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  • so Remus curses like a fucking sailor
  • he tried to censor himself for a hot minute first year and then he met James, Sirius and Peter
  • and man, do those boys make him swear from hell to high water
  • but i mean come on we know it’s mostly Sirius
  • so anyway, Remus finds it really amusing that people think he’s the ‘innocent’ one
  • and one of his favorite past times is abusing this fact 
  • wether it’s studying with Lily
  • “Merlin’s bloody fucking tit”
  • “REMUS”
  • Or in class with McGonagall
  • “Oh my fucking god”
  • “Mr. Potter, see me after class”
  • anyway fifth year rolls around and Remus is loading his trunk onto the Hogwarts Express and drops it on his foot
  • “fucking shIT FUCK
  • “Moony! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!”
  • and Remus turns around and there’s Sirius, looking for all the world as if he’s just been deeply offended
  • Remus just rolls his eyes and drags his idiot ass onto the train
  • and for the first couple of days into the term, everytime Remus swears Sirius charms his mouth to be cleaned out with soap
  • which happened a shit ton bc my lord did these two spend all their time together
  • thankfully it only lasted a few days
  • so the following weekend Remus returns to the dorm from the shack
  • now despite the fact that they’ve been living with a werewolf for almost five years, the boys still forget that Remus has excellent hearing
  • and just as he’s about to enter he hears James and Sirius talking about him
  • James is trying to coax Sirius into admitting why the fuck Remus has had bubbles coming out of his mouth for the past couple of days
  • “I just can’t help it, Prongs, Remus swearing is so fucking hot.
  • and Remus just stands there, eyes wide and blushing lightly at first 
  • before all of that is wiped away suddenly by a huge smirk
  • so the next day in Charms, James and Sirius are sitting at one table while Remus and Peter are sharing the one next to them
  • and in the middle of the lesson, Remus raises his hand
  • Sirius pays no mind bc Remus is capable of being a fucking dork at times
  • and when Remus is called on, he just lets out a whole string of curses
  • “Professor, pardon my french, but why the fuck can we conjure water but not food? Seems pretty bloody stupid if you ask me.”
  • and everyone’s just staring at Remus bc who the fuck is this guy
  • poor Flitwick, shocked into silence, is barely able to squeak out “McGonagall” “office” “now”
  • grinning cheekily, Remus gets up, grabs his stuff, and throws a wink at Sirius
  • and that my children is the day Sirius finally dragged Remus into a broom cupboard and snogged his brains out 
  • the end 

honestly the immediate period before, during, and after james and lily’s death is really fucked up. jk rowling is like yeah sirius thought remus was a spy and apparently james and lily thought so too so they all decided not to tell him that peter was their secret keeper instead of sirius and this whole time peter is fucking them over and then fucks sirius over to the point where he’s literally imprisoned for peter’s fuckery and remus has no fucking clue and comes home to two of his best friends murdered by voldemort, their orphaned son whisked away by fucking dumbledore, since apparently remus would believe that sirius betrayed james and lily, and not only that but sirius also killed peter and left one single finger??

and he spends TWELVE YEARS thinking this is the truth. until one day james and lily’s son says he saw peter pettigrew on the map and remus’ entire reality turns on its axis. [sirius voice] the map never lies.

and you know what’s even more fucked up? even though better things happen after this, the ending is always the same: tragedy. he loses sirius again, and this time for real. there’s no coming back. right in front of harry. and he can’t even bury sirius because there’s no body, and he can’t even get sirius exonerated for peter’s crimes. there’s not even a canon memorial for sirius black.

there’s nothing.

and then he falls in love and has a child and you think finally, finally maybe this man can have his sliver of happiness. he has suffered for so long…

im not saying it was a wrong decision to kill him off. im just saying all of this is fucked up. it’s just the icing on the cake that everything went so terribly wrong on all hallows’ eve, a night where sometimes people dress up as werewolves, of all things. but they can take their costumes off afterwards. remus, though? this is his life, every day. it’s ironic and tragic and im bitter as hell.

Imagine Peter hitting on you.

“You must be a magician…” Peter smoothed his hair back as he looked at you.

You raised an eyebrow,not knowing what to expect.

“Because every time I look at you everyone else disappears.” He winked at you.

“Oh my god.” You deadpanned.

Peter tried a different approach,

“I’m awkward. Wanna make out?”


