you almost killed me for 6 seasons

I used to ship Spuffy, until the last time I re-watched Buffy last summer. I felt like Joss had no idea what he was doing with Spike, in late season 5 Spike was awesome, but in season 6 he was hot and cold with Buffy “I love you”, “I’m evil, I hate you, you love me”. And when he had a soul he was still remorseless about the things he did, even to Robin’s mother. Still proudly wearing her coat years later, and Buffy even standing up for him almost killing Robin, just ugh.

After the individual competition in Klingenthal

1.       Dzióbao [Dawid Kubacki if you didn’t know that] getting 18 points fom each jury member, wooow. Unbelievable.

2.       Peter not being even second.

3.       Noriaki not being in top 10.

4.       Kevin Bickner in second serie. <3

5.       You don’t know what happiness is till you see wild Descombes after a long jump.

6.       Freitag killing us with his smile.

7.       Peter’s pic from this Slovenian commercial, I can’t…

8.       Polish commentator:  It is the best result of Stefan Hula in this season.

 Me: Because it’s the second one?

9.   “Prewc”? Kurwa, really?

10.   Gabriel Karlen on the hill again, aww!

11.   I ship Boyd-Clowes and Bickner.

12.   I can’t wait for Boyd-Clowdes post competition tweet.

13.   Tande in this almost gold suit as if he would go to replace Kasai.

14.   Domen covering his mouth after his second jump like “what did I do? Tande is going to kill me”.

15.   When the second two ski jumpers in the competition are Polish… I’m wet.

16.   19 points for Stoch from Polish member of jury, haha.

17.   Kot’s girlfriend supporting him is sooo cute!

18.   Domen the winner again.