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You don’t have to separate these things with Jefferson. He can have written this incredible document, and several incredible documents, that we all, sort of- with things that we all believe in. And he sucks.

I think those are both true, and those have to be both true. I think we really have to stop separating them, ‘cause that’s when you get into trouble. That’s when you stop letting people be whole people.


Happy 29th Birthday, Iain De Caestecker ! (December 29, 1987)

If you could have a super power what would it be?

“I’d like to be able to go back in time. Take a really good book with me and then write it back in time as if it was mine.”

i don’t even know how to comprehend that something I created has been seen by so many people – like holy damn. HOLY DAMN.

how they dare make Gaston a kind, not really pushy person who just wants to win girl’s heart. He doesn’t mock Belle for reading. He actually tries to understand her unlikely to the others. A character who went to war and now suffers from PTSD. Who just wants to live a peacful, happy life with a wife by his side. How they fucking dare do that and not expect that I would fall from him,

Reblog if you still have faith in Ohtaka and believe in her ability to finish this story well.

I’m starting to think I’m the only one here admittedly.

I have finally joined Voltron hell.



“Remus, you kn-Oh, watch out!” you giggled, reaching out to help the boy up.  It had gone like this most of the night, and you were starting to wonder how one person could be so clumsy.  “I thought you said you knew how to skate,” you laughed as Remus got to your feet.

“Oh, um, yeah, yeah well…I must’ve forgotten,” Remus answered quickly, a sheepish look overtaking his features.

“You forgot?  In the matter of a few minutes?” you asked, an amused look on your own face.  “I’m starting to think you just like me holding your hand,” you joked.  However, the blush that spread across Remus’s face turned the joke into a serious statement.  “Really?  Aw, Remus, you don’t have to pretend to be clumsy, I’ll hold your hand anyway.”

A day in the life of a smol trans dude

No matter how many times you hear “But youre such a pretty girl!” “youll be such a great mom one day!” Just remember.. You are valid. You are a man. You will be such a great dad. You. Are. So. Handsome. Tough it out kid. You’ll make it because you are stronger than they think you are. 

Do the X-Swing
(as promised @raphael-sanpellegrino

This lil thing is for @princeofmints
I know it’s not the best (it’s my first time drawing Tord and a pose like this, so maybe the anatomy it’s not so good ovo") but it took me time and effort, so I hope you enjoy it ^^

Hope you feel better soon bro

Fereldan clothing is lame so I made my own.

Mordred Surana got a cold between Kinloch Hold and the Brecilian Forest, so Wynne took him to town and got him PROPERLY warm clothing.

They also bought Morrigan a really nice embroidered scarf that Mordred stitched little gemstone shards on. “Here this is the proof that I don’t hate you.”

Alistair got a block of cheese.