You’re sitting on your bed and doing some homework and every time you look away from your book, it’s gone and second later it’s back.
“Peter!” You shout after the fifth time, but with a laughter.
As innocent as possible he looks at you.
“Give it back.” You say and make some puppy eyes. “Please.”
“What do I get in return?” He asks and sits down on your bed.
“What do you want?” Cocky you raise an eyebrow and he blushes a little.
“A kiss?”
Your heartbeat increases as you agree with a nod. Slowly you get closer with your face and as you wanted to kiss his cheek he turns his head. You both stare at each other as your lips meet, but no one of you is moving.
As Peter wants to pull back you grab his neck and kiss him again. Gentle you move your lips against his and he sighs quietly, closing his eyes.
It surprises you that it’s him who deepens the kiss and you close your eyes in enjoyment. Your hands slide under his shirt and you feel the goose bumps which builds where you touch him.
You break the kiss and pull his shirt over the head. “Is that ok?”
Suddenly you’re pushed back on the pillow, your shirt and pants are laying next to you. Again he kisses you passionately while his shaking hands wander over your upper body.
Even without feeling his heartbeat you know that he’s nervous.
Still kissing you open his jeans and wrap your legs around his hips, feeling his erection on your heating middle.
“(Y/N).” Peter groans as you both turn around and you sit on his lap now.
In joyful anticipation you watch him how he worships your body with his eyes while he swallows hard. You grab behind your back to open your bra and throw it on the floor.
“You’re so beautiful.” He whispers and sits up.
A quiet groan leaves your mouth as he takes your nipple in his mouth and gently sucks on it. With each lick you’re getting more excited. The wetness is dampening your panties and you move your crotch over his erection, making you both groan in pleasure.
You lift up your hips and push his boxer down and your panties aside, don’t want to waste any time more. Peter holds his breath as you lower on his cock until he fills you completely out. His nails dug in the skin of your hips and he buries his face in your neck as you start moving.
Slow but steadily getting faster.
Peter kisses his way up to your lips, both of you groaning into each other mouthes.
Your lower stomach fills with tingling heat as his cock slides again and again over your sweet spot.
“Peter.” You groan as the desire rushing in wave through your body.
A few thrusts later Peter follows you, letting out a shaky groan in satisfaction.

“You should steal something from me more often.” You grin as you’re laying in Peter’s arms.
“I’m already thinking about it.” He responds and you both chuckle quietly.

#2 A Relationship WIth Peter Maximoff Would Look Like:

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#77 “You’re still mad?”

Still stunned from what happened you’re lying in your bed, hoping that he’ll leave you alone. You told him not to do anything against your father, but he didn’t listen.
Like he never listens to you.
You turn away from him as he sits down on your bed and sighs quietly.
“I did that for you.” He speaks. “No one is allowed to hurt you. No one.”
“It was a mistake and he apologized.” You defend your father.
“I just want to protect you.” He whispers and lying down behind you. “Please (Y/N).”
“Never do that again.” You say as you turn around to him. “When I need you I’ll call you. I promise you when you promise me too.”
“I do.”
Relieved you exhale as he touches your cheek and letting his thumb circle.
“You’re still mad?”
A smile appears on his face as bends forward to kiss you.

Imagine Peter stealing your food

You blinked and your breakfast was gone. 

“Peter!” You yelled,this was the third time this week!

“Thanks for the grub,(Y/N).” He skidded to a stop and gave you a wink.

You glared at him before shocking him with your powers;he yelped before running off. At least he left some orange juice in your cup.

“Dickweed.” You mumbled,trying not to smile.


With a smile you get out of the car, excited to see Paul, the last living member of your family, again.
Impressed you look at the entrance of the freak show before you go inside.
“We’re closed.” Someone says behind you and you slowly turn around.
“I know. I’m looking for Paul.” You smile which slowly fade as he doesn’t answer and he just looks at you.
“Sure, yeah.” He clears his throat awkwardly. “Follow me. I’m Jimmy.”
“(Y/N).” You introduce yourself.
“And.. are you alone here?” Jimmy asks and you hide a smile behind your hair.
“Yes. I guess not everyone can be so lucky like Paul.”
“Yeah, I..”
He gets interrupt as Paul runs toward you and pulls you in a hug.
“Hey.” You laugh, noticing in the corner of your eyes how Jimmy slowly goes away.

“Don’t remind me of that.” You laugh and hide your face behind the hands.
“When we talk about men. I saw you with Jimmy earlier.” Paul wiggles with his eyebrows.
“What do you mean?”
“The way he looks at you and you also don’t seem to be averse.” He winks and your cheeks heaten up.
“I just met him and we talked like three sentences.” You justify yourself and take a sip from your beer.
“You should go out with him.”
You shake your head and changing quickly the topic.

But in the end he convinced at least to talk to Jimmy.
Nervous you stand in front of his trailer as you hear suddenly his voice on the inside.
Is he talking with himself?
You wanted to go away as you hear your name and you’ve to press your hand on the mouth as you find out about what he’s talking.
He tries different versions on how he’d ask you out.
From cool to shy.
“Jimmy, can I come in?” You ask loudly with a bride grin.
He seems surprised by your question and you hear how something drops on the floor and then his cursing. But as he opens the door he’s pretending like nothing happened.
“Hey.” Jimmy says cool and you giggle quietly.
“Hey. I just wanted to tell you that my answer is yes.” You say with a wink and confused he looks at you before he understands.
“Oh god, you heard me.” He mumbles more to himself than to you.
“I did, but that changes nothing on my answer.” You send him an encouraging smile which he responds.
“Tonight?” He asks and you nod, bending forward and kiss his cheek.