you already have a moustache

anonymous asked:

Can we talk about the fact that in the promo for next episode, it looks like Killian's hair is flipped to the other side? Like, he just thought, "Alright. The other Dark Ones all had really drastic, cool, new looks. What should I do?" *flips hair to opposite side* "Perfect."

Maybe there’s a voice in his head just like in Emma’s. “Killian… Killian…”

“Bugger off.”

Killian… you’re the Dark One now… costume change is mandatory.”

“Not bloody happening.”

“But you gotta. Everyone else—”

“Yes, I know, everyone else started walking around wearing leather and make up. Way ahead of the game, mate.”

“We could do that whole glittering scaly skin thing—”

“My face is PERFECT, you are NOT covering it up with that emo vampire nonsense.”

“… no, I suppose we’d better not. Maybe a different outfit?”

“And how exactly do you propose to improve my outfit?”

“… fair point. Could you grow an evil moustache?”

“I already have the perfect amount of facial fair.”

“Okay that’s true. But look, you’ve still got to mark the change. It’s the rules.”

A moment’s pause as they both consider the conundrum.

“I could part my hair to the other side.“

“That’s not exactly a big change…”

“That’s as far as I’ll go.”