you almost killed me for 6 seasons

I used to ship Spuffy, until the last time I re-watched Buffy last summer. I felt like Joss had no idea what he was doing with Spike, in late season 5 Spike was awesome, but in season 6 he was hot and cold with Buffy “I love you”, “I’m evil, I hate you, you love me”. And when he had a soul he was still remorseless about the things he did, even to Robin’s mother. Still proudly wearing her coat years later, and Buffy even standing up for him almost killing Robin, just ugh.

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ALSO, everyone in the show is doing a phenomenal acting job but TOM FUCKING ELLIS is killing it! He really knows how to use his face bruh. That scene with him lighting the blade almost broke me and he didn't even say a word. JESUS H CHRIST he's good. I hope this show gets at least 6 seasons (that my initial milestone for any new show I watch and love.) simply because HE DESERVES. (to reiterate I love everyone. just felt like saying that.)




i felt bad not only mentally but physically almost all day
i was in bed with my phone yesterday watching the updates of skam party until the 1.30 a.m so i’ve got a headache today

some people from fandom have written smth like “it was the last time the whole(almost) cast gathering together”. this phrase kills me.

i actually realized that skam is ending only about an hour ago…like i felt the pain the whole day but near the 6 p.m i saw a skam post with signature “Thank you. Farewell”… and…
it definitly made mine and many other lives better.
i cant believe that right now is the last time when we’re sitting and waiting for the long-hoped clip with the whole range of emotions: anticipation, fear, happiness, uncertainty…
my eyes in a wet place so i’ll continue my speech later…

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Angel's death (in Becoming) or Spike's death (in Chosen)? Spike's church scene or Angel's hill scene from Amends? "Oz, don't you love me?" or "I think a part of me will always be waiting for you."? Pangs or Something Blue? Oz's black hair or blonde hair? "You have the sweetest smile" or "Willow hand"? Tara in Season 5 or Season 6?

Angel’s death (in Becoming) or Spike’s death (in Chosen)? 

Both break what’s left of my cold little heart, but something about the fact that Buffy is the one who had to kill Angel just affects me more deeply than almost any other scene of any show ever. I literally can’t even think about it without getting choked up all over again. “Close your eyes…” 

Spike’s church scene or Angel’s hill scene from Amends? 

The Amends scene does get me teary (what doesn’t?!), but I thought it was slightly over written and even a little over acted. The basement scene was more psychologically nuanced somehow and IMO arguably some of the very best work JM did on the show. 

“Oz, don’t you love me?” or “I think a part of me will always be waiting for you.”? 

You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?! ;) It’s Oz’s answer to this question that always gets to me for some reason: “My whole life, I’ve never loved anything else.” *SOB* 

Pangs or Something Blue? 

Awww…I love this question because it shows you know how much I adore the standalone episodes, and S4 has some of the very best! Willow really bugs me for most of Something Blue, but other than that I find it a practically perfect episode, funny and engaging and even sneakily thought-provoking . Pangs has some amazing moments but doesn’t quite measure up to SB as a whole for me. 

Oz’s black hair or blonde hair? 

I think I prefer it dark, but I’ll have to give this one some more serious thought :)

“You have the sweetest smile” or “Willow hand”? 

Willow hand is a little too cutesy for me, but then Willow in general is often a little too cutesy for me despite how much I do like most of her relationship with my Oz :)

Tara in Season 5 or Season 6?

Because she asserts herself a little more…and because we get to hear her singing voice in OMWF and see her in that gorgeous dress! 

A Delena July - Day 4: Favourite Fireworks Moment

When I read this, three scenes crossed my mind, 3x08, 3x09 and this; and I was completely torn. Their eye contact in 3x09 was heated with passion and sexual tension, an almost kiss hanging in the air and the silence only broken by a phonecall; in 3x08, it was understanding; she was telling him how he would be the one to save Stefan, and all he could see in her eyes was the fact that more than any one in the world, she understood him; so he breaks eye contact, because he loves her and its killing him because she’s not his. 

And then there was this.  Season 6, Episode 11. That one line that echoed throughout their relationship, I’ve never seen you more alive, In death you’re the one who made me feel most alive, when you died he was the only one who could make you feel alive again … I’ve never felt more alive”

She didn’t remember Damon. She didn’t remember him making her feel alive and she didn’t know what the significance of her words were. But she wants him to tell her he loves her, because it makes her feel warm inside. She wants to take his hand, because it makes her feel safe. And she wants to stare into his eyes because she sees in him, exactly what she sees in herself.

And then she can feel it; she was on the brink of death and yet she feels alive. And Ric’s asking her if she’s okay, but she can’t break eye contact as if looking away would break the small perfection shes experiencing. He’s not scared to look her in the eye, because he sees the same thing she sees, and he loves her. 

And that’s why I chose this scene out of the three. Because they’re not fighting their feelings like 3x09, and looking at her isn’t making him fall apart like 3x08. They look at each other and feel like they’re home. Whatever they both had been missing these past few months was right there, and it was beautiful.