her.

“I-I’m sorry, I freaked out..” her voice broke a little “It’s just that.. I saw your tattoo”

Robin looked puzzled “My tattoo? Why did it freak you out so much?”

How to explain this? She just had to get the words out “A long time ago, when I had just married the King, I was miserable. I met a fairy who believed she could help me find my true love. She led me to a tavern and pointed the man to me through the window. I panicked and I never went in, so I never saw his face, but I saw one thing. He had a tatto on his wrist. A lion tattoo.”

Everything made sense now. Robin tried to take her hand in his but she took a step back, not giving him enough time to reply “But you are married, you have a son. I can see you’re happy, so maybe it wasn’t meant to be, after all..”

He shook his head slowly, looking into her beautiful dark eyes “Regina, I’m not married. My wife died and I’ve been miserable ever since.. and now I finally know why.” He smiled and leaned closer to her, cupping her cheeks with his hands and their lips met.

It was like nothing they had ever felt before. They felt a tingling sensation run through their bodies and, suddenly, a wave of energy swept outwards and they remembered.

They were having the umpteenth fight about heaven knows what. The two could barely keep it down for more than a day. Constantly bickering about whatever but unable to stay apart. 

“You’re the most stubborn, complicated, infuriating woman I’ve ever met!” He yelled, his face just inches away from hers.

“And you are nothing but an arrogant and unreliable thief. Who smells like forest..” she added with a smirk.

They were sending each other crazy but what neither of them would admit was that they were trying hard not to fall for each other. It was as if something was pushing them together and, despite their best effort, they knew they wouldn’t be able to resist much longer.

Robin was the first to give in, though. The woman standing in front of him was maddening but also clever and oh so beautiful. 

He gave her no time to think. His lips crashed down on hers and they knew, in that moment, that they could never stay apart again. Regina wrapped her arms around his neck, giving into the kiss completely as Robin lifted her up a little in his arms.

They parted and looked at each other. Regina smiled and whispered his name before wrapping her arms tightly around him as he did the same. She looked up at him and smiled before pulling him in for a kiss filled with love and complete devotion.

“I love you..” She whispered while she ran a hand through his soft, dark blond hair and lost herself in his ocean blue eyes.

“I love you too”