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i don’t think it’s fair for people (non-artists especially) to point out an artist and say “wow i hate their art they suck they haven’t progressed in years, the way they draw _____ is pathetic”. yes, it’s okay for you to not like an art style but don’t put someone down for their progress. development in art is something that doesn’t move upwards consistently in a smooth path, it’s different for everyone and it’s not fair to compare and judge. even the most popular artists can get stuck drawing the same thing for a long time and i think that’s okay? some people get really comfortable with the way they draw a certain thing and may choose to stick with that for a long time because it looks right to them, they’re fearful of trying a new thing and the new thing looks like trash in their eyes so it might take them a while to get comfortable with exploring. everyone is different and develops in their own way, art is frustrating and really hard and no one is harder on the artist than themselves. 

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Name: Michaela

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′6″

Middle Name: Grace

Put your music on shuffle and list the first six songs that come on:

1. I Want to Be Me - Jessi

2. Bad At Love - Halsey

3. Gashina - Sunmi

4. Energetic - Wanna One

5. 0 mile - NCT 127

6. Childhood Dreams - Ary

Grab the nearest book and turn to page 23 and read the 17th line: 

“In the bishops room, at the head of his bed, there was a small cupboard in which Madame Magloire put away the silver cutlery and the large ladle every evening.” - Les Miserables

Ever had a poem or song written about you?: Yikes this is awkward, so the last half of my senior year my friend, who admitted he had feelings for me, told me that he was writing a song about me and that if I ever wanted to hear it he’d play it. I never heard it because the feelings were not mutual

When was the last time you played air guitar?: I know I have before but not in recent memory lol

Who is your celebrity crush?: Minseok (obviously lol), and I guess my other biases

What’s a sound you hate? Love?: I hate the sound of like radio static/feedback and I love the sound of pages being turned.

Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens?: Not either necessarily? I do believe that somewhere in the cosmos there are other living organisms, but maybe not that there’s intelligent advanced races like humans. And with ghosts I used to be one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” people but honestly getting haunted sounds like a fuckin terrible time, so I’m at an impasse.

Do you drive? If so have you ever crashed?: I’ve never gotten into a serious accident where anyone was injured. I recently rear-ended someone on the freeway, but we were only going like 4 mph so the only damage was my license plate getting a little crooked (i hit a big truck and tbh they might not even have felt it)

What was the last book you read?: Currently reading the unabridged version of Les Mis… wish me luck (jk it’s really good)

Do you like the smell of gasoline?: I don’t mind the smell. I wouldn’t want a gasoline scented candle in my house but I don’t dislike it

What was the last movie you saw?: The documentary “Freedom Riders” 

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?: Sprained my ankle last November and it took nearly 3 months for it to heal completely

Do you have any obsessions right now?: I just bought a big pack of cheap colored pens, but they write so smoothly, like I just want an excuse to write anything because these pens are sooo nice

Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?: No because I’ve learned that I generally feel happier with myself when I don’t hold on to bad things that happened in the past. It’s not like I’ve forgiven them, I’m just done wasting energy on being mad. 

In a relationship?: No, but I’m also not going to say I’m single and searching (aka it’s complicated lmao)

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heyyy i really appriciated your works and honestly they were like the exact things i was looking for sooo i want to say thank you and wish the best for you firstly, i dont know if you take requests but if you can make some yoonmin works or reccommend me blogs you like i would be so happy, thank you alreadyy

hey, unfortunately i dont take requests and also i dont make yoonmin edits

for the blogs tho im gonna list gfx blogs cause they have lesser exposure than gif ones  @daegucrew @mangaetteok @mewchim @minshoot @minyoongis @uoongi @tinkervell @92412 @jmin @gukied @deartaetae @taettoo @nvmjin

If today has taught me one thing, it’s that a lot of Roman fans can’t handle the truth and block you cause you want Dean to get the same kind of recognition and treatment Roman does. Can’t believe the amount of stupid, irrational hate I got today because I dared to not do a backflip in honour of Roman being the second GSC of The Shield. It’s sad that you guys throw such a bad light on all the other, cool and chill and reasonable Roman fans.

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Name: Mikaila

Nickname(s): Mikki, Mikkin, Mikpoodles (by my mom), Honey Bunny (by my grandma), Mikkipedia (when I was little, because of my random fact telling to anyone who would listen), Magenta (some kids I go to school with), Mikkin Chicken, whatever else my mom feels like calling me, Princess (by dad occasionally)

Gender: Le girl, am cis

Star sign: Aries

Height: 5'7

Sexuality: Something like straight.

Hogwarts house: Never read a Harry Potter book or watched an HP movie but I took the quiz a while back and it’s Gryffindor

Average hours of sleep: Maybe about 6

Dog or cat person: Both are adorable but I’m more used to cats and have only ever had cats

Blankets you sleep with: 2!

Dream trip: I honestly don’t have one currently

When I made my blog: November 8th, 2016 (a date that’s pretty hard to forget!)

Followers: 181 (gettin close to 200!!)

Why I made a Tumblr: I was invited by a friend

Reasons for my url: The Police is my favorite band! (It’s their last names!) And tbh I was looking at band lineup t-shirts and I saw theirs and it inspired me

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the majority of this era is still to come, and yet taylor swift has already made at least 500 fans wildest dreams become a reality. she’s glowing whilst truly living her best, blissful life and she’s going above and beyond to radiantly share that pure joy and her inspiring art with as many fans as she can. with the bountiful opportunities and wonderful surprises that will continue to unfold over the coming months, this era is shaping up to be brimming with excitement, positivity and happiness. we’re in for a wild ride.