you already do bby


Happy Birthday to my super lovely Daph-chan♪ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ ♫ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

@emmerah: I believe your request was bby Ami and Mako having a play date.

So here I have what would be them nearing the end of that and well Mako is feeling a little bad because she didn’t mean for Ami to get her dress dirty. While Ami is just delighted BECAUSE FRIEND and no worries, she should have known better than to wear a nicer dress to a play date at the park. It was bound to happen.

Also bby Ami with long hair because I would like to believe that not all the senshi had the same hair style their entire lives.

I also polished yours a bit more since you’ve been waiting forever.

Hobi Birthday! 。^‿^。 Here's to hoping you'll never let anything 
dampen your hopeful spirit. #홉이생일ㅊㅋ

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-slides over url, also undauntedloyalty and discordae-

@lt-theodoregroves said: correction: @discordiiae
send me a url and I’ll write some positivity!!!

[ !!!! my navy boys and a pirate!!!

Shay, you’re a gift to this earth. Honestly. You bring so much lightness and happiness to the world; you’re the human embodiment of a dooking ferret. You’re immensely cool too; reenacting, going to Gettysburg… I still love that 360 civil war video you were in. It’s amazing. Keep doing you, bby, you’re a star!!!

I’ve already shouted about Tish being great but I’ll do it again bc TISH IS THE BEST. Another darling navy boy who deserved better, and another instance of Tish’s incredible writing. Her knowledge and her talents astound me and I’m proud to call her a friend.

I didn’t follow @discordiiae, but I do now! I do love me some Hector Barbossa, weird monkey-loving uncle of a pirate that he became over the course of three films, and if this Lottie is the same Lottie I’ve heard so much about, then I’m already in amazement!!! From what I’ve seen so far, this Barbossa is incredible. ]